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X rds

Map Reference


5th/7th Battalion The Gordon Highlanders

51st Highland Division


Aircraft / Armoured Car


Assistant Director Medical Services

Armoured Fighting Vehicles








Brigade Major


Bridge / British






Commanding Officer




Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General



Defensive Fire

Division / Divisional

Drop Zone




Forward Defended Locality


Forward Observation Officer

Forming Up Place


General Officer Commanding

High Explosive






Intelligence Officer

Isle of Wight



Light Machine Gun

Landing Zone



Machine Gun

Medium Machine Gun


Medical Officer


Multi-Purpose (20mm flak gun)

Motor Transport

Officer Commanding


Orders Group

Operation Order

Operation / Observation Post (if upper case)

Other Ranks

Phase / Photograph


Petrol, Oil and Lubricants



Prisoner of War



Royal Army Medical Corps

Regimental Aid Post


Royal Engineers



Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers



Regimental Headquarters



Royal Ulster Rifles


Small Arms



Start Line / Searchlight

Self-Propelled / Support (if lower case)


Special Service / Steam Ship (if lower case)



Troop Carrying Vehicle

Tank Landing Craft




Under Command


Week commencing



Month and year: June 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt. Col. A.S. Pearson


4th June 1944

Place: Blakewell Fm. Airfd Transit Camp


All preparations for Operation OVERLORD completed and Bn ready to emplane in evening.  Later in day message received putting D day to 6 June and Bn is stood down for 24 hrs.


5th June 1944

Place: Blakewell Fm. Airfd Transit Camp


D-1 and all preparations complete.


1930 - Major G. Payne with two Bn "pathfinder" sticks move off for HARWELL AIRFD.


2115 - Bn moves from Transit Camp to BLAKEHILL FM AIRFD.


2240 - GLIDERS TAKE-OFF.  (HORSA gliders - TUGS C.47s.)


2311 - C.47 Parachute A/C TAKE-OFF.


6th June 1944 - D Day

Place: Normandy, Touffreville


0020 - PATHFINDER STICKS arrive on D.Z.


0045 - GLIDERS arrive on L.Z., but are widely dispersed.


0050 - BN MAIN BODY - Time of 1st DROP on D.Z.


Place: DZ


0020 - Two Recce parties of 8th Para Bn were dropped on D.Z.  Slight opposition was met at R.V. which was quickly overcome and one German killed.  One German on a bicycle was taken prisoner.


0045 - O.C. Recce Party saw gliders come over very widely dispersed.  He was only able to locate two of them.


0050 - Saw main body arrive and states that aircraft were flying in every direction at different altitudes and all flying well above dropping speed.


0120 - C.O. arrived at R.V. and situation was as follows.  There were about 30 men present and one R.E. Jeep and trailer.  It was reported by Recce Party that Bn appeared to be very widely dispersed and that no container A/C had dropped on D.Z.


Note  The R.V. signal was a red and green verey light put up at frequent intervals which could be seen a considerable distance away.  Actually it was seen on RANVILLE D.Z.


0145 - Sgt. Fesq of F.S.P. was sent into TOUFFREVILLE to get information from the local inhabitants.  He reported that TROARN was held and also ESCOVILLE and SANNERVILLE.  The prisoner was also interrogated and he confirmed the statements of the local inhabitants.  He reported that the Fmn in TROARN was a mobile coy with half-tracks - strength of about 200 and that all main rds were covered by MG fire.  During this period elements of the Bn were arriving slowly at the R.V. and there was considerable M.G. fire on the D.Z.  Everybody reported that they had been fired on on the way to the R.V.


0330 - Situation as follows:-

Bn Strength

11 officers and about 130 ORs.  1 Officer and 2 ORs were wounded and 6 ORs had D.Z. injuries and were not in a condition to fight.  The C.O. was wounded in the hand.

Details strength was:-

"A" coy

4 ORs

"B" coy

2 Officers 27 ORs 1 L.M.G.

"C" coy

3 Officers 72 ORs No L.M.G. (1 Officer casualty)

Bn HQ and HQ Coy

6 Officers and Approx 30 ORs consisting of Bde Sigs complete, a portion A Tk Pl with 2 P.I.A.T.s, a few R.A.M.C. and Bn HQ personnel.  1 Officer and 7 ORs Glider Pilot Regt.


2 R.E. Jeeps and trailers and 6 R.E.s.


2 Bde sets and 2 x 18 sets


0300 - C.O. appreciated situation as follows:-

1.  From reports from Recce Party it appeared that remainder of Bn had dropped to the north of the D.Z. in area RANVILLE and LE MESNIL.

2.  That Bn was not strong enough to capture TROARN and that we had no R.E. assistance to destroy the bridge.

3.  That we had sufficient strength and explosives to destroy the bridge at BURES which was of single span type and could be destroyed without much technical assistance.

4.  That if a position was taken up in area X rds 146695 and track running east to BURES sufficient force could be collected to attack TROARN later in the day from the north.


Therefore the plan was as follows:-

1.  Strong fighting patrol of 1 Pl from "C" coy would move to TROARN to make a recce and report on defences at west end of town.

2.  Remainder of Bn would move to area X rds 153700 leaving two dets P.I.A.T.s and covering force in area X rds 146695 to cover any movement of enemy north, and to guide any stragglers to Bn posn.

3.  1 Offr and 2 ORs to remain at R.V. till first light to guide any stragglers who may have arrived at R.V. after Bn had left.


0400 - Bn moved off.


0430 - Bn arrived at posn X tracks 153700.  Recce patrol sent off at once to recce BURES and another I.O. and Maj. Wilson to recce northern approaches to TROARN for purpose of attacking it.


0500 - Capt. Shoppee who had been detailed as Trowbridge Party arrived at BURES.  He had landed at BRIQUEVILLE 173722 and moved straight to BURES which he found unoccupied and recce'ed bridges.  At 0545 hrs he met R.E. party and reported he also met recce patrol from Bn and a runner was dispatched to bring up pl for protection of R.E. party and Jeeps landed with R.E. stores.


0530 - Lt. Thompson reported to Bn HQ.  He stated that he had landed on the RANVILLE D.Z. with the Mortars and M.M.Gs.  He landed at 0100 hrs and collected 3 M.M.G. dets. and 3 with 2 Mortars and 3 M.M.Gs. and some 50 O.Rs. mainly from "A" coy.  At 0200 hrs he left DZ with the object of making for TROARN.  In RANVILLE he met a Frenchman who said he would act as a guide and he moved via RANVILLE - LE MESNIL X rds to rd junc 140704 where he met at 0450 Maj. Roseveare R.E. and 1 Offr. and 20 OR.s of the Bn and a party of R.E.s.  Lt. Thompson had 1 Offr casualty with him.  Maj. Roseveare took command of the party and ordered them to hold a firm base on the rd. junc. as he had no idea where the Bn was.  He with a party of R.E.s was going to try to blow the bridge at TROARN.  Lt. Thompson organised the defence of the rd. junc. then moved down the road to make a recce, when he met the force at X rds 147695 who directed him to Bn H.Q.  The C.O. directed him to bring his force to the Bn area and it arrived at 0615 hrs.


0630 - P.I.A.T. det. at X rds 147695 reported six half-track vehs moving on rd TROARN - LE MESNIL and approaching their posn.  They opened fire and scored hits on all six vehs causing their crews to dismount and take up posn on the far side of the rd.  A fire fight then ensued and after a spirited action the enemy withdrew with their casualties leaving 3 dead who were identified as 21 Pz Div and six half-tracks, four of which were inadequately destroyed as they were recovered by the enemy that night.


0900 - Patrol arrived back from TROARN.  Patrol comd stated that he had moved to TROARN Sta. and was fired on from the high ground to the south of the Sta.  Patrol could not get on and lay up and observed half-track vehs moving north on TROARN - LE MESNIL rd and TROARN - BANNEVILLE rd.  C.O. then appreciated that most of mobile coy had probably left TROARN and that as soon as R.E. party were finished with BURES bridges TROARN bridge could be dealt with.


1000 - Capt. Juckes R.E. reported to Bn HQ that bridges had been blown at 0915 and that he thought that TROARN br. had also been blown.  He also stated that there was an A Tk gun and Jeep and a glider and 3 casualties in the river.  C.O. went to BURES.  An attempt was made to extract the A Tk gun but this was found to be impossible.


1200 - R.E.s returned from BURES and it was decided to send R.E. party with Jeep and explosives and one strong pl into TROARN to blow bridge or, if already blown, to widen gap.  Remainder of Bn would move to rd junc. 140704.  No words had been received of patrol that had gone to recce northern approaches to TROARN.  Force to blow bridge at TROARN was to move via BURES and then down axis of road south to TROARN.


1230 - O.C. "A" coy and Sigs Offr. reported to Bn HQ.  They had been dropped some 5 miles south of the D.Z.  They brought one man with them.  Maj. Wilson's patrol arrived back at the same time.  Maj. Wilson stated that he had met no opposition to the north of TROARN, but on moving further west down rly. line they ran into a strong German posn at 159678 which pinned them down by fire.  When they started to withdraw the I.O. moved by a different route from the remainder of the party and has not been seen since.


1300 - Bn moved to new posn and force moved to TROARN.


1330 - O.C. "C" coy arrived with 4 offrs and 51 ORs.  He met Bn at 143702.  He stated that he had been landed on RANVILLE DZ and gathered together 51 members of the Bn.  He saw in the distance the green verey lights being fired at the Bn R.V. and decided to make straight for them.  His route took him through HEROUVILLETTE where they ran into the enemy and had to fight their way through the village.  Force suffered 6 casualties.


Place: 140704


1400 - Bn in area rd junc 140704 and Bn disposed in following areas:-

"A" coy

Area 140707 (Reserve coy)

"B" coy

Area 139703

"C" coy

Area 142705



Mortar Pl

"C" coy area

M.M.G. Pl

In posns by day in "B" coy area firing to west over D.Z.  By night pl withdrawn to Bn HQ area

A Tk Pl

Secs under command of coys


1700 - Lt. Brown returned from TROARN.  He stated that they had met a little opposition in TROARN which had been dealt with and the R.E.s had increased the gap in the bridge to 40 feet.  7 prisoners were brought back from a M.G. post which was attacked.  They were identified as 21 Pz Div.


1740 - Attack made on "B" coy posn by 5 A.F.V.s.  Attack beaten off and one enemy 6-ton truck full of stores captured.


1800 - Strength of Bn approx 17 Offrs 300 O.Rs.  Weapons  Bn very short of L.M.Gs.  2 x 3" mortars and one captured German.  3 M.M.Gs.  6 P.I.A.Ts.  Sigs  2 x 68 sets.  4 x 18 sets which allowed comn with coys.  By 2000 hrs line was laid to all coys.


During the night D/D+1 local patrols were sent out.  No contact made with enemy except for snipers and small patrols.  Bn concentrated on getting well dug in.


7th June 1944

0830 - Elements of Armoured Recce Regt began to arrive in the Bn area.  Lt. Col. Stewart liaised with C.O. and arranged that 8th Bn. would provide protection for them at night.  Mortars ranged in on plain N.W. of TOUFFREVILLE and established O.P.s.  Bn got well dug in.  It was reported that Lt. Cooper and 1 Pl "C" coy were at Div H.Q.  Recce patrol to BURES to see if held and to report whether it was possible to salvage A Tk gun and Jeep from river.  Patrol reported impossible to salvage A Tk gun but they brought back a Sgt of the 9th Bn. who reported that there were 6 casualties from a wrecked A/C outside BASSENVILLE 1870 in a farm at 194708.  C.O. decided to bring them in that night.


1600 - Armoured Recce reported that an S.P. gun at    was giving them trouble and would we deal with it.  O.C. "A" coy was detailed for the task with 1 pl.  By the time he reached posn of S.P. gun it had withdrawn so he pushed on to recce ESCOVILLE which he found to be clear of enemy.  Patrol returned about 2100 hrs with an enemy 6-ton truck filled with petrol and oil.


2100 - R.S.M. 13th Bn informed us that TROARN was lightly held and that a strong fighting patrol could carry out a successful raid.  Following patrols took place on night D+1/D+2.

1) Fighting patrol of "C" coy to TROARN.  Strength - 1 coy.

2) Fighting patrol of "B" coy to cut TROARN - BANNEVILLE road and recce enemy posns.  Strength - 1 Offr 15 O.Rs.

3) Strong patrol to bring back wounded from farm at BASSENVILLE.  Strength - C.O. 3 Offrs. 1 Pl "A" coy, Mortar pl, M.G. pl.  Total - 4 Offrs 60 O.R.s. and two Jeeps.  Reason for the strength of the patrol was that the Jeeps could not go any further than BURES since bridges were blown and it would be necessary to carry the wounded some 3 miles.


Results of patrols night D+1/D+2

1) Fighting patrol "C" coy under command of Maj. Hewetson attacked TROARN from the north and entered the town at the church at 166679 and ran into heavy M.G. fire at west end of village from posts and a tank and armoured car.  Casualties were inflicted on the enemy before they were forced to withdraw as firing started from most of the houses in the village.  Our casualties 3 O.R.s wounded.

2) Patrol had difficulty in negotiating very thick country and was late in reaching road.  1 enemy m/c and rider destroyed at 145675.  No casualties.

3) 5 stretcher cases, 1 walking wounded and 2 unwounded O.R.s were brought back.  No incidents to report.


8th June 1944 D+2

Mortar O.P. locates 8 gun A.A. Bty in area 1168 and 1268.  Mortars and M.G.s open fire and by the end of the day 3 A.A. guns had ceased firing.  Enemy retaliated with S.P. guns - no casualties.  Daylight recce patrols continue in BOIS DE BAVENT and close country to S. and S.W. of Bn posns.


Two long distance patrols were briefed for the following tasks:-

Patrol No.1  Capt. Shoppee and 2 O.Rs. - Task - to cut TROARN - ARGENCES road and bring back any information about enemy movement.

Patrol No.2  Lt. McClaine-Cross and 2 O.Rs. - Task - to cut CAGNY - CAEN rd and bring back any information about enemy movements.


Both patrols left our own lines at approx 1830 hrs.


Patrolling for night 8/9 Jun

1) Fighting patrol to TROARN - Strength 2 Offrs 40 O.Rs. "C" coy O.C. - Maj. Hewetson.  Task to ascertain strength of enemy at level crossing 159677.

2) Strong recce patrol to cut TROARN - BANNEVILLE rd.  Strength 1 Offr 10 O.Rs "B" coy.


Results of patrols night 8/9 Jun


1) Patrol moved south on to rly line and then S.W. along rly line and ran into enemy patrol.  After short exchange of fire enemy withdrew having suffered some casualties.  Patrol pushed on and came under heavy M.G. fire from houses at rly crossing.  Enemy fire returned but it was not possible to push home attack owing to strength of enemy.  Valuable information gained as to enemy dispositions.  Our casualties two slightly wounded.


9th June 1944

Place: 140703


0600 - On the rly line with German Patrol with M.G. - this position covered by 2nd M.G. - 3rd M.G. on rd into TROARN from N. - 4th M.G. - Strong point.  Strong point holds considerable number of men.  Tks moving west through TROARN all this time.


0600 - CAPT. SCAIFE Patrol to BAVENT.  In town ATk gun sighted in the town centre.  3 M.M.G. strong points round it.  2 x 81mm mortars N. of the town & possible Rocket gun.


1000 - Airborne Arty firing on BREVILLE AREA.


1450 - B Coy. rt forward O.P. of Coy shelled.  Enemy ranged posn with S.P. Gun.  MGs in woods.  131702 and 129695.


1510 - Local GAMEKEEPER reports.  Bridges in TROARN repaired.


1530 - Seaborne Party arrived on foot under LT MILLER.


2110 - Maplay Code compromised.


10th June 1944

Place: 140703


0600 - Casualty reports.  Offrs & O.Rs.  See APPENDIX A.


0710 - Armd Recce reports.  Bty Mortars at 107695.  4 Mk 4's at 1169.  Both shelling woods area 1371.


0855 - Mortars engaging 6 AA/MGs on DZ.


1045 - B Coy being shelled.


1130 - Mortars report 8 AA guns now on DZ.  Two have now been knocked out & casualties believed in the others.


1510 - Highland troops move into area during afternoon 10 June 44 and night 10/11 June and moving off 11 June 44.


1700 - Convoy of approx 30 enemy tpt and A/Cs escorted by 3-5 Pz KPFW IV tanks.  Seen moving west in direction of SANNERVILLE.


2100 - A Coy moved to posn.  Rd junc 150692.


11th June 1944

Place: 140703


1805 - 4 S.P. guns into posn near LIROSE.  Shelling Bn Area.  S.P's were mainly S to EMIEVILLE.


2115 - A Coy take TOUFFREVILLE and 5/7th consolidate area.


2115 - Message from Major Gen Gale congratulating troops on their magnificent show.


12th June 1944

Place: 140703


1010 - Mortar O.P. reports 2 enemy S.P. guns knocked out on DZ by ATk guns of 51st.  Suspected enemy [hy] AA bty approx 086659.


1715 - B Coy patrol to LE MESNIL reports movement in area LE MESNIL to BURES.  Works proceeding on both the bridges.  No S.P. guns.  Enemy patrol east side of river through and onto the Rly.  Snipers report strength of enemy patrol 10 men and 1 MG moves up the river over track bridge and onto rly, possible to move to BURES by road 167704.


13th June 1944

Place: 140703


1050 - 5 enemy tks moving S from EMIEVILLE.


1430 - A Coy patrol to BURES reports suspected MG at 154705.  Work proceeding on brick bridge only.


2005 - Mortar OP reports 6 Canadian [RAMC?] in wood 133693.  Enemy shelling E of EMIEVILLE.


2200 - Mortar OP reports area 1170 - 1169 - 1168 held by some 20 enemy tks and SP guns.


14th June 1944

Place: 140703


1500 - Bn moved to area 140719.


15th June 1944

Place: 140703


0630 - A Coy patrols report at track junction 155723 came under fire of strong standing patrol approx 20 men, 2 x MG 34s on either flank.


2110 - GONNEVILLE-SUR-MERVILLE is to be heavily bombed at 2130 hrs.


16th June 1944

Place: 140703


0450 - Bn posn mortared for approx 15 mins.


0455 - Bn DF task begins.


0520 - A Coy attacked in force.


0615 - Tk attack approaching Canadians with inf support.


0620 - FOO putting down fire W of BAVENT.


0645 - Enemy advancing on S side of wood 143714 in W direction.


0715 - 9 Pl attacked from S; enemy repulsed.


0735 - 9 Pl being attacked on its flank.


0805 - Bn area mortared at intervals.


0815 - 9 Pl again attacked.  Attack moving round towards Gordons.


0830 - One American SP gun (M10) fired down road 148720.


0900 - Bn area mortared intermittently.


0930 - ESCOVILLE clear of enemy.


1015 - German SP gun firing from 100x in front of A coy.


1030 - Bn area still being shelled.


1155 - Approx strength of enemy attacking A coy 2 coys.


1315 - A coy attacked again.


1515 - C coy + A coy put in counter-attack to neutralise SP gun on A coy front.


1900 - Enemy contained on all fronts.  No SP gun knocked out.


1930 - Counter attack has caused enemy to withdraw from our front.


17th June 1944

Place: 140703


0600 - Casualties of Offrs + OR's see Appendix A.


0815 - Left Bn area to R.V. in Brickworks.


0900 - Moved to new area 123724.


1500 - Bn in posn.


2045 - Enemy laid smoke CUVERVILLE Road.


18th June 1944

Place: 123724


1200 - O.P. established 117723.


2100 - Enemy Mortaring line of bridge 129716.


19th June 1944

Place: 123724


0600 - Own arty shelling woods area Escoville.


1305 - Ref 115733 shelled by enemy.


1610 - HEROUVILLETTE shelled.


20th June 1944

Place: 123724


1130 - Bn left post.


1230 - Arrived at 113715.


23rd June 1944

Place: 113715


1500 - Left Rest area 105736.


1815 - In posn.


1900 - Area being shelled.


25th June 1944

Place: 105736


1245 - Bn leaves area 140723.


1350 - Bn in position 140723.


26th June 1944

Place: 140723


1415 - Two separate mortar attacks each 20 minute duration.


1515 - Stray shelling lasting 5 mins wood 1371 - Rocket projected.


1600 - C Coy patrol reports M.G. posn firing at 148720.  This arc of fire is straight down the road.  Houses at 148724 seen to be lightly occupied.  5cm mortar area 149719.  81mm mortar suspected area 149719.


27th June 1944

Place: 140723


0530 - C coy patrol reports enemy patrol heard moving from houses 147724 to wire in gully 144723, movement behind houses.  2 MGs started firing from 147723 and 147722.


0545 - Army Maplay and RA Slidex Keys compromised up to and incl 29 Jun 44.


2000 - B coy patrol:- object, to see if farm buildings 148724 are held and obtain prisoners.  As party was standing around house alarm was given.  In getting out of farm enemy observed patrol and both sides opened fire.  Result - 1 certain casualty enemy.  No prisoners.  Infm LMGs at points 148720, 148722, 147724.


28th June 1944

Place: 140723


0600 - Bn patrol reports:- MG posns at 147725, 146724, 147722, 148720.  5cm mortar 148720.  Enemy in house 153722 in small numbers.  Casualties Offrs and O.R.s see Appendix A.



Month and year: July 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt. Col. A.S. Pearson


1st July 1944

Place: 140723


Sporadic shelling.  Amendment to No Q 160.


2100 - Infm shows that "TRIANGLE" is held by battalion 46 GAF Jaeger Regt.


2330 - Enemy reported as having mobile reserve within striking distance.  Attack not expected on this front.  C coy patrol by day Cpl Harms + 3 men.  Object to find flank of enemy and confirm posns.  Patrol achieved object.  Argylls on rt.  Ran phone line 2000x into wood from 7 Pl. S.E. for standing patrol.


2nd July 1944

Sporadic shelling and mortaring: usual day.


Night 2300 - Cpl Harris led 7th Para patrol from 7 Pl posn to recce for attack for 12th Para Bn on MG posn, LE PRIEURE & 2 houses.


Night 0100 - Patrol successful: no enemy encountered.  Message re 2 Frenchmen who might endeavour to cross our lines.


3rd July 1944

Quiet day.  BLACK WIDOW reported operating in area.


4th July 1944

Bn move to Res Area.


5th July 1944

C.O. addressed bn on war situation.  Bde comd Brigadier Hill D.S.O. M.C. addressed all officers.  Reinforcements of 5 officers and 92 ORs arrived from R.H.Q.


7th July 1944

1000 - Low flying attack by M.E's.  3 casualties.  Having spoke to all officers Div. Comd. Maj. Gen. Gale D.S.O. O.B.E. M.C. walked round the Bn area.


8th July 1944

For casualties of Officers and O.R.'s see Appx A dated w/c July 8th.


9th July 1944

1100 - Bn church parade.


10th July 1944

The Bde Comd. Brigadier Hill D.S.O. M.C. inspected the bn and was very pleased with the result.


11th July 1944

2300 - Warning order for Bn move on next day to relieve 7th Para Bn.


12th July 1944

0800 - Bn O Group assembled.  Move orders issued.  Recce group moved off.  Brigadier Poett visited Bn.


Place: 140719


1500 - Bn in position u/c 5 Para Bde.  Sporadic shelling.


13th July 1944

Sporadic mortaring of posn all day.  Total 5 wounded.  Bde Comd 3rd Para Bde Brigadier Hill D.S.O. M.C. visited Bn.


14th July 1944

2 Polish deserters from 10 coy 857 Regt came in.  Gave details of enemy posns.  Mortars & M.M.Gs carried out harassing (N.B. This was laid down as future daily policy).  A coy relieve B coy by 1000 hrs.  Night C coy patrol rt. flank.  Nothing to report.  A coy wiring their front.


15th July 1944

Place: 147729


P.I.A.T's carried out successful shoot on houses to left of A coy posn. and on M.G. posn.


Place: 147720


Night - 2 officers 1 O.R. from 9th Bn attacked.  A & C coy carried out local patrols.  1 casualty.


16th July 1944

Enemy attempted to cut in on 18 set frequency.  Warning that enemy had built up Arty on Bn front.  Lt. Col. Pearson D.S.O. M.C. went to address by General Montgomery.


Night - Local patrols by A coy and C coy.  B coy erected wire on A coy front.


17th July 1944

Visits from Lt. Col. Walford 5th Seaforths, Lt. Col. Harris 2nd R.U.R.


1800 - Minefield laid.  Mk V.  Trace sent to Seaforths.


Night - Patrols locally by A & C coy.


18th July 1944

0530 - Heavy stream of British heavy bombers smashed enemy posns.


0600 - Fortresses & Mediums followed.  Heavy arty concentration.


0815 - Big battle began, which by wireless intercept seemed to go well.


1545 - Message that Devons were going to take over from unit on right.


2000 - Relief took place.  Message from Bde that no S/A fire at A/C to rear of line 3000" from front line, and fwd only.  G.O.C. visited the Bn and explained object of battle.


Night - Heavy harassing fire by Arty, mortars and MMG and S.A. of fwd coys.  Fwd coys also patrol to keep contact with enemy in case of withdrawal.  B coy had two fighting patrols ready.  Patrols reported enemy still in position, enemy returning fire.


19th July 1944

Two Poles deserted through C coy posn.  Confirmed known enemy posns.  Maj. Gen. Urquhart G.O.C. 1st Air. Div. visited Bn.  C coy 2 casualties thro' enemy shellfire.


Night - Local coy patrols A & C coys.  Nothing to report.


20th July 1944

1400 - Slight mortaring and shelling.  Message that 7th Bn would relieve at 1500 hrs 21st July.  Thunderstorm lasting all afternoon flooding trenches.  Morale high.  Rum rations issued.


Night - Local patrols by fwd coys.  No report.  More rain.


21st July 1944

0900 - More rain.  Area completely flooded.  Move order issued.


1600 - Relief complete.


1730 - Bn arrived in rest area, very wet, after an uncomfortable march over road full of mud and tpt.  60 men rest camp.


22nd July 1944

Coys spent day cleaning up.  15 reinforcements para volunteers interviewed by C.O. Lt Col Pearson D.S.O. M.C.  For casualties of officers and O.R's see Appx A w/c 22nd July.


23rd July 1944

Further interior economy.  Lt Oliver arrived: attached to B coy.


24th July 1944

Weather improved and coys beginning to get clean.  50 men on roadmaking at Bde HQ.  Inspection by all coys.  60 men return from rest camp Lt Clarke posted to Bn.  A coy.


25th July 1944

19 men to rest camp.  Bde Conference.


26th July 1944

Slight enemy bombing during night.


27th July 1944

Message received that arrangements of Conference of 25th July cancelled.  Warning order that Bn was to move to line on 28th.  Inspection of Bn by C.O. Lt. Col. A. Pearson D.S.O. M.C.  B.M. informs C.O. that Bn will take over from 1st Cdn Para Bn at 1030 next day.  'O' Group recce.


28th July 1944

Place: 138716


0930 - Bn left rest area.  1130 Take over complete.  Posns adjusted.  2 casualties from mortars.


Night - enemy a/c active


29th July 1944

New positions dug.  R.E's minelifting in area.  Shelling and mortaring.  1 R.E. killed.  6 Bn casualties.  Demonstration of 'Whurtzlegun'.  Slight enemy air activity.  For list of casualties of 2 ORs see Appx A w/c 29 July.


30th July 1944

Continued reorganization of Bn posn.  Orders received to take over left pl of 9th Para Bn at 1600 next day.  R.E. continued minelifting.  Lt Col Sinclair C.A.E. visited Bn and discussed reinforcements.  Capt Shoppee took recce patrol fwd of C coy from A coy.


31st July 1944

0530 - Bde conference.  Bn to move 1200 to take over from 7 Black Watch.


0615 - 'O' group conference.


0800 - C.O. moved to recce new area.  C.O. 4 Commando having arrived to recce 1½ hours earlier.  Coy recce gps join C.O.


1030 - ¾ hr later Bn moved.


1400 - Take over complete.  G.O.C. visited Bn.  Enemy shelling and mortaring 5 casualties.


1230 - [?] area shelled 1 killed, 1 wounded.


2100 - Bde Comd. Bde Hill D.S.O. M.C. visited bn and agreed to readjustment of bn positions.  Bn digging in.  191 Fd Regt in sp.



Month and year: August 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt. Col. A.S. Pearson


1st August 1944

Slight mortaring of positions.  Own mortars replied.


1900 - Bn adjusted positions: completed by 1600 hrs.  Lts Carden, Miller and Dolleymore and Capt Murray RAMC joined bn from U.K.  C coy patrol under Sgt Dudley [?] with 2 men contacted enemy in wood to left front.  Enemy appeared to be engaged in domestic duties.  Also found some slit trenches which showed signs of recent occupation.


2210 - Own airbursts somewhat close in to 'C' coy posn.


Night 0200 - Sharp shelling of Bn posn.


2nd August 1944

0800 - Bde Comd and Tank Comd recced bn area for c/o posns.


0900 - The pl from Corps Def. Coy. arrived and goes to A Coy.


1110 - A coy reported smoke shells in area.


1730 - Two patrols in wood 'C' coy Sgt McIllharghy & 1 man object to recce enemy posns.  Enemy spotted digging in.  Patrol seen withdraw under cover of fire.


Place: 148697


'A' coy patrol Sgt Mayhew & 2 men: object to recce enemy posns in wood as 'C' coy.  Found disused sec posn.  Patrol was seen by enemy sentry who was probably killed.  Enemy mortared C coy.  1 killed 1 wounded.  Mortars return fire as is now permanent policy whenever enemy open up.


Place: 153699


Night 2330 - B coy patrol Lt Oliver and 5.  Object to recce enemy posns on rt. front.  M.G. 42 posn spotted & grenades thrown.  Returned and went out further to our right.  Enemy in occupation in unknown numbers.


Night 0200 - Shelling of Bn area.


3rd August 1944

Sporadic shelling.  1 man wounded.


1800 to 2000 - Concentration of arty, mortars, and MMG on enemy.  Little reply.  M.M.Gs got answer in S.A. fire.  2 casualties.


2030 - Leaflets were supposed to be dropped by arty.  Something went wrong.


Place: 152698


2000 - Patrols from 'A' and 'C' coy.  Sgt Mayhew & 1 offr & 1 pte.  Object to recce for enemy pl in wood & watch reaction to leaflets.  Found enemy M.G., coy mail and equipment in recently evacuated enemy sec. area.  Sgt McIllharghy and 2 moved into wood some distance and contacted sentry.  Further observation then impossible.


Night 2330 - B coy patrol.  Lt Dorran and 4 men.  Object to find gap in enemy line recced by Lt Oliver last night.


Place: 153697 and 151701


0330 - Penetrated line and returned.  Also reported sounds of digging and green vereys and white tracer fired as recognition to a/c.  Enemy air activity.  3 bombs fell in A coy area.  1 unexploded parachute torpedo.


4th August 1944

1000 - Message that until further notice Stand to 2200 - 2300, 0515 - 0615.


Place: 147700


1430 - Lt Clarke and 2 men 'C' coy patrol into woods on left boundary.  Spotted probable enemy standing patrol.  Drew fire.


Place: 150698


1430 - 'A' coy patrol.  Lt Dolleymore and 2 men met enemy posn.  Drew fire.


1730 to 2000 - Arty on fwd enemy thickened with mortar and M.M.G.  Leaflets fired by arty 2130.


Night 0100 - Propaganda by loudspeaker.  'B' coy patrol.  Lt Oliver and 8 men left 0045 to penetrate enemy where gap found last night, to capture P.W.  Found gap now occupied heard sounds of digging, also of horse and cart.


5th August 1944

0500 - Arty, mortar and M.M.G. on enemy F.D.L.


0900 - A coy patrol Lt Lutley & 10 men met strong enemy post in wood (2 M.Gs).  1 enemy killed, casualties 1 man missing and Lt Lutley wounded.  1 cas mortar fire during the day.  For list of casualties of officers and O.Rs see dated w/e 5 Aug.


Night 2350 - B coy patrol Lt Carden and 4 men object to recce posn where Lt Oliver reported enemy the previous night.  It confirmed posn and pinpointed two trenches.


Night 0030 - A coy reported horse and cart to L. front.  Arty fired on line of BURES road.  I. sec reports that enemy main defence line around BURES.


Night 0100 - P.O.W. report.  'A' coy report enemy patrol on BURES road.


Night 0110 - Further report of 4 men moving right across fwd pl. posn and some enemy still in road and wood area.


6th August 1944

0130 - 'C' coy patrol Lt Miller and 5 men into left of wood to ascertain if enemy in area between two enemy posns 147700 and 151699.  Area N of main track found clear.  Returned 0900


0850 - Shelling on L and R by S.P's.


Place: 145707


1800 - Lt. Miller again went into wood area and contacted sec. posn.  Shelling, mortaring and a little smoke put down on bn posn during the evening.


Night 2300 - A coy standing patrol of 3 men under Lt Francis at 151698.


Night 0500 - Nothing to report on return.  Lincolns carried out 2 raids on bn left.


Night 0345 to 0405 - Own arty, H.E. and Smoke on enemy F.D.L's.


7th August 1944

0320 - Bn visited by A.D.M.S. Col MacEwan D.S.O. C.B.E. M.C. T.D. and later by G.O.C. Maj Gen Gale D.S.O. O.B.C. M.C. attended by Brigadier Hill D.S.O. M.C.


1315 - S.P. shelling killed 1 man.  2 Polish deserters came in thro' Lt Dolleymore's pl.  Stated they were from 2 coy ? Bn 858 regt.  Bn came into line 2 days ago.  Coy str 100.  10 M.G. 2 20 M.P's per coy.  50% Poles in coys.  Details of mining.  Our arty and mortars keep below ground all day.  Our fighting patrols good.  Enemy patrolling limited to standing patrols.  Occasional recce.  Kitchens hit recently.  Casualties not high in last few days.  Propaganda broadcast not heard.


1500 - Bde conference for C.O. and Adjt.  Sharp shelling.


2000 - 2i/c hit.  1 other casualty.  C.O. [?] to Div. Conference at 2100 hrs.


2300 - Heavy bombers on area to S.  Cdn attack starts.


Place: 150698


A coy standing patrol of 3 men under Lt Dorran out 2300 - 0445 reported enemy very jittery firing mortars M.G's & grenades at no definite target intermittently.  Enemy sec at 151699 & M.G. 153697.


Place: 147699


C coy patrol of 3 men under Lt Hacker at 2300-0515.  Nothing to report.


8th August 1944

1145 - S.P. fire on rt. fwd area.  Own a/c bomb to S. for an hour from 1230.  Bde Comd Brigadier Hill D.S.O. M.C. came to lunch.


1345 - M.M.G. Arty & Mortars fire on reported enemy feeding point.


1415 - C.O. went to recce new area.


1715 - S.P. and Mortar fire on Bde area.


1810 - S.P. on Bn area.


1915 - Own airburst on bn area.


2130 - Movement of vehicles on BURES - TROARN ROAD.  Arty engaged.  C.O. to Bde Conference.


2045 - 9th Bn Coy comds visit coys.


2200 - Bn 'O' group conference.  C.O. Lt-Col Pearson D.S.O. M.C. issued warning order for move on BURES in the event of enemy withdrawal, also alternatively for move to reserve area.


Night 2300 - Lt Carden and 3 men of B coy patrol to keep contact with the enemy.  M.G. fire heard 0115, - S.P. fire 0145.


Night 0215 - M.G. fire to left 0150.  Patrol report posns at 154696 (strong sec with automatics) slit trenches 152697 and 153698 M.G. 153699.


9th August 1944

0530 - Lt Miller and 3 men patrol into wood on left.  Sec. confirmed in posn at 151699.


0815 - Returned: no casualties.


0930 - Relief began.  Bn moved back to area 128703 Bn in posn 1200 hrs.


1200 - C.O. to Bde patrol conference.  On arrival at new area No.1 Troop 3 Para Sqn R.E. came u/c the Bn.


1745 - Bn digging in.  C.O. to Bde Conference re Fire Plan.


1900 - Conference in Bn.


2015 - B.M. visited C.O.


2130 - D.A.A. & Q.M.G. of 3 Para Bde visited Bn.  Quiet night.


10th August 1944

0830 - Preparatory briefing of Lt Oliver for fighting patrol tonight.


0900 - C.O. took Sgt Dudley for interview with Bde Comd.


1030 - F.O.O. party from 150 Fd Regt arrived and having been interviewed by the C.O. were taken to their coys.  B.M. arrived to see C.O.  Coys on lectures by R.E's on minelifting.


1600 - Enemy shelling just in Bn area, caused 2 casualties.


1730 - 'O' Group conference.  The C.O. Lt. Col. A.S. Pearson D.S.O. M.C. issued orders for attack on BURES.


2030 - C.O. went to Bde.  Lt Miller took coy reps to recce F.U.P.


11th August 1944

1030 - C.O. went to Bde.  Lt Miller took Mortar pl comd to recce posns for counter mortar fire during Ph II of PADDLE.


1430 - Lt Phillips (Q.M.) & Lt Phillips and 15 men arrived from England.  Mortar pl dug positions recced in morning and ranged.


2140 - [7?] N.C.O's on mines course under 2 E's.  Enemy shell track behind Bn area.  No casualties.


12th August 1944

0900 - Rehearsal of Ph I of PADDLE.  Bn task 1¾ hrs to assemble.  Considerable reorganization followed.


1230 - C.O. went to Bde.


Night 0320 - Enemy shelling near bn area.  No casualties.


13th August 1944

1015 - C.O. went to conference at Division.  After midday he addressed the officers of the bn on the subject of discipline, turn out and the question of the present outlook of the bn resulting from the news of being in an Allied Para Army and not having gone home yet.


1630 - C.O. went to Bde with Major Terrell.


14th August 1944

Bn HQ. fully installed in new position.


1215 - The C.O. Lt Col A.S. Pearson D.S.O. M.C. took 3 candidates for immediate commission.  A/C.S.M. Hutchinson, A/Sgt Horton & A/Sgt Dudley for interview by G.O.C.


Night - Small enemy bombing raid to S.E.


15th August 1944

1200 - Lt. Col A. Young D.S.O. R.A.M.C. visited the bn.


1800 - C.O. inspected A coy and Mortar Pl & at 1900 hrs he went to Bde H.Q.


16th August 1944

0930 - C.O. inspected B coy and Bn HQ & M.M.G. Pl.  Coys on route marches and training.


Night - During the evening of the 16th the Bn was ordered to stand by to move at 2½ hrs notice; previously it had been 10 hrs notice.


2200 - On receipt of message Bn O Group called and final details of plan for advance on BURES arranged.


2330 - Bn put at immediate notice for a short period but stood down to ½hr again.


17th August 1944

0220 - B.M. rang up and gave "SPANNER" for 0300 hrs and the Bn was turned out.


0300 - S.L. crossed by leading coy; C.O. having gone ahead to Bde H.Q.


0400 - Order given to move forward to start line from F.U.P.  Night was very dark and route across country difficult.  Leading coy - "C" coy - lost one pl but went over start line as soon as 9th Bn were in posn.


0530 - "BIRCH" - first objective - taken and no opposition.


0600 - "LARCH" crossed.


0630 - All objectives in our hands.  Fighting patrols sent out forward and to flanks.  No enemy met and no shelling.  "A" coy commanded by Capt. Shoppee.  "C" coy's fwd patrol reached area BASSENVILLE after crossing R.DIVES by rly br, now blown and impassable by vehs.  There were no crossings available to vehs and R.E. party under Capt Fox set to work to construct a ferry.  Bn H.Q. set up at track and rly crossing in BURES.  "A" and "B" coys consolidated around Bn HQ area.  Patrols reported ROUCHEVILLE and TROARN clear of enemy.  "C" coy moved up to high ground in area BUTTE DE BOIS L'ABBÉ.  Once this high ground was secure at about 1000 hrs remainder of Bn crossed R.DIVES and made for main rd at a point just east of ST. SAMPSON.  "B" coy was leading and at 1300 hrs approx met opposition in the farm buildings on the rising ground above ST. RICHER.  "B" coy deployed to the right but could not get round the enemy.  "A" coy was then committed on the left and after several attempts succeeded in dislodging the enemy.  Enemy strength approx 40 men with 4 L.M.G.s and light mortars.  It later appeared that this must have been a covering screen.  Casualties were 2 Offrs, 1 O.R. killed, 9 wounded.  1 Offr wounded.


1600 - "A" and "B" coys pushed on through village of LA CHOLERIE.  Considerable difficulty had been experienced so far because we had had no mortars or M.M.Gs, tpt being not across the river, but now the R.A.P. Jeep arrived together with M.M.G. mortar and reserve amn.  "C" coy then moved through to GOUSTRANVILLE after a sharp spell of shelling, and reported that the enemy had not yet blown the bridge.


1900 - Bn now in posn around CHLLE ST. ANNE.  "C" coy was ordered, if possible, to secure br intact but met strong opposition from M.G. and mortar fire.


2200 - Bn had taken up defensive posns covering bridges.  It was thought that the enemy had left as strong party to cover the blowing of the bridges.  In the hour following the area was subjected to considerable shell and mortar fire and casualties were suffered.  Throughout the M.O. Capt. Murray, dealt with casualties under extreme difficulties.


2330 - Bde Comd visited Bn and ordered fighting patrols to go out before light to discover whether enemy had withdrawn so that in this event the Cdn Bn and the 9th Bn might follow through.  These patrols went out at dawn and reported enemy still in posn.


0500 - Bridge reported blown.


18th August 1944

Bn spent a reasonably quiet day settling into new area.  There was shelling throughout the day, causing a few casualties.  It had been decided to put 9th Bn and Cdn Bn through that night.  2 recce patrols went out: - Lt. Carden to the br on the south which he found clear, but an enemy patrol was reported withdrawing from area of buildings in the vicinity.  "C" coy patrol under Sgt MacIllargey took 3 PW who said that there were 2 Bns in area - one holding br with 2 coys fwd, one in area of DOZULÉ.


2300 - Cdn Bn began a silent night attack to secure river bridges.  Continuous listening watch was kept on wireless and all seemed to be going well.


19th August 1944

0230 - All objectives taken and 9th Bn on their way across to station area.  They also achieved their aim.  Considerable nos of P.W. were passed back through the Bn from the Cdn Bn.  By first light all was clear.  Considerable shelling of Bn area throughout day due possibly to preparations being made for an attack by 5 Para Bde.


20th August 1944

Nothing to report.


2230 - Bn put on ½ hr notice to move.  Lts. Mendham, Webb and Dancey arrive.


21st August 1944

0800 - Reinforcements arrive from England.


1030 - Bn received order to move on ANNEBAULT.  Move was made with "C" coy in the lead.  Mortars bounding within the column.  DOZULÉ was being shelled as the Bn passed through.  Recce reported ANNEBAULT held.


1400 - Leading coy met fire from buildings in area 415013.  After a considerable fight the buildings were occupied but fire again held up the leading troops from area 420013.  "B" coy was then deployed and "C" coy moved round to the left flank under the personal leadership of the C.O.  During this phase there was sporadic shelling of LE BOURG and sharp bursts of S.P. fire on the road in the area of Bn HQ at 412011.  At this time also the enemy put over a new rocket shell estimated from an unexploded shell found later to be 25cm. with a huge blast effect.  One of these fell onto Bn HQ, killing the Sigs Offr, Int. Sgt. and 4 signallers, wounding 6 other men.  Bn HQ "B" party then reformed as Bn HQ.


1900 - After hard fighting "B" coy had improved its posn slightly and "C" coy was astride the road at 420017.  Throughout the battle wireless communications were bad so that it was difficult to maintain touch with coys and mortar fire could not be used.  Arty was out of the question in such close country.  The C.O. then decided to put "A" coy through "C" coy to cut the road to the east.  This was effected by about 2100 hrs.  Thereafter mopping up proceeded and a total of 50 odd PW were sent back.  By dusk the Bn was in posn with "A" coy forward on east road, "C" coy on the north road and "B" coy on the south road.  Bn. H.Q. was estd at 413003.  During the night 5 Bde moved up ready to pass through at dawn.  Total casualties in the Bn were as follows:- Killed 1 Offr and 10 O.R.s., wounded 21, missing 2.


22nd August 1944

0700 - Bn move fwd to take up reserve posn at LA HAIE TONDUE 450018 and spent the day sorting itself out and resting.


23rd August 1944

Bn. still in same location.  Weather turning to rain.  At 1400 hrs C.O. and Adjt. attended a conference at Bde where the plan to put the Bde into a Para role in the ensuing 36 hrs was outlined.  On return arrangements were immediately set on foot and it was found that a total of approx 260 parachutists and 14 fighting offrs could be counted on.  Bn. stood by to move at ½ hrs notice until 0200 hrs 24 Aug when Op. was cancelled.


24th August 1944

0900 - Bn received order to move into a concentration area at 4006.  Tpt. was provided and the C.O. moved off at 1100 hrs to recce area.  Bn. moved off at 1130 hrs and when it had reached ST PIERRE AZIF 4306 it was ordered to debus and move to area GLATIGNY 4506.  Coys were disposed: "A" and "C" fwd on the road, Bn H.Q. in centre, "B" rear.  Food arrived just in time owing exertions of Admin Offr Capt. Kelland.  Bn was ordered to move once again to ST GÂTIEN.  At 1400 hrs the C.O. Lt. Col. Pearson D.S.O. M.C., went ahead with a recce party to see if it was possible to cross the R.TOUQUES in area 4608 and having found a crossing ferried the Bn across.  Bn. then made its way in torrential rain to ST. GÂTIEN which Bn reached at 2200 hrs.  Coys were located as follows "A"  "B"  "C"  HQ.  2 patrols were sent out:- at 2330 under Lt. Miller and 25 0100 hrs under Lt. Dancey to discover if enemy were in posn in area of wood.  No enemy found and local French reported he was withdrawing to BERVILLE-SUR-MER and QUILLEBOEUF to cross the SEINE.  Food arrived and was distributed at approx 0200 hrs.  New Padre Capt. Ogilvy arrived.


25th August 1944

0530 - Bn was ordered to move off as soon as it had fed in general direction of BEUZEVILLE 6409.


0800 - Bn moved off behind 9th Bn and passed through it and SS Bde at 605075.  C.O. was told that BEUZEVILLE was clear and therefore went fwd in a carrier to recce.  On arrival at br 627087 he found it recently blown and concluded that the enemy still held the town.  He therefore directed the Bn round the SS to X rds 640078.  Just before reaching this pt a wireless message was received to the effect that the enemy were on the X rds and within a few mns the leading pl of "B" coy ran into them at about 1200 hrs.  2 pls were sent round the flank and the X rds were cleared.  "C" coy then followed through with the object of reaching the X rds at 645079 and "A" coy, with 2 tanks of the Armoured Recce Regt, made for the rly br at 637081 and secured it.  "C" coy were meeting with a certain amount of resistance from the area of buildings 641075 and "A" coy began to move up the rly with the object of securing the station.  "C" coy then reported that they were being counter attacked but this in fact proved to be a force withdrawing from the south where commandos were operating.  "A" coy was withdrawn and sent down the lane to X rds 649080 supported by tks.  "A" coy reached objective by 2100 hrs approx and Bn then consolidated its posn.  "A" coy area 649080, "B" coy 645079, "C" coy 641075, Bn H.Q. "A", M.M.G., A.Tk X rds 640077, Bn H.Q. "B" and Mortars 636076.  Total prisoners 8.  Casualties 1 Offr Lt. Clarke and 14 O.R.s killed, 1 Offr Maj. Shoppee and 16 O.R.s wounded, 3 O.R.s missing.  R.A.P. dealt with 23 other casualties from S.S. Bdes.


26th August 1944

Bn spent day resting and reorganising.


27th August 1944

Bn still resting.  Church parade in coy areas.  C.O. had conference with all commanders at 1300 hrs. after lecture by B.M. on war situation.


28th August 1944

Decorations awarded as follows:- WS/Lieut Miller T.E.  M.C., WS/Lieut Fry R.N.  M.C., L/Cpl Eaglen H.E.  M.M., Pte Lewis A.  M.M., L/Sgt Littlewood W.E.M.  M.M., L/Sgt Mayhew R.H.  M.M., WS/Sgt Reading A.  M.M., Pte Steven H.  M.M.


29th August 1944

C.O. and Adj to conference re move of Bde back to England.


30th August 1944

Coys handing in kit prior to move on 6 Sept.


31st August 1944

Place: Beuzeville


Preparing for return to U.K.



Month and year: September 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt. Col. A.S. Pearson


4th September 1944

0800 - Marched to embussing point.  Embussed in T.C.Vs at 1100 hrs.  Destination ARROMANCHES where Bn spent night in No.6 Transit Camp.


5th September 1944

Rough weather prevented embarkation.


6th September 1944

0830 - Embarked in T.L.Cs. thence to Liberty Ship s.s. "EMPIRE GAUNTLET".  Sighted land I.O.W. at 1630 hrs.  Voyage smooth and uneventful.  Dropped anchor in the SOLENT, spent night on board.


7th September 1944

0800 - Disembarked SOUTHAMPTON Docks.  Entrained immediately.  Arrived BULFORD 1215 hrs.  Embussed T.C.Vs. arrived TILSHEAD 1300 hrs.


8th September 1944

0900 - Commanding Officer lectured the Bn in the Garrison Cinema, TILSHEAD.


9th September 1944

1500 - Representative Party attended Commanding Officer's wedding at MARDEN.


11th September 1944

Bn leave until 20th, extended until 24th.


30th September 1944

Party of Inf. Rfts to RINGWAY for para training.






O.O. No.1


Ref Maps:-



        Note  H hour = Time of seaborne landing.

                  P hour = Civil twilight D day.

1.  Topography.  See 'I' Summary Appendix "A".

2.  Enemy.  See detailed I Summary Appendix "A".

3.  Own troops.

        (a) 3 (Br) Inf. Div.

                (a) is landing on beach WEST of OUISTREHAM at H hr and is to capture CAEN by H+12 hrs.

                (b) "C" Sqn INNS of COURT are carrying out a deep recce and may enter area from SOUTH.

                (c) 6 AIRBORNE DIV with under command 1 S.S. Bde.  Is protecting left flank of 3 (Br) Inf Div by denying to enemy use of R.ORNE and R.DIVES NORTH of rd TROARN 1667 - SANNERVILLE 1368 - COLOMBELLES 0770.  Detailed dispositions of 6 Airborne Div will be shown on trace in briefing room.

4.   R.A.F.  R.A.F. will attack flack and S.L positions with low flying fighter A/C to assist para A/C over coastline.


        (a) Under Command.

                1 Sec. 224 Field Ambulance.

                3 Para Sqn R.E. less No.3 Tp. (till completion of tasks I and II).

                Five jeeps and trailers

                Det. R.E.M.E.

                One F.S.P.

        (b) In support.

                F.O.O. Det. No.2.

6.  DECEPTION.  Dummy paratroops, delay battle noises simulators, flares and other issue confusers will be dropped S.W. of CAEN on high ground E. or R.DIVES from P-4 hrs 45 mins to P-4 hrs 25 mins.



7.  8 PARA BN will:-

        (a) Demolish bridges:- TROARN 176680, BURES 174698, BURES 176703 by H+2 hrs.

        (b) Deny use of rds:- TROARN - BANNERVILLE LA CAMPAGNE

                                         TROARN - ESCOVILLE


        (a) Bridge I - Br. at 177680.

        (b) Bridge II (Rly). Br at 176703.

                            (Road) Br at 175698.

9.  PHASES. - The operation will be divided into 6 phases.

        (a) Phase I - Advance Party.

        (b) Phase II - Glider landing party.

        (c) Phase III - Drop and R.V. Main Body.

        (d) Phase IV - Move to objective.

        (e) Phase V - Occupation of objective.

        (f) Phase VI - Subsequent action on completion of Phase V.


11.  LINE OF FLIGHT   N.E. - S.W.

12.  R.V.  Rd and track junc 132690.




        (a) COMMANDER:  O.C. "HQ" Coy - Major G. PAYNE.

        (b) Composition  See parachute loading tables (Appx B. to Adm. Instr. No.1).

        (c) D.Z.  K

        (d) TIME OF DROP.  P-5 hrs.

        (e) Tasks.

                1.  To guide Main Body to R.V.

                2.  To locate and assist with unloading of Gliders and guiding tpt to R.V.




        (a) Commander:  C/Sgt. ISAACS.

        (b) Composition  See Glider load tables (Appx. "C" to Adm. O. No.1).

        (c) L.Z.  D.Z.K

        (d) Time of landing.  P-4 hrs 35 mins.

        (e) Task - unload gliders as quickly as possible and move to R.V.




15.  D.Z.  K

16.  TIME OF DROP.  P-4 hrs 30 mins.

17.  R.V.

        (a) Area.  Rd and track junc 132690.  See attached detail layout of sub-units (Trace 'A').

        (b) R.V. Signals.

                Main Signal

                        (i) 2" Mortar coloured signal RED & GREEN.

                        (ii) Lucas signalling lamp with BLUE filter.

                        (iii) RED and GREEN VEREY lights.

                Sub-Unit signals.

                        "A" Coy - WHITE.

                        "B" Coy - BLUE.

                        "C" Coy - GREEN.

                        Bn HQ. - RED.

                        R.Es. - ORANGE.

        (c) CONTROL POST.  Rd. and track junc. 159682.

        (d) NO move from R.V. without orders from Bn HQ.  Estimated time for move from R.V. 1 hr 30 mins after drop.


        (a) On completion of initial task det will police D.Z. locate containers, guide stragglers to R.V. and locate casualties.

        (b) After Bn has moved from R.V. they will remain in area of R.V. till last light to collect any stragglers.

        (c) At 1st light they will move to Bn area and report to Bn HQ.





        (a) Commander:  O.C. "HQ" Coy.  Major G. PAYNE.

        (b) Composition:  O.C. "HQ" Coy, C.S.M. HQ Coy, Batman, Runner, One F.S.P., 2 i/c "B" Coy, Batman, R.E. recce Party, One Pl. "B" Coy, One Det A/Tk Pl.

        (c) Tasks.

                (i) To ascertain if TROARN is held.

                (ii) To ascertain if Bridge at 177680 is held.

        (d) ROUTE.  R.V. - Track junc 136689 and Rd and track junc 159682 - Rd and track junc. 159678 - X.rds 164678.

        (e) Action on completion of tasks.

                (i) If TROARN is held Trowbridge will warn Main Body at Check Pt 159682, remainder of Trowbridge Force will engage enemy and try and locate their positions.

                (ii) If Bridge is held on rear side Trowbridge Pl will attack defences and capture Bridge.  If it is held on far side one Sec will return enemys fire and remainder will move SOUTH down river bank to recce crossing in area 180676.

                (iii) If Bridge is not held Trowbridge Pl will move to far side and take up position.  2 i/c "B" Coy will make a recce of high ground in area of Pt 43 187694.


        (a) Composition.  2 i/c "A" Coy, Batman, R.E. Recce party.

        (b) Tasks.

                (i) To ascertain if BURES is held.

                (ii) To ascertain if Bridge II is held.

        (c) ROUTE.  R.V. - X.rd and track 147695 - rd and track junc. 168704.

        (d) Action on completion of tasks.

                (i) If BURES is held Trowbridge will try and find out enemy positions and then report to Check Pt.

                (ii) If BURES is not held he will recce Bridges and then report to Check Pt.

21.  ORDER OF MARCH OF MAIN BODY.  "B" Coy less One Pl., Two Dets A/Tk. Pl., Bn HQ. "A" Party, HQ R.E., One Troop R.E., R.E. tpt., "A" Coy, One Sec A/Tk. Pl., One Troop R.E., R.E. tpt., Bn HQ "B" Party, Mortar Pl., M.M.G. Pl., Bn Tpt., "C" Coy, One Sec. A/Tk Pl.

22.  ROUTE.  As for BRIDGE I   TROWBRIDGE Party.

23.  CHECK POINT.  Rd. and Track junc. 159682.  Main body will halt at Check pt till Trowbridge Parties report whether objectives are occupied by the enemy or not.  As soon as BRIDGE II is reported to be clear "A" Coy Pl with R.Es. will move to their objective.  Immediately TROARN is reported clear Main Body will move in and occupy it.



Occupation of Objective.


                "A" Coy

        (a) Layout.  One Pl - Area Bridge II.  Coy less one Pl - Area TROARN.

        (b) Tasks.

                (i) To cover R.E. demolition Parties on Bridge II.

                (ii) To provide Strong Patrols in accordance with Patrol programme.

        (c) Action on completion of Tasks.  On demolition of Bridge II "A" Coy will leave covering party of Snipers to cover demolition.  Remainder of force to concentrate in TROARN.

                "B" Coy

        (a) Layout.  One Pl - Area rd junc 181682.  Coy less 1 Pl - Area high ground at 188694 to inclusive [farm?] at 193689.

        (b) Tasks.

                (i) To cover R.E. demolition Party on Bridge.

                (ii) To prevent enemy occupying high ground at 188694 till demolitions are complete.

        (c) Action on completion of Tasks.  As soon as bridge is prepared for dem. "B" Coy will move to West side of bridge and when br is dem conc in area of Bn HQ.

                "C" Coy

        (a) Layout.  Area TROARN.

        (b) Tasks.

                (i) To hold TROARN inclusive X.rds at 161676 and inclusive X.rds at 164678.

                (ii) To provide patrols in accordance with Patrol programme.

                BN HQ.  Mortar Pl.  M.M.G. Pl.

        (a) Layout.  Area TROARN.  West of X.rds 165678.


        (a) Cover area BRIDGE I and St. SAMSON.

        (b) All round defence of TROARN.

26.  M.M.G. TASKS.

        (a) One sec to cover BRIDGE I and river line.

        (b) One sec to remain in Bn reserve.

27.  A.TK. Pl. TASKS.  One Sec under command of each Rifle Coy to cover main approaches into Bn position.

28.  O.Ps.  'I' Ops will be established as follows:

        (a) Pt. 43. 1869.

        (b) Pt 44 1665.

        (c) Area 1367.


        (a) "A" Coy and A/Tk Pl Snipers will concentrate under Sniper Officer at Bn HQ as soon as TROARN is taken.  TASK:  As detailed in para 37.

        (b) Remainder of Bn snipers will remain with Coys.

30.  COUNTER ATTACK.  "C" Coy will be prepared to C/A Bridge I in event of it falling into enemy hands before being demolished.

31.  PATROLS.  See Patrol Programme Appendix "C".

32.  R.Es

        (a) Allotment.  BRIDGE I - 1 Troop.  BRIDGE II - 1 Troop.

        (b) Tasks.  To demolish Bridges I and II.

        (c) Special Instr.  30 minutes before Bridges are ready for demolition O.C. Demolition Party will inform O.C. Covering Parties.  If in the opinion of the Officer i/c Demolition Party the fall of the bridge into enemy hands is imminent before the covering party is across he will blow without further orders.

        (d) Action on completion of Task.  R.E. Troops will concentrate in area squadron HQ in TROARN.  Rd. junc. 140703 will then be mined.

33.  R.A.  Details will be issued later.


        (a) Destruction of Bridge I.

        (b) Destruction of Bridge II (Rly).

        (c) Destruction of Bridge II (Rd).

        (d) Holding of TROARN and patrolling SOUTH and WEST.



Subsequent action on completion of Phase V.

35.  Bn Group less "C" Coy Group and Det of Snipers will move to rd junc 140703 with task of seizing and holding high ground in that area.  No movement except on receipt of orders from Bn HQ.

36.  "C" COY GROUP

        (a) Composition.  "C" Coy with under command: One sec A.Tk Pl.  One Sec. M.M.G. Pl.

        (b) Tasks.

                (i) To prevent enemy repairing Bridge I.

                (ii) To deny TROARN as a centre of communication to the enemy.

                (iii) To patrol SOUTH in order to confuse the enemy as to our positions.

        (c) Special tasks.  If in the opinion of O.C. "C" Coy TROARN becomes untenable he will withdraw his force to rd junc 140703 affecting the maximum delay on the enemy as he withdraws.


        (a) Composition.  Comd. Lieut. B.G. LUXTON, "A" Coy Snipers, A.Tk Pl Snipers, Two M.M.Gs. from Bn Reserve, One Sig Det (18 set to be detailed on ground by Sigs Officer).

        (b) Task.  To cover demolitions of Bridge II.

        (c) Special Instrs.  In event of the enemy crossing the river Snipers will withdraw on orders from O.C. Snipers to rd junc 140703 inflicting the maximum casualties and delay on the enemy while withdrawing.

38.  ADM.  See separate Adm. Orders.



39.  HQs.

        (a) Div area 106736 P-1 hr.

        (b) Bde.  Area 139732 NOT before P-2 hrs 30 mins.

        (c) Bn.  Area rd junc 166679.

40.  L.Os.  L.O. will report to Bde HQ as soon as Bn leaves R.V.

41.  CODES.

        (a) SLIDEX.

        (b) MAPLAY - Bn to Brigade.

        (c) UNICODE - Bn to Coy.

        (d) Double Transposition Cypher (Bn to Brigade).

42.  PASSWORD.  To be issued later.

43.  PIGEONS.  Pigeons will be carried for emergency communication with base.

44.  W.T.

        (a) Wireless diagram attached Appendix "D".

        (b) Wireless silence until H-hr except when in contact with enemy or objectives.

45.  [LINE?].  Line will be laid as soon as the situation permits.  Existing line will NOT be used.


        (a) Ground to ground.  Celanese triangles.  1 S.S. Bde will wear Green Berets.  "C" Squad. INNS of COURT will show celanese triangle if fired on.

        (b) Ground to Air.  Celanese strips.  Ground strips.

47.  LIGHT SIGS.  As soon as any contact is made with the enemy 2 RED Verey Lights will be fired.

48.  ENEMY COMMUNICATIONS.  All enemy telephone lines will be cut.  Telephone exchanges will NOT be destroyed.

49.  SYNCHRONIZATION.  All officers and Stick commanders will synchronize their watches with Captain of A/C before take off.



Capt & Adjt



23 May 44.







A.  In the close or "bocage" country (marked in red horizontal lines in Appx. A.2) the rds generally have an embankment 3 or 4 ft high on each side surmounted by a thick bramble or blackthorn hedge.  The fds and orchards at each side of the rd are also surrounded by hedges or rows of trees, sometimes on banks, and deployment by MT is, therefore, restricted.  In the large cultivated plains EAST and SE of CAEN, however, deployment may be easier, though ditches on each side of the rd can only be crossed by wheels where they are culverted at entrances to fds.  Most main rds have tarmac surface so that large tell-tale dust clouds are not likely to betray mov.  Some minor rds, however, have a surface of loose granite chips or gravel, from which dust will rise in dry weather.  Concrete rds are seldom found in Western NORMANDY.  Rds in old inland towns are generally pave.

        CAEN - PONT L'EVEQUE 4/L 5204.

                This is a metalled rd 15-20 ft wide.  From CAEN to BANNEVILLE-LA-CAMPAGNE 135675 it is practically straight, with little cover apart from some poplar trees.  There is a ditch on either side of the rd.  At BANNERVILLE, cover is provided by the wood on the SOUTH side for a distance of 700 yds.  Between BANNERVILLE and TROARN 164679 straightening the rd has begun at 142675 but there is no activity at present.  There are poplar trees, mainly on the SOUTH side of the rd WEST of TROARN from 144675 to 157675.  EAST of TROARN the rd runs on an embankment about 6 ft high across the flat saturated area surrounding the R. DIVES.  WEST of the br over the DIVES there are ditches and poplar trees on both sides of the rd.  EAST of the br, the rd is again slightly embanked as far as 195691.  There is little cover apart from a few poplar trees.  There appear to be ditches on both sides of the rd.

        R. DIVES.

                (a) In its lower reaches NORTH of TROARN the river winds slowly through a broad marchy valley where it is fed by numerous tributaries and drainage ditches.  The banks in this area are artificial and approx 5 ft high.  It becomes tidal NORTH of PONT DE VACAVILLE 218761.

                (b) Width.  St. PIERRE 2649 20ft.  PONT DE VACAVILLE 2176 - 35-40 ft.  DIVES SUR MER 2279 150 ft to maximum 300 ft.

                (c) Depth.  Average 4-6 ft.

                (d) Canal system.  EAST of the river a series of canals, now disused, were constructed to take barge traffic and by-pass the tidal sectors of the river.  The canals do not assist in the drainage of the area.  The lock at the mouth of the canal controls the entry of sea water at high tides.

                (e) Crossings.  Rds crossing the valley are built up on causeways approx 5 ft high.

                (f) Flooding.  The banks between TROARN 1667 and the sea prevent the river from flooding the low lying fds on either side.  Artificial flooding of the river valley commenced in May 42 and is principally through the closing of sluice gates at the mouth of the R. DIVETTE.  Within Bn area ground just north of br 176703 is flooded.  Area south of br. liable to flood.

                (g) Brs over the R. DIVES.




Width of river ft.

Span of br. ft.

Width of br. ft.

Banks and defs.



Ry br steel




No defs are visible. Grass, steep 3-4 ft.



Rd. br. stone




A steel rd block is seen at EAST side of br, in four secs two being in posn at either side of br and the remaining two lying alongside rd. There is a possible pillbox on WEST side of br on SOUTH side of rd. Grass, steep 5-6ft.



Rd. br. steel girder




No defs are visible. Grass, steep, 2-3 ft.


                A single track normal gauge rly line runs CAEN - GIBERVILLE 0868 - BANNEVILLE 1367 - TROARN 1567 - BURES 1769.  There are stas at TROARN and DOZULE-PUTOT 2471.

                (a) TROARN: where there is access to the sta on both sides of the rly by rds off the rd TROARN - ESCOVILLE 1271.  On the SOUTH side of the sta there is a small yd approx 60 yds by 30 yds.  The sta has a 6 ton crane.

                (b) DOZULE-PUTOT: The sta is accessible from both sides of the ry by trucks from the rd DOZULE-TROARN, the better approach being on the WEST side.  The sta has a 6 ton crane.

                (c) Halts: There are halts at GIBERVILLE - BANNEVILLE - BURES.

        R.DIVES Valley:-

                The valley of the R. DIVES, throughout its length, is highly unsuitable for the passage of tks.  The ground is low-lying, apt to be marshy and intersected by numerous small streams and irrigation ditches.  Artificial flooding has been carried out to a maximum depth not exceeding 9" over the area shown in Appx.A.2. (also on 1/25,000 def overprint).  SOUTH of BURES 1769 the many small tributaries and irrigation ditches are properly not individual obstacles to cross country mov but taken collectively and in conjunc with the river itself and the marshy nature of the ground they constitute a very serious hindrance.  Downstream from ANNERAY 2464 provided the brs were blown and the causeways carrying the rds cratered, it is considered the river line would be impassable to tks.  The valley of the R. DIVES is not considered an obstacle to a determined pz force containing Mk.V's and VI's.


                The thickly wooded area at 1471 contains a number of rides and tracks.  Although constituting a hindrance to tks is not considered an obstacle.

        D.Z. 1268 (Ref annotated ph att for HQ 3 Para Bde only).

                (a) Measurements: This DZ is rectangular in shape, measuring approx 1200 yds from EAST to WEST, and 1800 yds from NORTH to SOUTH.  Nature of ground: The whole of the DZ consists of open cultivated ground, devoid of hedges and ditches.  The ground rises gently towards the NORTH.

                (b) Landmarks.  To the WEST are open fields.  To the NORTH a line of widely spaced poplar trees runs due NORTH from 123705 where the trees become thicker and continue NORTH to the village of ESCOVILLE.  At 123705 a line of trees runs SW to 121704.  To the SOUTH there are open fds for ½ mile to the ry, beyond which lines of poplar trees running EAST to WEST will be seen.  To the EAST continuous trees and hedges running the whole length of the DZ form the best features for orientation.  In the SW corner are the villages of TOUFFREVILLE and SONNERVILLE, each with a church, forming useful landmarks.  At 129686 is a small quarry providing useful cover.  An overhead phone line runs along the CUVERVILLE - SONNERVILLE rd at the SOUTH of the DZ.  Large areas of the D.Z. are being prepared for the erection of obstruction posts.  According to the most recent ph cover 19 Apr, these are present on the WEST and SOUTH sides of the DZ.



        1.  711 Inf Div (Comd Maj-Gen KURT DEUTSCH):

                (a) Composition:- 731 Gren Regt., 744 Gren Regt., 651 Arty Regt., 711 Cyclist Coy., 711 Engr ? Bn., 711 Sigs ? Bn.  Formed in 1941 this div, like others in the 700 series, is a low category div of two regts of inf and one regt of arty.  The majority of its tps are aged 35 to 40 (men of older classes unfit for service) under 20 (young soldiers) or are men who have been wounded and are only slightly disabled.  In comparison with a first class fd div its fighting value has been assessed at 40% in a static and 15% in a counter-attack role.  There is thought to be a fairly high proportion of foreigners in the gren regts of this div.

                (b) Str.  Estimated at approx 13,000 men, 20 A.Tk guns, 60 Inf, fd or med guns.  Gren regts incls: HQ Coy, three bns, A tk coy, inf gun coy and hy mortar coy.  A bn of this div is expected to have about 800 men, 6 med or hy mortars, 9 lt mortars, 12 MMGs and 36 LMGs.  It may also be allotted two lt inf and three A tk guns from regt.  It is possible that 711 Inf Div may have under comd a small force of tks and SP arty for counter-attack purposes, as at the end of Dec 43 ten R.35 French tks were reported harbouring in the area BONNEVILLE-SUR-TOUQUES 4710.  The proximity of HQ 711 Inf Div to this place is significant.

                (c) Locations:- (See Appx B.2. and B.4).  Div HQ:- PONT L'EVEQUE 4/L.5204 - 35 rue Thouret, 7 rue Hamelin, 43 and 45 rue de Lannay.  For locations of regts and bns see Appx B.4.

                (d) Possible Role:- Having ascertained the limits of the ldg the first reaction when the initial counter-attacks have failed to throw the attacking forces back into the sea, will be to contain them.  711 Div is geographically and materially well situated for this task, geographically because it holds one of the shortest coastal sectors on this part of the coast and because a great part of this sector is well covered by a large amount of arty at LE HAVRE, and materially because it is well up to str and has an unusual amount of supporting arms.  The obvious line on which to hold the invading forces is the high ground to the EAST of the flooded valley of the R. DIVES.  The res bn, situated at DOZULE, is already well placed to take up a def posn along this line, which could be made continuous by blowing the brs over the DIVES.  Although it would weaken the strong estuary defs of the SEINE (such strong defs being a definite part of GERMAN policy), it is likely that when once the threat had clearly declared itself WEST of the ORNE and there was no sign of an attack EAST of the DIVES or on the SEINE Estuary, part of the div would move across to take up a posn along the high ground EAST of the DIVES.  This part would consist of units of, or even the whole, Eastern regt.  If the Germans appreciated that there would be no further threat to the EAST the whole div might well be moved to this area.  The div arty, together with all mob arty in the sector (this would, of course, incl the mob 170mm btys at VILLERVILLE 486156 and BENERVILLE 422107 would be moved Westwards far enough to bring as much as possible of the brhead within range.  711 Div should therefore not be considered merely as a coast def div which would remain static in its own sector, come what may.  That it would perform a counter-attack role outside its own area is unlikely, since it is not sufficient mob.  It would, however, probably form a strong flank def on the high ground EAST of the flooded R.DIVES to contain the Allied brhead.

                (e) Div Signs: Although generally Divisional Signs were painted out last year, reports are still being received of signs on vehs.  711 Inf Div sign is as follows: RED DIAMOND.

        2.  INF DIV.  (Comd:              )

                (a) Composition:- 726 Gren Regt., 736 Gren Regt., ? 642 Eastern (OST) Bn., ? 656 Arty Regt (incl possibly one bty Georgian tps), ? Cyclist Sqn., Engr ? Bn, Sigs ? Bn.  Formed in Apr 41, in present location since May 42.  Like 711 Inf Div, this is a low category div of two regts of inf and one regt of arty, consisting to tps who are aged 35 to 40 or under 20, or who have been wounded and are only slightly disabled.  Reported to incl 30% Poles and only 50% Germans.  Large numbers of Russians are now reported to be in the div sector and are estimated as the equivalent of at least two bns.  It is NOT clear how these Russian units will be fitted into the framework of the div.  A bn may have been allotted to each existing regt, or alternatively it may be the intention to use the Russians as a Div res.  For instance Chateau de BEAUREGARD 067724 may be Bn HQ of 642 Eastern (OST) Bn which may be either under comd of div HQ or may be manning part of the coastal defs in the area NORTH of CAEN where Russian tps have been reported on the coast.  It is more likely, however, that, these additional tps will be employed as a "div bn" i.e. in a counter-attack role.  In comparison with a first class fd div the fighting value of 716 Inf Div has been assessed at 40% in a static and 15% in a counter-attack role.  Eqpt consists of an unknown proportion of French, Brit and Polish weapons.

                (b) Str:- (estimated) (See also 711 Inf Div).  716 Inf Div may be expected to have eight bns (incl two Russian bns), 24 gun-hows and 12 med hows (most of them in fixed posns) and 20/25 A tk guns.  Russian bns contain five or six coys each 200 men strong, with a generous allotment of small arms but lacking hy weapons.  A tk sqn equipped with French or obsolete German tks has probably been allotted to the div to sp its counter-attack force.

                (c) Locations (See Appx B.2. and B.4).

                        Div HQ:- CAEN - 83 Rue de Geole 030688, Impasse Bagatelle.

                        Battle HQ:- 016699.

                        HQ 736 Gren Regt: Chateau de VIEVILLE 056740.

                        Bn HQ.  ST AUBIN D'ARQUENAY 0777.

                        Bn HQ.  DOUVRES LA DELIVERANDE 0180.

                        Res Bn HQ: CAEN.

                        Arty Bty (? Georgian) CAEN area.

                        HQ 726 Gren Regt: BAYEUX 7879.

                                I Bn HQ:- BAYEUX 7879.

                                II Bn HQ:- ? CRICQUEVILLE 8/T.6194.

                                III Bn HQ:- ISIGNY 8/T 5688.

                (d) Grn tps CAEN:- A bn of Local Def regt 193 is located in CAEN forming a static grn.  It is believed to be organised as normal inf bns are and is probably under comd 716 Inf. Div.

                (e) Disposns:-

                        (i) 716 Inf Div holds the coastal def sector from incl FRANCEVILLE 1579 one mile EAST of R.ORNE (7th Army right hand bty) to excl CARENTAN 8/T 38.

                        (ii) 736 Gren Regt the right hand regt sector is thought to stretch from incl FRACEVILLE to incl TRACY 8386 with two bns on the coast and one in res disposed as follows:- Right coastal bn, from 7th Army right bdy to excl LUC 0482.  Centre of coy areas are as follows:- EAST of the R.ORNE area 1579.  OUISTREHAM 1179-.  LION SUR MER 0681.  Left coastal bn from incl LUC to incl TRACY.  Coy areas are probably as follows:- LUC 0482 - ST. AUBIN 0184 - BERNIERES 9985.  COURSEULLES 9685 - VER 9185.  ASNELLES 8886 - ARROMANCHES 8486 - incl TRACY.  Res bn, which has its HQ in CAEN, is believed to be disposed in the area immediately SOUTH of BIEVILLE 0674 - LEBISEY 0471 - Northern outskirts of CAEN.

                        (iii) 726 Gren Regt sector, the left hand sector stretches from excl TRACEY to the div left bdy.  Here too there are two coastal bns and one in res.

                (f) Div Signs:-  Have been reported variously as:- (i) Outline of Kremlin.  Colour unknown.  (ii) Two or three crossed oak leaves.  Colour unknown.  (iii) Black tree on green ground.  It is possible that one of these may still be in use on vehs.

        3.  12 S.S. Pz Div "HITLERJUGEND" (Comd SS Oberfuhrer Fritz WITT).

                (a) History.  12 SS Pz Div was formed in BELGIUM early in 1943 largely from cadres supplied by SS LEIBSTANDARTE ADOLF HITLER.  It is commanded by SS Oberfuhrer (approx equivalent to Brig) Fritz WITT aged 35 who was a foundation member of SS LAH and has seen active service with SS fmns as bn and regt comd in FRANCE and RUSSIA, earning the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves.  He is a good party man whose ability as div comd is unknown.  Moved to present location early Apr 44.  The div is made up of former HITLER YOUTH members, who on completing the trg and reaching a sufficient age are posted to an SS Div.  These young men are led by older NCOs who have seen service in RUSSIA.  There are some foreigners probably incl in the div, but how many is NOT known.

                (b) Str.  The div is probably up to str.  Estimated full str is:-

Div HQ.

Tk Regt.

Sig Bn.

Recce Unit.

Pz Gren Regt (each 4050)

Arty Regt. Bn.

Engr Bn.













                (c) Eqpt:  Probably fully equipped and should contain some Panthers.

                (d) State of Trg:  Div trg should by now be well adv.  12 SS Pz Div is probably the best div remaining in the WEST.

                (e) Emblem: S in shield over oak leaves.

                (f) Org: 12 SS Pz Regt., 25 SS Pz Gren Regt., 26 SS Pz Gren Regt., 12 Arty Regt., 12 Recce Unit, 12 A Tk Bn., 12 Engr Bn., 12 Sigs Bn., Services numbered 12.

                (g) Present location: BERNAY 7/Q87, LAIGLE 7/Q74, DREUX 7/R33.

                (h) Probable role: The area occupied by 12 SS Pz Div is approx half the size of that occupied by its predecessor 10 SS Pz Div.  Although further from the NEPTUNE area, the div is more concentrated and is probably better situated from the pt of view of its possible role EAST of the SEINE, where the area previously occupied by 21 Pz Div now holds 179 Pz Trg Div, which cannot be reckoned in the same class as a fighting force.  The arrival of 21 Pz Div in the RENNES area may to some extent have reduced the area in which 12 SS Pz Div may be expected to operate Westwards.  The time of arrival of 12 SS Pz Div in the NEPTUNE area can only be roughly estimated at present, since no details of its disposns within the area BERNAY - LAIGLE - DREUX are yet known, but assuming that the div is concentrated with the intention of having to operate primarily in the area NORTH of LISIEUX and secondly EAST of the SEINE, it should be ready to operate in the area SE of CAEN as follows:-


Recce Unit

One Pz Gren Regt Gp

Tk Regt.

Whole div.

Approx Z +

4-5 hrs.

6-7 hrs.

10-11 hrs.

12 hrs.

        4.  17 SS Pz Gren Div "GÖTZ BERLICHINGEN" (Comd SS Brigadefuhrer Werner OSTENDORF)

                (a) History:- Formed in NURNBURG autumn 1943 and transferred to FRANCE (TOURAINE) during the winter 1943-44.  Its comd is probably SS Brigadefuhrer Werner OSTENDORF aged 41.  This offr, who transferred from the Luftwaffe to the Waffen SS before the war, is one of the ablest offrs produced by the latter army having served as senior staff offr to the "Star" SS Comds BITTRICH and HAUSSER, earning the Knights Cross in so doing.

                (b) Estimated full str of div:

Div HQ.

Tk Bn or Assault Gun Bn.

Sig Bn.

Recce Unit.

Pz Gren Regt (each 4050)

Arty Regt. Bn.

Engr Bn.













                (c) Eqpt: The posn of 17 SS Div's eqpt is NOT clear but it appears likely that it is NOT yet fully equipped although it certainly has at least some tks or assault guns.

                (d) State of Trg:- It is reckoned that at present this div is only 75% trained.

                (e) Emblem:- Possibly a St. John's Cross.

                (f) Org:-SS Tk Bn OR Assault Gun Bn., 37 SS Pz. Gren Regt., 38 SS Pz. Gren Regt., 17 Arty Regt., 17 Recce Bn., 17 A.Tk Bn., 17 Engr Bn., 17 Sigs Bn., Services numbered 17.  The org and str of this div is similar to that of an SS Pz Div with the following exceptions:-

                        (i) A tk bn (48 Pz Kw V PANTHERS) instead of a tk regt.

                        (ii) The assault gun is a possible alternative to the tk bn.  The org and str of an SS Pz Div are given in Appx B 3.

                (g) Present Location:- Area THOUARS 20/P.02 - POITIERS 21/U.47 - now suspected to be in RENNES area.

        5.  21 Pz Div.

                (a) Composition: ? 21 Pz Recce Unit., ? Tk Bde., ? 5 Tk Regt., ? Tk Regt., 192 Pz. Gren Regt., ? 492 Pz. Gren Regt., 155 Pz. Arty Regt., ? A Tk Bn., Pz Engr Bn., Sigs Bn.

                (b) Str: 4 Tk Bde is reported with two regts each of two bns Pz KwIII and IV.  French Somaus are incl and Pz Kw Tigers have been reported.  The Pz Gren element is said to amount to two regts each of three bns.  155 Pz Arty Regt contains a bty of 7.5cm SP guns and a bty of mixed 10.5cm and French (Schneider) 15.5cm guns.  Probably nearly up to str in personnel with about 60% of its eqpt.

                (c) History: The Div was destroyed in TUNISIA and has since been reforming.  Arrived at ORLEANS from RENNE 14/Y05 in Oct 43.  Left for MANTES 7/R66 early Jan 44.  Tps reported as elite and smart in appearance aged 18-30.  A number are reported to be Hessians but there are also Polish and Alsatian elements.  Moved 20-24 Mar back to area RENNES, exchanging places with 179 Pz Trg Div.

                (d) Present location: Area ST MALO 7/S71 - POTORSON 8/T10 - RENNES 14/YO5 - PLOERMEL 13/X43 - JUGON 7/X58.  Now suggested in area FLERS T82 - FALASSE U.13.

                (e) Probable role: 21 Pz Div situated as it is in the area RENNES is so placed that it can operate either to the NE in the COTENTIN peninsula or to the WEST in the BREST peninsula although the latter is not ideal tk country.  It is probable that 3 Para Div will be used in the close country in WESTERN BRITTANY leaving 21 Pz Div to operate directly to its NORTH or towards the base of the COTENTIN peninsula.

        6.  3 PARA DIV.

                (a) Probable composition:- Three Para Rifle Regts., Para MG Bn., Para Arty Regt., Para A Tk Bn., Para Engr Bn., Sigs Unit and sigs op coy.

                (b) Str:- At full str a para rifle regt has approx 3,100 men (2,200 battle str) 198 MG's 24 MMG's 30 lt mortars, 6 med and hy mortars, 58 lt recoilless guns, 33 A tk guns.

                (c) History: Reported forming REIMS 8/T.37 Jan 44.  Moved mid-Mar to Western BRITTANY.

                (d) Locations:- HQ 3 Para Div:- Western BRITANNY.  Exact location unknown.  Para Regt: SIZUN 7/W.29.  Para Regt: HUELGOAT:- 7/W.49 (EAST of BREST).

                (e) Probable role:- It is thought that 3 Para Div will be employed in one of the following roles:- (i) In a ground role as a lt div.  (ii) As an airborne counter-attack force.  (iii) To seize crossings for an armd div.

                (f) Other paratroops.  5,000 paratps are reported to be located in the area CALAIS 1/G.87.  It is not known to which fmn these tps belong.



                The mass of the population hates the Germans and looks forward to liberation by the Allies.  Those patriots who are already working in the Resistance Mov in collaboration with the Allies will at the time of invasion carry out to the best of their ability specific mil tasks already allotted to them.  A few political extremists who have so far committed themselves in collaboration with the Germans as to have forfeited all chance of life and liberty in a Free France may be expected to aid the enemy in maintaining order in the rear.  Those persons who have adopted the wait and see attitude and who believe that they can persuade their compatriots that they have really tried to act in the best interests of FRANCE will do everything possible to help the Allies in order to prove their good faith.  Among these will be found many middle class industrialists and administration and police officials, who have been forced into a certain measure of collaboration in order to keep their jobs.  The remainder, that is to say the great majority of the population will do his best to impede the German resistance, strikes and petty sabotage being more likely than armed resistance.


                NORMANDY is a rich country and the Norman came to FRANCE as a conqueror; he has not forgotten it.  For him other Frenchmen are outsiders and rather inferior.  The Norman loves success even in others: he loves justice but equally appreciates a sharp deal.  He's a good horse breeder and a hy cider drinker.  Under the Germans they have received cruel treatment.  At the same time they have been bombed by the Allies, that and the disappointment in the DIEPPE raid joined to the great spate of GERMAN propaganda may be expected to produce some anti Allied feeling, but it is not considered fundamental in character.  The administrator who would win the esteem of the Normans should govern with the minimum of control, replenish the country's livestock, gently flatter the local pride and above all restore a wide and gen Liberty of action.


                BANNEVILLE-LA-CAMPAGNE 1367.  Population 115.  Mayor M. CASSIGNEUL.  Voltage 120/210 3 Phase AC.  Situated on the CAEN - TROARN main rd.  From here a secondary rd runs NORTH to SANNERVILLE ⅓ of a mile away.  Consists almost entirely of small cottages.  There are farms at 142679 and 136672 and a church (with spire) at 137672.  Good cover from the air is afforded by trees on the SOUTH side of the main rd.  The single track rly from CAEN passes through the village and there is a Halt at 135675.

                BASSENVILLE 1870.  Population and name of Mayor unknown.  This consists of a church at 185708 (see Appx 3) and two or three widely scattered farms and cottages.  The church adjoins the single track TROARN - DOZULE rly but there is no Halt.

                BURES 1769.  Populated 194.  Mayor M. GIBRAT 120/210 3 Phase AC.  A small village situated on the Western bank of the R. DIVES.  It consists of scattered cottages with a church in the centre at 171697.  This should form a useful landmark (see Appx. A.3).  Orchard in the village would provide cover from the air.  The single track rly from CAEN skirts the village to the WEST and there is a Halt at 170700.  The village should not be liable to flood as it stands 10-20 ft above the level of the river.

                CAGNY 1164.  Population 434.  Mayor M. PHILIPPE.  120/210 3 Phase AC.  Situated on the main CAEN - LISIEUX rd.  Consists of cottages and three or four farms.  There is a church with tower at 109642 and at 110643 is a large house (probably two storey) 115 ft long and ranging from 25 to 50 ft in width.  There are orchards in the village and good cover from the air is afforded by trees.

                CUVERVILLE 1069.  Population 151.  Mayor M. RICHER.  120/210 3 Phase AC.  This village is situated at the junc of four secondary rds and consists of small cottages and two or three farms.  There is a small church with square tower at 104690.  There is a large house approx 80 ft x 25 ft at 105690.  A copse at the back of this house would provide some cover from the air.  The village is in a very exposed posn.  There are several small orchards.

                DEMOUVILLE 1067.  Population 550.  Mayor M. JOYEUX.  120/210 3 Phase AC.  Situated ⅓ of a mile NORTH of the main CAEN - TROARN rd.  It is a compact rather congested village with a small square measuring approx 65 yds by 26 yds.  At 102675 is a church 140 ft x 35 ft.  There are farms at 105677 and 103673.  At 099675 is a house surrounded by a small, thick wood providing excellent cover from the air.

                EMIEVILLE 1365.  Population 102.  Mayor M. LEPETIT.  110/210 3 Phase AC.  Situated approx 1 mile SOUTH of BANNERVILLE-LA-CAMPAGNE.  This is a very scattered collection of farms and cottages.  The population figure presumably incls CUILLERVILLE and MANNEVILLE.  There is a church at 134654.  There are numerous orchards in the vicinity.

                ESCOVILLE 1271.  Population 263.  Mayor M. VIEL.  Situated ½ mile SOUTH of HEROUVILLETTE.  It is a collection of cottages and farms stretching along the rd in an EAST - WEST direction.  There is a church with spire at 120711 at the Western end of the village.  In the centre of the village at 125712 is what appears to be an exceptionally large farm, with buildings forming 3 sides of a square, each side approx 270 ft long.  In the immediate vicinity good cover from the air is provided by trees.  At 124714 is a large house two or three storeys high and well enclosed by trees.

                ST. PAIR 1666.  Population 93.  Mayor M. JOLY.  120/210 3 Phase AC.  A very small village situated 1 mile SOUTH of TROARN.  It consists of a number of cottages and a farm.  There is a church at 161664.  There are numerous orchards in the vicinity.

                SANNERVILLE 1368.  Population 435.  Mayor M. HUET.  120/210 3 Phase AC.  Situated ⅓ mile NORTH of BANNERVILLE-LA-CAMPAGNE.  The population figure presumably incls that of LES CARRIERES to the SE.  There is a church at 135682.  The village proper and LES CARRIERES are two distinct gps of small cottages surrounded by orchards.  150 yds NORTH of the village is an avenue of tall trees offering excellent cover from the air.

                TOUFFREVILLE 1368.  Population 187.  Mayor M. BRIARD.  120/210 3 phase AC.  This village is situated ½ a mile NORTH of SANNERVILLE and consists of small cottages in a rather scattered fmn.  There is a church (? with tower) at 133686.  The numerous orchards in the village would provide good cover from the air in summer.

                TROARN 1667.  Pre war population 674.  Mayor M. GUERARD.  120/210 3 phase AC.  A small town along each side of the main rd, it consists of a large number of smallholdings and approx seven gps of farm buildings.  There are shops and a market square.  A church with a spire at its WEST end is located at 165679.  The village is surrounded by orchards.  There is a hospice in the village, its posn is unknown.  There is a gp of large buildings at 163678.  There are two hotels in the town and a garage.





        (a) United States and British aircraft will carry the distinctive markings given in this instruction in order that they may be more easily identified as friendly by naval and ground forces and by other friendly aircraft.

        (b) This instruction does not change the present United States and British national markings now in use, namely:-

                (i) The United States Army Air Force white star on a white horizontal bar.

                (ii) The Royal Air Force red white and blue roundel.

        (c) This instruction will be effective on D day and until it is considered necessary to alter it.


        (a) The information contained in this instruction will be given to all assault troops at the time of briefing and to all troops during issue of orders prior to embarkation up to D+3.  The instruction will also be given general issue subsequent to D Day.

        (b) The degree of security will be reduced to SECRET on D day.


        (a) The following types of United States and British aircraft will carry the distinctive markings:-

                (i) Fighters and fighter-bombers.

                (ii) Tactical and photographic reconnaissance aircraft.

                (iii) Aircraft employed in spotting for naval gunfire and field artillery.

                (iv) Light bombers.

                (v) Medium bombers.

                (vi) Troop carrier aircraft, including four engined types.

                (vii) Glider tugs, including four engined types.

                (viii) Liaison aircraft and Air OPs employed in forward area for fire spotting and adjustment or for advanced aircraft control.

                (ix) Coastal Command, Air Sea Rescue and disembarked Fleet Air Arm aircraft.

        (b) The following types of aircraft will NOT carry the distinctive marking:-

                (i) Four engined bombers.

                (ii) Air transports.

                (iii) Gliders.

                (iv) Nightfighters.

                (v) Seaplanes.


        (a) Single engined aircraft.

                (i) Upper and lower wing surface of aircraft listed in paragraph 3(a) above, will be painted with five white and black stripes, each eighteen inches wide, parallel to the longitudinal axis of the airplane, arranged in order from centre outward; white, black white, black, white.  Stripes will end six inches inboard of the national markings.

                (ii) Fuselages will be painted with five parallel white and black stripes, each eighteen inches wide, completely around the fuselage, with the outside edge of the rear most band eighteen inches from the leading edge of the tailplane.

        (b) Twin engined aircraft.

                (i) Upper and lower wing surface of aircraft listed in paragraph 3(a) above, will be painted from the engine nacelles outward with five white and black stripes, each twenty four inches wide, arranged in order from centre outward, white, black, white, black, white.

                (ii) Fuselages will be painted with five parallel white and black stripes each twenty four inches wide, completely around the fuselage, with the outside edge of the rear most band eighteen inches from the leading edge of the tailplane.

        (c) Four engine troop carrier aircraft and glider tugs.

                Same as for twin-engine aircraft, wing stripes to be outboard of the outer engine nacelles.

        (d) Stripes will in no case be painted over the national markings, which take precedence.  Wing stripes will extend from leading edge to trailing edge of wings.  Special equipment, such as deicer boots, will not be painted over.

        (e) Sketches of aircraft painted according to these instructions are at Appx.A.





Appx "B" to O.O. No.1.





A/C No.



Time of T.O.





Adv Party.  L.Os A/C


P-6h 21mins





Adv Party.  O.C. HQ Coy







Glider Party 1


P-6h 41mins





Glider Party 2







Glider Party 3







Glider Party R.E.1







Glider Party R.E.2







3 Sqn R.E.


P-6h 13mins








































M.Pl. 1 Det & A.Tk. Pl.1 Det







M.Pl. 2 Det & A.Tk. Pl.2&3 Dets







M.Pl. 3 Det & A.Tk. Pl.4 Det







M.Pl. 4 Det & A.Tk. Pl.5 Det







MG.Pl. 1 Det & A.Tk. Pl.6 Det







MG.Pl. 2 Det & A.Tk. Pl.7 Det







MG.Pl. 3 Det & A.Tk. Pl.8 Det







MG.Pl. 4 Det & A.Tk. Pl.9 Det







"B" Coy 1 Pl. 1 and 2 Secs







"B" Coy HQ and 1 Pl. 3 Sec







"B" Coy 2 Pl. 1 and 2 Secs







"B" Coy HQ & 2 Pl. 3 Sec







"B" Coy 3 Pl. 1 and 2 Secs







"B" Coy HQ & 3 Pl. 3 Sec







Bn HQ "A" Pty.  C.Os. A/C.







Bn HQ "A" Pty - Sigs Offr A/C







"A" Coy 1 Pl. 1 & 2 Secs







"A" Coy HQ & 1 Pl. 3 Sec







"A" Coy 2 Pl. 1 & 2 Secs







"A" Coy HQ & 2 Pl. 3 Sec







"A" Coy 3 Pl. 1 & 2 Secs







"A" Coy HQ & 3 Pl. 3 Sec







Bn HQ "B" Pty - 2nd i/cs. A/C.







Bn HQ "B" Pty - A/Adjts A/C.







Sec. Para Fd. Amb.







"C" Coy 1 Pl. 1 & 2 Secs







"C" Coy HQ & 1 Pl. 3 Sec







"C" Coy 2 Pl. 1 & 2 Secs







"C" Coy HQ & 2 Pl. 3 Sec







"C" Coy 3 Pl. 1 & 2 Secs







"C" Coy HQ & 3 Pl. 3 Sec









Ref Maps: FRANCE 1/100,000 7F  8F.

                                 1/50,000 7E/S  7E/6  7F/1  7F/2.

                                 1/25,000 40/16 NE SE SW NW, 40/18 SE SW.


1.  AMN.

        (a) Amn Pt.

                (i) RSM will est area rd and track junc  166679.

                (ii) Trailers will not be offloaded.

        (b) Bde Pool.

                (i) Containers carrying Bde Res amn will be jettisoned before Bn jump in area NORTH of BOIS de BAVENT 1471.

                (ii) Collection under BRASCO beginning first light D day and dump will be formed in wood 140725.

                (iii) RSM will arrange drawal direct from Dump as required.

        (c) 75 Grens.

                (i) Those carried on personnel will remain on them and NOT be dumped.

                (ii) Necklaces.  Are allotted as under:-

                        "A" Coy - 12 - To be drawn from Amn Pt by Patrol Pls before leaving.

                        "B" Coy 3 - Will be sent up on request after capture of Br. 177680.

                        "C" Coy 9 - To be drawn from Amn Pt by Patrols before leaving.

2.  SUPS.

        (a) Bde Sup Pt will open late D+1.  Indents for D+2, D+3 and D+4 will be rendered by Adm. Capt by 0900 hrs D+1.  Thereafter 48 hrs in adv.

        (b) Build up.  Estimated that 4 cookers and 8 containers will arr Bn area D day.

3.  TPT.

        (a) General.  On landing all tpt will be offloaded from Gliders and taken to R.V. by Glider Personnel.  O.C. Adv Pty (O.C. HQ Coy) will contact Glider personnel on landing and assist.

        (b) Jeeps.

                (i) Come under control MTO at R.V.

                (ii) Neither jeeps nor trailers will be unloaded, even after arrival at objective without orders from C.O. 2nd i/c or Adjt.

                (iii) MTO will est Tpt Pk adjacent to amn pt.

        (c) Lt. Wt. M/Cs.

                (i) Allotment.  Each Rifle Coy 3.  Res (Bn HQ) 3.

                (ii) Will join Coys at R.V.

                (iii) Lt. wt. M/Cs will be PUSHED and NOT ridden from L.Z. to objective.

        (d) Folding B/cs.  Coy orderlies to Bn HQ will be mounted.

        (e) Build-up.  Build-up of Bn Hy vehs is estimated as under:-

                D+1 - Water cart and two M/Cs.

                D+2 - 4 x 3 tonners (marching pty).

                D+5 - 3 x 3 tonners.

        (f) Captured tpt.

                (i) Coys will inform Bn HQ as and when they capture enemy or civilian tpt (incl farm carts) stating type captured and amount of spare petrol, if any, on board.  Disposal instrs will then be given.

                (ii) MTO will form captured tpt park in area Bn HQ.

                (iii) Coys will inform Bn HQ if they require dis. for captured tpt.

        (g) Veh. Lighting.  Side and tail only.

4.  P.O.L.

        (a) Sup Pt.  WOOD 140725.

        (b) For each full Jerrican drawn, an empty one will be returned.

5.  MED

        (a) Sec Fd Amb (Glider Pty).  O.C. Adv. Pty will meet on LZ and guide to R.V.  Glider Pty will remain with remainder tpt until reaching obj.

        (b) D.Z. & L.Z. Cas.  Will make their way to C Coy RV (wood 131690) where MO will est CCP.  Decision re manning of CCP will be made by C.O. at R.V.  Det 22 Ind Para Coy will assist cas from D.Z. to CCP.

        (c) R.A.P.

                (i) On move.  With Bn HQ "A" Pty.

                (ii) On obj.  Area Bn HQ.

        (d) A.D.S.

                (i) On move.  Bn HQ. "B" Pty.

                (ii) On obj.  with R.A.P.

        (e) M.D.S.  Area 137729.

        (f) Axis of Med evac:  TROARN - Rd junc 140702 - M.D.S. 137729.

        (g) Signs "wounded".  M.O. will ensure Bn Med Sec have supply of signs "wounded".  These will be displayed prominently at CCP and at all nests of wounded personnel which it has not been possible to evacuate to RAP, ADS, or MDS.

        (h) Individual Equipment.

                (a) Morphia.  Will be carried by all rks within the first fd dressing, a hole being made in the covering between the two pads of the dressing and Morphine slipped in.

                (b) Shell dressings.  All rks will carry two in front pockets of smock.

6.  WATER.  No local water will be used until passed as fit by M.O.


        (a) Jumping jackets.  Will be left at Coy R.Vs.

        (b) Lifebelts.  Will be worn until arrival on objectives, in Phase 5.  Every endeavour will be made to bring them back during Phase 6.

8.  TOOLS.  As per Staff and Load Tables, will be retained by coys throughout op.

9.  PW.

        (a) Coys will est Mobile Coy P.W. cages during move up to objective (see ATM No.48).  PWs will be sent to Bn HQ on arrival at objective.

        (b) PWs will be held at Bn HQ Cage until disposal Instrs are received from Bde HQ.  IO will notify Bde HQ of numbers of PW as they come in.

        (c) Bde PW collecting Pt is being est under Pro at Buildings 1397.

        (d) PW effects.  Action as per standing orders for battle will be carried out.  All ranks will be warned of the serious consequences of keeping souvenirs.

10.  REFUGEES.  Will be directed to church 112737.

11.  LOOTING.  All ranks will be warned against looting and the strictest supervision will be enforced over this matter.

12.  BOOBY TRAPS.  All ranks will be warned of the German inclination towards Booby traps.

13.  MAINTENANCE AREA.  Div Maint. area - Wood 106735.


        (a) HQs will be marked by day with Coy flags and by night with Coy night boxes.  Colours as under:-


Bn HQ.





Amn/Sup Pt.

















O.C. Coy.

O.C. Coy.

O.C. Coy.



        (b) Flags will be taken down by Jumping personnel.  Night boxes will be taken by Gliders.


        (a) All graves will be marked with man's number and name.

        (b) All rks will be informed that:

                (i) GREEN disc is buried with man.

                (ii) RED disc att to effects.

                (iii) If only one disc, it is buried.

                (iv) If no discs, doc. evidence should be att. to be [?].

16.  BLANKETS.  One per man is expected to arrive D+3.

17.  LAUNDRY.  Until Mobile Laundry available, ADOS is issuing 2ozs soap per man per 14 days in bulk, without demand.

18.  RAZOR BLADES.  Will be demanded of A.D.O.S. until sups become available.

19.  RETURNS.  Are required as under:-

Coys to Bn.


0600 hrs daily.

As required.



Daily casualty and strength state as at 0600 hrs daily.

Adm requirements.



8 PARA BN I Sum No.1.


Distribution as per O.O. No.1



1.  21 Pz. Div.  It is now believed that the area of the 21 Pz. Div is BAYEUX - CAEN - LISIEUX.

2.  5 Para Div.  Now believed to be in area BREST peninsula but is not likely to be used in an airborne role.  This div has been equipped with SP assault guns.



3.  Enemy tk str. in WEST is estimated to be 2500 - 3000 of which approx half are Mk III and IV, approx one third Mk V and VI, and remainder FRENCH lt tks.

4.  Div PANTHER bns in the WEST reported to contain 81 PANTHERS while non-div TIGER bns contain 40-50 TIGERS.

5.  No. of tks in 21 PZ DIV suspected to be 300 incl 90 Mk V formed into two regts.

6.  No. of guns in 21 PZ DIV reported to be 46 incl 18 SP.

7.  A battle gp from 21 PZ DIV could therefore probably consist of the following:- 100 tks., One or two bns PZ GREN., 14 Guns, 14 A.Tk guns, 1 Gp. of Armd Recce.

8.  Total no. of a/c which the enemy can put into the air over the NEPTUNE area at one time estimated to be 1200.  The Allies are throwing in 10,000.



9.  The conc of arty on the high ground continuing EAST and SOUTH from the BUTTE de HOULGATE is as follows:-

        (a) Six gun med coast tp at 257510.

        (b) Four gun med how tp at 254754.

        (c) Four gun fd tps at 280807, 261781, and 309800.

        (d) Bty of multi-barrelled rocket projectors at 248780.

                Comment.  These may be a complementary arty force to the estuary def for the R.SEINE or may be exploitations of the high ground on this part of the coast.



10.  Soil.  Is reported to be mainly clay in the TROARN area.

11.  Sluices.  In the latest air phs a sluice has been built over the R.DIVES at 178678 to flood the area south and south east of ST SANSOM.



12.  Bombline.  Within the Bn area from P hr the bombline will be the EASTERN bank of R.DIVES to be 177681 SOUTH of TROARN 1667 - SOUTH side of rd to rd junc 135674 - NORTH side of rd to SANNERVILLE - CUVERVILLE 1069.

13.  C Sqn INNS of COURT.  Certain parties of C sqn INNS of COURT may move into 6 AIRBORNE DIV area from SOUTH EAST of CAEN during D or D plus 1 day.

                Troops to be expected.  Two patrols each of one Daimler Scout car and one Daimler Armd Car.

                Probable Route.  CAGNY - DEMOUVILLE - LES BAS de RANVILLE.

                Recognition Sigs.  Blue pennants from aerials.  If shot at cars will display yellow celanese triangles and fire yellow smoke.  6 AIRBORNE DIV tps will display yellow triangles in answer being careful NOT to disclose posn to enemy.  After identification cars will be guided to DIV HQ.



Passwords will change 1200 hrs B D plus 1 and thereafter daily at 1200 hrs B.



Air phs will be taken into action provided they are NOT marked with disposns of own tps.


[Signed Casares]


Intelligence Officer.


31 May 44.



Appx. "X" to Bn OO No.1.













Br. 177680. blown.

Br. 174698. blown.

Br. 177702. blown

Rd. junc 140703 occ. own tps



BURES 1769

BUTTE de la HOGUE 1269










2.  PASSWORDS.  Change1200 hrs B D + 1 and thereafter 1200 hrs B.


1200 hrs D-1 to 1200 hrs. D Day

D Day to 1200 hrs B D+1

D+1   D+2

D+2   D+3

D+3   D+4

D+4   D+5

D+5   D+6

D+6   D+7