Major John H. G. Rogers


Unit : "A" Company, 12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment.

Army No. : 71109

Awards : Military Cross


Major Rogers glider landed near Hamminkeln on 24th March 1945 in the midst of the enemy. As they deplaned his party was heavily engaged by guns, mortars and machine guns. Out of a party of eight, six, including Major Rogers, were killed or wounded. In spite of the wounds of himself and his men, this officer rallied his men with magnificent gallantry, and led them upon the enemy. The latter were routed after a brisk fight, with several killed or captured.


Major Rogers then organised the off-loading of the glider. While doing so, his party was engaged by self-propelled guns. This officer closed with the guns, killed two of the crew with a Bren, and put both guns to flight.


He then led the survivors of his party to the battalion rendezvous. Several groups of enemy were encountered, but this officer fought them all off and brought his small party back intact to the Battalion positions.


He refused an order to be evacuated, and spent the night organising his company positions. It was only when he was satisfied after first light the next morning that all was as well as he could make it, that he allowed his wounds to be treated.


His unflagging courage and devotion to duty during a most hazardous 24 hours were an inspiration to all.


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