Richard Maryan


Richard Maryan (left) of the 2nd Parachute Battalion, taken after the pair escaped from a Prisoner of War camp. If you can name the man on the right, please write to Maryan wrote in his diary, "I was taken Prisoner on Friday morning with Sgt. Ashley, by a group of S.S troops that closed in on us, we also had two badly wounded fellows with us, this was their only chance to get Medical treatment, we were taken away through the German lines, only then did we realise what we were up against, it was like running ones head into a Brick Wall trying to fight Tiger Tanks with small arms, there were dozens of them, supporting, God knows how many S.S troops, they had to admit, we played hell with them during the five days, and later it came out that their casualties were, by far, heavier in proportion to ours, that gave us some sort of satisfaction." He was held in various camps until his escape, these included Bocholt, Dorsten, Stalag XIIA at Limburg, Stalag IVB at Mühlberg, and Halle, next to the Hindenburgh Bridge. Copyright: Colin Maryan.