Lieutenant Douglas Dudgeon Campbell


Unit : 22nd Independent Parachute Company

Army No. : 256582

Awards : Military Cross


On 4th April 1945, Lieutenant Campbell's platoon was placed in support of an Armoured Reconnaissance Squadron, which was reconnoitering the route to Minden. Before joining the Squadron, he learned that it had been ambushed near Holzhausen by some 88mm guns, and had lost a number of men and some vehicles. He immediately led his platoon to this scene of the ambush. Although the enemy was obviously in some strength, he at once decided to attack. Supported by the fire of part of the reconnaissance squadron, he led off over 400 yards of open ground. He was met by very heavy fire, but ignored it, leading his men with such dash that the position was quickly cleared. For the loss of two wounded, his platoon accounted for 45 enemy dead, 174 captured, 18 88mm guns, 4 Anti-Tank guns and 12 machine guns.


The quick action and inspiring leadership of Lieutenant Campbell were entirely responsible for this notable success, which not only gained great material results, but also reopened the axis of advance.


Promoted to Captain in the post-war period, Campbell acted as the Company Second-in-Command.


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