Lieutenant Harold Max Pollak


Unit : No.7 Platoon, "C" Company, 13th Parachute Battalion

Army No. : 237466

Awards : Military Cross


In Normandy, Lieutenant Harry Pollak commanded No.7 Platoon of "C" Company, 13th Parachute Battalion, later becoming the Intelligence Officer. For his conduct throughout the campaigns in North-West Europe, he was awarded the Military Cross. His citation reads:


Lieutenant H. M. Pollak dropped on 6th June 1944 with the 13th Battalion (Lancashire) The Parachute Regiment. He was leading the first platoon to clear the village of Ranville on landing. He personally killed several Germans, while leading his platoon, regardless of personal danger. Constantly alert and thinking always of his men he was wounded severely in the arm and leg, some days later from shellfire, while visiting sentries.


Through sheer will power he made himself get over his wounds and returned to the Battalion, this time as Intelligence Officer. In the Battle of Bure in Belgium on 2nd, 3rd and 4th January 1945, he was untiring in his duty. He constantly volunteered during the heaviest possible fire to go forward on reconnaissance. The information he obtained was of the highest value. He was again wounded be shellfire at Battalion Headquarters on the Maas in February.


Although not fully recovered from this wound, he nevertheless jumped with the Battalion over the Rhine on 24th March. Disregarding enemy fire he was the first man to the Battalion rendezvous, personally taking 40 prisoners, after a short engagement. From then until the end of the campaign his courage, example and endurance has been beyond praise.


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