Captain Thomas McSkimming Wilson


Unit : Battalion Headquarters, 12th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 246342

Awards : Military Cross


Captain Wilson was in command of the Medical Section of 12th Parachute Battalion which landed by parachute East of the Rhine on 24th March 1945.


He badly sprained his ankle on landing, but by sheer determination reached the Battalion rendezvous as soon as anyone else. The area when he reached it, was under heavy and accurate fire from 88mm guns at point blank range. Casualties were being caused, and a strong lead was required to deal with them. Although in great pain, Captain Wilson rose splendidly to the occasion. With complete disregard for danger, he moved freely about in the open, attending to the wounded, arranging their collection and giving a find lead to his Medical Section. This example filled his section with tremendous zeal, and they worked untiringly bringing in the wounded.


Captain Wilson showed the highest devotion to duty, and set a magnificent example. He not only saved thereby the lives of many wounded, but acted as an inspiration to the whole Battalion while it was concentrating.


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