Captain Jarrad Cholmeley Gabbett Dunolly


Unit : "B" Squadron, 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment.

Army No. : 70807

Awards : Military Cross.


Captain Dunolly commanded "B" Squadron and was later promoted to Major and appointed Second-in-Command of the Reconaissance Regiment


This Officer commanded "B" Squadron of the Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment during operations in Normandy from 6th June to 6th September. The Squadron had four troops of 1 Bren Gun Carrier, 1 Jeep, and 5 Lightweight Motor Cycles each, supported by two 3" Mortars and 20 Motor Cycle Riflemen. With this force of almost completely unarmoured vehicles, Captain Dunolly operated for ten days inside enemy territory and obtained valuable information for the Divisional Commander, overcoming insuperable difficulties in country which was unsuitable to his vehicles.


From 7th to 14th August, he took over and held a portion of the line under the command of 4 Special Service Brigade. During this time, the Squadron positions were very heavily mortared. From 18th to 26th August the Squadron worked in advance of the Division during the pursuit to Pont Audemer, never losing touch with the enemy, and in spite of extremely difficult country of woods, orchards and overhanging lanes, grabbed the enemy's positions with the greatest dash, and harassed his every movement.


That the Squadron was able to achieve such results, reflects the greatest credit on all ranks, and more particularly on Captain Dunolly, who was an inspiration to everyone. That he was able to cover the distance, and achieve the results that he did, with few losses in men, and none in vehicles, shows that his standard of training was of a very high order. The courage and dash of his men in such country, and in unarmoured vehicles, was above the course of duty. They cannot all get an award, but the man who is so trained and directed them that they were able to obtain such results, deserves a recognition of this achievement.


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