No.7 Platoon, "S" Company, 1st Parachute Battalion. Probably taken on the 15th September 1944 at Grimsthorpe Castle, Lincolnshire.  If you can identify any of the persons in the photograph please write to Copyright: Russell Bowden.

Back row: Third, fourth, fifth, sixth, eighth, ninth and tenth from the left respectively are Private W. Doggart/Doggett, Private Philip Thomas, George Stanley Dunn, Private Christopher Wilkes *, Private George C. Aitken, Ronald Sidney Herbert (Herbert joined the 1st Battalion in 1941 and served with them in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, Arnhem, Germany and Palestine. He was promoted to Lance-Corporal after Arnhem and to Corporal in Palestine. He died in 1982), and Private Edward C. Hewson.

Both middle rows: Corporal Robert Buchanan is eighth from the left (directly behind Lieutenant Feltham).

Front row: fifth, sixth, seventh, eight and ninth from the left respectively are Lieutenant R. Feltham (Commander No.7 Platoon), Major Ronnie Stark (Commander "S" Company), CSM S. Oxley ("S" Company Sergeant Major), Sergeants Leslie Alfred Nash and Frank Manser.

* = Private Christopher Wilkes enlisted on the 15th January 1940. He served in Tunisia, although it is not certain he was in the Parachute Regiment at this point, but he was with the 1st Parachute Battalion during the attack on Primosole Bridge on the 13th July 1943. Wilkes was wounded in the leg when the Bridge was captured, and was subsequently taken prisoner but was released from a German hospital when it was overrun by British troops. Wilkes participated in Operation Market Garden, and was most likely taken prisoner on Tuesday 19th September 1944.