Allied Forces


18th US Airborne Corps

Commander : Major-General Matthew Ridgway


6th Airborne Division and Attached Units

17th US Airborne Division


6th Guards (Tank) Brigade


    Air Transport Forces

38 and 46 Groups, RAF

IX Troop Carrier Command, USAAF


21st Army Group

Commander : Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery


    1st Canadian Army

Commander : Lieutenant-General Harry Crerar


    2nd British Army

Commander : General Sir Miles Dempsey


VIII Corps


XII Corps (Lieutenant-General Ritchie)

    7th Armoured Division

    15th (Scottish) Division

    52nd (Lowland) Division

    53rd (Welsh) Division

    1st Commando Brigade

    4th Armoured Brigade

    34th Armoured Brigade

    115th Infantry Brigade


XXX Corps (Lieutenant-General Horrocks)

    Guards Armoured Division

    51st (Highland) Division


    9th US Army

30th Infantry Division

79th Infantry Division