Divisional HQ

Commander : Major-General Eric Bols

Aide-de-Camp : Lieutenant G. A. Young

GSO-1 (Operations) : Lieutenant-Colonel M. W. Roberts

GSO-2 (Operations) : Major S. Terrell

GSO-3 (Operations) : Captain C. E. Smart

GSO-2 (Air) : Major Charles Brewis

GSO-2 (Intelligence) : Major P. J. Jepson

GSO-3 (Intelligence) : Captain P. Low

GSO-3 (CW) : Captain F. E. Carpenter

GSO-3 : Captain S. Sebba

Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General : Major Clifford Clarence Norbury

Assistant Director Medical Services : Colonel Malcolm MacEwan

Assistant Director Ordnance Services : Lieutenant-Colonel J. Fielding

Commander Royal Artillery : Brigadier William Faithfull

Commander Royal Engineers : Lieutenant-Colonel J. R. C. Hamilton

Commander Royal Army Service Corps : Lieutenant-Colonel F. A. Lovegrove

Commander Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers : Lieutenant-Colonel Raymond Vernon Powditch


Based at Mushroom Farm Transit Camp. Took off from Rivenhall.

Went in on Varsity: 320    Killed (24/25th March): 7    Killed (26th March onwards): 5



3rd Parachute Brigade


Brigade HQ

Commander : Brigadier James Hill

Brigade Major : Major Robert Gordon

Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General : Major Larry Dubery

Intelligence Officer : Captain C. J. V. Shoppee

Senior Liaison Officer : Captain Wilson (20th April - )

Staff Captain : Captain J. T. Woodgate

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer : Lieutenant R. G. Holliman

Brigade Royal Army Service Corps Officer : Captain D. W. Cooper

Medical Officer : Captain D. J. C. Cunningham

Chaplains : Captain / Reverend J. W. Kenny, W. T. Ogilvy and John Gwinnett


Based at Hill Hall. Took off from Chipping Ongar. Brigade Horsas based at Chadacre and took off from Shepherds Grove. Brigade Hamilcars based at Glevering Hall and took off from Woodbridge.

Went in on Varsity: 165 + 61 in Horsas + 29 in Hamilcars   Killed (24/25th March): 5


1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Jeff Nicklin (KIA 24th March)

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Fraser Eadie (24th March -)

        Second-in-Command : Major Fraser Eadie ( - 24th March)

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major Hilborn

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant G. Lynch

        Anti-Tank Platoon

                Commander : Lieutenant Bill Jenkins

                No.1 Section : Lance-Sergeant Fairborn

                No.2 Section : Corporal A. Pearson

                No.3 Section : Lance-Sergeant C. Crouse

                No.4 Anti-Aircraft Section : Lance-Sergeant H. Holloway

A Company

        Commander : Major Peter Griffin

        Commander : Captain John Clancy (18th April - )

        Second-in-Command : Captain R. E. Harrison

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Green

        No.2 Platoon : Lieutenant G. A. Meen

B Company

        Commander : Major C.E. Fuller (did not participate)

        Second-in-Command (Acting CO) : Captain Sam McGowan (KIA 30th March)

        Acting Second-in-Command : Lieutenant V.E. Fleming

        No.5 Platoon : Lieutenant Jack Brunnette (KIA 24th March)

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM John Kemp

C Company

        Commander : Major John Hanson

        Second-in-Command : Captain John Clancy (- 24th March)


Based at Hill Hall. Took off from Chipping Ongar.

Went in on Varsity: 637   Killed (24/25th March): 24   Killed (26th March onwards): 20


8th Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commanding Officer : Lieutenant-Colonel George Hewetson

        Second-in-Command : Major John Tilly

        Adjutant : Captain R. C. Thompson

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant J. K. England (KIA 24th March)

        Quartermaster : Lieutenant J. R. Phillips

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant P. C. Roberts

        Medical Officer : Captain I. F. B. Johnston

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM Arthur George Parsons

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major Archibald John Bookless

A Company

        Commander : Major Bob Flood

        Second-in-Command : Captain A. S. Philp (22nd April - )

B Company

        Commander : Major Desmond Jack Kippin

C Company

        Commander : Major John Shoppee


Based at Hill Hall. Took off from Chipping Ongar.

Went in on Varsity: 697    Killed (24/25th March): 38    Killed (26th March onwards): 16


9th Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Napier Crookenden

        Second-in-Command : Major W. B. P. Bradish

        Adjutant : Captain F. H. Tavener

        Acting Adjutant : Lieutenant M. H. Reid

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant N. M. Glen

        Quartermaster : Lieutenant J. M. Glover

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant S. Elliott-Goldman

        Staff Captain : Lieutenant A. J. Cattanach

        Medical Officer : Captain R. M. Marquis

Headquarters Company

        Administration Officer : Captain T. E. A. Robinson

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant A. R. Jefferson

        Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant D. J. Fitt

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant H. C. Pond       

A Company

        Commander : Major Allan Parry

B Company

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Adnaws

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Gordon Lee

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Moat ( - 11th April)

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Harrold (11th April -)

C Company

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Blair

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Miller


Based at Mushroom Farm. Took off from Wethersfield.

Went in on Varsity: 632    Killed (24/25th March): 19    Killed (26th March onwards): 10


3rd Parachute Squadron, RE

Commander : Major J. C. A. Roseveare

Second-in-Command : Captain J. G. Smith

Company Sergeant Major : CSM Bob Barr

Troop Commander : Captain J. S. R. Shave

Troop Officer : Lieutenant J. D. Inman

Troop Officer : Lieutenant G. A. J. Wade

Troop Officer : Lieutenant G. M. Franklin

Troop Officer : Lieutenant A. N. D. Forster


Based at Mushroom Farm. Took off from Wethersfield.

Went in on Varsity: 64    Killed (26th March onwards): 1


224th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC

Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel A. D. Young

No.1 Section : Captain Freeman

No.2 Section : Captain O'Reagain

No.3 Section : Captain Lacey


Detachment of 36 based at Hill Hall took off from Chipping Ongar. Detachment of 36 based at Mushroom Farm took off from Wethersfield.

Went in on Varsity: 72    Killed (24/25th March): 6



5th Parachute Brigade


Brigade HQ

Commander : Brigadier Nigel Poett

Brigade Major : Major M. W. Brennan

Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General : Major E. S. "Ted" Lough

Intelligence Officer : Captain Mills

Staff Captain : Captain William Frank Eardsley Bennett

Brigader Royal Army Service Corps Officer : Captain G. W. King

Medical Officer : Captain T. Hanley

Chaplains : Captain / Reverend J. O. Jenkins and Whitfield Foy


Based at Shudy Camp. Took-off in 10 Dakotas from Wethersfield, 2 Horsas (based at Chadacre) from Shepherds Grove, and 3 Hamilcars (based at Glevering Hall) from Woodbridge.

Went in on Varsity: 192 + 41 in Horsas + 20 in Hamilcars    Killed (24/25th March): 7


7th (Light Infantry) Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Geoffrey Pine-Coffin

        Second-in-Command : Major Nigel Taylor

        Adjutant : Captain Rogers

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant Farr

        Quartermaster : Captain R. P. H. Fortnum

        Medical Officer : Captain Wagstaffe

        Chaplain : Captain A. L. Beckingham

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM George Johnson

        Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant : RQMS Cowan

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major J. D. Went

        Administration Officer : Captain Fotheringham

        Signals Platoon : Lieutenant S. T. Theobald

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant Woodburn

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Haslett

                Detachment Commander : Sergeant Avery

                Detachment Commander : Sergeant Knott

        Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant Norton

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant W. Rickett

                Section Commander : Sergeant French

                Section Commander : Sergeant Ferry

        Anti-Aircraft and Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant Nelson

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Dickens

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM O'Mahoney

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Lake

A Company

        Commander : Major Fraser

        Second-in-Command : Captain Fotheringham

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Mitchell

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Kidwall

        Runner : Private Alabaster

        No.1 Platoon : Lieutenant Simpson

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Wilkes

                Section Commander : Sergeant Parsons

                Section Commander : Sergeant Day

                Section Commander : Sergeant Seabright

        No.2 Platoon : Lieutenant Patterson

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Kingston

                Section Commander : Sergeant Kean

                Section Commander : Sergeant Fowler

                Section Commander : Sergeant Jones

        No.3 Platoon : Lieutenant Hunter

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Aitkenhead

                Section Commander : Sergeant Fyfe

                Section Commander : Sergeant Killeen

                Section Commander : Sergeant Davey

B Company

        Commander : Major Derick Rowland Reid

        Second-in-Command : Captain Eric George Woodman

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Lucas

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Cope

        Runner : Private Revell

        No.4 Platoon : Lieutenant Pape

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Bettle

                Section Commander : Sergeant Glasiter

                Section Commander : Sergeant Roberts

                Section Commander : Sergeant Burr

        No.5 Platoon : Lieutenant Gush

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Harper

                Section Commander : Sergeant Norman

                Section Commander : Sergeant Smallman

                Section Commander : Sergeant Cornell

        No.6 Platoon : Lieutenant Hinman

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Keily

                Section Commander : Sergeant Cherry

                Section Commander : Sergeant Hutchinson

                Section Commander : Sergeant Graham

C Company

        Commander : Major Bob Keene

        Second-in-Command : Captain Hawley

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Martin

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Bill Cooper

        Runner : Private Gay

        No.7 Platoon : Lieutenant Lewendon

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Cox

                Section Commander : Sergeant Ward

                Section Commander : Sergeant Simmons

                Section Commander : Sergeant Kirk

        No.8 Platoon : Lieutenant N. M. Archdale

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Bessant

                Section Commander : Sergeant Powell

                Section Commander : Sergeant Ireland

                Section Commander : Sergeant Boyd

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant Kearney

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant Lawson

                Section Commander : Sergeant McCarthy

                Section Commander : Sergeant Chandler

                Section Commander : Sergeant Humphreys


Based at Wimbush. Took-off in 34 Dakotas from Boreham, and 2 Horsas (based at Chadacre) from Shepherds Grove.

Went in on Varsity: 637    Killed (24/25th March): 25    Killed (26th March onwards): 47


12th (10th Bn The Green Howards) Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Ken Darling

        Second-in-Command : Major Francis Moore Bucher

        Adjutant : Captain B. W. Metcalf

        Assistant Adjutant : Lieutenant Frank Palen

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant H. V. I. Deakin

        Quartermaster : Captain E. Clarke

        Transport Officer : Lieutenant R. Coakes

        Medical Officer : Captain Thomas Wilson

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend J. O. Jenkins

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM Partridge

        Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant : RQMS George Fox (- 24th March)

        Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant : RQMS Wilkinson (10th April -)

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major D. M. Freegard

        Commander : Major G. Foster (8th April -)

        Administration Officer : Captain J. Firth

        Motor Transport Officer : Lieutenant Coakes

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Thorne

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS J. Cusworth

        Signals Platoon : Lieutenant J. H. Absalom

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant G. Pleydell

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant J. A. Maguire / Sergeant Walker

        Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant T. K. D. Russell

A Company

        Commander : Major Gerald Ritchie

        Second-in-Command : Captain G. Foster

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM L. Grimes

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS C. Simpson

        No.1 Platoon : Lieutenant Burkinshaw

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant W. Payne

                No.1 Section : Corporal K. Young

                No.2 Section : Sergeant S. Rhind

                No.3 Section : Sergeant C. Horn

        No.2 Platoon : Lieutenant C. E. Cook

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant J. Vasey

                No.4 Section : Sergeant F. Stephens

                No.5 Section : Sergeant H. Heslin

                No.6 Section : Sergeant F. Sangster

        No.3 Platoon : Lieutenant I. Adams

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant A. Pratt

                No.7 Section : Sergeant J. Torrie

                No.8 Section : Sergeant L. Carlson

                No.9 Section : Lance-Sergeant A. Hurring

B Company

        Commander : Major Edward James O'Brien Croker (- 8th April)

        Commander : Major D. M. Freegard (8th April -)

        Second-in-Command : Captain D. E. Holmes

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM J. Warcup

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS H. Fox

        No.4 Platoon : Lieutenant Cattell

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant J. W. Dobson

                No.1 Section : Sergeant G. Bailey

                No.2 Section : Sergeant I. Scarth

                No.3 Section : Sergeant Harding

        No.5 Platoon : Lieutenant H. E. Delany

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant R. Clifford

                No.4 Section : Sergeant A. Stewart

                No.5 Section : Sergeant Kerr

                No.6 Section : Corporal A. Stanley

        No.6 Platoon : Lieutenant M. Mustoe

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant L. Ripley

                No.7 Section : Sergeant Sercombe

                No.8 Section : Sergeant Ottman

                No.9 Section : Corporal Tighe

C Company

        Commander : Major Clarence Stephens

        Second-in-Command : Captain J. Cuthbert

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM F. G. Hems

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS J. K. Commons

        No.7 Platoon : Lieutenant K. Jenkins

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant W. Murray

                No.1 Section : Corporal Williment

                No.2 Section : Sergeant V. Dangerfield

                No.3 Section : Sergeant B. L. Martin

        No.8 Platoon : Lieutenant T. Reed

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant S. Wilson

                No.4 Section : Sergeant K. Reynolds

                No.5 Section : Sergeant L. Kitchener

                No.6 Section : Sergeant W. Small

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant S. Matthews

                Platoon Sergeant : Sergeant S. Botting

                No.7 Section : Sergeant J. Thompson

                No.8 Section : Sergeant Gerrard-Smith

                No.9 Section : Sergeant M. Monaghan


Based at Wimbush. Took-off in 34 Dakotas from Boreham, and 2 Horsas (based at Chadacre) from Shepherds Grove.

Went in on Varsity: 637    Killed (24/25th March: 21    Killed (26th Mach onwards): 16    Wounded: 81    Missing: 10


13th (2nd/4th Bn The South Lancashire Regiment) Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Luard

        Second-in-Command : Major Roy Leyland

        Adjutant : Captain "Claude" Milman

        Assistant Adjutant : Lieutenant Bill Davidson

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant Harry Pollak

        Quartermaster : Lieutenant Fred Tremlett

        Medical Officer : Captain David Tibbs MC

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend Whitfield Foy

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM Bob Duxberry

        Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant : RQMS Jimmy Henstock

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major Andy McLoughlin

        Administration Officer : Captain Leslie Golding

        Transport Officer : Lieutenant Fred Tiramani

        Signals Platoon : Lieutenant Malcolm Town

        Reconnaissance Platoon : 2/Lieutenant Arthur Prestt

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant Vic Wraight

        Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant "Dixie" Dean

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Charlie Ford

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Ted Hewitt

A Company

        Commander : Major Jack Watson MC

        Second-in-Command : Captain "Joe" Hodgson MC

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant "Topper" Brown

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Eric Barlow

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Geoff Otway

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Bert Alder

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Harry Watkins

B Company

        Commander : Major "Dizzy" Gethin

        Second-in-Command : Captain Maurice Seal

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant "Nobby" Prior

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Chris Selwyn

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Roy Rudd

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM "Duggy" Dugdale

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Eric Cookson

C Company

        Commander : Major Clive Priday

        Second-in-Command : Captain Fred Skeate

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Frank Summerfield

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Basil Disley

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Alan Daborn

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM "Taffy" Lawley MM

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Charlie Wrigley

R Company (based in U.K.)

        Captain Leslie Golding

        Lieutenant "Jock" Grieve

        Lieutenant Dick Burton


Based at Shudy Camp. Took-off in 34 Dakotas from Wethersfield, and 2 Horsas (based at Chadacre) from Shepherds Grove.

Went in on Varsity: 596    Killed (24/25th March): 26    Killed (26th March onwards): 14


591st (Antrim) Parachute Squadron, RE

Commander : Major A. J. Jack

Second-in-Command : Captain Fergy Semple

Troop Commander : Captain Frank Harbord (KIA 24/03/45)

Troop Commander : Captain J. R. Hinshelwood

Troop Commander : Captain R. R. Beaumont

Troop Officer : Lieutenant K. A. De Watteville (KIA 24/03/45)

Troop Officer : Lieutenant J. B. S. Lockey

Troop Officer : Lieutenant A. McKerracher

Troop Officer : Lieutenant Cox


Based at Mushroom Farm. Took off from Boreham.

Went in on Varsity: 90    Killed (24/25th March): 17


225th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC

Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Norman James Patrick Hewlings


Based at Shudy Camp. Took off from Boreham.

Went in on Varsity: 61    Killed (24/25th March): 6    Killed (26th March onwards): 1



6th Airlanding Brigade


Brigade HQ

Commander : Brigadier Hugh Bellamy

Deputy Commander : Colonel De Salis

Brigade Major : Major G. F. Dark MC

Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General : Major Richard Whitling Crawshaw

Intelligence Officer : Captain R. J. Gilbert

Staff Captain : Captain H. M. Leiper

Liaison Officers : Lieutenants G. A. Mills and T. Anstey

Brigade Signals Officer : Captain G. Proudman

Brigade Transport Officer : Captain G. M. Bassnett

Brigade Royal Army Service Corps Officer : Captain C. Harkess

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer : Captain Lester

Defence Platoon : Lieutenant Michael Aston


Based at Chadacre. Took off from Earls Colne.

Went in on Varsity: 114    Killed (24/25th March): 1


1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Jack Carson

        Second-in-Command : Major Gerald Rickcord

        Adjutant : Captain Robin Rigby

        Medical Officer : Captain R. L. Rees

Support Company

        Commander : Major E. A. D. Liddle

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant R. Ellis

        No.23 (Mortar) Platoon : Lieutenant R. D. Martin (KIA 24/03/45)

A Company

        Commander : Major C. E. Vickery (KIA 24/03/45)

        Commander : Major Ronnie Wilson

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Fred Laird

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant John Stewart

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant Colin O'Hara-Murray

B Company

        Commander : Major K. H. Donnelly (KIA 24/03/45)

C Company

        Commander : Major Huw Wheldon ( - 29th March)

        Commander : Major Robin Crockett (29th March -)

D Company

        Commander : Major Tony Dyball

        No.22 Platoon : Lieutenant J. W. Robertson (KIA 24/03/45)

Unknown Company

        Captain F. D. Gann (KIA 24/03/45)


Based at Chadacre. Took off from Gosfield and Birch.

Went in on Varsity: 810    Killed (24/25th March): 65    Killed (26th March onwards): 33


2nd Battalion The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Mark Darrell-Brown

        Second-in-Command : Major J. S. R. Edmunds

        Adjutant : Captain P. K. Everett

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant C. T. Cross

        Signals Officer : Lieutenant S. F. Robin

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant Richard Smith

        Quartermaster : Captain W. T. Aldworth

        Medical Officer : Captain S. Smith

        Chaplain : Captain / Reverend G. Jack

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM B. J. Siggins

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major A. C. Mason

        Second-in-Command : Captain J. F. S. Busher (also Acting Motor Transport Officer)

        Pioneer Platoon : Lieutenant M. G. Allcroft (Wounded 24/03/45)

        Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant : RQMS Whitehouse

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM W. Bourne

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS G. Aslin

Support Company

        Commander : Major S. J. Heath-Smith (KIA 24/03/45)

        Second-in-Command : Captain C. M. Moncrieff (KIA 25/03/45)

        Mortar Group

                Commander : Captain H. J. Sweeney

                No.9 (Mortar) Platoon : Lieutenant G. P. M. Clift

                No.10 (Mortar) Platoon : Lieutenant C. F. Ursell

        Machine Gun Platoon

                Commander : Lieutenant E. H. Budds (Wounded 24/03/45)

                Second-in-Command : Lieutenant M. L. Southern

        No.7 (Anti-Tank) Platoon : Lieutenant R. E. Gleed

        No.8 (Anti-Tank) Platoon : Lieutenant R. D. Rice

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM S. Jinks (KIA 24/03/45)

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Thomas Faulkner

A Company

        Commander : Major C. H. Styles

        Second-in-Command : Captain W. A. Bousfield

        No.12 Platoon : Lieutenant D. A. Arkell

        No.13 Platoon : Lieutenant Kenneth Gunter (Wounded 25/03/45)

        No.14 Platoon : Lieutenant A. D. Hamilton

        No.15 Platoon : Lieutenant O. C. R. Weatherby (KIA 24/03/45)

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Sheridan

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Gentry

B Company

        Commander : Major G. B. Rahr

        Second-in-Command : Captain L. Nicholson (KIA 24/03/45)

        No.16 Platoon : Lieutenant J. C. W. Trafford (KIA 24/03/45)

        No.17 Platoon : Lieutenant J. Cochrane (KIA 24/03/45)

        No.18 Platoon : Lieutenant Robert Preston (KIA 24/03/45)

        No.19 Platoon : Lieutenant Hugh Clark

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Bridges

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS S. Wilmin (KIA 24/03/45)

C Company

        Commander : Major J. J. Molloy (Wounded 31/03/45)

        Second-in-Command : Captain E. H. Nankivell

        No.20 Platoon : Lieutenant F. H. Wood (KIA 24/03/45)

        No.21 Platoon : Lieutenant G. G. Hill

        No.22 Platoon : Lieutenant A. J. W. Leadson (Wounded 24/03/45)

        No.23 Platoon : Lieutenant J. K. Stone (Wounded 25/03/45)

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Belcher

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Daley

D Company

        Commander : Major John Tillett

        Second-in-Command : Captain F. B. Scott

        No.24 Platoon : Lieutenant A. F. White (Wounded 25/03/45)

        No.25 Platoon : Lieutenant D. C. Shaw (Wounded 25/03/45)

        No.26 Platoon : Lieutenant Dennis Fox (Wounded 24/03/45)

        No.27 Platoon : Lieutenant H. T. Wright

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM John Stevenson

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Smith


Based at Birch Airfield. Took off from Birch and Gosfield.

Went in on Varsity: 850    Killed (24/25th March): 107    Killed (26th March onwards): 32


12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Paul Gleadell

        Second-in-Command : Major Eddie Warren

        Adjutant : Captain Thomes David Dickenson Bowman

        Quartermaster : Captain Ernest Edward Langdon Brokenshire

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant Ronald Frederick Brixey

        Motor Transport Officer : Captain E. J. Harding

        Medical Officer : Captain David Alexander Gordon Kaye

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend John Wintour Hall

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM Henry Charles Frank Allen (KIA 02/04/45)

        Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant : RQMS Joseph George Leverton

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major Douglas Codrington Nation (- 24/03/45)

        Motor Transport Officer : Captain Ernest John Harding

        Pioneer Platoon : Lieutenant Hubert Cuthbert Cox (KIA 24/03/45)

        Pioneer Platoon : Lieutenant Maurice Norman Richards (24/03/45 -)

        Reconnaissance Platoon : Lieutenant John Charman Box

Support Company

        Commander : Major Patrick Robson Dobbin (KIA 02/04/45)

        Second-in-Command : Captain Clifford James Snell

        Medium Machine Gun Group

                No.? (Medium Machine Gun) Platoon : Lieutenant Leonard Bargery

        Mortar Group

                Commander : Captain Godfrey Malyn Knight

                No.? (Mortar) Platoon : Lieutenant William Grenville Ash

A Company

        Commander : Major John Rogers

        Second-in-Command : Captain Bryan Douglas Carey

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant Geoffrey Sneezum

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant Basil Drew (KIA 02/04/45)

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant Howard Raymond Whalley (KIA 02/04/45)

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM William Thomas Mashford (KIA 24/03/45)

B Company

        Commander : Major Walter Frederick Barrow (Wounded 24/03/45)

        Commander : Major Desmond John Howard Bannister (29/03/45 -)

        Second-in-Command : Captain John Robert Hamley Fawkes-Underwood (Wounded 26/03/45)

        No.11 Platoon : Lieutenant Randal Winn Allanson (Wounded 02/04/45)

        No.12 Platoon : Lieutenant Eric Donald Nuttal

        No.13 Platoon ? : Lieutenant Eric Alfred Lawton (KIA 06/04/45)

        No.14 Platoon : Lieutenant Richard Henry Whiteway (Wounded 24/03/45)

        No.14 Platoon : Lieutenant John Vernon Leonard (28/03/45 -)

C Company

        Commander : Major John Parker Haythornthwaite (Wounded 24/03/45)

        Second-in-Command : Captain Edwin Charles Strawbridge

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant John Desmond Hargreaves

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant Alfred George Slade (KIA 24/03/45)

D Company

        Commander : Major Gerard Edgcombe-Palmer

        Second-in-Command : Captain Ralph William Hartland

        No.19 Platoon : Lieutenant Guy Garland Reaks

        No.21 Platoon : Lieutenant Charles Henry Paul Pearn

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant Frederick Edgar Ogden

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant Henry Arnold White


Based at Gosfield Airfield. Took off from Rivenhall, Dunmow and Matching.

Went in on Varsity: 840    Killed (24/25th March): 57    Killed (26th March onwards): 27


249th Field Company, RE

Commander : Major A. H. Rutherford

Second-in-Command : Captain R. M. Clive

Headquarters Officer : Lieutenant A. G. Moncrieff

Platoon Commander : Captain R. W. Smerdon

Platoon Commander : Captain H. R. K. Neilson

Platoon Commander : Captain G. L. Woodcock

Platoon Officer : Lieutenant J. M. Bence

Platoon Officer : Lieutenant P. A. Freeman

Platoon Officer : Lieutenant J. R. Hobbs


195th Airlanding Field Ambulance, RAMC

Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Anderson

Chaplain : Captain / Reverend J. Jones


Based at Chadacre. Took off from Wethersfield.

Went in on Varsity: 89    Killed (24/25th March): 1    Killed (26th March onwards): 1



Divisional Units


53rd (Worcestershire Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment, RA

Regimental Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel R. A. Eden

        Second-in-Command : Major The Honourable C. R. Russell

        Adjutant : Captain A. E. Leaf

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant W. J. Kessler

        Signals Officer : Lieutenant D. F. Hurndall

        Quartermaster : Lieutenant J. F. Sayer

        Medical Officer : Captain P. D. James

        Chaplain : Captain / Reverend John Vaughan-Jones

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM H. Last

        Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant : RQMS C. Cross

210th Airlanding Light Battery

        Commander : Major G. W. Culley

        Battery Captain : Captain J. Battersby

        Command Post Officer : Lieutenant H. Cotton

        A Troop

                Commander : Captain W. B Godfrey

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant Owen Edward Brownlow-Wray

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant A. D. Harper

        B Troop

                Commander : Captain David Keith Thomas

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant D. Stubbs

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant P. F. Stoop

211th Airlanding Light Battery

        Commander : Major J. H. Craigie

        Battery Captain : Captain R. G. Furbank

        Command Post Officer : Lieutenant J. B. Spittal

        Assistant Command Post Officer : Lieutenant A. J. Coultas

        C Troop

                Commander : Captain J. M. T. Pryce

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant W. F. Withecombe

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant C. I. Ball

                Troop Leader 2 : Lieutenant G. S. Stenion

        D Troop

                Commander : Captain H. R. Rogers

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant A. W. Lyne

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant T. Lester

                Troop Leader 2 : Lieutenant A. P. Laird

212th Airlanding Light Battery

        Commander : Major W. C. Knox-Peebles

        Battery Captain : Captain W. A. Anderson

        Command Post Officer : Lieutenant A. Bower

        Assistant Command Post Officer : Lieutenant G. H. Pentelow

        E Troop

                Commander : Captain Patrick Robert Nesbitt Stewart

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant N. G. Tweedle

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant B. E. Cotton

        F Troop

                Commander : Captain H. H. Thompson

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant H. E. S. Farrer

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant S. S. Aylard


Main body of 265 based at Chadacre took-off from Earls Colne and Shepherds Grove. Detachment of 55 based at Mushroom Farm Transit Camp took-off from Dunmow. Detachment of 16 based at Glevering Hall Transit Camp took-off from Woodbridge.

Went in on Varsity: 326    Killed (24/25th March): 24


2nd Airlanding Anti-Tank Regiment, RA

Regimental Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel F. E. Allday

        Adjutant : Captain T. H. Argent

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant J. F. MacGregor

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM H. A. Collett

3rd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA

        Commander : Major J. Woodrow

        Second-in-Command : Captain J. E. Madocks

        Battery Captain : Captain A. T. Saviour

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant J. A. Hunter

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant J. G. Slater

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant B. Wilson

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant M. Bauer

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant T. Molkler

4th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA

        Commander : Major W. R. Elliott

        Second-in-Command : Captain R. Trease

        Battery Captain : Captain P. S. Edwards

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant Hogarth

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant C. F. Hart

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant T. F. Robinson

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant A. L. Wood

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant W. H. Yaughan

6th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA

        Commander : Major Rowat


Detachment of 168 based at Shudy Camp took off from Dunmow and Earls Colne. Detachment of 200 based at Glevering Hall took off from Woodbridge.

Went in on Varsity: 368    Killed (24/25th March): 42    Killed (26th March onwards): 5 


No.2 Forward Observation Unit (Airborne), RA

Commander : Major H. J. B. Rice

Killed (24/25th March): 2    Killed (26th March onwards): 4


22nd Independent Parachute Company

Commander : Major M. G. Dolden

Second-in-Command : Captain J. Vischer

Platoon Commanders : Lieutenants Douglas Campbell, H. W. McAllister, A. B. Gillespie-Hall

Lieutenant F. C. W. Kerridge

Killed (24/25th March): 2


6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment

Regimental Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Godfrey Stewart

        Second-in-Command : Major J. C. G. Dunolly

        Adjutant : Captain D. G. Shearer

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant C. H. Paterson

        Quartermaster : Captain M. Trezise

        Signals Officer : Lieutenant R. E. Laycock

        Medical Officer : Captain J. M. Bertram

A Squadron

        Commander : Major Paul Barnett

B Squadron
C Squadron

        4.2" Mortar Troop Commander : Captain Aiden Francis Michael O'Hanlon


Detachment of 22 based at Mushroom Farm took off from Dunmow. Detachment of 27 based at Glevering Hall took off from Woodbridge.

Went in on Varsity: 49    Killed (24/25th March): 5    Killed (26th March onwards): 9


286th (Airborne) Field Park Company, RE

Commander : Major Jack Waters


6th Airborne Divisional Signals

Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Bradley
C-Section (Lines)

E-Section (53rd Airlanding Light Regiment, RA)

H-Section (Headquarters, Royal Artillery)

J-Section (3rd Parachute Brigade)

K-Section (5th Parachute Brigade)

L-Section (6th Airlanding Brigade)

Went in on Varsity: 308    Killed (24/25th March): 16    Killed (26th March onwards): 8


63rd Composite Company, RASC

Commander : Major D. J. Bradley

A Platoon : Lieutenant H. W. Turnbull

B Platoon : Lieutenant C. A. Knief

C Platoon : Lieutenant J. B. Millar

Composite Platoon : Captain G. S. Begg

Composite Platoon : Captain A. Tunnicliffe

Workshop Platoon : Captain E. G. Hodgkinson

Killed (26th March onwards): 4


398th Composite Company, RASC

Commander : Major M. E. Phipps

Killed (26th March onwards): 1


716th Light Composite Company, RASC

Commander : Major C. P. R. Crane

Killed (24/25th March): 5    Killed (26th March onwards): 3


6th (Airborne) Divisional Ordnance Field Park, RAOC

Commander : Major W. L. Taylor

Killed (24/25th March): 1


6th (Airborne) Divisional Workshops, REME

Commander : Major E. B. Bonniwell

11th Light Aid Detachment

Killed (24/25th March): 3


6th (Airborne) Divisional Provost Company, CMP

Commander : Captain K. G. Wells

Second-in-Command : Lieutenant L. J. Northam

Killed (24/25th March): 4    Killed (26th March onwards): 1


317 (Airborne) Field Security Section, Intelligence Corps


6th Airborne Divisional Postal Unit

Commander : Lieutenant J. C. G. Hine



Attached Units


The Glider Pilot Regiment

Regimental Headquarters

        Commander : Colonel George Chatterton

No.1 Wing

        Wing Headquarters

                Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Iain Murray

                Adjutant : Captain P. N. Fletcher

                Intelligence Officer : Captain J. B. Bottomley

                Lieutenant C. H. D. Mitchell

        A Squadron

                Commander : Major H. T. Bartlett

                Second-in-Command : Captain A. G. C. Turner

        B Squadron

                Commander : Major T. I. J. "Ian" Toler

                No.3 Flight : Captain Rex Norton

                No.19 Flight : Captain Ken Ashurst

                Flight Commander : Captain John Hubble

        C Squadron

                Commander : Major J. A. Dale

        D Squadron

                Commander : Squadron Leader Huntley

                No.8 Flight : Captain Kenneth Fairley Strathern

                No.13 Flight : Captain Hick

                No.21 Flight : Captain B. Murdoch

        E Squadron

                Commander : Major B. P. H. Jackson

                Second-in-Command : Captain J. W. M. Graham

                No.11 Flight : Flight Lieutenant Phillips

        F Squadron

                Commander : Squadron Leader V. H. Reynolds

                Flight Commander : Captain Angus Montgomery Dingwall Carr (KIA 24/03/45)

        G Squadron

                Commander : Major M. W. D. Priest

                Second-in-Command : Flight Lieutenant Sherwood

                No.14 Flight : Flight Lieutenant Parsons

                No.24 Flight : Flight Lieutenant Haig

Killed (24/25th March): 100