Lieutenant Owen Edward Brownlow-Wray


Unit : "A" Troop, 210th Battery, 53rd (Worcestershire Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment, RA

Army No. : 212815

Awards : Military Cross


Lieutenant Brownlow-Wray was the Gun Position Officer of "A" Troop, and on the 24th March 1945 flew in glider No.401 with Lance-Bombardiers Phillipson, Oswald and Gunner Wilson, together with a Jeep, trailer and a motorcycle. The tow rope broke shortly after take-off, however, and the glider made a safe landing near Leicester. Later rejoining the 6th Airborne Division, Brownlow-Wray was promoted to Captain and was awarded the Military Cross. His citation reads:


On 21st April 1945 Captain Brownlow-Wray was Forward Observation Officer with a day patrol of 1st Royal Ulster Rifles in the woods near Rosche (1/25000 sheet 3030) when it came under heavy small arms fire from close range. Together with the patrol commander he engaged the strongpoint with a rifle killing two and providing covering fire for the patrol. His 68 wireless set was knocked out and his signaller badly wounded and he himself was shot through the face yet he ran mile to his 62 wireless set and brought down a concentration of Artillery fire which neutralised the strongpoint thus enabling our patrol to withdraw. Not until he knew that the patrol required no further covering fire did he allow himself to be evacuated. Throughout this action of several hours Captain Brownlow-Wray showed outstanding determination and courage although suffering considerable pain.


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