Major Edmund John Warren


Unit : Battalion Headquarters, 12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment.

Army No. : 58099

Awards : Distinguished Service Order


Major Eddie Warren was Second-in-Command of the 12th Devons, having previous commanded their Support Company in Normandy. For his actions in Germany, he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order:


From the time of the airborne landings East of the Rhine on 24th March 1945 until the conclusion of the war in North West Europe, Major Warren has consistently shown an unflagging zeal and devotion to duty, never sparing himself, no matter under what conditions, to advance the well being of the battalion of which he was Second-in-Command.


He has on several occasions, when under enemy fire volunteered unhesitatingly to proceed to threatened localities to co-ordinate the situation or communicate an important message. On one such occasion he arrived to find a company on the objective, the company commander killed and the next two senior officers and the artillery officer badly wounded. The area was being shelled by our own guns, as well as those of the enemy who were preparing for a counter attack.


Major Warren despite the confusion and the heavy shell and mortar fire and with complete disregard to his own safety, reorganised the locality and broke up the counter attack by redirecting the supporting fire onto the enemy.


His personal calm and sound judgement on this and other critical occasions has won for him the highest esteem of all ranks and been an inspiration to them in battle.


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