Major Charles Rickard Brewis


Unit : Headquarters 6th Airborne Division

Army No. : 62626

Awards : Military Cross


Major Brewis as GSO II (Air), played an important part in the planning and air arrangements for operation Varsity. Throughout the period he shouldered considerable responsibility and was very hard worked. His conscientiousness and devotion to duty were outstandingly successful.


On 24th March 1945 he was the senior passenger in a glider which landed East of the Rhine. The landing zone was under heavy fire. His glider was hit and set on fire immediately it landed. Three other ranks in the tail of the glider were seriously wounded.


Major Brewis immediately took charge of the situation and under heavy fire set about getting the wounded out of the blazing glider. Having dragged them into the cover of a shell hole and applied first aid he took the remainder of his party off to find an Regimental Aid Post and collect some stretchers.


Whilst looking for the Regimental Aid Post the party ran into elements of a parachute battalion who were reorganising under considerable enemy fire. Major Brewis stopped to assist and though still under fire walked about giving orders and calmly directing men where to go. Later having collected some stretchers Major Brewis took his party back and carried the wounded to an Regimental Aid Post. Throughout the whole proceeding Major Brewis displayed high qualities of leadership and complete disregard for his own personal safety.


Throughout the period 24th March to 2nd May Major Brewis's duties constantly took him into dangerous places; on all occasions his unconcern for danger and disregard for enemy fire has been an inspiration to all who worked with him.


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