Officers of the 6th Airborne Division with Field Marshal Montgomery in May 1945

Major Charles John Vere Shoppee


Unit : "C" Company, 8th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 214537

Awards : Military Cross


For outstanding leadership and bravery. At Annebault on the 21st August. During the attack on the town, Major Shoppee's company was pinned down by heavy machine gun fire. Major Shoppee showing a complete disregard for his own safety rallied his men and personally led an attack on a house which contained 15 of the enemy with three machine guns. By his leadership his men overcame the position and took the occupants prisoner. At Blueville on the 26th August, Major Shoppee was in command of the leading company which came under Mortar and Machine Gun fire. Major Shoppee immediately pressed home the attack and by his personal leadership succeeded in driving off the enemy and preventing the advance from being held up. Major Shoppee was wounded later in the day leading another attack against enemy positions. Major Shoppee's conduct and leadership has been of the very highest order and he has shown a complete disregard for his own safety.


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