Divisional HQ

Commander : Major-General Richard Gale

Aide-de-Camp : Captain Tom Haughton

GSO-1 (Operations) : Lieutenant-Colonel Bobby Bray

GSO-1 (Air) : Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Bradish

GSO-2 (Operatons) : Major David Baird

GSO-3 (Operations) : Captain M. R. Spurling

GSO-3 (Air) : Captain Nick Pratt

GSO-2 (Intelligence) : Major Gerry Lacoste

GSO-3 (Intelligence) : Captain John Max

GSO-3 (CW) : Captain W. D. Burton

Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General : Lieutenant-Colonel Shamus Hickie

Deputy Assistant Adjutant General : Major H. J. Darlington

Deputy Assistant Quartermaster-General : Major E. J. O'B. Crocker

Assistant Director Medical Services : Lieutenant-Colonel Malcolm MacEwan

Assistant Director Ordnance Services : Lieutenant-Colonel John Fielding

Commander Royal Artillery : Lieutenant-Colonel Jack Norris

Commander Royal Engineers : Lieutenant-Colonel Frank Lowman (until mid July 1944)

Commander Royal Engineers : Lieutenant-Colonel J. R. C.  Hamilton DSO RE (from mid July 1944)

Commander Royal Army Service Corps : Lieutenant-Colonel J. L. Watson

Commander Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers : Lieutenant-Colonel Raymond Vernon Powditch

Died: 2   Wounded: 35   Missing: 16


Defence Platoon

Commander : Captain P. J. A. Shelley

Died: 0   Wounded: 5   Missing: 5



3rd Parachute Brigade


Brigade HQ

Commander : Brigadier James Hill

Brigade Major : Major Bill Collingwood

Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General : Major Andrew Alec Kyrle Pope

Intelligence Officer : Captain Anthony Thornton Wilkinson

Liaison Officer : Lieutenant D. J. Kippin

Signals Officer : Captain J. A. Wilkes

Medical Officer : Captain W. E. Church

Provost : Lieutenant S. Gyton

Chaplain : Captain/Reverend J. McVeigh

Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer : WO Daggett ( - 15th June)

Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer : Sergeant Mitchell (15th June -)

Died: 4   Wounded: 31   Missing: 17


8th (Midland Counties) Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Alastair Pearson

        Second-in-Command: Major J. W. B. Marshall

        Adjutant : Captain A. J. Bookless

        Acting Adjutant : Lieutenant John Kay England

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant R. A. Casares

        Brigade Liaison Officer : Lieutenant E. G.Wells

        Medical Officer : Captain R. S. Holtan

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend G. A. Kay

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM A. G. Parsons

Headquarters / Support Company

        Commander : Major G. Payne

        Administration Officer : Captain C. E. Greenwood

        Signals Platoon : Lieutenant C. A. Cramp

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant L. M. McLaine-Cross

        Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant D. C. Scaife

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant R. C. Thompson

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM I. Hutchinson

A Company

        Commander : Major S. Terrell

        Second-in-Command : Captain C. J. V. Shoppee

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM F. Cooke

        No.1 Platoon : Lieutenant G. R. Whitely

        No.2 Platoon : Lieutenant I. E. Nicholls

        No.3 Platoon : Lieutenant Richard Fry

        Attached Officer : Lieutenant B. G. Luxton

B Company

        Commander : Major A. J. Wilson

        Second-in-Command : Captain D. B. Kelland

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM L. Jones

        No.4 Platoon : Lieutenant C. Connelly

        No.5 Platoon : Lieutenant B. Ridings

        No.6 Platoon : Lieutenant P. Durrance

C Company

        Commander : Major G. Hewetson

        Second-in-Command : Captain H. McCartney

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM W. Burns

        No.7 Platoon : Lieutenant R. G. Ellen

        No.8 Platoon : Lieutenant J. Cooper

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant Colin William Brown

Seaborne Echelon

        Commander : Lieutenant Thomas Ellemore Miller

Died: 117   Wounded: 236   Missing: 110


9th (Home Counties) Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Terance Otway

        Second-in-Command : Major Eddie Charlton

        Adjutant : Captain Havelock Hudson

        Brigade Liaision Officer : Lieutenant Douglas Martin

        Medical Officer : Captain Harold Watts

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend John Gwinnett

        Attached War Artist : Captain Albert Richards

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM Bill Cunningham

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major George Smith

        Motor Transport Officer : Lieutenant Jimmy Loring

        Pioneer Platoon : Lieutenant Tom Halliburton

        Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant Dennis Slade

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant George Peters

        Army Physical Training Corps : CSM George David Miller

        Army Physical Training Corps : CSM Bill Harrold

A Company

        Commander : Major Allen Parry

        Second-in-Command : Captain Robert Gordon-Brown

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Jack Harries

        No.1 Platoon : Lieutenant Douglas Catlin

        No.2 Platoon : Lieutenant Hugh Pond

        No.3 Platoon : Lieutenant Hugh Smythe

B Company

        Commander : Major Harold Bestley

        Second-in-Command : Captain The Honourable Paul Greenway

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Wally Beckwith

        No.4 Platoon : Lieutenant Brian Browne

        No.5 Platoon : Lieutenant Murray Christie

        No.6 Platoon : Lieutenant Mike Dowling

C Company

        Commander : Major Ian Dyer

        Second-in-Command : Captain Robbie Robinson

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Barney Ross

        No.12 Platoon : Lieutenant Alan Jefferson

        No.13 Platoon : Lieutenant Gordon Parfitt

        No.14 Platoon : Lieutenant Jock Lepper

R Company (based in the UK)

        Commander : Captain F. Tavenor

        Quartermaster : Captain A. Chilton

Died: 94   Wounded: 167   Missing: 194


1st Canadian Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel George Bradbrooke

        Second-in-Command: Major J. A. Nicklin

        Adjutant : Captain D. W. W. Mascal (Seaborne Echelon)

        Assistant Adjutant : Lieutenant J. M. Girvan

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant R. D. H. Weathersbee

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant I. C. Wilson

        Medical Officer : Captain C. N. Brebner

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend G. A. Harris

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM W. J. Clark

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major E. T. Munro

        Second-in-Command : Captain H. B. Armstrong

        Quartermaster : Captain E. R. Friel

        Signals Platoon : Lieutenant J. A. Simpson

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant W. R. Croxford

        Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant R. C. Hilborn

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant M. Cote

        Captain E. Besteck (Seaborne Echelon)

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM L. B. Hall

A Company

        Commander : Major D. J. Wilkins

        Second-in-Command : Captain D. S. MacLean

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM G. W. Embree

        No.1 Platoon : Lieutenant R. E. Harrison

        No.2 Platoon : Lieutenant R. J. Mitchell

        No.3 Platoon : Lieutenant John Anthony Clancy

B Company

        Commander : Major C. E. Fuller

        Second-in-Command : Captain Peter Griffin

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM W. I. Blair

        No.4 Platoon : Lieutenant J. P. Rousseau

        No.5 Platoon : Lieutenant N. Toseland

        No.6 Platoon : Lieutenant K. J. Arril

C Company

        Commander : Major Murray McLeod

        Second-in-Command : Captain John Hanson

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM R. F. Johnson

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant J. R. Madden

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant L. H. Adams

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant H. M. Walker

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant S. McGowan

Went in: 543   Died: 84   Wounded: 162   Missing: 101


3rd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA

Commander : Major Nick Cranmer

Second-in-Command : Captain J. E. Jordan

Battery Captain : Captain J. Woodrow

Liaison Officer : Lieutenant B. W. Salt

A Troop (4 x 17 pounder)

        Commander : Lieutenant J. E. Maddocks

B Troop (4 x 17 pounder)

        Commander : Lieutenant I. W. Hall

C Troop (4 x 6 pounder)

        Commander : Lieutenant C. F. Hart

D Troop (4 x 6 pounder)

        Commander : Lieutenant J. A. Hunter

Died: 15   Wounded: 29   Missing: 4


3rd Parachute Squadron, RE

Commander : Major Tim Roseveare

Second-in-Command: Captain Allen Jack

Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant Williams

Squadron Sergeant Major : CSM R. Barr

No.1 Troop : Captain Freddy Fox

        Section Commander : Lieutenant D.A. Breese

        Section Commander : Lieutenant A. Wade

        Section Commander : Lieutenant A. Forster

        Section Commander : Lieutenant A. Lack

No.2 Troop : Captain Tim Juckes

        Section Commander : Lieutenant R.R. Beaumont

        6 Section : Lieutenant John Shave

        Section Commander : Lieutenant Nash

        Section Commander : Lieutenant E.V. Knox?

No.3 Troop : Captain Geoff Smith

        9 Section : Lieutenant T.D.V. Marsh

        10 Section : Lieutenant J.L. Inman

        11 Section : Lieutenant B.H. Holloway

        12 Section : Lieutenant Baillie

Died: 15   Wounded: 29   Missing: 2


224th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC

Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel D. H. Thompson

Second-in-Command : Captain J.H.G. Wilson (20th August -)

No.1 Section (attached 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion, 6th June)

        Commander : Captain D. H. Nelson

No.2 Section (attached 8th Parachute Battalion, 6th June)

        Commander : Lieutenant R. M. Marquis

No.3 Section (attached 9th Parachute Battalion, 6th June)

        Commander : Captain I. F. B. Johnston

Died: 9   Wounded: 15   Missing: 43



5th Parachute Brigade


Brigade HQ

Commander : Brigadier Nigel Poett

Brigade Major : Major John Barker

Deputy Assistant Adjutant & Quartermaster General : Major E.S. "Ted" Lough

Intelligence Officer : Captain M. Dolden

Staff Captain : Captain W. F. E. Bennett

Medical Officer : Lieutenant D. R. Urquhart

K Section, Signals

        Commander : Captain G.T. Radmore

        Second-in-Command : Lieutenant G. Royle

Died: 1   Wounded: 22   Missing: 3


7th (Light Infantry) Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Geoffrey Pine-Coffin

        Second-in-Command : Major Eric Henry Steele-Baume

        Adjutant : Captain W. S. Coppin

        Acting Adjutant : Lieutenant Richard Todd

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant Herbert Horatio Mills

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant I. G. MacDonald

        Quartermaster : Captain R. P. H. Fortnum

        Medical Officer : Captain A. Young

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend G. Parry

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM George Johnson

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major Tullis

        Second-in-Command : Captain J. D. Went

        Signals Platoon : Lieutenant S. T. Theobald

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant F. J. H. Rogers

        Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant M. R. "Garth" Hill

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant N. M. Archdale

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM J. E. P. Hutchings

A Company

        Commander : Major Nigel Taylor

        Second-in-Command : Captain Jim Webber

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM E. A. Leverton

        No.1 Platoon : Lieutenant W. A. B. Temple

        No.2 Platoon : Lieutenant W. Bowyer

        No.3 Platoon : Lieutenant David Hunter

B Company

        Commander : Major Roger Neale

        Second-in-Command : Captain B. R. Braithwaite

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM F. E. Durbin

        No.4 Platoon : Lieutenant D. C. Farr

        No.5 Platoon : Lieutenant Edward Pool

        No.6 Platoon : Lieutenant T. Thomas

C Company

        Commander : Major R. J. H. Bartlett

        Second-in-Command : Captain Bob Keene

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM C. "Jerry" Martin

        No.7 Platoon : Lieutenant W. F. Parrish

        No.8 Platoon : Lieutenant Eric Woodman

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant Robert Atkinson

Died: 129   Wounded: 248   Missing: 114


12th (10th Bn The Green Howards) Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Johnny Johnson

        Second-in-Command: Major Ken Darling

        Adjutant : Captain P. C. Bernard ( - 8th June)

        Assistant Adjutant : Captain G. Foster

        Quartermaster : Captain E. Clarke

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant J. Firth

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant I. C. Wilson

        Medical Officer : Captain G. C. Kennedy

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend J. O. Jenkins

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM P. Partridge

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major D. Mayfield

        Second-in-Command : Captain George Winney

        Signals Platoon : Lieutenant D. Sharp

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant A. T. W. Austin

        Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant J. W. Shaw

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant Tottenham-Smith

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM A. C. Thorne

A Company

        Commander : Major Gerald Ritchie ( - 8th June)

        Commander : Captain P. C. Bernard (8th June -)

        Second-in-Command : Captain G. H. Stevenson

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM J. T. Marwood

        No.1 Platoon : Lieutenant P. Burkenshaw

        No.2 Platoon : Lieutenant J. R. D. Campbell

        No.3 Platoon : Lieutenant B. M. Brewer

B Company

        Commander : Major Harold Rogers

        Second-in-Command : Captain G. Turnbull

        No.4 Platoon : Lieutenant James Hunter Duthie

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant G. W. Whirray

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant H. W. Roberts

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant A. F. Newall

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant G. G. Hall

C Company

        Commander : Major Clarence Weatherill Stephens

        Second-in-Command : Captain John Sim

        No.7 Platoon : Lieutenant J. F. Stirling

        No.8 Platoon : Lieutenant E. A. Read

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant W. G. Medd

U.K. Base (Home Details)

        Commander : Captain H. T. Caiden

        Second-in-Command : Lieutenant R. Coakes

        Administration : Lieutenant E. S. Ward (Seaborne Echelon?)

R Company (based in UK)

        Lt F. S. Robson (took over as Assistant Adjutant)

        Lt C. L. Bliss (posted to A Company: 12-18/6/44)

        Lt D. E. Cattell

        Lt P. Flint

        Lt H. M. Warren

        Lt J. H. Absalom (Reserve Signals Platoon Commander, injured

        Lt J. S. J. Swales

        Lt K. J. C. Jenkins

        Lt W. F. L. Crouch

Died: 115   Wounded: 413   Missing: 46


13th (2nd/4th Bn The South Lancashire Regiment) Parachute Battalion

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Luard

        Second-in-Command : Major Bill Harris MC

        Adjutant : Captain Bill Grantham

        Assistant Adjutant : Lieutenant Bernard Metcalf

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant Leslie Golding

        Quartermaster : Captain "George" Daisley

        Medical Officer : Captain Neil Whitley

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend Whitfield Foy

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM Bob Duxberry

        Regimental Quartermaster : Sergeant Jimmy Henstock

Headquarters Company

        Commander : Major Reggie Tarrant

        Administration Officer : Captain F.A.N. Ellison

        Signals Platoon : Lieutenant Malcolm Town

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant Alf Lagregan

        Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant Ellis "Dixie" Dean

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant Fred Skeate

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Morland

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Ray Meachim

A Company

        Commander : Major John Cramphorn

        Second-in-Command : Captain Harry Ainsworth

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM J. McParlan

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Harry Watkins

        No.3 Platoon : Lieutenant Jack Watson

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant "Joe" Hodgson

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant Gordon O'Brien-Hitching

B Company

        Commander : Major George Bristow

        Second-in-Command : Captain Mike Kerr

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Jack Moss

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS Eric Cookson

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant Bert Arnold

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant Stan Jeavons

        No.? Platoon : Lieutenant "Terry" Bibby

C Company

        Commander : Major Gerald Ford

        Second-in-Command : Captain "Nobby" Clark

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Micky Maguire

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : CQMS "Duggy" Dugdale

        No.7 Platoon : Lieutenant Harry Pollak

        No.8 Platoon : Lieutenant Jack Sharples

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant George Lee

R Company (based in the UK)

        Commander : Captain "Claude" Milman

        Transport : Lieutenant "Baggy" Allen

        Lieutenant Ken Walton

        Lieutenant Cyril Bailey

        Lieutenant Steve Honnor

        Lieutenant Dick Burton

        Lieutenant "Topper" Brown

        2nd Lieutenant Geoff Otway

Died: 97   Wounded: 226   Missing: 54


4th Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA

Commander : Major Peter Dixon

Second-in-Command : A. Bain

Second-in-Command : Captain W. Hunt (7th July -)

Battery Captain : Captain F. A. Kilbey

Liaison Officer : Lieutenant R. Trease

E Troop

        Commander : Lieutenant P. Pring

F Troop

        Commander : Lieutenant J. S. Robinson

G Troop

        Commander : Lieutenant L. J. Ray

H Troop

        Commander : Lieutenant S. A. Lyons

Died: 19   Wounded: 24   Missing: 12


591st Parachute Squadron, RE

Commander : Major Andy Wood

Second-in-Command: Captain Gordon Davidson

No.1 Troop : Captain Frank Harbord

No.2 Troop : Captain Tony Jackson

No.3 Troop : Captain Fergy Semple

Died: 19   Wounded: 21   Missing: 20


225th Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC


        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Bruce Harvey

        Second-in-Command : Captain R. R. Maitland

        Quartermaster : Captain P. J. Nicholson

        Surgeon Specialist : Major Daintree Johnson

        Surgeon Specialist : Major Peter Essex-Lopresti

        Dentist : Captain G. J. M. Holland

        Transport Officer : Captain Leslie Hill RASC

        Padre : Captain/Reverend Bill Briscoe

        Major Pat Hewlings

No.1 Section : Captain Tommy Wilson

No.2 Section : Captain J .K. Wagstaff

No.3 Section : Captain D. J. Tibbs

No.4 Section : Captain David Clark

Died: 9   Wounded: 19   Missing: 12



6th Airlanding Brigade


Brigade HQ

Commander : Brigadier The Honourable Hugh Kindersley (6th June - 12th June)

Commander : Brigadier Edwin Flavell (12th June - )

Deputy Commander : Colonel Reginald Parker

Brigade Major : Major Napier Crookenden

Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General : Major R. W. Cranshaw
GSO-3 : Captain K. Hardy

Intelligence Officer : Captain R. J. Gilbert

Staff Captain: Captain J. A. Brown

Brigade Transport Officer : Captain H. M. Leiper

Brigade Royal Army Service Corps Officer : Captain W. L. Melhuish

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer : Captain C. J. Phillips

Liaison Officer : Lieutenant G. A. Mills

Died: 0   Wounded: 24   Missing: 0


1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel "Jack" Carson

        Second-in-Command : Major John Deane-Drummond

        Adjutant : Captain Robert E. H. "Bob" Sheridan

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant Robin W. MacD. Crockett

        Quartermaster : Lieutenant William Beattie

        Medical Officer : Captain Dai R. L. Rees

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend James McMurray Taylor

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM "Scoop" Griffith

Support Company

        Commander : Major Eric Francis "Killer" Johnston

        Staff Officer : Lieutenant K. M. "Tim" Dooley

        Motor Transport Officer : Captain Ronny MacE. Wilson

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant J. Hanna

        Pioneer Platoon : Captain C. G. "Windy" Windebank

        Reconnaissance Platoon : Captain Robin Rigby

                Reconnaissance Section Commander : Lieutenant John Dorrell Theakston

        Loading Officer : Lieutenant Maurice Peter Fogt

F Company

        Commander : Major E. A. D. "Paddy" Liddle

        Second-in-Command : Captain Robert Wilson Gordon

        No.1 Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant Richard "Dicky" Quinn

        No.2 Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant George Alexander Maginnis

        No.1 Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant Harry R. Morgan

        No.2 Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant Reg Ellis

A Company

        Commander : Major Charles Vickery

        Second-in-Command : Captain Robert Dickson Martin

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Beggs

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : Colour Sergeant O'Connor

        No.7 Platoon : Lieutenant John Derek Atheling Boustead

        No.8 Platoon : Lieutenant Daniel McGrath

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant A. A. Milliken

        No.10 Platoon : Lieutenant Colin O'Hara-Murray

B Company

        Commander : Major Gerald Rickcord

        Second-in-Command : Captain R. M. Burke

        No.11 Platoon : Lieutenant F. W. Hindson

        No.12 Platoon : Lieutenant Mervyn Lion "Micky" Archdale

        No.13 Platoon : Lieutenant P. J. Bryan

        No.14 Platoon : Lieutenant D. A. S. "Spud" Murray

C Company

        Commander : Major Bob Hynds

        Second-in-Command : Captain Huw Wheldon

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM William McCutcheon

        Company Quartermaster Sergeant : Colour Sergeant Richard Boyce

        No.15 Platoon : Lieutenant Reginald Norman "Reggie" Morgan

        No.16 Platoon : Lieutenant R. D. Laird

        No.17 Platoon : Lieutenant W. E. Dean

        No.18 Platoon : Lieutenant Frederick Mike Gann

D Company

        Commander : Major A. J. "Tony" Dyball

        Second-in-Command : Captain Kenneth Herbert Donnelly

        Company Sergeant Major : CSM Baker

        No.19 Platoon : Lieutenant W. J. "Jack" Chapman

        No.20 Platoon : Lieutenant Allan Ronald Malcolm

        No.21 Platoon : Lieutenant R. J. Monroe

        No.22 Platoon : Lieutenant John Weeden "Boy" Robertson

E Company (1st Reinforcements)

        Captain Dean O. Steadman (took over as M.T.O. in July 1944), Lieutenants Harry Leonard Croft, P. D. Colquhoun, J. E. "Admiral" Wright, V. H. Hunt, William J. Robinson, Leo G. Bizell, Maurice Duhault, John A. Chambers, F. A. "Gus" Le Feyer and Leo Joseph Robillard.

        Officers of unknown units : Lieutenants L. J. Burke, H. W. Campbell and H. L. G. Hamilton.

Died: 84   Wounded: 235   Missing: 35


2nd Battalion The Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Roberts

        Second-in-Command : Major Mark Darrell-Brown

        Adjutant : Captain John Tillett

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant R. M. Osborne

        Loading Officer and Weapon Training Officer : Lieutenant L. Nicholson

        Medical Officer : Captain S. Smith

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend A. Nimmo

Support Company

        Commander : Major E. V. M. Favell

        Quartermaster : Lieutenant J. James

        Signals Officer : Lieutenant S. F. Robin

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant G. C. Chicken

        Pioneer Platoon : Lieutenant G. Van Klaveren

        Reconnaissance Platoon : Captain A. C. Mason

                Second-in-Command : Lieutenant C. H. David-Goff

                No.1 Section : Lieutenant P. S. Jones

                No.2 Section : Lieutenant P.G. Bulford

                No.3 Section and Welfare Officer : Lieutenant T. Deacon

        Transport Officer : Captain J. F. S. Busher

H Company

        Commander : Major S. J. Heath-Smith

        Second-in-Command : Captain P. K. Everett

        No.7 Platoon : Lieutenant H. J. S. Seville

        No.8 Platoon : Lieutenant Anthony Bousfield

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant E. H. Budds

        No.26 Platoon : Lieutenant C.M. Moncrieff

A Company

        Commander : Major Gilbert Rahr

        Second-in-Command : Captain J. Marriott, G.M.

        No.10 Platoon : Lieutenant P. H. Godsal

        No.11 Platoon : Lieutenant H. J. C. Bashford

        No.12 Platoon : Lieutenant D. M. Neale

        No.13 Platoon : Lieutenant K. Gunter

B Company

        Commander : Major J. S. R. Edmunds

        Second-in-Command : Captain J. Brabner

        No.14 (No.3) Platoon : Lieutenant Richard Smith (att. "D" Company for coup de main)

        No.15 Platoon : Lieutenant Michael Aston

        No.16 Platoon : Lieutenant Johnny Pankhurst

        No.17 (No.6) Platoon : Lieutenant Dennis Fox (att. "D" Company for coup de main)

C Company

        Commander : Major Johnny Granville

        Second-in-Command : Captain J. J. W. Molloy

        No.18 Platoon : Lieutenant B. M. Rutherford

        No.19 Platoon : Lieutenant E. H. Nankivell

        No.20 Platoon : Lieutenant C. T. Cross

        No.21 Platoon : Lieutenant Frederick Balfour Scott

D Company

        Commander : Major John Howard

        Second-in-Command : Captain B. C. E. Priday

        No.22 (No.4) Platoon : Lieutenant Tony Hooper

        No.23 (No.5) Platoon : Lieutenant "Todd" Sweeney

        No.24 (No.2) Platoon : Lieutenant David Wood

        No.25 (No.1) Platoon : Lieutenant Denham Brotheridge

                No.1 Section : Corporal Caine

                No.2 Section : Corporal Webb

                Scout Section : Corporal Bailey

R Company (based in the UK)

        Commander, Mess President and President of Regimental Institutes : Major C. H. Styles

        Reserve Mortar Officer : Lieutenant C. W. Groos

        Reserve Transport Officer : Lieutenant R. E. Gleed

        Lieutenants A. F. White, F. H. Wood, D. O. Smith, R. N. Prince, P. G. Henstridge, 2nd Lieutenants M. L. Southern and S. G. Harvey

Died: 83   Wounded: 257   Missing: 13


12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment

Battalion Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Dick Stevens

        Second-in-Command : Major Paul Gleadell

        Adjutant : Captain Ken J. T. Stoneman

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant Vince Walker

        Quartermaster : Lieutenant E. E. L. Brokenshire

        Liaison Officer : Lieutenant John Basil Edward Kittow

        Loading Officer : Captain Laurence Salt

        Medical Officer : Captain J. S. Binning

        Chaplain : Captain/Reverend Joe W. Hall

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM Henry Charles Frank Allen

        Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant : RQMS J. Leverton

Support Company

        Commander : Major Eddie Warren

        Signals Platoon : Lieutenant C. J. Hutchinson

        Mortar Platoon : Lieutenant Thomas David Dickenson Bowman

        Reconnaissance Platoon : Captain John D. Carroll

        Pioneer Platoon : Lieutenant Ronald Lewis Tucker

        Motor Transport Officer : Captain E. J. Harding

A Company

        Commander : Major Johnny H. G. Rogers

        Second-in-Command : Captain Brian D. Carey

        No.7 Platoon : Lieutenant Richard "Dick" H. Whiteway

        No.8 Platoon : Lieutenant Arthur Jack Hobbs

        No.9 Platoon : Lieutenant Geoffrey Sneezum

        No.10 Platoon : Lieutenant Bertram Frederick Horwood

B Company

        Commander : Major Wallie F. Barrow

        Second-in-Command : Captain J. R. H. Fawkes-Underwood

        No.11 Platoon :

        No.12 Platoon : Lieutenant Eric D. Nuttall

        No.13 Platoon : Lieutenant David Essex Lewis

        No.14 Platoon :

C Company

        Commander : Major J. P. Haythornthwaite

        Second-in-Command : Captain W. A. R. Wright

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant R. W. Hartland

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant E. Charles Strawbridge

        Platoon Commander : Lieutenant G. A. Young

        Platoon Commander :

D Company

        Commander : Major John Augustus Frederick Bampfylde

        Second-in-Command : Captain John H. W. Warwick-Pengelly

        No.19 Platoon : Lieutenant G. G. "Stinker" Reaks

        No.20 Platoon : Lieutenant F. E. Ogden

        No.21 Platoon : Lieutenant Peter Taylor

        No.22 Platoon : Lieutenant Derek Christopher Lindsay Grange

E Company

        Commander : Major Patrick Robson Dobbin

        Second-in-Command : Captain T. Bridgeman

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant Albert Edward Germain

        Anti-Tank Platoon : Lieutenant Leslie J. "Trappy" Trapnell

        No.23 Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Captain C. J. Snell

        No.24 Medium Machine Gun Platoon : Lieutenant W. F. Robinson

Officers of unknown appointments

        Lieutenants John Arthur Cranch Drake, E. G. Eve, D. W. Turner, R. A. Vickery, J. Pengelly, A. C. T. Sanders, and N. P. Turner

1st Reinforcements Company

        Commander : Major G. Edecombe-Palmer

        Second-in-Command : Captain P. R. Meldon


                Lieutenants D. H. Triggs, Samuel McBride Barrett, L. Bargery, J. H. S. Henderson, Ernest Haydn Wild, Ronald F. Brixey, and J. C. Box

Died: 66   Wounded: 226   Missing: 13


249th (Airborne) Field Company, RE

Commander : Major Sandy Rutherford

Second-in-Command: Captain Mike Clive

Reconnaissance Officer : Lieutenant J. Freeman

Lieutenant Martindale

Company Sergeant Major : CSM R. Isaac

No.1 Platoon

        Commander : Captain J. Hirst

        Second-in-Command : Lieutenant Montgomery

No.2 Platoon

        Commander : Captain Jock Neilson

        Second-in-Command : Lieutenant J. Bence

No.3 Platoon

        Commander : Captain Smerdon

        Second-in-Command : Lieutenant G.L. Woodcock

Died: 4   Wounded: 37   Missing: 0


195th Airlanding Field Ambulance, RAMC

Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Anderson

Died: 6   Wounded: 15   Missing: 1



Divisional Units


53rd (Worcestershire Yeomanry) Airlanding Light Regiment, RA

Regimental Headquarters (all HQ, except Commander and Second-in-Command, arrived by sea)

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Tony Teacher

        Second-in-Command : Major F. E. Allday

        Adjutant : Captain R. A. M. Goldthorp

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant A. E. Leaf

        Quartermaster : Lieutenant J. F. Slayer

        Signals Officer : Lieutenant H. Ryden

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM H. Last

        Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant : RSM C. Ross

210th Airlanding Light Battery (whole Battery, minus Commander and Forward Observation Officer parties, arrived by sea)

        Commander : Major The Honourable Charles Russell

        Battery Captain : Captain W. B. Godfrey

        Command Post Officer : Lieutenant H. Cotton

        Assistant Command Post Officer : Lieutenant J. Price

        A Troop

                Commander : Captain P. W. Mertens

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant J. Battersby

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant O. E. Brownlow-Wray

                Troop Leader 2 : Lieutenant R. Stickley

        B Troop

                Commander : Captain D. K. Thomas

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant D. Stubbs

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant Douglas F. Hurndall

                Troop Leader 2 : Lieutenant Peter F. Stoop

211th Airlanding Light Battery

        Commander : Major Jim Craigie

        Battery Captain : Captain R. G. "Dick" Furbank

        Command Post Officer : Lieutenant John B. Spittal

        Assistant Command Post Officer : Lieutenant A. P. "Tony" Yapp

        C Troop

                Commander : Captain Hugh W. Ward

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant G. H. "John" Blower

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant Frank Withecombe

                Troop Leader 2 : Lieutenant Algie Barras

        D Troop

                Commander : Captain H. R. "Dick" Rogers

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant A. W. "Bill" Lyne

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant Tom Lester

                Troop Leader 2 : Lieutenant Allen J. Coultas

212th Airlanding Light Battery (whole Battery, minus Forward Observation Officer parties, arrived by sea)

        Commander : Major Matt Gubbins

        Battery Captain : Captain W. A. Anderson

        Command Post Officer : Lieutenant A. Bower

        Assistant Command Post Officer : Lieutenant J. W. Blackmore

        E Troop

                Commander : Captain P. R. N. Stewart

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant N. G. Tweedle

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant H. H. Thompson

                Troop Leader 2 : Lieutenant B. E. Cotton

        F Troop

                Commander : Captain C. E. Stone

                Gun Position Officer : Lieutenant C. F. Presley

                Troop Leader 1 : Lieutenant H. E. S. Farrer

                Troop Leader 2 : Lieutenant S. S. Aylard

Died: 17   Wounded: 29   Missing: 2


2 Forward (Airborne) Observation Unit, RA

Commander : Major Harry Rice

Died: 0


2nd Airlanding Light Anti-Aircraft Battery, RA

Commander : Major W. A. H. Rowat

Died: 6   Wounded: 1   Missing: 0


22nd Independent Parachute Company

Commander : Major Francis Lennox-Boyd

Died: 10   Wounded: 14   Missing: 3


6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment

Regimental Headquarters

        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel Godfrey Stewart

        Second-in-Command : Major G. L. M. Welstead

        Adjutant : Captain C. W. Kent

        Assistant Adjutant : Captain C. P. Hughes

        Intelligence Officer : Lieutenant C. H. Paterson

        Staff Officer : Lieutenant V. V. Kenward

        Assistant Staff Officer : Lieutenant C. P. B. Smith

        Harbour Party : Lieutenant R. C. Belcher

        Quartermaster : Lieutenant S. G. Trezise

        Regimental Medical Officer : Captain J. M. Bertram

        Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM P. Dunne

Headquarters and Support Squadron

        Commander : Captain H. Walker

        Light Aid Detachment : Captain J. B. Esland (REME)

        Assistant Motor Transport Officer : 2nd Lieutenant A. O'Hanlon

        Mortar Section : Lieutenant G. E. Wilson

        Despatch Rider Troop : Lieutenant H. F. Turpin

        Lieutenant R. C. Rollason

        2nd Lieutenant E. H. Mellor

A Squadron (Light Tanks)

        Commander : Major P. Barnett

        Second-in-Command : Captain K. W. Spreckley

        1 Troop : Lieutenant R. de C. Rennick

        2 Troop : Lieutenant K. T. Robertson

        3 Troop : Lieutenant W. A. Cartwright

        Reinforcement Troop Commander : Lieutenant E. Davis

        Reinforcement Troop Commander : Lieutenant Ian Alexander Renny

        Reinforcement Troop Commander : Lieutenant G. C. Warburton

B Squadron (Reconnaissance)

        Commander : Captain Jarrad Cholmeley Gabbett Dunolly

        Second-in-Command : Captain K. H. Fehr

        Troop Commander : Captain J. J. Selwyn

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant E. P. Jones

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant R. E. Laycock

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant P. I. P. Scott-Martin

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant D. G. Shearer

        Troop Commander : Lieutenant N. R. Thompson

        Troop Commander : 2nd Lieutenant W. R. H. Beeston

R Squadron (Support)

        Commander : Major A. C. Doyle

        Second-in-Command : Captain W. H. Dickinson

        Motor Transport Officer : Lieutenant B. C. Ingall

        Troop Leader : Lieutenant A. Goddard

        Troop Leader : Lieutenant J. M. Maitland

        Troop Leader : Lieutenant R. M. McEarchern

        Troop Leader : Lieutenant L. J. Williams

Unknown Squadron / Troop

        W. T. H. Pilcher (To Divisional Air Branch)

        H. Robson ("A" Squadron Reinforcement)

        T. Smyth (Reinforcement)

Died: 14   Wounded: 32   Missing: 10


286th (Airborne) Field Park Company, RE

Commander : Major Jack Waters

Second-in-Command : Peter Dickson MBE

Died: 7   Wounded: 3   Missing: 1


6th Airborne Divisional Signals


        Commander : Lieutenant-Colonel D. Smallman-Tew

        Adjutant : Captain Anthony Windrum

No.1 Company

        Commander : Major George Symes Fenton

C-Section (Lines)

E-Section (53rd Airlanding Light Regiment, RA)

H-Section (Headquarters, Royal Artillery)

J-Section (3rd Parachute Brigade)

K-Section (5th Parachute Brigade)

L-Section (6th Airlanding Brigade)

Died: 29   Wounded: 78   Missing: 22


63rd Composite Company, RASC

Commander : Major A. C. Bille-Top

Died: 11   Wounded: 6   Missing: 44


398th Composite Company, RASC

Commander : Major M. E. Phipps

Died: 9   Wounded: 29   Missing: 5


716th Light Composite Company, RASC

Commander : Major E. C. Jones

Died: 19   Wounded: 34   Missing: 9


6th (Airborne) Divisional Ordnance Field Park, RAOC

Commander : Major W. L. Taylor

Died: 1   Wounded: 0   Missing: 0


6th (Airborne) Divisional Workshops, REME

Commander : Major E. B. Bonniwell

Died: 5   Wounded: 0   Missing: 0


10th Airlanding Light Aid Detachment, REME

Died: 1


12th Airlanding Light Aid Detachment, REME

Died: 2


6th (Airborne) Divisional Provost Company, CMP

Commander : Captain K. G. Wells

Second-in-Command : Lieutenant L. J. Northam

Regimental Sergeant Major : RSM A. J. Bird

No.2 Section : Lieutenant S. R. Gyton

No.3 Section : Lieutenant R. G. Rault

No.4 Section : Lieutenant J. D. Neaves

Died: 5   Wounded: 0   Missing: 14


317 (Airborne) Field Security Section, Intelligence Corps

Commander : Captain Frank MacMillan

Wounded: 2   Missing: 2


6th Airborne Divisional Postal Unit

Commander : Lieutenant J. C. G. Hine

Died: 0   Wounded: 2   Missing: 0



Units Attached to the Division


The Glider Pilot Regiment

No.1 Wing (Lieutenant-Colonel Iain Murray)

No.2 Wing (Lieutenant-Colonel John Place)

Died: 39


HQ, 245th Provost Company, CMP

Died: 1