Major George Robert Flood


Unit : "A" Company, 8th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 102302

Awards : Military Cross


On 31st March 1945 3rd Parachute Brigade, after crossing the River Ems at Greven, was ordered to continue the advance and secure a bridgehead over the Dortmund-Ems canal. Major Flood commanded the leading company of 8th Parachute Battalion.


His orders were to cross the canal by scrambling over the girders of the broken bridge. The leading Platoon, however, came under heavy fire at point blank range from a 20mm Flak Battery. A heavy concentration of flak guns, mortars and small arms caused casualties to the Platoon, and checked it.


At this moment, when the issue hung in the balance, Major Flood himself assumed command of the Platoon. With the utmost determination he led it across the river, and established a small bridgehead. He then led an attack on the Flak Battery, and routed it. The bridgehead was consolidated and expanded.


It was due to the courage and leadership of Major Flood that this important success was gained. His assumption of control at a critical stage turned the scale of this battle, with its far reaching consequences on the future development of operations.


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