Captain/Reverend John Gwinnett


Unit : Headquarters, 3rd Parachute Brigade

Army No. : 248389

Awards : Military Cross


For outstanding gallantry and devotion to duty from 24th March to 30th April, 1945, from Schneppenberg Forest to River Elbe.


The Reverend Gwinnett made his second operational drop which was over the Rhine on March 24th 1945. The Brigade sustained many casualties on the Drop Zone which was for many hours covered by artillery, mortar and machine gun fire. Throughout this period the Reverend Gwinnett showed complete contempt of danger in organising the evacuation of the casualties and administering the dying. His calmness and fine example under heavy fire proved an inspiration to all who saw him.


During the advance to the Elbe, in any action that the battalion fought, such as at Lutherheim - Lembeck - Greven - Dortmund-Ems Canal - Masendorf, the Reverend Gwinnett was always to be found in the forefront of the battle. His courage and inspiring example throughout this and other campaigns has long been a byword in the Brigade.


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