Lieutenant Dennis Gerald Slade


Unit : Medium Machine Gun Platoon, Headquarters Company, 9th Parachute Battalion

Service No. : 189373

Awards : Croix de Guerre, Mentioned in Despatches


For outstanding leadership and devotion to duty.


On June 6th Lieutenant Slade took over as Adjutant of the 9th Parachute Battalion when the Adjutant was severely wounded in the attack on the battery at Gonneville-sur-Merville. His leadership at this time greatly assisted in the capture of the battery and evacuation of the wounded.


During the time that the Battalion was at the Chateau St. Come from 7th June - 14th June the enemy continually attacked the Battalion area. These attacks were supported by heavy artillery and intense mortar fire. Lieutenant Slade went from post to post encouraging the men with complete disregard for his own safety. He inspired the men of his Battalion by his fearless example to such heights that even during the most intense bombardment they were singing at their posts.


During July and August in the Bois de Bavent area Lieutenant Slade continued to show the same cheerful courage and devotion to duty in most trying conditions. In August during the Battalion advance through Dozule and Pont L'Eveque to Beuzeville he organised the passage of difficult obstacles including the wading of deep and unknown rivers. He allowed no obstacle to stand in the way of the rapid advance and supply of the Battalion.


His courage under difficulties and devotion to duty was an inspiration to his fellow officers and the men of his Battalion.


Lieutenant Slade was also Mentioned in Despatches during the Normandy campaign. On two occasions he was fortunate to escape with his life, first on the 29th June when he was unscathed despite his trench receiving a direct hit during a heavy mortar bombardment, and, on the 18th July, he was making use of the officers latrines when it was almost demolished by a bulldozer. Slade continued to serve in the 9th Battalion throughout the war, and commanded a platoon of "A" Company during the advance into Germany in 1945.


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