Captain Bryan Douglas Carey


Unit : "A" Company, 12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment.

Army No. : 129895

Awards : Military Cross


Captain Carey was Second-in-Command of "A" Company, and was promoted to Major and became its commander on the 25th March 1945. For his actions he was awarded the Military Cross. His citation reads:


Since the landings in Normandy, Major Carey has on two major operations commanded a Company owing to his Company Commander becoming a casualty at the outset of the operation.


On each occasion, in spite of the fact that the Company was in close contact with the enemy, Major Carey has handled the situation with complete calm and confidence, and his personal example and bravery has had a definite bearing on the successful outcome of the operation.


At Lengerich on 31st March, 1945, his company was given the task of securing and holding a commanding cross roads on a high wooded ridge. Owing to the closeness of the country the enemy were able to launch several determined counter-attacks against our positions throughout the day. Major Carey was indefatigable and, showing a complete disregard for the enemy's fire, moved from position to position encouraging and cheering his men. He himself, with only his batman, rushed a strong enemy machine gun post, killed four and capturing eight of its occupants. Owing to his magnificent example this key position, which enabled the pursuit to be continued the following morning, was held.


On every occasion since June 6th, 1944, when it has been necessary to call for extended endurance from the men, Major Carey has been able by his own fine example, to fire his men with an overwhelming enthusiasm.


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