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Pte Albert "Geordie" Jackson

156 Bn, The Parachute Regt. Geordie Jackson parachuted  into Oosterbeek - unfortunately, his partner with the PIAT perished. He was a veteran of the infamous 'Holla' in the woods. He was wounded and casivacked to LOCHEM, where a school had been converted into a hospital. He had a pal there who I think might be TUBBY IVES - certainly, Tubby is a name he repeats often and he would very much like to locate him or receive any info about him. When his wounds had healed he was taken to a Stalag near Khemnitz, from there he was taken with a working party, to a woodmill in Flossmulle (or similar) in Eastern Germany fairly close to the Czech border. He was billeted there, under guard, with 20, or so, other Brits. They worked in the woods cutting timber for the paper mill. Albert lives in Sunderland with his (vivid) memories. He would love to hear from anyone who might remember him. Please email rhorsted@wanadoo.fr if you can help.


Pte John George James

From Carmarthen, Wales - Private John George James 4209880 Anti-tank Platoon, Support Coy, 2nd Batt South Staffs Regiment - My family & I are researching information about my grandfather during WW2, in particular to Market Garden. He was also in the vicinity when L/Sgt Baskeyfield was KIA engaging enemy tanks. Primarily a bren gunner, he also served in North Africa, invasion of Sicily (Op Ladbroke - survived crash landing at sea), Italy, Netherlands, Germany and finally Norway. He had experienced so much in a short time, the war ended when he was aged only 21! Any information or photos would be appreciated from anyone who knew & served with him during his time with the South Staffs 1943-45. Relatives of those who knew him are also welcome to contact me with any information. Mark Evans, mevans174@gmail.com

Men of the 1st Battalion shelter in a bomb crater


Col David Jebbitt

At Arnhem, a Private and medical orderly with the RAMC based at the Schoonoord Hotel. He was captured after the battle and sent to Stalag IVB, at Mühlberg on Elbe. His son would like to hear from any veterans who knew him. Write to stuartjebbitt@hotmail.com or 81, The Mount, Poulner, Ringwood, Hants. For more information, visit http://www.moonroller.com/jebbitt/Arnhem.htm


Pte Gwyn Alwyn George Jenkins

My father did not speak much about his war service although I do know that he joined the Army soon after the start of the War, was sent to France and evacuated at Dunkirk. He then joined the Parachute Regiment later in the War and was dropped at Arnhem, being captured there and spending the balance of the War in a  German Prison Camp. His number was 2185990, from his paybook he was dropped into Arnhem on 17/9/1944, POW from 26/9/44 til 20/4/1945, served with RE (Royal Engineers), AMPC (Unit unknown), GSC (?) and Royal Norfolks Regt. I think that his nickname may have been "Tiger" and I have a boxing medal that he won during his service inscribed Bigsworth Cup Featherweight. I also have a copy of a book sent to him after the War presented to the Officers and Men of the 3rd Battalion, The Parachute Regiment, 1st British Airborne Division, so assume that he was in that Battalion. Should anyone have any knowledge of him and his war service I would welcome any contact as we have very little information as to that part of his life. cjref@aapt.net.au.

Private Gwyn Alwyn George Jenkins


Joseph "Joe" Sidney Jenkins

I am trying to find any information on the war years of my dad Joseph (always know as Joe) Sidney Jenkins, 3970041, 1st Airborne Light Battery. I think his older brother also served in the same outfit, his name was John Jenkins, both came from Cardiff and both died some years back. I do have some of his campaign medals which all appear to be pretty standard, I also have a copy of a letter from the King of Norway thanking him for his participation in liberating his country. Rick Jenkins, Ppcelec@aol.com


Sgt Peter D Johnson (KIA 19/09/44)
B Squadron, Glider Pilot Regt. I would be grateful for any information regarding my Fathers brother who was killed in action on 19th September 1944 at, or around Arnhem. If anyone can remember him or has any information about him I would love to hear from you. Many thanks, Dave. Dave.Johnson@t-mobile.co.uk


Sgt Arthur L. Jones (KIA 22/09/44)

I am - as a voluntueer - involved with the Seppe Flying Museum in the Netherlands (www.luchtvaartmuseum.nl). Starting Sept. 18 we are having a modest display about aviation in WW2, and part of this display are the remains of a Horsa glider that crashlanded in this region on the second day of Market Garden. We have been researching the history of this particular glider and have so far found the following: this glider, number 878, and believed to be from B squadron no 1 wing, departed from Manston and was towed by an Albemarle from (we think) 296 or 297 squadron. Cargo was a jeep, ammunition trailer and 75mm howitzer with crew from 1st Airlanding Light Regiment - probably 2nd battery. We know for sure the glider was piloted by sergeants Arthur L. Jones and Charles Rollet Watkinson. The glider was hit by Flak near Middelburg and suffered aileron damage, but the crew decided to go on instead of turning back. The Horsa was very difficult to control because of the damage, and somewhere above the south-western part of the Netherlands, near the town of Roosendaal, the cable snapped and the glider crashlanded near the village of Fijnaart. Sergeant Jones was then severly injured in an exchange of fire with German soldiers after the crash, moved to safety by Dutch resistance but died of his wounds on September 22nd. He lies buried at the cemetery of Bergen op Zoom. We are very interested to get in contact with relatives or fellow-veterans of Sergeant Arthur L. Jones, # 2052660 (?), so we can learn more about this man. We would like to tell our visitors something about him - as a representative for all those young men who lost their lives during the liberation of the Netherlands. We would very much like to offer the guests of our museum the opportunity to remember the fallen men by telling the story of sergeant Jones. V.A. Roelen info@luchtvaartmuseum.nl


David Syvret Jones

I am an ex-serviceman myself R.E.M.E. and am looking for anyone that can provide me information about David Syvret Jones. Served in Parachute Regiment. From Jersey Channel Islands. Died recently Melton Mowbray Leicestershire. Took shrapnel hit to back. Complained about small feet that hurt when parachuting. Raoul_maher@hotmail.com


Cpl James Arthur Jones (KIA 17/09/44)

I have recently acquired through auction the medals/effects of the late Corporal Jones who served with the 21st Independent Company (Pathfinders) Parachute Regiment. Sadly he was killed at 1240 hrs on Sunday 17th September 1944, whilst parachuting onto LZ 'Z' near Wolfheze, Holland. I would be grateful for any further information regarding this man, especially from anyone who knew him personally. Simon Muggleton, simonspitfire@hotmail.com


Pte Percy (Peter) Jones

I believe that Percy was involved in certain special actions. We understand that he was dropped in Caen on the 5th June 1944, the day before "D Day" and proceeded to hold or rendezvous at Pegasus Bridge. We understand he was involved with taking out railway lines, bridges and communications and then doing as much damage along the way to then be returned to his holding unit in readiness to be placed into any special action. We know Percy was dropped in for the Market Garden campaign and in the final days he and some of his comrades volunteered to hold the line while his unit retreated across the Rhine. The protecting line ran out of ammunition and most died but, fortunately Percy was taken prisoner. We are not sure which Stalags he was prisoner at, but he came back a shadow of his former self. We understand he held an ammunition and supplies control in the Middle East and we see special instances of Gallant Conduct and mention in Dispatches are GSM & Clasp IVB 2644 dated 12th May 48. We do not know what exactly this was for? And his France & Germany stars etc. Service: 1st Bn South Wales Borderers 13/06/38, 455 Company 68th Searchlight Regiment 01/11/38, Royal Artillery 01/08/40, 156 Parachute Battalion 05/06/44, 1st Parachute Battalion 31/07/45. David John Jones, djones86@toucansurf.com

Private Percy Jones Private Percy Jones Private Percy Jones Private Percy Jones Private Percy Jones


Lt Reg Jones

My father Lt Reg Jones served in Airborne Recce but did not go to Arnhem. He did however go to Norway & Palestine. Capt. David Allsop and Lt QM Tom Collier were at my parents wedding in 1945. Bertie Lickerish was a very close friend of my father's as was Dougie Galbraith. I would love to hear from them or their relatives. If by chance they are at Arnhem leave a message at the Museum and I will contact them. Stuart Jones, ros@rosjones.com


Ted Joynson

My grandad, Ted "Johnno" Joynson, was in 156 para at Oosterbeek. I would love to hear from anybody who knew him as he passed away last january and he was a fine bloke. Quinn Joynson, quinn.joynson@raywhite.com


Pte John Katiff (Drowned 26/09/44)

I am the half sister of John Brian Katiff, 4032660, I Section, lst Battalion, Para. Reg. AAC, who died Sep. 26, 1944. Would be nice if any of John's mates are with us today who remember him.  A brave young man, who was loved dearly by all the family. Write to Mrs. Muriel M. Eaton - oryx@dslextreme.com


Addition from Yvonne Graham - We found out he had a half sister Mrs Muriel M Eaton (above) but are unable to contact her. Has anyone any information so as to contact her. My name is Yvonne Graham and my dad Brian Graham is John's cousin, please contact me on yjgraham@talktalk.net or Miss Y Graham, 34 Skaife Road, Sale Moor, Cheshire, M33 2FZ, England.

Private John Katiff. KIA 18/09/44


James Kearins

I am looking for information in reference to my deceased uncle James Kearins. He was Irish from SLigo. He was a big fella that was wounded in the ankle during the battle. mkea96@msn.com


William Duncan Livingstone Kennedy

I am trying to find any more information about my grandfather. The only story I have of Arnhem goes as follows: he was one of only 8 men from his company to escape from Arnhem having been holed up between the walls of an industrial greenhouse living on raw potatoes. He swam the river Rhine and when he arrived home on leave, in the middle of the night at the farm cottage of his Father in law he was threatened with a shotgun as the red eyed, gaunt, grimy man he became was not recognised. I have also heard that he was assisted by the Dutch Resistance. Army number 2366353, enlisted in the Royal Corps of Signals 24/04/41, posted to 1st Airborne Divisional Signals 12/09/43, then to 1st Airborne Landing Light RRAS/S 27/11/43. I have also heard he was in Norway and or Palestine. I would love to get some more details and photos if anyone out there recognises any of this. Steven Denton, stedenton@live.co.uk


Pte Frederick George Kent

On behalf of Swansea PRA I am trying to obtain information regarding F. G. Kent (no.68412) of the 1st Parachute Battalion, possibly also 10th Royal Welsh Fusiliers (later to become 6th Royal Welsh Para Battalion). Born Swansea, 13/08/1920. Saw action at Arnhem and taken POW to Stalag 11 (no.117730). Joined Army Air Corps post war. Call Mr W. A. Lloyd, Seceratary Swansea PRA, on (01792) 406229, or email care of apaulbartlett@aol.com


Pte W. Kent

I'm trying to find out some info on my grandad who died before I was born. He was in the South Staffs regiment, name Pte W.Kent, number 2360. If you can help in any way contact me on jackinoble68@yahoo.co.uk


Bill Kerr and Jack Fryer

I worked with both these men in the Civil Service. Jack was a valued colleague when I was at the HQ of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. He also served in the Ulster Defence Regiment. Bill Kerr was the greatest boss I ever had in 35 years when he was Director of Operations for the Northern Ireland Prison Service. The quality which each demonstrated was modesty about what they had done, indeed I did not know that Bill had been at Arnhem until he died. Any information about either would be gratefuuly appreciated. Seamus McNeill, seamus.mcneill@btinternet.com


William "Wally" Kingsman

2nd Parachute Battalion, 1943-45. Can anyone who knew my father please contact me. His best mate at the time was Parker L. of 2 Para. Anthonykingsman@aol.com


Pte Robert "Bobby" L. Kneale (advert placed 08/08/17)

3604751, No.24 Mortar Platoon, S Company, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment. I am trying to get as much info as I can on my uncle, Bobby Kneale. He was taken prisoner during the battle, I believe he was with a morter team that ran out of ammo. Sent to Stalag XIIA, POW number 075679. After the war he returned to his home in Douglas, Isle of Man. It would be nice to know more about about his history during the war. Ian Kneale-Barrow, luzern2000@outlook.com


Pte Norman "Jock" Knight

23 Mortar Platoon, 1st Border. I am trying to contact any family members of 'Jock Knight' who was in the photo with my granfather, Ron 'Ginger' Tierney. He was the one shouting 'Fire' on the pic, Jock just out of shot. Andrea Tierney, ajatuk@yahoo.com


Pte William Frank Lakey

I am the nephew of 14272199 William Frank Lakey, 10th Bn., The Parachute Regiment, Mortar Platoon Support Company. He died on the 19th of September 1944 and is buried in Oosterbeek Cemetery. I would be eternally grateful if anyone knows of any information him or his service in the Para's. Barry W Bourne, barry.bourne@btinternet.com


Pte Ronald Frank Albert Lansdown (KIA 25-26/09/44)

I am a Dutch historian and author. I am trying to find more information about Private Ronald Albert Frank Lansdown (5682998) who was stationed with the 2nd. (Airborne) Battalion, Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, Divisional Headquarters Defence Platoon, 1st. (British) Airborne Division. As part of Operation Market Garden in September 1944 Pte. Lansdown (his surname is often spelled as Lansdowne with an e at the end but according to his family that is wrong; it should be "Lansdown") landed in a Horsa glider near Wolfheze on Sunday 17 September 1944. The glider (chalk numbers 431 - 440; probably '437') flew to Landing Zone 'Z'. Ronald was 21 years old when he was killed. It is believed that he drowned overnight September 25/26 crossing the River Rhine. One source says he was washed ashore in the River Lek near Vianen on November 17th 1944 and given a temporary burial, but was later laid to rest at the Amersfoort (Oud Leusden) general cemetery. Recently I have been able to track down some relatives of Pte. Lansdown, whose father and mother were Ernest Frank and Alice Florance Lansdown, of Wells, Somerset, England. Unfortunately, the family know very little about Ronald (most relatives have passed away) and could not add anything to what I already know. Pte. Ronald Lansdown was transferred to the 2nd Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry on 10th October 1942 from the 4th battalion Somerset Light Infantry. I am desperately searching for more information about Pte. R.A.F. Lansdown(e) and at least one photograph of him. Wim Rhebergen, w.rhebergen@upcmail.nl


William "Bill" Larman

1st Airborne Divisional Signals. I would very much like to hear from any veterans out there who may have served with my father, William Larman. William [Bill] served in the First Airborne 1941-45, and fought at Arnhem. I am now helping my son with a school research paper about his grandfather. Please contact me hugo@larmangarro.com. William now lives in Dorset.


Pte John "Henry" Lattimore

I am trying to trace any one who may have known my late father. I understand he fought at Arnhem with the 7th Platoon 'B' Coy, 156 Para Btn, 4th Parachute Brigade. He had previously served in India and Burma, and had initially been enlisted into the KOSB before the 2nd World War. I understand he escaped from Arnhem by swimming the Rhine. He went on to fight in Germany, and served in East Africa after the war. I would appreciate contact  from anyone who knew him. Robin Lattimore, robinlattimore@yahoo.co.uk


Thomas Lawlor

My grandfather fought in the parachute regiment in world war 2. His name is also Thomas Lawlor and he came from York Road in Dun Laoighre Co. Dublin in Ireland. Sadly my grandfather died in 1990 and I never got to ask him about his experience or where he fought. My email address is thomasmlawlor@eircom.net, any help you could give me would be really helpful. Thomas Lawlor.


Cpl Edward Lazenby

Army no.: 4534736, POW no.: 118854. I would be grateful if any veterans knew my granddad. The brief details I know about him are: He was regular army and joined the South Staffs during the war, I believe he fought in Italy and North Africa. During the Battle for Arnhem he was wounded and captured and spent the remainder of the war in a POW camp (Stalag XIB). Tragically not long after the war he was killed in a motorbike accident. ICDLazer@aol.com


CQMS William Leah

I am tryng to find out any information on my Step Uncle, William Leah nicknamed Bill. He was born in 1916 in Stalybridge Lancashire England. Joined the british army in 1931, was an apprentice carpenter after completed training was sent to Egypt where he trained as a radio operator. In 1936 transfrerred to Singapore in the British Royal Corps of Signals. In September 1944 British and Polish Airborne troops were dropped at Arnhem in the Netherlands in attempt to capture the rhine bridges. William Leah landed from a glider and took part in the battle, was wounded and taken prisoner. He spent the last ten months of the war in a prisoner-of-war camp near the polish border. When the allies were advancing from the west, and the Russians from the east. These prisoners were taken out of the camp and marched, in the snow, almost starving, many died, Leah survived, but his feet were frost-bitten and had to be amutated. He also trained earlier in Signals at the British Army base at Catterick. Is there any one who  might have known him, or could help me find any information on him, like is battalion. He was in a hospital after being a prisoner of war at Shaftsbury in Dorset not far from Salisbury. His wife was called Beatrice, mother called Florrence, father John. Mrs Barbara Mcvey(Leah), dknee@bmail.com.au


Gnr Ernest Lee

I am trying to find  information relating to my late father Gnr Ernest Lee 1078944. He served in No.1 Battery in the First Airlanding Light Regiment on the gliders. He served in Norway, Italy, North Africa and Oosterbeek/Arnhem. I wondered if anyone could confirm that the soldier in the photograph with his back to the camera is my father Ernest Lee. In several books the soldier has been named as Signalman James 'Ginger' Gault and I feel certain that this information is incorrect. It would be lovely to hear from someone who could remember him. Denise Lee, denise@cobbleshop.plus.com

Sheriff Thompson (second left) helping to unload a damaged Horsa glider on LZ-Z


Pte Henry Lenton

My father was the late Henry Lenton who joined up in 1936 Sth Staffs Artillery, Walsall then the 11th Parachute Battalion and was captured Sept 24th 1944. He did most of the campaigns Tunisia, Italy, Dunkirk and then taken at Arnhem. I beleive he was in Stalag 11A. Sadly my dad passed away in Dec 1979. I would love to hear from anyone that knew him or photgraphs of his battalion. I do have a photograph of my father with another soldier I beleive it was taken somewhere in the Middle East possibly Aden in 1952? Jennifer Lenton, lenton.j@bigpond.com

Private Henry Lenton


Arthur and Philip Letchford

Does anyone remember the Letchford twins, Arthur was on the bridge at Arnhem. The twins are well and enjoying life at Herne Bay, they were 80 last year and still talk of their adventures in North Africa and Arnhem. Margaret Hofman. Margietrubrit@aol.com


Pte William Lewis (d. 2000)

1st Border - No.8 Platoon, A Company. William's son, Barry (ozpom@knet.net.au), would welcome contact from anyone who knew his father.


Ron Lintern

My name is Rémy Mortelette, a young French man of 24 years old and I live in Belgium. A few years after WWII, my grandfather befriended h a former British parachutist, Ron Lintern. He offered a patch to him (see picture). My grandfather recently offered it to me and I thus seek now information on Ron Lintern and this patch. My grandfather remembers just that Ron jumped on Arnhem during of the Market Garden Operation. I deduced from it that he was 1st Airborne Division but, I am not sure. Can you help me? 83rd.thunderbolt.division@gmail.com


Jimmy Little

Looking for veteran Jimmy Little from Bristol. As a young boy I toured the battlefield of Arnhem. On one of these occasions a ran into Jimmy Little and his wife Peggy. Since then (late 70'ies) we have exchanged Christmas cards. Every year their card was the first to arrive in Holland. I wrote about me joining the Netherlands Marine Corps, and Jimmy wrote that he was getting older but still once in a while came back to Holland (he wrote me afterwards). Since that only meeting at Arnhem, I never again met him. This Christmas there was no card from Jimmy, and after a few weeks my card came back with a note from the Royal Mail that the addressee had moved. Does anyone know where Jimmy is now? Or has he passed away? His last adress was in Knowle, Bristol, Avon. Erik Wuite, The Netherlands, erik-conny@planet.nl


Pte Benjamin Clifford Long

I am looking for any info on my Grandad. PTE Benjamin Clifford Long NO. 14985587 A.A.C. who fought at Arnhem, he lived at Central Avenue, Tipton, West Midlands. All help would be greatly appreciated. enigmashopfitltd@aol.com


S/Sgt Jozef Lopacki

Jozef was with the Polish Parachute Brigade, and of course was at Arnhem, and if he was alive today he would be 90 years old. Consequently there is likely few who would be around today who remember him. I met and married him in Argentina, where a sizable number of Poles went to after the war. In fact Jozef together with two others, were the only remaining serving Poles remaining after they had the task of demobilising their fellow servicemen. They then demobilised each other. We returned to UK in 1957. I am putting together a history of Jozef for his grandchildren and I would be be so greatful for any information about him. DLopacka@aol.com


L/Cpl Ronnie Lord

I am trying to find more information and pictures of my grandfather, Ronnie Lord, No.23 Mortar Platoon, 1st Border. He was killed in Malaysia by a sniper in the 50s and is buried in Kuala Lumpur. We are trying to find pictures or recollections for future generations. gatormsc@aol.com

Lance-Corporal Ronnie Lord Dirty and tired, but alive. 1st Airborne survivors at Nijmegen No.23 (Mortar) Platoon, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment, February 1944 Men of the Mortar Platoons, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment, March 1944


Anton "Toni" Lucas/Löwenthal

Does anybody remember my late uncle Anton (Toni) Lucas/Löwenthal? He came to UK from Vienna in 1938. He was interned in Hutchinson Camp, I.of M. in 1940, then joined the Pioneer Corps and in 1943 the Royal Armoured Corps. It is my understanding that he landed in a glider in support of D-Day operations and/or took part in Operation Varsity and/or Operation Market Garden. At some point he was injured and alternately taken captive, retaken until being repatriated to UK. It would seem that his injury turned gangrenous and his leg was amputated in Germany, possibly by German surgeons. He died in 1974 and his family knows next to nothing. If anybody has any information, please contact me s.mcnichol@dial.pipex.com


Pte Robert McCarthy

I am researching information about my Grandfather, Private Robert McCarthy 3195241 who took part in Market Garden. He served in the KOSB and was in the medium machine gun section but was taken prisoner at the end of the action and spent the rest of the war in a prisoner of war camp. I intend to write an account of his service so that existing and future generations of the family have a record of what he achieved. Any information would be gratefully recieved. Neil McCarthy, neilmccarthy@fsmail.net


Lt John McCartney

143723, 1 Bn Border Regt, OC 28 Medium Machine Gun Platoon. Sadly my Grandfather died before could ask him about his wartime experiences. If anyone has any knowledge of his exploits or photographs of him please contact Stewart McCartney at altekasernen@hotmail.co.uk

Major Neill and Lieutenant McCartney in their foxhole on the 20th September


L/Sgt Donald Craig McRae

My late father served at Arnhem and was awarded the "Dutch Bronze Lion". He was a Lance Sergeant in the 4th Parachute Brigade Defence platoon. I started to research his war record in the mid 1990's but for a number of reasons was unable to continue further until now. I would be very pleased to hear from anyone that new my father or indeed served with him. Craig McRae, craig.mcrae@btconnect.com


John Clarkson McCurdy

14211459, 4 platoon A company 7th KOSB, POW. I have his paybook and am seeking information about him. Alistair Taylor, eckythescot@blueyonder.co.uk


Pte William "Bill" McCutcheon

My grandfather served in 1st Battalion of the Parachute Regiment, from the early days of its existence. He joined from (what my grandmother believes to be) No. 5 Commando and served in North Africa, Sicily, Italy and returned to participate in Operation Market Garden. He was stationed for a time in Grimsthorpe Castle. I would be very interested to learn of any details pertaining to him, as he passed away in 1987 and I have very few details as to his career in the army. Ian McCutcheon, IM@stgaerospace.com


Adrian MacDonald / McDonald

On behalf of my mother I am looking for information about a veteran who served in a medical unit during Market Garden. His name is Adrian MacDonald or McDonald. My mother met him in Oosterhout (near Nijmegen). His unit was based in a farmhouse. They became friends. When my mother was evacuated to Moergestel in Brabant a few weeks later they met again by coincedence in the streets of Moergestel. MacDonald passed in a convoy of trucks and they spoke each other again. But they were in a hurry and the other blew their horns, so he left again. She thinks he was perhaps a leading (doctor) man in the unit and in the house in Oosterhout there was sort of a field hospital. If anyone can tell us anything about Adrian MacDonald we would appreciate that very much. Paul Arends, faye03@zonnet.nl


Roland MacFarlane

I run a dbase for ex members of the RAMC who were WOs or SNCO - I received a call from a chap called Roland MacFarlane who was captured at Arnhem and ended up at Sagan in Poland. He contacted me to see if I could assist him in obtaining details of his military service. I was able to pass him on to someone who could. The reason for my contact is that Rowland is 85 and is house bound due to the effects of his experience (lost an ear drum and now has a balance problem). I am sure he would love to hear from someone re his experiences or maybe a contact from the same location/time. Ken Hannah, AAA244@peterborough.gov.uk


S/Sgt John McGeough

If Mr. McGeough or any of his relatives see this advert, please get in touch regarding the following, as sadly the contact address I had for you appears to be now out of date: I read with interest the article written by John McGeough in the section of your website 'The Glider Pilot Reg't No.2 Wing'. Mr McGeough mentions enlisting into the 70th Batt Essex Reg't in Smethwick in late 1940. I am researching my uncles military service and he too enlisted into the 70th Batt at the same time & place as Mr McGeough, I note also that their army numbers are very similar. Is it possible for you to put me in touch with Mr McGeough or his family? I would be interested to hear of any memories or photographs they may have regarding the 70th Batt. My uncles name was Cedric Locke. He was a Smethwick lad who sadly lost his life fighting the Japanese in 1944 whilst serving with The Worc's Reg't. nealstaniland@hotmail.co.uk


Sgmn William McGhie

I'm looking for any information on my father, known as Mac, who was a signalman with the 4th Parachute Brigade, joining when it was formed in N Africa and serving in Italy and at Arnhem, where he was captured. He finished the war in POW camp in Germany. I would be grateful for any information anyone can provide for a family history. Please email gmcghie@hotmail.com. George McGhie.


Pte John McGinty (d.1984)
156 Battalion Parachute Regiment, A Company, No.5 platoon. John's grandson, Willie, would love to hear from anyone who knew him or knows more about the 156 or A Coy's movements. Contact willie@babacool.co.uk


"Lloyd" James McKenna

Joined the army while living in Quebec and was one of the first Canadian paratroopers to be sent over to England where he met my grandfather Arthur Andrew Vickers of Liverpool. Lloyd was last seen defending the bridge over the Rhine river in Arnhem on September 21, 1944 and was reported MIA on September 22, 1944. He is buried in Osterbeek Arnhem Cemetery. I have no other information on him and would love to hear from others that may have served with him or knew of him as well as any photographs they may have. Meaghan Dempster, Snikelfrit@hotmail.com


Pte David McKenzie (KIA 20/09/44)

A recent request in the local newspaper from Philip Reinders of Arnhem requesting information on the above paratroopers has sparked a sizeaable degree of interest amongst the younger family members who were not yet born when David was KIA. Perhaps now a long shot, but does anyone recall David and know of his eventual fate? Private David McKenzie 2757181 S Company;10th Battalion; 4th Parachute Brigade; aged 23 from Dundee, Scotland - died 20/9/1944 with no known grave, but remembered on the Groesbeek Memorial. Ken McKenzie, kenmcken@btopenworld.com

Private David McKenzie


Pte Archibald Hill McNaught

I'm trying to find more information and contacts who may have known my father, Pte A H McNaught. He was one of the first to join 1st Airborne and remembers going to London with an officer to buy red berets before they were formally issued. I know he spent time in North Africa (Tunisia), took part in the invasion of Sicily (and I believe landed in the sea in his glider), he was at Arnhem as part of 1st Airborne headquarters, having been based at Fulbeck Hall and leaving from Barkston Heath. Finally he took part in the liberation of Norway. I attach 2 photos, both taken in Tunisia. Bill McNaught, w.mcnaught1@ntlworld.com

Private McNaught in Tunisia, 1943 Private McNaught in Tunisia, 1943


Jan Jozef Mackiewicz

We are trying to find any records existing of my Father who was in the Free Polish Airborne during WW2. The only thing known about his military life is that he trained in Scotland, was in Egypt and I believe Arnhem. Janina Mackiewicz, oscroft@sympatico.ca


Donald Markham

I would be grateful to hear anything of my father, Donald Markham, who parachuted into Arnhem, was captured and sent to the Polish railways to work. I think he started the war as a regular in the Seaforth Highlanders and was joined by his younger brother, John 'Jack' Markham who stayed in the Army at the Small Arms Training School in Hythe after the war. Greig Markham, greigjmarkham@aol.com


Tpr Jack Martin

I am after information about Trooper Jack Martin who was a Jeep driver with D Troop 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron at Arnhem. After capture he was put to work in a coal mine in Czechoslovakia with fellow Recce Troopers Arthur Barlow (C Troop) and Ken Washer (D Troop). He was last known to be living in the North of England after the war. Jon Piper, jonpiper65@gmail.com


Dvr Lol Martin (advert placed 16/01/19)

I'm trying to find pictures and info for my friends granddad who was at Arnhem with 1st Airborne Divisional Signals. Any help would be greatly recieved. Lee Yeardley, leeyeardley@btinternet.com

Driver Lol Martin


Capt Victor David Randall "Morph" Martin

We (organisation Weekend of Heroes: http://www.awheuropa.com/heroes.html) are looking for a photo of Captain Martin, 1st British Airborne Division. 27.02.1943, commissioned into the Royal Army Medical Corps [emergency commission]. 09.1944, Regimental Medical Officer, 1st Airlanding Light Regiment RA (Arnhem, POW). Can you help us? Hans Udo, h.l.udo@hccnet.nl


Ronald Cecil Mawer / Charles Gavaghan

Ronald Cecil Mawer served with the 1st Airlanding Light Regiment RA. He was in Sicily and then at Arnhem where he spent some time in a canal and was then rescued by the local people and hidden in the cellar of a café. When it was safe for them to leave he and his pal were given a tulip shaped ear ring. On his return to England he was sent to India to recuperate from scarlet fever. Charles Gavaghan was my second cousin - I know a brief outline of his service but additional information would be nice. If there are any photographs of either men that would also be good. Michael Proctor, Michael.Proctor@bankofengland.co.uk


Bill Maynard

My uncle was parachuted into Arnhem under fire and lost his legs. His surname was Maynard and was always known as uncle Bill. I would like to learn more about him. jedmaynard@btinternet.com


Cpl Ernest Maynard

I am trying to find information about my father Ernest Maynard, No.10 Platoon, "A" Company, 2nd South Staffords, who was captured near the Museum in Arnhem on Tuesday 19th September, imprisoned at Stalag VIIIC and was subsequently on the Death March before being liberated. He was from Birmingham.I am researching a novel based on his life. David Maynard, dpmaynard@btinternet.com


Dvr Joseph Middleton (advert placed 25/04/16)

My Uncle Joe Middleton T128345 was a Driver with B Motor Transport Platoon, 250 Airborne Light Composite Company. He was captured at Arnhem, POW 75307. He was at Stalag 12a Limburg, that is all I know about him as he would never talk about his time as a POW. Does anyone remember him, where was he captured? He is shown on the World at War Video of Prisoners from Market Garden, please help as any information would be very gratefully received in trying to understand what happened to him. Jim Middleton je_middleton@hotmail.com


Lt Daab Mieczystaw

I am researching a Polish officer who appears to be a KIA casualty from the Arnhem area. The name on his identity bracelet is Lieut Daab Mieczystaw with a date of birth of 19- VIII- 1908. With this bracelet is what appears to be a war graves tag with the number 60, or 09, tied to the bracelet and his shoulder board with his rank of Lieutenant. The shoulder board is from a battledress, and not RAF blue. The rank insignia is Polish (two stars). My thought is that he may have fought under a different name. His age of 36 suggests he escaped the 1939 invasion, and may have been in the Polish army. His name does not appear on any rolls I can find. I would be most appreciative of any information that can be provided about this individual. Possibly someone will remember him. Steven Anderson, sanderson.50@hotmail.com


Pte Bruce Mills

My father jumped at Arnhem but would never talk about it. He was Pte Bruce Mills, Army No. 5127250, from Tipton in Staffordshire. Arnhem was the week before his 21st birthday. He qualified as a parachutist on the 5th of May 1943. His son Chris would welcome any information or contact, especially from those present in the photos. chris@cjmills.demon.co.uk

Bruce Mills Bruce Mills


William "Bill" Mogford

I am looking for any info on my Grandfather, William (Bill) Mogford who fought at Arnhem, originally from Newport Gwent he later went on to live in Romsey, Hampshire. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Would love to hear from anybody who has photos from his last visits to Arnhem in the 80's-90's. On contacting the museum we have found this information if it helps anyone - Mogford, William (Bill), Pte. No. 3959244, 156 Bn., B. Coy, The Parachute Regiment. teresa.cardy@btinternet.com


Samuel J. Montgomery

My father landed on the 17th and was captured on the 19th. He was piat and 2 inch mortarman in 10 Platoon, A Company, 2nd South Staffs, but Royal Ulster Rifles before that.. X11a was his camp. We lost him in 1992. Perhaps you can help put me in touch with someone who knew him then. His number was 7013157. chris_montgomery@talktalk.net


Pte John Francis Moran

John Francis Moran of Liverpool was captured at the Battle of Arnhem with the 2nd South Staffordshires. Taken from Arnhem, all I know is that he marched across Germany to Poland where he was a prisoner of war. Sadly he died in 1976 before I really understood what he had endured. Now I would like to know more. He and my mum regularly did the Arnhem Pilgrimage every September when I was a child. If anyone recalls this young 20 year old I would appreciate it. Deryn Harvey - Derynharvey@blueyonder.co.uk


Private Geoffrey Ernest Morgan

I am trying to trace my uncle's movements in Arnhem and in C Company 2nd Bn. under Lt Col John Frost. He was Pte Geoffrey Ernest Morgan 14416666. He joined the regiment from the 56 training Regiment Royal Armoured Corps. I would like to trace C Company's movements at Arnhem as they appear to be a bit lacking in detail. My uncle was eventually taken prisoner in the area around the Gestapo head quarters. At the time of his capture he is believed to have been with Sgt. Buchanan 7 Pl, Pte. J. (Geordie) Erby 8 Pl, L/Cpl. W. (Ginger) Loney 8 Pl (KIA), 'Pop' Stokesy 8 Pl, Pte. C. (Dinger) Bell 8 Pl, Irish Barry (possibly Lt M.P. Barry of 9 Pl.) Cpl C (Mac) Jackson 9 Pl and Cpl F (Warsaw) Barnett (KIA). He was captured and taken to Stalag XI B then transferred to Stalag 357 where he escaped with Frank Eccles. My uncle wrote some notes which would be of great interest to any one who knew him. If you knew him, or if you can fill in the history of C Company 2nd Bn then Please get in touch with me. At Peter@Morgan1475.fsworld.co.uk.


Taffy Morgan

We are looking for any information regarding a friend of the family. We knew him as Taffy Morgan from the Bridgend Port Talbot Glam area. He was stationed at Ringway Manchester WW2 1945. We have often wondered what became of him. Susan Keenan, susankeenan@TalkTalk.net


Tpr Arthur Morris (d.1990)

Known as 'Choti', fought at Arnhem with the Reconnaissance Squadron. Number 14442719. Later joined the Royal Signals, served in Norway, Palestine, Canal Zone, Germany, was based at Catterick Camp, and in Germany at Wahn and RAF Laarbruch. Ended his service with the TA in Exeter. His daughter, Dawn, would like to hear from anyone who may have known him. Write to dawnleatherby@aol.com


Sgt Francis "Frank" Morris (KIA 19/09/44)

2692018. I would love to hear from anyone who may know any information relating to my Great Grandfather Francis Morris who was killed in action at Arnhem on the 19th of September 1944 and has no known grave. I believe he was in the 1st Parachute Battalion of the 1st Parachute Brigade. Please do contact me at Izzyrundle@hotmail.co.uk

Sergeant Francis Morris


Sgt Robert Mitchell Morrison (d. 1961)

My father Sgt Robert Mitchell Morrison was at Arnhem, unfortunately he passed away, whilst still serving in Hong Kong in 1961. He was in 1st Airborne Reg at Arnhem I believe 3rd Batalion, I am hoping to contact anyone who new him, since I was only 4 when he died. Can you help? Andy Morrison, ad.morrison@blueyonder.co.uk


Sgt Charles Mulvihill

Known as CHARLIE or CHAS. Thought to have been in 261 (Airborne) Field Park Company, RE. Was one of 5 in his unit who were evacuated. Anyone with any information about his unit or anyone who knew him please contact his son Charles at; CMCharlie1@aol.com


Pte S. Murfin

My work colleague, Mr John Murfin, is the son of the above Pte Murfin who died a couple of years ago. John's father did not speak about his time during the war and it was only after the death of John's mother that he found out that his father (Pte S H Murfin) had served in the Mortar Platoon, 2nd Para Bn, during the Arnhem battle and was taken prisoner (he is listed as Pte Murphin S on page 149 of Robert Peatling's "Without Tradition 2 PARA 1941-1945" book in the list of 2 Bn men taken prisoner in the town). S H Murfin joined on 26/10/42 (as a trooper in the RAC) and was demobilized on the 29/06/47. John is trying to find out more about his father's time during the war, i.e. when he transferred to the 2 Bn, anything about the training, which prisoner of war camp he went to, POW group etc., is there anyone out there who can remember Pte Murfin or can tell John where he can get further information. Mr Keith Spencer (Ex Parachute Regiment), keith.spencer05@ntlworld.com


Pte Bernard Murphy MBE (advert placed 06/01/21)

Signals Platoon, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment. My brother would have been 100 on 30 December 2020. He never spoke much about his experiences Arnhem and was in fact the person who sent the final signal out. Does anyone have any memories of 'Spud' Murphy? Teresa Cliffe, teresa230332@icloud.com


Pte Thomas Murphy (advert placed 28/06/18)

I am looking for information about my Uncle Private Thomas Murphy when he was POW. On enlisting 1.8.1939 he was Infantry Black Watch. He then joined the Army Air Corps Battalion 156. His DOB was 11.11.1920. His army number is 2756457. He was injured at Oosterbeek September 1944 and escaped from Apeldoorn Hospital and evaded until 2.1.45 when he was captured on escape from Amerongen. Some details are recorded in John O'Reilly's excellent book Dehli to Arnhem. His parents had information that he had gone missing in November 44 at the time of Pegasus 2 and then died in a German camp and buried in February 45. However, he returned alive and well to the UK in April/May 1945. I would now like to find some information about his time as a POW. Liz Moore, lizmoore.lifecoach@gmail.com


Sgt Frederick Arthur Neale

Does anyone remember Sergeant Fred Neale? He was involved with gliders, unit unknown, may have been stationed at Bulford Camp on Salisbury Plain at one time or another. He survived the war, any information gratefully received. susan.cee@virgin.net


L/Cpl Danny Neville (KIA 20/09/44)

My uncle Danny Neville was killed in the school house at Arnhem on 20th September 1944, did anyone know him? He was a Lance Corporal in the 1st Para Royal Engineers, and he was an Irishman from Bedford Listowel, Co Kerry, he was my Mother's brother, and she is still alive today. David Noonan, lilianoonan@me.com


L/Cpl Sidney James Nickless

Of the 1st Para Brigade's 16 Parachute Field Ambulance, serving with them in North Africa, Sicily, and Arnhem, where he was captured. Army number 7385572, and a POW at Stalag XIB, prison number 118546. His son, Peter, would like to hear from anyone who knew him. Contact PeterN@tumbiumbi-h.schools.nsw.edu.au


Lt Jeffrey Fraser Noble

I'm the grandson of Jeffrey Fraser Noble who fought at Arnhem (and before that in Italy etc). He was Officer Commanding, Medium Machine gun Platoon (Support Company), 156 Parachute Battalion - don't know more really so any information, pictures etc would be great. tom.noble@gmail.com


Pte Albert Ormerod (KIA 23/09/44)

My maternal uncle, Pvt Albert Ormerod, 10th Battalion, was killed at Arnhem; although he has no known grave, he is commemorated on Panel 9 at the Groesbeek Memorial. Any information welcome. Mike Mellody, mmellody@gmail.com


Cpl Albert Osborne (KIA 21/09/44)

My name is Fiona Osborne and am the great niece of Albert Osborne. He was KIA on 21/9/1944 and I am trying to trace anyone who may have known him or have any information about him. In particular one of his best friends, Doug Charlton. We are travelling to Arnhem for the second time to visit Albert's grave and to pay our respects on the 70th Anniversary. If there is anyone that maybe able to help I would be extremely grateful and can be contacted at fionajaneosborne@gmail.com


Cpl Albert Osborne (KIA 21/09/44)

I am making enquiry on behalf of my wife, whose uncle was killed at Arnhem. We have very little family history about him only the following information obtained from the C.W.G.C.: cpl. Albert Osborne 1st. Bn. Parachute Regt. A.A.C. service No. 6461257 U.K.  casualty Commonwealth War dead age 23. Grave Ref. 5.B.4. Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery. We are in our late seventies and have very few next of kin to ask now about Albert. We hope that you might be able to provide us with further information? Gerry and Megan Young, gandmyoung@btinternet.com


Cpl Albert Osborne (KIA 21/09/44)

My Great uncle, Cpl  6461257 Albert Osborne, served with the 1st Para Battalion and was killed at Arnhem on 21/9/44. There is a photo on the site (attached) which features him. If you have any more info on the others in this phtograph please get in touch. Jeff Osborne, jeffinperth@hotmail.co.uk

Men of the 1st Battalion waiting to take off on Sunday 17th


Major Michael Page (KIA 20/09/44)

My mother is trying to find people who knew her father. He was Major Michael Page of the 156 Parachute Battalion, and he fought and died in Arnhem (he died on 20/09/1944). My mum who love to get in touch with anyone who knew him and can tell her about him and what he was like because she never really new him and was only young when he died. Her email address is sabarker@talktalk.net.


L/Cpl Arnold Roy Palmer

I am after any information on the Recce Squadron "C" Troop who were at Arnhem as my Grandad, Arnold Roy Palmer 5511466, who is still alive today, fought there and was on the Vickers "K" gun in one of the jeeps which were very lucky to escape an ambush at Oosterbeek. Alan Palmer, Alan.Palmer@dhl.com


Frederick Albert Papworth

My father, Frederick Albert Papworth served  in Arnhem in 3 Para and I was wondering if someone remembered him. He died in 2004 and I am trying to piece together his early life (he migrated to Australia in 1949). Julie Papworth, kempthorne1@optusnet.com.au


Doug Parker (advert placed 17/11/14)

Just wondered if anyone has any memories of my late Father Doug Parker from the Scunthorpe area of North Lincolnshire. I think he was at Arnhem, ended up in the Para Military Police I think. Doug Parker Jnr, barnstoneworth13@aol.com


Pte Harry Parker MM

On behalf of his son I am looking for any details of Harry Parker, 4620407, from York. He was in the 3rd Battalion and awarded the Military Medal in North Africa. He was captured at Arnhem and sent to Stalag 2A. Any info greatly received. ejewitt@ejewitt.karoo.co.uk


L/Bdr Percy Parkes

My father was Lance Bombardier Percy Parkes, who served in the 2nd Battery, 1st Air Landing Light Regt., R.A. in Africa, Italy, Arnhem and Norway. Attached are several photographs taken in these places, I'd be grateful for any help in identifying any of the people in them. Charles Parkes, charlieparkes@googlemail.com.

Percy Parkes in North Africa Possibly "C" Troop, 1st Airlanding Light Battery An unknown soldier in North Africa Men of the 1st Airlanding Light Battery in Italy, 1943 Possibly "C" Troop, 1st Airlanding Light Regiment, in Norway 1945


Peter Patterson

Does anyone remember Peter Patterson from the 1st Para, S Company (during the war) I would be delighted to pass on any correspondence. Kenneth Patterson, kspatto@yahoo.co.uk

Peter Patterson with Jack Leary in Oslo, 1945


L/Sgt Edgar Payling

Does anyone have contact details for surviving members of 2nd South Staffs who served in Sicily or Arnhem and who might have known my father, 1472753 L/Sgt Edgar Payling? He served with 2nd South Staffs in North Africa, Sicily, Italy, and at Arnhem, where he was a member of S Company. Wounded and taken prisoner at Arnhem he was a POW at Stalag 11B (Fallingbostel) and at Stalag 8C (Sagan) from where he took part in the "Death March" before being repatriated in 1945. He was a particular friend of 879874 Jackie Bissell, also of S Company, who escaped from Arnhem. BryanPayling@aol.com


Alfred Pennyfather

I am trying to find out about Alfred (Alf) Pennyfather, my grandmothers brother. He wasn't at Arnhem but was in the 2nd Battalion Parachute Regiment and was captured in Algeria after a raid in 1943 I think. I would be grateful of any information or if anybody knew him. Vince Skinner, vince@london.virgin.net


L/Cpl Eric Perkins

My father was Lance Corporal Eric Thomas Perkins, 4805040. According to his MOD service record he was transferred to the Army Air Corps and posted to the 2nd Parachute Battalion in September 1941. He seems to have stayed with them for the duration of the war. He was in HQ Company, possibly in an administrative capacity only as a non-parachutist, and probably travelled towards Arnhem with the Sea Tail. Any information welcome. Jo Perkins, scunnybunny1@btinternet.com

Lance-Corporal Eric Perkins HQ Company, 2nd Parachute Battalion, 1942


Capt Peter John Perse (advert placed 26/09/14)

I would very interested to hear from anyone who knew my father - Capt Peter John Perse, second in command of "A" Company, 11th Parachute Battalion. He was wounded at Arnhem, then captured and ended up in Oflag 79. Simon Perse, simon.perse99@gmail.com

Captain Peter John Perse


Cliff Phelps (advert placed 26/09/14)

I understand my grandad Cliff Phelps was a glider troop at Arnhem and was possibly one of the men rescued by the US 101st after the battle. We do not know his regiment, rank or number so tracing his activities is proving difficult. We know he hailed from Mountain Ash but had moved to Blackpool. He passed away in the late 80's a proud Welshman. If anyone can help or has any recollection of him, please email matthewkeeganphelps@virginmedia.com

Cliff Phelps


Pte Francis Joseph Phillips (advert placed 20/01/17)

My grandfather was 6104640 Francis Joseph Phillips, 2nd South Staffords. I'm afraid I have no information about his service or even the company he served in. He sadly passed away in 2006 and rarely spoke of his time in the army. Paul Nicholls, pmnicholls77@gmail.com

Private Francis Joseph Phillips


Pte Leslie Phillips

My grandfather was Pte Leslie Phillips army no 14520548. He served with the Parachute Regiment 11th Battalion. He was captured after being shot in the ankle he was taken to Stalag 11B, his POW no was 117662. If anyone knew him or has a photo of him I would be most grateful as Leslie is my moms father, she has never seen him and it would be lovely to know a bit more about him. gbell99@hotmail.co.uk


Peter Robert Pick

I am doing a family tree and I am trying to trace Peter Robert Pick. My information is a little thin, he was based at Culverthorpe Hall near Grantham with the Airborne division, around 1943/1945. His year of birth would be 1916/1917. He was taken prisoner in Germany after Arnhem and thats where my search runs cold. If anyone served or knew of him, please contact me with any information, as at this stage we don't know whether he has passed away or not. jean@salisford55.fsnet.co.uk


Pte Tom Pleavin (died 08/01/45)

My Great Uncle Tom Pleavin served in the Parachute Regiment during WW2 and was sadly seriously wounded at Arnhem then eventually died as a POW. He served in the 3rd Batallion 'C' Company 9th Platoon and his service number was 1570946. I know he was based in Spalding before flying to Holland as well. As far as I am aware he was possibly in the armed forces from 1941 so I am interested in trying to find out as much of his service record as possible and hopefully which POW camp or hospital he eventually passed at was located. Any information most welcome. Nick Jones, skiddouk@yahoo.co.uk

No.9 Platoon, 3rd Parachute Battalion, July 1944


Aleksander Plotnicki

1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade. I would like to contact any surviving veterans or their relatives, particularly those who served in the 7 Kompania of the 3rd Battalion Spadochronowy in order to exchange information of the battle and of the Brigade's training in the UK prior to the battle. My father Aleksander Plotnicki was wounded on the 21st September 44 and casevac'ed out. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who served with him. I would also be pleased to know the whereabouts of his parachute qualification badge, the Polish Diving Eagle with Gold Wreath numbered 2840/1478 Please contact : michael.hyde@mpgh.co.uk


Gnr David E. Plummer (KIA 25/09/44) and Arthur Woods

I am looking for any information on or anybody who remembers my uncle David Plummer, C Troop, 2nd Battery, 1st Airlanding Light Regiment R.A. No.14552328. Came in on the second lift from Manston and was killed (aged 19) on 24/25th September at the Ter Horst House and buried in the garden there initially. Also his friend Arthur Woods, same troop, No. 388334, he escaped across the Rhine on 25th and was known to be in Preston Lancashire in 1945. He was with my uncle when he died and visited our family afterwards. Info. to me Andrew McGlennon am@mcglennons.co.uk


Joseph Ponting

Joseph Ponting is an ex-member of the 3rd Para Battalion, fought at Arnhem, and was a Prisoner of War at Stalags XIIA, IVA, and IVB. He was in a working party at Dresden during the bombing, across the river from the bridge into the city, and he was on the hunger march into Czechoslovakia, but escaped with three others and reached the American lines at Chemnitz. He would be pleased to hear from any fellow veterans with experiences of any of the above. joseph@ponting519jbp.freeserve.co.uk


Dennis Potts

Would anybody who knew my uncle Dennis Potts who was taken prisoner at Arnhem in 1944 please let me know. He was in either in 1 or 2 Para. He sadly passed away in Feb 2007, but would like to know a bit more about his part in the battle as the information from my late Father was a bit vague. Steve Potts, steve_potts01@yahoo.co.uk


S/Sgt Howard E Powell (KIA 25/09/44)

I am looking for information on my uncle, Howard E Powell, Staff Sergeant of the Glider Pilot Regiment, First Airborne Division, D Squadron, 1st Wing who died in the Zilverbeg area of Oosterbreek on the 25th September 1944 during Operation Market Garden. Howard lived in Whitstable, Kent. David Powell, davidrpowell@ntlworld.com


William Raymond Powell

My grandad William Raymond Powell served in the 1st British Airborne Div during ww2, his service no is 14505028. I know he was involved in the liberation of Norway, he was also at Arnhem. Is there a possibility that someone out there new him or served with him? He was from Newport South Wales, he would of been around 18 or 20 yrs of age. He married my nan in 1945, in Grantham, Lincolnshire, so perhaps he was based there. Bill powell, chezy1979@hotmail.com


Flying Officer George "Paddy" Barton Purdon

Navigator, 644 squadron. I am looking for any information regarding my grandfather. If you knew him or a family member knew him please do not hesitate to contact me at david.purdon@gmail.com. It would mean a lot, thanks. Major David P Purdon.


Capt Lionel Queripel VC (KIA 19/09/44)

I am researching the life of Captain Queripel VC who was killed on September 19th 1944 at Arnhem. I would be pleased to hear from anyone with stories, photos, letters or information that might be helpful. Richard Snow, richardssnow@tiscali.co.uk


L/Cpl Peter Quilliam MM

2881271, L/Cpl Peter Quilliam was in the 1st Parachute Battalion. Peter along with 9 others was parachuted into Ancona in Northern Italy - their task to make contact with the allied prisoners and assist them in their escape to the allied lines - extracted from Sangro, (awarded a MM for this), He was at Arnhem. He was taken prisoner by  the Italians after a parachute drop into Sicily 'in mid 1943 but escaped. Peter also survive Arnhem where he was taken prisoner by the Germans but managed to escape. I am seeking any information about his operations and service during WWII. mckeewright@xtra.co.nz


Harold Arthur Quinton (advert placed 30/04/21)

I would be grateful to hear anything about my father. Towards the end of his life he told me that he fought at Arnhem but that's all I know, he didn't want to talk about the events that he witnessed. If you can help please contact me at stevequinton@hotmail.co.uk


Sgt Max Rams (KIA 18/09/44)

D Troop. 1st Airlanding AT Battery, RA. My Name is David Rams and I am looking for any information I can find on my father, Sgt Max Rams. In particular I would like to contact M Sugarman of AJEX London. Mrs Louise Robson, Widow of Sgt Cyril Robson, John C Howe, Lt Edward E Shaw, and Lt Geoffrey Ryal. Max Rams landed in Arnhem on the 17th Sept of 44. Wounded the next, he went to a field hospital and was never seen again. TopCaulk@aol.com


Albert Reas

I am looking for military history of my farther. His name is Albert Reas, he is now 84 years of age but sadly he remembers nothing about his life. I know he was a paratrooper with 2 PARA and was sent to Arnhem in 1944. He was captured and held at Stalag VIIIB from where he escaped with a Canadian and an Australian & 3 Czech woman. I would love to hear from anyone who knows anything at all about my dad. kelame@hotmail.com


Sgt Tommy Reed

My father was originally in the Durham Light Infantry and joined 1st airborne in 1941. He fought in Tunisia and Sicily, he was taken prisoner at Arnhem and was badly wounded, his friends were Hartman and Taylor, they were imprisoned at Sagan 8C and marched to Frankfurt and released by the Americans. If anyone has any information about him or experiences from Arnhem please contact me. Chris Reed, score@worldonline.co.za


Pte Charles Reilly (d.1984)

I'm trying to get more detailed info on the activities of my grandfather, Charlie Reilly, who served with the Paras. He died in 1984. He joined the 4th Parachute Regt, 156 Battalion in Palestine in 1941. Prior to this, he had been a regular in the Royal Irish Regiment (Enniskillen Fusiliers) (He was an Ulsterman). He fought in Italy, going to Taranto by boat with the 156. He saw action there. He landed at Arnhem on the 18/09/44. He was captured on the 24/09/44, apparently blinded by shellfire 'in the woods where he was hiding'. He apparently had horrendous nightmares about hand to hand fighting in the woods, and fighting in houses, but was never specific, and never really spoke of his experiences. He did say that he saw Hackett in the middle of an exchange but that was about it. He was a POW at Stalag x11b at Falingbostel. There, he was made to go down nearby iron ore mines and work barefoot. He hid in a coalbunker and escaped back to allied (American) lines in April 1945. He left the army at the end of 1945. Any help with any info on his career would be greatly appreciated. Andypadmore2002@Tiscali.co.uk


Cpl Kazimierz Rewaj

I'm trying to find out about my natural father (who died on the 30th January 2003), who was a corporal in 9th Company, 3rd Battalion, 1st Polish Independent Parachute Brigade. He won the Krzyz Walecznych (Cross of Valour) for his actions at Arnhem. Dropped near Driel on C-47 Dakota chalk no 44 on 21st Sept 1944, shot at as he decended, one of the 52 to get across on the first attempted river crossing, and one of the last to get back across the river by swimming it. I would love to hear from anyone who possibly might have heard anything about him by their father or grandfather. Ian Dowden, iandowden71@hotmail.com

Corporal Kazimierz Rewaj Corporal Kazimierz Rewaj


Cpl Alfred Reynolds (KIA 18-19/09/44)

My late uncle was Cpl Alfred Reynolds of the 1st Parachute Battalion. I was born in 1963 and therefore only heard stories of my uncle from my late parents his sister Marjorie and brother in law Jack (Marshall) himself a Flight Lieutenant in the RAF. Since my parents have passed away I know have in my possession all my uncles medals. I would like to receive additional information about him from any surviving soldiers or archive material you may possess. Alan Marshall, alanmarshall2@btconnect.com 

Men of the 1st Battalion shelter in a bomb crater


Charlie Roberts

I am trying to find out information regarding my late Grandfather who served at Arnhem in the Parachute Regiment. Unfortunately, he died in 1991 before he could pass on some of the exact unit information and without knowing that I had followed his footsteps back in 1987. Charles [known as Charlie] was born in Leeds, 1924 and married Jean Townsley. Any information from friends and comrades would be very grateful. Ian Roberts, ian.roberts863@blueyonder.co.uk


Pte Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts was 1st Battalion and formerly of the KOSB and hailed from Salford. Ken went on after Arnhem to liberate Copenhagen and served until 1953 demobbing as a Colour Sergeant having also served in post war Germany and Palestine. Any background on the great man (my father) would be gratefully received. Please email broberts@ndirect.co.uk


Sgt Alfred Robus

I am looking for information about Sergeant Alfred Robus. He served in North Africa and was in 10 Platoon, T Company 1st Parachute Battalion at Arnhem. He was awarded a Military medal for gallantry at Arnhem. He was wounded on September 25th 1944. Any information will be gratefully received. Charles Ashton at ashtchar@aol.com


Maj John Rock

I am trying to find a family link. I was wondering if anyone met Major John Rock from the British army who was an instructor at the Central Landing School at Manchester RAF Ringway in 1941-42 now Manchester airport. Please contact 0161 283 8440 if anyone knows anything about him or email olischna1@ntlworld.com. Mark and Donna Cunliffe


Pte Clifford Rogers (KIA 21/10/44)

Clifford Rogers is a family member and I have his medals with box of issue and condolance slip. He was in the 2nd South Staffordshire Regiment, service number 14200219, and was killed at Arnhem on the 21st September 1944, aged 21. I am trying very hard to find out which company he was in. Michael J. Williams, michaeljohnwllms@yahoo.co.uk


Pte William Basil Rogers (d.1996)

My name is Leanne Rogers and I am the Grandaughter of William Basil Rogers who fought at Arnhem as part of the 2nd South Staffordshires. My grandad died in 1996 but he is still a major part of my life and for this reason I would love to hear from anyone who knew him or fellow members of the Airborne Division. I study history at the University of York and at present am writing a thesis on Ordinary Men and their experiences in WW2. Contributions would be very much appreciated from anyone who has a story to tell on what it is like to be taken from everyday life and placed in extraordinary circumstances. These personal stories should never be lost to time like my grandad's were. Please contact Lr114@York.ac.uk


Cpl George Rothwell
Mortar Platoon, 2nd Bn South Staffords. Served with the battalion on airborne operations in Sicily, Italy and Holland. He was wounded in the chest by mortar fire late in the battle near Oosterbeek church and captured shortly before 1st Airborne's withdrawal. George spent the rest of the war as a POW and took part in the 'long march' in early 1945. He came from Burton-upon-Trent and died during the 1980s. Any information on him would be welcomed by Andrew, his 2nd cousin. marytl@ceredigion.gov.uk


James Royle

I am interested in making contact with anybody who was with my grandfather James Royle at the battle of Arnheim. He was a paratrooper from Salford, Manchester. I know he made it to the bridge and then was taken POW to one of the Stalag POW camps. Andrew Royle, Royle9@yahoo.co.uk


Cpl John Ruddy

I am seeking any information regarding my Great Uncle, Cpl John Ruddy of 2 Para who fell at the Battle of Arnhem as a wounded POW on the 21st September 1944. Stuart Ruddy, stuart.ruddy@btinternet.com

Corporal John Ruddy


Joseph Schacher (KIA 20/09/44)

I'm trying to help my friend to collect informations about her grandfather who died in Arnhem September 20th 1944. His name was Joseph Schacher. He was a young french "malgrés nous", from Alsace who was force enlisted by German army. We have very few informations about him, the family only received a letter from an Erzatz unit to announce his death, his grave is in Yesselsteyn (we visited several times) and years ago after the war a british trooper visited the family to return his wallet, it seems that they were together in St Elizabeth Hospital, but unfortunately the family was so surprised and confused that nobody asked this trooper his name and address. We have been trying to locate information about his death and his short military services for years, any help would be very appreciated, if someone knows or remember something about this British gentleman. Lt Col (Ret) Yves "Croc" Le Clair, Yves.Le-Clair@justice.fr


Ernest William James "Jim" Scott

My Grandfather was a British WW2 Glider Pilot - and that's about all we know! He didn't talk about his experiences but when he sadly passed away in 2000 my Dad inherited his medals. It's made us want to know more about his time during the conflict so we can pass his story on, especially to his 8-year-old Great-Grandson who adored him and is army-mad! He was always known as Jim or Jimmy since birth and he lived in and around London and North Waltham during and after his service. If you can help in any way please contact Emma at: kitten_one4all@msn.com


Reginald Scott

My father Reginald Scott was a prisoner at Stalag 11B. He was in the 1st Airborne Division. He was dropped over Arnhem where he was shot on the way down. He was helped by a lovely Dutch family who nursed his wounds until being taken prisoner by the Germans. Is there anyone who remembers him or can help me in any way? My father is now 83 and not well, but remembers everything from his war days. Sheila Scott, sheila.scott40@ntlworld.com

Reginald Scott


Pte Bernard John Sheenan

I'm trying to find information about my father Pte Bernard John Sheehan, Service No 3858290. He joined "the Loyals" in 1939 at Fulwood Barracks, Preston, he later joined the Parachute Regiment, the 11th Battalion I believe. He served in France and the Middle East. He was taken prisoner at Arnhem and sent to Stalag XIIA, his POW No was 90219. I and his grandchildren would be most grateful for any information received. BeagleJack2000@aol.com


RSM Frederick George Sherrington

I'm trying to trace information about my father, he served 25 years in the Army and was R.S.M Frederick George Sherrington, No.3211336. I know he was in one of the gliders going to Arnhem, Royal Corps of Signals, but where and what after that is a mystery as he never talked about it. He died in 1981 but my Mother is still alive aged 102 - and she too would love to find out more about that awful time. Many thanks, Ruth Sherrington, ruthsherrington@hotmail.com


Alfred Peter Sheville

No. 319435. Looking for any info on my uncle, all his papers have been lost. All I know is from my mum's recollections. We seem to think he joined the 3rd Kings Hussars, went to Norway with Rupertforce then all we have is 1st Airborne, Op Market Garden, 2nd SAS, then service with 3 para after that. He was invalided out around '54 to '58 after a bad drop which ended up with him having one leg shorter than the other, any help you can give would me much appreciated. Gary Weeks, raengaz@bigpond.com


Frank Shuckburgh

My father, Frank Shuckburgh, served with 7 Platoon C Company 2 Para. He was a PIAT (portable infantry anti tank) No1 operator. He was taken prisoner and I believe took part in the Long March from Stalag 7. I am looking for any information about his time as a POW and also any photos of the Battalion taken in 1944. Any help would be much appreciated. Frances Shuckburgh, Helenmoon@blueyonder.co.uk


Pte Reginald Howard Shuttlewood (KIA 20/09/44)

2056064, Parachute Regiment A.A.C, secondary regiment Royal Engineers, died 20/09/1944, buried Groesbeek Memorial cemetary. I would like to hear from anyone whose loved one may have known my uncle or served with him. Patrick Perry, perrypatrick@hotmail.com


Jan Siedlecki

I am researching my fathers role in the Garden element of Market Garden. He arrived at Nijmegan via the Seatail from Tilbury. I would like information on one particular incident on the 7th of October 1944 in which there was an unfortunate case of friendly fire which saw the death of three Polish paratroopers. Their names were Cpl Stefan Plechta, L/Cpl Mania Bolesian, L/Cpl Jozef Szkwarek who died of wounds on the 9th of October 1944. There was I believe a fourth member of that Polish patrol, his name was Jan Siedlecki (my father) who I think was a L/Cpl. My father survived having been shot twice in the back. I understand the unit involved was the Grenadier Guards who challenged the Poles, when the Poles answered in Polish the Guards opened fire. This incident was covered in the book,"Poles Apart"by George F Cholewczynsky but it was just a brief mention with no details. I believe he may have been taken to a field hospital in Neerloon but I am unsure. I have his war records which do not shed any light on this incident. If any one knows about this incident or by some miracle news of my father I would be more than happy to hear from you. He was in the Transport and Supply Company. John Walker, johnwalker1944@btinternet.com


Lt Stanislaw Slesicki (KIA 22/09/44) (advert placed 13/02/15)

I am searching for information in respect of the above who was an Officer in the 3rd Polish Parachute Battalion and was also known as Stach. He was killed at Arnhem about the age of 35, and his brother was killed in Poland but I don't know his name. I would be interested to learn anything about him. Stanislaw met my mother in Glasgow when she was in the V.A.D. in 1940. Alison Bilynskyj, catblues44@yahoo.co.uk


Pte Albert Edward "Rocky" Small (advert placed 05/01/15)

Believed to be "B" Company, 3rd Parachute Battalion. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who served with Albert Edward (Rocky) Small in WWII or afterwards during his service in the regular army parachute regiment. The last record of his service we can find is when he was awarded the George Medal in 1961 for his actions when a barrage balloon exploded during jump-training. He also spent some time with 4 Para in Pudsey, West Yorkshire in the 60's. Keith Barrett-Small, kbarrettsmall@hotmail.co.uk


Leonard Smallwood (advert placed 13/02/15)

My grandad a member of 1st Airlanding Anti Tank Battery RA. He was captured on the 17th September 1944. If anybody knew him or has a story to share, please get in touch. David Smallwood, bamf74ds@gmail.com


Cyril E. Smith (KIA 18/09/44)

1st Parachute Battalion. Looking for information about Cyril E. Smith  killed on the 18th September 1944, Arnhem (Market garden) . He was from Hertfordshire. Trina S. Jensen, trina.jensen@gauldalen.no


Freddie Smith

I'm looking for a paratrooper named Freddie Smith. He fought at Arnhem, that is what I'm told. I have a red beret with this name inside and the people who give me this beret said he fought at Arnhem. The information I have is that he came from the Stourbridge area in the West Midlands. Any details much appreciated. Ruud Folman, cfolman06@freeler.nl


Harold Smith

Harold Smith (smudge?) died a few weeks back. His son is looking for any info on him as he never talked about the war. He said that he was at Arnhem and that he saw the twins killed (Thomas & Claude Gronert) on one rare occasion he talked about the war. He was captured and spent the rest of the war in a camp. Apart from that he was in the Parachute Regiment he has no more details. Keith Shelvey, shelvey@globalnet.co.uk


John Boyce Smith

I am trying to put together my dads war details, his name was John Boyce Smith, he was a reme armourer or gun fitter with 3rd bat para and was at Arnhem. He was very reluctant to talk about his experience and so what I have is sketchy. 1, he swam to escape. 2, he was hidden by a dutch family, they had a young daughter named Tina who brought him food. 3, he got home via the dutch resistance, Tina wrote to him after the war but the letters were destroyed by his mother. 4, he ended up in a barracks in York from where he was demobbed in 1946. He married my mother in 1945 in Melton Mowbray where he was stationed for training prior to market garden. I know nothing of his service before arnhem, where he trained, when he joined paras, or what other actions he took part in. Rob Smith, ROBJAIN@aol.com


Pte J. R. Smith

I'm searching for some information about J. R. Smith, service number 4468347. He died on 18-09-1944 near Ruurlo, a place 15 km east of Arnhem. He is burried in Holland on the commonwealth war graveyard in the place Holten, and that place is more than 60km north east of Arnhem. My questions are: How and where did he die? What was he doing in the aera of Ruurlo? Why is he burried in Holten and not on the graveyard in Oosterbeek where all of the paras are burried? Joop de Lange, CSM A-Coy, 13th INFBAT AMB AALST, Holland. joopdelange5@hotmail.com


Pte Richard Arthur Smith (advert placed 14/08/19)

Would dearly like to know if anyone remembers my father, Private Richard Arthur Smith, possibly known as Dick, of 1 Platoon, A company, 11th Battalion, 4th Brigade. His Platoon commander was Lt Vickers (known as "Sticky" Vickers I was told!). He was wounded and taken POW in Oosterbeek at the end of the battle, before being held in Stalag XIB in Falingbostel. He would have been quite distinctive due to skin grafts from facial burns. He was also notably young; he lied about his age on enlistment, and was only 17 when he jumped on Ginkel Heath on the second lift. His Dakota was on fire when he jumped, and his first wound received was a blow to the head from falling debris or equipment whilst still descending in his chute (it wasn't until 1996 that X Ray's revealed a healed fracture to his skull...he fought on oblivious). He turned 18 three days later on the 21st September, in the midst of the battle. Like many vets, he didn't like to discuss his combat experiences; I do remember some details, mostly vague ones relating to my childhood inquiries, from those rare occasions when he saw fit to indulge me I suppose. Fighting outside the Hospital in Arnhem; fighting in gardens in Oosterbeek against tanks and SP guns without adequate AT weaponry, (he did mention Paras defending themselves with improvised devices and satchel charges from upper storey windows) receiving sniper attacks and lots of mortaring of his position. Other snippets I recall are that some of his friends were executed for an attempted escape from POW camp, he suffered from Hepatitis contracted over the Winter of 44/45 and that he himself escaped from the camp, with others, in an unattended German staff car, an opportunity that became available due to guards being sequestered to the front line as allied forces drew close and not remembering to do up a padlock on a gate, with the keys also being left in the vehicle. He was eventually repatriated by Lancaster bomber in 1945, being thrilled to be allowed by the pilot to lie in the bomb aimers blister. He spent a long time recovering in Roehampton Hospital before being demobbed and returning to his family home in Croydon. He never returned to Holland. Picture is from 1946 during his period of plastic surgery at Roehampton, aged 20. Sadly he passed away in 2013 aged 86. My partner and I will be attending the 75th Anniversary of Market Garden in Arnhem/Oosterbeek this year in his honour. David Smith, electrofluff@yahoo.co.uk

Private Richard Arthur Smith


Pte William Smith (KIA 19/09/44) (advert placed 26/09/14)

I am looking for any information on my uncle, Private 1826449 William Smith of 3 Battalion, Parachute Regiment who was killed on 19th September 1944 at or near Arnhem, aged 23 years. He is buried in the Oosterbeek War Cemetery. His only surviving sister is now 91 years old and would appreciate any information relating to William (or Willie). He came from Stroma, a small island off the North coast of Scotland between the mainland and Orkney. Alan Smith, smithagr@btinternet.com


Pte William J. Snow (d.26/5/45)

11th Battalion, attached from 133 Parachute Field Ambulance, RAMC. No.7264535. If there is anyone who might have known my father please contact Phil Snow, bopsaint@yahoo.co.nz


L/Cpl Peter John Southwell

Served with 1st Airborne Reconnaissance Squadron in A Troop. I am researching the life of Southwell as part of my school history project as he was a former pupil of my school. I believe Southwell was in Italy in 1943 and that he caught malaria. I also know that he was killed in an accident in Tarrant Rushton and is buried in Shafesbury, Dorset. I would love to hear from anybody that remembers Peter Southwell and that can help me with my research. Also, does anybody know if Peter Southwell was related to Trooper Frank Southwell who was involved in the Planken Wambuis ambush. Email hellierhome@aol.com


H. W. Spencer

I have a book called "De Slag Om Arnhem", I got it from a relative of mine. It has been signed by a veteran; H.W. Spencer, 6 Platoon, S Company, 1st Parachute Battalion. I am looking for a photo of this person to complete the book. Any help in finding him or his relatives would be appreciated. Rogier van Balgooi, rogiervanbalgooi@live.nl


Maj Ronnie Stark

My father was Major Ronnie Stark who fought at Arnhem - I am very interested to know if anyone who served with him during that time it still alive and if they can tell me anything about him during that time (or any other time during his time in the Paras and army, prior to that). Henrietta Goldie (nee Stark), goldieha@hotmail.com.


Victor Stewart

I am trying to get any information about my wifes uncle, Victor Stewart born in Scotland and was on the Bruneval raid. I believe he was in C Company, 2nd Paratroop Batalion. I think his nickname was the Gambler. Chris Trethowan, christrethowan@yahoo.com


Walter Stocker

Does anyone remember my father Walter Henry Stocker from Arnhem? He kept everything a secret about the raid but we do have 1 photo of him and 3 comrades that we believe all died there. He died on the 19th November 2012. Graham stocker@mymts.net


Pte Cyril Stones

I am looking for any information on or anyone who has any recollection of my grandfather Cyril Stones from Leeds, who took part in Market Garden, with the Medium Machine Gun Group, 1st Battalion The Border Regiment. Any information would be much appreciated as I have very little information on his service. Owen Lysak, owenlysak@hotmail.com


Lt David Valentine Storrs MC (d.1956)

David Valentine Storrs was my father. He was involved in helping to bring the Poles across the river and is mentioned in several books. He was himself successfully evacuated but was killed in an accident at a gold mine in 1956 in Val D'Or Canada where he was working. I was not yet 2 years old. It would be splendid to hear from anyone who might remember him. guystorrs@fsmail.net


Albert George Such

Albert George Such No. 14318215 joined the Army on 5th November 1942 enlisted as a gunner with the Royal Artillery. In February 1943 he was posted to the 1st Air Landing Light Regiment and was a fully trained airborne gunner. In May 1943 Albert left with his regiment for North Africa arriving at Sousse Tunisia on 27th May 1943, training was intensified for the airborne invasion of Sicily. In September 1943 Albert left with his regiment for Italy landing at Taranto where they had their first taste of battle. He arrived back in England on 10th February 1944. I am not sure if my dad was involved in the assault on Pegasus bridge he seems to think he was. Albert (my dad) took part in probably the most famous Airborne Assault - Arnhem. By the 25th September they were trapped in a small pocket with their backs to the Rhine. They were ordered to withdraw by swimming across the river. They had to leave behind radio operators, medics and the wounded, which Albert was (shot in the groin) he was eventually picked up and taken Prisoner of War to a Military Hospital and on to Stalag 9C. Later when the Americans were advancing they moved the prisoners further into Germany, but Albert and some others escaped and hid in a farmhouse until being picked up by the Americans who he stayed with for a few months before being repatriated. Due to his injuries he was transferred to the Military Police. He was promoted to Bombardier in 1946 before leaving the forces. He will be 87 in April and wonders if there is anyone that remembers him. Lynda Lidington, landtl@tiscali.co.uk


Roland "Roly" Swinburn

I have recently come across a story written by my Great Uncle Roland "Roly" Swinburn about his experience In Operation Market Garden at Arnhem.  I would love to hear from anybody who can remember or has any infomation on him. He served in the 1st Airborne Division, 2nd Battalion, the South Staffs (a Glider Battalion). Any help would be highly appreciated. contact email: jonstevenson15@aol.com


Lt Albert "Tan" Tannenbaum

My father was taken POW in Arnhem in Operation Market Garden on 21/9/1944. He was Lieut. Albert 'Tan' Tannenbaum. He was shot at the so-called 'Brummen' incident, and after hospital treatment at Enschede hospital, was marched to Oflag XIIB, Lower Camp, until liberation. I would like to hear from anyone who was with him in this camp, or who may have known him beforehand. From March 1944 he served with the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment, of the 1st Airborne Division. Before that, he was in France, Italy and North Africa with, I think, the East Surrey Regiment. He lived in Wembley, Middx. David Tanner, dptan@tiscali.co.uk


S/Sgt Harold Tarrant (Died of Wounds 17/09/44)

I am hoping someone will remember my father who was a glider pilot with 16 Flight, of F Squadron, No.2 Wing. His service number was 2336298. He flew from Broadwell and was mortally wounded during a crash landing on Sunday 17th September, dying later on that day. Also does anyone know which glider he flew and what his cargo was? Please contact me at this email address: plotholder@yahoo.co.uk


Lt Jim Taylor

7th King's Own Scottish Borderers. I am a former Captain in the South Saskatchewan Regiment and am looking for a contact address for Jim Taylor. Professor Cecil E. Law, lawc@post.queensu.ca


Ron Taylor

I'm trying to contact an ex Para in the name of Ron Taylor. I have only met him once but we have communicated a great deal on a football message board. All I know is that he emigrated to Mission, BC, Canada about ten years ago. Rich Moore, obrist.uk@ntlworld.com


Sgt Francis R Tedman DSM MM (added 18/04/08)

My grandfather served in C Co, 156 Para Bn, 4 Bde. Very scant details but would like to hear from anyone that knows him or has heard of him. He contributed to the book 'a bridge to far' but little more is know other than he fought with 4 Bde and did escape back across the Rhine. Delighted to hear from anyone that can help.  tedders72@hotmail.com


Cpl Dale Thatcher

I am trying to find additional iformation for my Dad, Dale Thatcher, on his group from the 40th Mobile Communication Squadron. This 10 man group consisted of Lieutenants Geddes and Johnson, Sergeant Jones, Corporal Dale Thatcher, Paul S. Benton, Gino Berardino, Albert A. Dunn, Robert Evans, James Leu and Milton Ostern. My dad mentioned the other day that he wondered what had become of his "buddy" Gino Berardino from California. They had gone through radio school together. Has heard nothing of any of the group since their capture in Arnhem on Sept 26th, 1944. Larry Thatcher, thatchman69@comcast.net


Sgt Robert Thompson

I wonder if anyone has any information they could offer me on my father, Sergeant Robert Thompson ('Tommo'), A Company, the 11th Battalion, killed at Arnhem, or of his friend, Sergeant George Bowers, who are buried alongside one another in Oosterbeek Cemetary. Jeff Thompson, jraethompson@talktalk.net


Doug Thorndale

My uncle was a Glider Pilot and also flew Halifax's during WW2. I am keen to hear from anyone that knew of him at this time. I understand from my father, (his brother) that he was in action the night before D-Day as a Glider Pilot and successfully fought his way back to the allied line in order to be shipped back to fly Halifax's dropping supplies. He also took part in Operation Market Garden, as a Glider Pilot once again. Flying into the Arnhem area his glider hit trees before landing, killing his co-pilot and severely injuring his own back. He was then captured and ended up at Stalag XIB, Fallingbostel where he spent the rest of the war until liberation in 1945. Ken Thorndale. ken.thorndale@ntlworld.com


Kenneth Thornton

My father was in 239 Squadron at West Raynam from 1944 - 1945 then the 644 Squadron in Qastina Palestine from 1945 - 1946. He worked on Mosquitos. Could any one who remembers him please contact me on kaz5803@hotmail.com. It would make his day.


2nd Lt Richard Tice

1st Independent Polish Parachute Brigade. I am looking for any information about my father, Richard Tice, who served with the 3rd Battalion, 7th Company, and who died at Arnhem (Baarskamp Farm in Driel) on September 22, 1944. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who served with him. Heather Tice Haake, heatherhaake@uniserve.com


Lieutenant J Tiernan

Does anybody know if the QM of 181 Airlanding Field Ambulance - Lieutenant J Tiernan is still alive? Any information about him would be appreciated to arnhemdescent@gmail.com


E. W. Timbrell (KIA 18/09/44)
I am trying to find out information on my Father who was killed at Arnhem. He was in 6 Platoon, S company 1st Battalion. Could any survivors or relatives of members of that Platoon get in touch? I have a photo of the Platoon taken a few days before they left for Arnhem. I have no identities for anyone in this photo, but would like to make some efforts to name them. Write to gerald@rightway.biz


Cpl Harry Tolson

I am trying to find out more about my father's service during WWII. He is in the Group photograph of the 9th Field Company R.E. (airbourne) March-June 1944, as Sergeant Tolson. I believe he was in Arnhem, and is mentioned in the war diaries dated 29th September 1944 with the following statement " 1st Seaborne party of 12 sappers under Cpl. TOLSON left behind to return to ENGLAND by sea". His wife kept a cutting from the local press ( South London Press) which stated he returned to England with Dvr Frederick Adams. I would like to hear from anyone who served with him or from Frederick Adams or members of his family with any information. John Tolson, johnandchris.Tolson@BTinternet.com


Bernard Thomas Tonks
My Father, (who died when I was 10, 1969) I only recently discovered served in WW2 with the 2nd South Staffs. His name was Bernard Thomas Tonks and had an older brother William Tonks. I have only ever seen 1 photo of him wearing a Maroon beret bearing wings. His brother I know was definately in Palestine. My father had a certificate from the King of Norway about the liberation there, from that I was told he would have been at Arnham and Sicily? Any info will be of great help as there is little tracing I can do via the family. Steve Tonks, steve@mrtonks.com


2nd/Lt Harold Purday Toon

I am trying to find info on a soldier from the Hallamshire battalion who was my late father's best friend. His name was 2nd Lieutenant Harold Purday Toon. In September 1944 the Hallams were attempting to reach Arnhem and relieve the paras. Harold was killed on the 25th September 1944 while taking part in the attack on Ryckervorsel and I wonder if anyone out there remembers him. He had only been with the Battalion for approx 5 weeks but had already made a strong impression on his superiors. He was in C company and led 13 platoon I believe. Bruce Reynolds, fullmoon@globalnet.co.uk


Sgt Edgar Toseland

I am from the first air landing anti tank battery R.A. I was looking for old friends from this battery. Sargeant Edgar Toseland, edgar@flipperclub.fsnet.co.uk


Pte Dominic Toye

I would like more information on my grandfather Pte. Dominic Toye service no 14364253 who was with the R A M C, attached to "B" Company, 7th King's Own Scottish Borderers. I know he was captured and sent to Stalags XIIA and XIB.  I would like to know what part he played in the battle and where he was caputered. Any info contact me at dt1708@blueyonder.co.uk.


Arthur Turner

I am searching for any information regarding my great uncle, a British paratrooper named Arthur Turner. Unfortunately I do not have any unit or rank information. I do know that he was wounded after he jumped. I believe he may have been shot under his chin. He did survive and was evacuated. Unfortunately, my other surviving family members don't have much information about him. I now have children of my own and as a father and a veteran myself, would like to know more about him and be able to educate my children as they get older about their family history. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I may be contacted at jacksonmitch75@yahoo.com


John Albert Turner

My father John Andrew Turner served in the 156 Battalion with great pride. He enlisted from the East Yorkshire Regiment in India, completed his training in Palestine before serving with the 156, I have vague memories of him mentioning C Company but can not be sure if he actually served in that company or just talked of them. Although proud of his service much of it was very painful, and he lost many of his closest friends. He passed away on Thursday 27th July 2006, we would welcome any knowledge of his service. john@sailorjt.wanadoo.co.uk


CSM Victor Twist (advert placed 29/10/15)

I'm searching for any information on my grandfather, CSM W.O.II Victor J. Twist, B company, 156 Battalion Parachute Regiment, captured at Arnhem and I believe sent to a stone quarry camp in Poland. Paul Wurr, duellist@hotmail.com


Edward "Paddy" Tyrell

I would be interested to hear from anyone that knew my Grandfather you fought in Arnheim. I do not which regiment he was in only he was in the paras. His name was Edward Tyrell aka Paddy I believe. edwards_333@hotmail.com


Pte John Tyson (KIA 22/09/44) (advert placed 01/07/16)

My second cousin twice removed was 3189065 John Tyson, No.2 Anti-Tank Platoon, 7th KOSB. He was killed in action on the 22nd Sept 1944. I recently went over to the Netherlands on a battlefield tour and I paid my respects to him whilst over there. If anyone has any information or photos they could share, I would be most grateful. Peter Tarrant, petetarrant@hotmail.co.uk


Pte Charles Upperton

I wonder if anyone remembers my grandfather Charles Upperton, he transfered from the Royal Sussex Regiment to the Parachute Regiment. I have tried in vain to find a nominal role for 2 Para during Arnhem but to no avail. Does any one remember him and have any memories of him they could share, or is he on an old Platoon or Coy photo? He mentioned Arnhem to my father but he died in 1978. I would appreciate any help in my enquiries. Thanks in advance, Steven Clayton, redongo@tesco.net


Sam Valentine

Served with corp/sgt Tommy Jones in Germany and possibly at Arnhem. Battalion unknown. 6th airborne (attached to 1st) for Arnhem. Sam Valentine was Tommy's pal and was Scottish. Any information on him would be grateful. Or from/of any one else that served with Tommy. I know the story about him driving a German halftrack into the woods and getting it stuck between the trees.(Sam that is). dylane@ntlworld.com


Lieutenant Arthur Vickers

My grandfather who I sadly never got to meet joined the army while living in Liverpool and was placed in the same 11th Battalion Parachute Regiment as my great uncle [see "Lloyd" James McKenna, above]. They met each other and became close friends, and when my uncles belongings needed to be brought back to his family in Quebec, Canada he took them himself and delivered them to Alice Mckenna, Lloyd's sister. A few years later Arthur married Lloyd's sister Alice and that is how my Grandfather met my Grandmother. Any stories or information from others would be a great asset to my family and especially me. Meaghan Dempster, Snikelfrit@hotmail.com


Frank Wade

Looking for any information regarding my grandad who served in the 2nd South Staffs from 1943-46. His name was Frank Wade and was from Essex. Any information would be much appreciated as I have only just found out about it. Any information please contact tony_wade_28@hotmail.com


Loftus Wagenmakers (KIA 20/09/44)

I am doing research on the name Wagenmakers. One of my relatives, Loftus Wagenmakers of the 156 Parachute Battalion, died 20-09-1944. He was part of operation Market Garden. I would like to come in contact with anyone who has known Loftus, or knows about his parents and relatives. His parents were Sietse Djurre Wagenmakers and Ada Malone. Piet Boltjes, pboltjes@planet.nl


Larry Wainwright

Love to hear from anyone who remembers LARRY WAINWRIGHT (SCOWSER) served in 2 Para Arnhem under JOHN FROST. Please contact me at BEZWAIN@AOL.COM.UK


Sgt Harry Walker (KIA 29/09/44)

I have a personal interest in the Battle of Arnhem and the Glider Pilot Regiment as my mother's cousin 957301 Sgt Harry H. Walker aged 29 was killed in action 29-9-44 and is buried in Oosterbeek War Cemetery. Does anyone remember Harry and recall seeing him during the battle? I can be contacted via e-mail at jacobean@btinternet.com. My mother and I look forward to hearing from anyone remembering her cousin Harry.


John Makie Walker

I am writing in the hope that someone may have in their possession war time photographs of my father in law the late Mr John Makie Walker 6th Airborne - Operation Tonga 644 Squadron, Rank Captain, service number 932, captured after D Day and a POW until liberation. Captain J M Walker passed away in 1977 at his home in Buenos Aires Argentina and is buried at the British cemetery. He went to Argentina after the war to run the family sheep station where he met and married his wife Mrs Ines Green  and where they had their only child Sandra Walker (my Wife). I seek any information or photograph that his comrades may have of Mr Walker to hand down to his grandchildren. Robert Torralba, BTorralba@bh.com.au


Sam Walker

My name is Camilla Eidsaune. I am a 25 years old girl from Norway. My grandfather, Samuel (Sam) Walker, was a parachutist over Arnhem. He was in the 1st Airbornr Division, 3 Parachute Battalion. He was one of the 2000 men who did survive the war. After the war he went to Norway and met my grandmother in Oslo. They stayed here in Norway. He died when my mom was 17 yars old, and did not speak much about his time as a soldier. So I hope someone can help me to find out more about my forgotten grandfather Samuel. vegcam@hotmail.com


Victor Walker

3600710, C Company 1 Border. I have his paybook and am seeking information about him. Alistair Taylor, eckythescot@blueyonder.co.uk


Anthony Wall aka Anthony Ralph Owen

Service No. 4912734, South Staffordshire Regiment. I would love any information regarding my Grandfather, he served in the glider pilot section. I know he died in Canada in 1991 at the "Sunnybrook Hospital". I would appreciate a photograph or any information on where I might obtain a photo of him. Chris Williams, cwilliams@orcon.net.nz


Pte Joseph Wallace

156 Battalion. I'm trying to find any info on my great uncle who fought and died at Oosterbeek. His name was Joseph Wallace para reg A.A.C 3770003 pte. We do know he also served in India for a number of years before being sent to Arnhem. He was born in Liverpool and also played the bugle for the army, if anyone has any info, no matter how small I would really appreciate it, or point me in the right direction. tomdgas@hotmail.com


Alf Ward

Unknown unit of 1st Airborne Division, believed at one time to have been Brigadier Hackett's driver. Any information welcome, dwandpcmail@members.v21.co.uk

Alf Ward


Pte Geoffrey Warburton

I am looking for any information regarding the involvement of the King's Own Scottish Borderers in the battle, especially regarding Private Geoffrey Warburton. Any inforamtion gratefully received. Rachel Warburton, 125249@sjd.ac.uk


Sgt Thomas Watson (KIA 21/09/44)

I am looking for some info/photo's or anything on Sgt Thomas Watson, 1st Airlanding Brigade, 1st Airborne Battalion The Border Regiment, B Company, 14 Platoon, number 3602924. He came from Blyth and he was the son of Joseph and Agnes Watson. He was killed near Driel Ferry on the 21/9/1944 and is buried in Oosterbeek. He is my father and he died just before I was born (Oct 44). Iwould be very grateful for any information. Mrs Irene Thomson, thomson57@btinternet.com


Cpl (Sgt) Walter H Watson

My father was with 1 Airborne Division Signals at Arnhem (having transferred to the Parachute Regiment in North Africa in 1943, formerly Sherwood Foresters). I know he was based around the Oakham area (in/near a stately home?) immediately prior to Market Garden and emplaned for North West Europe (as his records say) on 18th Sept 1944 (Day 2). According to the little he ever really spoke about the time, he was the C.Os signaller (believe he was still a Cpl at that time). He dropped, carrying both the field radio and (so he told me) a Bren gun. He fought and evaded capture for the first couple of days, eventually being taken prisoner on Day 4 (3 days on the ground). Reported as missing on 25/09/44, he ultimately ended up in Stalag VIIIC near to Zagan. He was returned to Allied hands on 28/03/45, promoted to Sgt. Repatriated to the UK 19/04/45 and was finally demobbed in August 1946, from Guards Division Signals. Sadly, Dad is no longer with us, having passed away 5 years ago but I am very curious to try and fill in the gaps and find out as much information as I can now, such as - who he jumped with (Unit) and where his DZ was? I believe it was close to Wolfeze (but so were most of Days 1 & 2!); where he was during the 3 days he was on the ground. I am keen to hear from anyone who may have known him, either before, during or after the operation. Any help to fill in the blanks will be gratefully received! Paul K Watson, paul@pekae.co.uk


Pte Cyril Wattam (KIA 25-26/09/44)

I'm an ex-Para having served 1965 to 1979 in 1Para. I have an Uncle who was my father’s youngest brother who served with the RASC. He was a member of HQ 4th Parachute Brigade and died at Arnhem at the age of 24 yrs apparently whilst crossing the river back to safety on the night 25th/26th September 1944. He is buried along with 5 other soldiers in Amerongen having been swept down stream with the flow. I would like to know more about the circumstances of his death, whether he was shot, drowned or what and how he coped during the battle. I’m not sure what method he used for deployment, parachute or glider but would welcome any information you might have or where I might get a copy on an aircraft manifest etc. mwattam@btinternet.com

Private Cyril Wattam


Harry Weatherell (KIA 19/09/44)

Can you tell me where to get info on Harry B. Weatherell gnr. 1st Airlanding Anti Tank Battery, KIA 19 sept 44? weatherell@verizon.net


Horst Weber

My name is Erwin van Koppenhagen and I am a battlefield tour guide specialised in the battle of Arnhem. I live in Arnhem. In September this year I met a German veteran who had fought in Arnhem during operation Market Garden. His name is Horst Weber. He was one of the German soldiers who had to conquer the bridge area, fighting against the soldiers of the second parachute battalion. He told me a remarkable story abouth some British prisoners of war he had taken in the bridge area. These prisoners were brought to the cellar of the municipality house, they were very tired and had nothing to eat. So Horst Weber went searching for food in Arnhem city, and came back with some pots of pears on juice. He gave these to the british prisoners and they were very greatful to him. Horst Weber now is searching for these veterans who where taken prisoner at that time and wants to meet them very much. Are they still alive, please contact mr. Horst Weber, Grossheide 179, 41063 Mönchengladbach, Germany, Phone: 0049 21 61 86 190.


Charlie Edward Whatton

Looking for information on my uncle, Charlie Edward Whatton, 1919 - 2002. Born in lived, in Islington up to about 1960. According to both his sisters Charlie parachuted into Arnhem and was amongst the fortunate ones to escape over the Rihine. I would much appreciate hearing from anyone that might know anything of Charlie Whatton, in particular I would like to know the unit/regiment in which he served. Keith Stone, km.stone@home.nl


Ray Wheatley

My dad, Ray Wheatley, was a glider pilot with the first airborne division. I don't think he was at Arnhem but would like to track down anyone who knew him. He died a few years ago without saying much about his experiences. Please contact me if you can help on Mark.Wheatley@parkwell.co.uk


Pte Thomas Whittaker

My name is Neil Schorah, a work friend of mine Mr. Allen Whittaker has asked me if I can assist him in finding out the details of his late fathers movements at Arnhem; he has given me what information he knows, Thomas Whittaker, Number 3655345, Anti-Tank Platoon, Support Company, 10th Parachute Battalion, 4th Parachute Brigade. Taken prisoner Stalag 4B. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. schorah02@tiscali.co.uk

Private Thomas Whittaker


Glyn Williams

My friend is Glyn Williams (army No. 14876903) and he joined the army in 1944. At Christmas 1944 he was drafted to 2nd Battalion South Staffordshire Regiment, Airborne. He was with them 4 years and during that time served at G.C.L.O. (German Civil Labour Organisation). Glyn is now 79 years of age and still singing wonderfully with 'The Minstral Show'. Glyn (stage name Glyn Dawson) is the longest serving member of the original 'George Mitchels Black & White Minstrells' who provided so much marvellous entertainment on TV for many many years. He would love to be in contact with any surviving chums from his army days. David A. Haddock, 8 Marshfield Road, Timperley, Altrincham, Cheshire. WA15-7BY. Tel; 07760-193143, dave.haddock8@ntlworld.com


Pte Robert Hugh Williamson

I'm researching my wife's Grandfather who served in the 1st Battalion Border Regt during WWII. Williamson 3596704, Pte Robert Hugh, posted missing 25.9.44, PoW Stalag XIIA, number 075948, from Seaham, Co Durham. Looking for any information as I'm trying to find out where else he served. If anyone recognises the name or can help with information, I'd really appreciate it. Rod Shack rodney_shack@yahoo.co.uk.


CQMS Albert John Willis

My granddad was a British POW after capture at Arnhem. Albert John Willis (went by John Willis his whole life) service # 6024809, Birthdate : April 15-1914, 2nd Parachute Battalion. I believe he was shot at Arnhem before capture, may have been during capture though. Captured 9/25/44, held at Stalag XIIA at Limburg and released 4/26/45 ( these are family recollections on the dates). Rank at discharge CQMS. Any information you can relate would be fabulous. Julia Willis, kaos@whooshnet.com


Pte Ron Willis

Maybe there's someone who can tell me what happend with Ron. We used to write and in September during the memorials I drove Ron to several places, but a few years ago he stopped writing and didn't show up in Arnhem. I tried to contact him by phone, but his number was disconnected. The people at the Town Hall couldn't give me any information about him for private reasons so I hope someone can help me to find out what is going on. rabbejas@telenet.be


Pte Alec Wilson

I am anxious to obtain any information regarding my late Father. Alexander Outridge Wilson army number 5573609, (Alec or Alex), was originally with the Royal Sussex 2nd Battalion in North Africa subsequently (I believe?) reformed into the 1st Airborne, 10th Battalion. He was in Italy and finally dropped at Arnhem was slightly wounded, captured and incarcerated in a camp close to or on the Czech border. After his repatriation he returned shortly to his native Devon (Exmouth) before settling here in the Midlands. Dad would never speak in any detail about his war exploits except in the most flippant or off hand manner. He was a very accomplished pianist and always told me that playing piano and making tea was his main contribution to the War Effort, having done a little research into the Italian and especially Arnhem campaigns I'm pretty sure that this was not really the whole truth! Having been a Leicestershire boy for most of my life one memory I do have is that Dad was billeted in Somerby (maybe Somerby Hall or House?) before 'Market Garden' and also that one night there was a fire at the house which meant the troops spending the night outside. I wonder whether anyone else shares this memory? alec@willoughby-house.co.uk

Private Alec Wilson Private Alec Wilson Private Alec Wilson Private Alec Wilson Private Alec Wilson


Sgt Donald Frederick Wilson MM (KIA 17/09/44)

I am trying to trace anyone who new my uncle, Serjeant Donald Frederick Wilson MM, killed at Arnhem believed 3rd battalion. Any information please contact me at spur682000@yahoo.co.uk


Pte Norman Wilson

My grandfather Mr. Norman Wilson served in No.21 Platoon, "D" Company, 2nd South Staffordshire Regiment during WWII, in North Africa, Italy and the Operation Market Garden landings at Arnhem where he told me he was dropped in the wrong location and after being on the run for a few weeks handed himself in, and was a prisoner of war at Stalag VIIIC for the remainder of the war. He spoke very little about his time in the army other than small amounts whilst I was a child, and he unfortunately passed away aged 85 on 6th February 2008, (Date of Birth 23rd August 1922). Any information welcome. David Jones, Dragonback1979@tiscali.co.uk

Private Norman Wilson


Lt William Charles Withnall

My father William Charles Withnall was a Lieutenant in the 2nd Battalion South Staffs he commanded 7 platton and was captured on the 20th September in some houses near the museum. I would love to hear from any of the veterans that served with him as I have tried to do some further research but am struggling to get further information. Martyn Withnall, mw004j2501@blueyonder.co.uk


Lt Ronald William Wood (KIA 23/09/44)

By request of the Shakespeare-Taylor family from Shropshire I am trying to find out what happened to an uncle of theirs. He was Lt Ronald William Wood, 296198, 156 Bt, B Coy, 6 Plt. He died of his wounds on 23-09-1944 in a hospital in Utrecht and is buried at Utrecht General Cemetery Soestbergen. During the Airborne Commemorations in September the Shakespeare-Taylors will visit Arnhem ans it would be wonderful when I could give them more details about their uncle.hanks in advance. Levien Wooninck, wooni61@hetnet.nl


Pte John Alfred Woodcock (KIA 25/09/44)

I am gathering any available information on my uncle: Private John Alfred Woodcock (S/N 1445239) 10 Parachute Battalion, killed in action at Ginkel Heath in September 1944. It is alleged that he was shot by Dutch SS soldiers at the northern side of Ginkel Heath. Private Woodcock was only 23 years old when he was killed and I want to record and preserve the memory of these gallant lads. If you can help please email me at cjdale@yahoo.com, all information no matter how small is greatefully received.


Lt James Woods (KIA 25/09/44)

I am a police officer and am gathering information on 2 officers who died during Market Garden. Lt James WOODS of 1st Airlanding Light Regt RA. He died on 25th Sept on the outskirts of Oosterbeek and was the gun position officer for D troop of the 2nd Airlanding Light Battery. Sgt John BURGE was an AAC glider pilot. According to an add above he was "C" Sqdn., 2 Wing and second pilot to S/Sgt N Brown. Sgt Burge dies probably pathfinding the evacuation across the Rhine on 26/26th Sept. I cannot reach shamen_25@yahoo.co.uk  re his ad above - please contact me. Both these men were from Lambeth Police and their names appear on the roll of honour at Brixton Police Station where I work.


Sgmn Ronald Harry Woodward (KIA 24/03/45)

Uncle Ron was a memeber of the 1st Airborne, 6th Regiment, Parachute Regiment. We know he served at Arnhem, there is film footage of him. He told my husband an interesting tale about the D- day landings which involved him being hidden by nuns. Tragically Ron was killed in March 1945, aged 21 near Nijmegen. The family were told that he died when jumping from a plane and landed on a mine. His name is on the memorial at Grosbeek in Holland. He was reportedly with the 6th Airborne Divisional Signals at the time. We would love to hear from anyone who remembers Ron or who can tell us anything about him. This is for our family archive and for my husband to whom as a 5 year old Ron was a hero and role model .Thank you. bull26rosie@aol.com


Sgt Reginald Wright

6403143, No.17 Platoon, "D" Company, 10th Parachute Battalion. I am after more information and possibly pictures about my Granddads time in the parachute regiment around the time of operational Market Garden. He was a sergeant in the paras during the operation and was captured by the Germans during the operation. Wayne Hunt, w_hunt2002@yahoo.co.uk


Capt Ernest Wyss (KIA 19/09/44)

Dear Veteran and friend of the South Staffs. We look for any information of Capt. Ernest Wyss. We are interested in whichever information about the battle of Arnhem, before September 1944 and during the War. Can someone tell us something about his way of life, character, favourite drinks, jokes, girlfriends and his time in the British army? Please tell us everything that you know. If you like, we can call you back, so let us know you address and phone number. Kaspar Bruegger. bruegger@bossmetallbau.ch


Cfn George York

I am looking for any information about my father Craftsman George York MM who served with the 1st Airbourne Reconnaissance Squadron at Arnhem and was wounded and captured there. I will be attending the Arnhem Commemoration events this year and would love to hear from anyone who can tell me what dad got up to during the nine days of Arnhem. Ann York, messagetomarket@btinternet.com


Fred Young

A very dear ex-colleague of mine was with 2 Para at Arnhem, he didnt often chat about his experinces there but I would love to comunicate with any of his old comrades. His name is Fred Young, of Widnes, Merseyside. joanneworrall@yahoo.co.uk