NOTE: All the casualty figures below refer to the 24/25th March 1945 alone, but include those who died of their wounds at a later date. The missing figures are as reported on these dates and are as such inflated; the total figure of those missing on the 24th March was 840 but this was later reduced to 240 due to the remaining personnel reporting for duty.



Divisional HQ

Commander : Major-General William M. Miley

Assistant Commander : Brigadier-General John L. Whitelaw

Chief of Staff : Colonel Willard K. Liebel

Adjutant General : Lieutenant-Colonel Gabe W. Lewis Jr.

G-1 : Lieutenant-Colonel Lewis R. Good

G-2 : Lieutenant-Colonel Lyle N. McAlister

G-3 : Colonel Edwin J. Messinger

G-4 : Lieutenant-Colonel Charles W. Koester

Division Chemical Officer : Lieutenant-Colonel Wilson Thomas

Division Quartermaster Officer : Lieutenant-Colonel Raymond H. Tiffany

Division Ordnance Officer : Lieutenant-Colonel Raymond W. Smith

Division Engineer Officer : Lieutenant-Colonel Stanley T. B. Johnson

Division Finance Officer : Lieutenant-Colonel Arthur C. Small

Division Surgeon : Lieutenant-Colonel Edward Sigerfoos

Division Signal Officer : Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph P. Ahern

Judge Advocate General : Lieutenant-Colonel Albert S. Lisenby

Inspector General : Lieutenant-Colonel Edward S. Nelson Jr.

Chief of Civil Affairs : Major Richard A. Norton

Special Service Officer : Major Allen V. Sapora

Provost Marshal : Major Leonard P. Roberts

Division Chaplain : Captain George W. Crain

Went in on Varsity: 112    Killed: 5    Wounded: 7    Missing: 3


507th Parachute Infantry Regiment


        Commander : Colonel Edson D. Raff

1st Battalion

        Commander : Major Paul F. Smith

2nd Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Charles J. Times

3rd Battalion

        Commander : Major Allen W. Taylor

Went in on Varsity: 2,097    Killed: 96    Wounded: 120    Missing: 96


513th Parachute Infantry Regiment


        Commander : Colonel James W. Coutts

1st Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Harry F. Kies

2nd Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Allen C. Miller

3rd Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Edward F. Kent

Went in on Varsity: 2,388    Killed: 141    Wounded: 155    Missing: 302


194th Glider Infantry Regiment


        Commander : Colonel James R. Pierce

1st Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Frank L. Barnett

2nd Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Harry Balish

3rd Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Robert L. Ashworth

Went in on Varsity: 2,584    Killed: 117    Wounded: 216    Missing: 562


Divisional Artillery


        Commander : Brigadier-General Joseph V. Phelps

        Second-in-Command : Colonel Thomas S. Gunby

Went in on Varsity: 108    Killed: 12    Wounded: 6    Missing: 0


155th Anti-Aircraft Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel John W. Paddock

Went in on Varsity: 400    Killed: 11    Wounded: 20    Missing: 9


464th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Edward S. Branigan Jr.

Went in on Varsity: 445    Killed: 15    Wounded: 26    Missing: 34


466th Parachute Field Artillery Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Kenneth L. Booth

Went in on Varsity: 445    Killed: 62    Wounded: 36    Missing: 0


680th Glider Field Artillery Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Paul F. Oswald

Went in on Varsity: 338    Killed: 27    Wounded: 41    Missing: 22


681st Glider Field Artillery Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph W. Keating

Went in on Varsity: 329    Killed: 18    Wounded: 30    Missing: 29


Divisional Units

Special Troops

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Clark N. Bailey


139th Airborne Engineer Battalion

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Stanley Johnson ?

Went in on Varsity: 504    Killed: 14    Wounded: 26    Missing: 4


224th Medical Company

        Commander : Major James J. Kenny

Went in on Varsity: 222    Killed: 13    Wounded: 10    Missing: 3


411st Quartermaster Company

        Commander : Captain Cecil D. Land

Went in on Varsity: 33    Killed: 6    Wounded: 0    Missing: 1


517th Signal Company

        Commander : Major Frank T. Hancock

Went in on Varsity: 103    Killed: 7    Wounded: 6    Missing: 0


717th Ordnance Company

        Commander : 1st Lieutenant Woodrow W. Mackey

Went in on Varsity: 15    Killed: 0    Wounded: 3    Missing: 0

Parachute Maintenance Company

        Commander : Captain Elmer E. Crow

Killed: 1


Military Police Platoon

        Commander : 1st Lieutenant Joseph M. Hudacek

Went in on Varsity: 17    Killed: 2    Wounded: 2    Missing: 0


Reconnaissance Platoon

        Commander : 1st Lieutenant Kenneth M. Palmer

Went in on Varsity: 37    Killed: 1    Wounded: 0    Missing: 0