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1st Airborne Personnel who Married Lincolnshire Ladies (advert placed 10/11/20)

I am currently researching men of the 1st Airborne Division who married Lincolnshire ladies and settled in the area. I already have several of these, maybe 100 or so, and just want to make sure I don't miss anyone. If anyone has any information, pictures etc. would be greatly received. Please contact me on thecammacks@talktalk.net. Many thanks, Richard Cammack.


1st Airlanding Light Regiment (advert placed 10/11/20)

I am currently researching the Light Regiment and am after any information, memories or memoirs that any relatives of men who were in the regiment may have of their time in Boston. I already have the books, 'Target-Mike One', 'Winged Gunners' and 'Gunners at Arnhem', which have provided some information. If there is anyone out there can help I would appreciate it. Please email me at thecammacks@talktalk.net. Many thanks, Richard Cammack.


1st Battalion The Border Regiment

I am looking for stories and photos relating to the 1st Battalion The Border Regiment during World War 2. Alistair Taylor, eckythescot@blueyonder.co.uk


1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade Medical Company

I would appreciate any contact regarding history and role of Medical Company of 1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade and especially Arnhem battle actions of that Unit. Thank you in advance for your help and answers. Grzegorz Zajac MD, Grzegorz.Zajac@mdsps.com


1st Parachute Squadron RE

I am working on a project about the battle for Arnhem bridge. I am interested in finding out more about A troop and B troop of 1st para sqn RE which were held up on east of ramp centered around schoolhouse. Anything however small would be appreciated but if anybody knows of any surviving members of any troop A,B,C or if anybody is related to anybody from these troops or of 2 para at bridge please can you contact me on dylane@ntlworld.com I will give details of project in reply. Many thanks, Rob Eyre


1st Parachute Squadron - Komani House

I am searching for connections to Komani House. The search engine has pulled up B troop 1st Parachute Squadron being posted to nissan huts behind the house and the house being used as HQ Office. I now own Komani House, Donington and I am trying to trace its history up to and including the second world war. Do you know of anyone who has first hand experience of the house or photo's? Nick Cladd, nickhelencladd@aol.com


II SS Panzer Corps Information Wanted

WWII Historical Society is looking for II SS Panzer Corps personal accounts of Arnhem. We are interested in hearing any and all accounts of II SS Panzer Corps history, and especially 9th SS Hohenstaufen accounts, memoirs, history, stories, etc. Please contact us at rekrut@9thsspanzer.com and/or visit our website at www.9thsspanzer.com for additional information.


3rd Battalion Parachute Regiment WWII

Looking for any material and photos of the 3rd battalion. This is starting to gather pace as a long term (3 - 5 years) project now after working with one veteran for the last year to cover his own story in detail. The material will also be shared if possible on Mark's Arnhem Archive website later. Looking to contact futher surviving veterans or family members. I would also like to hear from anyone who has copies of the 3rd Bn War Diaries in any form. Thanks, Rodge Dowson - Author of Manchester Scottish - Co -author with Neil Drum of 'God's Own 1st Salford Pals' & 'All Hell Let Loose - Gallipoli 1915'. LocalMilHistory@aol.com


4th Para Brigade HQ and APTC Instructors

Arnhem Battle Research Group is looking for information and documentation about the 4th Parachute Brigade HQ and also about the APTC instructors who were attached to the Division, hopeful when gathering enough information and documentation, we can produced another booklet about them, anything would be most welcome, contact us reinders2@chello.nl


4th Parachute Squadron (advert placed 25/08/15)

I am seeking photographs of the 4th Parachute Squadron Royal Engineers, 4th Para Brigade, particularly any featuring my father Lieut. N.L. (Toby) Thomas. Also, any photographs of the 1st Para Sqdn RE in Norway as the 4th was merged with the 1st after Arnhem. I can be contacted by email at simon.gamesthomas@gmail.com. Any assistance would be gratefully received, many thanks.


5th Battalion, King's Own Scottish Borderers (KOSB), 1939-46

I am currently researching the wartime history of the 5th (Dumfries & Galloway) Battalion, the King's Own Scottish Borderers between 1939 and 1946. I am hoping to compile an updated wartime History of the Battalion and would be very pleased to hear from anyone with links or connections with the 5th KOSB during the war. I would be especially interested to hear from any veterans who served with the Battalion during the wartime period and from the surviving families and relatives of these men. The 5th KOSB were part of 155 Brigade & 52nd Lowland Division. They took part in the 2nd BEF expedition to France in June 1940, being evacuated from Cherbourg on June 18th 1940. They were subsequently trained in the Scottish Highlands (1942-44) as specialist mountain troops for a projected invasion of Norway. As far as Operation Market Garden is concerned, the 5th KOSB were moved from the Highlands of Scotland to Lincolnshire in the summer of 1944 and were re-trained as "air-portable" troops to take part in the Arnhem landings (in which their sister Battalion 7th KOSB would take a principal role). They were to have formed part of a second wave of glider-borne troops, who would have secured the airfield at Deelen north of Arnhem before plans for this second wave were aborted at the last minute. (Interestingly I believe a number of 5th KOSB POWs captured in the winter of 1944-45 re-encountered some of their comrades from 1st Airborne Division (esp. from sister Battalion 7th KOSB) as POWs (in Stalag XIB/357/Fallingbostel) in early 1945). Active service in Europe eventually came for the 5th KOSB when they took part in the amphibious landings on the Dutch island of Walcheren in November 1944. They were subsequently deployed in the Allied campaign in Holland and Germany, being amongst British units who secured the City of Bremen in the last weeks of the war in late April / early May 1945. R M Barron, barronrm@hotmail.com


10th Parachute Battalion

I'm looking for information about a stick of paratroopers that landed on the 18th of September South of the river Maas (Meuse). They were probably 10th Battalion. Hans den Brok, hans-sietske@hetnet.nl


10th Parachute Battalion Photo (advert placed 14/12/16)

I am trying to establish the identity of the man in the famous "Para taking a Selfie photo". I am an amateur military historian and whilst I know that he was with the 10th Btn Parachute Regiment in training at RAF Ringway and that the photographer was Haywood Magee (Picture Post) and published on the 18th March 1944, but no where can I find, who this soldier was. I would appreciated any help. Doug Banks, DougBanksEspana@hotmail.com

10th Parachute Battalion


11th Parachute Battalion photos

My father was Private James Kerr, 11th Battalion. I am really interested in any photos etc of the 11th bn, if you know where I can get anything like that I would really appreciate it. DKerr251@aol.com


11th Parachute Battalion

I am researching the 11th BN the Parachute Regiment. I would like to get in touch with family, friends, veterans or others who can give me information about the BN. P.A. van Teeseling, nvdo.teeseling@wxs.nl


21st Independent Parachute Company

I'm doing research into the 21st. Independent Pathfinder Coy. at Arnhem and am looking for information on the pathfinders. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please mail me at: p.gijbels@tiscali.nl


21st Independent Parachute Company

I'm trying to find as much information as possible on the 21st Independent Company, specifically the Arnhem/Oosterbeek campaign. I'm looking for nominal rolls, photo's, maps, reports, but most of all: the men! Were you a veteran with the 21th Independent Patfinders Company at Arnhem/Oosterbeek, then please share your experiences with me. Any information is welcome, particularly personal accounts. Who were you before september 1944, what did you do during the battle, what happened to you afterwards? What gear did you use, what plane were you in, really anything ... Please contact: wildswan@worldonline.nl


43rd Wessex Division RE

I would like to find some people that were in the 43rd Wessex Division of the Royal Engineers in the Middle East in 1944 for my Granddad. I would like to find anyone who was there. He has mentioned a guy called Jack Frost. Russell Silcock, russell.silcock@birkbys.co.uk


250 (Airborne) Light Composite Company, RASC (advert placed 04/04/16)

Information/Documentation wanted regarding 250 Airborne Light Composite Company RASC, for a number of publications about the Company at Arnhem, also looking for any photographs regarding the Company. Also information regarding the Company stay in England, near Branston would be welcomed. Philip Reinders, reinders2@upcmail.nl


Air Despatcher POW

I am looking for information about Air Despatchers who became POW during the battle of Arnhem. I hope you can help me because I want to write a book about Air Despatch during this battle. Paul van Halteren, phalteren@planet.nl


Battle of Arnhem TV Series

I work for a production company (based in London) called Simply Media (http://www.simplyhe.co.uk) and we are currently making a 12 part series on World War II. The series is being planned for one of the history channels on Sky and also for DVD. I am currently working on one of these episodes about the Battle of Arnhem and am looking for various contributors to be interviewed as part of the series. In my research I came across your website and was wondering whether you might be able to help at all with my search for contributors. Our programme is based very much on the personal experiences of the men and women who were involved in the war. Other programmes in the series include D-Day and beyond, Into Italy, The Burma Campaign and VE Day. Each programme features archive footage from the era and interviews with veterans who experienced the war. I would like to film in March/April and am happy to travel to interviewees. The crew would consist of myself and a cameraman. We could film at the interviewee’s home or in a suitable location near to where they live. The interview process would not take any more than a morning or an afternoon. You can reach me on 020 7608 4302 or leo.holden@simplymedia.tv. Leo Holden.


Battle of Arnhem Veterans

I'm Wim Koning, a writer/ high school student from Edam, The Netherlands. A few weeks ago, I started writing a story, my grandparents always told me, about the Battle for Arnhem. I finished this project a few days ago, but I've been working on a new project which will be about the things that happened in the small town of Berg en Dal. I'd very much like to contact a veteran who fought there for the purposes of an interview. Please get in touch if you can help. Wim Koning, wi.koning@hotmail.com


Bruneval Raid

I would like to have information on veterans who made the raid on Bruneval on the night from the 27/28th February, 1942. I would like to know their history during this operation, or to even see photographs. Nicolas Bucourt, NICO.CAMU@WORLDONLINE.FR


Captain James Ogilvie and Lieutenant K.F. Strathern

I'm working on a novel that includes elements of the Battle of Arnhem. My chief investigation right now is about Captain James Ogilvie and Lieutenant K.F. Strathern, Intelligence Officer, "D" Squadron, Glider Pilot Regiment. I'd like to hear of any records or information about these two men, beyond the usual that they fought in kilts! Kurt Wallace Martin, kurtkilted@gmail.com


Dakota KG 514, 271 Squadron (advert placed 26/09/14)

I am trying to find any pictures or details of Dakota KG 514 during Operation Market Garden, specifically around 18th September 1944. I am trying confirm the Squadron code on the plane. This was the plane my Dad flew on that day. I know it was part of 271 Squadron based at Down Ampney. I have the National Archive details of the flight and also have my Dad's log book with the entry of the flight. I am also trying to confirm the first names of the crew. My Dad's name is Harry Green and he flew many of his flights with Jimmy Edwards as his Navigator but on this particular flight he had moved to be F/O Macneil's Navigator. Any help, links to data sources would be greatly appreciated. Dale W. Green, dalewgreen@hotmail.co.uk


Easton Hall

A Company, 2 Para were based at Easton Hall and Stoke Rochford Hall south of Grantham prior to Arnhem. We are trying to find anyone who has photos of their time at Easton, or any memories. We are trying to restore the old gardens (see www.eastonwalledgardens.co.uk) and the history of the place is an important part of the process. Any help gratefully accepted. Many thanks. Sir Fred Cholmeley Bt, The Easton Estate, Tel: 01476 550 227


GHQ Liaison Regiment "Phantom"

I have developed a serious interest in the role of a patrol of the GHQ liason regiment - Phantom - during the battle of Arnhem. The patrol was flown over in 2 Horsa's from Manston, serials B18/56 on the 17th and made a perfect landing on LZ-Z near Wolfheze. There were 2 sections at Arnhem, 1 commanded by Lt. Neville Hay, and 1 commanded by Lt. Col. Derek Heathcote-Amory who had taken 2 days leave to come on the operation, he talked his old friend General Hackett (4Para) in taking him with him as a 'special liason'.  The patrol is mentioned in a couple of books, but only when messages sent and recieved by General Urquhart are mentioned. I'm particularly interested in the things the patrol did during the first 3-4 days and would like to find out more about their activities. I also tried to find details of Lt. Hay's Military Medal for his work on the radiolink during Market Garden. Mark van der Klooster, markvdklooster@hotmail.com


Johannahoeve Farm

Hilda Hoogendam, who was born at the Johannahoeve Farm where her family lived and worked, and her mother and aunts helped treat the wounded during the battle around the Farm, would most like to hear from any persons, British, German, Dutch, or from their relatives, who were on their land at the time and have memories to share. Write care of Henriette, marcel.kuil@hccnet.nl


Lanarkshire Soldiers

Lanarkshire Soldiers at Arnhem, I am trying to compile a list of Soldiers who fought at Arnhem who came from, or were in some way linked to Lanarkshire in Scotland. Alistair Taylor, eckythescot@blueyonder.co.uk


Lincolnshire Men at Arnhem (advert placed 10/11/20)

I am currently researching Lincolnshire men who as part of the 1st Airborne Division fought at Arnhem. I already have several names but just want to make sure I don't miss anyone. Any information, pictures etc. would be greatly received. Please email me at thecammacks@talktalk.net. Many thanks Richard Cammack.


Manchester Arnhem Veterans

My name is David Morley and I am a disabled PARA in my 60s, for the last 3/4 yrs I have worked as a Welfare Officer on behalf of The Parachute Regimental Association (P.R.A.) in the Manchester and Greater Manchester area. I would very much like to make contact with Arnhem veterans and their families in the Greater Manchester Area to offer my services as Welfare Officer. UTRINQUE PARATUS, AD UNUM OMNES. david.morley127@ntlworld.com


Market Garden Research

I have started work on an extensive academic study of the British aspects of Market Garden and I am eager to collect any and all eye-witness accounts - however brief - relating to the Airborne Division actions in and around Arnhem during the operation. I am anxious to ensure that there is ample representation of all of the component units of the Division - the Airlanding Brigade, RA, RASC, RAMC, RAChD, REME and 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade - as well as accounts from the Parachute Regiment battalions and the various Brigade Headquarter units. All material used will of course be fully credited and I hope and expect to be able to provide copies of the book for (at least) contributions that have not been published in the past. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. I can be contacted at the_lighthouse@btinternet.com or by post: Dr. Chris Brown, Craigard, Hillside, Voe, Shetland, ZE2 9PT.


The Medics and Medicine of the British Airborne in the Second World War (advert placed 30/03/15)

My name is Edward Hutchison and I'm a fourth year medical student at the University of Birmingham. I have taken a year out of my medical studies to complete an intercalation degree in the History of Medicine. For my research, I am focusing on the medics and medicine of the British Airborne, from its inception up until D-Day. More precisely, I am studying the training and equipment of the newly formed Air Landing and Para Field Ambulances, as well as the role of 'airsickness' in the Airborne's development. I would love to hear from anyone who served in the RAMC within the Airborne during WWII, or from any troops who had experiences of airsickness during this time, including the 'swing tests' used for research. If you feel you could be of help, please contact me at exh197@bham.ac.uk. I would be extremely grateful. Thank you.


Memories of WW2

I am looking for veterans from Arnhem, Sicily, Italy, North Africa, Dunkirk, Burma, Japan, plus stories for the last week before V.E Day. I am compiling a series of books, I have already completed Normandy to be published in the new year. I am looking for your memories and experiences, if you would like to tell your story then please contact me, I would love to hear from you. Irene.Payne@btopenworld.com


Missing in Action (advert placed 25/09/15)

It is my aim to try and publish a book on the allied soldiers who are missing in action in the Arnhem-Oosterbeek area since September 1944. I am planning to gather as much information as possible, including a photograph of the person in question. In short, it will be a Roll of Honour (RoH) for those who have no known grave. Geert Maassen has kindly agreed to become my partner in this enterprise, and Paul Pariso will act as our UK representative. We need the help of people who are reading this message. First of all we consider it to be vital to establish a link to the next of kin of the missing soldiers. If you have any data which might be relevant for the proposed RoH, then, please, share this with us. I can be contacted through reinders2@upcmail.nl and/or paulpariso@ntlworld.com


Montgomery's Orders for Market Garden

My name is Sgt Michael Cotts, 2 Combat Engineer Regiment, Canadian Armed forces. I am attempting to write a paper with reference to Manouvre Warfare and Attrition Warfare. I was wondering if there is anyone out there who would know where I could find a copy of Monty's Operation Order for Operation Market Garden. mcotts@sympatico.ca


Murder of Civilians on Bakkerstraat

My grandfather Jan Mielekamp was executed in Bakkerstraat Arnhem on 19/09/1944 I think just for helping wounded British soldiers. 30 year-old Corporal Arthur Maybury of the 89th Parachute Field Security Section, was beyond help and died of his wounds. He had been wounded in the evening of 17 September in the vicinity of Rijnkade and taken to the school. He was buried in a field grave in a next door garden. In one of his uniform pockets Jan Zwolle found a list of addresses of Arnhem NSBers (collaborators) who had to be rounded up and interrogated by members of Maybury’s unit. Zwolle put the papers in his coat pocket and Mielekamp wrote down the address of Maybury’s family. Meanwhile a second seriously wounded man had been put on the telephone room table: he had been shot in the eye, the left arm and the throat. He was bleeding from the mouth and nose. Verhaaf [a member of the LBD] took care of him, moistened his lips and wiped away the blood. This man looked as if he had a powerful will to live. The condition of the other wounded British soldier worsened during the night of 18/19 September, and next morning the Nijverheidsschool voor Meisjes was occupied by German soldiers. Mielekamp, the Smit brothers, caretaker Veldhuizen and Doctor Zwolle were ordered to take the wounded man away. He was put on a wheeled stretcher. They were then marched off, pushing the stretcher, to Bakkerstraat, where the civilians were murdered not long afterwards. Who the British soldier was and what became of him is not known. Can anyone help identify who the other British soldier was and if he survived, he may have been captured I am not sure. See the following website links for some more information if needed: - http://www.mijngelderland.nl/en/snuffelen-in/freedom-trail-arnhem/14-rijnkade/nd and http://www.mijngelderland.nl/en/snuffelen-in/freedom-trail-arnhem/28-bakkerstraat-63/. Leonardus Mielekamp Gebbing, l.gebbing@latrobe.edu.au


Operation Berlin

I am researching 'Operation Berlin' the evacuation of the survivors across the Rhine. My research has up to now been largely statistical  I am now seeking recollections and experiences of the evacuation, to add a personal dimension to my research, from any veteran who took part whether successful or not Paul Hanson, paulhansonper@aol.com


Operation Market Garden

My name is Emily Kroll and I am in a history fair group at Nimitz High School in Houston, Tx. In history fair, we research a topic and create a presentation. Then, we go and compete with other students from all over. This year, my group's topic is Operation Market Garden. We would like to contact surviving veterans from this operation to gather more information from firsthand accounts. Emily Kroll, emily_134511@yahoo.com


Princess Irene Brigade

I am trying to find any links, documents, old memories, photo etc, contacts, etc of The Prinsesirene Brigade and their stop at a place called Ranton Abbey. On the early hours of 6 March 1941 a great fire tore through the old shooting lodge while the Brigade occupied it, leaving it a ruin to this very day. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Malcolm Halsall, malchalsall@hotmail.com


Public Relations Team

I am researching the public relations team that did such a good job at Arnhem under the leadership of Major Roy Oliver. I have a fair amount of information on them but anything that helps to build the story would be appreciated. One area where I have very little information is on the team of signallers that flew in with them and though relatively inexperienced were extremely successful during the battle. Contact Andy Reeds ahreeds@aol.com or 07970 269813.


RAOC Conductors and Blackpool Servicemen

I'm an Arnhem enthusiast and Education and Training Manager for the Lancashire Family History & Heraldry Society. I have two projects ongoing: * 'Conductors' who served and died at Arnhem - Conductors are the seniorWO1 appointment in the British army, at that time they would have been members of the RAOC. * Blackpool Servicemen who died at Arnhem. I'd be grateful for any information that may be available. Mike Coyle, mike.coyle@btinternet.com


Theirs is the Glory

For a Dutch history programme I am doing research on the film 'Theirs is the Glory' (aka 'Men of Arnhem'), which was filmed in 1945/1946 on the former battlegrounds of Arnhem and especially Oosterbeek. In the film, the Battle of Arnhem is reenacted by military actors: namely by veterans that actually fought there themselves the year before. I am very much hoping to get in touch with those veteran/actors that are still there, or anyone else that contributed in any way to the film 'Theirs is the Glory'. Please contact me at telephone number 0031-35-6773550 (Hilversum, the Netherlands), or at laura.van.hasselt@nps.nl. Laura van Hasselt.


Tony Hibbert's Escape

Hans Wijers wishes to locate the families of the six men who were killed as Major Tony Hibbert made his escape attempt on the 23rd September. The dead men were Major J. A. Cotterell, Captain H. A. Platt, Lieutenants T. V. P. McNabb and K. S. Mills, and Privates S. Allen and G. E. McCracken. If you can help, contact Hans at wijers@wxs.nl, or visit his website, http://home.planet.nl/~wijer037/MarketG.html


Withdrawal over the Rhine

I am seeking information on the retreat over the Rhine. My mother (Patty) was in a small boat with her adoptive father, on the Rhine the night of the evacuation. They were both Dutch speaking, but would have had very good English. She says it was raining soft fine rain, the type that gets you very wet. Their boat was very small and could only fit a fraction of the soldiers needing help. She says the soldiers were very young too. She was only a teenager at the time but quite strikingly pretty. She went on to do some work in Dutch adverts for milk. My mother and her father were very distressed at how few of the young combatants couldn't swim but were still trying to get across that way, when they couldn't be accommodated in the boat. They hadn't been taught to swim at school. Her father was trying to teach them to swim from inside the boat. My mother saw many drowning. When I say to my mother that she was very courageous, she says it was nothing,  she wasn't brave at all: she was so frightened. Her father used to tell her she had a guardian angel protecting her, to get her to be less frightened and to be able to do what was required in the war work. They came across from Barneveld. His surname was Hammer. Their radio operator was Dick Last, who I understand was decorated by the British and Americans. Has anyone any record of civilian boats or civilians helping at the Rhine evacuations? Can anyone remember a young girl and older man? My mother is now quite ill and it would be lovely to know how those they met went on to live their lives, whether they had children and what they did after the war. They also hid tommies in their barn attic, where they stored the apples and pears. steveandsam.robson@btinternet.com


Woodhall Spa

I live in Woodhall Spa, Lincs, and am trying to research the history of the Airborne Forces who were stationed here in WW2. In particular I am trying to establish the location & layout of Roughton Moor Camp and its associated training areas which were occupied by troops before and after Arnhem & also by elements if the Polish Para Bde awaiting demob. I have some indication from research carried out so far of where the camp was. I have also located at 2 separate venues, unidentified brick rectangular installations with heavy steel hinged hatches at ground level & on their concrete tops. Interestingly I have also learned from 2 local residents of the presence of a glider used for ground training at a location now built upon near the village centre. Most existing WW2 histories of Woodhall relate mainly to the RAF, with comparatively little attention paid to the Army and I feel their presence should be recognised. Finally, I'd like to point out that this research is not for any commercial gain; the most I would ever see it being used for may be as an article on the local Community Website or in Woodhall's small museum. I do hope you can be of assistance in some way and look forward to hearing from you. Simon Elmer, mselmer@supanet.com


World War Two documentary (advert placed (19/02/15)

My name is Faye Boyle, a Student at Staffordshire University in England. Myself and others are working alongside a producer on a World War Two documentary, to talk to people who survived the war and how their lives were at the end of the war. I would like to make contact with anyone who can help. Faye, fayeboyle123@hotmail.com



Other Ads


I am searching for a picture, name and the value of a small English rowing boat used in WWII. It has a wooden floor and the sides are in tissue (green tissue like an army tent) and you can let the sides down like an accordion. This boat has the length of +/- 3 meters and a width of +/- 1 or 1.5 meters. Probably being used to cross small rivers. We have the opportunity to buy such a boat but firstly we would like to be sure that this boat was used during WWII and the value as we haven't seen such a boat in any of the museums we have visited yet. Who can help me? Sofie Sohier, Sofie.sohier@sappi.com