RSM Arthur George Parsons


Unit : Battalion Headquarters, 8th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 5105371

Awards : Military Cross


As Regimental Sergeant Major of the 8th Parachute Battalion, R.S.M. Parsons has throughout the period from the Rhine to the Baltic been responsible for maintaining the ammunition supply of the Battalion. Although suffering still from a wound which he received in Normandy, he insisted on jumping with his comrades and on the 24th March 1945 parachuted across the Rhine. His task was to organize the collection of all ammunition on the Drop Zone, and throughout the three hours following the Drop he completely disregarded the artillery and small arms fire which was covering it and personally supervized the unloading of gliders and containers, and was an inspiration to all those of whom he was in command.


When the Leading Company of the Battalion crossed the Dortmund Ems Canal on the evening of the 31st March 1945, after a hard day's fighting R.S.M. Parsons was ordered to bring forward reserve ammunition to replenish the leading company. In spite of the heavy 20 m.m. and 88 m.m. fire with which the enemy was covering the broken bridge, he brought forward the ammunition truck, personally unloaded it and organized the carrying party to convey it across the bridge. It was owing to his efforts that the company was able to maintain the bridgehead. Throughout the Campaign in North West Europe, R.S.M. Parsons' conduct and bravery have won him the respect and admiration of all ranks in the Battalion.


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