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Robert Joseph Gordon Haley

My grandfathers name was Robert Joseph Gordon Haley, known as Bob Haley, he was at St Valery and was with the Black Watch (51st Highlanders I think), he escaped down the cliffs at St Valery with a few others and was picked up by a boat/ship and taken to Forfar in Scotland where he spent two years in hospital, due to a motorbike accident he had whilst on a days leave. His wife ( my Nan) was informed he was missing presumed dead and until the Salvation Army traced him two years later she thought she had lost him, I would love to hear from anyone who may have known him or went down the cliffs at St Valery and was picked up by who??? I have not been able to find out who picked up my Grandfather. Any help greatly appreciated. ntwill@bigpond.net.au


Thomas Hanly (Stalags XXA and IIIA)

I think my grandfather was in Torun (XXA) for most of the war. His name was Thomas Hanly, Army number 794947 and was a gunner with the Artillery. He was captured in Dunkirk and a prisoner until 9/5/45. I have no idea how to get info on the time as a POW. He passed away when I was very young but would love to be able to piece together that part of his life for his children. I would appreciate any info or direction that you could provide. Martin Purcell, mpurcell2004@eircom.net


Vagn Aage Hansen
My father (photo) was a Danish police officer who was taken prisoner when the Germans arrested the Danish police (19 sept. 1944 ). He went to Nuengamme - Buchenwald, and last to Mühlberg IVB (POW no.310272). Only a handful of them (very sick) stayed in the camp - the rest were put to outside "work". My father stayed in the camp (got home after the war) and I have during my searching found 6 photos, taken by a Danish police officer. I am searching for a American soldier who also was in Stalag IV B - I only know his first name - George (photo) - and he was from a Danish family who emigrated to America. He spoke Danish, therefore he became friends whit the Danish police and my father. I remember that my father said that George was of a mind that if they made it home then he would come to Denmark and take him out for a good meal, which he and his wife did in 1965. Also does anyone have a copy (VHS) of "Winton's Children"; the BBC story of Sir Nicolas Winton who saved 694 children from Czechoslovakia in 1939? xray@get2net.dk


Spr Andrew Dryden Hardy (Stalag XXA)

I am trying to do some research about my father, who was in the Royal Engineers, no.4575270, and was captured fighting the rearguard at Dunkirk and ended up in Stalag XXA. Its something he has never spoken of, but what has prompted this is that he had a major stroke earlier this year, the result of which, he descended in to, what the psychiatrist treating him informs me is a severe case of post traumatic stress. We're trying to get his service record, but are in something of a cleft stick with that as well, next of kin can access the records in the event of a servicemans death, but he is obviously still with us so they will only issue it to him, but he is in no fit state to complete the paperwork to request it. I do know he was involved in a long march at the hands of the Russians following their advances into East Prussia at the beginning of 1945. Any help welcome, Mark Hardy, mark@ebgb.net


Pfc. Thomas B. Harkins (Stalag IIIB)

Dear all, I am a Polish history researcher and our history research project partners with the Pentagon DPMO office, that searches for American citizens who could not be accounted for after the WW2, particularly in the Soviet zone. I would like to ask for help to find out the fate of Pfc. Thomas B. Harkins (32067781). He belonged to the Company "B", 6th Armored Infantry, and was reported MIA on December 6th 1942 in Tunisia. He was subsequently reported as a POW at Camp Stalag IIIB. After the war Pfc. Harkins could not be accounted for. Searches for his grave was conducted in the town of Fuerstenberg (where Stalag IIIB was). These searches were not successful. I am looking for information if anybody remembers or knew Pfc. Harkins. Was the Stalag IIIB evacuated from the Russians towards the end of the war? If so, where were the POWs marched to? Perhaps Pfc. Harkins perished on this march? Any help will be sincerely appreciated. Szymon Serwatka, sserwatka@yahoo.com


Sidney Harper (Stalag VIIIA)

I am searching for information on my Grandad Sidney Harper he was a private in the Royal Corps of signals. He was captured in 1941 during Rommels push for tobruk in North Africa and put in stalag 8 POW camp around 1942. His friend Gordon Gibson was unfortunately killed in action by a bomb my Grandad was injured which blew half his face which left a scar. Iwould love to hear from any relatives of Gordon Gibson. My Grandad lived in Tyne and Wear if anyone has any inforamtion at all on him please contact donna.linney@ntlworld.com


George Harsh (Stalag Luft III)

I am researching George Harsh, RCAF, shot down in October 1942, spent several years at Stalag Luft III. I'd be interested in gettting in touch with anyone who knew him, or knew people who knew him. Cait Murphy, cait@caitnmurphy.com


Pte Jack Hartley (Stalags XXA and B)

My father, Jack Hartley, (Ernest John) was from Stretford in Manchester and was a company runner in the Worcester Regiment. His first action in World War 11 was at Dunkirk where, at 20 years of age, he was wounded badly in the leg by shrapnel. In the confusion, his ambulance drove into the German lines and he was taken prisoner in Cassel. (April 1940) He spent some time in hospital where the skill of the German surgeons saved his leg. Then, he was moved into various hotels to recuperate, including a large one in Le Touquet. Eventually he spent some time recovering in a hotel in Belgium before finally arriving, in August, at Stalag XXA Thorn, Poland, - (Torun). He was suffering from pneumonia. My father spent 5 years in Stalag XXA and in Stalag XXB in Marienburg - (Malborg). As a POW, he often worked in a cheese factory in or near Elbing. My father told us lots of stories about those war years but, unfortunately, did not write them down. If anybody has any information about my father I would be so glad to hear from him. Some of his friends at this time were Nicky, Barney, Sunny, Bill and Cliff. I do have a few photographs of my father's time as a POW. Jacquie Lowes, bill.lowes@btinternet.com


Gnr Reginald Harvey (Stalag VIIA)

I am trying to gather information about my late Father. Reginald Arthur Harvey - Gunner, Royal Artillery. 1142087. 62nd Anti-tank regiment. He was wounded in action sometime after the Normandy landings in 1944. He was recorded being in German hands on 5th August, 1944. If anyone have any recollections of him or information about him I would be very grateful and interested to hear from you. Lloyd Harvey, lloyd-61@hotmail.com.


Alexander Fyfe Hastie (Stalag VIIIB)

I would love to hear from anyone who knew my grandfather, Alexander Fyfe Hastie, (Speedy). He died in Stalag VIIIB. Terrimccue1@aol.com


S/Sgt Richard (Dick) and Norman Haw (P.G.54)

My Grandfather Dick Haw and Uncle, Norman Haw were both captured at Tobruk June 1942. They were with the South Africans (Umvoti Mounted Rifles, UMR). They were initially held in N Africa and later transferred to Italy, I think PG 54 (Fara in Sabina). They were some of the many who escaped when Italy capitulated. The Officers also leaving the gates open. These 2 with the aid of the Italian resistance managed to get into Switzerland. They stayed for some time on a farm near Milan, the owner being one Ulisse Kantoni. They managed to evade the German search parties with the help of this gentleman. Does anyone know these two OR know the route that they were taken on by the resistance. Richard Bryson. richard.bryson@kentron.co.za


James Hay (also used Hayes)

DOB. 10.10.04, 1st Royal Scots Guards, Service Number 2716644, Captured at Boulogne 27/05/40, P.O.W. Number 11387, Held at Stalag XXA and XXB and 3A Luckenwalde. He was my late father in law, and my wife and I would like to get as much information as is possible about his service and imprisonment. John Wright, Btpght61@aol.com


Gnr Les Hayes (Stalag XXA, and XXB)
Of the Royal Artillery. I would like to hear from anyone who remembers my late father at XXA or XXB or on the marches to and from the camps in Poland. He was captured at St Valery in June 1940 and returned to the UK in May 1945. He worked at loading and unloading coal from trains whilst at the camp but I don't know which workparty he was attached to (if any). Any photos or info about the camp also much appreciated. ben@studio2.freeserve.co.uk


S/Sgt D. Hayidakis

I am a reporter with the Chicago Tribune, and I have been working to try find a South African soldier who was a POW in Italy in World War II. He kept a journal during his time in camp, and a family in a Chicago suburb now have it and want to return it to him or his family. The first page of the journal reads thusly: No. 8932., S/Sgt. D. Hayidakis, Tent No. 7B, Camp No. 54, P.M. 3300, Fara Sabina, Italy. The journal seems to have been started on June 5, 1943, and covers events at least until Sept. 3, 1943. As I said, Hayidakis was South African. His brigade was South African 4th. It left Durban Bay on July 22, 1940 on H.M.S. Exeter. Based on a search of the Internet, Hayidakis appears to be an unusual name. But I did come across references to Demetri Hayidakis, born in 1916 in East London, Cape Province, who was a high-level cricket player in 1936-37 and 1947-48. There is also reference in the journal to a friend or relative called Sonny. Any information you can give me about any South African POW named Hayidakis would be greatly appreciated. Patrick T. Reardon, preardon@tribune.com


Pte George Henderson (Changi)

If anybody remembers my late uncle Private George Henderson, who served in the Royal Scots but was captured in Changi POW Camp. Was also in Hiroshima when the bomb was dropped. George and other POW's were forced at gunpoint to help with cleaning up operations, and the burial of thousands. George was taken to America to recover before returning to his family. If anybody could recall being there the same time as George, we would appreciate any information. Write to Mark Campbell, clancampbell@kooee.com.au


Samuel Hickman (Milag und Marlag Nord)

I'm researching the faith of the crewmembers of the SS Raceland, a lot of facts are based on a letter Samuel Hickman sent. I wonder if you know more about Samuel Hickman or do you know where to look for additional info? Samuel Hickman was a Coalpasser / fireman on the SS Raceland. The ship was sunk by an airplane on the 28th March 1942. Samuel spent 11 days in a lifeboat and survived it (later both legs were amputated because of frostbite). He ended up in Milag/Marlag Nord and was repatriated (according to Gabe Thomas) 16-10-1943. My uncle was also on board of the Raceland, but died. His corps washed ashore 17 May 1942 in Norway. Jos Odijk, j.odijk2@upcmail.nl


Sgt Fred Hindle (Stalag Lufts 3, 4 and 6, Stalag 357)

I'm researching my late Grandfather Sgt FR Hindle (Fred) whom served in the RAF and was involved with the Thousand Bombing of Cologne. He was a Rear Gunner in the RAF, in POW Camps L3/L6/L4/357, PoW No.417. He took off from RAF Harwell in Wellington W-5586 LS-U with the following Aircrew 566097 W/O J E Hatton taken POW, 102095 P/O J Harper taken POW, 405035 Sgt R J Collins evaded Capture, and was shot down in Waasmont, Belgium 30th May 1942 whilst on the operation "Cologne." I am seeking further information or pictures anyone may have of him regarding his crew, plane, POW camps ie pictures or stories. I'm missing his Unit Number/Squadron Number if anyone can help me please. Anything would be greatly  appreciated. Attached is a photo of him in uniform. Simone Wroe, swroe@bigpond.net.au

Sergeant Fred Hindle


Curmon Hodge (Stalag IXB)

I'm trying to find anyone who might of known my grandfather. He was in Division 106, infantry reg. 422, company I. He was captured at the Battle of the Bulge and sent to 9B in Bad Orb. I'm told he would of really stood out because of his age. He was 36 and a private. Love to hear from anyone who was there. Debbie, mffalcon@cox.net


Pte Walter "Wally" Holmes (Stalag VIIA)

I am trying to find anyone who may have known my late father who was POW in Mooseburg until being liberated, his name was Pte. Walter "Wally" HOLMES 4th Batt. Buffs. He spoke of being sent out each day to work on a local farm. I would be grateful of any information as he would speak very little about the war. Robert Holmes, holmes@ragstone.plu.com


Robert Holness

I am looking for some information on my grandfather, who died 15 years ago. I am very interested to know anything about his life during the war. Not much is known as my grandfather did not talk about it much to my mother. His name was Robert Holness and he was in the British Army. I do know that he was captured in Burma and was a POW for more than four years. Any info would be great. Jennifer Hansen. jen_han75@hotmail.com


Henry John "Harry" Hornsby

I belive I have recognised my father, of the Royal Ulster Rifles and the London Rifles, in a photo of Stalag X1A. If there any body from the same camp on the web I would be interested in contacting them. Derek Hornsby, dd@hornsbyd.fsnet.co.uk


Sgt Harry Houghton (Stalag VIIIC)

My Dad is Harry Houghton, he was captured at Arnhem with the 10th Parachute Battalion. He is anxious for information to help to establish his route when, having been  badly wounded and captured, and taken to Stalag 8C on the border of Poland, he eventually travelled home via Odessa. So far, attempts to trace a relavant map/information have failed. Any information, please contact Jean Holland, rowneyjean@hotmail.com


Sgt Charles Herbert Howlett (Stalag VIIIB/344, 357)

Of the RASC, army number T/68341, POW number 15982. Captured at West Capel late May 1940 whilst with No2 company of the 1st Battalion of the Welsh Guards. Ended up at Stalag VIIIb at Lamsdorf. Later he was moved to Stalag 357 at Thorn but I don't know when. I would also like to know his location when he was liberated. Any information, any contacts or anyone who may remember him or of him please get in touch. Patrick Howlett, pat@smokey.karoo.co.uk

British prisoners


Gnr John Owen Hughes (PG 65, Stalag IVB)

My Grandfather, or Taid as I call him, has some letters from home which he received during his time in an Italian holding Prisoner of War Camp, PG65 - which I believe is Gravina. They are dated June 1942. He was then transferred to Stalag 1VB possibly during 1943 and stayed there until the camp was liberated in April 1945. I have not been able to locate the site in which he was originally captured and would be interested to try and find anyone who may have been at the camps during the same period that may remember him. Taid is still alive, but like so many other doesn't really speak of the years he spent in these camps. He is from Anglesey and served with the Royal Artillery regiment. Nia Carlton-Jones, nia.carltonjones@tesco.net


Kazimierz Idziak (Fallingbostel)

My name is Rosa Idziak Macpherson and I am trying to get details of Fallingbostel in 1946 when my Polish parents met each other and married in the camp on 7th May 1946. My father was Kazimierz Idziak but may have not been using that name) and she was Julia Naciak. I am hoping to visit the area later this year and wondered if anyone had any advise as to whom I should contact or where I may be able to track records, e.g. of their marriage, if any, and of their time there. I am a writer and will be living in Warsaw foe the next year until summer 2006 and hope to spend time exploring my parenst upbringing. I would appreciate any help. Rosamacpherson@gmail.com


Bernard (Berco) Iticovici (Stalag VIIIA)

We are searching for anyone with information about Bernard (Berco) Iticovici or his relatives. Bernard was a French POW number 29347 at Stalag VIII A, Gorlitz, Germany in 1941. Please see http://remember.org/unite/iticovici.html


Bill Jackson (Stalag VIIIB)

This request is not for me but for my Neighbours Father who was in Stalag 8B in1944. He is trying to trace a Bob Etherington who was with the Green Howards and came from the Plymouth area. My neighbours fathers name is bill jackson who was in the R.A. Do you know if there is a list of veterans who were in this Stalag? Mr Jackson lives in Liverpool. Any information with regards to the above he would be grateful. Wellarddon@aol.com


Pte Robert Jackson (P.G. 66, 70 and 91, Stalags IVA and F)

My Grandfather was Private Robert Jackson of the 7th Black Watch. He served in North Africa from August 1942 to January 1943, so was part of the 51st Highland division at the battle of El Alamein. He was captured on 21st Jan 1943 at Tripoli and was a POW for the remainder of the war. He was an Italian POW in camp: 3rd Feb 1943 - 11th May 1943, transit camp 66, 12 May 1943 - 26 June 1943, Camp 70, 27 June 1943 - Unknown, Camp 91. Then a German POW: Unknown 1943 - 30th Jan 1944, Stalag IVA, 31st Jan 1944 - 13th May 1945, Stalag IVF. If anyone has any further information or recognises anyone in the attached photos, please contact me (Paul Jackson) on dawn.paul@virgin.net

Prisoners at an unidentified camp An unknown prisoner of war British prisoners in Italy An unknown prisoner of war


Dvr Walter Jackson (Stalags VIIIB Teschen, XXIB & D)

I am Walter Jackson's youngest son and would be grateful for any information regarding my father who died in 1982. He was a Driver for the Royal Army Service Corps. Number. T/127 486. Captured at St. Valerie (at the beginning of the war I think). POW in Poznan (Posen) number 7508 and switched between Stalag XXIB & XXID. The only time he ever spoke to me about his experiences was two days before he died and I was spellbound but still unable to take his recolletions in fully. Including lack of food and hiding from the guards to steal potatoes, POW transport train near the end of the war getting bombed and the very long march. I am sure there is a great he didn't tell me so if you are able to assist or point me in the right direction I would be grateful. John Jackson, Johnyjax@aol.com


Pte Walter Jackson (Stalag XXA)

I am attempted to secure information regarding my uncle, Private Walter Jackson of Barnsley, who was captured at St. Valery, France in 1939/40. I know that he was marched to Stalag XXA in Poland and was later repatriated on grounds of ill health. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Brian Jackson, mbj@ram-energy.com


Dvr Ernest Wilfred Jackson (advert placed 30/01/15)

I am looking for information about, or for anyone that knew, Ernest Wilfred Jackson known as Wilf Jackson. He was a driver in the transport section of the RASC and was reported missing, and later presumed dead, in North Africa on the 27 June 1942. Wilf was a bus driver in civilian life and came from a small village called Nocton near Lincoln. Although he is commemorated on the Alamein Memorial with 27 June as his date of death, his family received convincing information that Wilf had been in a German POW camp after this date, but unfortunately he never returned home. I am trying to find information to pass on to his last surviving sibling, who to this day still thinks about his brother and would like to know what happened to him if possible. If you have any information please send to Victoria Jackson at rufussita@yahoo.co.uk


Rfn Alec Jay (Stalag VIIIB/344)

I am the elder son of the late Alec Jay, who was a British prisoner of war at Stalag VIIB. I am interested to discover any information about my father. Army number 6896204 of the 1st Battalion of the Queen Victoria's Rifles. I have attached a photo of my father taken in Lamsdorf (Lambinowice). He was captured in Calais on 26th May 1940 and was imprisoned at Stalag 344, Lamsdorf from June 1940 to May 1945. He worked in a series of work camps including Groschowitz (Groszowice) from July 1940 to October 1940 on building works, Gumpertsdorf (Komprachcice) from November 1940 to January 1941 on roadworks, Heuerstein, from 25th May 1941 to 3rd June 1941, in a quarry, Setzdorf (Vápenná), from 18th August 1941 to 27 February 1944, in another quarry, Jagerndorf (Strzelniki), from March 1944 to August 1944, on council work, Freudenthal (Bruntál), from August 1944 to September 1944, in a linen factory, and Gurschdorf (Skorošice) from September 1944 to March 1945, a quarry that was also a punishment camp. He was tortured by the Under Officer in charge of his first working party (Groschowitz/Groszowice) to find out if he was a Jew. That involved being beaten in the face with a rifle butt, an assault that led to the loss of his teeth. I have put the German names in as recorded in his "General questionnaire for British/American ex-prisoners of war" form, which he filled in on his return to the UK in 1945. I have put as many Polish or Czech names that I can identify in brackets. I hope they are correct. I would also like to contact any relatives of George Baker and Charlie Fitzpatrick who were prisoners with him. If you could help with information, I would be most obliged. John Jay, jjay@bromptonam.com

Rifleman Alec Jay


Harry J. Jongerius (Stalag IVF)

My father died rather young and didnt't tell me much about his experiences during WW-II. Now I would like to find out more about that period of his life. This is what I know so far: Like most of the Dutch army my father was captured by the Germans in May 1940. Shortly after that Hitler tried to make a gesture and sent most of the Dutch soldiers home. In 1942 however they were called back into captivity. Like many soldiers my father tried to evade this by hiding himself in the countryside. Somehow however he must have got caught and he became a prisoner of war in Germany from about 1942 till march 1945. First he was sent to a place near the Czech border called Gabrielahütte but most of his time he spent in Stalag IVF in Hartmannsdorf near Chemnitz. There he made friends with other POW's from different nationalities, mainly British and American. I know some names that I found in a "wartime log" given to him on Christmas 1944 by an American called Bill Sandlin from Manchester, Kentucky, USA. I also found the names of some British friends: Charles Burdikin and Cyril Akers. Early 1945 my father was liberated by the Americans. Since Holland was still occupied, and maybe because he needed to recover from the hardships, they sent him for some months to the village of Pougues-Les-Eaux near Nevers in France. In August 1945 my father finally returned home. I would like to know more about the places he has been, the work he had to do, things that happened to him, and what he was like in those days. I cannot ask him those questions anymore, but mayby there are some old wartime comrades of his who could tell me more? My e-mail address is JongeriusHarry@zonnet.nl


John Kale

I am seeking information on John Kale, an American "guest' at Stalag 4B near Muhlberg, Germany. He was in a tank in Belgium when he was caught by Panzers in 1944. I haven't found anything about Americans at this camp. Any information is gratefully appreciated. He was liberated, and thankfully returned home in 1945. Cheryl Kale, cheryl_kale2000@yahoo.com


Lt Kulinitch Ivan Karpovitch

My name is Alexey Zakharow, I am from Moscow, Russia. I want to find my grandfather Kulinitch Ivan Karpovitch (22.02.1910), German: Kulinitsch Iwan Karpowitsch. He was born in v.Gavrilovka Barvenkovo subarea Kharkov area, Ukraine, USSR. He was officer, leutenant Red Army (49 Kavalery. division of 6 Kav. korps of 6 A). He is missing near the Kharkow, 27 May 1942. But I want to know in what stalag? Help me if you may. azakharov@rdc.ru


Charlie "Waggo" Kedge (Stalag IVC)

My father was captured when Crete fell and was a prisoner in Stalag 4C. Is there anyone else still alive from that camp? Dad is an amazing 92 now. Pam Perry, pamperry@gotadsl.co.uk


Edward "Mick" "Ted" Kelly (Stalag VIIIB)

Edward Kelly, known as Mick or Ted, Manchester reg. Captured 28th May 1940. Stalag VIIIB / 344. Died 1995 age 87. Does anyone remember him? Kind regards and good health to all  ex  P.O.W.s. Terry Kelly, terry.kelly@ntlworld.com

The men of Room 7


Charlie 'Chaz' Keslake (Stalag VIIIB)

My father Charlie 'Chaz' Keslake was a POW in Stalag VIIIB from 1940-45. He rarely spoke of his experiences as a POW and what little information my family have I will post here in the hope that someone may remember him. Dad was with the Royal Artillery (Searchlights) and was captured at Dunkirk in 1940, spending the rest of the war in Stalag VIIIB. We think he worked as a hospital orderly for a time, and someone taught him to perfect the art of Pitmans Shorthand! We know that after the war he continued to write to Jack Minson from New Zealand and the name W. Bright features amongst his possessions. We would love to hear from anyone who may possibly remember Dad, or from anyone who could provide some insight into his time at Stalag VIIIB. doreen@cleggett.fsnet.co.uk


Aleksander Krywol (Stalag XB)

I am looking for information about my father, Polish prisoner in Germany, during the Second World War. Aleksander Krywol (Olek) and his friend Richard. Deported to Germany from Poland, September 1944. Held at Stalag XB. Joanna Blaison, jblaison@gmail.com


Howard Kushner (Stalag IVB)

My father, Howard Kushner (a former AX POW), is looking for his army buddy from Stalag IVB Muhlberg Germany. My father was in the British compound of the camp from Dec 21, 1944 - approx. May 7 or 8 1945. The fellow, Anthony Esposito (Royal British Army) lived in London prior to the war. If still alive, he would be in his 80's. They were also friends with Spike. violastrings@optonline.net


Louis La Roy (Stalag VIIIB)

My father, Louis Le Roy, French, was registred at Stalag XIIIB, near Weiden in Germany, on June 1940 and got the matricule 55470. On July 1st he was put on work in a kaolin factory, probably in Zettlitz, near Katlsbad (now Karlovy Vary). Any further information on the exact location would be much appreciated. My name is Jean Le Roy, email : jfmleroy@wanadoo.fr


L/Sgt John "Jack" Lawson (Stalag IXC)

I am trying to research my grandfathers war, John 'Jack' Lawson, with the 7th Bn Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. He was captured in 1940 withdrawing to St Valery-en-caux. Regimental no:  4272326, POW no: 19055, held in Stalag IXC. Any information appreciated. John Lawson, john.lawson208@gmail.com

British prisoners in Stalag IXC British prisoners in Stalag IXC


CQMS William Leah (Stalag VIIIC)

I am tryng to find out any information on my Step Uncle, William Leah nicknamed Bill. He was born in 1916 in Stalybridge Lancashire England. Joined the british army in 1931, was an apprentice carpenter after completed training was sent to Egypt where he trained as a radio operator. In 1936 transfrerred to Singapore in the British Royal Corps of Signals. In September 1944 British and Polish Airborne troops were dropped at Arnhem in the Netherlands in attempt to capture the rhine bridges. William Leah landed from a glider and took part in the battle, was wounded and taken prisoner. He spent the last ten months of the war in a prisoner-of-war camp near the polish border. When the allies were advancing from the west, and the Russians from the east. These prisoners were taken out of the camp and marched, in the snow, almost starving, many died, Leah survived, but his feet were frost-bitten and had to be amutated. He also trained earlier in Signals at the British Army base at Catterick. Is there any one who  might have known him, or could help me find any information on him, like is battalion. He was in a hospital after being a prisoner of war at Shaftsbury in Dorset not far from Salisbury. His wife was called Beatrice, mother called Florrence, father John. Mrs Barbara Mcvey (Leah) dknee@bmail.com.au


2nd/Lt Joe "JR" Lee

Born April 18, 1917 Blakely, Georgia, served in the Army Air Corp as a 2nd Lt. bombardier in WW II. POW in Germany August 17, 1943, liberated 1945. Service No. 676303. Died November 1, 2001 in Pensacola, Florida. Yankeecrow@hotmail.com


Yves Le Goff (Stalag IID)

Pourriez vous me transmettre tout document relatif au stalag II D ou mon père était du 22/06/ 1940 au 7 mai 1945 : LE GOFF Yves prisonnier 39979 remerciements Marie-Paule LALOUE, laloueserge@wanadoo.fr. English: Could you forward me any documents relating to stalag IID or my father who was there from 22/06/1940 to 7/05/1945. His name is LE GOFF, Yves, number 39979. Marie-Paule LALOUE, laloueserge@wanadoo.fr


Henry Le Vaillant (Stalag VIIIB - Teschen)

Henry Le Vaillant was my grandfather. He died before I was born, no one seems to know much about his time in stalag VIIIB. He was captured around 1941, and he's a new Zealander. Any information or photos would be appreciated. I just want to find out more about him. kiwigalnz62@hotmail.com


Joseph Lewicki (Stalag IXA)

I am searching for anything about my father Joseph Lewicki. Hi was at stalag IXA during 1940/41. jlewicki@tiscali.fr & joseph.lewicki@libertysurf.fr


Arthur Frederick Lewis (PG 52, Stalags VIIA, XIB)

I am putting together a scrap book about my late Dad's war years. He was captured at Tobruk in late 1941 and taken to Italy, PG52. He escaped was and recaptured and sent to Stalag V11A Moosburg. From here he escaped again and finally sent to Stalag X1B Fallingbostal, where he was repatriated from in April 1945. I have some photographs with these names, J.Dennett-Prescot, Lancashire, J.Scagell-South Africa, Skip, Max, Luke. His name was Arthur Frederick Lewis, but he was nicknamed 'tiger Dick'. Kathleen Brady, km_brady@hotmail.com


Dvr David Little (P.G. 70, Stalag IVB)

Am trying to find anyone that knew my grandfather when he was in service for 'his country' ..Driver David Little, Royal Engineers. Taken as a pow, Torbruk sent onto Campo 70, Monturano, Italy, then to Stalag 4B, Mulberg, nr Dresden, Germany, and finally to arbeittskommando, Grube Erika, Poland, where was liberated by Red Army. He was known to us as Duff, did he have that name then? came from small Scottish village, trained at Fulford, York. was in bomb disposal, Bristol, and stationed at Kingwall Hall, Timsbury. Does this ring any bells for anyone, would love to hear from you if you knew him, or anything to do with the above. paul@ptraquair.freeserve.co.uk


Mieczyslaw Lizurej (Stalag IA)

I am looking for information about my grandfather, Mieczyslaw Lizurej. He was born in Ostrowy (near to Czestochowa in Poland) in 1914. During the 2nd world war, he took part in the fighting around Modlin city (in Poland) and was then taken as the prisoner of the war into Stalag IA. After some time he was moved with other prisoners to Germany. After the war he was in the Military Police. Any information about him would be most welcome. Przemyslaw Lizurej, lizurejp@yahoo.com

Amateur theatricals


Pte Paul Lombardi (P.G. 82)

I am looking for any information about my grandfather Private Paul Lombardi who was captured at Sidi Nsir on 27th February 1943. He was transferred to camp 82 in Italy but escaped while being transported to Germany on 17th September 1943. He escaped with Tp. S.M.Lawson U.D.F. (South Africa). He was a private with the Hampshire 5ths. Any information would be appreciated also anything about S.M. Lawson. Please contact dani@daniellebesson.co.uk


Peter McDonald

My late father was Pte Peter McDonald he was in the RASC the 51st Highland Division --Perth Scotland - I think he dealt with the tanks etc during the war. He was captured at St Valery and was injured and taken to a German hospital. He was a pow for five years and I think was in a camp in Silesia I am sure it was stalag 8--. I was young when my father died and therefore have not memories of his time as a Pow but he never spoke of it at all. I am desperately trying to track information down as I want to go to St Valerie and then try and follow the journey that he would have done when all this had taken place. I believe he had to march all the way to the pow camps and that some soldiers did not make it. This all the info I have except a picture of him in the Pow camp. Donna Henderson, donna.marissa@blueyonder.co.uk

British prisoners


Pte J. R. Mackenzie

My grandad was in the South African Military in WWII. I don't have much information about him but all I know is he was a POW in Italy and Germany, Stalag VA. Any information would be much appreciated. Robyn Barnes, robrichbarnes@hotmail.com


Pte James McNulty (Stalag XXB) (advert placed 12/05/20)

I recently discovered that my Grandfather was held in Marienburg Stalag XXB from 1940 until May 1945. I am looking for anyone who may know the name or any information. Private James McNulty, Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders 7th Battalion. 2984644. Camp 20B POW No. 13511. He was Glaswegian and went by the name Jimmy. He had a Popeye and Olive tattoo on each arm and a large crucifix tattoo on his back, all done in the camp. He had his left ring finger bashed in with the end of gun by the Germans who wanted his gold ring. He didn't tell many stories of the camp, only that he had 2 others tried to escape 3 times, each time being caught. I believe the furthest he got was a train station. Any information would be much appreciated. Kimberley Hearns, khearns83@gmail.com

Private James McNulty


Pte Thomas Vernon McOrmond

In August 2007 I had the honour of visiting my Uncles grave at Klagenfurt War Cemetery in Australia. My Uncle, TX 721 Private Thomas (Wally) Vernon McOrmond was captured at Kalamata in Greece in 1941. He was killed during the US bombing raid on Stalag 18A on 14 December 1944. He is resting beside other mates killed during the raid including Reverend Hobling. Any information gratefully received. I have photos of Klagenfurt war cemetery should anyone be interested. I am a former RSM of the Australian Intelligence Corps and reside on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Dale Jackson, kidsafe@bigpond.com


Hugh Buchanan "Jimmy" MacPhee (Stalag IXC) (advert placed 27/11/17)

I am currently researching my Grandfather who was captured and kept at Stalag IX-C. Date of birth 10/07/06, he was in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders. He was from Stontian but would have been married in Acharacle when the war broke out. He was known for reasons unknown as "Jimmy" - not sure if this was also the case in his war years.We have postcards he sent my Granny and he is in the attached photo. Nicola Thomson, neacag@gmail.com

Men of Stalag IXC


Joseph Bernard Mahoney

My great uncle, Joseph Bernard Mahoney (known by family and friends as Bernie) NXZ71952, died in Siam on August 1,1943. He would have been working on the Burma-Siam railway. I am looking for anyone who may have known him or remembers anything about him. He is listed as having died of illness. It seems to be around the time of a cholera outbreak and I'm assuming that is the cause of his death. I can be contacted at thorprg@bigpond.com. Thank you, Deborah Thorp.


George (Jersy) Makita (Wetzlar Military Depot)

George Makita is a Pole who was transported to a concentration camp with his family by train. When the Americans liberated the camp he was recruited by the U.S. Army and served as a civilian guard (he speaks several languages, including Russian, German, English) at the Wetzlar Military Depot, at Giessen. His company was 4002 or 169. He was discharged in 1951 to emigrate to Canada, having served with the 82nd Labor Supervision Company APO#169 U.S. Army. The Commanding Officer of the 82nd Labor Supervison Co. was L.W. Abbott and he signed the discharge papers. Mr. Makita would dearly like to know anything about anyone he worked with at Weztlar Military Depot. dviger@vanamsales.com


Bill Mann

I am interested in hearing from anyone who remembers my father in law, Bill Mann, who was a POW from June, 1941 to the end of the war. Lt W R Mann,VX 3933, 2/6th Battlion, AIF, or Bill was first held at the POW camp at Hokinia, then Oflag, 5B Bilbverach, then Oflag, 6B Warburg, and finally Oflag 7B Eichstatt. My email address is: walshka@tpg.com.au. Peter Walsh.


Thomas Marlowe (Stalag VIIIB)

Am looking for any information on a Thomas Marlowe, who we think was in Stalag VIIIB. Don't have much information on him, only that his sister was Hilda Rose Marlowe, b. 1906, Lancashire, Eng. who married a Percy Clive Wilkinson, Sydney, 15-11-1924, any help would be great. Darrelle Wilkinson, darrelle6@hotmail.com


Curtis W. Martin

Co H 67th Armored Regiment, Monroe, Louisiana. My father is trying to locate 3 men he served with. Anyone knowing the whereabouts of these men or any of their family can contact me at grannypud@yahoo.com. 1.  Dennis Sweeney, Army - Infantry (does not remember company nor division), Allentown, PA. 2.  Frank E. Alford, Co H 67th Armored Division, Savannah, GA. 3.  James Davidson, 1st Sargeant Co H 67th Armored Regiment, does not remember where he was from. He is also interested in any other persons that might have served in Co H 67th Armored Regiment where he served. If anyone else did so, or their families can respond please do so. 


William "Bill" Martin (Stalag VIIIA & B)

My Dad came from Perth, Scotland. He was in the 51st Highland Division and captured at St Valery in June 1940. He was in Stalag VIIIB until he was moved (I think) to Stalag VIIIA in 1945. He never spoke about his experience and I wish I knew more to tell his great grandson. Can any veterans remember him? Wilma Campbell. wilma.campbell@tuht.scot.nhs.uk


Alfred Matthews (PG 70)

I have a newspaper clipping about prisoners taken at the Battle of Tobruk. I am trying to find out information if any of the men in the photograph remember my father-in-law, Alfred Matthews. He served in the Royal Army Service Corps and may have moved into the Tank Corps. Alf passed away in October 1999. I would like to find out about the camp at Monturana and if any one remembers Alf. KarenMatthews@alvisbridging.co.uk

Alfred Matthews with fellow prisoners


James Mattushek (Stalag IVA)

I am looking for anyone who can help me with researching South Africans taken at Tobruk. He was with the 2nd Natal Carbineers and they joined with the 4th Motorized Brigade. My father, James Mattushek, was taken prisoner at Tobruk and ended up in Stalag 4A. He worked on a farm at Somsdorf near the prison camp at one stage. He was also witness to the bombing of Dresden. Him and others escaped close to the end of the war and as he was a mechanic by trade, they repaired vehicles and made their way to the Allied lines. When their vehicles were confiscated by the Russians they would look for another to repair and carry on. They finally reached the Allies and were sent to the UK. Duncan Mattushek, MATTUSHEK@xtra.co.nz

James Mattushek


Julius Mindel

I am seeking information about my father Julius Mindel. He served in the western desert with The 4th Durham Survey Regiment and was captured in 1942 in Tobruk. Thereafter he was shipped to Italy where he managed to escape only to be recaptured. Then to Germany where he was released in 1945 by the Red Army. He is 86 now and has told us his story of the war a couple of weeks ago but his memory failed him on the details. Any info you can help us with would be greatly appreciated. Gali Mindel, mindel_y@netvision.net.il


Henri Mirale (Stalag VIIIB - Kommando E72)

Free French forces, captured in North Africa in January 1943, imprisoned with British POWs at Stalag VIIIB, Teschen, Kommando E72. I seek to find if possible comrades having worked with me in Kommando E72. henri.g.miral@wanadoo.fr

Henri Mirale


Arnold Mitchell

I had an uncle who was a rear gunner on a B-24 Liberator. He was shot down over Austria as the story goes he was in Stalag IV after 10 months they consolidated Camps and my uncle and two others escaped. They were found by British Forces. I was wondering does anybody remember the name Of Arnold Mitchell. My uncle recently passed away June 19 , 2008 in Elmira New York USA. The Dates of his captivity remain unknown at this time. He spoke very little of this era of his life to me but I always found the man to very fascinating. I would like to learn more. Larry Vawter, thecarptman@msn.com


Stanley Reginald Mitchell

I'm trying to find out anything I can about my father, Stanley Reginald Mitchell, who served with the Hampshire Regiment in WWII. I know that he served in North Africa and was captured, but I don't know where or when. I also know that he ended up in Stalag IVB at Oschatz. If anyone recognises anyone in the attached photos, or can provide me with any further information, I would be delighted to know. The only other information I could glean is that after his capture, he spent quite a long time on a train moving from Italy to Germany - I think about 3 days with little food or water, and then worked in some sort of postal sorting office. He also mentioned an air raid where some bombs fell off target nearby, resulting in the death of some prisoners of war. geoff.mitchell.oldoak@ntlworld.com

Stanley Reginald Mitchell Possibly taken in Stalag IVB Possibly taken in Stalag IVB


Sgt David Montgomery (Stalag VIIA) (advert placed 13/11/21)

My grand uncle was David Montgomery, a Sergeant in the Royal Ulster Rifles. He was born in Muckamore County Antrim, Northern Ireland. The only information that we had was a newspaper article saying that he had gone missing while fighting in the Meditterean area. I know have found his service number was 1552251 and he became a Prisoner of War at the camp Stalag VIIA Moosburg. His PoW number was 141985. My email address is stephaniepx2020@gmail.com


Leslie Montgomery (Stalag IA)

I am looking for my birth father Leslie Montgomery. I do not know much information about him at all. My mother is now 84 years old, and she said that he was a little older than her. He was a prisioner of war for approx. 2-3 years. If I have the right Montgomery, his camp was Stalag 1 A Stablack. His serial # was 19052263. My mom said he was from Merced, Calif. area. I am a only child, and would love to learn if I might have brothers and sisters. My age is 60 years old, but I just found out that he was my real father. I would appreciate any information that you might have. His nationality is white. He was in the Army/Air Corps. This would give me such closure in my life, and I would give anything for a picture of him. Thank you so much. Linda, cleanqn@sbcglobal.net


Willard B. Morrison

My grandfather Willard B. Morrison was a prisoner on war in Camp Hoten, Mukden in Manchuria. He was great friends with a man named "Tex" Perry, and 6 other men during his stay. I am looking for any Information about Hoten or my grandfather. Please contact me at jlmorrison@nc.rr.com


Zdislaw D. Mrozik (Oflag VIIA)

My father was one of thousands of young Polish Officers to stay at Oflag VIIA in Murnau. He did not speak much about his time there so I don't have many stories to impart, but I would be interested to hear from any survivors if there still are any. My father recently died at age 93. Izabella C. Mrozik. imrozik@sonic.net


Ernst Muller

During and after the Second World War, a young German man became a prisoner and was held in the north of England. While there in County Durham he worked on farms and became friends with some of the families. A romance began with a young woman there. They were "delicate" times. Sadly, their romance was doomed by being trapped in the wrong time. They separated. Their secret relationship came to light after the passing away of the woman. Her daughted discovered a photo in her handbag of him with a love letter. Later many more were found with her personal belongings. All from Ernst Muller. Now the daughter would dearly like to communicate with this man or his family if possible to fill in some blanks as it is such an intriguing story. Please contact Mrs C. Mould RR#1 Meaford, On. N4L 1W5 Canada. fwharf@bmts.com, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C9RMtuZfcM


Thomas Murray (Stalag XXB)

I am searching for information on my father, Thomas Murray born in Dundee in 1916, who was captured early on and spent the rest of the war as a POW in Stalag XXB. I have a few letters he sent and a photo taken with a board stating that it was the the "Dundee Camp" but not much else as he didn't really speak about it very often. We do know that he worked on a farm during his time there and if anyone can give me any further information it would be greatly appreciated. Patricia Murray, patricia.murray23@ntlworld.com

Thomas Murray


Pvt Arthur Narbone (Stalag XIIIB)

Arthur Narbone was reported to the USA as a POW on 4 Jul 1944, was liberated 19 May 1945. He was a PVT in the Army USA. Arthur was in Stalag XIIIB Weiden. He died last year, and never spoke of the time he was a POW. The only info he spoke of, was he was moved several times to different Camps. He thought that he was even in Czech. and the Germans made fun of him due to the fact that was American Sicilian. Any help on the him or the Stalag would greatly appreciated. Sharon Narbone narbone@tscnet.com


Pte Albert Nelson (Stalag XXB)

Angela Cain, the daughter of Albert "Dook" Nelson, would be delighted to hear from anyone who remembers him. Click the above link to read his story. Contact via Roger Nelson, rog@uk2.net


Alfred Ernest New

I am looking for anyone who may have known of my father, Alfred Ernest New. Dad was a Gunner in the Rear Artillery, Heavy Regiment, Q Battery with the 56th. Dad was captured by the Germans April 20, 1943 in Tunis. From September 1, 1943 to April 14, 1945 dad worked in the Konnern railway yards. If anyone served with Dad or has any information to share during this time, please contact me at rodneysdeb@yahoo.com.


Maj G.W.H. Nicolson (Oflag XIIB)
I'm looking for any information about my Father, Major GWH Nicolson, captured at Tobruk in June 1942. He was held for a year in Italy (Modena), and then transferred to Oflag 12b, Hadema, Germany. He played a leading role in creating and performing classical and other music in the camp until the release by the Americans in 1945. Does anybody remember him or know of him? John G Nicolson, jnicolson@mweb.co.za


Cpl Bert Reginald Arthur Novis (Stalag XVIIIA)

Looking for information on my uncle, Bert Reginald Arthur Novis, Corporal in the Durham Light Infantry, from Eastbourne, Sussex, England. Taken prisoner in 1942 and was sent to Stalag 18A in Wolfsberg, Austria. Reports from relatives say he was sent to one of the farming work camps but I have no solid information concerning which one. I do know he was at Dunkirk, but am not certain where he was taken prisoner in 1942. I would appreciate any information or hearing from anyone who knew my uncle. Please contact: Sharon Decker, travelinwestsomeday@yahoo.com


James O'Keefe

I'm a record collector living in Virginia and I have come across a set of privately-made records. They are 12", 78rpm, Columbia Transcription Discs. These discs were sold to the general public and businesses for the purpose of making private recordings. Kind of like the CD-R of its day. There are six records. Side 12 is blank. On each side of each record is the following information: Musical Memorial for James O'Keefe, July 29, 1942. This is a live recording of this man's memorial service. But I don't think it's a funeral. There is absolutely no speaking on these records. It's just music. I know it's live because I can hear general background noise such as sheet music turning and general audience noise. I also believe that this man was a member of the military because the last song to be played is "Taps" and it can clearly be heard that the audience rises to its feet. I have done some research on the internet and my local library so far and here is what I have found: -I cold-called all of the O'Keefe's in my local phone book and found the story of one James O'Keeffe (note the spelling of the last name) who was in WWII and died as a result of action at the Battle of the Bulge in 1944. -I found an online record of a James O'Keefe who was a B29 pilot and was listed as KIA but there was no date associated with this. -I found an online record of a different James O'Keefe who was a POW in a Tokyo camp and was liberated. He was John J. O'Keefe and the first report on his status was written in early July 1942 and the second report was written when the camp was liberated in 1945. He was from Pennsylvania. I called one James J. O'Keefe currently living in Pennsylvania and he had no knowledge of a memorial service being held for any member of his family even though some did serve in WWII and returned home. -I found record of another James O'Keefe who is mentioned as having signed a Nazi flag when a POW camp was liberated. No date was associated with this and it may be the same James O'Keefe from PA I mention above. The music is so haunting...and good...and solemn...and the musicians and singers are really really talented. It makes me wonder who this man was and how such talent was gathered to honor him. Standing in my apartment and feeling like I was eavesdropping on a solemn occasion that occured almost 70 years ago was very moving for me. Even after 15 years of record collecting, I still get excited when I find something really rare. But I've never found anything like this and I don't think I'm supposed to keep them. Something makes me think I'm supposed to find their home and give them back. If anyone knows anything about a James O'Keefe, Jim O'Keefe or O'Keeffe who served in WWII, who was listed as MIA, KIA, or POW sometime in the first part of 1942 or late 1941, and had a musical memorial service held in his honor, I would very much like to speak to you. You can also e-mail me directly at jkenny5913@yahoo.com


Thomas L. Oelker

I bought a book at a yard sale that contains a large number of poems and pencil drawings. The poems are about the planes, officers food, etc. It was in the possession of Thomas L. Oelker (he did not write the poems) since some are dated before he was shot down. I haven't been able to track down Oelker. Can you help? jswortham@yahoo.com


Oreste Pacifico (Camp 58)

I am trying to trace my Grandfather who was an Italian prisoner of war during 1939 - 1945. His details are: Oreste Pacifico, lived at Palermo, Sicily, Italy. Prisoner of War Camp Number 58 which was Heage Firs, Belper, Derbyshire, England. Can provide me with any information about him or any other Italian prisoners of war which were held in Derbyshire during the Second World War. His father was rumoured to be very high ranking police officer in Palermo. If anyone can provide any information I would appreciate it. Mr C Froggatt, 186 Nottingham Road, Alfreton, Derbyshire, DE55 7FP, United Kingdom. abds@abds.biz


Cpl Ernest Page (Stalags XIB and 383)

We are trying to help a friend find out information about her father who she didn't again after she was 5 years old. His name was Corporal  Ernest Page, 15546, Stalags 11B and 383. I wonder if anyone remembers him and could pass on some information on him. Mrs Mary Eve, maryeve@onetel.com


Aniello Palumbo (Camps 96 and 134)

I'm looking for people who may have known my father, Aniello Palumbo, an Italian soldier captured in 1941 in Agedabia and transferred to England in Staffordshire (Camps 96 at Rugeley, and 134 at Loxley Hall) until 24/10/1944. I am in possession of an old postcard, sent to him in 1964 by a certain Louis, a resident of Manor Farm Byfleet Surrey England. anbeap@alice.it


William Reginald Charles Patterson

I am looking for any information on W.R.C. Patterson, known as Lofty and Tiny for obvious reasons, being 6' 6" tall. Pioneer Corps, Army number 13012487, Date of birth 28/10/1909, Enlisted at Shrewsbury on 2/04/1940. John Patterson, cj.patterson@ntlworld


Leslie Pearce (Stalag XIB)

A friend has asked me to post this. He wants to know if anybody has any knowledge of Leslie Pearce who was a pow at Fallingbostel. phillyn@hawkebutler.fsnet.co.uk


Albert Pearson (PG 66, Stalag IVB)

My late father Albert Pearson was a prisoner in Stalag IVB, prisoner number 227929. He arrived there via camp 66 in Capua, Italy. He was in the Leicestershire Regiment, number 4868471, captured in North Africa. Tunisia we believe. He spoke very little about his time in the camps, but he did say they woke one morning to find the German guards gone, and lots of Russians on horseback. He and two others then spent some time roaming around the area, spending some time in a railway station. On one occaison a local family with several daughters offered them shelter, my Dad felt this was to try to protect themselves from the Russians. They declined the offer ,also fearful of the Russians. They were later rounded up by the Americans and brought back to England. I'm not sure how. I would be very interested if anyone knew him or could fill in some of the missing information. Mick Pearson, michael.pearson6@ntlworld.com


Jean Alexandre Perbost (Stalag VIIIC)

I'm looking for any information about my grandfather, a Prisoner of War on the north western front (Flandres) in the area of the Pas de Calais, on 22 May 1940. Places of captivity, Stalag VIIIC Sagan. Date of repatriation, 13.6.1941. Date of birth: 16 February 1901. Place of birth: Lieoux (Haute Garonne - 31) France. Anthony da Silva, anthony_da_silva@yahoo.fr


Harry Perry (Stalag XXA)

Dental Corps. 1939-45: Dunkirk, Stalag XXA Poland. I'm researching my wife's father's wartime experiences. He died in 1980 and his wife (now 88) has Alzheimer's and can tell us nothing about him. His name was Harry Perry, (Hedley William) and he was a dental technician. He was at Dunkirk, and as a medico stayed behind with the wounded. He was force-marched to Thorn in Poland and imprisoned at Stalag XXA. He described the camp's early days as a "shambles", very badly organised. He was a camp dentist and also went to work in Thorn for a German dentist and was apparently something of a wheeler-dealer, pinching medical supplies to trade for other useful gear. He was very tall and thin. He was a also something of a musician (drummer) and may have taken part in camp concerts and similar things. Eventually he contracted TB and was invalided out in 1944. Does anyone have any information that they would be willing to share with me? Particularly about the forced march to Poland, and the days at Stalag XXA? I am planning a trip to Poland later this year (2008) and want to be as prepared as possible to know where to go and what to look for. I will be happy to share any info I get, and any photographs I take. leesresearch@live.com.au


Capt Peter John Perse (advert placed 04/11/14)

I would very interested to hear from anyone who knew my father - Capt Peter John Perse, second in command of "A" Company, 11th Parachute Battalion. He was wounded at Arnhem, then captured and ended up in Oflag 79. Simon Perse, simon.perse99@gmail.com

Captain Peter John Perse


Gdsm Samuel Pickering (Stalag VIIIC)

My grandfathers brother was held at Stalag 8C 1944-1945. His name was Guardsman Samuel Pickering of the 5th Battalion Grenadier Guards. He was captured at Anzio in 1944. His army number was 2617207 and his pow number was 86654. I would love te hear from anyone who knew him. evansdavid70@googlemail.com


Norman Pollard (Stalag IVD)

My name is Tom Pollard and I am researching my grandfather's military service. He was a private and served with the Canadian Army's Essex Scottish Regiment during the Second World War. His name was Norman Pollard. I know that he was a pow in stalag 4D but beyond that I know very little. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Tom Pollard, A/SLt, Canadian Navy, tom_pollard2003@hotmail.com


Joseph Ponting (Stalag XIIA, IVA, IVB)

Joseph Ponting is an ex-member of the 3rd Parachute Battalion, fought at the Battle of Arnhem, and was a Prisoner of War at Stalags XIIA, IVA, and IVB. He was in a working party at Dresden during the bombing, across the river from the bridge into the city, and he was on the hunger march into Czechoslovakia, but escaped with three others and reached the American lines at Chemnitz. He would be pleased to hear from any fellow veterans with experiences of any of the above. joseph@ponting519jbp.freeserve.co.uk


Pte Robert James Postans (Stalag VIIIC)

I have had in my possession for a few years, a number of letters written by a POW to his mother when he was in Stalag VIIIC. There are also replies from his mother. I found them in the attic of a house I lived in previously and have kept them always intending to one day find the writer (or his relatives) and return the letters. His name was Private Robert James Postans of the Royal Norfolk Regiment, POW number 81331 XII. He was from Hereford like myself. Bob Benjamin, indiabenjamin@mypostoffice.co.uk


William (Bill) Powell (PG 52, 62, Stalag VIIIA)

My father was with the South Nott's Hussars, 425 B Battery from the start of the war until the battle at Knightsbridge, and subsequently a P.O.W in PG 52 & 65 in Italy and then Stalag VIIIA in Germany. He escaped in both Italy and Germany; and fought with the Partisans in Italy until re was recaptured. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him or shared in similar experiences. john.f.powell@btinternet.com


Danilo Prazic (Stalag VIF and D)

I am looking for informations about my father Danilo Prazic, German prisoner during the Second World War. He was captured in October 1941 in Kraljevo, Yugoslavia and transported in Germany. The last news we received from him in 1942 under an other name and POW: Dobrivoje Vipitsch, POW number 35829. I'd be thankful to hear from anyone who knew him in those days. Danica Prazic Vasileva, dvdanche@gmail.com


Flying Officer George "Paddy" Barton Purdon (added 20/08/05)

Navigator, 644 squadron. I am looking for any information regarding my grandfather. If you knew him or a family member knew him please do not hesitate to contact me at peter@purdon2.freeserve.co.uk . It would mean a lot, thanks. Major David P Purdon.


Vittorio Ricciuti

I am searching for some information on an Italian POW by the name of Vittorio Donato Ricciuti. He is my father-in-law's brother and he was born in 1920. He never returned home after WWII ended but were some reports of him still being alive when the war ended. If you have any information about him or what happened to him it would put his brother's mind at ease. Thank you. Kathy Ricciuti. My email is KVAutoElec@bigpond.com


Pte James "Jimmy" Reid (Stalag XVIIIA)

My grandfather was James "Jimmy" Reid from Falkirk. He was a private in the Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders 2978229. He was held in stalag 18A Wolfsburg and attached to the lumber mill at Brodnig near Klagenfurt. I have only recently learnt of James' time as a pow as he died before I was born. I am desperate to find out about him. I would love to have contact with anyone who remembers him and could tell me what kind of man he was. A burning question I have regards the fact that he had an affair and fathered a child whilst a pow, a child I am now trying to trace with only a first name and a photo! Any help would be most gratefully received. Julie Reid, julesreid@btinternet.com


Stanley Roberts (Marlag und Milag Nord)

My father was in the Merchant Navy in 1942 when war broke out. He was on Steamship Motan (?) when it was attacked by the Admiral Scheer on November 5th 1940. He was then taken prisoner on the Admiral Scheer. During that time the Admiral Scheer attacked and sunk the Jervis Bay convoy. Stan was then transferred to Ostmark (sister ship to Nordmark) and then transferred to an old tanker, Eurofeld. He was transferred at Bordeaux on 2nd March 1941 and taken to San Bostel and on to Marlag und Milag nord for the duration.  He escaped three times whilst there and each time on his recapture he was put in solitary confinement and on Bread and Water. Eventually he was discharged by the Welsh Guards on 2nd March 1945 and was sent home. Stan Roberts would be interested to know if there may be anyone out there that might remember him. Please email jackgreenhouse@aol.com


Pte John Rooney (Stalag XXA)

My father was captured at Dunkirk on the 27th may 1940, POW No19368. He was in the 8th battalion kings own royal regt (D coy) BEF. He was forced marched to (Thorn) Poland, he told me it had taken 16 weeks of marching and he was imprisoned in Stalag XXA, he remaind there untill the end of the war, he worked on farms. I do have two photos of him (below) and on the back are various names : T.Swindlhurst, E.Purnell, E.Ogden, L.Mitchell, K.Lee, R.Burley there are more names but I can not read them. Any information would be appreciated. John Rooney, son, my email is rooney.private@googlemail.com

British prisoners at Stalag XXA British prisoners at Stalag XXA


Jan Roszkowski (Stalags IA, IB, XXIA)
I'm looking for any details about life of my grandfather Jan Roszkowski who was from 1939 to 1941 at: STALAg I-A, STALAG I-B and STALAG XXI-A. Anyone who have any info about these stalags please contact: mroszko@uwb.edu.pl


Hugh Ruddock

I am present researching my late fathers ordeal in WW2. He was taken prisoner at Dunkirk in 1940 and would like to hear from anyone if they are still alive. His name was Hugh Ruddock and was from Liverpool. He was in The Kings Royal Rifle Corp now known as the Royal Green Jackets. The reason I am trying to find out what he and many thousands of other people suffered is because he never spoke about the war at all. Keith Ruddock, krnw25910@blueyonder.co.uk


S/Sgt Gunnar Sand (Stalag IV, Death March, Stalag 357)

I am looking for anyone who knew my Dad, S/Sgt Gunnar Sand.  He was a ball-turret gunner on B-17 stationed at 388th bg in Knettishall and shot down 8 July 1944.  He was taken POW and to Stalag Luft IV, Lager C, Barracks 4, Row 5.  If you knew my Dad, were in his combine, or a buddy of his, or your relative was, please contact me. Thank you. Christine Sand, chriss@pffwillmar.org


L/Cpl Albert Satterley (Stalag XVIIA)

My grandfather, Albert Satterley, was a Lance Corporal in the Royal Signals. He was interned in Stalag XVIIa. His POW number was 155719 and his army number was 3777716. He was originally from Liverpool, and captured early on in the war. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him in the camp, or simply to know what it was like. He never liked to talk about it. Thank-you, R. Satterley, rsatterley@googlemail.com


1st Lt. Ewart T. Sconiers (Stalag Luft III)

Dear all, I am a Polish history researcher and our history research project partners with the Pentagon DPMO office, that searches for American citizens who could not be accounted for after the WW2, particularly in the Soviet zone. I would like to ask for help to find out the fate of 1st Lt. Ewart T. Sconiers (O-724270). He belonged to the 97th Bomb Group and became POW on October 21, 1942. He was subsequently reported as a POW at Stalag Luft III in Sagan. On January 23, 1944 he slipped on ice and fell, was taken to a hospital in Lueben, where he died. He was buried in a cemetery in Lueben, but after the war it was impossible to find his grave and his remains were not retrieved. I am looking for information if anybody attended Lt. Sconiers’ burial, so that perhaps more details on his burial site could be found. Any help will be sincerely appreciated. Szymon Serwatka, sserwatka@yahoo.com


John "Jock" Scott (Stalag IIID)

I am looking for some information on the attached picture of my father in law. He is situated on the right hand side of the picture, his name is John Scott (Jock), he served in the 1st Battalion Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, he was captured in Crete and was taken prisoner in Germany and was held at Stalag 3d Steglitz. John Dunn, john.dunn23@ntlworld.com.

A British football team


Reginald Scott

My father Reginald Scott was a prisoner at Stalag 11B. He was in the 1st Airborne Division. He was dropped over Arnhem where he was shot on the way down. He was helped by a lovely Dutch family who nursed his wounds until being taken prisoner by the Germans. Is there any one who remembers him or can help me in any way? My father is now 83 and not well, but remembers everything from his war days. Sheila Scott, sheila.scott40@ntlworld.com

Reginald Scott


Raymond F. Seckler 
I am the nephew of Raymond Francis Seckler from Buffalo, NY., US Army. He was captured at Corregidor and walked on the Death March and served 5 years as a POW. He has long past away and I am trying to piece together a sense of his war history. I don't even know his Army unit he served with. I am currently in the process of obtaining his records however, they may have been damaged from the 1973 fire at the St. Louis Personnel Records Center. Rivenmsyt@msn.com


Sailor Jack Sexton (Marlag und Milag Nord)

I am looking for any information about Jack Sexton. He was in the Merchant Marine and was aboard the Sardinian Prince when it was torpedoed and he was to my knowledge the first Canadian to be taken prisoner during the second World War. I would like any information as to which camp he may have been and anyone who might remember him. phillipsbs@kos.net


Ira Shelton (Stalag IXB)
My grandfather, Ira Shelton, was captured on December 17, 1944 in Hosingen, Luxembourg by the Germans. He was transported to Stalag IXB and was there until he was liberated in early April, 1945. He recorded the following names as individuals he shared a Red Cross box with: Elmer W. Gunnerson; Johnny Green; Chas. A Vosta; George Modrak; Audley D. Williams; Jack R. Meacham; L.D. Cowart; Andrew O' Shaunghnassy; Philip K. Fried; James T. Callahan. I know that my grandfather kept in touch with Mr. Cowart. My grandfather died in May 1995. I would certainly love to talk with or correspond with anyone who might have known him or the families of the above individuals. Thank you. Teresa Pittman : thepittmans@earthlink.net


Pte Philip John (Jack) Shuker (Stalag XXB Gefangennummer 14864)

My Grandfather Jack Shuker was a Private in The Kings Regiment. We know very little about the time he spent in Stalag XXB, apart from him being captured early on in the war in Poland, which I can't explain, though maybe he was confused about the exact wherabouts. We thought he was missing, presumed dead for five years, but a postcard to a friend was sent from the camp, franked and dated 01/12/1944, this was found after he died earlier this year a month off 99 years old. I also have earlier army records from when he was stationed in Seaforth, Moascar and Jubbelpore. He also served in Cyprus and other places. He was in the Cookhouse in India and later became a nursing orderly. I have scanned many photos taken in the camp but found nothing recognisable as yet, I'm hoping that maybe one of his comrades are still alive today who can fill in some gaps for me, or that someone can explain why he claimed to have been captured in Poland. Jack was born in Shropshire in 1908 and enlisted in Shrewsbury 10/11/1927 for 7 years with the colours. He came home for a while, married and was recalled when war broke out. His Army number was 3766081. The photo is of him earlier on in his career, he's in 3rd row, 5th from right. Kimlewis@fsmail.net

Jack Shuker


William Shutte (Stalag XIIIC)

Denise Neptune would like to trace Bill Shutte of Altoona, Pennsylvania, believed to have been of the 8th Tank Battalion, who passed three months of his POW life sharing a bunk with her father. Would also like to hear from anyone who was in or had relatives at Stalag XIIIC. Neptuners@aol.com


Frederic Simpson (advert placed 12/05/22)

I am trying to research to see if anyone knew about my uncle although I think all will be to late now. His name was Frederic Simpson. He was in the 26th Field Company RE, they were attached to the 51st Highlanders. Record says he was missing/escaped in June 1940 then a year later was in an internment camp Spain and made it back to the UK. He got married in June 1945, but sadly took his own life in Middlesex 1954. Derek Simpson, dereksimpson60@hotmail.com


Gnr Reginald Slatter (P.G.70, Stalag IVG) (advert placed 20/12/19)

Reginald was born in 1923 in Buckinghamshire, England and joined the war- exact date is unknown. He was captured in Italy with his best friend, Michael (Mick) Hughes, and was interred in P.G. Camp 70 Monte Urano (near Fermo Ascoli Piceno in the Marche region). He was later transferred to Stalag IV-G in Oschatz, Germany. At the time of capture in Italy, his rank was gunner in a Royal Artillery unit. I have not been able to confirm which unit as yet, but in the few details he would share, he stated he was airborne. Additionally, it is my belief that once interred in Stalag IV-G he was transferred to Flossenburg concentration camp, or one of its many sub camps. My grandfather did have a tattooed number, similar to that on many Holocaust survivors, and again in the few details shared, he would speak about Flossenburg as a concentration camp specifically, and what occurred there, and being one of the very few speaking English. The picture attached is before he left England. My grandfather passed away December,2018, only a month shy of 96 years old. If anyone has any stories shared, recognizes his photograph or knows of what actually happened to him while in either one these POW camps, OR feels that there is something I can assist them with, please feel free to email me at jfarley1130@gmail.com

Gunner Reginald Slatter


Gnr G. Smith

My father was a POW from 1940 to the end of the war. He was held at Stalags VIIIB at Teschen, and  XXID and his POW number was 4397. He was a gunner in the Royal Artillery, number 953858. I would appreciate any help. Pete Smith. GAPSLTD@aol.com


Peter Smith (Stalag VIIIB/344)

I would appreciate any information on my brother, his name was Peter Smith from Lochore, Fife, Scotland and his regiment was Royal Artillery. He was also a commando in the #11 unit. He was a prisoner in StalagVIIIB/344 and was killed in August 1944. I don't know how or where. He is buried in krakov cemetery and is the only commando there. Frank Smith, franksmith41@gmail.com.


1st Sgt Woodrow H. Smith (Stalag IVB)

My uncle, 1st Sgt Woodrow H. Smith, G co., 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, was captured on D-Day and was interred at Stalag 4B. Is there anyone out there that knew him and would email me? Woodrow Hall, woodrowlhall@bellsouth.net


Homer Smithson (Stalags IIB and IIIB)

I am looking for anyone who might have any information about Homer Smithson during his stay at POW camps IIB and IIIB. He remembers working in the fields. And having to march to another camp. Please contact me if you might have any information. Debbie Williams, debralea@alltel.net


Vic Somers

Would it be possible to try to find out about anyone who knew my late dad, his name was Vic Somers, he was in the Royal Wiltshires and was captured in May 1940, at Fampoux, northern France, with other B.E.F.s who didn't make it back at Dunkirk. He was taken prisoner and ended up at Stalag 8B Lamsdorf, Poland. Then later I believe was a p.o.w. at Stalag 21D, Posen in Poland. One name in particular comes to mind of a pal of dad's in the camp, and that was a Colin Jammison, or as dad referred to him "Jammie". I think Jammie was from Manchester area. Sadly dad passed away on the 22nd November 2004. He has left us all broken hearted and missing him so much. If anyone knew my dad during those times or knows of anyone who might have had just the briefest of contacts with him we would love to hear from them. Pam Tooke, pamela.tooke@lycos.co.uk


Ian Stark (Stalag IVB and G)

My father Ian was with the "Desert Rats" and was a tank driver when he was captured by the Germans. He was initially placed at Stalag IVB but then moved to Stalag IVG for two years and is wondering whether anyone from the camp might remember him. The problem was though that he was put on a work schedule outside the camp at the Leipzig gasworks every day and so was hardly ever at the camp during the day. He was placed on this work schedule with only one other man who was French. My father became very ill with scarlet fever and was eventually transferred to the Leipzig Fever Hospital for a while. He thinks it more likely that someone else working at the gas works might remember him. He recalls the liberation of the camp quite dramatically by the Americans. He weighed only 6 stone on his release. If you knew of him, please contact me at angelastark143@hotmail.com


Pte Basil Charles "Charlie" Stephenson (Stalag XXB)

Army number 13002647, POW number 7280, Stalag XXB. Born in 1903 in Harrogate Yorkshire moved to Essex after building Catterick Camp. He was in the Pioneer Corps. My brother said that dad and his friends all decided to join up one night at the pub. He was 37 years old and left mum with five children to bring up, the eldest being 15. He was a Master Builder before and after the war. He used to sing "Burlington Bertie" complete with hat and cane, he might have been in a camp production. I was only three when he left so do not remember anything about him. We three youngest of the children did not get on well with dad after the war, after reading the accounts of other prisoners I can see that prison life might have had an effect on him. He died at age 55 of hardening of the arteries, Doctor said he did not believe my father when he said how old he was as old people if they are lucky died of this. Pauline Stephenson, anyold@integra.net

Private Basil Charles Stephenson


Pte George Duncan Stewart (Stalag VIIIB and VIIA)

Seeking information on Private Stewart, H-1748, South Saskatchewan Regiment, 2nd Cdn Inf Div. D.O.B 15-12-09, Scotland. Next of kin, Mother - Mrs Annie Stewart, Oak Lake, Manitoba CANADA. Was taken POW on 20-7-44 during battle of Verriers Ridge (south of Caen). POW No. 83064 - Stalag 8B - and VIIA. Reported - died of starvation - 23 March 1945. Buried in Prague (Olsany) British War Cemetery located on outskirts - city of Prague. I realize sixty year has gone by - however it's the year of the Veteran, and Private Stewart served in my Platoon, "and records only showed he died while a POW". I received all his personal records through Library & Archives CANADA, so this is my last resort. Peter T. Maule CD, werkett@shaw.ca


Herbert Victor Stockwell (PG 78, Stalag VIIA)

I keep hitting a blank when looking up my grandad, Herbert Victor Stockwell. He was born on 5/2/1914. He never spoke about the war. All I found he was in camp 78 in Italy, "Sulmona", then to Stalag 7A, Germany "Moosburg", where he spent rest of the war. I also found out he had an op in the hospital but don't know which camp. He was caught near Tobruk. He was in the REME. Regimental no. 7637910, POW no. 124867. If you can please help. ianstockwell@hotmail.com


Pte Gordon Victor Stone

I am looking for any information on behalf of a friend. She is hoping to find information about her uncle, Gordon Victor Stone, dob 13 October 1937 in the Surrey Guilford area. In 1937, he joined the East Kent Regiment but may have later been transferred to the Royal West Kent Regiment. Unfortunately she knows very little about this uncle. All she knows is that he was captured very early on and spent the duration of the war as a POW, possibly at Oflag VIIB. Linda Sayegh, linda.sayegh@nas.gov.uk


James W. Strickland

My father James W. Strickland was a POW in Stalag IIIB early 1943 thru May 1945. His POW #90329. He currently lives in North Berwick, Maine. Any info about others in the same camp would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Robert Strickland. EARLSTRICK@aol.com


Joseph Henry Strong (Stalag 344)

We are looking for any details regarding our late father Joseph Henry Strong who we have recently discovered was in Stalag 344 in 1944. His regiment was the Duke of Cornwall light infantry, and his service No was 5436026. His prisoner of war No. is recorded on a letter now in our possesion as 36374. elvie.lowe@blueyonder.co.uk


L/Cpl Victor Kensett Styles (P.G. 52)

I am trying to trace my uncle movements during WW2, he was a British prisoner or war at PG 52 Chiavari. He was captured in North Africa at Mechili in 1941 while with the 4th County of London Yeomanry. When the allies landed Sicily and Italy he was transferred to Germany by train, he and others an others escaped and joined the partisans. The partisans were active in the Lake Como area which is near the Swiss border. This could be in the Colico area, he had a partner in who worked the an electric company called Bruno. He was repatriated in 1944, when the allies liberated the area. I understand he and others caused a lot of inconvenience to the occupying forces and the Italian fascists. victorjohn43@talktalk.net

Victor Kensett Styles


Paul Suel (Stalag IB)

I'm looking for any information concerning the Stalag where my grand-father was a prisoner during WW2. He was in Stalag 1b - Hohenstein (Poland). His name was Paul SUEL and he was French. Do you know where I could find information concerning the places where prisoners were sent during the day in order to work? annesuel@yahoo.fr


John Herbert Swift (Stalag 344)

I'm trying to found out about a distant relative, John Herbert Swift, of Royston, Hertfordshire, who was a POW in 1943 in Stalag 344. Royal Corps of Signals, service number 2532162, POW number 23983. Can anyone help? trevorgilbert@btinternet.com


Lt Albert 'Tan' Tannenbaum (Oflag XIIB)

My father was taken POW in Arnhem in Operation Market Garden on 21/9/1944. He was Lieut. Albert 'Tan' Tannenbaum. He was shot at the so-called 'Brummen' incident, and after hospital treatment at Enschede hospital, was marched to Oflag XIIB, Lower Camp, until liberation. I would like to hear from anyone who was with him in this camp, or who may have known him beforehand. From March 1944 he served with the 2nd Battalion, Parachute Regiment, of the 1st Airborne Division. Before that, he was in France, Italy and North Africa with, I think, the East Surrey Regiment. He lived in Wembley, Middx. David Tanner, dptan@tiscali.co.uk


Henry Edward George "Ted" Taylor (Stalags XXA and B)

I am trying to put togther my father in law's movements as an unwilling guest of Hitler from 1940 - 1945. Henry Edward George 'Ted' Taylor was in the Rifle Brigade and captured at Calais in 1940. I know he was at Stalag XXA and XXB but am slightly confused about the following: does the postal address Stalag XXA 3a refer to a working camp of Stalag XXA or to 3a at Luckenwalde. If its the former does anyone know anything about it? Secondly can anyone tell me whether Stalag XXB 328 at Lemberg is the same as Janow camp or whether they are two different places. If they are different does anyone know anything about this camp? Thank you Carole McEntee-Taylor, ac.ces@hotmail.com


Leslie Thackray (Stalags VIIIB and XVIIIA)

Leslie Thackray was held at 18A Wolfsberg in 1941 for a short while and then moved to camp 8B and remained there from about 1942-1943. He was transferred eventually due to illness. I am trying to trace any friends from his war camp and would like to hear from anyone who remembers him or any of the names below. Names he remembers are - Sgt John Garvey, Frank Clay, Ken Foster, Jack Lindsey, Morris Egan, Con Sabien from Australia, a greek cypriat called Yannis, a scotsman called Robbie Burns, and a spanish man with the surname Gomez who cut the other P.O.W's hair some men from New Zealand with the surnames Griffin, Matahiki, McDonald, a viola player with the surname Southeth. If you recognise my grandad or any of the men above's names please contact me at Stargirl7380@hotmail.com


Alphonse Joseph Tobac

I would like to reconstruct the 5 years my grandfather spend as a POW andwould like to hear from anyone who knew Alphonse Joseph Tobac or one of the following: Marcel Hody: he worked in Lungenheil Sanatorium in Arnau as a POW together with my grandfather - period 24/10/41 to 24/9/44. Lt. William L Wilson, "A" Bty, 67 AAA Gun Bn, US Army; he liberated my grandfather. John William Jackson, 57 Havelock Cresent, East Yorkshire England. Any information concerning Stalag 8A for the periods 21/6/40 to 12/7/40 and 25/9/44 to 12/01/45, kommando 3101 (Spindelmühle?) period 12/7/40 to 24/10/41, kommando 3121 (Arnau?) period 24/10/41 to 24/9/44, Stalag 8B period 14/1/45 to 22/1/45 are also more than welcome. From Stalag 8B he had to undertake a journey by foot to Arnberg of +/- 825km with 153 fellow POW's. If anyone can help me to reconstruct this period of my grandfather's life please send and e-mail to tobacarnold@skynet.be. An Tobac - Belgium.


F/Sgt Neil Treacher (Stalag IVB)

I am looking to contact anyone who remembers Neil Treacher while in Stalag 4B Muhlberg. He was a Flight Sgt with RAF bomber command flying Stirlings. Neil was a New Zealander. He was shot down and interned. Please contact Janne Hennah on boynton@xtra.co.nz


Hryhorij Turczak

I am trying to trace back information on my grandfather. He was a prisoner of war in Hempton Green Camp back in 1948. Hryhorij Turczak (known as George), was born in the Liviv, Ukraine, 17th April, 1928 and his parents were Harishimi and Natalia Turczak who were of Polish decent. All we know is that he was a prisoner of war in Hempton Green Camp, Norfolk, UK and arrived on the 27/9/1948 prisoner number: b-292 717. He left on 18/8/1949. I believe he was previously in Rimini camp in Italy, we are not sure. My grandfather never really explained it. Now that he has passed we know nothing about our ukranian family and are trying to find out if we have any living relatives. We believe he had 2 brothers? My grandmother who was married to Hryhorij (george) is also passed and was adopted so we know nothing of her past either. Her name was Nellie Maude Pearson. My grandfather was the most loving, caring, hardworking man I have ever known and my children and childrens children would love to know a bit about our passed and hopefully find some ukranian family? Julia Bodini, juliaandi@hotmail.com


Unknown Italian Prisoner of War

My husband would love to find out more about his father who all we know was an Italian POW, and was held somewhere around the Manchester area. The only clue we have is the photograph below. Jackie Parry, JParry1957@aol.com

An Unknown Italian Prisoner of War


Tolstov Valentine Vasilevich

My grandfather, Tolstov Valentine Vasilevich was born on April, 13th, 1918 in village Filippovka of Utevskiy raion of Kujbyshevskaya oblast' of the USSR. My grandfather was in The Red Army of Soviet Union. He began army service in 1940. My grandfather was in 209 Artillery regiment of support of the shooting unit, 6 army and 26 army (later), Southwest front, Ukraine. My grandfather was a sergeant and the gunner and the senior clerk in a staff. In the beginning of war with fascists my grandfather was in the Western Ukraine (Lviv). In September, 1941 there were strong fights around Kiev and Dnepr-river. The Soviet armies receded east sustaining huge losses. My grandfather's regiment has been destroyed. He was wounded and taken into captivity. He escaped from a prisoner-of-war camp. He was hidden in the Ukrainian villages. The Ukraine has been occupied by fascists. He was caught by the invaders and sent in a concentration camp later, near Dusseldorf. My grandfather was in German to a captivity till 1945 (with english, french soldiers and german non-nazi peoples). In (april or may) 1945 the concentration camp was freed by American armies. My grandfather came back home. The Communists deprived him of the rank of veteran. The reason was in "the prison was released by Americans army"... Only in 1982 my grandfather received the rank of the veteran. He died in 1984. I am searching for any information. I shall be grateful to references or documents. Write on mail: noff@freemail.ru


F/Sgt H.E. Vey (Stalag VIIIB/344)

Royal Canadian Air Force. We would be very grateful for any information on Mr. Vey. The details we have on him are: Service number R/106564, Squadron 426, POW number 27665, held at Stalag 344 / Lamsdorf. Crashed with his plane the 26th of February 1943, my father helped him after this crash. He seems to have been captured and now we want to know what happened as far as we can trace. Marcel van der Vrande, m.vandervrande@chello.nl


William Watson Wallace

I am looking for any information or any photos in relation to Private William Watson Wallace who died on the 13/06/1945 and was buried in Klagenfurt War Cemetery, Austria. Service No.2759389, Highland Light Infantry (City of Glasgow Regiment) 2nd Bn. Grave Reference 1.F9. Please send any info or photos to TONY.CORRINS@hotmail.co.uk


Francis (Frank) Waller (Stalags VIIIB/344, 357)

My father Francis (Frank) Waller was a POW in Stalag VIIIB and Stalag 357. Dad was captured in Calais in 1940 and we have some photos taken whilst he was in Stalag VIIIB. He was serving with the Kings Royal Rifle Corps. He rarely spoke of his experiences but we know he was moved to different camps. At liberation he was in Stalag 357 in Orbke. Sadly he died in 1994 but I would love to make contact with anyone who may have known of him during those years. Jan Holman, peter.holman4@ntlworld.com


Thomas H. Ward

Born 1906 in Birmingham; My Grandfather was a purser on P&O (I believe) and lived in Shanghai from at least 1934-1945. His father was the Captain of a ship and also called Thomas Ward. My Grandfather was interned in a Japanese Camp in Shanghai from 1943-1945. I have a POW number for him as P-830, and was 39 in 1945. He was in Pootung Camp. Is there any way I can find out information about him with the POW number? I am trying to locate his birthdate. Any help would be greatly appreciated, robertaward@hotmail.com


Private Alfred Watson (Stalag VIIIB / 344)

I'm writing on behalf of my father, Pte Alfred Watson, who was taken prisoner in North Africa in April 1941 and ended up in Stalag VIIIB, Lamsdorf (later Stalag 344). He was sent to a British POW hospital near Kozle and when alsmost recovered was asked to work at the German military hospital in Kozle where 16 American airmen were patients. He helped to nurse them as the hospital was very short staffed. He found that the airmen had no means of contacting their families although the British POWs had been issued with a ration of postcards, so he and fellow British POWs sent postcards to their "relatives" in the US, using pet names or nicknames known only to the families to indicate that their loved ones were safe. He has kept all the names ever since and would love to hear if they arrived home safely: Col. Walter Arnold, California; Raymond W Bivens, Georgia; Sam Frank, California; John F Holler, Idaho; Henry E Jernigan, Alabama; Robert R Lent, Iowa; John Litcher, New York; John Morrison, Mass.; Richard J Radlangar, Wisconsin; Ernest R Toft, Illinois; Erwin Cole, Connecticut; Lee R Billings, Arizona; James A Bourne, Ohio; Franklyn K Powers, California; John T Ryan, New York. He was one of the many thousands forced to march as the Russians approached until he and a companion - a South African - decided to take off on their own. After being picked up and held at Stalag IVB, they took off again and made their way across Czechoslovakia, eventually being picked up by American officers and taken to a field hospital - 39th Eval. Hospital. He was separated from his companion and never saw him again. Does anyone recognise this story? Please email with any information. annwilkinson91@hotmail.com


Charles James "Jock" Watson (Stalag XIB)

I am trying to find anyone who may remember my Dad, Charles James Watson (possibly known as Jock) who was a prisoner of war in Stalag 11B, Fallinbostal until the end of the war. Dad was in the British Army - (A Desert Rat) and was captured in Italy near Benghazi at the beginning of the war. From Sulmona in Italy he was sent to Germany. I believe there were a few camps along the way but his main memories are of Fallingbostal. Dad was the British Man of Confidence (I think) and spent most of his time in the company of Australian and New Zealand captives. Dad was so taken with their tales of the way of life in Australia that, as soon as he was able, he migrated here in 1960 (with his wife and three children). Dad is now 87 and would love to make contact with old buddies. I fear he may have left his run a little late but would be thrilled if he could track any of those mates down. A name he does remember is an Australian by the name of Gerry Cameron if anyone knows of him. Denise Roberts, denise@mountains.net.au


Tom Watts (Stalag XXB)

Does anyone remember Tom Watts from Hucknall East Well Street Nottingham. He was in XXB prisoner of war camp, he worked on a farm with a woman called Murusha, either White Russian or Polish, from their union a child was born named Angerlina or Angel. After the war ended my uncle escaped from that camp, this child wrote a letter to England, her mother had told her he was her father, he never knew because he died. We are trying to trace her as she's got a surviving auntie named Lilian Watts. If anyone knew Tom Watts in the camp XXB please get in contact with me as my mum is her cousin. Jayne Simpson, jayneesimpson@me.com


Bernard Weller

I am looking for information on my nannys brother, Bernard Weller. He was held POW in japan during the 2nd world war, My nanny sadly passed away and all I managed to find out was that he was in the Royal Anglian Regiment and was a musician who entertained the troops. I heard small stories about him and would love to know so much more as he meant a great deal to me my nanny who meant so much to me. I would be very grateful if anyone could give me information about him. Zoe, zoedye100@hotmail.com


SS Brigadefuhrer Wilhelm Werner (Falkenau)
I am researching the life of a WW1 War criminal, Wilhelm Werner. He was the commander of the U55 charged by the British at the end of the war with murder. However, he never stood trial but fled to South America. After Hitler came to power he returned and became a Nazi member of the Reichstag and later a Brigadefuhrer in the SS. He died at Falkenau, 7 days after the end of the war! and I am intrested to find out if there is a connection between the camp and his death. PhilsaysHello@aol.com


Charles Frederick (Charlie) West

Rifleman The Kings Royal Rifles Corps. I would like to hear from anyone who may have known my late father in law, he was a pow 12/9/41-25/10/43, johnpjanes1@aol.com


Pte William "Bill" Wetow (Stalags XIIA, IVC)

I'm seeking information about Private William "Bill" Wetow, 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion. His tag number is B147760, and he was a POW for nearly a year, until the camp he was in last was liberated. I know he was packed into a boxcar with other POWs and shunted around France and Germany (possibly elsewhere) for a month. He was issued a Stalag XIIA tag that includes "Nr. 80942". Pte Wetow was injured when his parachute was caught in a tree, but managed to carry out his orders (amongst these was blowing up a bridge at Varaville, Normandy). For about a week, he was able to avoid capture, but his hiding place in a culvert was revealed by a young French boy. Along with a Brit and an American, he narrowly avoided being shot by what I now believe was a Hitler Youth firing squad. Ironically, he recognized the German officer who prevented the shooting. The man had lived in the same city in Canada. This rescue was no favour, as the officer felt the three might have useful information. Pte Wetow was incarcerated in France, and at Meuhlburg and in Czechoslovakia. I would be interested in tracing his path from early June 1944 until his release, which I think was at Belsen. He also paid off a German doctor (with cigarettes) to perform an "emergency" appendectomy to get him out of the work detail. He received the George VI medal. Linda MacKinnon, linda1_mackinnon@sympatico.ca


Frank Wharton (Stalag VIIIB)

My father Frank Wharton was pow in Stalag VIIIB 1940-1945 and remembers a Rifleman J Madden, of the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, Army no: 6895679, POW no: 14204, any help in tracing him would be wonderful, or anyone who remembers Frank Wharton would be fantastic. Thank you. nigelwharton901@ntlworld.com


Percy Whiskin (Stalag 383)

I am trying to trace any details and/or photos of my Great Uncle. His name was Percival(Percy) Horace Whiskin. He was born 25-6-1909 and lived at 70 Swanscombe Street, Greenhithe, Kent in 1911. From what I have managed to find out so far (which is very little) he was in M Stammlager 383, Germany. 1940-1945: Percy became a  Prisoner of war after 3 months and was enlisted in the 5th Battalion The Buffs. If anyone knew or has anything about him I would be most grateful to hear from them. Janet Whiskin, janetw38@yahoo.com


Cpl Ernie "Chalky" White (Stalag VIIIA)

There are a lot of my father's (Ernie White) collection of photos on the Stalag VIIIA (Gorlitz) section of the Pegasus site and I have the names of many of the prisoners who feature in these pictures, especially if they are in one of the soccer teams. Anyone who had a relative in Stalag VIIIA is welcome to email me (hilaryspon@googlemail.com) and I will check to see if their name appears on any of the photos I have. Hilary Spon.


Robert D. Williams (Stalag IVB)

My father Robert D. Williams was a soldier captured 1944 in Bastonie, he was sent to Stalag 4B. I don't know what division he was in since he never talked about his experiences. All he said was where he was captured and that went he was taken he weighed 185 lbs and when he was liberated he weighed 85 lbs, he also said he almost lost both of his feet to frost bite. Roberta Russell, robertamrussell@gmail.com


Sidney William Wilson (Stalag IVF) (advert placed 13/10/17)

I am trying to find information about my Dad, who was a pow at Stalag IV-F in Hartmannsdorf, between 1943 and 1945. He was a member of 2 Light Anti-Aircraft Battery and was captured in Italy. I would like to visit this part of Germany next year and would be most interested if anybody has been there, or knows of someone's visit experience. Robert Wilson, radiorobhead297@gmail.com


W/O A. G. Winton (Stalag VIIIB / 344)

Royal Canadian Air Force, no: 73439, POW no: 27008. From Jacquet River, Canada, shot down September 4/5/1942. Any information much appreciated. baileysicream@webtv.net


T/5 Paul J. Wisniewski (Stalag IIIC)

Dear all, I am a Polish history researcher and our history research project partners with the Pentagon DPMO office, that searches for American citizens who could not be accounted for after the WW2, particularly in the Soviet zone. I would like to ask for help to find out the fate of T/5 Paul J. Wisniewski (32605898). He belonged to the 115th Inf Rgt, 29th Inf Div, and was taken POW on June 12th 1944 in France. His last POW cap was Camp Stalag IIIC at Alt-Drewnitz / Kuestrin. The German records show that he died in a hospital on December 12th 1944, and was buried three days later at the Community Cemetery in Alt-Drewitz. However, the American exhumation team did not find him there after the war. They opened all unmarked graves, but no American remains were found. I am looking for information if anybody witnessed Wisniewski’s burial, so that perhaps more details on his burial site could be found. Any help will be sincerely appreciated. Szymon Serwatka, sserwatka@yahoo.com


Alan Wright

I am looking for details of Alan Wright who lost both legs in a Spitfire in N Europe towards the end of the war and was a POW. Last seen in a wheelchair at the Officers' Mess at RAF St Mawgan in the late 70s. Regret service and squadron numbers not known. Think he was a Wg Cdr when he left the RAF. Doug Tidy, Sqn Ldr (Ret), Mtlinem@aol.com


Armando Zamparelli

My father Armando Zamparelli, Italian nationality born on 7/11/1919), was taken prisoner in 1940 in North Africa, he was taken in a Prisoner Camp in Derbyshire, where he was held from 1940 to 1945. He was released after the war and returned in Italy, where he got married in 1947 and I was born in 1948. During his detention as a POW he was allowed to go out of the camp and work in nearby Farms. During his outings at the Farms he met a woman called Elisabeth and had a son called Jimmy (presuming born around 1943-1944). My father died in 1995 and only after his death we (brothers) came to know about this story (my mother knew about this but she swore to him to keep the secret). We do not know the reasons for my father's return to Italy, since he kept a photo of Elisabeth and Jimmy in the family album, stating that it was the family that had been good to him during his days at the Prison Camp. Now of course it is too late to ask any questions to my father, but it woud be nice to meet my brother. Maria Rosaria Zamparelli, mross.zamp@alice.it


Valdemar Reginald Zimmerman (Ch.103)

I am searching for any information on my Grandfather Valdemar Reginald Zimmerman. He was a prisoner in the Lincoln Avenue prison camp (Ch 103) in Shanghai from April 1943 to August 1945. He never spoke of these times and I am interested in any stories or pictures related to this camp. He was an officer of the Shanghai Police Department at the time of his imprisonment. Included is a picture of him taken in about 1938. William McKinnon, w.mckinnon@telus.net

Valdemar Reginald Zimmerman