The 3rd Parachute Brigade drops over DZ-A The 3rd Parachute Brigade dropping on DZ-A Brigadier Hill speaks with his men as he tours one of the 9th Battalion's positions A Vickers machine-gun of the 9th Parachute Battalion

3rd Parachute Brigade


Believed to be the 7th Battalion landing on DZ-B

5th Parachute Brigade


A Horsa landing on LZ-P Americans of the 513th Parachute Infantry Regiment on LZ "P" A Horsa which made a safe landing British and American airborne troops take cover Men of the 6th Airlanding Brigade take cover amongst the wreckage of a Horsa glider

The shattered remnants of a crashed Horsa One of the 2nd Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry gliders Horsa gliders near Hamminkeln Horsa and Hamilcar gliders on a landing zone Medical orderlies attached to the 6th Airlanding Brigade moving off the landing zone

The scene across one of the landing zones in the hours after the 6th Airlanding Brigade arrived Men of the 6th Airlanding Brigade moving off the landing zone Men of the 12th Devons, with prisoners in tow, prepare to enter Hamminkeln Men of the Glider Pilot Regiment escort a column of prisoners through Hamminkeln Brigadier Hugh Bellamy speaking with Major Eddie Warren in Hamminkeln

An anti-tank gun in Hamminkeln A wrecked glider in Hamminkeln Station Two lightly wounded men of the 6th Airlanding Brigade await treatment

6th Airlanding Brigade


A Locust light tank moving across LZ-P A knocked-out Locust tank A Universal Carrier in Hamminkeln Men of 716th Light Composite Company passing through Hamminkeln Sergeant John McCarter of "F" Squadron, The Glider Pilot Regiment, in Hamminkeln

Divisional Units


A Polsten gun crew prepare to move off the landing zone A Universal Carrier on one of the landing zones Men of the 1st Royal Ulster Rifles digging in on the bank of the River Issel Two men of an anti-tank battery digging in a 6-pounder gun on the edge of a landing zone A sergeant of Divisional Signals operates a radio

One of the airborne dressing stations Four stretcher cases awaiting evacuation A wounded German is loaded onto a stretcher A medical officer treats a wounded German A Parachute Regiment sniper

Two men of the Glider Pilot Regiment with two men of the 6th Guards Tank Brigade A paratrooper casualty caught in a tree A crashed Dakota burning furiously on the west bank of the Rhine An aerial view across one of the 6th Airlanding Brigade's landing zones Major-General Bols and Brigadier Hill

Two German prisoners with men of the 224th Parachute Field Ambulance German prisoners under guard on one of the landing zones A British NCO leads one of the first groups of captured Germans towards the POW cage A large column of German prisoners A German prisoner is interrogated

A knocked-out Mk IV panzer The field grave of Lieutenant-Colonel Nicklin A captured German truck being used by American troops



The 6th Airborne Division's sea tail moving up A self-propelled gun of the 2nd Army enters the 6th Airborne's area An armoured car of the 15th Scottish Division arrives in the 6th Airborne area

Sea Tail and Relieving Forces


John Sellars' painting, depicting the Rhine Crossing A painting by Lieutenant Otway, depicting the landing of the 13th Battalion



Axe Handle Wood, on DZ-A, as seen today from the East Looking north-west across DZ-A Looking North along the western face of Axe Handle Wood on DZ-A Looking east across DZ-A Looking east across DZ-A

Looking east across DZ-A Looking south across DZ-A Kopenhof Farm, used as Divisional Headquarters, as it appears today Hamminkeln Station The area of Hamminkeln Station

The Cemetery The memorial to the 2nd Battalion The Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry