It is intended that this section be used as a means for ex-POW's to get in touch with their former comrades, or for their friends and relatives who wish to hear from anyone who knew them or anything of them. Should you wish to place an advert, contact me and I'll put it up here asap.


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Sgt Edward W. Aho

I am searching for any information on my grandfather, Sgt Edward W Aho, 36831090, 134th Infantry Reg, 35th Infantry Div. Sgt Aho was taken prisoner by the Germans. After the war ended Sgt Aho was never repatriated. He is listed as having died March 1 1946, the family never learned of anything regarding Sgt Aho. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



I am trying to trace my natural father who was a prisoner of war during the Ssecond World War, an Italian national, who was held at Camp no. 58 Heage Firs, Belper, Derbyshire, England during 1944-1945. I am told that his christian name is ALDO and am reasonably sure that his surname began with "D". A close friend of his, who was also a prisoner of war and held at the same camp was named Gabriel Amarico (I am not sure if the spelling is correct) If anyone has any information or knows of someone else that might be able to help I would be most grateful.


Gnr William Albert Aldridge (believed P.G. 102 - Aquila)

Aldridge was captured whilst serving with the 8th Army in North Africa. When Italy surrendered in September 1943 and the prisoners were to be taken to Germany, the Italian commander left the gates open one night to allow those men out who wished to run. Aldridge escaped this way and spent a year living in the hills above Rome before Allied troops reached him. During this time he received help from an Italian girl called Yeolanda Fioretti and her mother. Assistance in tracking either her or her family down, or help in finding out more about this story, would be greatly appreciated.


Arthur Edward Allard

I am looking for details on my ancestor who died in a POW camp and is buried in the Prague War Cemetery. Details from War Graves Commission: Nationality: United Kingdom, Rank: Rifleman, Regiment: 1st Bn King's Royal Rifle Corps, Date of Death: 12/10/1944, Service No: 6845042, Casualty Type: Commonwealth War Dead Grave/Memorial, Reference: III.B.7., Cemetery: Prague War Cemetery. Rob Allard,


Pte George Leslie Allen (Stalag IVG)

I am interested in any information relating to my late father George Leslie Allen of the Royal Berkshire Regiment (Army Number 5345602) or of the POW camp he was held in. He was captured on Leros in 1943 and ended up at Stalag IV-G in Oschatz, Saxony, Germany (POW Number 267983). He always told us that he was held in Leipzig and it appears that there were various work groups located around that area. Les Allen,

British prisoners in Stalag IVG British prisoners in Stalag IVG British prisoners in Stalag IVG British prisoners in Stalag IVG British prisoners in Stalag IVG


Lt Andrew (Oflag VIIB)

Peter Brown, an RAF pathfinder who crashed over Holland, is trying to trace a British officer by the name of Lieutenant Andrew(s), with whom he escaped whilst being moved on foot with the column of prisoners from Oflag VIIB to a prison camp near Munich. The officer was known only as "Andy", and may have been one of the following men: Lt J.C. Andrew, REME, Service No. 9742, P.O.W. No. 1415; or Lt. J.P. Andrew,  The Welch Regiment, Service No. 217410, P.O.W. No. 50099. Peter Brown would dearly welcome either any information on these two men or assistance with his search. If you can help, write to . To read Peter Brown's story, click here.


Pte Charles Andrews (Stalag XIIA and VIIIB)

I am trying to trace anyone who may know of my Uncle Pte Charles Andrews (service No.3308433 - POW No.14472) who was with the BEF (1st Battalion Highland Light Infantry - part of the 127th Infantry Brigade) and who went to France on 29.9.1939. He was wounded and captured in Ypres on 28.5.1940. He spent a while in Stalag XIIA until being transported to Stalag VIIIB Poland. I have photos of him and other POWs in the camp in 1942. Charles (often known as Charlie/Nob) was repatriated with the first round of exchanged prisoners in October 1943. His diary makes mention of several friends. From N.Z. H.J. Holmes, D.W. Broad, B. Chamberlain. From Australia R. Thomas and G.F. Acocks. From Scotland D. Morrell, F. Craig. Others are L.E. Gibson (Finsbury Park), G. Rice (Bewdley, Worcs). A.J. Small (West Horsley, Surrey), M. Turin (Northumberland), J.R. Dixon (Co. Durham), W.H. Stevens (Eltham). I should be very happy to hear of anyone who might know of these names or any other information about my uncle. Barbara Smith (nee Andrews) e-mail:

British prisoners in Stalag VIIIB


Spyros Antoni

My name is Hariklia Savva and my family is trying to find my grandmother's brother who was born during World War 2. Mr. Spyros Antoni from Pachna village, Limassol district joined Cyprus Army on the 6th November 1940 with serial number CY4590. He was captured and his number was 94319. He was held in Stalag 4C at Wistritz bei Teplitz in Czechoslovakia. During this period he met Elena (this is the only info we have for her), she was probably Russian and she was working in the kitchen of the camp. Elena gave birth to Nikolas after her relationship she had with my great grandfather. Nikolas was born on the 6th of December (we do not know the year - probably 1942-1944) in the Stalag 4C. Nikolas is the brother of my grandmother we are looking for. I am searching for a list of babies born in Stalag 4C. Any info of my great grandfather or Nikolas or Elena will be greatly appreciated.


Pierre Archimbaud (Stalags XVIIA and XVIIIA)

My father Pierre Archimbaud was taken prisoner in France at Vincey on the 19/06/1940. Arriving Stalag XVIIA on the 23/081940 from the Samellager Epinal. He was transfered to Stalag XVIIIA on the 10/03/1941. His POW number was 84,450-Stalag XVIIA. I am looking for information on this period and possibly people he met. F. Archimbaud, . Mon père Pierre Archimbaud à été fait prisonnier en France à Vincey 19/06/1940. Arrivé Stalag XVII A le 23/081940 venant de Samellager Epinal. Transfère au Stalag XVIII A le 10/03/1941. Son numéro de prisonnier est le 84450-Stalag XVII A. Je recherche des informations sur cette période et éventuellement des personnes l'ayant croisé.


Joe Atkinson (Stalag VIIIB)

Hi, I am looking for more info on anyone who knew my uncle "Joe Atkinson" may have been known as Joe Atki, he was at Stalag 8B from 42-45, any information would be great.


Pte Louis Audet (Stalags VIIIB and IID)

I am looking for anyone that might have information on my grandfather, Louis Audet who was captured during Operation Jubilee in Dieppe. He was with the Fusiliers Mont-Royal.  Any information would be greatly appreciated,


Djordje Babic (Stalag IXC)

I am looking for any information about my late father Djordje Babic (1916-1980), who was captured 17.04.1941 near Ljubovija, Yugoslavia and transported to Germany. He was as a POW # 33804 in Stalag IXC until he was released 15.04.1945. I have only one photo (attached), but I have no idea where photo was taken. He really very rarely spoke of some his experiences as a POW. If anyone has any information about my father please contact:

Djordje Babic


Cpl Cecil "Bill" Bailey (Stalag IIA and XIIA)

My late father was captured Sept 20th 1944 at Arnhem, he was in the 156th Bn The Parachute Regiment "B" Coy. After he was captured he was sent by train to Stalag XIIA. Twelve days later he was transferred to Stalag IIA. My dad passed away 4 years ago & I'm trying to collate all the information I can on his life so the memories will never die. I have lots on his war service but I would love to hear from anyone who knew him or was in Stalag IIA, so I can get an idea of what life was like in that camp. He was a POW for approx 7 months. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Corporal Bill Bailey


Salvatory / Salvador Balati (Camp 51)

I am trying to trace my grandfather who was a Italian prisoner of war 1945. His name was either Salvatory or Salvador Balati but I'm afraid I'm not too sure of the exact spelling. He met my grandmother when she was living at Gonerby Moore near Grantham Lincolnshire, I am told he was working on a farm there and we believe he may have been held at the Allington pow camp. He was about nineteen years of age when he met my grandmother, we think he was sent back to Italy sometime between the later of 45 to early 46 as my grandmother wrote to him to tell him of her pregnancy but he had already left apparently to be deported home but we are not sure. My grandmother died some years ago and we would be grateful if you could put us on the right path to finding out what became of our grandfather. (Allington pow camp Grantham Lincolnshire. UK camp number 51) any information would be so gratefully received, Dianne Lunn,


Cpl Frank Bargh (PG 70) (advert placed 10/12/18)

I am seeking anyone who would know of any information regarding Frank Bargh. He was captured in North Africa and sent over to Italy where he was interned in a pow camp. He then escaped and then made it over the alps to Adelboden in Switzerland. Whilst in Adelboden, he met Bill Rudd [Australia], helping to level out the tennis courts for a large hotel. He eventually was repatriated to Britain in October 44. After the war Frank lived in London, a driver for Esso Petroleum Company, including deliveries to Buckingham Palace. Frank Bargh, Cpl Rasc. Number T/163890. Born in Newbold, Chesterfield, England. Terry Elliott


Gnr Cyril Barker (Stalag XIA)

I am just looking for anyone who would have know my Grandad in WWII, he was a gunner in the Royal Artillery and was a POW in Stalag XIA, his name was Cyril Barker, also known as Jack, he had previously fought in Tobruk. Thank you. Karen Horn,


Karol Bauer (Stalag IIC) (advert placed 06/11/15)

My Grandfather was a POW in Stalag IIC Greifswald. He was born 27.01.1895 in Dzwiniacz (now Ukraine). He was Stg in Polish Army in France: 2 D.S.P. 5 Plk Piech. He was in the Stalag after the battle Montbeliard - Belfort, June 1940 and left in July 1941. At the end of War he got to Britain and stayed there (not returning to Poland). This is all I know - any other information? Jolanta Loritz-Dobrowolska,

Karol Bauer


William Blair Beaumont (Stalag IIIA & D)

William Beaumont was one of the Layforce Commandos captured in Crete on June 1st 1941, army number 2756409, POW number 12356. He was imprisoned in Stalag IIID and subsequently died on August 28th 1941 in Lagerlazarrett Stalag IIIA , Luckenwalde. Cause of death, just under 3 months from his time of capture, was documented as "chronic nephritis with uremia". The information I have to date including copies of the death certificates were obtained from the ICRC Archives in Geneva. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him or can provide further information about him. James Beaumont,


L/Cpl Albert Belling (advert placed 29/06/23)

South African, Lance Corporal Belling 196516V, was posted missing on 20 June 1942 following the Battle of Tobruk in North Africa, where the South African and Allied forces were heavily defeated by the German Afrika Korps of Rommel. 10,722 men were captured or reported missing and were subsequently handed over to the Italians Forces as POW's and taken to the camp at Benghazi via Timimi and Dernae in North Africa. L/Cpl Belling was transferred to a POW Campo in Italy by Italian troop transport ship. Documentation on his personnel file suggest that he was transferred to Campo 82 at Arezzo (Toscana) on 31 August 1942. After the capitulation of Benito Mussolini's Fascist regime in September 1943, L/Cpl Belling was transferred to a German Stalag on 2 December 1943. No information could be traced on the member's file that provides any specific detail of this period in captivity. L/Cpl Belling was repatriated to the Union of South Africa via the United Kingdom where he arrived on 13 May 1945. Karen Belling,

Lance-Corporal Albert Belling


Captain Dennis Bennett and Fred Fitzgerald

Captain Dennis Bennett was a Prisoner of War who escaped from a camp in Italy at around the time of their surrender to the Allies in September 1943. Like numerous others, he and his friend, Fred Fitzgerald, sought refuge amongst the isolated communities in the hills near Gubbio, Morena. In particular they sheltered with the Amantini family, at Valboscosa near the village of Pietralunga. Anna Maria Polidori is a journalist from Gubbio who is researching the lives of these two men and would dearly like to speak with either them or a family member. Both men were from New Zealand. If you can help, write to

Dennis Bennett Dennis Bennett and Fred Fitzgerald, pictured in 1944 with the Amantini family that sheltered them Fred Fitzgerald


PFC Ernest Elroy Bennett

My father was captured during or near the dates of the Battle of the Bulge. He may have been known as Elroy Bennett. Need help filling big gaps in his story. What I know so far is he was assigned to sniper duty with an airborne unit who trained in England before going to Germany. He had been in Rhineland before units moved into the Battle of the Bulge. Once captured, all is pretty much unknown, except his escape with several others through the aid of a French woman named Jeanette who was killed during the escape. During this period, Mom was notified he was missing in action, presumed to be killed via telegram. It is known he traveled for approximately 11 days before being joined with allied troops. During my youth, only little bits of information was shared. He never could watch the sun go down as far back as I can remember. We were told it was because prisoners were shot at sundown. He told us he dug ditches for the enemy. He was never listed as a POW and I always found that to be strange. Would really appreciate any help from anyone who might have known him or of this particular escape group.


Folco Bernardo (Stalags XA and B)

I am looking for informations about my father, Italian prisoner in Germany, during the Second World War. Folco Bernardo (Benardino) born in Savona in May 10 1918, died April 9 2000. He was photographer in Italian Air Force in Africa near Tobruk or Marsamatruk. Deported to Germany from Valona (Albania) September 1943 up to 16-05-1945. POW number 209225. Held at Stalag XB or D, and at Arbeit kommando 1470 at Stalag XA.


Bernard Egbert "Bernie" Bernsten
Information wanted about my cousin Bernard Egbert Bernsten ("Bernie") who was a PoW under the Japanese in the Dutch East Indies for 3½ years between February 1942 and November 1945. He was an Engineer in the British Merchant Navy and was serving on the "SS City of Manchester" when she was attacked and sunk by a Japanese submarine off the south coast of Java on 28 February 1942. The survivors were rescued by two American ships, the USS Whippoorwill and USS Tulsa, which then made for the Java port of Tjilatjap to land the injured. We think this included Bernie. Japanese forces captured them soon after. He may have been held for some time at Makassar on Celebes Island by the Japanese Navy, but this is unconfirmed. His Index Card records him being captured on Java and at some point being held at the Main Camp in Batavia. It also states that he was moved to the Malay PoW Camp in Singapore. Any information on Bernie, his ship's sinking and shipmates would be very much appreciated. Allan White at

Documents relating to Bernard Bernsten


Gnr William (Bill) Bettison

I am trying to find as much information as possible about my Grandfather Gunner William or (Bill) Bettison on behalf of my Mother. He was with 85 Anti tank Regt Royal Artillery Srvc No. 870128 started his service with the T A. then to Singapore. It would be great to hear from anyone who knew him. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated as we have very little not even a photo.


Tom Biggart, RAF (Stalag Luft VI and IV, Stalag 357, Fallingbostal)
My Dad was captured on the Greek island of Kos in October 1943 after the ill fated attempts to take the island. He later spent the rest of the war in Stalag Luft VI & IV and ended up on the Hydekrug run, was on the Baltic trip on the Isterburg and the 'Death March' to Fallingbostal. I'd be delighted to hear from anyone who knew him in those days, and in particular anyone who spent time in Port Reitz, Mombassa in 1942-1943 - he was then posted to RAF Regiment Sqdn 2901 prior to and durning to Kos attacks in Septemeber 1943. Bob Biggart,


Gnr Charles Bishop

My uncle was an escaped prisoner of war and my sister and I have been trying to find out more. The details I have are as follows: number: 1603065, 155 L.A.A. Regt, Royal Artillery, date / place of capture: Fuka 1.7.42, date / place of final escape: Briavacca 62/53 (Pro Milano) 16.9.43, date of arrival in Switzerland: 22.10.43. Circumstances: "On the 27.6.42 we had a battle with the enemy just S.E. of Mersa Matruh. We were cut off and the Germans had command of the road. Having no equipment, we took to the beaches. We tried to make our own lines but were picked up by the Germans on the 1.7.42 near Fuka." Imprisoned: P.G. 70 Porto St Giogo from 7.8.42 to 8.4.43, P.G. 62 Bergamo until 21.6.42, Briavacca 62/53 until 16.9.43. "On the 16.9.43 we were released from our camp. For a few days we stayed on the farm where we had been working. The padrone acquired a guide for us and he took 15 of us away. Our intention was to go to Switzerland. However, I was taken ill with Malaria near COMO. The others went on and I and another Englishman stayed behind at a farm. The guide returned 7 days later but refused to take us on the grounds that the previous party never paid him. We worked for 7 days and then a party of Communists in Milan took us to some Contrabandos who brought us over the frontier on the 22.10.43 near Bellinzona." I attach a photo of my uncle together with the letter he received when he arrived home dated 10 November 1944. We are anxious to learn more of his experiences. Like so many others, he never spoke of it. Celia Lacey,

Gunner Charles Bishop Gunner Charles Bishop


George Black

George Black would like to hear from anyone who was in work camp e565, Siersza Wodna, near Trebinia, Poland, part of Stalag IVb. The men worked in a coal mine, and were on the long march across Poland, ending up in Regensberg. George would like to know the name of the Man of Confidence of this camp, a British Sargent, from North East England. Does anyone remember him? George can be contacted via Angela at:


A. L. Blake

A.L. Blake was an orderly at the Catholic Hospital at Kosel, where I was treated quite well for knee wound and broken leg. One evening an orderly appeared and told me they would be taking me to surgery the following morning to place a pin in my leg so I could be put in traction. Indeed the orderly was helping and as I went under the sodium penthtol, he asked the next morning what were you singing. Of course I had no memory of this.I was in this hospital for about 11 weeks and just before being sent to Frankfurt for interrogation, he came by and said Lt. Jernigan, we just got some new records in and I know what you were singing; - Pistol Packing Mama!. I would like to make contact with Mr. Blake to see if perhaps he was the orderly in attendance and heard me singing. His address in my small Wartime Log is listed as 18 Cambridge Road,Flixton, North Manchester. Henry E. Jernigan,


Cpl Walter Bloxham (Stalags XIB, XXA and B, 135)

I am trying to obtain any information about my grandfather, Walter Bloxham, who was captured whilst serving with the Auxiliary Military Pioneer Corps in May 1940 near Dunkirk. He was initially interned in Stalag 135, then Stalag XI B before being transferred to Stalag XX A in Jan 1941 and thence to Stalag XX B in April 1941 where he remained until 1944. He had serious chest problems (he later died of tuberculosis) and was repatriated in January 1945. Does anybody have any other information at all about him?


Peter Bogan

Captured June 5/6 1942, 28 Reg. R.A. 5 Indian Division. Camps: Suani Ben El Adem, Tripoli. Hospitals Tripoli. Sicily. P.G. 68. P.G. 73 Carpi. Germany: 7B. Various others, Iron mine Goslar Arbeits Commando Salztgitter. Stalag XI B Fallingbostel. Stalag IIIA Luckenwalde. (Irish Camp) June 1944. In Concert party. "Deep Digs The Devil and So Shines A Star!". Got away from Russians and R.A.F. April 1945. with Texas Ranger. Asked by Russians to escort party of Frenchwomen fron Ravensbruck to the American lines. Walked with them to Torgau on the Elbe arriving on the day the Russians and Americans met. Told American Officers about IIIA. They sent trucks but were turned back by the Russians. Flew to Brussels in Dakota. then to Halton in Lanc. IIIA not liberated until May. Would very much like to hear from any surviving fellow miners or friends from IIIA.


Arthur John Bond (Stalag XXB)

My dad was a Prisoner of war in Stalag XXB in Poland, his details are as follows: Arthur John Bond, Rank: Fusilier, Army Number: 6914287, Regiment: Royal Northumberland Fusiliers (I think it was the 7th Battalion), POW Number: 16451, Camp Stalag XX-B, Malbork, Poland. He was captured at St Valery France on 12th June 1940. He was a butcher so was put to work in an abattoir. He was also on the long March. If anyone Knows of him I would love to hear from them. Or if there is a Major C W Potts out there please can you get in touch with the information you have on my dad please.


Pte Fyodor Fyodorovicn Bondarev

Looking for my grandfather. Lost in December 1941 somewhere in Voronezh, Russia. Born in 1908. Eduard Bondarev,


Capt Leslie Booth

I am looking for information on Leslie Booth. I don't know very much about him, just a few sketchy details. Leslie died this year aged 83. He went to Sandhurst when he was 17 and became a captain. I believe he was in the Royal Artillery. Leslie was a Japanese prisoner of war during world war two and never spoke of his experiences, however he did have a book published (only 5 were printed) and his wife is keen to track a copy down. We think it was called My Personal Hell. Any help would be appreciated. Sarah Sutherland,


Harry James Bounden (Stalag VIIIB / 344)

Anybody remember my late father? Brought up in Chiswick, T.A, Royal Corp of Signals, BEF and Dunkirk veteran. He was captured in the desert, south of Tobruk in May 1942. Initially in Italian camps 52 then 73, he saw the rest of the war out mainly in Stalag VIIIB / 344 although escaped along with several others at the very end, hiding out in a nearby farm for several days. Repatriated by Dakota to Brussels and Lancaster to Wing he ended up in Ashford Hospital having contracted T.B. Nursed by my subsequent mother he was moved to Harefield and survived (just). Never in best of health he managed to live to 60.

British prisoners


Reginald Boyle

I am writing on behalf of my partner Barbara Mary Smith, who is the niece of Mr Reginald Boyle, possibly born around 1917. Who it is believed was an Officer in the Leicestershire Regiment, and served 17 years in India and was a prisoner of the Japanese in WW 2. She is also enquiring on behalf of Mr Boyle's 2 sisters, Barbara's mother, maiden name:- Mary Theresa Boyle, and  her aunty:- Kathleen Marie Boyle. His last known location was in Kent in approximately 1952 to 1956. His wife's name was Mary. He had no known children. He is believed to have gone into Banking after leaving the Army sometime after the War.


Pte John Charles (Jack) Bradley

No. 6282920. POW No. 10778. Royal East Kent Rgt. - The Buffs. I am interested to know if anyone has information relating to my grandfather. He was captured at Dunkirk and taken originally to Hazebrouck, France. The following is the briefest information from his personal recollections: He was force marched from France to Thorn (Torun) in Poland and had a brief stay at Stalag XXA. He was then taken by cattle truck from Thorn to Trier. From August 1940 and through most of 1941, he was then sent as forced labour to a variety of places such as around Danzig, around the Marienburg (Polish) Corridor, the Pripet Marshes, Eastern Prussia and the Sedlinen/Russian border. During 1942 the story continued in the same vein with forced work and short stays in areas like Hohenstein, Konigstein; Torgau; Bautzen; Chemintz, Dresden and near Auschwitz (not the concentration camp, but near the town.) Not that he really said as much, but it was clear that he must have been undernourished and overworked, because he had to spend time in various POW 'hospital' camps such as Stalag IVB near Mühlberg. He spent time at the following POW camps: Stalag XXB Marienburg, Stalag IVA Hohenstein, Stalag IVD Torgau. He was a regular soldier from 1925 to 1932 then went into the Army Reserve. Was called up and rejoined his regiment in 1939. Any scrap of information would be great. Blaise Doran,


John Brannan (Stalag IXC)

I would like to hear from anyone who may have known my late father John Brannan, Cameron Highlanders. Mary Boyle,

John Brannan


Kenneth Brookes (Stalag Luft III, Stalag VIIA)

I am currently researching my late grandfathers war history. His name is Kenneth BROOKES. He was from Sheffield, England and was part of the 2901 RAF Regiment Squadron as a gunner. He was captured on the island of cos on the 3rd October, 1943 and remained a POW till the 20th February, 1946. As far as I can gather he spent time in Stalag Luft III, Sagan, and then Stalag VIIA, Moosburg. I am interested in hearing from any person who may be able to assist me in my research. Chris,


Dr. Peter Brown

I am searching for information on Dr. Peter Brown, M.D. of the UK. Probably RAF. He served with my grandfather, Dr. John F. Breslin, United States Army, as prisoners of war at in Nigata Prison Camp, Japan. My grandfather served on Corregidor where he was captured. I would very much like to contact his family. Valarie Jonas,


Pte John L. Bryson (Stalag VIIIB)

John (Jack) L Bryson was captured at Tobruk in June 42. He was taken to Stalag 8B. I have a photo of Arbeitskammando E 727. The photo has the town name of Beuthen (nowadays Bytom) on the back. I am told however he was based at Teschen and Miechowice (Miechowitz), also I have found a reference to camp 383 Hohen Fels. I would like to hear from any one who was there, knew him or has info about the camp/workgroup


F/Lt Bruce Alexander Buckham DSO, DFC

F/Lt Buckham was the Captain of a Lancaster involved in the bombing of a large ammunition dump at Limoges, France, on the 23rd June 1944. Having successfully completed his run he headed home, but on the way his crew spotted a train and following their pleas Buckham agreed to strafe its engine. The engine was destroyed, and Buckham later learned that 6 POW's had jumped from the train before the attack and were on the verge of being picked up by the Gestapo when his Lancaster appeared on the scene. As a result the men were able to contact the French Resistance and were returned to England in a submarine. F/Lt Buckham would dearly like to establish contact with any of the 6 men. If you can help write to Peter Johns at, or to read more about this incident go to


3rd Officer Thomas Buckingham (Milag und Marlag Nord)

I'm trying to trace any info regarding Thomas Reginald Buckingham for his nephew Paul Buckingham. Thomas Buckingham was a senior officer on RMS Laconia. Thomas was taken pow in 1942 to Milag. His POW number was 994 and his discharge number was R130336. Can anyone provide me with any info such as what age did he join Cunard, did Thomas ever travel with Cunard to Spain during the Spanish Civil War 1936 to 1939, and where can I obtain his service record from his working days at Cunard and during his career did he receive any medals or anything? Thomas Buckingham was also involved in the Le Harve incident, can anyone provide any info regarding this as well. I would be very grateful if anyone can help me with my enquires. Jenny,


Albert Henry Buckley (advert placed 30/01/15)

We are trying to find out information about my husband's paternal grandfather. We don't know if he was known by his first name, middle name or as 'Bertie' but we know he was born in 1920s and served in Italy, and also in North Africa in around 1942-1943 as a dispatch rider for the 8th Army. We think he returned home to Derbyshire after being injured in April 1943. He had a brother, but we don't know anything about him. We have found it very difficult to locate a birth certificate for Albert because it's believed he lied about his age to join the army while he was young. He never married either, so there's no marriage certificate to verify any information. The only thing we have is his medal card with the military number 884445 on the top, and the GRO require a date of birth to apply for military records. Any information, stories or photos anybody has would be greatly appreciated as the family know very little about him and only have one photograph of him. Thank you


Lt Cdr James Brian (Jimmy) Buckley

Seeking photo of Lt Cdr James Brian (Jimmy) Buckley RN of the Fleet Air Arm for a book called Under The Wire coming out in 2005. He was CO of 825 Squadron, shot down over Dunkirk. He became the original 'Big X' or leader of escape activity in RAF POW camps, but died on an escape from Poland in 1943. I've tried all the usual sources, but no joy, so hope someone can help. You can contact me at


Lt Cdr James (Jimmy) Buckley

As part of some research I am conducting for a book on Squadron Leader Roger Bushell, I am trying to find out about Lieutenant Commander James (Jimmy) Buckley. I am very keen to obtain a photo of him Information on Jimmy Buckley appears to be very rare.


Sqdn Ldr Roger Bushell (Stalag Luft 3, Sagan)

I'm writing a biography on the brilliant RAF Squadron leader Roger Bushell, who was nicknamed 'Big X' as he was the instigator of what was to become "The Great Escape." I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who knew him, met him, or has any additional information on him. At the time he became a POW, he was with the 92nd Squadron. He was first imprisoned at Dulag Luft, then to a camp at Lübeck, and finally at Stalag Luft 3. His service number was 90120, and his POW number was 621. Jennifer Schwartz, PO Box 1724, Ames, IA 50010-1724, e-mail:


Gordon Button (Stalag IXC)

My father was a POW at Stalag IXC and knew Bob Ingram there and has had his photo in a box since coming back from the war.  My dad remembers the furore when Bob was shot whilst trying to escape.  Dad assisted with running some of the stores in the camp.  These stores were in an upper storey building and dad showed Bob where the floor became a ceiling to a room below. This room was next to the outer wall. Dad gave Bob a compass to help him on his way, once outside the camp.  Prior to the attempt, sadly, the escape became common knowledge among a few - including some guards. My father tells me that the guard who shot Bob was a Czech (or eastern bloc recruit) and gave no allowance to surrender before firing.  The soldier was waiting in the room below and that was it.  Bob was killed instantly as he broke through the ceiling. I am told by dad that his fellow escapees surrendered. My dad is now nearly 90 and I would love to hear from anyone who is related to, or knew Bob. If I could pass any words from any surviving POW or relative / friend of Bobs I know my father would be very touched and comforted. My dad was seriously wounded prior to capture in May 1940 - whilst retreating to Dunkirk. He was released by the Americans in 1945." Contact Kim care of Robert McAllister at


Albert Calamaro (Stalag XIIIB)
I am looking information about STALAG XIIIB (near Weiden in Germany) where my father was prisoner between 1940 and 1945. His name is Albert CALAMARO. I am looking also for a painter called BERCHON, a Frenchman.


Ralph Callender (PG 54)

My late Father Ralph Callender was a prisoner of war from July 1942 he was captured at Tobruk and sent to Italy, I am enclosing a copy of a photograph taken when he was in Camp PG54 Italy. My Father is on the right hand side of the front row, I know that the chap next to him was named Gerry Rogers, as they were friends, both served with the 50th division of the Royal Artillery, and were prisoners in Germany until the end of the war. Maybe someone may recognise other friends on the photo? Doreen Thompson,

British prisoners at PG 54


Duncan Cameron

Duncan Cameron, Apprentice Officer on the Upwey Grange and the Duquesa. We are seeking further information about my father's experiences as a torpedoed merchant seaman and subsequent prisoner of war at Milag Nord. In particular, would anyone be able to tell me and my 4 sisters how my father managed to return to England when his first ship, Upwey Grange, was torpedoed in August 1940? The book published by Houlder Brothers (Sea Hazard, 1939-1945) does not make it clear which lifeboat the various members of the crew were in and each lifeboat reached safety in different ways. Secondly, does anyone have any knowledge of my father when he was a prisoner of war from January 1941 at Milag Nord after s.s. Duquesa was torpedoed in December 1940? My father did not talk about his experiences when we were young and, unfortunately, he passed away in 1972, so we are unable to ask him directly. Jean Cameron,


Pte Ian Cameron (Stalag XIIIC)

My late Uncle Ian (born as Roderick John Cameron) volunteered within days of WW2 commencing. He was an Australian, captured at Crete after it was attacked by paratroops. He served in 2/1st Field Artillery. I'd like to know more about the camp, especially from anyone who recognises his name.


Vincent Cardinelle

My mum in law had a baby girl 62 years ago and the father was an Italian prisoner of war. He was inprisoned in Surrey near Holmby St Mary but Joan does not know the name of the camp. His name was Vincent Cardinelle, he was unaware of the baby as he was sent back to Italy before he could be told about it. Joan had to give the baby up for adoption but is now in contact with her again. Vincent knew Joan as Joan horton. Joan would like to know when he was repatriated in Italy and what happened to him, and what camp/camps he was at. Lynda Giffen,


George Edward Cardus

My father was a prisoner from 1942-45, his name is George Edward Cardus, a naval wireless operator on HMS Bedouin. He was held at PG 52, Stalag 7a , Stalag 383 and Stalag 8b. Any info would be superb. Carl Cardus,


Vincent Castiglione (Stalag IVC)

Looking for anyone who was in Stalag  Luft IV C camp and remembers my Dad Vincent Castiglione (Vinny). Kathy Castiglione,

Vincent Castiglione


Giuseppe Cavallini

I am hoping to find any information on Mr Giuseppe Cavallini from Pinerolo, Piemonte, Italy. I believe he was born on 26 Feb 1920. His parents had a business in Pinerolo to do with trucks or transport? he was very good at fixing engines and spoke of the workshop and the family business. His father and sister died before WW2 (possibly from flu). He was a motorcycle dispatch rider in North Africa and was captured early in the Italian campaign by the British and sent to Camp 60 on the Orkney Islands. On the island he worked on the statue of St. George working on the horse. He was later (1944?) transferred to Trafford Park in Manchester, where he worked at Turners asbestos factory. He was repatriated in early 1946. Would be grateful to receive any information on him or his descendants. If you have any information please contact me at


Hubert Ethridge Cheatham

I'm looking for information on my father, Hubert Ethridge Cheatham. I believe he was POW in Stalag IIIA in Luckenwalde. His records indicate he was a POW from 19 Feb 43 to 8 May 45. He participated in 3 battles in Tunisia between 25 Jan 43 and 22 Feb 43, including the battle of Kasserine Pass. He was declared MIA in defense of Kasserine Pass on 20 Feb 43. His records indicate that he was liberated by the Russians in Luckenwalde on 22 April 45 and made contact with American Troops on 8 May 45. Anyone with any information please contact me at


Bolesaw Chrzanowski (Oflags IIC, XB, XVIIIC)

I am looking for any information concerning my father Bolesaw Chrzanowski, born in Lwów (Lemberg) 8.06.1913, who was POW. A Lieutenant of 5th Light Artillery Regiment (Lwów), after Warsaw defence he was in the filtration camp in Pruszków or Yrardów (close to Warsaw) then transported to Oflag XB Nienburg (number 701/XB, 2.10.39 to 11.39) and then to Oflag XVIIIC in Spittal a.d. Drau (number 102, 11.39 to 5.40), then Oflag IIC at Woldeberg (5.40 to 23.01.45), liberated by Red Army near Stettin. According to my historical knowledge probably all Polish officers were transported from small camps such as Oflag XB and XVIIIC in May 1940 to Oflag IIC in Woldenberg now Dobiegniew. Unfortunately my father didnt talk much about that period of his life, he died 05.05.1993. If it is possible I will appreciate very much any info concerning war history of my father because of lack of informations in Poland about German POW camps and their history. Tomasz Chrzanowski,

Boleslaw Chrzanowski


Pte John Clarke

I am anxious to obtain any information about my brother, Pte. John Clarke (2696773) of G Company, 2nd Bt. Scots Guards. He was wounded during a raid on a German position in Agedabia on 27th of December 1941. When the attack was successfully resumed the following day it was found he had died in captivity. I would be very grateful to hear from anyone who knew of, or served with him at any time during his service.


Tpr G. L. Clarke (Stalag IVG)

Looking for information about my Brother Trooper G.L. Clarke, RAC, army No.7882383, who came from Canvey Island and was taken prisoner in N.Africa. Not sure of date and then shipped to Italy and then to Germany to Stalag 4G. If anyone knew him or anything about him please contact me on Email or Tel: 01603502326.


L/Cpl Sydney E. Clifton (Stalag 383)

Of the Corps of Military Police. Army number: 2612661. POW number: 8033. An ex-POW friend of Syd Clifton is trying to track him down and would welcome any help. Write care of Kerry Single,


Sgts R. Clough and A. E. Bristow (Stalag IVB)
I am searching for any reference to RAF Sergeants R. Clough and A. E. Bristow who were in a Halifax Bomber of 76 Squadron shot down near Dusseldorf on Wednesday, 3rd November 1943. They survived and were interred in Stalag IVB (Mühlberg-Elbe). Any direct information, or links about the crew or the squadron appreciated. See website at or write to Ken Elder at


Tpr Edward (Ted) Coatham (Stalag XXID)

Whilst sorting through my late mum's photos. I have come across a photo sent from the above camp, showing 5 p.o.w in uniform. It was sent from Edward Coatham to her, and would like help to trace him, so the family could have the photo if required.

Edward Coatham


Wally Cook (PG 70)

296 Army Field Co R.E. My uncle Wally Cook is still going strong at 87. He has recently asked me to help him transcribe diaries he kept during the war. He was at the demoliton of Tobruk where he was captured on 21 June 1942 and was transported to Italy. He escaped from PG70 in 27 September 1943 and after a boat trip around Italy reached the British lines. Wally and Jimmy were in Naples in March 1944 where they saw the eruption of Vesuvious. Wally is keen to get in touch/get information about any of his old comrades - any information gratefully received.

British prisoners at P.G. 70


WO Edgar Horace Cooper (Stalag VIIIB / 344)

My late father Warrant Officer Edgar Horace Cooper of the Royal Horse Artillery, Yeomanry Division, was a prisoner of War in Stalag 8, Lamsdorf, Silesia. Instead of joining the long march he and some friends found their own way back to the UK. Like most soldiers he rarely spoke of his experiences, but now my mother, Kathleen, aged 89 would like to find out how he managed the return journey. I am going with her to Lamsdorf on 9th June as part of the Heroes Return scheme and it would be interesting to find out more about his incredible journey before we go. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Judy Chapman,


Thomas Cooper (PG 65, Stalag IVF)

My grandfather, Thomas Gray Cooper, Regimental Number T125232, Royal Army Service Corps, was a prisoner of both the Italians and the Germans in WWII.  My mother, his eldest daughter, would like to know, if possible, where he was held prisoner and for what period. Also if you recognise "Bob", as shown in the following photograph, please get in touch. Anne Davies.

Thomas Cooper with "Bob"


Edward Cormier (Stalag VIIA)

I am trying to find info or anyone that was with my uncle Edward Cormier of the West Nova Scotia regiment who was captured in Italy on November 23 1943 and was in Stalag 7A in April 1945.


Pte Bill Cotterill (Stalags XIIA, XIIB, IVB, and IVF)

The webmaster's Uncle. "Tony", as he became known in later years, was captured at Arnhem in September 1944. He passed through Stalags XIIA, XIIB, and IVB, but spent most of his time at Stalag IVF at Hartmannsdorf. I know almost nothing about this time of his life, but I am told that he escaped on a work party in February 1945, possibly using someone elses papers, and possibly around the Dresden area during the bombings, and was repatriated some time later when he ran into an American patrol. I would very much like to hear from anyone who knew him - Mark, For more on Tony, go to

Bill in 1945


Clement Couillaud (Stalag IB)

I am researching the life of my grand-father, Clement Couillaud, who was a POW at Stalag 1 B. Anyone who had info about the stalag, could they please contact me at :


PFC D. George Crawford (Stalag IIB)

Was hoping to run across anyone who was in Stalag IIB from Feb 1943 til the liberation in 1945. My grandfather Pfc D. George Crawford was with the 168th Infantry Regiment, 34th Red Bulls out of Nebraska and was captured by the Italians, Feb 22 1943, in Tarusi? He was in the eastern invasion of Algeirs Nov 8 1942. He passed away in 1964 when my dad was 12 and he never spoke of his experiences with any of his kids. If anyone remembers him please contact me, I would truly appreciate the opportunity to speak with you. I know he was a pretty short man around 5'3-5'5" and was one tough sob. Titan J Crawford,


George Edward Crellin (Stalags IIID and IVG)

I've have been researching my father's war record. He died in 1963 (probably as result of ill treatment as POW) when I was a small child, so I haven't been able to ask him any details. What I have discoveredis that he volunteered before war broke out and was in 129th Battery 15th (Isle of Man) Regiment LAA Royal Artillery. He was captured in Crete and ended up in Germany. These are the Stalags & work parties he was in: 3D Steglitz, Work Party 413, Aug 41-Feb 42, Work Party 528, Feb 42-May 43, Work Party 3329, May 43-Oct 43. 4G Oschatz, Work Party 98, Nov 43-Dec 43, Work Party 353, Jan 44-Apr 45. I would be grateful to learn any details about these Stalags/work parties and also information about the liberation. Anne Graham,


Georgio Curcio

I am looking for any information about an Italian pow who was held at Camp Lane, Handsworth, Birmingham around early/mid 1940s. It is believed that he returned to Italy (whereabouts unknown) after the war, his name is Georgio Curcio (sounds like cortya), and belived to have a sister named Maria. A very dear friend would like to hear from him or anyone who might have known him, any help would be greatly appreciated and kept in confidence if requested. Ann Mabbley,


Bronislaw Czerniejewski

My father was a POW at Stalag IXC. His name is Bronislaw CZERNIEJEWSKI (he passed away in 1964). He was captured on June 1940 in ARJICOURT (north of France): He was part of the 208th Polish Infantry Regiment, 2nd company. Can anyone help to get some details? Daniel Czerniejewski,

Bronislaw Czerniejewski with fellow prisoners at Stalag IXC


Wladyslaw Daszuta (Stalag XVIIA)

My father, Wladyslaw Daszuta, was in Kriegsgefangenlager in Muenchbergu 01/09/1944 - 04/15/1945, Stalag XVIIA, POW number 21562. Any information welcome. Boguslaw Daszuta


Sgt Colin Dean

Sgt N.C. (Colin) Dean, 2nd Field Reg. SAA (NFA) North Africa WWII. I am trying to trace my father’s war experiences and would appreciate any information at all. I currently know the following: He joined up in 1940 and went from Pietermaritzburg to Potchefstroom for training with the 6th Battery. They embarked on HMT Dilwara 22/07/41 and reached Port Tewfik 12/08/41. After that the trail becomes hazy until June 1942 at Knightsbridge where he was on the No. 1 Gun in E Troop. His gun team comprised; Bdr D.G. (Danie) Strachan, Gnr. W.A. (Bill) Nye (later Knight), Gnr. E.J. (Eddie) Keiser, Gnr. D.I. (Dennis) Else, Gnr. MacI. (Jack) Goldstone, Driver Gnr. J.A. Stephens. They were held in POW camp in Italy, and perhaps, later in Germany. I don’t know the names of the camps or the dates! He escaped, got to the UK, and finally returned to PMB where he was discharged in October 1945.  He died in 1971. I would be most grateful to receive any information at all that would fill in some of these vast gaps! (I will gladly pay any costs incurred). My email address is


Cpl Dennis DeBell

My father was a POW from 1941-43 in Campo 78 Sulmona. He escaped twice and made it back to the UK in 43. Unfortunately he passed away in 1986 at the age of 68 before writing up his memoirs on his experiences during his confinement. I am keen to contact anyone who might have known him, or have any details etc. of the camp as I am considering writing up a diary/account of his experiences as told to me by him, plus any other details that might help me complete a picture of what actually happened.  I am keen to get hold of plans, pictures etc of the camp. Can anyone assist me as this would be a great tribute to my late father. Please email if you can help.


Guido Gino Alberto Debonis

My Grandfather who is still alive, is Guido Gino Alberto Debonis. He is 89 years of age. He would like to find any Italians who were with him as pow and /or anyone who has information. He was a pow at Camp 60, Lambs Holm, in Orkney. He helped to build the Italian Chapel there, and we took him back to see it in July this year. He would love to hear from anyone still in England, he lives in Gloucestershire, where he worked on the farms and also met my grandmother. If anyone can help,


Mario Alberto De Marchi

I am looking for information regarding my father, Mario Alberto De Marchi, who was captured by Australian troops in North Africa in 1941. He was sent to a POW camp in India, and I believe he was at the foot of the Himalayas. I am not sure how many years he spent there, but he was then transferred to Yorkshire and placed in a POW camp there. He was a doctor. He met my mother there, Ada Christine Cooper, and eventually after the war returned to Italy and married there. He died in 1982. Simon De Marchi,


Di Bennardo Paolo (Camps 17 and 701)

I am trying to find details on my father Di Bennardo Paolo, born on 23.09.1923, no matricule 26375, 30° regiment, div "assietta", who was made prisoner by the English in Sicily (Lercara Fridda, Palermo) on 21st July 1943 before being transferred to POW camp 17 on 19th July 1944 and then to camp 701 on July 20th 1944 in England where he stayed until he was released on 12th July 1946. Col. Roberts was in command and my father fell in love with his daughter Betty (Elizabeth ?). After the war, Betty wrote to my father who had returned to Italy to tell him that she had had a baby boy Giuseppe (Joseph ?). I am trying to locate my half brother but cannot find out where camp 701 was. Any information on  camps 17 or 701 or on prisoners who stayed in those camps would be very helpful. Salvatore Di Bennardo,


James Sydney Dodds (Stalags XXIA & XXIB)
My granada was in the RA and was captured at Dunkirk. He was taken to Poland in 1940 where he was a pow until 1945. I have a diary from 1941 with some names and addresses of people who must have known him. Does anyone recognise any of these if so could you contact me . Charlie Reginald Stone (Sussex) T F Leming (Kirkcaldy), Mrs Abrahams (Shorditch, London), Jean Read (Springfield Road, Banbury), Thomas Davies (Holywell, Flintshire), E Clarke (Stourmarket, Suffolk), 14429730 MacDonald, F. F. Wood (Reigate, Surrey), Mrs Slope (5, Sedgefield Gardens, Devizes), Allan Tuff (164 Westminster Street, Bensham, Gateshead), unknown Corporal possibly 5th Sherwood Foresters (16 Devonshire Street, Holywell Cross, Chesterfield), G. Coombs (Pennywell Road, Bristol).


Francis Kenelm Donovan

I am researching the Zeebrugge Raid and I am researching the life of Francis Kenelm Donovan RE. He served with the RNAS during the raid and was responsible for manning the Flamethrower Hut on board HMS Vindictive. With his flamethrower's damaged by shellfire, he assaulted the Mole armed with a blunt cutlass. he returned home unharmed. During World War 2 he was commissioned in the Royal Engineers. I knew that he was captured at Thala, Tunisia on 21st February 1943 and spent some time at Oflags IXA and XIIB. Do you know if anyone knew Major Donovan? I would be very interested to hear any information about him. Paul Kendall,


Robert Douté (Oflag XB)

I am looking for any information about my father who was a prisoner in Germany, Oflag XB.


Emile Dube & Jean Laborde

I am trying to trace the whereabouts of these two soldiers: Emile DUBE of the Royal Canadian Army - Date of Enlistment: 8.11.1939, Montreal, Quebec, Army number E-4556, Date of Discharge 29th August, Torento, Ontario. Embarked for overseas 9 December 1939, Returned to Canada 29 March 1945. Andre Jean Laborde of the Free French Army - a Lance Seargeant no 3078 , Free French Forces. Mary Hayes,


Lt Allan Duncan

237 Field Sqdn Royal Engineers. My Father, Allan Duncan was captured at St Valery with the 51st Highland Division and spent the rest of the war in POW camps in Germany and Poland. Like many of the ex POW'S he very rarely mentioned his experiences and I am trying to make contact with anyone who may remember him. He was first in Laufen, then Posen, Eichstatt, Biberach, Marlag and Moosburg. Any information would be gratefully received. Philip Duncan,


John Dyer (Stalag VIIIA)

Now (2009) 92 and still in good health my father John, along with Wally Cook (see above), may well be the only members of 296 AF Coy. R.E. left now. John was the Secretary of the 296 Benevolent Fund and they used to have a reunion at the Victory Ex-Services Club every year. John was captured before El Alamein and was moved up through Italy to Stalag VlllA where he worked in the coal mine and sugar factory. Albert Hooper seems to be the only member of 296 that stayed with John throughout the War. Happy to share information. Have a few photos and lots of questions.

John Dyer John Dyer


Sgt Richard C. Egan (Stalag IIIC)

My father was a prisoner in stalag 3C, he never spoke about any of his wartime experiences until just prior to his death in 1989. I have been able to find some of his old records such as enlistment discharge etc. as well as some letters from other inmates to him in 1947. I was able to get the names of 2 or 3 other guys that were with him and determine that at least one of them was in is unit and most likely captured with him. I know they were in a bomb crater overnight and found themselves surrounded at day break. They were marched back towards germany and got free when French resistence killed the two guards one at each end of a single file column of prisoners and captured again before they ever got back. He was 30 Div, 119th Inf Company E, he was a private promoted to Sgt in the field. The other men listed in the same Co was Roland Ferris from Indiana, and a Clinton A Daley. There was also someone named Barney, he was the only to volunteer for German lessons and learned enough to trade with the guards. I am looking for sources to piece the rest of the story together. If you have any information I would appreciate it. Al Egan  email


Pte Albert Elliott (Stalags XXA and B)

My brother Albert was captured at Dunkirk near Albert and was a POW until 1945. He was inthe Queen's Own Royal West Kent Reg't, I believe he joined in Dartford, Kent. His reg. no. is 6345832 and POW no. is 9874. He was in both Stalag XXA and XXB. While he was there he had someone tattoo a maple leaf on his arm as he was a Canadian from Montreal. He also had a n emergency operation by a camp doctor because of a bleeding ulcer. He also spoke of a German non-com who had a vile temper and they would try to get him so mad that the veins in his neck would burst, but it never happened. Albert also worked on farms in Poland. He spoke of the two deadly marches, the one in 1940 towards Poland (Torun) and the one towards the end of the war. Albert's health was not good after his release in 1945 and eventually died in a veteran's hospital in Montreal after being a patient for 17 years. He would have night-mares and a couple of times attempted to take his own life. Any person who can remember him I would very much appreciate hearing from you.


Pte Keith Frederick Elmes (Stalag VIIA)

Signals Platoon, 25th Battalion, 2nd New Zealand Expeditionary Force, POW Stalag VIIA. Would love to hear from anyone who knew my grandfather Keith Elmes as above. He served in the Middle East and was taken prisoner late in 1943 and was held at Stalag VIIA in Moosburg, Germany. Unfortunately Keith died in 1974, and like many of his fellow soldiers did not talk about his war experiences. Any information, recollections etc would be greatly appreciated.


Walter Eteinhausen

I am French and I seek my grandfather Walter Eteinhausen who was German and who was made prisoner between 1944 and 1945 in Lorient (France) with his friend Bernard Klein. He was a crane driver and came from the area of Erfurt to Germany. He was transferred in Normandy to do work in the farms. He knew my grandmother then set out again before 1952. Could somebody help me?


Pte Charles Evans (Stalag VIIIB)

I am looking for anyone who might have information regarding my uncle, Private Charles Evans of 4th Welsh regiment. He was captured 26th May 1940 in Norway and was held in Stalag VIIIB (E27) 1940 - 1945.


John Clifford Everall

Trying to find info on my father John Clifford Everall, captured North Africa and ended up P.O.W in Fallingbostel, anyone who knows of him please contact me. John Everall


Arthur Ewen (Stalag VIIA)

I am looking for anyone associated with my Grandad or information on the camp itself. I have post cards that came from Stalag VIIA, working camp 3694, but I have a list from Mannheim of those POWs freed. My Grandad did not mention being in more than one camp but these places seem far away from each other. Vanessa Whitehead,


Pvt. Lyle Doyt Ewing (Stalag VIIA)

My father was a prisoner of war at the Mooseburg, Pvt. Lyle Doyt Ewing. I would like to be posted to find anyone who knew my father at the camp and possibly his friend who was British and died in the camp. I am named after his friend "Dean" as well as my daughter and granddaughter. Unfortunately, we do not have a surname for this British soldier. I am planning a trip to Mooseburg this fall, I would like to know what resources are available to me to research this matter further. I believe from my research that only 30 odd British soldiers died in the camp but I have not been able to get any additional information. Thank you, Dena (Dean) Schwarte,


John Fagan (Stalag XXB)

My father was captured on 15 June 1940 and was a prisoner of war from then until 16 April 1945. He was with the Black Watch Regiment. He spoke very little about the war other than to say that but for the kindness of the Polish farmers he would not have survived. Sadly my Dad has died. I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew my Dad.


Giovanni Farina

We found out my grandfather Giovanni Farina was in the Stalag VIIIA Gorlitz Prisoner Camp around 1943-44 as an italian POW. We are trying to get any information we can on this place and anyone who was there who may have known him. If you know anything you can share or if you can direct us to any web site or person it would be much appeciated. David Farina,


W/O Ken Fenton (Stalags IXC, XIB, 357 and Luft III and VI)

RAF, Warrant Officer (sgt) K. Fenton, No. 1053472, Blenheim pilot, shot down on 1st July 1941 of 139 (Jamaica) Squadron, from Horsham St. Faith and ditched 60Kms NW of Vlieland. Other crew were Sgt A. A. Fuller (observer) and R. W. McDonald. (Wireless operator and air gunner). The situation was reported in and (High Speed Launch) HSL 108 upon arriving at the scene was itself attacked. My Fathers and his crew ended up in Stalag IXc (Bad Sulza, 10 July 1941-29 April 1942), Stalag Luft III (Sagan, 1 May 1942-18 June 1943) and VI (Heydekrug 20 June 1943-18 July 1944) and finally Stalag 357 (Thorn (Poland) 19 July 1944-8 August 1944 and Fallingbostel August 1944- 7 April 1945). Ken Fenton, Prisoner No. 39204. I believe that the crew of the HSL also followed a similar route. His liberation record states under escape attempts that 'Yes, numerous attempts e.g. tunnels - succeeded once in quitting camp with f/sgt McCairns at Stalag IXc - recaptured Weimar by police next day. F/sgt McCairns re-escaped - l was unsuccessful - he was re-captured one or two days later - method - impersonated Belgians and walked through gate in early morning. I am aware of the forced marches from Stalag Luft 6 to Stalag 357 but l am trying to make some sense of the dates. Considering the last dates, would he have been marched out of Fallingbostel or liberated there? My Fathers log lists out the following but l do not know the connection. McCairns, J. Jones, S F Roughton, Harry Mahoney, Lionel Raymond Silver, Stan Pannis, W W Hall, R Evans, W H E Harwood, P Balson, Walter Kershaw, Gordon Bottomley, A Bonyle, Joe Walker, Norma J Smith, R Duffield, R MacDonald, John Woolston, Arthur Thomson, D A MacLeod, N M Campbell, Harold E Bennett, Malcolm Gillies, W M Hard (Al's brother), E G Caban, H A Hard, E G R Daggett. HSL crew members were W. F. Jackman, A. B. Raybould, R. E. Daggett, G. P. Drayson, A. G. Overill and W. H. Hales. I believe that Jackman was at my Father's funeral in 1976. I would really like to hear from anyone who can add anything, whether anyone knew my Father or whether you know of anyone who knew what they went through. Nick Fenton,


Lt Antoine Fernand (Oflag VIIB)

I would like contact anyone who knew my grandfather, Antoine Fernand, a Belgian POW held at Oflag VIIB, Eichstatt. I was told that my grandfather successfully built a radio and to inform others within the camp about the movements of the Allies.

Lieutenant Antoine Fernand operating a clandestine radio set


Pte William Frederick Finnis (Stalag XXB)

I am trying to contact anyone who new my father. Private William Frederick Finnis of The Buffs No: 6283744. He married in early 1940 and was shipped straight out to France captured and spent the rest of the war in Stalag XXB. He died in 1966. As a family we know little of his capture and what he went through as a POW and would welcome any information. Susan Fordham (Finnis),


Gunner Eddie Foggin (Stalag 344)

I'm looking for any information on my late Grandfather Eddie Foggin. Royal Artillery, service number 1642813, POW number 222082, Stalag 344. I think he was in the Desert Rats and was captured by the Italians in North Africa and forced to march into Germany when the Allies invaded Italy. I understand he escaped from a POW camp and spent the last years of the war hiding in a farmhouse in Czeckoslovakia before coming back home in 1946. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Vince Charlton.


Albert Fontana

I'm trying to locate former POW buddies of my father in laws. He was in the 36th division (Army) and was taken POW at Monte Cassino in Italy and eventually ended up in Germany. The names of the guys he remembers are George Asiambria, Bill Bela, and Kazias or Cazias. On one of their marches, in Germany, they stole a lamb to eat, hid it from the prison guards in their jackets, ate it later and they all became ill because the lamb had spoiled. My Uncle George Saffian was also POW.


Gnr Harold Forden (Stalag IVG)

124 Field Regiment, RA. Reported missing 20 June 42: At the time of the battle for Gazzala to the fall of Tobruk. POW No: 248123. I am trying to trace my deceased Fathers Army history. Dad was prisoner of war in Italy, but no records show which camp. He may have been kept in North Africa for some time, before going over to Italy & eventually Germany where he was held in STALAG 4G. This was at Oschatz eastern Germany, to the south east of Leipzig. Information about this camp or anything else welcome.

Gunner Harold Forden


Rfn Samuel Freeman (Stalag VIIIB)

My late grandfather Samuel Freeman was in the Scottish Cameronian Rifles. He was shot three times and captured on 30th May 1940 while defending the evacuation at Dunkirk. After treatment by German doctors he was taken to Stalag VIIIB in Poland where he remained until the end of the war. I was told by my family that they were liberated by Russian females in tanks?? My grandfather was a Belfast man and a Presbyterian, one of the reasons why he travelled to Perth in Scotland to join the Cameronians!! If anyone can help me find out a bit more about him or the camp I would be so grateful. Samuel Freeman Mckeag.


W/O Alexander John "Alec" Gallan

I am trying to locate any available information about my late father who was a POW in Germany / Poland from 1941 to 1945. His name was  Alexander John Gallan (usually known as Alec). He flew in RAF Handley Page Hampden bombers, but was shot down on 5/6 November 1941. He was born in August 1912, and flew I think from RAF Newton (Nottinghamshire/Lincolnshire). Fellow POWs included Tom Hall, Jack Woodward, Tommy Paterson. Walter Gallan,


Johnny Gallon (Stalag XVIIIA)

Ronald Wollaston, formerly of Stalag XVIIIA, would appreciate any information concerning his old friend. Write to care of his daughter, Norma Templeton.

Johnny Gallon


Allan Gavan (Stalag VIIA)

Did you and I switch places in Stalag VIIA? Did you then escape on the enlisted men's march out? In late March/early April 1945, my buddy and I from the enlisted men's compound were on a work detail in your officer's compound. You guys had recently come down to Moosberg from Luft III. Someone from an open barracks window asked me if there were two of us on the detail willing to change places with two officers who wanted to escape. There were rumors that the enlisted men were to be marched to another camp soon, thus providing a possible opportunity to escape somewhere along the route. I was told you were a captain, spoke German and had a plan. I believe you were from Buffalo. Your name may have been Callahan. Your buddy was a lieutenant. His name may have been Nick. The switch was quickly arranged. We threw our coats and POW dog tags through the window and were dragged inside. We were given your dog tags (I have yours: 2641 Stalag Luft 3) and jackets and hustled to the back of the barracks by the escape committee. I don't believe I saw you and I don't know how you joined the detail outside. It all happened in a flash. You linked up with my close friend and bunkmate, Ed Hightower, in the enlisted men's compound. I linked up with an officer's combine which included ROGER PROBERT, a redhead from Ridgewood, NJ, whose brother I knew from high school. Other names were Beck and Rod. The rumors came true and you marched out a week or so later. Ed Hightower lost touch with you. I don't know if you and your buddy escaped or not. I'd really like to know the end of the story. If you or anyone familiar with this long-ago incident, should read this, I'd appreciate you contacting me. Allan Gavan, P.O. Box 971, Center Harbor, NH 03226, tel: (603) 253-9359.


Blazenovic Gavro

My Name is Blazenovic Branimir. My Father Blazenovic Gavro was Prisoner of War 1941-1945 in Altengrabow, Stalag XIa, Number 112781. Can you help me to find my sister and possible relatives from that time? Gavro was married to a German Woman.


Cpl George Geeve (Stalag VIIIB/344, IIIA)

I would love to know if anyone has any memories of my father, Corporal George Geeve, who was in Stalag VIII B in 1940 and various other camps (344 and Stalag III A) and was also on a forced march. His POW number was 10144, Service number 7607927. He never talked about his experiences much, though my brother and I gather he had quite a few adventures. We would love to know more. Sally Geeve,


F/Lt George ... (Res-Lazarett Seifhennersdorf)

Elsbet Strohbach was searching for a RAF F/Lieutenant George (George was his first name). George was interned in Seifhennersdorf / Germany near the Czech border in the winter 1944/45. There was a Lazarett (military hospital) during WW II, which was evacuated in March 1945. In the Seifhennersdorf Lazarett, illnesses and all wounds were treated. It was located near at a park and the railway station of Seifhennersdorf. Elsbet went by train to this Lazarett and visited the German soldier Wilhelm Hegner. She met George in this military hospital. George was together with German soldiers in this Lazarett in this time. He was presumably accommodated separately and him was allowed to be alone in the park of the hospital. George and Elsbet were close friends at this time, but they lost sight of each other in March of 1945. Elsbet told me George had been interned relatively early in the conflict and described him as a tall man. If anybody remembers anything about the Seifhennersdorf Lazarett, I would love to hear from you. It would be nice to learn if anybody could provide any information concerning "George", or concerning any people who might have known this man or this military hospital in this time. I think some people who met "George" at this time or afterwards might still be alive and could be able to provide some information. I would appreciate any information concerning these events. Please don't hesitate to contact me in every case. I would also appreciate any hints concerning possible sources of information (archives, veterans organizations etc.) that could provide insights. Steffen Zaunik,


Charles Russell Gibson

My father was a Private with the 51st Highland Light Infantry and was captured at Tobruk around 1942. I have recently traced the descendants of the Italian lady, who helped him and another soldier (only known to me as Jimmy) in a town called Sulmona. I don't know if he had escaped from a POW camp, but this family helped him. I was able to trace them from a letter written (in English) by one of the lady's sons in August 1946. The family emigrated to Canada in 1946. Sadly the man who wrote the letter has died, but his sister and brother are still alive and well. The family had gone one morning to find my father and his friend had disappeared. His Army Records show the he was a POW in Stalag VIIA around 1943. Does anyone remember him? I would be very grateful to anyone who can help me find out more details about his time in Germany. Isabel Nimmo,

Charles Russell Gibson


Stanley Gibson (Stalag IVC)

I am trying to find any info on my grandad. He was in the Royal Marines, he was captured on Crete and was in Stalag 4C. I do not know anything else about him as he died before I was bourn and he did not like to talk about it. Philip Gibson,


Pte William Harry Godfrey (Stalags XXA and B)

I am researching the WW2 experiences of my late father William Harry Godfrey (known as Harry), who served as a Private in the RAMC, being attached to 17th London General Hospital, Camiers,France. He was left with others in May 1940 to tend the wounded and was subsequently taken prisoner. He was taken first to Stalag XXa in July 1940 then to Stalag XXb in November 1940 where he stayed until repatriation in October 1943. He played the violin and was in a band at Stalag XXb. If anyone knew him or knew of him, or who recognises Harry or anyone else in these photos, I would be delighted to hear from them.

British prisoners The Ebling Top Hat Octet


Pte James Gordon (Stalag 344 / BAB 21)

Service number: 8305, R.A.S.C., B.E.F. I am searching for any information about my Uncle Jim Gordon. He was only 19 years old when he was captured in St. Valery in 1940. He may well be remembered by his nickname "Pet Boy" which was given to him because he was captured when he went back to get the company mascot which was a dog. The first camp that he was in was called Warthelager and then in 1942 he was transferred to Blechhammer or Stalag 5756 in Uber Heydebreck in Germany. As far as I believe, he was sentenced to death for stealing food but was reprieved at the last minute and put on latrine duties. My uncle is still alive and I would love to find someone who remembers him or at least the families of men who were in the camps with him. I would like to have a copy of my Uncle's POW record. I had an address of a lady at the MOD in Blackpool to write to, but have unfortunately my computer crashed and I lost the address and the e-mail address of the contact who sent it. It was originally sent to me by someone who had seen my Uncle's pictures on Veteran's Ads. I would be grateful, if that person or anyone who knows the address could contact me.

Private Jim Gordon A card game A group of prisoners from BAB 21


Emile Grandclaude (Stalag XIIIB)

Mon père Grandclaude Emile matricule 1403 à été prisonnier au stalag XIIIB à Weiden, je recherche tout renseignement sur ce stalag, des photos, témoignage et le lieu exact afin de pouvoir visiter ce qui en reste. My father Grandclaude Emile, number 1403, was a prisoner at Stalag XIIIB in Weide., I seek any information on this stalag, photographs, testimonies and the exact location in order to be able to visit what remains.


Richard A. Grant

I'm trying to gather information for our family and I'm looking for anyone who might have been held in Stalag IVG. My father, Richard A. Grant ("Dickie Grant") was in the South Notts Hussars, Battery 425, and was captured at the Battle of Knightsbridge on June 6/42. He was sent from Stalag IVG to an Italian camp but so far I can't find the name. I would love to hear from anyone who was in the camp or with the South Notts hussars. Many thanks, Denise Grant (Canada).


Sapper Anson Hulstone "Dodger" Green

My grandfather was Sapper Anson Green AKA "Dodger". He was a POW at Stalag XXB. He was in the REME/Pioneer Corps. He was captured in a quarry at Calais 1940. Anyone who has information or recollection on my grandfather, please let me know. His POW number was 9400. Anson sadly passed in July 1985. Anson was from Wolstanton, Newcastle-under-Lyme Staffordshire. Darren Knowles,

A work party in December 1940 A work party


Lt L.F.Gregory

I write from Italy in search of informations on a RAF Flight Lieutenant, POW in Italy during WW2. A friend of mine has a "Scrap Book" reporting in the front page the following: "SCRAP BOOK, 37598 Flight Lieutenant L.F.Gregory R.A.F., Commenced November 3, 1942, Rezzanello, Campo Prig.Guerra No. 17". It contains a lot of scraps from italian newspapers and some autograph note about airlanes, ships, war theatres and personalityes. No info at all about what aircraft was flown by the author, nor about the Squadron of provenance or other useful info. The intention of the actual owner of this diary is to contact Mr.Gregory or his family, maybe to return the diary to his original owner. Could you help me? Paolo Cavazzuti,


François Grenier

We are looking for any information of a french POW. It's my grand-father: François Grenier. All what we know, it's that he died in March 1942. If you can have something, give me news. J. Monnier,


Ken Griffen (Stalag IIID)

My father in law who is now 93 was in stallag 3d in the war. I am trying to trace parts of interest for him and how he could share his story with others. His name is Alfred Cyril Best p.o.w. no 11290. He would like to trace a friend who was with him but only remembers him as Ken Griffen from Bristol. Malcolm Collins,


Pte Sydney Grindy (Stalags XXA and B)

Can anyone help me trace fellow members of the Royal East Kent Regiment of the Buffs who were confined with my father as a POW in 1940-45. My father - private 6286696 Sydney Grindy was taken prisoner at Le Milliard on 24th May 1940. He was confined in Stalag XXA at Thorn (9/6/40 - 16/4/41) Stalag XXB at Marienberg (18/4/41 - 17/5/43) Stalag XXA at Thorn (27/11/43 - 23/1/45). He was also posted to the following work camps - Elbing Camp from 20/5/41 - 17/2/42 and Konitz Camp from 11/4/44 - 23/1/45. I am partculary keen to trace any members of the regiment who may have been confined with my father during this period. CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP?


Luka Grobelsek

Luka Grobelsek lives in Slovenia, is 98 years old and would love to know what happened to an English soldier he was imprisoned with. The main problem is that he can't remember the man's surname. All we know is that he was known as Eddy. However, we do have some other quite specific information that may help in tracking him down: They were in prison together in Maribor, Slovenia, (Stalag 18D) for a short period in 1944. Eddy was half British and half Slovenian, his mother being from Ptuj, Slovenia.Eddy was at least 10 years younger than our friend, so he would have been around 25 years old in 1944, possibly younger. He was an officer, not a regular soldier. Luka Grobelsek, remained in prison until the Germans freed all prisoners so that they could join in the fighting. Eddy, however, escaped with the partisans before this happened. He also received regular parcels from the Red Cross beforehand. Luka has a photograph of Eddy which it attached.



Jules Armand Guiborat (advert placed 06/06/17)

I am searching for information about Jules Armand Guiborat, serial number 67023, Kommando 655, prisoner at Stalag XIB Fallingbostel from 1940 to 1945. He worked in a family farm (whose address I do not know).

French prisoners


Harry Gunthier (Stalag IID)

Can you help contact Harry Gunthier of Toledo, Ohio. Shot down over France in a bomber, was POW but escaped with Charlie Coles (Windsor, Ontario; Essex Scottish) and Stan "Eddie" Edwards from Stalag 2D Stargard. Spent last months of war with Russians. His name came up in an interview with Stan "Eddie" Edwards of the Calgary Regiment; Stan was captured at Dieppe, France, August 19th, 1942. Malcolm Black,


Harold Gurr (Stalag IXC)

My grandfather Harold Gurr was a prisoner of war in Stalag IXC. He was captured when serving with the West Kent Buffs Regiment and was holding back the borders so that the D Day landings could go ahead. He was captured and sent to IXC and spent his twenties there for about 5 years. He served in the salt mines and his nick name was nigg. I wonder if anyone remembers him or spent time with him during World War 2. I would like to learn more of his time there as he did not speak much about it as it was too painfull a memory for him. 

Prisoners pose for a photograph


Pte William Guthrie

Gordon Highlanders (believed 2nd Batt). Captured St Valery, the retreat from Dunkirk. My father spoke very little of his time as a prisoner. He spoke of a French woman, as they were marched away she gave him a scrap of card and a pencil and kept pace with them, encouraging him, name, rank, for Mamma, and to drop the paper on the floor. Thus my Grandma found out from the Red Cross that her son was a prisoner of war. Dad told the following story. They had been marching for days, I presume this is after the liberation of the camp, they had not eaten for days and came into contact with a truck full of Red Cross parcels. They must have thought it was Christmas, Easter and their Birthdays rolled into one. Soon they had cooking pits going, the full kit and kaboodle. There was only one building for miles around, a derelict barn some distance away. Suddenly the cry went up.. air raid, air raid... all dived for what meagre cover they could find. The plane dropped its load, if it had been intended for the barn it missed by a wide mark and landed straight in the cooking pits. Dad passed away in 1993 and despite gently asking I could never get him to tell me any more. I recount these stories in the hope that someone has the same memories and can perhaps fill in a few more details of those years. Helen Ufton,