The following is an Order of Battle for the Allied and German forces involved in the 6th Airborne Division's sector of the Normandy battlefield. A full list of all units involved in the campaign would have been attempted, but I have decided against this on the grounds of not drifting from the point, not only because many of the units that were in action on D-Day had no influence upon the 6th Airborne Division, but in the following months so many additional divisions were brought to bear that to deal with them all would unnecessarily complicate this section and obscure the relevant points.


This section is by no means complete, and I would welcome any details at all that could expand on it. This may include an organisation of units and their commanders (as they stood on D-Day with notes referring to alterations thereafter) down to platoon or even section level if possible, together with the numbers of men in each unit, casualty figures and, in the instance of armoured formations or artillery units, the quantities and types of equipment used. Any details, no matter how small, are all welcome.


Allied Forces


1st British Airborne Corps

Commander : Lieutenant-General Frederick Browning

6th Airborne Division and Attached Units


        Air Transport Forces

38 and 46 Groups, RAF



1st Special Service Brigade

4th Special Service Brigade


        Attached Units

1st Belgian Brigade

Royal Netherlands "Princess Irene" Brigade



21st Army Group

Commander : Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery


        1st US Army

Commander : General Omar Bradley

V Corps

VII Corps


82nd Airborne Division

101st Airborne Division


        2nd British Army

Commander : General Miles Dempsey

I Corps

XXX Corps



German Forces


Oberbefelshaber West (OB West)

Commander : Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt


Heeresgruppe B (Army Group B)

Commander : Generalfeldmarschall Erwin Rommel


        Panzer Group West

Commander : General Leo Geyr von Schweppenburg

I S.S. Panzer Korps


        Seventh Army

Commander : General Friedrich Dollmann

XXV Korps




        Fifteenth Army

Commander : General Hans von Salmuth







        Armed Forces Command Netherlands