Major Mark Darrell-Brown


Unit : Battalion Headquarters, 2nd Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Army No. : 47522

Awards : Distinguished Service Order


Major Darrell-Brown was Second-in-Command of the 2nd Battalion The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, but took over on the 7th June after Lieutenant-Colonel Roberts, who had been injured during the glider landing, was evacuated on medical grounds.


Major Darrell Brown was in command of his battalion which was holding an isolated locality at Herouvillette on 9th June 1944. After an intense bombardment lasting more than an hour the enemy put in an attack on the locality supported by tanks and self-propelled guns. Throughout the bombardment and the attack Major Darrell Brown moved freely and fearlessly round the most exposed positions held by his men encouraging them. By his magnificent example and adjusting their disposition to mete the casualties being inflicted. This officers outstanding leadership and courage were factors of the greatest importance in the successful outcome of the battle. Not a yard of ground was lost and the enemy were thrown back leaving several tanks and armoured cars behind them. Throughout the fighting of the 7th to 10th June Major Darrell Brown has shown himself a fine and skilful leader and his [unreadable] and courageous efforts played a big part in the splendid performances which have been [unreadable] by his battalion.


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