Captain David Keith Thomas


Unit : "B" Troop, 210th Battery, 53rd (Worcestershire Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment, RA

Army No. : 1483[?]7

Awards : Military Cross


On 24th March Captain Thomas' glider landed about 3 miles West of the Landing Zone and well outside the Airborne perimeter. He organized his own and two other glider parties into a body which he was leading towards the Landing Zone when it was engaged at close range by automatic fire, 4 being killed.


Having twice crawled back to collect wounded and stragglers he finally established his force in a house and organized its defence.


Meanwhile the house had been surrounded by much greater numbers of enemy and from 1200 hours to 1800 hours was subjected to continuous small arms and mortar fire. Nevertheless, the little force held out and even broke up an infantry assault on the house with heavy losses to the enemy, largely owing to Captain Thomas' courage and leadership. He himself killed 7 enemy for certain.


It was only when all their ammunition was exhausted that Captain Thomas was compelled to surrender his force.


Captain Thomas returned to the Light Regiment at 20:45 on the 17th April 1945.


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