It is intended that this section be used as a means for Arnhem veterans to get in touch with their former comrades, and for friends and relatives of veterans wishing to hear from anyone who knew them or anything of them. Should you wish to place an advert, contact me and I'll publish it here asap.




Can you identify any of the people in the following photographs?


Can you identify these two men? Can you identify these Polish soldiers? Paratroopers preparing themselves for a jump Paratroopers preparing for a jump A group photograph of a platoon of "S" Company, 1st Parachute Battalion

Paratroopers having a drink, probably in Palestine, 1946-1948 Richard Maryan after his escape from a POW camp


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S/Sgt Johnny Ainsworth (advert placed 05/02/20)

I'm currently looking for information or photographs of S/Sgt John Ainsworth, Flt Ssgt, 14 Flt, F Sqn. I've found that John Landed on LZ S in Glider 194. His co-pilot was Sgt Phillip and they were carrying elements of the Border Regt. John died young (aged 48) and we know very little about his service in Arnhem. Would be fantastic to hear from anyone that knew him. Tim Wargen,


Pte Gilbert Anderson (KIA 25/09/44)

I am looking for information or photos of my uncle, Pte 3606646 Gilbert Anderson. He was born in Mosley (UK) and lived in Blackpool. His parents: Thomas and Elizabeth Anderson. He was a member of the 11th Battalion Parachute Regiment, 2nd Platoon C Coy. He was killed in action on the 25th of September 1944 during the Battle of Arnhem. He had a fieldgrave at Onderlangs Arnhem. We believe he is one of the unknown soldiers in the war cemetry Oosterbeek. Tanja van Zon-Anderson,


Harold Andrew

Looking for any information about my Grandad who served in the South Staffs and took part in Market Garden . His name was Harold Andrew and was from Lincolnshire. Any information would be much appreciated as I only found out about his service last year and he passed away when I was quite young and so never got the chance to talk to him about this part of his life.


"Tommy Atkins"

At 1430 hrs on a fine sunny day between 14th - 29th September 1944, two German soldiers on a reconnoitering mission astride a tandem bicycle, rescue an injured British soldier. In a wooded area about 1.5 kms north of the Albert Canal at Merxem near Antwerp (probably close to Merxem Castle) they find and assist a lone injured British Tommy (or maybe Canadian) and probably from the nature of his injuries, a Para or Glider pilot/trooper. We know for sure that in civilian life "Tommy" was a flautist with the London Symphony Orchestra or another London Orchestra. Some 63 years on, the long arm of military camaraderie from both sides of that armed conflict stretches across time and cyberspace to relive that act of compassion and friendship. The editor is reasonably convinced now after substantial intelligence gathering that "Tommy" was a Glider Pilot engaged in Operation Market Garden in one of 3 'lifts' on the 17th, 18th or 19th September. Some 31 gliders, with 2 more unaccounted for, crashed en route to Arnhem in Holland and Belgium over those 3 days, but none identified thus far as specifically crashing in Merxem. The injuries are however, indicative of a crashed GP. We are advised that War Diaries for this Operation are not as detailed as we would hope for, but do record that 2 gliders each with 2 pilots were force landed near Antwerp. Further investigation however establishes that neither of these crashes was near Merxem. Let the search for "Tommy Atkins" continue. More details -


Cpl Cecil "Bill" Bailey

My late father was captured Sept 20th 1944 at Arnhem, he was in the 156 Bn The Parachute Regiment "B" Coy. After he was captured he was sent by train to Stalag XIIA, twelve days later he was transferred to Stalag IIA. My dad passed away 4 years ago & I'm trying to collate all the information I can on his life so the memories will never die. I have lots on his war service but I would love to hear from anyone who knew him or was in Stalag IIA, so I can get an idea of what life was like in that camp. He was a POW for approx 7 months. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Corporal Cecil "Bill" Bailey


Pte L. T. Bailey

I recall when I was a young teenager in 1957, a neighbour of mine was "Mr Bailey", who my parents said had fought at Arnhem; I believe he had been wounded in one arm. My wife has traced him by means of public records to 2010, living in Clacton, Essex, but since that time he has 'gone off-grid' and we have been unable to progress this further. However, we have found that 259646 Private L T Bailey of the 2nd Parachute Battalion was registered at PoW Camp XIIA with the PoW Number 90363. The Unit reference and PoW number are consistent with those who fought at Arnhem, possibly at the bridge. Does anyone have any information on him? Roy Gledhill,


Walter Clement Bailey

10603469, 1st Airborne Recce - possibly Freddie Gough's driver, wounded and POW. I have his paybook and am seeking information about him. Alistair Taylor,


James Baldwin

I'm trying to find out about my cousin James Baldwin (middle initial possibly G). My Uncle tells me he was a red beret dropped at Arnhem. He was captured and taken prisoner of war. He escaped to Norway where it is believed he married a pig farmers daughter. I would like to find out more about his story and be able to contact him and his descendants if any still survive. One other clue I have is his brother John (aka Jacky) was a sniper in WW2. I think they came from around the Caledonian rd/Holloway area of North London and would be about 88 and 85 yrs old respectively by now.


Capts David Ballingall and R.A. "Ron" Beal (advert placed 19/02/15)

I am researching an aspect of Operation Market Garden in connection with a possible book. I am hoping to contact two men who served under Maj Brian Urquhart on the I British Airborne Corps staff. They are (with ranks as of Sep 44): Captain David Ballingall, Captain R.A. (Ron) Beal. My dad's cousin, John Thomas (Jack) Brierley was a trooper in C Coy, 1st Canadian Parachute Bn. He made the Normandy jump but was was KIA at Caen, 2 Aug 44. Tony Hibbert was also a good friend of mine, and Sir Brian Urquhart has been very helpful to me in my research. Michael Cain (Commander, USNR, ret.),


Pte Vincent (Ginger) Banks

My dad Pte Vincent Banks known as ginger, 1st Airborne, 1st Battalion Border Regiment, S.Coy, 3" Mortar, 3606858, is seeking Pte Stanley (Ginger) Tierney also Mortar or anyone who knows of him.Thank you.Tracey Bridge.
Vincent Banks Vincent Banks


Sgt Keith "Tex" Banwell

Currently researching the life story of my wife's late Uncle: Keith "Tex" Banwell No.4 Platoon, "A" Company, 10th Parachute Battalion. Any information most welcome.


Pte Bernard (Barney) Baron

1st Border - HQ Company. No.3600516. I know he was part of the company defending the Oosterbeek perimeter and he got out on the last day by swimming across the river. I believe he is the soldier in the beret in the famous photo of the 4 men walking through the rubble. I would be delighted to hear from anyone who knew my father.


Albert Bateman

Born 1913 in Cheshunt Herts. My father was shot down at arnheim although badly wounded he was a pow (Stalag XIB, Fallingbostel) but was eventually repatriated. He has now unfortunately passed away and my grandson has been asking questions. This has made me want to know more. My father did not give much information about his war experiences. So I now feel that I can maybe find out something about him. It is not certain but possible that he is T/6479011 (formerly Royal Army Service Corps) Private A. Bateman of No.1 Section, Mortar Platoon, Support Company, 10th Parachute Battalion, POW number 118486. Jan Gillies,


Cpl Arthur William "Bill" Batty

My father, who died 10 years ago, was an RASC air despatcher aboard a Dakota attacked by a german fighter over arnhem, they landed at Manston, Kent. I am seeking any information, Army No. Group, Squadron, pilots' name, air despatch unit, etc. He was a Londoner and enlisted at slough, ex Territorial Army with the 7th Royal Fusiliers, deceased 10 years. John Batty,


Henry W Baudrey

I am looking for anyone who knew my uncle or has any information about him. He is Private Henry W Baudrey No. 841838 of 156 battalion, A company HQ. He was captured at Arnhem and later escaped. He was at camp XIIA, no. 075328. Andy Baudrey,


Ralph Baverstock

My name is David Baverstock and I am a writer and have been researching my Grandfathers past. His name was Ralph Baverstock and he was a member of the 2nd Bn Parachute reg 1941 -45. He was a batman throughout this time, I would love to find out what officers he looked after. In the second photograph below I would love to try and find out who the other three characters are, so I can give them more depth in my book. Dave Baverstock,

Ralph Baverstock Ralph Baverstock in Maison Carrée, 1942 Ralph Baverstock, possibly 1944


John Baxter

I am looking for information on surviving members of "J" section, 1st Para of 1st airborne division. I am staying with a veteran, a Mr John Baxter, who fought at arnhem and in North Africa and Sicily. If anyone can help us can you please contact me via email on : .Thank you, Thomas Manning.


Sidney Beale

I would be greatful for any information regaerding my grandfarther Sidney Beale from the area of Birmingham who sadly passed away 4 years ago. Not much information to go on. We think he was wounded at Arnhem and also had a pal called Peter who was KIA at Arnhem. Very little info I know but if anyone can remember him or has a list of wounded or members of the 1st Airborne during this time. Many thanks, Ben.


L/Cpl Robert Bell

Does anyone remember my father L/Ccpl Robert (Bob) Bell 250 (Airborne) Light Composite Company RASC? He was wounded during the battle of Arnhem, taken prisoner and died of his wounds en route to Germany. He is buried in Lochem 40 kilometers northeast of Arnhem. I have a letter from a Dutch family in Oosterbeek in whose house he was fighting on 22 - 23 September. I have the impression that he was wounded shortly after that.


Thomas Templeton Bell

My grandfather was at Arnhem. His name was Thomas Templeton Bell. Born 28/10/1918 in Kells & died 29/10/1974 in Kirkcudbright. He was a shepherd in Kirkcudbright before going to war in the Kings Own Scottish Borderers & was captured at Arnhem & held as a POW. I imagine he was held for a long time & my dad says he was very ill when he came back to Scotland. He is now buried in Kirkcudbright grave yard. Any extra information you could help me with to continue my research on his army career would be much appreciated. Ron Bell,


Richard "Dick" Austin Bennett-Goodman

I would like to find out more about my father's wartime experiences during and following Arnhem. He died in 1988 and I have few details as he rarely spoke about this time. He was in the Royal Artillery, service number 5623839. Any information would be welcome. He was an Australian but joined up in England. Tim Bennett-Goodman,


George Henry Beynon

I'm looking for information about my father George Henry Beynon. From Taibach South Wales. My dad was a private man and did not talk much about his army days. I know he was in the 1st Parachute Battalion, 1st Airborne Division. Amongst other places I understand he completed part of his training in Tatton Park. I believe he boxed for his regiment - he fought professionally under the name Jerry Welsh. His best friend was Jimmy Nash from Newport. He once told me a story about a friend of his called Nicky Nastri who I understood escaped from the prisoner of war camp. I have recently been given letters my Mam and Dad wrote to each other whilst he was a POW in M-Stammlager 357 Hut E4. My dad passed away in 1994 aged 75yrs. Alan Beynon,


Thomas Peter Berry

I would like any information on my father. Thomas Peter Berry (Chick Berry). He was in 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment. His unit was number 1 LAD, REME detachment, and was on the first drop on the 17th Sept 1944. He joined the Army in 1934 as boy solider in the RA in Winchester as he was from Eastleigh in Hampshire. He joined number 1 Para 1941 done his jumps at Ringway, then He was in North Africa 1942, Tunisia and was injured by a land mine, and ended up in the French Foreign Legion for 10 months (by accident). Got back to his unit and went to, Sicily, Italy, D + 2 Normandy, Arnhem 1st drop, and swam the Rhine to get out. I think he was one of the last men out across the river. He was in the Black forest after Arnhem where he was blown up again. He was one of the founder members of the Tyneside Branch of the PRA. The information I would really like is Arnhem if any body could help if they knew him. He is on a photograph taken on the DZ at Arnhem he is the one on the right of the picture looking at a sun flower with other men I know this was him as he had a copy of the picture which I have and he gave me before he died 7 years ago. There was a comment about the flower maid at the time the picture was taken.

Thomas Peter Berry Thomas Peter Berry Men of Divisional Signals taking up defensive positions around DZ-X


Charles Frederick Birch

Would love to hear from anyone who knew my father Charlie. He went on the Bruneval Raid and was injured in the Arnhem raid, being blown into the water from where he was pulled out by the Dutch Resistance who moved him through safe houses and then home. He convalesed on the Isle of Wight and then went to the Brecon Beacons until he was demobbed from Ringwood. He spoke very little of the war until after he had a stroke, four years before his death, and thus my knowledge is very limited.

Charles Birch


Sid Blackmore

My name is Walter Lygo and I am trying to contact Sid Blackmore. I believe he served with my father (Bob Lygo) at Arnhem. We go to the commemorations every year, but never get to meet him. I would be very grateful if someone could put me in touch with Sid. My contact details are


Chris Blakeley

My relative (a cousin of my mother's) who is now deceased, was Chris Blakeley, 13805440. He left Germany to escape Hitler. His original was name was Bachwitz, and he changed his name when he entered the British service. He had several combat jumps, the last one at Arnhem. He was apparently at the bridge for 9 days, and swam the Rhine to escape. That is about all I know, as Chris did not like to discuss his experiences. I would appreciate any information whatsoever, which can be sent to this email,


Pte Norman Blakemore (KIA 09/06/43)

I have been researching the death of my uncle -Pte. Norman Blakemore - 2nd (airborne) bn South Staffs regt., kia 9th July 1943, Sicily. Unfortunately no family photographs of him exist. His unit was S Company. Any help would be much appreciated. Paul Withers,


Sergeant Ernest Boardman

My grandfather ( service number 1648404) joined the RA at the start of the war and volunteered for the Parachute Regiment shortly afterwards. The only article I have of his is a certificate addressed to him from (I believe) King Olav of Norway thanking him for his valuable services in helping to restore freedom to Norway. The certificate is dated the day of Norway's liberation - 8 May 1945. My mother did have photos of him in his Para uniform, complete with beret and pegusus on a shoulder patch, but they have been lost. Like most troops he did not speak much about his war time exploits and has now sadly passed away. I would welcome any correspondence at me email address or I can be contacted direct at my work which is Royal Air Force Stafford, Beaconside, Stafford - tel 01785 787359.


Eric Borders (KIA 20/09/44)

My brother-in-law Andrew Young is English and is related via his uncle with Eric Borders. I found out that Eric (No.14 Platoon, B Company, 1st Border) was wounded near Westerbouwing and died in the house of Kate ter Horst at September 20 1944. We both are born post war. Living not so far from Oosterbeek I visit  Eric's grave for 15 years twice a year to remember him. Now I try to get a photograph of Eric. And maybe there are still members of No.14 Platoon who know what happened at Westerbouwing on September 19 or 20 1944. Henk ten Zijthoff,


Pte Mark Borland (KIA 18/09/44)

I am trying to find out more about my great uncle Mark Borland. He was in the 11th Battalion, Parachute Regiment and died aged 29 on the 18th of September 1944. He is buried at the Wageningen General Cemetary. All I know is that his C-47 was shot down and he was killed. I would like to contact anyone who knew him, served with him or who could give me any more information about him. His service number is 4123566. Rachel Barber.

Private Mark Borland


Lt Robert O. F. Boyd

C Squadron, Glider Pilot Regiment. No.71012. Later a Captain, Boyd was captured after Arnhem but escaped and for the next five months was sheltered by a Dutch underground volunteer, who now wishes to find out more about Boyd. Contact via:, or for more information refer to:

Lieutenant Robert Boyd


Austin Brearton

I am the grandson of Austin Brearton who fought at Arnhem, I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. Thanks, James Whitwell -


Louis Brewer

I`m researching my girlfriends Grandfather Louis Brewer / Breuer R.A.M.C. Formerly of the 133 Para Field Ambulance, he may have been attached to one of the battalions of the 4th Para Brigade. Louis managed to escape the Wolfheze-Oosterbeek pocket with the help of Dutch civilians, one of a possible three escapees, the rest were captured and seven killed. Other than that, little is known of his movements in mid September. Any information from other survivors or researchers regarding Louis Brewer would be gratefully received. Louis was mentioned in dispatches for an encounter in Palestine 1946.


Gil Brice

Recently I discovered that my fathers uncle served with the Paras at Arnhem as part of Operation market garden. His name was Gil Brice. He survived the war but no one in the family knows anything about his experiences or activities during the war. Any information you can supply is gratefully received. Mark Brice,


RSM Michael "Mick" Briody MBE (d. 1991)

Lilian Mann is seeking any information, anecdotes, photos etc., of her Grandfather, RSM Michael Briody MBE, No.2 Wing, Glider Pilot Regiment. He was awarded the Dutch Bronze Lion, and the MBE. He was later commissioned and ended his service in the early 70's as Paymaster at the Depot of the Parachute Regiment in Aldershot. In addition to the Battle of Arnhem, he was also involved in the Sicily Landings and prior to joining the GPR served with the Irish Guards in the 1940 Norway campaign. Sadly, he passed away in 1991. Any information, please email:

Michael Briody Michael Briody in 1943 Michael Briody a Lieutenant in 1945


Pte George Arthur Broadbent

I'm trying to get in touch with anyone who knew my Grandfather, Pte George Arthur Broadbent of the 2nd South Staffordshires, Service No. 2184629. He was wounded at the Battle of Arnhem and taken to St Elizabeth's Hospital Arnhem and then captured by German forces when the Airborne withdrew. Any further information much appreciated, contact Louise Broadbent at


George A. Brown

My brother, George A. Brown, was with the 1st British Airborne, (9th Field Company) and went to Arnhem, possibly with the Seaborne Tail. But for an injury, he would have been in the glider which crashed over England on the first day of the operation, killing all aboard. Any information would be much appreciated. Elizabeth D. Hendrickson


S/Sgt N.E.Brown

My grandfather had an extensive and colourful career in the Glider Pilot Reg and was mentioned in despatches for his role in Operation Market Garden. His unit was "C" Sqdn., 2 Wing. I am very keen to seek the family of Sgt.Burge, his 2nd pilot in his Horsa bound for "Market". Contact


S/Sgt Robert D. Brown (KIA 25-26/09/44)

I am trying to trace anyone who has any details, photos or documents regarding or is a relation of S/SGT Robert D Brown RAOC (attached 1 Abn Div HQ) He was the Divisional Ammunition Examiner and was reported KIA 25/26 Sept and has no known grave. I am researching him for the Association of Ammunition Technicians. Please contact :


Walter Thomas Maurice Bryning (KIA 19/09/44)

7345878, 16 Para Field Ambulance RAMC, attached 3 Para, KIA 19/9/44. I have his paybook and am seeking information about him. Alistair Taylor,


Capt Henry Buchanan

I am looking for information on Captain Henry (Bucky) Buchanan, he was a member of royal artillery attached to 2 Para, believed to be killed at the bridge on September 19th. Can anyone give me more information?


Sgt Frank Buck

I am looking for information regarding my great uncle, Sgt Frank Buck, who served with the 21st Independent Pathfinder Company (Para) during WW2. I believe that he took part in most of the unit's operations, although having sustained a broken ankle prior to the Arnhem drop he missed out on that particular one! If there are any former comrades or anyone who has further details I would be grateful if they could contact me at


Stefan Bukowski

I am trying to find information regarding my late father who was part of the Polish paratroop brigade at Arnhem. I know very little about his wartime life or before and all memories died with him some years ago. Have just been given his eagle badge no; 2795/1254 and would so love to have these gaps in the past filled.


Sgt John Burge (KIA 25-26/09/44)

I am a police officer and am gathering information on 2 officers who died during Market Garden. Lt James WOODS of 1st Airlanding Light Regt RA. He died on 25th Sept on the outskirts of Oosterbeek and was the gun position officer for D troop of the 2nd Airlanding Light Battery. Sgt John BURGE was an AAC glider pilot. According to an add above he was "C" Sqdn., 2 Wing and second pilot to S/Sgt N Brown. Sgt Burge dies probably pathfinding the evacuation across the Rhine on 26/26th Sept. I cannot reach  re his ad above - please contact me. Both these men were from Lambeth Police and their names appear on the roll of honour at Brixton Police Station where I work.


John "Jack" Burns

Born Birkenhead Mersey Side, 26.2.1923. Married to Doris, childrens names: Sheila, Linda, John, Janet, Robert, Tony, Peter, Kevin, Philip. He lost an eye and shot through both knees, after the war he worked for Birkenhead Brewery, Blue Funnel Shipping, and Last Champion Spark Plugs, Wirral. He retired 1988 february and died March 27 the same year of cancer. My dad was a very quiet kind man who would never speak of "the war", all of his family would love to hear from any one who knew him any infomation however small would be gratefully recived, Pete Burns,


Lt Thomas Graham Bush MBE

I would like to know if anyone has information on my father, Lt. Thomas Graham Bush MBE, who served at Arnhem with 156 Battalion. Michael D. Bush,


Pte Horace Butler

I am wishing to locate anyone who knew my grandfather: Horace Butler, Date of Birth: 1912/03/17, born in Sheffield. 1st Parachute Battalion (1939 - 1945), army no: 4055356, fought in the Arnhem battle. His mother's name: Lily Butler, his father's name: Wilfred Butler. He married Doris Butler (Nee Myers) in 1935/04/22. Any information would be dearly accepted, whether it's Military, achievements or any other information relating to him. I made a Family Tree and all the original documentation was filed, unfortunately it was Stolen. Angi Meirowitz,


Pte Walter Cain (advert placed 01/08/16)

My uncle is a 94 year old veteran of Arnhem, he was a member of the anti-tank platoon, 1st Bat the Border Regiment with the 1st air landing brigade. His name is Walter Cain (nick name Copper Cain) from Liverpool. Wondering if he is remembered by any other living veterans. I'd be grateful for any information. Robbie McClure,

Private Walter Cain


Francis Charles Carr

My father served at Arnhem, unfortunately I know no more than that. His name Francis Charles Carr, born 24.05.14, served with the Gloucesters from 27.07.31 to 26.05.43, then joined the Army Air Corps 27.05.43 and served until 09.03.45. He was appointed a commission on discharge (Jan ’46) to that of Lieutenant. His army number was 5181590. I would be grateful of any information that you could give me.


Jack Carr (KIA 25/09/44)

I am writing this on behalf of an elderly friend, Tommy Carr, who lives here in Wexford in the South East of the Republic of Ireland.He mentioned to me about a visit to Arnhem a couple of years ago at which he was shown his brother Jack's name on a memorial to those who died during Operation Market Garden. He said he still doesn't know how Jack died and would love to find out more. Jack has no known grave. All he knows is that Jack was 22 when he died on the 25th of September 1944. He was in the 1st Battalion of the Border Regiment, part of the 1st Airlanding Brigade. Maybe someone remembers or has access to information that could throw some light onto this poor man's death? Paul Rowley,


Thomas Patrick Carroll

I am trying to find out about my father Thomas Patrick Carroll Snr. He was born in 1913 and served in the parachute regiment as a sergeant or sergeant major and I believe he was a parchute instructor at some time. He did not talk about his time in the regiment very much but he did mention that he was at Arnhem and that he served in India. I only have one picture of him in uniform but we do have a dress tie he used to wear which is maroon. One of his old friends who has passed away now thought he might have been in the war time SAS. Any information much appreciated. Keith Carroll,


Sgt Laurence F. Carter

B Coy, 10 Bn. Having finally retired I am researching whatever I can get on my father - especially for the benefit of my mother thankfully still with us. I need whatever I can that is not already published on his battalion at Arnhem. Any stories, links, photos or anything will be great. Mike Carter,


Albert Cartledge

I am looking for any photos or any stories from friends of Albert Cartledge. He was under RSM John Lord. I believe that he was one of the last few  to be taken prisoner on Arnhem bridge. Albert was one of two that managed to escape from a POW camp in Poland and made it back to the UK. He died 18 years ago and I was very young when he told me his stories and didn't really understand. Any help would mean the world to me. Vikki Milner (Albert's step daughter),


Alfred Victor Castle

I am writing for my father who has recently lost his sight. He was a Sgt in the RAAB Paras, 1st Division. He would like to find anyone that was a member of the 1st RAAB Division Headquarters Sgt's Mess. His name is Alfred Victor Castle. He was a red head [Nicknamed 'Blood Nut' ] and wore glasses. Fought at Arnhem and was among the very few to escape. If any of this rings a bell with anyone out there, please contact me at


Cpl Carl Chamberlain

I am looking for anyone who new or served with corp carl chamberlain (taff ) of 3rd para aldershot.


Pte Eric Champion (KIA 19/09/44)

I'm the great nephew of 5498767, Private Eric Champion the 3rd Bn Parachute Reg who was killed on the 19/09/1944. I've recently returned from Arnhem and was humbled visiting Groosbeek Cemetery where he is commemorated. Looking in the role of honour in the Hartenstein Hotel I could only find that he has no known grave and that he was believed to have been buried by the Dutch Red Cross at St Elizabeth hospital. Any further information is most welcome. Ben Rogers,


Edward Chilton (advert placed 10/11/21)

My father Edward Chilton now deceased was taken prisoner on Arnheim bridge in WW2. I have his medals; Italy, Sicily, France and Germany. I also have an invitation from the Mayor of Newcastle for the premiere of a Bridge Too Far. I know he was missing in action 3 times during the war as he had the newspaper cuttings in a glass case and used to take them out to look at and say his poor mother had 3 knocks on the door. I would love to be in touch with anyone still alive who also was at Arnheim and taken prisoner, or has any information. Isobel Lauder,


Lt John Christie

Officer in charge of the two Polsten guns of Support Troop, 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Sq. He was killed on Wednesday 20th September 1944, at Oosterbeek whilst trying to move one of the guns to safety with a jeep whilst under fire. Anyone who knew him or any information welcomed. Please e-mail:


Gnr Eric Chrystal (advert placed 24/05/22)

I am researching "Gunners from the Sky: 1st Air Landing Light Regiment in Italy and at Arnhem, 1942-1944" to be published by Pen & Sword in 2023. I am the son of 14283058 Gnr Eric Chrystal, F Troop 3 Battery who served in Italy where he was wounded) and at Arnhem as a member of the Observation Party which reached the bridge. He was taken POW here. I am trying to find out more information regarding (i) his evacuation to Malta from Campobasso where he was injured. If anyone can tell me where he is likely to have been hospitalized and any info I can get about the medical facilities there for British troops; and (ii) his time as a POW: I distinctly remember him telling me his camp was near Zwickau on the Czechoslovakian border but I can find no evidence for this or for any other Arnhem veterans who were sent there. Paul Chrystal,


Robert "Bob" Clark (advert placed 29/03/17)

I would like to know if anyone has any information about a Sapper attached to the 1st Airborne by the name of Bob/Robert Clark (I think no 'e'), it is possible that he could be 2075077 Sapper R.G. Clark of the 9th Field Company. He was a good friend of my dad Robert "Bob" Sears, having trained and served together. They were split up for operation Market Garden. Bob went, my dad stayed behind. He survived and was taken prisoner. The camp he was held at was liberated by a group of Royal Scots, which contained my dads brother Ross. Bob Clark mistook my uncle for my dad as they were so alike. They met a few times after the war then lost touch. Recent events have brought him back into conversation and we would love to know what became of him. Jeanette Peters,


Sgt William Edward Coleman
I am the daughter of William Edward Coleman (nickname Jock because he was from Scotland). He served in the 12th Devonshire Regiment and was on loan to the Paratroopers. I have been told that he was involved in Arnhem and was awarded a military medal in Normandy.  He would have been 27 years old at the time of Arnhem. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him. Please contact


Lt Tom Collier

Tom Collier was Quartermaster of the Reconnaissance Squadron. My name is Barbara Knight and I am Tom's daughter. I am now very interested to find out more about my father, and wondered if anyone knows who the padre was who looked after the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron (HQ Troop) and where he might be now if he is still alive.


Pte Sydney George Collins

I am the daughter of Sydney George Collins also known as Mick who was captured at Arnhem. He was Batman to Alfred E Boustead and served with the South Staffordshire Regiment 22 Platoon D Company. If anyone has any information about Dad I would be pleased to hear from you. Chris Hamilton,


John Conlon

He was mentioned in despaches - nick named FUSSER any one who as any info however small please please get in touch he died in 1958 of tb and war related illnessess. Before joining the paras (1st Airborne Division) he was in the Cameronians. He served in Africa Italy and Europe.


John Connelly

My grandfather John Connelly was in the battle of Arnhem, but when he returned home he never said much about it as it must have effected him. I don't know anyone who knew him that was in the same battle as him and I'm not sure which regiment he was in. All I know is he was in the red devils, 3rd Para Battalion, and I think someone mentioned something about being a medic. Mary-Anne Sheeran,


Douglas Cook

My Grandad was in Arnhem, he passed away a couple of weeks ago and trying to find out more information on him. He was a red beret, 1st Battalion, and his army number was 14726316.


Bdr Leslie Cook (KIA 20/09/44)

My brother Bdr Leslie Cook was killed on 20.09.44 during the Battle of Arnhem, he has no known grave. I would like to hear from anyone in the 1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery RA who remembers my brother, particularly anyone who was in 'P' Troop. Also from any glider pilot who kept a list of those he took to Arnhem, if my brother's name is there. Thank you, Jenny Good. E-mail


Pte Bill Cotterill (d. 1998)

1st Battalion - HQ Company. The webmaster's Uncle. Would be delighted to hear from anyone who knew him.


Sgt Albert Cox

Served with C Coy, 7th Hampshires of the 43rd (Wessex) Division, likely during Market Garden, and later with the 7th KOSB in Norway. Born 11th January 1916. Army number 5500248. Winner of medals for running and cycling competitions. Believed badly wounded at Dunkirk, and again 10 days after D-Day and during Market Garden. His grandson, Stuart, would like to hear from anyone who knew him. Write to


Horace George Crawley

My father was  rear gunner and wireless operator. Starting with 295 Squadron A and C flight to 298 Squadron and then to 644 Squadron, his pilot was Squadron Leader Norman. He flew in Stirlings, Halifax and Botha. He was involved in the drops over Arnhem. Is there any other member who served or a relative of someone who served in these squadrons that I can exchange info with, or who knew my father. Christina Bawden,


Cecil Harry Creasy (KIA 25/09/44)

I wonder if anyone can remember or help me with any information regarding Cecil Harry Creasy - 5826176 of the Army Catering Corps, 156 Parachute Battalion who died on 25th September 1944 in Arnhem aged 27 from Framlingham in Suffolk - he was buried by members of the Dutch Red Cross on 2nd October 1944, FB near the Heneldal Sanatorium Oranjeweg. Map A.5. Oosterbeek 32.B.10 - any information about him would be welcomed by his nephew and as part of my research for a book about the WW2 men from Framlingham in Suffolk who were killed in action. I can be contacted by email on


Sgt Albert James Creed (Slapsy)

I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew my Great Grandad Albert James Creed (Slapsy). He served with the Airborne Divisional Signals. Contact me on Thanks Josh Howes.

Sergeant Albert Creed Sergeant Albert Creed Sergeant Albert Creed Sergeant Albert Creed


Pte John Crooke

I am trying to find information on my father who was a prisoner of war in WW2, his name is Pte John Crooke, 7265719, born 31/07/1925, 16 Parachute Field Ambulance attached to 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment. Christine Steele,


Pte W.F. Crew (KIA 18/09/44)

I am looking for information on my wife's great uncle Pte W F Crew 1553167 of  2 Batt, Parachute Regiment. He died at Arnhem on the 18th September 1944. He has no known grave. Any information would be gratefully received. Christopher Morgan-Jones,


Frederick Victor Culley (d. 2005)

My Father-in-law, Frederick Victor Culley, who served in the 1st Airborne Division and was taken Prisoner at Arnhem. He was sent to a German POW Camp and worked in the mines until his release. Fred was born in Birmingham on the 23 May 1921 and was married with 2 Daughters. I am married to his daughter Glynis. Fred returned to England in September 2000 after living in South Africa for a number of years. I would like to hear from anyone who served with him.


Lt Leslie Arthur Curtis

"Gerry" Curtis, of "R" Company, the 1st Parachute Battalion, was killed in action on the 20th September 1944. For about 15 years I have been researching my Uncle's history. He does not have a named grave and is therefore only on the Groesbeek memorial. In 1994, purely by chance, I read an article by Douglas Charlton in the Daily Mail on the operation. In the article there was specific mention of my Uncle and the injuries that lead to his death. The Douglas Charlton newspaper account has himself in a house with Bainbridge, Wyatt (glider pilot), Sgt Callaghan, Leslie Curtis and his Batman. I contacted Douglas and received a more personal account slightly differing from the newspaper. In this account he has Leslie, Himself, Sgt Callaghan, Wyatt, Bainbridge and Turrell (may be Lt) no mention of the batman. After the tank attack Wyatt is dead, Bainbridge injured chest and shoulder and Turrell injured by falling masonry. I am interested to know if Sgt Callaghan and Lt Turrell are still alive to see if they can add any information. Simon Curtis,

2nd Lieutenant Leslie Arthur Curtis


Malcolm Cuthbertson

Is there anyone out there who ever met up with or knew about my father - Malcolm Cuthbertson? Malcolm was with the 4th Dorsets at the Battle of Arnhem and was taking prisoner about 25th September and ended up in Stalag XIIA in Limburg. My father died a couple of years ago and he never talked about his time time during the war. He joined up in 1936 with the King's Regiment, Liverpool but ended up with the 4th Dorsets in July 1944. I would love to have any information about him or about the 4th Dorsets between 1944-45. Sandra Hughes,


Homer Arthur Daffurn

I am interested in any one who new my father Homer Albert Daffurn who was trained as a heavy machine gunner and in gliders when he served in the KOSB and the First Airborne Landing Brigade. He died recently and like many men did not talk all that much about his war years. It would be nice to know something about his activites during his war years. Contact


Cpl Reginald Arthur Davey (KIA 25/09/44) (advert placed 28/06/18)

I am looking for any information on my Great Uncle Reginald Arthur Davey, 204th Field Coy, Royal Engineers. He was killed during Operation Berlin, along with one other member of his company. I am looking for any information on him, pictures, etc from anyone that might have served with him in his company. John Davey,


Cyril Vaughan Davies

My father served in Africa and Italy during the 2nd World War in the 6th Royal Welsh Para Battalion. Unfortunately he is not in the best of health and I would like to see if there are any of his Battalion members out there that remember him. As with most veterans they do not speak of their experiences, however, I do recall my father relating about being on HMS Abdiel which I believe was crossing from North Africa to Italy when it was hit by a mine. There were few survivors as I understand. Anyone with any information should contact me on 07713646437 or, Mike Davies.


Lt David Delacour (KIA 19/09/44)

My late aunt and uncle, Mr. Jo Spiering and Mrs. Annie Spriering-Beekman, lived in Oosterbeek during the Market Garden operation. Their house was in the Annastraat (nr. 27), which was part of the eastern frontline of the bridgehead around  the Hartenstein Hotel. In the inheritance of my aunt and uncle I found some documents about a British platoon commander, who was killed in action in the Dreijenseweg area at  Oosterbeek. My aunt and uncle looked after his temporary grave, until he could be buried at the war cemetery in Oosterbeek in 1946 (grave number 25-A-13). His name was Lieutenant Lindsay David Delacour, army number 179815, born 12th September 1920, killed in action 19th September 1944, son of Lawrence Louis and Jessie Emma Delacour, Notting Hill, London. Platoon commander 5th platoon, A-Company, 156 Battalion of the 4th Parachute Brigade. One of the documents was a clear photo of him (below) with some written information on the reverse side. I presume that this photo was handed to my aunt and uncle by relatives of Lt. Delacour, knowing that my aunt and uncle looked after the grave. I visit the grave every year now, together with my two youngest children (11 and 12). Most of the time we also visit the house of my aunt and uncle in Annastraat (which was heavily damaged but is still there), the 156 Battalion Parachute Regiment Marker at the Dreijenseweg area  and the museum in the Hartenstein Hotel. If you can give me some information about living relatives of Lt. Delacour, I would be very pleased. I’d like to get in touch with them.  Joost van Vliet,

Lieutenant David Delacour


Pte John "Jack" Denslow

John Denslow volunteered for the Airborne Forces in 1942 from the Middlesex Regiment. He served with "A" Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion, in North Africa, Sicily and Italy. Posted to the Motor Transport Section, he flew to Arnhem with the 2nd Lift on the 18th September, but as he could not link up with the 2nd Battalion he joined in the defence of Oosterbeek alongside the Lonsdale Force. He safely swam across the Rhine when the Division withdrew on the 25/26th September. John Denslow died in 1991. Any further information would be most welcome. Contact Terry Denslow via


Albert Deridisi

My dad was in the RASC in Arnhem. His name was Albert Deridisi, his army no was T/139064. He was in a plane piloted by Jimmy Edwards, the plane was shot down and my dad had serious wounds to both legs, he was saved by the dutch and brought home to Worksop the hospital where he met my mum. It would be lovely to hear from anyone who remembers him. He died in 1978. Helen Bell (nee Deridisi), Message for Helen Bell: your email address is no longer valid and as you cannot receive the following reply to your advert I've posted it here in the hope that you'll find it. "My Uncle was Jimmy Edwards, and searching for details about him and Arnhem I came across details that you had posted on a website about your father. Was he an Army Despatcher on the flight, and did he bail out before Jimmy crashlanded? I understood that some bailed out while others were too badly injured to." Tim Edwards, See Alan Hartley for details of the incident.


Harry Dickens

My name is Manny Trainor, and although not related, I am trying to contact an Arnhem veteran of the name of Mr. Harry Dickens. He was part of an Intelligence section within 10 Para and was wounded and captured at Arnhem. 2 years ago, I had the good fortune to spend a week with him, quite by chance, in Normandy. I was given his contact details, however, I lost these and would dearly love to contact him again. I know he lives on the Isle of Man, but that is it I'm afraid.


Ken Dickens

I would be grateful if anyone could help me gain an understanding of my grandfather, Ken Dickens, a Para sgt from the Black Country who survived Arnhem. Unfortunately my grandfather died in 1975 when I was a young child and I have very little information on him. I have been told that he was an intelligence expert who was seconded to the Paras for Market Garden, although I have no confirmation of this. Similarly I do not know which battalion he landed with. Any help would be most welcome. Thanks.


Cpl Robert William Donnelly

I would like to find out more about my father, Cpl. (I believe) Robert William Donnelly, 1st Air Landing Brigade, who I understand was in the second glider drop. He was subsequently a POW. Both my sister and I would be glad of any memories or information anybody may have or could point us to. Alan Donnelly,


S/Sgt Bert Doorn

"A" Squadron, Glider Pilot Regiment. I am interested to find out more about S/Sgt Bert Doorn (his real surname was Van Doorn but he changed it during the war in case anyone thought he was German). I know very little unfortunately, except that he was at Narvick and then went to Iceland. According to my mum he was so bored in Iceland he joined the airborne and became a glider pilot. He trained or was stationed at Brooker (?) in Bucks and was sent to Arnhem. He returned to Northolt with his mates and got a lift back to Holland from the same pilot. Unfortunately he was killed shortly afterwards by being hit by a bus while riding a motor cycle. I would be very interested to hear from anyone that knew him or anyone that could add more detail to his story. Roger Young,


Dennis Alfred Dowden

My dad recently passed away. During his life he mentioned being lucky to escape Arnhem. He did service in North Africa and in Italy. I'm trying to find information of what battles he was in etc. He mentioned being in 6th Airborne. His Service record shows he was discharged from PARA 390 (XXI) (B) Q P140. Rank Staff Sergeant.


Gnr Sandy Dowds

1st Airlanding Light Battery, Royal Artillery (Field). My father was at Arnhem and I would be very interested in any information about him or anyone who was in contact with him. He went in by glider and was one of those who swam the river when the evacuation was ordered. He was Irish and 37 years of age in September 1944. Ruth Grier,


L/Cpl John Doyle

I am the Grandson of Lance Corporal John Doyle of the Irish guards who was assigned to the 1st Airborne Division and is buried in the war cemetery at Oosterbeek. I believe that he was killed by a German percussion grenade and that others who were in the shell crater survived and returned to England safely. I would love to hear from anyone who new him.
Paul McCulloch -


Thomas Dunbar (KIA 23/09/44)

I am looking for any information on my great uncle Thomas Dunbar (service # 10565391) who was a member of 2nd Platoon, 21st Independent Parachute Company A.A.C during WWII. From what we know Thomas was killed on the 23/09/44 in Oosterbeek during operation Market Garden (burial place unknown). Any information about Thomas would be greatly appreciated, Damian O'Connor,


Denis Dunkley (advert placed 01/12/14)

I am trying to find information about my uncle Denis Dunkley, who was captured at Arnhem. I have no other details for he rarely spoke about his experiences. Robin Rowland,


Fred Dyer

Fred Dyer was shot down by ground fire on a resupply sortie with 233 Squadron on 21 September 1944. As his biography on this site shows, his Dakota crashed near the Dutch-Belgian border. I am seeking further details about the location and whether he was shot down by ground fire or by  fighter aircraft.


Lt M.C. Eden

Of No.2 Troop, 4th Para Squadron, RE. Killed in Action on the 21st September 1944. Any information concerning him to:


Tpr William M. Edmond (KIA 17/09/44) (advert placed 10/09/19)

William Edmond, from Musselburgh, near Edinburgh, served in the 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron and was killed on the 17th September 1944. Mrs Willemien Rieken, now aged 84, has tended his grave since she was 9 years old and is attempting to contact his descendants. His wife was named Janet, and his parents were William and Joanna. See for more information.


Frederick Edwards

Looking for any information about my Dad, Frederick Edwards, army number 5249950, he joined the 151 Parachute Battalion on 24/11/1941, in his war records that I have it says he was in India as an English instructor, on 1/11/1942 he was with the 156 Parachute Battalion as a Lance Corporal, he saw service in the Middle East and North Africa, his Africa Star medal has an Eighth Army clasp with it, unfortunately he passed away in 1976 and I have only recently had his war records passed onto me, any information would be most appreciated. Malcolm Edwards,


Paul Elder

4th Parachute Brigade served under Brigadier J.Hackett HQ. My father was a veteran of Dunkirk, El Alamein, Invasion of Italy and finally Arnhem where he was wounded and taken POW. Anyone who has any information on my father would be appreciated. Paul passed away last year on 3.9.03. Also info on George Benson who was with my father also wounded taken POW but sadly died.


Spr Jim Ellard

If any member of the Airborne Forces remembers my Father, Sap Jim Ellard (4448884) who dropped at Arnhem and was wounded and taken prisoner I would be most grateful to hear from them. Jim Ellard - Former Royal Marine - 40 Commando -


Pte George Ellingford (KIA 21/09/44)

My late Mother's brother was killed at Arnhem: Ellingford, George Edward Private 5835386, KIA 21/09/1944, age 21, 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment. I am trying to find out more about George and in particular I need a photograph of him to see if it matches several photographs which were in the letters. Rick Smallman,


Sgt Sydney Jim "Ginger" Elliott

I am trying to contact anybody who knew my father. I need help on this to trace his history as he was smuggled out during the withdrawal from arnhem by his best mate who got sent sent back and unfortunatley killed please. Can somebody help me with this I can be contacted on 01327 878144 or 09730487006 or by e.mail please help me on this as my father does not have long left to live thank you.


Wilfred Elliott

I would love to hear from anyone who knew or who has any information on my great uncle Wilfred Elliott from County Durham, England. He was born in 1919 and died in the early 1990s. All I know about his service history is that he was involved with the battle at Arnhem, he came home and that he received a medal.


Sgt Arther Bruce Ellis (Died 28/09/44)

Can any one please give me any information on my cousin Sgt Arther Bruce Ellis, 6203311. Member of 2 Bn South Staffs Support Company. Died Apledoorn 28 Sept 44, 2 days after operation was over. Wally Ellis.


SSM Les Ellis

1st Parachute Squadron, RE. I am looking for any information on my great uncle, who was with the above unit when captured at Arnhem after making it to the bridge. He was mentioned in the book by Cornelius Ryan for landing on a partridge on the drop zone and ended up as a POW in Limburg, Germany. This is all the information that I have. Also he was involved in the Bruneval raid, and North Africa where he is mentioned in despatches, but I do not know why. Any information would be gratfully appreciated.

Squadron Sergeant Major Les Ellis Squadron Sergeant Major Les Ellis


Pte Sidney Ellis (KIA 18/09/44)

Sidney Ellis (6974976), 38 years old, 1st Parachute Battalion, is my Grandfathers brother, I would like to find out any information about him. Born Belfast, Northern Ireland, son of William and Clara Ellis, husband of Elizabeth Ellis. Former Royal Irish Fusiliers. Tracey Poole,

Private Sidney Ellis


Pte Reg Emmins

My late father Reginald William Emmins, served with the 1st Battalion Parachute Regiment, 'T' Company, No.9 platoon service No 5679008. Having been in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Arnhem, where he was wounded in the head at 6pm on Monday the 18th September whilst fighting on the way to the bridge at Arnhem. Reg was taken prisoner on the 26th September and sent to Stalag XIB Fallingbostal, later he was taken to work in a lead mine until liberated by American Forces in 1945. I would like to contact anyone who served with him or could give me any more information about him. Les Emmins,

Private Reg Emmins


Henry Ronald Farnie

My father Henry Ronald Farnie is now deceased and when alive was very reluctant to talk about the war. All I know is that he supposedly flew into Arnhem as a medic and served time in Norway and Africa. I have a token/ticket which is made of metal from one of the gliders which carried the British 1st Airborne division. That's as much as I know other than he was a keen drummer and alleging played with Ben E Goodman. Any information or advice on how to trace his army career would be gratefully appreciated. Andrew Farnie,


Dvr Martin John Field (KIA 19/09/44)

I am researching for my uncle, No.7955903 Dvr. MARTIN JOHN FIELD of 250 (Airborne) Lt. Composite Coy.,R.A.S.C. He was KIA on 19th Sept.1944 and has no known grave. Latterly a German document purports to detail a grave site at Osterbeck which is being followed up by the CWGC. He came from Acton in West London and was aged 20yrs. Any slightest piece of information would be gratefully received.


Percy Fielding

I am writing on behalf of Percy Fielding, who was part of Frost's 2nd Battalion overlooking the Bridge and who later escaped across the Rhine. Mr Fielding is now a very spritely 86, and has recently been helping us with a military project (for more details and some recent pictures of Percy visit our website at, the Restoration TV banner across the top). During the course of interviewing Percy he mentioned that he had lost contact with familiy members in the USA, who may know the location of his father's medals (his father fought at Gallipoli as part of the Lancashire Fusiliers). Percy is originally from Bury, England. If you can help please email me.


Pte John Fisher (KIA 20/09/44)

I am searching for anyone who may have known my uncle, John Fisher K.O.S.B. glider pilot from Glasgow killed during the battle of Arnhem and buried in Oosterbeek Cemetery. I grew up hearing all about my uncle from my dad. John was my dad's older brother and I know this deeply affected my dad having his older brother taken at such a young age. I intend on visiting his grave this year hopefully and would be so grateful for any correspondence relating to this matter. Davie Fisher,


Bernard Fletcher

I wish to find out the history of my grandfather who died when I was 4 years old in 1978, all I know about him was that he wore the red beret of the south staffs regiment and was wounded twice at operation market garden. I would also like information about what else he did and the places he saw at that time.


Pte William George Flower

I am trying to find any information on my wife's Grandfather, Private William George Flower 2047549. He previously served with the R.A. and R.E. before joining the 2nd South Staffords and, at the time of Arnhem, the Army Air Corps (presumably Parachute Regiment). If you have any information on him or his company, ie. times and places during the battle and where he served as a prisoner of war etc. I would be very grateful. Jes Flower,


Charles Forbes

I have a great uncle who was wounded in the Arnhem Battle. His name was Charles Thomas Forbes, born 06 August 1911 in Forest Hill, London and he died 07 April 1972. I don't know what Brigade he served in or anything else except that he was shot in the behind as he was trying to parachute into Arnhem. Any info would be a huge help. Rebekah House.


Sgt George Freeman MM

I am trying to find any information on my father George Freeman MM. He was fighting around Oosterbeek before he was evacuated. I believe he finished his service career in 1965.


Sgt Major Leonard (John) Freestone
I am looking for anyone who has any info or know my Grandfather, Sgt Major Leonard Freestone. He was possibly called by his middle name of John, as he was called by my Grandmother. He was one of the survivors of Arnhem and also served in N.Africa, and after the war stationed in Africa and the British Virgin Islands. I vaguely remember hearing stories that he was also a member of special ops during the war, but I do not know which or who for. Sadly he passed away around 1991, before I was old enough to appreciate what he had done and listen to his stories. I would very much appreciate any info. Graeme Freestone.


Ralph Fritz (KIA 17/09/44)

My father Ralph H.C. Fritz, from McCone County, Montana. He was in 506th PIR and 101st Airborne was KIA 17th September 1944 near Son in Holland. Prior to this he was in Wootton Basset, Nr. Swindon, Wiltshire in England where he met my mother. He was wounded in France in early June. I would love to hear from anyone who served with him.


Jack Fryer and Bill Kerr

I worked with both these men in the Civil Service. Jack was a valued colleague when I was at the HQ of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. He also served in the Ulster Defence Regiment. Bill Kerr was the greatest boss I ever had in 35 years  when  he was Director of Operations for the Northern Ireland Prison Service. The quality which each demonstrated was modesty about what they had done, indeed I did not know that Bill had been at Arnhem until he died. Any information about either would be gratefuuly appreciated. Seamus McNeill,


Sgt Herbie Fussell

I have just been to Arnhem with Sergeant Herbie Fossie of the Pathfinders that dropped into Arnhem for market garden. I wish to make a model of ‘Fossie’s’ roundabout for a commemorative ceremony, do you know any of the Vets who could provide details on the defences around the northern end of the bridge? Matt Thompsett,


Czeslaw Gajewnik

When I was searching for information about a Canadian soldier, Harold Magnusson, who was killed during the evacuation from Oosterbeek on the 25/26th of September 1944 during the battle of Arnhem, I also found some info about the Polish Para C. Gajewnik. I got a letter of the Historical Association of Tienhoven and they would like to have more information about Gajewnik; I already gave them all I had gathered about the Canadian Harold Magnusson. They want to commemorate these 2 people who were taken out of the water by the ferryman and his son and friend. Is there anyone who know something about him, like regiment, together in wartime, relatives and so on, please contact me:

Czeslaw Gajewnik


Thomas Galey

I am led to believe that my late Grandfather took part in the battle but know very little of him or his acheivements. Sadly, he parted from my Grandmother before I was born but if anyone can shed any light on him, please get in touch.


Alan Gauntlett

I am writing on behalf of my brother-in-law - Alan Gauntlett - who was 19 when he was dropped into Arnhem as a member of the 1st Airborne Division, 4th Brigade, 4th Para Squadron and subsequently fought until he was captured and taken to Appledoorn Hospital. He eventually escaped and still has his Dutch passport! He is now 78 and the stories he tells are immensely moving. He would like to know if there is anyone out there that remembers him and particularly the events leading up to and including his escape? I will gladly pass on any messages to him as he isn't PC literate! Many thanks, Jenny Hamilton,


Richard Erwin Otto Gehrken

My Father Richard Erwin Otto Gehrken from Kublank in Pommerania served in Frundsber 10SS Panzer 21st Panzer grenadiers both in Tarnopol and the Fallaise pocket in Normanday. We have been trying to contact anyone that knew him from that period. Peter Gehrke,


Pte Charlie Gentry (d. 1994)

Served with the 21st Indepedent Parachute Company in North Africa, Italy, Arnhem, Norway, and Palestine. Made a POW at Arnhem. His nephew, Mark, wishes to hear from anyone who knew him, or knows more of him. Email


Pte Bill Gibbard

I am the son-in-law of Bill Gibbard who served with 2 Battalion from January 1943. He was captured at Arnhem on 25 September 1944. He still lives in his native Oxfordshire and would be pleased to hear from any former comrades.


Andrew James Gibson

My late father-in-law served in the British Army during World War 2. He was in the South Staffordshire Regiment. His name was Andrew James Gibson and he came from Whiteabbey, Newtownabbey, Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland. He would have been in his late teens to early twenties during the war. He never spoke about this time when he came home and unfortunately died when my husband was only 11 years old. We are curious to know where my father-in-law fought and if anybody remembers him. His brother also served but maybe not in the same regiment his name was Tommy. Hilda Gibson,

Andrew James Gibson on the 17th March 1945


Pte Robert Gilbert (advert placed 15/02/20)

My Grandad, Private Robert Gilbert (7267084), was in the RAMC (16 PFA). He was active in North Africa, Sicily and Italy then went to Arnhem where he was captured and taken POW to Stalag XI-B. I would be especially grateful for any group photos and information on medals he would have been awarded. Brian Murray,


Pte William J. Gilder

My close neighbour served with the paras at Arnhem. Bill was in the 1st Airborne 2nd Battalion HQ Troop, Frost was his commanding officer. He made it to the bridge and was in a house providing covering fire over the bridge. His colleagues included Pte V.J. Knight, Roy Kirby, Lt Phelps and a Sgt Carter. He is keen to track down colleagues. Ross Slater,


Lt-Col William Giles

Wounded at Arnhem, unit unknown. A Canadian, promoted to Lt-Col after the war; also made a Knight of the Guard at Windsor Castle. His famly would be happy to hear from anyone who knew him or has further information concerning him. Write to Scott Sheppard at


S/Sgt Robert Girvin

My father Staff Sergeant Robert "Bobby" Girvin was a glider pilot. He was captured at Arnhem and marched to a POW camp in Poland. Before joining the Army Air Corps he was in the Royal Ulster Rifles. He died in 1972. All I have of him is a "missing notice" from the Belfast Telegraph. I would be grateful if anyone, anywhere could give me any insight or information about him or what he went through.


William Ivor Gleed

14877852, born on the 5th May 1926, served in either the 1st Parachute Battalion or 1st Border, from November 1944 to December 1947. Served in Norway, Italy, Germany and Palestine. Any information gratefully received.


Robert Dickson Glover (KIA 19/09/44)

I am the nephew of Robert Dickson Glover (2nd (Oban) Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery, RA) who was killed 19 Sept 1944 at Arnhem. I recently read an entry in the Operation Market Garden Guestbook 2002 from a David Burlinson seeking information on "Robert Dixon Glover". My email to the address quoted in the guestbook was returned as undeliverable. I do have some information on Dickson (as he was known), so if David - or anyone who knows David - wishes to contact me I would be pleased to help. David McGuigan,


Lt Pat Glover

I am the Great-Grandaughter of Lieutenant Glover and would love to hear from anyone who knew him or who knows of any stories regarding him during the war as I have heard a few interesting stories about him and would like to her more.


Lt Pat Glover, and Myrtle the Parachick

The FOX News Channel in New York wish to hear from anyone who has memories of the 10th Battalion's Quartermaster and his pet. Any photographs of the pair also appreciated. Write to Ayse.Wieting@FOXNEWS.COM


Pte James Godsell

I am trying to find anyone who new my Dad  - James Godsell - during the war. He was captured not long after landing at Arnhem. He was a medical orderly in the 133 Parachute Field Ambulance. I know that he was interned in Stalag XIB - Fallingbostel until the end of the war. Ian Godsell,


Jack Goodfellow

My great uncle, Jack Goodfellow, served at Arnhem. Unfortunately, I don't know which regiment he served in, but he survived and received a citation for bravery. Andy Kneale,


Sgt E. F. Gotsell

Dad served in the Paras late 40s early 50s. He was in the 2nd Battalion Mortar Platoon. Any one got any old pics of that time? He's in his 80s now and I would love to surprise him something from old days.


Cpl Colin Gotts

I'm trying to find any 10th or 11th battalion Parachute Regiment veterans who may recall my father Colin Gotts. Colin transferred from 2nd battalion Royal Sussex to 10th battalion Army Air Corps in December 1942 after El Alamein. Trained in Kabrit and is mentioned in book "Tenth". Joined 11th Battalion mid 1943 and worked in 'A' company office with Major Gilchrist and Lieutenant Arthur Vickers. Returned to U.K. in 1943. He never talked much about Arnhem but I understand he was one of the lucky ones to return across the Rhine after the battle. Later served with 3rd battalion in Palestine late 1945 to 1946. I would welcome contact from any old comrades as I have some photographs of him with friends, most unidentified. Adrian Gotts (son)


Peter or Charles Gough

Aparently my 2nd cousin Peter or Charles Gough was involved in the Bruneval Raids. As I am travelling to Normandie next April I was looking for any information regarding Mr Gough. Any help would be great. Clark Watson.


Sgt Andrew Graham (KIA 21/09/44)

My father Alvar Graham number (23865901) served in the Kosb from 58-68. His uncle Sgt Andrew Graham served and died at Arnhem, on Thursday 21st sep,1944. Do you have any pictures of my uncle? Any maps you could send me? Anything regarding him or Arnhem at that time (19th-20th-21st), any pictures of the soldiers in that company? Also I am looking for a book about them called, "Off At Last", I don't know where to find it; it would make a great Xmas present for my father. Jeanes Graham,


Sgt John F. Graham (KIA 20/09/44)

I am looking for information about Sgt John F Graham (1946447), who fought in Arnhem. He was killed in action defending Hartenstein on the 20th if I am right. His body was never recoverd. Now I am looking for more information about him. There are two little quotes about him in the books, Glider pilot at Arnhem and the new roll of honor. The things that I know is the following: His chalk number was 190, transporting 7th KOSB. He was killed by a mortar which landed in his foxhole near the Nassaustraat on the 20th. He was the co-pilot of staff sgt Weeden. That's all the information I have of him. Ivo Beute,


Sgt Freddie Greenhill (KIA 25/09/44)

The above was my Uncle, killed at Arnhem. I am trying to contact anybody who knew him. Alan O'Reardon,


Norman Perrot Griffiths

My late Grandfather lived in Burry Port, Carmarthenshire, South Wales, and served in the army in WW2. He was conscripted, evacuated at Dunkirk, played some part on D-Day. He was at Arnhem and was wounded several times throughout the war.


Sgt Albert George Grimsley

My Uncle, Albert "Dink" Grimsley was at Arnhem with the 1st Airborne Division. He was wounded in the battle and survived the war as a prisoner. With five bullet wounds to the stomach he was reported as presumed killed, his parents only learned that he was still alive nine months later, yet he was not removed from the list of those killed until 14 years later, when he learned that his name was to be added to a memorial plaque. Dink also fought in Norway with the Paras. He died of cancer in the 1970s. Uncle Dink came from Windsor in England. Trevor Bennett,

Sergeant Albert Grimsley


Dvr Gilbert Gwilliam (KIA 21/09/44)

I'm looking to find a bit more information on Gilbert R J (i think Robert James) Gwilliam. He was married to my grandmother, Gwendoline Evans, when he was killed on 21/09/44 at 23 years old. I know he was one half of No.1 Platoon of the 9th Airbourne Field Company, RE. I'm pretty sure he was from Gelligaer in South Wales. Just wondering if anyone has some information, it would be much appreciated! If so, please could you contact me on, Sian Williams.


Lt Y. W. Hacart (KIA 18/09/44) (advert placed 11/10/18)

I am a former French paratrooper and have received a request for information about a French para Lieutenant Hacart who belonged to the 156 Para Battalion. He was killed during Operation Market Garden. His name appears on the "Roll of honor" and in the book "From Delhi to Arnhem". He joined the 156 in Tunisia as a liaison officer, and continued to act in this role throughout the summer of 1944. He accompanied the 1st Airborne Division on Market Garden and was killed after jumping on DZ-Y, Ginkel Heath. He was buried in Oosterbeek, but his remains were repatriated to France in 1949 at the request of his family. Lionel Level,


Arthur Hall

Arthur Hall, my father, volunteered for the parachute regiment in 1941 and was transfered to "R" Coy Regiment in October 1941 and after training was posted to the 3rd Parachute Battalion 1st Airborne Div. Arthur was with the regiment for 4 and a half years seeing action north Africa, Arnhem and the liberation of Norway. Arthur is still alive and I was hoping that there is somebody out there who served with him would like to get in touch and also any body who remembers anything, as Arthur is a little vague.


Sgt Eric Hall

I am looking for any detail about the service of Sgt Eric Hall, 1st Battalion (company unknown) 1st Airborne. A photo of him in the Airborne museum in Oosterbeek, (Hartenstein) shows him ready for take off from Barkstone Heath Airfield. He was taken prisoner at Arnhem but escaped via Operation Pegasus. I know he died in the Star & Garter home in Richmond in the spring of 1998. My father was born in his house in Kilburn London in 1925 and they were friends for years, and he would like to know more about his time at Arnhem. Denis Hoare,


George Walter Hall

I am trying to trace the present whereabouts of a friend of mine who took part in operation Market Garden. He was in the Paras, but I know neither his battalion nor his regimental number. His full name is George Walter Hall. He transferred to the Paras from the RASC. We first met in 1939/40, when we were both in the civilian (administrative) staff of the London Fire Brigade. He survived 'Market Garden' and served in Denmark. His last posting was in Palestine, in 1946. After his discharge from the army he was in various civilian jobs, including, I believe, a period in Canada. He and a friend of his (from the RASC, not Paras) flew with me on holiday to Paris in 1947; it was my first flight and my first trip abroad. By now he would be, give or take, in his mid-eighties. The last address I have for him, and his wife Edith, is 7 Partridge Walk, Brandon, Suffolk, IP27 0YF (Phone Thetford 811313). Then the trail goes cold. I would very much appreciate any information. Frank Mansfield,

George Walter Hall


Pte Ernest Hamlett (d. 2002)

Signals Platoon, att. No.19 Platoon, D Company, 1st Border. Ernest was born in Manchester, England, and passed away in British Columbia, Canada on May 27th, 2002 at 87 years. A World War II Veteran serving with the 1st Battalion, British 1st Airborne Division, Border Regiment, in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and Arnhem, Holland, and a surviving P.O.W. He was captured at Arnhem after a mortar bomb hit him on the leg, but did not explode. It broke his ankle. He was captured by the Germans and made to work in the lead mines in Germany with his broken ankle for 7 months. He was in Stalag XIB. He later served with the Commissionaire Corps in Canada for 13 years. Always a soldier and a gentleman to the end, he used his sense of humour and his kindness to bring joy to others. Ernest is survived by Anne, his wife of 62 years; son, Christopher; daughter, Jean and grandson, Dane. The family wishes to take this opportunity to extend its sincere appreciation to the wonderful staff at The George Derby Centre, Burnaby, British Columbia. Their kindness has been beyond measure. If anyone remembers Ernest, his daughter can be reached at or visit


George Hannan

My name is Heather Hannan and I am trying to find some info on George Hannan (Paddy) who served with the Paras at Battle of Arnhem for his wife Lillian Hannan my mother in law. Anything would be really nice and she lives for those war memories and at 85 it would brighten her day.


Mick Harger

My wifes father, Mick Harger was in the REME Div workshops and was in the gliders that landed outside Anhem. He then was a jeep driver. He would like to hear from anyone who knew him.


Leslie Harley

I am trying to find some information regarding my Great Uncle who was in the army during WW2 and is now deceased. His name was Leslie Harley from Belper, Derbyshire. I was given his medals as a child and also a selection of old German bank notes, one of which (a thousand mark note) has been written on by him, then sent back to his family during the war. The writing clearly says "Taken from a jerry, Sept 1944, Arnhem, a present for you" This is all I know, I don't know his regiment or his army number and have contacted other surviving members of my family, they don't know either. Would anybody have any recollections of him or any ideas how I would find out what regiment he was in and what his involvement in "Operation Market Garden" was.


L/Cpl Patrick Harrington

From Durrus in County Cork. Served with the 11th Battalion at Arnhem and was killed on Wednesday 20th September 1944. Any information on him welcome. Write to P. J. Hunt at


Joseph Hartley

Does anyone have any information about my stepfather, Joseph Hartley who was in the 7th (LI) batallion and was dropped in to Arnhem? He died in 2006 and my mother would be grateful for any stories or information. Ron Dougan,


Sgt Thomas Haynes

I would love to hear from anyone who knew my grandfather, Sgt Thomas Haynes. He was originally from Yorkshire but lived in Tenby, South Wales. I understand that he helped train the 1st Polish Paratroop Reg and bravely fought alongside them in Arnhem in 1944. He was also awarded the Military Medal for showing Bravery in the Field during the Arnhem conflict. Sgt Thomas Haynes whilst carrying a wounded colleague (and friend) surprised and neutralised a German machine gun nest (its location is yet to be established, but it is believed he stumbled onto the nest accidentially and both parties were equally "surprised"). Unfortunately once he got to safety his friend never recovered and died in the field. He sadly passed away some time ago after the war and before I knew him. I would love to hear more about him. Please contact me at if you can help me.


Frank Haythornthwaite

I would be interested in any information on my great-uncle, Frank Haythornthwaite, who I recently discovered fought in Holland during WW2. He was separated from his unit and was sheltered by a Dutch family until the end of the war. He eventually made it home safely to Burnley in Lancashire where he died around 1980. Richard Barber,


Spr John Henderson

I plan to take my father, John  Henderson, aged 90, who was in the 1st Airborn Division landings at Arnhem, to the Arnhem reunion in September 2004. Does anyone know what is planned to commemorate "Operation Market Garden"? I would also like to contact anyone of the 9th Field Company, RE who plans to visit Arnhem in September. Norman Henderson,


Cpl Ron Herbert

My Father, Ron Herbert, served with the 1st Battalion The Parachute Regiment, 7 Platoon, S Company from 1941 to 1946 - sadly he died age 62 in 1981. I was 24 when he died and myself serving at the time as professional soldier missed out on learning about his experiences. Perhaps there is some one that knew him or shared these experiences? Kelys Herbert,


L/Cpl Douglas Haig Hewitt

Looking for any information on my grandad who died over Christmas. Douglas Haig Hewitt, L/cpl 12th (Yorkshire) Parachute Battalion from Hull, East Yorks. I know my grandad flew into Cherbourg on Horsa gliders and was around Ranville. I believe he was then with the 21st Independent Pathfinder Squadron at Oosterbeek in Holland were he was wounded. I'm looking for any photos of him or information. He joined Parachute Regiment in 1939 going in from the 10th Battalion Green Howard. Tony Steventon,


Cpl Stanley Hey

9th Field Company, RE. My Grandad's name is mentioned in the war diary entry for the 19th Septemnber as having brought in 7 ors from Driel. As far is I know he was dropped in the first lift and was attached to 3 Platoon under Capt Heggie. I know very little about him, as he died when I was young. I am also aware he served in Africa, Italy, Sicily, and was posted to Norway in 1945 and assisted in the recovery of bodies in Operation Freshman. He ended the war as a Sgt. At present I'm trying to build his history and am looking at his time firstly in Arnhem then other theatres in which he served where their is less info. Any help would be appreciated. Richard Huntington,


Bill Hicks

I have been asked if I could research a Mr Bill Hicks, unfortunately that is the only information I have at this moment. I do know he was badly injured in the chest and arms. The info is for a freind who will be portraying him in a forthcoming BBC documentary on Arnhem and any info on the chap would be great. Les Hearn,


Geoff Higgins

We are looking for any information on my grandad. He was a glider pilot who went into arnhem and some how ended up being hidden in a barn by a family untill he could escape. No. 167485, flew as 1st Pilot to Sergeant Eastwood, in Horsa RN274. If you have any information on our grandad or the family that helped him we would like to hear from you.

Sergeant Geoff Higgins at the premiere of "A Bridge Too Far"


Dvr George High (KIA 21/09/44)

My grandfather, George High, was killed on the 21/9/1944 on a resupply mission. He was assigned to 271 squadron of the RAF though he served in 223 Air Despatch Company, RASC. He was one of three killed in that Dakota, Warrant Officer Charles A. Anderson and Pilot Officer Frank W. Cuer. The survivors were Flight Sergeant J.N. Bayley, Flight Sergeant B. Tipping, Lance-Corpoal Heywood, Driver Robinson and Corporal Slade. If there are any survivors still alive or relatives I would like to hear from you.


Dvr Fred Hill (KIA 21/09/44)

In 1947 the young widow of Fred Hill came to stay with us. Her name was Marjory and she lived in Long Eaton. I think she was only 24 and was deeply in love with Fred. All she did was cry almost 24 hrs a day. But my parents understood and comforted her.Fred was only 27 when he was killed near Arnhem bridge. He was a driver in the 250 Airborne Light Composite Coy, RASC. My parents died  long time ago but I have been in contact with her and have visited her many times in her modest home in Long Eaton. She remarried but died of a heart attack 3 years ago at the age of 80. Is there anybody out there who knew Fred...? Any friends of him who are still alive? My name is Carl Jeronimus and am now 63 years old live in Delta B.C Canada.


Pte Robert "Bobby" Hill (KIA 19/09/44)

I am trying to make contact with anyone who served with Private Robert Hill (Bobby) of the 10th Battalion, who was killed 19th Sept 44 in Arnhem. He is my Grandfather and along with my Mother and Brother I will be attending the 60th celebrations next weekend in Arnhem. We would love to meet up with anyone who knew him, or just exchange information.


Pte Joseph Francis Hillier (d. 20/10/44)

Looking for Sandra Hillier, daughter of Late Private Francis Joseph Hillier. DOB 1923, Service No. 6106624, 21st Independent Pathfinder Company, Parachute Regiment, A.A.A. Prisoner of War, died from his war wounds at the Arnhem battle, in Holland, on 20 October 1944. Sandra Hillier who may not know of our existence, but could be one of our long lost cousins that we're looking for? Please contact me. Janice Trim (nee Hillier) based in Lambeth, South London, England.


Sgt William Hillyard-Todd (KIA 17/09/44)

3rd Parachute Battalion. I am the great nephew of this soldier, his sister was my grandmother and one of his sisters is still alive. I have recently received his medals which took about two years, and was very proud to show them to my great aunt Maud. If possible I would like to find a veteran para who knew him or information how he died at Arnhem. Greg Kibble,


S/Sgt Phil A. "Bruce" Hobbs DFM

Of E Squadron, the Glider Pilot Regiment. Flew from Blakehill Farm on 17th September with Sgt Moore, carrying No.4 Section, 2nd MMG Platoon, 7th KOSB, however the tow rope broke mid-flight and the glider safely ditched in the Channel. Previously, Hobbs flew the second glider to land beside Pegasus Bridge in Normandy, where he won the DFM. In 1945 he participated in the Rhine Crossing with the 6th Airborne Division, during which he was Mentioned in Despatches. His nephew, Felix Jackson,, would like to hear from anyone who has any more information on him, or from glider pilots who knew him.


Pte Howard Hoefling (KIA 18/09/44)

Looking to find any information on Howard Ernest William Hoefling 3rd Bn, Parachute Regiment, AAC, who lost his life on 18/09/04 during Operation Market Garden. Any surviving veterans with information please?


Frederick John (Jack) Holland (advert placed 05/01/15)

My late father, Royal Signals, volunteered for Airborne Forces and began training at Hardwick Hall Derbyshire on 14 August 1942, he completed Parachute course No 53 at RAF Ringway in March 1943 and was posted to 1st Parachute Brigade (1st Airborne Division Sigs). Went to N.Africa May 1943 and then on to Scicily returning to UK December 1943. He was with 1st and 6th Airborne Divisions, he was 1st Parachute Brigade 1942-1945. I am attempting to find out any information that I can, not 100% certain if he was at Arnhem, any info would be greatly accepted. Martin Holland,


Lance-Corporal Norman "Len" Hook (advert placed 30/03/15)

My father in law was Norman Leonard "Len" Hook of Troop C of the 1st Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers. He's mentioned a few times (and also appears in photos) in Tommy Hicks' recent book "Captured at Arnhem". But they got split up at Arnhem with Norman going to Stalag XIIA at Limburg, transit camp, and then on to Stalag VIIIC at Konin Zaganski. Does anyone have any information on "Len" from that camp, or the Great March West they were forced on from 8th February 1945? I understand he and fellow paratrooper George "Cossy" Cosadinos ran off and were shot at, but foraged for themselves until finding US forces. John Green,

Lance-Corporal Norman Hook


Pte Elijah Hope (d. 1977)

Private Elijah Hope from Salford in Manchester, could have been called Bob or Jack. Served in the Welch Regiment 1-10-41 to 24-3-43 then transferred to AAC 25-3-43. His army number 3975798. He was also in 1 Para ITC. He parachuted into Arnhem and was wounded and taken prisoner. His Field Medical Care Book has him down as 1st Para Bn. He was taken to Stalag XIB, prisoner of war number 117779, he later escaped. My father never spoke or mentioned anything about this time but that was my Dad. My father died in 1977 from a heart attack, what a waste he was a good man. If anyone new my father please contact me,

Private Elijah Hope


Pte Ernest Bernard Hope

6013175. Looking for any information on my grandad who served in B Company, 156 parachute regiment. Also if anyone knows who the other person in the attached photo is that would be great. My grandad is the one in the cap. Thanks in advance, Alexandra Mallett,

Private Ernest Bernard Hope


Wilf Horton

I am a relative of Wilf Horton, who was a paratrooper during WW2. I have very little details about Wilf - no surviving family members seem to know which unit he served in, apart from that he was involved in the latter stages of the war. However, it seems that he was a boxing champion in his regiment. I was wondering if anyone could shed a little light on Wilf's story? R Hancock,


Sgt Jimmy Hoskins

I am trying to piece together my Uncle Jimmys service record. I know he served with the South Lancs before transfering to 156 Battalion. He was transfered to the AAC on 13/10/43. I know he kept is Rank on transfer. He was captured at Arnham and was in B Company, 6 Platoon. I would be grateful for any info of what happened to him at Arnham prior to being captured. Any info would be very much appreciated. Michael Trigg, note: I will be staying at the Hotel De Bilderberg Utrechtseweg 261 Oosterbeek 26-3399711 fron Saturday 15th. and leaving on 25th. 2007, which is a monday. We will be making contact with the museum so if anyone wanted to leave messages they could do so there. We shall be attending the 156 batt. reunion with Col. John Waddy whilst over there we shall be delighted to meet up and buy a drink for anyone who might be able to throw some light on Uncle Jimmy.


S/Sgt Dennis George Houghton (advert placed 30/05/19)

My late father was in No.1 Flight, "A" Squadron, the Glider Pilot Regiment, army number 6405069. He was captured at Oosterbeek and was sent to Stalag XIB at Fallingbostel, POW number 117498, and was forced onto the Long March before escaping back to the Allied lines. After the war he rejoined his regiment - the Royal Sussex - until 1966 rising to the rank of Sergeant Major. He then had a stint in the Terrirotial Army, becoming a Major. He was also a councillor and mayor of Bexhill. He died in 1991, aged 69. Di Robinson,

Staff-Sergeant Dennis George Houghton


Sgt Harry Houghton

10th Parachute Battalion. My Dad is Harry Houghton, his name appears in the Mention in Despatches section. He is anxious for information to help to establish his route when, having been  badly wounded and captured in Oosterbeek, and taken to Stalag 8C on the border of Poland, he eventually travelled home via Odessa. So far, attempts to trace a relavant map/information have failed. Any information, please contact Jean Holland,


Cpl Alfred Henry Howes

I would like to try and get information about my father. He was Corporal Alfred Henry Howes better known as Joe. Born in Hackney, London. I believe he joined the Parachute Regiment in June 1942, sent to the 4th Battalion and then on the 18th March 1943 to the 3rd Battalion with whom he saw action in North Africa and Sicily. In No.8 Platoon, "C" Company, he was stationed in Spalding, from there he went to Arnhem on the 17th. Shown as a POW in Germany on the 25th September 1944. He died some years ago. I would like to get as much information as possible. So if anyone knew of him, can they contact me, Terry Howes, at

Corporal Alfred Henry Howes on the 21st August 1942 Corporal Alfred Henry Howes Corporal Alfred Henry Howes "C" Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion No.8 Platoon, "C" Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion


Sgt Donald (Don) Hull, MM

It is with regret that I make the announcement that Don Hull passed away this week (5/9/06). A Sgt of a Bren Gun squad Don had arrived on the 17th with John Frost, spent the 4 days at the bridge, fought his way back to Oosterbeck and eventually exited across the river with Urquhart. Truly a feat in itself. Don was a good friend and will be missed. Any information gratefully received from anyone who knew him. Ben Nock,


George Hutchinson (advert placed 25/11/14)

I am looking for anyone who knew my father George Hutchinson - a sergeant major in the airborne division. John Hutchinson,

George Hutchinson


L/Cpl Ronald F. Hutchinson (KIA 18-25/09/44) (advert placed 17/10/14)

I am looking for anything on Ronald Hutchinson, 156 Battalion, to pass on to his family, who have no information whatsoever of what happened to him. Martin Harley,


Pte Ivor Ronald Hutt

Anyone got any information on my father who was at Spangenburg Bei Kassel (Oflag IXA). I understand that he was captured at Arnhem. He was Army Air Corps. His No was 2050592. I have been told that he was Montgomery's batman, if this was right what was he doing being dropped at Arnhem? Shouldn't he have been doing the ironing and button polishing!


S/Sgt Sam Isaacs DFM

His son, Simon Murray, is writing a book/radio play about his father's war experiences with Arnhem as a central feature and would welcome any information on him. Sam Isaacs was a glider pilot who also saw action in Sicily and Normandy and he ended up in India at the end of the war. Simon is particularly interested in tracking down Bill Perry, Sam's 2nd pilot from D Day and Arnhem, or Bill's family. Contact with anyone who actually remembers him in action would also be marvellous! Please contact Simon at

Sam Isaacs in 1945 Sam Isaacs in 1978