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Adam Park, Singapore

Adam Park is where Sgt Len Baynes and the 1st Battalion Cambs fought, an action which is vividly described by Len. The site became a POW camp in 1942 to house Australians and British working on the Shinto shrine. The British contingent included Gordon Highlanders, East Surrey and Leicestershires. We are currently raisning funds to continue the archaeological surveys on site but we haven't closed the doors to any research so if you can provide us with any more info that would be fantastic. Jon Cooper, Project Manager, The Adam Park Project.




Arbeitskommando 756/1, Stalag XIA

Please does anyone know the location of Arbeitskommando 756/1 which was attached to Stalag XIa at Altengrabow. My father Ernest John Rapley worked in this unit and was POW from February 1944 until March 1945 where he died in the hospital at Altengrabow. janet.savage@btinternet.com



I am researching the crew members of a B-17G who were shot down over my region, France Lorraine, 8th September 1944. Here is a list of the prisoners: LT George Walter Shera Leroge JR (0-819189), LT Leroy Albert Swetnam (0702860), F/O Stephen G.Loverde (T-125820), F/O Richard Maurice Mason (T-3264), Sgt Robert William Hagans (35225544). mavafaca@wanadoo.fr


Je recherche des renseignements concernant des membres d'équipage d'un B-17G abattu dans ma région. France Lorraine le 8 september 1944.Voici la liste des prisonniers (POW) : LT George Walter Shera Leroge JR n° 0-819189, LT Leroy Albert Swetnam n° 0702860, F/O Stephen G.Loverde n° T-125820, F/O Richard Maurice Mason T-3264, Sgt Robert William Hagans n°35225544. mavafaca@wanadoo.fr


Campo 5

My great-uncle was Captain RB "Buck" Palm of the South African Airforce, and it was he who led the first ever successful escape from the "hell camp" in Italy for "pericolosi" or "dangerous prisoners". The name of this camp was Campo 5 and it consisted of the ancient fortress of Gavi. I have done some research on this camp and been to see the fort, but the tour is woefully inadequate and the guides speak no English and seem unaware of the various other escape attempts. I would like to know if there are any interested relatives or friends, and best of all ex-POW's, who would be interested in a mutual attempt at raising the awareness of this POW camp and perhaps forming an interest group? I can share information from and about various books which describe the prison and prison-life, and would like to compile a detailed account of the prison during the war years. If anybody is interested or aware of anything relating to Gavi POW Camp, please don't hesitate to contact me, Ronnie van der Weide, at rvdweide@freesurf.ch


German and Italian POWs in Britain

I'm a history Masters student researching German and Italian POWs in Britain during the Second World War. If anyone has any memories (personal or from family/friends) and would be willing for me to use them then I would be very grateful! Any help would be appreciated, I can be contacted at: EThorley@outlook.com. Emily Thorley.


German POWs Interned in the Continental USA
I am researching names of German POWs from WWII who were interned in the USA mainland. My family has some bits of information about POWs who worked on their farm in the middle of Kansas, perhaps in the period of 1943 to 1947. (Some may have remained in the US for a period after the war, in preference to returning immediately to Germany during the early rebuilding stages.) Deutsche in den VSen aufgehalten Kriegsgefangene Ich recherchiere die Namen und Lebensumstand der deutschen Kriegsgefangenen, die in die Staaten zur Gefangenschaft gebracht worden war. Meine Familie erzählt etwas von den Gefangenen die bei meinem aus Deutschland ausgewanderten Großvater 1943 bis 1947 am Bauernhof im mittleren Kansas arbeiteten hatten. Einen Name aus dem Trierbezirk dafon habe ich noch, da er meine Familie um 1975 geschrieben hat. Thomas Kohn. Dayton Ohio, USA. Tgkohn@aol.com


Heydebreck and Blechhammer

I am researching the area of Heydebreck and Blechhammer where 6 British POW Camps are known to have been grouped around two synthetic oil plants which were owned by IG Farben. I would be very grateful for any information concerning the following camps: BAB20, E711, E711A Heydebreck and BAB21, E3, E714 Blechammer and E162 Odertal. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Contact: alison_robertson@ntlworld.com


Italian POWs in Tobruk

I am looking for any information related to Italian POW's held in Tobruk in WWII.  My great Uncle John P. Doyle was in the British regiment that liberated the Italian POW camp and was given two light bulbs sculptures "ship-in-a-bottle" style that had been made by Italian POW's which he has since passed down to my mother. My mother has searched for any information on these light bulb sculptures with no luck.  Looking for anyone with any knowledge of these scultpures. rorypgreene@aol.com


John Chapelhow, Frederick Stevenson and James Sloan

My name is Lubomir Chobot and I am voluntary secretary of the "Lexicon of imprisonment and internment" project from the Czech Republic. I have been contacted by Mr. Vanicek, whom I met and recorded an interesting story about 3 English POWs who his father had hidden in the barn of their farm in Bystrec (Czech Republic). Now after 65 years I was asked to help find the 3 prisoners who formed a close friendship with Mr. Vanicek during the last month of the War. The men are, with their POW numbers and camps, 1. POW number 10570/XXIB, Chapelhow John, born. 23.5.1909, soldier, English. 2.POW number 14816/171 Stevenson Frederick, born 16.11.1907 soldier, English. 3.POW number 17812/VIIIB Sloan James, born 20.3.1919, soldier, English. Please get in touch if you can help. Lubomir Chobot, lubomir.spuk@centrum.cz

John Chapelhow, Frederick Stevenson and James Sloan with the family in the Czech Republic


Klimontow, Lamsdorf

My name is Kamil. I live in Poland. I made a web page about Klimontow which is a quarter of Sosnowiec. There was a camp for prisoners of war from Great Britain. It was a part of the camp in Lamsdorf. I'm looking for information and photographs of German and British soldiers who used to live in Klimontow (1943 to 1945). Please help, http://www.klimontow-sosnowiec.prv.pl/


Lancaster LL840

I am trying to help Dutch researchers in tracing the crew or their families of Lancaster LL840 which crash landed on the outskirts of Apeldoorn in Holland on 22nd June 1944. There were a total of 8 crew members 3 of which were captured and put into POW camps their names were:- 1) Sqd/Ldr Thomas Bernard Cole DFC, interned in Stalag Luft 3 Sagen Pow No 6497, 2) Sgt Paul F J Hayes, interned in Stalag Luft 7 Bankau Pow No 221. The reason for trying to make contact with these crew members is that a memorial to memory of the plane and its crew was unveiled on 22nd June 2009 and despite numerous attempts to locate other crew members by the Dutch and English researchers only 2 families were present at the unveiling, the others not aware of the memorial’s existence. Any leads will be followed no matter how small even to know where these 2 Pow’s lived would be a start as the MOD will not help as it is against the freedom of Information act. For a more detailed account can be seen by going to:- http://www.aircrewremembrancesociety.com/raf1944/cole.html. If anybody has any information about the whereabouts of the crew members or their families of these 2 Pow’s please contact Michael Allman on 01442 214560 or e-mail allmanhemel1@hotmail.com.


Low Santon farm, Scunthorpe

I am searching for information about my grandfather, an Italian POW based at a camp in Lincolnshire. I believe that he was housed at a satellite camp at Low Santon farm, Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire, UK. The administrative camp for this would have been Pingley Farm Camp - Camp 81, Brigg. Lincolnshire. He would have worked on local farms in the area and possibly at the steelworks in Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire. I do not know his name and my grandmother died many years ago without ever discussing him. I am posting this message in the hope that someone may have memories of POWs based at this camp. qusaiqudah@hotmail.com


Obermassfeld Orthopedic Hospital

I require information on Obermassfeld Orthopedic Hospital located at Thuringia (near Meiningen). Does it exist today? If not, are there archives in the area that may contain medical records of American former POW's that were treated at the hospital during the months of June, and July 1944? Purpose is to obtain records describing treatment to a copilot of an aircraft that was shot down 7 June 1944. Require proof individual was wounded. Military records obviously would not reveal his treatment since POW status. Robert E. Johnson, Robersabel@aol.com


Oflag IXA/Z

I would be very pleased to get in touch with anyone with personal records of Oflag IXA/Z at Rotenburg an der Fulda. My intention is to see if it is possible to produce a book that links extracts of prisoners experiences with background and explanatory material. I have been able to reach several people so far, but now need to expand my search. My father was Alan Green, 1 Border, 1st Airborne, who was a PoW at Rotenburg from September 1944 till liberation in mid-April. Thank you, Peter Green, peter@castra.org.uk


Oflag 10

I'm looking for information about Oflag 10 in Montwy in Poland where my father was prisonner during the Second World War. Also any information about the transfer from VIIIF (Märish-Trubau) and the transfer to XB (Nienburg). michel.paillon@skynet.be



I would like any information on this camp from June 1940 to April 1945. yvelinel@aol.com


PG 78 - Sulmona

I am wondering if anyone remembers hearing a story from some POWs escaping from Sulmona regarding a family that helped them outside of the town. My mother and her family were living at the Incoronata, an 18th century former convent turned county house outside of Sulmona, Italy during WWII. When some prisoners, She thinks English, went to their house, the Incoronata, and asked for help escaping. Her grandmother, Agata, gave them some old clothes and food and a relative went with them to show them the way out of the valley. After they were gone the family destroyed their uniforms and the addresses they left for fear of being found out by the Germans. I know the chances of anyone knowing of this story are extremely slim but I am trying. My great grandmother, Agata was an uneducated, very poor widow left to raise six kids by herself. She raised my mom after her mother died and I feel like I knew her even though she died in 1959. Marisa Facchini, itam13@yahoo.com


POW Dog Tag, No.1198 or 11998, Stalag 366, Poland

I have a POW dog tag from Stalag 366 in Poland. 1198 or 11998. Numbers are different on each half. I would like to return it to its owner or his family if possible. I would like any info on this prisoner also. chet0127@aol.com


Rennes POW Hospital

I am Dale Johnson the son of a US Paratrooper (PFC Curtis L. Johnson) who was wounded and captured on D-Day. He was eventually taken to the Rennes Military Hospital (also called Rennes E.P.S., Frontstalag 221W, Stalag 221) a former Girl's School on Rue Jean Mace' in Rennes France. I am interested in producing a story of my father's time there and am looking for stories and information to fill in the details of the Hospital and the Germans that ran it. The Hospital was the primary location for wounded Allied paratroopers and later other Allied wounded until it was liberated on 4 August 1944. If anyone has any information on or questions about the Rennes POW Hospital I can be reached at sirjahn@aol.com. Thank you.


South Africans in PG 57

I am seeking South Africans who were in PG57, Gruppignano and may have been involved in the construction and/or escape via a tunnel on Oct. 30, 1942 when 19 prisoners escaped (They were all recaptured within 4 days) On Aug. 8th 1943, my father who was camp leader hosted a celebration called the "Escapee's Dinner" at which all but 3 participants were present, plus my father, and one of the entertainment items was called "Springboks Natter", featuring "Peter", "Chromium Pete", "Kel", and "Johnny". Their real names might have been J.F.O'Brien, H.A.Brien, W.Sloan, P.Blyth, J.Lamb, G.Bresler or D.Culdenburgh. I am writing a book about my father's POW experiences, and am seeking to get as much accurate information as possible. Perhaps some of the families, or South African army or veteran's or POW association might have some information about them? My name is Bob Beecroft and I can be contacted at insight2@hotkey.net.au


St Vigor des Mezerets Prisoners

A friend of mine has a cottage in the village of St Vigor des Mezerets, in Normandy, France - just outside of the main “Bocage” country - with major actions (such as Villers Bocage, Mount Pinçon & the assault on Villers & Vire) all nearby. In their back garden is a wooden shed (with patches over a series of bullet holes!); on the inside of this are 18 names of both British & American servicemen who were captured in the fighting in Normandy. I have agreed to do my best to investigate these names in the hope of finding out more about them, whether they made it to the end of the war (or are even still alive). They are: 2100201 P. Rod White, 1st Bn Green Howards, captured 26/07/1944, Stalag 8B Teschen, POW no: 83017. 3326726 A. Alison?, 1st/7th Bn Green Howards, captured 28/07/1944. 5059174 C.A. Wellings, 6th Bn Green Howards, captured 13/07/1944, Stalag 8B Teschen, POW no: 82792. 14692314 G.F. Reid, 7th Bn Green Howards, captured 26/07/1944, Stalag 8B Teschen, POW no: 83099. 14217219 S. Brunt, 1st Bn Hampshire, captured 11/07/1944, Stalag 8B Teschen, POW no: 83248. 14215934 J.B.I. Bird, Hampshire, captured 12/07/1944, Stalag 8B Teschen, POW no: 82950. 5568852 T.H. Blunt, 2nd Devon Regt, captured 11/07/1944, Stalag 12D Waldbreitbach, Nr Neuwied, POW no: 70490. 5385568 J. Chapman, 2nd Devon Regt, captured 11/07/1944, Stalag 4B Mühlberg (Elbe), POW no: 82959. 5573158 D. Lawrence, 2nd Devon Regt, captured 11/07/1944, Stalag 8B Teschen, POW no: 82951. 4612746 V. Scott, Duke of Wellington's, captured 15/07/1944. 14618159 A.E. Smith, Essex Regt, captured 09/07/1944, Stalag 12D Waldbreitbach, Nr Neuwied, POW no: 70839. 4343414 N.H.T. Welch, captured 05/07/1944, stayed 3 days Stalag 8B Teschen, POW no: 82951. nnnn19026, J.W. Harder, Flt Lt, RAF, captured 31/07/1944. 14209000 T.M. Caldwell, Royal Scots Fusiliers, captured 05/07/1944, Stalag 4B Oerbke, Nr Fallingbostal, POW no: 84826. 10431954 Raymond Elledge, Major US Army Air Corps, captured 31/07/1944. 37558056 Gerald Willen, US Army Paratroops, captured 31/07/1944. O-803969, F.T. Gillespie, 1st Lt, USAAF, captured 31/07/1944. Morris A Sheppard, M/Sgt, US Army Paratroops, captured 19/06/1944, escaped. Colin Foster, colin@us4b.co.uk


Stalag IIC

I'm looking for any information at all about Stalag 2C at greyfswald. djamiloyd@hotmail.com


Stalag IIIC

I am researching Stalag IIIC, Kustrin (Poland), and am looking for photographs. crespel.reynald@numericable.fr


Stalag VA: Malschbach, Ludwigburg, Wertemberg

An WWII Ex-POW is seeking to make contact with Stalag 5A Ex-POW's who men who signed a flag upon liberation, 6th April 1945. One of the elated prisoners rushed to the Commandant's office and ripped a huge banner from the wall. This 7 foot by 10 foot banner is called a Nazi state service banner. It is designed to be hung from the top rather than held by the side and flown like a flag. 61 of the prisoners signed the flag with their names and many added their hometown addresses. Don Hagen of the 36th Division brought the banner home with him to Kansas. His granddaughter, Mallory Roesch displayed the flag at school and at the local chapter of the American Ex-Prisoners of War. The banner has been purchased from Mallory and is to be displayed in the Museum of Modern Treasures in Wichita, KS, in the near future. We are trying to locate any living ex-prisoners who signed the banner or their descendants so we can add a bit more history to the museum display. The names are: James C. Yancy, Andrew H. King, J.R. Washburn, Captain Rob A. Travers (he wrote "This is the only piece of Naziland that will ever enter the U.S.A."), Merle H. Kinney, William T. Shumate (Coral Gables, Fl), 1st Lt R.W. Drugan (Ravenna, Ohio), Sgt G. Victoria (Cicero, ILL), Sgt Bill Waterman (Iowa), MSgt Verle Miller (Iowa), Richard Raber, Cpl G.??? (Salem, ILL), Francis Carpenter, Ray C.??? (Bayport, Minn), John M??? (Joliet, ILL), James H. Rippy (Portland), Edward Eoff, Perry L. Moss (Tenn), SSgt James M. White (KY), Frances L. Jones, Guy W. Tuck (Tenn), Claud Black (Tenn), Lt J.J. Dahman, A. Duncan, Roy??? (Sellema, ALA), Bill Ardner (Mich), O.B. Huff (Stanton, ALA), ??? Moore (Rochester, Minn), F.A. Babcock (Mich), R.H. Sheamcope, H.T. Archer (Waterloo, NY), L.J. Gorzeney (ILL), James B. Reagan (Santa Rosa, CA), Capt. William Curran, Capitaine Dupertius???, SSgt M.L. Jolliff (Springfield, MO), Al. Mikuta (Oak Park, ILL), James O'Keefe, Bob Wein (32 Kimball St, Philadelphia, PA), PFC E.R. Verge (Kennebunk, Maine), PFC Frank E. Vanosky (Ohio), Sgt L.L. Graham (Gatesville, Texas), Pvt. Delmer Wells (Watha, North Carolina), PFC R.M.T. Swaffad (Cleveland, TN), PFC R.G. Holmes (Vanetter, NY), Pvt E. Siner (Matcaka W.VA), Sgt G. Miller (Ohio), E.D. Smith (313 E. 5th Ave, Rome, GA), Hal Haltzer (BX, NYC), TSgt Morty Beerman (BX, NYC), Louis Rousett (2405, 35th St. Galveston, TX), PFC J. Smith (Sugar Grove, W.VA), Sgt Dennis Scruggs Jr. (2010 Wood Dale Terr, Charlotte, NC), Earl Freeman (Coolidge, TX), Merta MC Linnell, T.J. Brokosz Jr., Donald E. Baber, Charles Bohver, Edward Crawford, Willard Tucker, George E. Trider. Any information write to Dr. W.M. Paschal, wpaschal@cox.net


Stalag VIIIA - Arbeitskommando No. 10001, Ruckenwaldau
I am searching for any prisoners of war who worked in this arbeitskommando, or family of these prisoners of war. I am also searching for any information on my uncle Trooper Leslie McIver 37404 NZEF, known as Mac, who was injured at Ruckenwaldau and died 14/2/45 in nearby Modla. mcwarr@orcon.net.nz Visit: http://mcwarr.orcon.net.nz/genealogy/leslie/leslie.html


Stalag VIIIA - sugar factory

I have failed to find the whereabouts of the sugar factory my father-in-law worked at during his stay at Stalag 8A Gorlitz. I know it was the town of Weizenrodau in the district of Schweidnits but cannot trace it. Would it have a different name now? Chris Jones. chrisclive.jones@btinternet.com


Stalag VIII B (Stalag 344)

I'm looking for all all those whose family members were prisoners in one of the labor camps attached to Stalag VIIIB/344. For example; E 250 Adelsdorf, Adelsdorf E 334, E 200 Weisswasser, Buchelsdorf, Böhmischdorf, Ober Lindenwiese E 380, E 333 Lindenwiese Ober, Ober Gostitz, Jauernig E 354, E 489 Jauernig, Freiwaldau E 495, E 539 Freiwaldau, E 590 Freiwaldau , Freudenthal E 592, E 730 Freiwaldau, Jungerndorf E 743, E 776 Grafenberg Grafenberg E 424, E 797 Ober Lindenwiese, BAB 108 Niklasdorf, Niklasdorf E 273, E 539 Niklasdorf, Niklasdorf E 792, E 109 Niesnerberg, E 174 Sandhübel, Sandhübel E 175, E 401 Sandhübel, Reihwiesen, Krebsgrundtal, Gurschdorf E 790, E 168 Gurschdorf, Haspelberg E 167, E 166 Saubsdorf, Saubsdorf E 577, E 443 Alt Rothwasser, E 120 Domsdorf, Krautenwalde, Setzdorf E 171, E 172 Setzdorf , E 173 Setzdorf, Setzdorf, Gross Kross E 114 Gross Kunzendorf, Weidenau E 780, E 446 Zuckmantel, Zuckmantel E 786, E 256 Zuckmantel, E 779 Zuckmantel. Roman Janas, roman.janas@vets.cz


Stalag XIA Altengrabow Arbeit Kommando 756/1

My father was held at Stalag X1A, Altengrabow, Nr. Magdeburg, Germany from Feb 1944 until his death on 21/22 March 1945. He was attached to the camp at Arbeit Kommando 756/1.  He died from dysentery and I have a copy of the hospital record card. Does anyone know where this Arbeit Kommando 756/1 was situated. Also where POWs would have been buried from this camp. I have been in touch with CWGC and NEXPOWA association but to date have not been able to find this out. Any info welcomed. janet.savage@btinternet.com


Stalag XIIA
My father died four months ago and I remember he told me what happened in Germany when he was there as Prisoner Of War. He told me his great happiness  when Americans arrived and liberated him and all the other Italian prisoners!! He was 23 years old and he was  very sick and very hungry. Americans cured him and fed him. Was anyone there on 26 MARCH 1945 when the camp was liberated? Does anyone remember those poor, sick and hungry Italian prisoners or have photos of any? tmbrma@tin.it


"The Victory Swingers"

I am trying to find the names of the members of "the Victory Swingers", a band formed by British escapees in Adelboden, Switzerland, in 1944. My grandfather was in the band and his name was Robert McQuillan. If you have any information relating to this band or if you recognise any one in the photograph please contact me. robyn59@eject.co.za

The Victory Swingers


Tobruk POWs

I'm croatian and am searching for stories about POWs in the Tobruk siege. If you can send me info of where I can see all names of POW from the India, please get in touch. Mladen, mladen19@hotmail.com


Umbria (advert placed 30/01/15)

I am Janet Kinrade Dethick and am currently researching POW camps in Umbria, where I live. I would like the relatives of anyone who was held in Campo PG 77 Pissignano (also known as Campello sul Clitunno) before or after the Italian Armisitice of 8 September 1943, and in Campo PG 115 Morgano and PG115/3 Marsciano to get in touch with me via the CONTACT page on my website bombedpowtrain.weebly.com



My uncle was a political prisoner of war and as held in various prisons in France and Germany. His final one was a Zuchthaus or correctional facility in a place called Untermassfeld. I have researched this on the web but am having little luck getting anywhere with it. He was British but also had a French name. He was liberated on 3/4/1945 by the Americans, as far as I can tell. Any info on the prison would be welcome. Linda Ralph, linda.s.ralph@btopenworld.com