Officers of the 6th Airborne Division with Field Marshal Montgomery on the 14th May 1945

Lieutenant-Colonel Norman James Patrick Hewlings


Unit : 225th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC

Army No. : 114840

Awards : Distinguished Service Order


On 24th March 1945 Lieutenant-Colonel Hewlings dropped with his Field Ambulance by parachute near Hamminkeln behind the enemy lines. The operation took place in daylight and in face of heavy fire. As a result there was a large number of casualties scattered over the dropping zone and over the glider landing zone. Lieutenant-Colonel Hewling's organized the collection of the wounded with great skill. The very heavy shelling and small arms fire was not allowed to interfere in the smallest degree with the fulfillment of this task. Showing complete contempt for danger, he moved freely about the dropping zone encouraging the wounded and inspiring his stretcher bearers with a fierce determination to get the job done. There can be no question that the officers utter disregard for his personal safety immensely fortified both the stretcher bearers and the wounded and was very largely responsible for the successful completion of a most arduous task.


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