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Month and year: June 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt. Col. R.J.H. Carson


1st June 1944

Place: Broadwell Transit Camp


Briefing of all Officers continues, and O.R.s commences.


1100 - Sgt [Disper?] killed instantly and Lieut T.J. Seale fatally injured by the accidental explosion of a grenade in B Coy lines.  Major T.J. Warner and 9 O.R.s also injured.  Normal recreational activities continued throughout the day.


Casualties: Killed 26895 Lt T.J. Seale and one O.R.

                 Wounded 126070 Major T.J. Warner and nine.

Meteorological: Fine.  Warm.


2nd to 3rd June 1944

Place: Broadwell Transit Camp


Briefing of All Ranks continues, together with recreational training.  Information received loading to commence 1000 hrs 4 JUN.  Major Rickcord allowed to take over command B Coy.


4th June 1944

Place: Broadwell Transit Camp


1000 - Loading commences at Broadwell and Down Ampney Airfield.  Normal activities for personnel not concerned with loading.


5th June 1944

Place: Broadwell Transit Camp


1200 - Loading completed.


1900 - All Ranks informed that D Day for operation 'OVERLORD' would be 6 JUNE 1944.


2100 - Party of officers and O.R.s proceeded to Broadwell airfield to watch the departure of 9 Para. Bn commanded by Lt.Col. T.B.H. Otway.  Take off commenced 2250 hrs and all aircraft away by 2350 hrs.


Meteorological: Slight wind, cloudy.  Warm.


6th June 1944

Place: Broadwell Transit Camp


1000 - Final preparations for operation; morale high.


1615 - Bn parades for searching prior to move to airfields.


1500 - All personnel taking part provided with a fatless meal to prevent or reduce air sickness.  Tea and water provided in Gliders and All Ranks instructed to drink as much as possible before landing.  Information received from Broadwell airfield that 9 Para Bn had been dropped on correct DZs and that landing strips for Gliders on LZs had been clearly visible.  Information also received from Blakehill Farm that Major Drummond who had taken off with H.Q. 6 Air Div the previous night from Harwell Airfield had forced landed and was returning to Blakehill Farm.


1700 - Bn moved to take off airfield Broadwell and Down Ampney.  All arrangements proceeded according to plan, except the load in the spare glider at Broadwell.  A/Tk Pl had to be changed for M.M.G. load at last moment, but completed in time before take off.


1832 - 1st combination off from Broadwell Airfield.  For the first hour of the flight which took place over England the weather was [showery?] and flying conditions bumpy.  After crossing the coast at approx 2000 hrs flying conditions improved.


Place: Ranville


2100 - Glider No [?] (Major G. Rickcord.  B Coy H.Q.) touched down, 6 mins before time scheduled.  LZ N 1/25000 sheet CAEN 116749.  Slight enemy opposition on LZ from Mortars and M.G.s, and difficulty in removing tails of vehicle carrying gliders was reported.  Bn check point X rds 111739.  Captain Gordon reported on M.M.G. Pl glider on fire after landing.


2230 - Bn H.Q. established Le Bas de Ranville.  Farm buildings 105734 and Bn reported complete less one Rfn missing from the glider which caught fire on LZ.  (Rfn Woodburn [F?] Coy).  DR reported Bde H.Q. established at 106731.  Information received that enemy in following areas:

(a) snipers in area RANVILLE.

(b) '30' Contour between RANVILLE and ST HONORINE 1072.

(c) Longueval 0872.  Strength not known.


2349 - C Coy ordered to seize and occupy Ring Contour '30'.


7th June 1944

Place: Ranville


0200 - C Coy report in position on Ring Contour '30'.  No opposition encountered.  One Pl M.M.G. in support.  Bn task of seizing STE HONORINE and LONGUEVAL confirmed.  Orders issued by CO.

    C Coy to remain on 'Hill 30' as fire support.

    A and B Coys Assaulting Coys.  A rt.  B left.  D Coy in reserve.

    F.U.P. copse 095727.

    Route Ranville - track junc 104734 - track junc 102734 - FUP.


0600 - Bn moves from Le Bas de Ranville.


0900 - A and B Coys enter Longueval without opposition.  C Coy subjected to heavy shelling and mortar fire.  A and B Coys move to position at 093718 and 088715 for attack on Ste Honorine.  D Coy move forward to Rd junc 085715.  Appx D.


1215 - A and B Coys enter Ste Honorine, but forced to withdraw owing to immediate enemy counter attack supported by S.P. Guns.  Very heavy shelling and mortaring of C Coy area continues and C.O. orders evacuation of 'Ring Contour 30' and concentration of Bn in Longueval.


1600 - Bn. concentrated in Longueval.  Bn H.Q. established in house [?]0151.


1615 - Area subjected to heavy and continuous enemy mortar fire; digging in proceeded in disposition shown on attached trace.  Casualties during the day had been heavy, but Medical Services had been very satisfactory and all wounded personnel had been evacuated to M.D.S. in RANVILLE.  In view of the early and trying 'baptism of fire' of the majority of the Bn personnel, morale was high and all were completely confident in the task of holding LONGUEVAL.


Information was received that the 2nd Bn Oxf & Bucks Lt Infy had entered ESCOVILLE but in face of a very strong counter attack had been forced to withdraw to the area of HEROUVILLETTE.  Information was received that the operation to date was proceeding satisfactorily although stronger resistance had been met than had been anticipated.  The assaulting divisions had cut the CAEN - BAYEUX Road.


Casualties: Killed Lt J.D.A. BOUSTEAD and four ORs.

                 Wounded Lt C. O'Hara, Lt D.A.S. Murphy, Lt F.W. Hindson, Lt W.E. Dean, Lt H.R. Morgan and 64 ORs.

                 Missing Lt R.N. Morgan and 67 ORs.  Lt Morgan was last seen leaving STE HONORINE with his Pl after the withdrawal had been ordered, but no further information was forthcoming as to whether or not he had been wounded.

Meteorological Warm.  Fine.
















Total All Ranks: 142


8th June 1944

Place: Longueval


0600 - Shelling and mortaring continued throughout the night but decreased in intensity towards dawn.


0900 - Bn H.Q. moved to house of M'sieur DAVOISNE, LONGUEVAL.  Further digging and improvement of positions continued during the morning, frequently interrupted by enemy snipers in small groups penetrating woods behind the Bn position.  Shelling and mortaring continued particular in area of Bn H.Q., but owing to the position of LONGUEVAL on the side of a hill dropping away to the RIVER ORNE, a considerable number of shells and mortar bombs fell in and on the far side of the river.


1500 - Shells from S.P. Guns began falling in Bn area.


1515 - Area heavily shelled by guns in area of LZ M, causing casualties.  Bde informed as it was believed that shelling was by British unit by mistake.  This was subsequently confirmed by the finding of a nosecap from British shell.  This was handed to Bde for investigation.  A/Tk crew killed by direct hit on position.


1600 - Sniping continued from area behind Bn H.Q.  D+2 Sea Party commanded by [unreadable] arrived in Longueval and ordered to commence digging immediately behind Bn H.Q.


1700 - Enemy shelling, mortaring and sniping continued throughout the day and until a late hour.  Counter battery fire by own Arty.  Information received from Bde that position in bridgehead area continued to be satisfactory.  Enemy had made several attempts to destroy the bridges over the River ORNE and Canal without success, and a further bridge had been constructed by the Sappers.


1725 - A body of enemy seen in area behind Bn H.Q. apparently forming up for an attack.  Then seen extending and moving towards B Coy area.  Numbers not confirmed but approx one platoon.  Enemy firstly engaged by Rfn Griffiths from attic, and considerable small arms fire followed for some time.  Enemy penetrated wood immediately in front of B Coy position, to hand grenade distance where one German was shot attempting to throw a grenade into B Coy forward positions.  Enemy also penetrated woods on A Coys left flank.  After a considerable interchange of small arms fire, the enemy were eventually driven off after what would appear to have been a rather half hearted attack on the Bn position.  Three enemy dead located and brought in for burial.


1800 - Enemy mortaring recommenced but nearly all bombs fell on far side of river.  Counter battery by own mortars and Arty.


1825 - Capt Rigby arrived at Bn H.Q. and stated that the shelling of the Bn area during the early afternoon had been by British unit on far side of river.  He had swum river and canal in an endeavour to stop them, and had narrowly escaped capture by enemy D.R.  He subsequently recrossed the river and canal and reported back in very damp pants and vest.  Reclothed in trousers from ex H.Q. TODT ORGANISATION, LONGUEVAL.


2250 - Considerable enemy interference and jamming on wireless set link with Bde H.Q. and frequent interruptions by voice speaking in English but believed to be a German station.  This voice kept asking for code signs and would not give SLIDEX authentication when so challenged.


2315 - Communications with Bde reestablished, but still considerable enemy interference and jamming.


Casualties: Killed 5 ORs.

                 Wounded 17 ORs.

                 Missing 9 ORs.  8 ORs reported back from missing.

Meteorological: Fair.  Sunny.


9th June 1944

Place: Longueval


0400 - Enemy and own shelling and mortaring.  Counter Battery fire on STE HONORINE where it is suspected S.P. gun is firing from.


0600 - Enemy snipers return to woods behind Bn H.Q.


0700 - CO to attend conference Bde H.Q. 0900 hrs.  Information received 12 Para Bn to move to LONGUEVAL this morning.  Bn would put in attack on STE HONORINE and 12 Para Bn would secure F.U.P. for Bn attack.  Slight enemy shelling and mortaring continued from area of hill SW of STE HONORINE, and snipers still active in woods around Bn H.Q.


1100 - 12 Para Bn arrive in LONGUEVAL and prepare to move forward to occupy FUP on line of woods 092719 - 088716.


1130 - CO gives out orders to O Group, meanwhile sniping continues with increasing violence and reports received that 12 Para Bn being heavily mortared on F.U.P.


1210 - Information received that Arty fire plan would not be possible owing to more important engagements; attack on Ste Honorine was therefore cancelled by Bde Comdr.


1300 - 12 Para Bn ordered to withdraw from F.U.P.  Owing to heavy mortaring 12 Para Bn had suffered heavy casualties; all possible aid was received to get casualties to RAP but great difficulty was experienced owing to snipers and continuing mortar fire.


1400 - Lieut Chapman and 20 Platoon swept woods behind Bn H.Q. in order to clear out snipers.


1410 - Information received that RAP was being attacked and that casualties on Medical Jeeps were being sniped by Germans at 20 yds range.  From subsequent reports this early information was confirmed, and it was also verified that Lt Col Anderson Comdg 195 Field Ambulance who had been working in the RAP had been shot.  Major J. Drummond and Major F.R.A. Hynds both witnessed the occurrence, and both waved Red Cross flags so as to be fully visible to the German snipers.  Major Hynds subsequently reported that one German had waved the Ambulance train on after he had shouted to him and waved the Red Cross flag.  Several casualties were shot and further wounds caused during this incident and one R.A.M.C. nursing orderly was shot dead whilst assisting personnel on stretchers.


1415 - Recce Pl sent forward to corner of wood 092719 to endeavour to secure forward edges of woods against infiltration by enemy snipers, and C.O. issued orders that in future D Coy would maintain standing patrol in that area.


1540 - Cpl Stewart arrived from Recce Pl in Bn H.Q. area and reported that Lt Campbell had been injured and was lying NORTH of the wall behind Bn H.Q., in the open, and exposed to fire of a body of 18 enemy who were preventing his evacuation.  Capt Rigby was endeavouring to get Lt Campbell out and had sent down for as much 2" mortar smoke as possible to cover the evacuation.  2" mortar smoke bombs were delivered to him and under cover of the smoke Lt Campbell was brought back to the road at point 090720.  The Recce Pl was then attacked and fired upon by an enemy SP Gun which severely wounded Rfn McIlroy.  Under heavy fire Lt Campbell and Rfn McIlroy were evacuated to R.A.P. where Rfn McIlroy died that night.  Lt Campbell was evacuated to base.


1700 - Capt Rigby reported that an attack by enemy infantry supported by an S.P. gun appeared imminent.


1705 - Several rounds from enemy S.P. Gun passed over Bn H.Q.  Lt Quinn, one of whose 6 pdr Anti-Tank guns was in position behind Bn H.Q. reported that he had seen the smoke from the S.P. Gun which was lying behind a wood at close range, and from the smoke he could estimate the position of the gun.  C.O. issued orders for fire to be opened from the 6 Pdr under Lt Quinn's direction; using SABOT shot not previously used by the Bn A/Tk Pls.


1715 - 6 Pdr opened fire much to the consternation of Bn H.Q. personnel who were manning the windows at the rear of the house in which Bn H.Q. was situated.  The blast from the 6 Pdr shattered the few remaining windows, brought down several ceilings and knocked over all people who were standing near windows.  All concerned were of the opinion that a direct hit from the S.P. gun had been made on the house.  This view was increased when a second round was fired, and large numbers were seen to evacuate the house.  The 6 Pdr SABOT shot knocked over a large number of trees behind Bn H.Q.  It could not be ascertained whether any damage had been caused to the S.P. Gun, but all firing ceased and enemy force withdrew from the area.


Slight mortaring continued during the evening; otherwise situation normal.


Strength: 44 Offrs and 616 ORs

Casualties: Killed nil

                 Wounded 1 Offr and 16 ORs

                 Missing 11 ORs

                 Reported back 4 ORs

Meteorological: AM.  Cold, Cloudy.  PM  Warm, Sunny.


10th June 1944

Place: Longueval


0600 - Quiet night.  Slight enemy mortaring but to no effect.


0700 - 3 Div Arty concentration on STE HONORINE.


1200 - Quiet morning, no enemy action; all personnel resting and cleaning up.


1530 - Information received that enemy reinforcements approx 800 strong had arrived in area of COLOMBELLES.  This information was received from a civilian source.  (M'sieur DAVOISNE in whose house Bn H.Q. was situated, had by this time become invaluable for confirming the reliability or otherwise of civilians arriving with information: Lt FOGT acting as Bn interpreter and invaluable as such.)


1900 - Quiet day, only slight enemy activity.  Normal patrols to area of woods EAST of Bn area and to wireless [?] wood 088715.


Information received from Bde that original advance on CAEN as planned had met considerably more opposition than had been anticipated.  It could not be confirmed that the high ground on the other side of the river from LONGUEVAL was in Allied hands.  Very large Allied bombing forces seen passing over in an easterly direction.  Complete absence of enemy aircraft, although reports indicate that several further attempts had been made to bomb the bridges over the river ORNE and canal without success.  It is understood that the LONGUEVAL area has become known as the "ANZIO beachhead of Normandy", as the Bn had been considerably farther inland since D Day than other forces, and more particularly in view of the remoteness of the village from the remainder of the Division.  All attempts to penetrate further south on the left flank of the Division had been repulsed.  Supplies were very well maintained notwithstanding the enemy's efforts to shell the RANVILLE-LONGUEVAL Rd, which achieved success to the extent that only the tow path beside the river was in any way safe for vehicles.  Great difficulty was experienced in maintaining line communications with Bde owing to 'cutting' by enemy patrols or shellfire.  Comn at night have also become very difficult owing to the 'jamming' of 22 set by enemy.  Regardless of the possibility of being 'cut off' by enemy forces, morale remains very high amongst All Ranks, although considerable speculation was always being made as to when relieving forces would arrive.


2000 - Considerable increase in activity WEST of River ORNE from LONGUEVAL, but no reports forthcoming.


Casualties: Offrs nil ORs one.

Meteorological: Cloudy.  Warm.


11th June 1944

Place: Longueval


0130 - Bn H.Q. subjected to fairly heavy enemy mortar fire, approx 15 bombs landing in and around the area.


0210 - Counter Bty fire brought down on STE HONORINE and enemy mortar fire ceased.  Remaining of morning reasonably quiet but enemy nuisance snipers again penetrated woods EAST of area harassing Coy areas.  Church Services held in Coy areas and well attended by All Ranks.


1130 - Bn H.Q. moved from house of Msieur Davoisne to previous area of slit trenches opposite house number 157 in main street through village.  Remainder of the day was quiet except for slight enemy mortaring and sniping.  Morale high and all ranks in good form.


Casualties: Lt K.M. Dooley and 6.

Meteorological: Fine.  Warm.


12th June 1944

Place: Longueval


0350 - Enemy commenced shelling of Longueval, and CB fire by 3 Div Arty brought down.  Intermittent shelling continued throughout the day.


0900 - Information received from Bde H.Q. that R Group of 5 Camerons would arrive in Bn area for recce of F.U.P. for attack on Ste Honorine at 1000 hrs.  Attack scheduled for early on 13 July 44.


1200 - R Group 5 Camerons arrived.  C.O. offered to secure F.U.P. with D Coy and details fixed for arrival of 5 Camerons in Bn area at 0300 hrs 13 July.  H hour provisionally 0400 hrs.  Attack to be preceded by Arty barrage from 2 Field Regiments and 2, possibly 3 Medium Regiments.  Barrage to commenced H-10 mins and continue until H+30.  F.U.P. to be forward edge of wood to EAST of LONGUEVAL.


1230 - Bn H.Q. returned to house of Msieur Davoisne.  Sniping and shelling continued throughout day, but otherwise situation normal.


Casualties: One OR.

Meteorological: Fine.  Warm.


13th June 1944

Place: Longueval


0200 - Very heavy air bombardment of CAEN seen from Bn H.Q.  D Coy report F.U.P. secured, but under mortar fire.


0300 - 5 Camerons arrive in Bn area.


0350 - Bombardment of STE HONORINE commenced.


0432 - Bombardment ceased.


0500 - D Coy arrived back in Bn area, and reported 5 Cameron attack in progress.  Mortaring on F.U.P. had been heavy and casualties were being brought in from D Coy and 5 Camerons.


0515 - All possible assistance sent up to F.U.P. from Bn H.Q. as 5 Cameron casualties heavier than expected owing to the heavy enemy mortar and shellfire.  Own barrage appeared to have little effect on enemy mortars.


0615 - Success signal reported from Ste Honorine.


0805 - Rfn Irvine (I Sec) reported that he had met a Bren carrier of 5 Cameron the driver of which had informed him that his Bn had been forced to evacuate Ste Honorine in face of heavy enemy counter attack incl armour.  Bn in some disorder.


0900 - Situation very vague, but reports received from fwd coys indicate that 5 Cameron withdrawing from Ste Honorine, and enemy following up with armour.


0925 - Officer Commanding 5 Camerons (Lt. Col. Munro) arrived at Bn H.Q. with information that his Bn had been forced to withdraw in face of enemy armour and S.P. Guns.  He had approx one Coy under his control in the area of WOOD 092719 and placed himself and personnel at disposal of C.O.  C.O. requested that he move his Coy to SOUTH end of LONGUEVAL where they would stiffen up C Coy area on TOW PATH.


0940 - Message sent to all coys to allow personnel of 5 Cameron to pass through our lines and to remain fast in present dispositions.  Heavy small arms fire heard from EAST.


1020 - Information received from Bde that enemy movement from Ste HONORINE had swung NORTH but had been halted and situation temporarily restored.


1100 - All remaining elements of 5 Cameron reported moving along TOW PATH towards Quarry 095726, but no notification received at Bn H.Q. from 5 Cameron to that effect.  Enemy shelling and mortaring of Bn area.


1215 - Report received that one officer and 30 men of 5 Cameron in Ste HONORINE and village entirely clear of enemy.  This party was ordered to withdraw to LONGUEVAL and join remainder of Bn in quarry.


1400 - Situation quiet.


1500 - Warning Order from Bde H.Q. that Bn would be prepared to move up 0600 hrs 14 June.  Destination not known, but R Group to Bde H.Q. immediately.


1900 - R Group returned.  Bn to move the following day to BREVILLE.  LONGUEVAL to be taken over by 5 Cameron.


1915 - Wireless Message received from Bde that one Coy to proceed to BREVILLE immediately.  D Coy despatched.


1920 - Enemy shelling and mortaring of Bn area, several bombs falling in Bn H.Q. area.


2000 - Bn preparing for move.  Intermittent shelling and mortaring continuing.


Casualties: X NIL and 6.

                 Y Lt Chapman and Capt Wilson and 19.

                 Z NIL.

Meteorological: Fine.  Warm.


14th June 1944

Place: Longueval


0600 - Slight enemy shelling and mortaring during the night, but otherwise situation normal.


0630 - Bn. commenced "thinning out" of position and handing over to 5 Cameron.


0830 - Bn complete less D Coy on move from LONGUEVAL to BREVILLE.


Place: Breville


0930 - Bn. entered BREVILLE across area of LZ 'N' and taking over from 12 Para Bn.  Bn. H.Q. established in large house next to BREVILLE church, and beside X rds.  Bn H.Q. house previously occupied by CURE of BREVILLE but now very badly damaged.


1130 - Taking over complete.  12 Para Bn move back from BREVILLE towards RANVILLE.


1410 - All Ranks digging in and burying dead (own and enemy).


1500 - German P.W. taken by B Coy (identification 185 Inf Reg).  P.W. stated that an enemy coy was in area of Le Bas de BREVILLE and that their morale was very bad.  He was of the opinion that they would all desert and surrender if attacked.


1600 - A Coy complete moved fwd towards LONGUEMARE X Rds, with six SHERMAN tanks under command with orders to confirm information supplied by PW and subject to Maj Vickery's (O.C. A Coy) appreciation of the situation to raid the area of Le Bas de BREVILLE and destroy enemy forces in that area.


1615 - Maj. Vickery reported that the tanks had been ordered to return by their Sqn Comdr and enemy posns too strong to be taken on by raiding party however strong, unless sufficient fire support arranged.


1620 - A Coy ordered to ascertain exact enemy dispositions, strengths and if possible fire power, and to return to reserve coy area SOUTH of BREVILLE.


1700 - A Coy returned to BREVILLE.  Arty task brought down on enemy area in Le Bas de Breville.


Patrols D Coy recce WOOD 1474.  Sgt Mc[?] and 2 ORs.

           C Coy recce WOOD 1475.  Lt Laird and 2 ORs.

Out 2330 hrs

Return 0340 hrs.

Meteorological: Fine.  Sunshine.  Warm.

Cas. X NIL and one.


15th June 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Quiet night and situation normal.  All ranks continued digging and improving defences.


0900 - Bn. visited by Brigadier Flavell on taking over command of Bde.  Brigadier Kindersley having been wounded during the attack on BREVILLE.  Bn congratulated on excellent work by All Ranks since commencement of operation in Normandy.


1400 - Situation normal and quiet.


1830 - Bn visited by Lt. Gen. Browning.


1915 - 3 Commando versus Boche at Xrds 144750.  Result 10000 rds of amn expended.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Fine.  Sunny.  Cold Wind.


16th June 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Quiet night except for slight enemy mortaring of fwd coys quickly silenced by own mortars.


1015 - Information received at Bn. H.Q. that Lt. Quinn had been shot dead by enemy sniper whilst inspecting his Pl A/Tk disposition.


1100 - 10 deserters came in through D Coy (identified as 7 Coy 857 Gren. Reg.)  The first two were Poles and the last eight Germans, who stated that they had been sent out after the Polish deserters.  From varying reports it appeared that after the two Poles had passed through a sentry had seen the second party beckoning to him.  He had beckoned back and when the enemy approached closer to him he had opened fire.  They had immediately gone to ground, and after the exchange of a few rounds had surrendered.  The party of Germans stated that they had thought the sentry was one of the Polish deserters.  The deserters also stated that an attack supported by 150 aircraft was planned for later the same morning.


1200 - This information was passed to Bde and information subsequently received that an air support had been laid on.  Completion of defences continued and it was noticeable that larger numbers of aircraft were overhead.  All Ranks expressed satisfaction that extra air support was forthcoming so soon.


1400 - Sporadic mortaring and shelling by enemy.  Large numbers of enemy dead still in area and dead cattle and sheep causing considerable discomfort and efforts being made to clear area.  37 enemy dead buried in orchard SOUTH of BREVILLE X Rds.  Very little enemy action during remainder of day, and expected attack did not materialise.


Casualties: X Lt Quinn and one.

                 Y NIL and 3.

Meteorological: Cloudy.  Cold Wind.


17th June 1944

Place: Breville


0015 - Slight enemy activity on B Coy front, and enemy aircraft overhead.


0200 - A Coy recce patrol report approximately 40 enemy in Wood 132741 200 yds from Bn H.Q.  Efforts subsequently made to confirm this without success, and information discounted as unreliable.  Information received that H.M. THE KING had toured the beaches the previous day.  Air cover believed to have been laid on for expected enemy attack had been to cover the royal visit.  All Ranks improving defence works.  Situation normal and quiet.  Patrols to Le Bas de BREVILLE and area during the night.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Cold, cloudy, and slight wind.


18th June 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Considerable Arty fire during the night but situation normal at 'Stand To'.


0900 - Bde H.Q. moved to WOOD 132741 behind Bn position: 12 Devon also move to area behind Bn.


1100 - Bn visited by Corps Comdr with Bde Comdr.  C.O. not available, so Gen. Browning stated that he would return the following day.


1200 - Situation quiet, occasional mortar fire from and to Bn area.  "The [unreadable] Grip" retrieved from LONGUEVAL by [M80?] and hung at Bn H.Q.


1400 - All Ranks improving defences.  Very little other activity.


2100 - Situation normal.


Casualties: Y NIL and one

Meteorological: Fine.  Warm.


19th June 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Situation normal.  Quiet night with slight mortaring from both sides.  Considerable air activity reported over Ouistreham during the night, but amount of A.A. fire in area appears to be considerably less, particularly that of enemy.


1450 - When moving to area of WOOD 144746 in order to establish O.P. section of Recce Pl came under fire and Cpl Riley had been hit.  Sgt Hardy, Pl Sgt, returned for assistance.  Two pls of D Coy sent forward under Lt Malcolm to cover the withdrawal of Cpl Riley and the remainder of 3 Pl, but on arrival found the wood empty of enemy.  They moved to the forward edge, but then came under very heavy mortar and M.G. fire from direction of Le Bas de BREVILLE, and several men were wounded.  After pulling back to the SE end of the wood they were pinned down by enemy fire and Lt Malcolm despatched a runner to Bn H.Q. for assistance.  Lt Malcolm was eventually able to extricate the Pls and returned to D Coy area.


1530 - Mortar bombs falling in Bn H.Q. area.


1600 - Considerable S.A. fire from area of 52nd.  W.T. message overheard that 52nd H.Q. had been shelled and Q.M. and Major Favell killed and one other officer wounded.


2240 - D report noises from NE similar to move of M.T. or tracked vehicles, but not possible to say exactly what the noise suggests.  Bde informed.


2245 - Flashes from area of Le Bas de Breville followed by explosions, suggest ammunition dump hit by Arty.  Bde informed.


Casualties: X NIL and 2.

                 Y NIL and 6.

                 Z NIL and 3.

Meteorological: Cloudy with rain.  Cold.


20th June 1944

Place: Breville


0300 - 52nd also report noise of movement from N of their position.


0600 - Situation normal.  Quiet night but artillery busy, shelling of Le Bas de Breville area continued throughout the night.


1100 - A and B Coys change areas, B Coy coming into the reserve Coy area behind Bn H.Q.  Very little enemy activity throughout the day, in Bn area, but small arms fire and mortaring heard from area of 52nd.  Lt.General Crocker, Comdg I Corps visited the Bn area with G.O.C.  Recce patrol visited WOOD 144746 but no contact with enemy.  Bodies of two enemy had been moved, but body of Cpl Riley still in same position.  No signs of enemy in Le Bas de Breville.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Cold wind and cloudy.


21st June 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Situation normal.  No enemy activity noted during the night.  Recce patrol under Lt. P.J. Bryan had proceeded to WOOD 144746 and reported that they had been unable to make contact.  Several magazines L.M.G. had been fired in direction of village of Le Bas de Breville but had not drawn enemy fire.  Normal improvement of defences continued and more bathing in A.D.S.


1500 - Patrol from 3 Pl proceeded to area of WOOD 144746 and recovered bodies of Cpl Riley and Rfn Keogh.  No sign of enemy, but patrol from A Coy under Lt Milliken reported enemy to be seen in village.  Bn snipers in position all day in WOOD 144746 reported that they had not seen any enemy in the area.  The body of Rfn McGuire who had been reported missing the day before had been found and arrangements made for it to be brought in during the night.


1600 - Several shells from enemy S.P. Gun fell in A Coy area but no casualties reported.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Cold wind and cloudy.  Mail services interrupted owing to high seas preventing unloading on Beach.


22nd June 1944

Place: Breville


0005 - Slight mortar fire on Bn area, otherwise situation very quiet.  A large fire visible from Bn H.Q. from direction of beaches, suggesting enemy hit on amn dump.


0900 - Daily Routine proceeded normally with visit by 2 i/c [M80?] and Loading Officer to BAYEUX in order to obtain comforts for Bn H.Q. Officers Mess.


1700 - Enemy S.P. Gun firing on Bn H.Q. area.  Cpl [?] and [?] escaped injury when shell landed 6 feet from his trench.


1800 - Situation very quiet.  Large numbers of Allied bombers overhead, and bombing of COLLOMBELLES appeared to be taking place by large numbers of the dive bombers.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: AM Cold and windy.

                         PM Warm, sunny, and windy.


23rd June 1944

Place: Breville


0310 - Enemy SP Gun shelling Bn area.


[0110?] - Some activity forward of A Coy.  Small arms fire and verey lights.


0420 - Shelling continues believed from S.P. Guns.  Shelling and mortaring by both sides.  Several enemy shells in vicinity on Bn H.Q.


0920 - Tank battle visible in area of STE HONORINE and some aerial activity.


1238 - STE HONORINE reported captured by 5 Camerons at 0300 hrs following silent attack.  Enemy CA beaten off.  40 tanks supported CA, and 17 of these reported destroyed.


1315 - Shelling by own and enemy arty continued.


1645 - Aerial dogfight over Bde area.


1745 - Enemy fire 'leaflet bombs' over Bde area, large numbers including unexploded cases of leaflets falling in Bn area.  Appx J.


1900 - Enemy and own shelling continues.  Several enemy shells in vicinity of Bn H.Q.  Considerably more activity by mortars and arty on both sides during the day, but no damage in Bn area.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Fine, sunny in afternoon (Mail services recommenced).


24th June 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Quiet night and situation normal.  Very little activity during the day.  Occasional shelling by sides with no apparent damage.  Enemy fired more leaflets in D Coy area.  Mail and postal services considerably improved owing to change in weather, and reports received that unloading is proceeding normally on the beaches.


1200 - Snipers out in forward areas but report very little activity in area Le Bas de Breville.


1820 - Coys report slight increase in enemy mortar firing, but bursts appear to be confined to area of 12 Devon on rt flank.


2100 - Conference of Coy Comdrs Bn H.Q. during which mortar fire increased considerably.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Slight cloud.  Drop in wind.  Warm.


25th June 1944

Place: Breville


0025 - Considerable increase in enemy mortaring on rt. flank increasing in intensity with small arms fire from direction of 12 Devon positions on rt flank.  Flares going up from forward positions and increase in shelling from both sides.  Great difficulty in distinguishing between enemy and own gunfire due apparently to CB fire from WEST of R. ORNE.


0145 - D Coy report hearing tracked vehicles moving in area to right of their coy positions.


0150 - Information received from Bde that small enemy attack or increased patrol activity in area of 12 Devon, but situation in hand, and situation otherwise normal.  B Coy patrol which had been pinned down by enemy small arms fire returned.  Bde instructions received to cancel the nights patrolling activities.


0220 - C Coy patrol recalled from area X rds 144750 by bugle.  Shelling and mortaring continued with some intensity, and A Coy report bomb dropped from aircraft forward of their locality.


0610 - Shelling and mortaring subside.


1400 - Information received that night attack was on 7 Para.  Slight enemy infiltration repulsed.


2000 - Very little activity for rest of day.


2300 - Patrols B and C Coys proceeding to area X rds 144750 and wood 147746 to obtain identifications.  Officers of patrols Lt Archdale and Lt Malcolm.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: AM Very fine.  Warm.

                         PM Cloudy.  Warm, with some rain.


26th June 1944

Place: Breville


0120 - Slight activity from Bn front.  Flares and small arms fire.  Patrols returned but Lt Archdale missing (See appx).  Quiet night with slight mortar fire by own and enemy mortars.


0900 - Visit by Bde Comdr who informed C.O. that the Bn would move into reserve on 27 Jun.  Bn area at BREVILLE would be taken over by 2nd Bn Oxf. and Bucks L. Inf.


1100 - Situation normal.


1800 - R Group of relieving Bn recce Bn area.


1800 - Bn R Group recce new positions.  Bn H.Q. C. D. and S Coys to area Rd junction 131745.  B Coy to area of Bde H.Q. 136727, A Coy to area of wood 132742.  See trace W.  Relief to commence 271000 hrs, and Coys to move in order D, A, C, S, B Coy, Bn H.Q. 271045 hrs.


2000 - Situation normal.  Quiet.


Casualties: Lt Archdale missing.

Meteorological: Cloudy.  Heavy rain after 1800 hrs.  Warm.


Information received that attack by British troops in area WEST of CAEN proceeding satisfactorily.  First objective taken.  Arty fire in considerable strength heard from CAEN area from 0600 hrs until approx 1200 hrs.  BBC news states organised resistance in CHERBOURG had ceased.  Mopping up in progress.


27th June 1944

Place: Breville


Quiet night.  Slight shelling and mortaring.


1000 - Move to new position and relief by 52nd Lt Infy commences.


1200 - Move complete.


1210 - Bn H.Q. established in house 130745.  Bde Comdr visited Bn during afternoon and order subsequently given to C.O. for Bn to move the following day to area immediately behind BREVILLE.  Reason for further move to get all troops out of buildings and to strengthen position of other two Bns of the Bde.  B Coy to stay in new area.


1900 - Orders issued by C.O. for move on 28th commencing 1400 hrs in order C, S Coys, Bn H.Q., D Coy.  A Coy to remain in present position.


2230 - Heavy small arms fire shelling and mortaring heard from area of 3 Para Bde.  Information received from 6 AL Bde that offensive action being taken against enemy on 3 Para Bde front.


Cas. NIL and one.


28th June 1944

Place: Breville


Quiet day.  Very little activity.  No cas.


29th June 1944

Place: Breville


0300 - Considerable shelling and mortaring heard from NE.  Presumably Commando raid.


1400 - Move of Bn. to new area commences.


1500 - Bn H.Q. established in orchard 131741.  Dispositions of Coys shown on attached trace.


1600 - Situation normal.  Considerable Allied air activity over Divisional Area.  Slight shelling and mortaring.  Information received from Bde that 52nd would be moving into reserve at RANVILLE on 1 JUL and 1 S.S. Bde would take over BREVILLE.  Bn to remain in present position for time being.


Casualties: Y. NIL and 2.

Meteorological: Showery.  Warm.


30th June 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Quiet night.  Enemy activity over beaches driven off by very heavy AA fire.  Considerable Allied air activity in form of fighter patrol over the area.


2200 - Quiet day.  Very little further activity.


Cas: NIL

Met: Cloudy.  Warm.



Month and year: July 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt. Col. R.J.H. Carson


1st July 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Considerable Arty and AA fire heard during the night, but no activity in immediate area.


1400 - Area very peaceful.  All personnel resting.


1600 - General peace disturbed by heavy enemy barrage from "multiple mortars" in area between HEROUVILLETTE and STE HONORINE.


1900 - Spasmodic shelling around area, but no shells reported in Coy Areas.  Information received from Bde H.Q.; enemy continues to bring up reserves to area SW of CAEN, but all counter attacks so far had been successfully held.  Mail services today good; letter dated 27 June being delivered to personnel at 0900 hrs.  It is understood that this mail arrived in the area by air.


1950 - Three enemy aircraft very low over Bn area, and one bomb dropped near C Coy area.


2040 - Fairly heavy mortar firing; landing 200 yds EAST of C Coy, and very heavy Arty or AA barrage heard from beachhead area.


2220 - B Coy report in position at brick works 137727 and now under command 3 Para Bde.


2330 - Infmn received from Bde:- (a) Organised shelling and mortaring of enemy posns on 2 July might involve increased enemy shell and mortar activity.  (b) Enemy main mob reserve now est within striking distance and although unlikely that enemy thrust would be on Div front at first instance Bde front must be carefully watched by day and night.  Units to be particularly alert during three hours starting just before first light and three hours before dark.  Capt Gordon attached H.Q. 6 AL Bde as Bde M.M.G. Officer and assistant staff officer.


Strength: 34 Offrs.  576 O.R.s.

Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Frequent showers, cloudy, warm.


2nd July 1944

Place: Breville


0050 - Heavy shelling of enemy positions for approx 10 mins.


0110 - Small arms fire and mortar fire heard from NORTH and NE, and considerable numbers of 'overs' in Bn area.


0230 - Small arms firing continues and A Coy report that an enemy patrol may have penetrated the Bde line, as flashes of small arms fire were seen and firing heard behind the positions of 12 Devon.  B Coy reported 4 casualties from enemy mortaring.


0930 - Bn area very muddy following the previous nights rain.  Church services which had been arranged on a Bn basis were cancelled owing to the warning of increased enemy shelling and Coy services arranged instead.


0900, 1000, 1100, 1200 - Church parades held in Coy areas and R.C. Church Service in Breville Church.


1000 - Information received from Bde that previous nights firing had resulted from the efforts of 12 Devon to clear wood 145742 and that as far as could be ascertained no enemy had approached or penetrated the Bde F.D.L.s.


1530 - Operation Order No.1 of 2nd Bn Oxf & Bucks Lt Infy received.  Coy raid on enemy posn at 147747 to take place 030230 B.


1800 - Information received from Bde H.Q. that draft of 100 men would arrive on 4 July 44.


1800 - C.O. issued orders for possible counter attack on BREVILLE in the event of positions of 2 Oxf & Bucks in areas of FARM or ORCHARD being penetrated.


1900 - Slight shelling and mortaring but no bursts in Bn. area reported.


2100 - Instructions received from Bde that one 6 Pdr to take up position in area of B Coy and to come under command of 3 Para Bde on 3 July.  Further information obtained at Bde and from B.B.C. news it appears that situation on the front SW of CAEN is fairly quiet.  Enemy had been patrolling and probing our positions but if anything, Allied positions had been pushed slightly forward.  It would appear that both sides are preparing for a battle of some importance, and that the future moves of 6 A.B. Div would hinge on the outcome of that battle.


2200 - Activities during the day, improving positions, P.T., talk by Pl Comdrs and Resting.



Casualties: Offrs --- O.R's 4 wounded?

Meteorological: Showery.  Very warm.


3rd July 1944

Place: Breville


0900 - Shelling and mortaring during the night, but no bombs in Bn area.  Very little activity during the day.  Weather very bad.  Continuous heavy rain from early hours of the morning until 1800 hrs and most officers and men drying out slit trenches and adding extra waterproofing.


1900 - Information received from Bde that 1/RUR would relieve 12 Devon on 4 July.  Timings and other arrangements to be agreed mutually.  Operation Order No.1 for counter attack on BREVILLE issued.  Information received from Bde and B.B.C. news that Americans have commenced attack on Western flank of bridgehead.  British and Canadian sector still quiet, with strong patrolling on both sides.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Wet.  Warm.


4th July 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Slight enemy shelling and mortaring during night and some small arms fire from area of 52nd and 12 Devon.  Large numbers of 'overs' fall near Bn H.Q.  R.S.M. reports he was 'pinned down' by overs whilst calling personnel for 'Stand To'.


1000 - CO and 2i/c recce area of 12 Devon prior to arranging [move?] on 4 July.


1400 - Coy Comdrs recce area of 12 Devon and not impressed.  Very muddy, smell of large numbers of bodies under ruined buildings.


1600 - CO returns from Bde conference with instructions that move postponed for 24 hrs owing to possible alternative move to area at present occupied by 5 Para Bde.


1700 - CO called to Bde H.Q. where move to area of 5 Para Bde confirmed.  Bn to take over from 12 Para Bn by 0900 hrs 4 July in area of X rds 140728.


1800 - Further recce of new area by C.O. and Coy Comdrs, O Group 2230 hrs.


2230 - O Group Bn H.Q., C.O. issued orders for move; as follows:- D Coy 0900-1000, A Coy 0930 to 1030, C Coy 1000 to 1100, S Coy 1430.  Bn H.Q. 1200 hrs.


2300 - Slight enemy and own shelling but no bombs in area.  B Coy report four F Coy casualties from gun crews in area of 5 Para Bde.


Casualties: Wounded 4 O.Rs.

Meteorological: Showers.  Warm.


2100 - Two very heavy A.A. barrages put up during the evening at enemy fighters over bridgehead area.  Information received from Bde that American push going very well, while Canadians on left flank WEST of CAEN had further improved their positions against very heavy opposition.


5th July 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Quiet night, slight small arms fire but very little shelling or mortaring.  Early preparations for move.


Place: Le Mesnil


1200 - Bn H.Q. moves and established in house and farm area 137728 at Le Mesnil.


1400 - Bn move less S Coy reported complete.  From information received from 9 Para Bn previously in the area, it is understood that the area is frequently mortared particularly in area of x rds 140728.


1430 - Bn employed checking defences and improving slit trenches.  Area very quiet.


2240 - Sudden burst of enemy mortar fire in area.  One slight casualty (Sgt [Huddy?]) reported from Recce Pl.  Occasional mortaring and some small arms fire.  Enemy plane low over Bn area.  No patrols.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 1 wounded

Meteorological: Warm.  Fine.  (First really fine day since commencement of operation).


6th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0600 - Noisy night, approx 60 shells and mortar bombs landed in Bn area.  Some enemy air activity overhead, one plane diving to within 50 feet of Bn H.Q. and dropping five bombs in area of Bde H.Q.  D Coy runner wounded when returning from D Coy to Bn H.Q.


0830 - 2 casualties in D Coy from enemy snipers.


1200 - Five mortar bombs land in S Coy area, wounding one man (Rfn [Gayle?]) and damaging several vehicles: Rfn Walsh of 4 Pl showed great presence of mind in driving a burning vehicle containing H.E. to the nearest water supply and putting out the fire.


0200 - During the night one shell landed immediately beside S Coy Control Post without causing any casualties.


1300 - Considerable enemy shelling and mortaring during the morning, one casualty (Cpl Dempster) D Coy.


1400 - Two officer reinforcements joined the Bn, Lts Bennett and Cranston from Beachhead area.  Posted B and A Coys respectively.


1430 - C.O., Major Johnston and [Ldg?] Offr visit 2nd Bn.


1630 - Quiet afternoon with some slight enemy mortaring.  All Ranks digging and resting.


2100 - Twelve enemy deserters arrive in Bn area.  All Russians who state that others would desert if given the opportunity.  One man an ex Russian parachutist stated that he had spent two years in a German concentration camp before being given the alternative of being shot or of joining the German Army.  Chose the German Army but deserted at the first opportunity.  Reported one enemy mortar bomb had landed on wall beside Pioneer Pl area during the afternoon and had set fire to a trailer containing ammonal and other explosives.  Rfn Walsh had removed the cover and at great risk to himself had extinguished the fire.  Evening quiet, but enemy plane over Bn area.  Slight machine gunning.  Recce patrol out under Lt Malcolm.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 6 wounded

Meteorological: Warm.  Sunny.


7th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0600 - Quiet night, slight enemy mortaring.  Some enemy mortaring during morning causing one casualty in D Coy.


1000 - Information received from Major Hynds that Lt. Col. Harris Comdg 12 Para Bn had been shot and badly wounded by enemy sniper.  Very little activity in Bn area during morning, some sniping in D Coy area and mortars in area of Bn H.Q. and A Coy.


1400 - Shelling increased early in afternoon, and Lt Munro and Cpl Kinsella injured by shrapnel.  Heavy enemy and counter battery mortaring continued at frequent intervals during the afternoon.


1800 - Tannoy broadcasting system in Bn. area, issuing propaganda to Poles and Russians.  Polish talks brought no reply from enemy but Russian broadcast resulted in heavy shelling of Bn area.  One shell hit H.Q. house of A Coy, and injured four OR's of D Coy who were preparing food.  Also direct hit on F Coy trench, Sgt [Fersmoor?] badly injured.


2140 - Heavy bombing attack on CAEN visible from Bn. area.  Two waves of heavy bombers.  No enemy fighters, but considerable flak, decreasing in intensity as attack progressed.


2230 - Enemy plane over Bn area, and three bombs dropped SOUTH of Bn H.Q.  Patrol going out under Pte Hayes (Bn interrogator).  Task to endeavour to entice in personnel manning enemy M.G. post.


2000 - Information received by Padre McGowan that Major F.R.A. Hynds injured by enemy mortar bomb and taken to M.D.S.


Casualties: Offrs 2 wounded, 277401 Lieut. R.J. Munro, 134847 Major Hynds F.R.A.  O.Rs 7 wounded

Meteorological: Fine.  Warm.  Some showers.


8th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0100 - Heavy small arms fire from fwd enemy positions, continuing for approx 30 mins.  Slight mortaring during remainder of night but otherwise all quiet.


0425 - Pte Hayes (interrogator) and two Rfn return from patrol.  Patrol had not been successful in taking prisoner, owing to bright moonlight, but M.M.G. positions located.


0800 - Mortaring of Bn. area during morning.  Some casualties caused.


0900 - Major Johnston takes over command of C Coy.  Capt Wilson takes over command of S Coy.  Spasmodic mortaring by enemy continues during the day.  Enemy obviously has area well ranged, particularly along BREVILLE - LE MESNIL Rd, and area of Xrds 140728.  Also all hedges in fwd coy position.


1400 - Information received from Bde that attack by British on WEST of R. ORNE proceeding according to plan, and first objectives taken.


1500 - Bde O.O. No.1 received.  TANNOY broadcast arranged for night, in Polish and German.  German broadcast to be given by Pte Hayes (Bn interrogator).  Spasmodic mortaring continues.  Enemy firing approx five bombs at varying intervals of about 30 mins.  Bombs falling in A, D, S, B Coy areas.


1900 - Information received from H.Q. 5 Para Bde that attack on CAEN proceeding satisfactorily, further objectives taken.  B.B.C. news at 1800 hrs reports British forces ½ mile from centre of town.


2000 - More enemy mortars.  Shellreps from 3 Pl.


2020 - C.B. by Bde 'Centaur' tanks.


2305 - Five S.P. shells land in Bn H.Q. area.  One casualty.


2350 - Situation normal.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 6 wounded



9th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0215 - Bde Major returns and reports 'TANNOY' broadcast successfully carried out, with no reply from enemy.  Continuous mortaring of enemy position throughout night, but very little enemy reply.


0800 - Enemy mortaring on A and C Coy positions, several casualties (Pte Hoey fatally injured).  Sgt McAlpine wounded by sniper.


1400 - Spasmodic mortaring by both sides during the day, but no other activity reported.


1700 - Information received from 5 Para Bde that 2 Bn R.U.R. had reached CAEN BDGE.  Capture of CAEN reported on 1800 hrs news.


2000 - Situation normal.  Arty task arranged to observe enemy reaction at hedge junction.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 2 killed 2 wounded



10th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0600 - Enemy and own mortaring from time to time during the night and small arms fire heard from Bn flank during the night, but otherwise situation normal.


0921 - Information received that Allied attack on CAEN proceeding according to plan.


1121 - Enemy air activity over Bn area, one plane seen diving with smoke coming from it.  O Group Conference during morning giving information of Coy attack by 13 Para Bn on 'Bob's Farm Area'. 147724 supported by one Fd Reg, one Lt Reg, and probably one Medium Reg.  Bn would endeavour to create diversion and feint attack on Triangular Wood area 147734.  Plan as follows:-

H Hr - 1630 hrs


H - H+5 mins

Bn mortars on Tasks I & II - HE

H+5 - H+15 mins

Bn mortars smoke

H+15 - H+20 mins

Smoke.  Intensive S.A. fire from Bn fwd posns. incl MMGs

H+20 - H+35 mins

Mortars left from Task I on to NE end of Wood as if infantry attack about to come in.

H+35 - H+60 mins

Mortars back on Wood Task I.


1500 - Quiet afternoon, slight mortaring otherwise SIT NOR.


1630 - Arty opens fire, and immediate enemy reply by mortars S.P., [unreadable] mortars and S.A.


1900 - Enemy barrage continued unabated until 1900 hrs.  Major Drummond returned from fwd posn and stated that he believed enemy had put down DF tasks.  White verey lights seen fired in enemy posn shortly after plan for feint attack commenced.  Several casualties caused by enemy mortaring and shelling and Bn reserve amn dump hit in orchard behind Bn H.Q.


2000 - Situation now quiet.  Some slight mortaring.


2015 - Information received that attack on Bob's Farm had not been successful, although one Pl had penetrated posn.  A second Pl had been held up by booby traps and mines.  C.O. subsequently attended conference at Bde H.Q. at which it was decided that raids on enemy posns were not worth while, and attack by B Coy scheduled for [unreadable] 12 July was cancelled.


2359 - Remainder of quiet night.  C Coy revert to command and move to posn near Bde H.Q.


Casualties: Offrs 1 killed.  235669 Lieut A.S. Cranston.  O.Rs 1 killed 10 wounded

Meteorological: Cloudy, colder, occasional rain.


11th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0600 - Continuous shelling heard throughout the night also enemy multiple barrel mortar firing in direction of STE HONORINE.  Otherwise fairly quiet in Bn area.


0900 - Enemy mortar bombs falling in area of fwd coys.  No casualties reported.


1400 - Situation normal.  Some enemy air activity over Bn area during the day, one plane seen smoking and diving to earth.  Subsequently reported shot down.  Party visited STE HONORINE and found graves of eleven persons previously reported missing after STE HONORINE attack on 7 June.  Graves including those of Lt. R.N. Morgan and Sgt. McCayna.


2130 - Shoot up of enemy posns by fwd coys, mortars and Lt Bty.  Very little enemy counter action.


2330 - Situation normal.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 1 wounded

Meteorological: Cloudy.  Cold.


12th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0600 - Continuous arty fire during the night, increasing in intensity towards dawn, but very little falling in Bn area.


0900 - Situation normal.  Slight mortaring.


1250 - Enemy shelling of Bn area.  Approx 40 shells in area of Bn H.Q., some very close.  Attack appeared to be from enemy gun of heavier calibre than any previous attack.


1315 - Firing eased off and midday meal served.


1430 - During afternoon a party consisting of Adjutant, Pioneer Officer and Capt Burke 2i/c B Coy visited STE HONORINE in an endeavour to trace further missing personnel but without success owing to enemy mortaring.


1600 - Enemy shelling continued during afternoon, but shells landing further to N.W. behind Bn H.Q.  6 Airborne Division R.E.'s engaged all day strengthening Bn H.Q. house.


1900 - Situation normal but occasional mortar bombs in Bn area, causing casualties.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 3 wounded

Meteorological: Cloudy.  Warm.  Sky cleared during afternoon.


13th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0430 - Shelling of Bn area.  Approx. 18 shells falling in area.


0900 - Spasmodic shelling and mortaring of area by enemy during the day, otherwise situation normal.


1930 - A and B Coys change position; B Coy moving forward EAST of BREVILLE - VARAVILLE Road.  Slight mortaring during night, otherwise situation normal.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 2 wounded



14th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0200 - Considerable arty fire heard from area SOUTH of Bn position.


0430 - Large fires and explosions seen and heard in direction of CAEN, and sky slightly lit up for some period in that area.


0900 - Situation normal, and quiet.


1400 - Slight mortaring in Bn area, but no reply by own mortars or arty owing to prearranged 'quiet day'.


2000 - Very little enemy mortaring or shelling reported during the day and it would appear that the fires mainly in reply to our own fire.  Bde propaganda O.O. No.2 received.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Cloudy.  Warm.


15th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0035 - Some slight enemy air activity over Bn area, engaged by own A.A. fire.  No bombs reported.


1400 - Situation quiet throughout the day except for occasional enemy and own mortar fire.  Mortar Pl reported to have hit enemy mortar posn when engaged in C.B. shoot at 1340 hrs.  Nothing further to report during the day.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Cloudy.  Warm.


16th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0900 - Quiet night.  Shelling and mortaring in area SOUTH of the Bn position: All Ranks engaged in improving defence works.  Information received that 2nd Bn in area of BREVILLE.


1230 - C.O. attended investiture at Div H.Q. by General Montgomery.  No.6984231 Rfn Feeney and No.3853060 Rfn Gilliland both awarded Military Medal for bravery under fire during attack on STE HONORINE.  Situation: continued quiet during the day except for occasional enemy mortar bombs bursting in Bn area.  First N.A.A.F.I. supplies of Beer and Whiskey received since D Day.


2305 - Enemy aircraft overhead, heavily engaged by our A.A. fire.  Some loads dropped WEST of Bn position and B Coy report enemy forward troops giving bombline by firing amber green verey lights.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Cloudy and warm.  Sky cleared after 2000 hrs.


17th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


Bde 'quiet day'.  Occasional mortaring and shelling of Bn area by enemy, but otherwise quiet.  All Ranks engaged in improving defence works around Bn area.  Considerable British forces crossing R ORNE and Canal and concentrating in Divisional Area.  No transport other than C.Os Jeep allowed on Divisional Roads.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 1 wounded

Meteorological: Warm.  Cloudy in morning but clearing during afternoon.


18th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0545 - Very large force of British bombers passed over Bn area and bombing enemy positions to SOUTH EAST in direction of Bois de Bavent and TROARNE.


0620 - Heavy arty barrage opens up on area to SOUTH and information received from Bde H.Q. that a strong allied thrust supported by tank formations was imminent down EAST bank of R. ORNE.  Information has been previously given to C.O. & 2i/c only.  Heavy gunfire continued for several hours and large numbers of armoured fighting vehicles moving SOUTH from area of LZ 'N'.  Information received during the day as the battle progressed was mainly from interceptions on the wireless nets of armoured formations and was not confirmed.  Fighting appeared confused and very 'fluid' and with no large tank battles although minor tank battles were reported by Bde and Bn interceptor sets.


0900 - Lieut G.A. Maginnis killed whilst standing at door of B Coy H.Q.  Mortar bomb landed in yard of farm.  Lt. Maginnis hit by shrapnel and dying almost immediately.


2315 - Enemy bombers over area.  Considerable number of flares dropped and bombing of area of bridges over ORNE river and canal, and LZ N continued with some intensity for approximately 30 mins.  Enemy forward troops fired 'green' verey lights to indicate their position to own aircraft.  No bombs or casualties reported in Bn area.  Several fires burning in direction of R. ORNE, one apparently being an ammunition dump as continuous explosions seen and heard from Bn H.Q.  Remainder of the night continued to be quiet with occasional shellfire by enemy and own troops.


Casualties: Offrs 1 killed, 203592 Lieut., G.A. Maginnis.  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Warm.  Fine.


19th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0600 - Quiet night after bombing.


1000 - Lt. Maginnis buried in RANVILLE cemetery.


1400 - Slight mortaring by enemy but no casualties reported.  Information received regarding battle very confused, and not confirmed, but situation satisfactory.  Bde wireless intercept reports Canadians in VAUCELLES and 3rd Div troops in northern outskirts of TROARNE.


1800 - Day continued quiet but fine evening brought about increase in air activity.  Large numbers of Typhoons crossed Bn area, and medium bombers seen bombing area believed to be TROARNE.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Warm.  Cloudy in morning, but clearing during afternoon and evening.


20th July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0600 - Quiet day, slight enemy bombing over area, and some shelling by own arty.  Remainder of day quiet.  Own mortars and arty put down 'STONK' on Triangle Wood, but very little enemy reply.  Slight mortaring and shelling.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL



21st July 1944

Place: Le Mesnil


0600 - Quiet night, some enemy air activity and mortaring.


1030 - Move to Bde rest area at Breville commenced in very bad weather.  D Coy remaining in Bde H.Q. area.


1100 - Bn received draft of 80 O.Rs. from Beach Groups.  The Bn was unable to occupy new area until 1700 hrs owing to delayed move of 12 Para Bn.


1700 - Bn H.Q. est in orchard previously occupied in early July.  SOUTH of BREVILLE Xrds, but most personnel of Bn H.Q. remained in M.D.S. building in Amfreville owing to bad condition of slit trenches.  Move to be completed on following day.  A Echelon of 2nd Bn in same building.


2100 - Enemy air activity but no bombs reported.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Continuous rain.  Conditions very bad, and area very muddy.


22nd July 1944

Place: Breville


0900 - Quiet night, but weather still very dull although not raining.


1000 - C.O. decided all Bn H.Q. personnel would move to area of orchard at 1700 hrs.  All Ranks cleaning up trenches and areas.  D Coy move to Bde rest area.  Situation normal, and no activity reported from other fronts.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Dull, cloudy, warm.


23rd July 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Quiet night in area but considerable shelling and mortaring heard from direction of TROARNE and CAEN.


1400 - Bn. cleaning up and resting.  Visited in evening by Major Sweeney and Capt Sturgeon from TROARNE where 2nd Bn within one mile of the town.


2300 - Enemy fighters shooting up area but no casualties reported.  Cannon shells in A Coy area.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Dull.  Cloudy.  Warm.


24th July 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Quiet night in Bn. area.  Considerable small arms and mortar fire from Commandos front where raid on enemy lines taking place.


1400 - All Ranks cleaning up.  P.T. and resting.


2300 - Two enemy fighter straffing in area.  No casualties.


Meteorological: Dull in morning.  Fine in afternoon.

Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL


25th July 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Considerable enemy air activity over area during the night, but no bombs reported in area.


0130 - Enemy shelling area of Le Plein and information received that several casualties reported from 1 S.S. Bde.


0900 - Nosecap of 3.7. AA shell pierced roof of Bn H.Q. tent and found buried in ground.  All ranks cleaning up and resting.


1200 - Information received that Bde coming under command 51 H. Div and moving to area Le Plein and Amfreville on 28 or 29 July.  Para Bdes moving into Corps reserve.


1400 - Attack South of CAEN by one armoured and one infantry Div in progress but no information available.  Information received that attack in WEST by 1 American Army commenced at midday.  No information available as to progress.


1430 - Enemy shelling RANVILLE with heavy arty.


1500 - Own C.B. arty firing in progress.


1900 - Situation normal, and quiet.


2330 - Enemy aircraft overhead, and very heavy A.A. fire from own guns.  No bombs in Bn area, but bombing heard from CAEN direction.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Cloudy.  Warm.


26th July 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Quiet night with slight shelling and mortaring in area of BREVILLE.  All Ranks cleaning up, bathing and resting.  Situation normal and quiet.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Cloudy with fine periods.  Warm.


27th July 1944

Place: Breville


0130 - Sharp raid by enemy aircraft on area.  Strength approx 20 aircraft.  Considerable number of AP bombs and HE in area, but no casualties reported.  One plane reported crashed between area LONGUEMARE and LE BAS DE BREVILLE.


2100 - Quiet day, All Ranks cleaning up and resting.  Slight activity by own arty, but very little enemy mortaring.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL

Meteorological: Cloudy with sunny periods.  Warm.


28th July 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Some enemy air activity over area during the night, and considerable own arty fire from guns in area.


0900 - Situation normal and quiet.


1100 - Brigade Major visits Bn. with orders that Bn will relieve 2nd Oxf and Bucks in area Ste. Come on 29 July.  Timings to be mutually arranged between units.


1800 - Coy Comdrs recce new areas.


2245 - Bn area straffed by enemy fighter, 2 i/c and R.S.M. narrowly escaped injury from cannon shells.


2250 - Several enemy shells and mortar bombs in area, and enemy air activity overhead.


2300 - Enemy air activity continues, but no bombs in area.


2320 - Considerable numbers of aircraft passing overhead, believed to be Allied as no flak seen or heard.


Cas: Offrs NIL  O.Rs NIL



29th July 1944

Place: Breville


0600 - Slight enemy air activity over area, and considerable arty fire by own guns in area during the night.  During the morning All Ranks preparing for move to new area at Ste. Come.


1200 - Situation normal and quiet.


1700 - Relief of 2/Oxf. and Bucks in area of Ste. Come complete.  Trace of Bn layout attached.  Slight enemy mortar activity in area.  One man (sniper D Coy) badly wounded by enemy sniper and evacuated to M.D.S.


2100 - Enemy smoke screen being laid in area South of CUVERVILLE and visible from Bn H.Q.  It subsequently appeared that the enemy was counter attacking fwd positions EAST and SE of CAEN, but no confirmation received.


2300 - Enemy air activity and considerable AA fire.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 1 wounded


30th July 1944

Place: Ste. Come.


0600 - Enemy air activity over area, and bombing heard to S.E.  No bombs reported in Bn area.  Shelling by own arty, otherwise situation quiet.


1200 - Situation normal and quiet.


1815 - Several enemy shells and mortar bombs fall in Bn H.Q. area but no casualties reported.  Spasmodic mortaring continued for some time, but own Counter Battery fire eventually effective.


2300 - Situation normal.  Aircraft reported dropping flares over enemy lines.


Casualties: Offrs NIL  O.Rs 1 wounded

Met: Cloudy with sunny spells.  Warm.


31st July 1944

Place: Ste. Come


0600 - Noisy night owing to own arty.  Enemy aircraft over in very small numbers, but no bombs reported in Bn area.  All Ranks resting and improving positions and very slight enemy action.


Casualties: NIL

Meteorological: Fine.  Very warm.



Month and year: August 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt. Col. R.J.H. Carson


1st August 1944

Place: St Come


0100 - Sounds of horse drawn transport heard by 'C' Coy Standing Patrol at 143738 from behind Triangle wood.  The suspected area was immediately engaged by 53rd (W.Y.) Lt. Regt. RA.


0300 - Enemy aircraft circled over Bn area.


0235 - 3 shells landed in Bn area but caused no casualties.


0420 to 0500 - Mortaring all over Bn area.  Not intense and no casualties.


0600 - Little enemy activity during the night, but intensive Artillery fire on our side from midnight onwards.


0900 - 'D' Coy being relieved by a coy of 12 Devons, and going into reserve SE of Breville cross roads.  D Coy standing patrol also taken over by 12 Devons.


2000 - Slight activity by own artillery during the day.  A Coy standing patrol reports that sounds of enemy were heard between 145741 and 145744 at odd times throughout the afternoon.  Hammering sounds were sometimes heard.


Cas: NIL

Met: Early mist.  Dull all day.


2nd August 1944

Place: St Come


0200 - Enemy horse drawn transport heard in area of houses behind Bugle Corner.  These were engaged by 53rd Lt Regt. RA and no further sounds were heard.


0430 - At 0410 shots and verey lights were fired from a pos'n S. of Bugle Corner.  Movement was also heard going from Bugle Corner in the direction of DEVON orchard.


0550 - Standing Patrol at SW corner of Devon Orchard reports lights from 145742 at odd times during the night, also lights from Bugle Corner area.


0600 - Spasmodic shelling and mortaring during the night, mostly behind Bn position.


1310 - B Coy sniper reports that one enemy moving along hedge from 146743-146740 was shot at and hit.  Two of his comrades came to his assistance and carried him away.  They were not fired on.


1440 - Another enemy seen in same place observing our position at 1400 after about 20 minutes he got up and was immediately hit by a sniper.


2000 - Slight exchange of bombs by our own and enemy mortars.


Cas: NIL

Met: Fine and sunny.  Visibility good.


3rd August 1944

Place: St Come


0600 - No activity on Bn front during night.  Fairly heavy artillery fire by our own guns.


2110 - Bde operation instruction re 3" Mortars received.


2359 - Nothing further to add to Patrol Report attached.


Met: Sunny and warm.  Visibility good.

Cas: NIL


4th August 1944

Place: St Come


0600 - Patrol reports arrive at Bn H.Q.  Nothing further to add.


2100 - Information received that a propaganda shoot is taking place at 0800 tomorrow morning on the Brigade front.  Nothing further to report today except that enemy mortaring of the Bn. area was markedly increased.


2130 - A/Tk Coy report having carried out a shoot at 1730 at houses in Triangle wood.  H.E. used.  Appx D.


2200 - Return of deficiencies in Specialist Personnel required by Bde.  Deficiencies:- 15 Sigs, 13 Mortar Nos, 5 Pioneers, 13 M.T., 1 Butcher, 3 Cooks, 8 Stretcher Bearers, 11 Snipers, 25 A/Tk Nos, 28 MMG Nos.


Met: Sunny with some cloud.  Vis. good.

Cas: 2 O.R.


5th August 1944

Place: St Come


0035 - Two German prisoners brought in by A Coy, one badly wounded.  Pl Comd's (Lt D McGrath) report attached.  Appx E.  Unwounded prisoner demanded alcohol from Major Drummond, Bn 2 i/c.  Result of interrogation shown on sketch map attached.  Appx F.


0600 - Patrol reports received from B & C Coys.  [?] Patrol report attached to which there is nothing to add.


0700 - Bn. Mortars registering Stovepipe targets on Bn. front this morning.  The two standing patrols are being withdrawn from 0900 - 1200.  12th Devons and 52nd L.I. warned that own mortars are registering targets on their fronts at 1000 - 1200 and 1400 -1600 respectively.


1710 - 12 Devons informed us that their mortars are registering STOVEPIPE targets on our front between 1400 - 1600 tomorrow.  Our standing patrols to be withdrawn.


1820 - A and D Coys report that their change over is complete.


1935 - Anti Tank Company report that they have engaged Bugle Corner with 6 pdr HE between 1910 - 1915, observing from the Chateau St Come.  All rounds burst in the trees and must have had considerable fragmentation effect.


2359 - Spasmodic enemy Arty activity since nightfall.  Bn strength offrs 34 plus C.E. Padre O.Rs 559 + 1 interpreter attached.


Met: Fine but dull.

Cas: NIL


6th August 1944

Place: St Come


0030 - Horse drawn tpt heard behind triangle wood.


0600 - Nothing further during the night which was quiet except for spasmodic shelling and mortaring.


1800 - Nothing to report during day excepting considerable increase in enemy shelling and mortaring which was retaliated to by Bde mortars firing several STOVEPIPES, and by 53 Lt Regt RA.


1830 - F.O.O. informs us that their amn restricted to 30 r.p.g. per day and that there would be no more call on the Battery except for S.O.S. and D.F. tasks.


2035 to 2046 - Severe shelling of Bn area by 10.5cm guns and suspected 88mm S.P. guns.  No casualties as Bn is well dug in.


2210 - Congratulations received from Brigade on Bn mortars part in day's stovepipe shoots.


2359 - Nothing to add to patrol report attached.


Met: Heavy mist during night 6/7.

Cas: NIL


7th August 1944

Place: St Come


0300 - 20-30 shells, some heavy, landed in Bn area.


0320 - B Coy report 3 casualties from shelling.  All these men were caught out of slit trenches.  All three walking wounded.


0600 - Nothing to add to patrol report - a noisy night.


1000 - Major Rickcord, O.C. B Coy reports that his patrol at SW corner of Devon orchard heard movement at about 0615 hrs just to its right.  Lt Bennet went to investigate and found track in the wet grass going to within about 5 yards of patrol position.  The enemy was no doubt enabled to get so close owing to the very thick mist which prevailed all night and in the early morning, and by the continuous noise of our own and enemy mortar and gunfire.  Accordingly, it was thought likely, in view of the unusual fact that the enemy had done two recce patrols in two nights and as they had done raids on all other Brigade fronts except our own during that night that a raid might be put in against us tonight.  An ambush party consisting of 3 Offrs and 12 O.Rs was arranged for tonight.


1100 - Message from Brigade stating that a draft of 1 Offr (Lt O'HARA-MURRAY) and 60 O.Rs is arriving from England tomorrow.


1200 to 1210 - Unusually heavy mortaring of Bn area.  No casualties.


2000 - Nothing to add to patrol report 7/8 Aug attached hereto.


2030 - F.O.O. reports, from infm received from B and D Coys, from examination of craters and fragments of shell, that the calibre of guns firing on Bn area early this morning was 10.5cm and 150mm.  Bde have located these guns and are arranging a counter battery shoot by a Med. Regt. RA.


2150 - An order received from Bde stopping all A/A fire from between 2230 tonight and 0830 tomorrow as heavy concentration of our own aircraft are likely to pass over the Bde area.


2230 - Ambush patrol reports in position area. SW corner of Devon orchard.


2315 - Very heavy bombing by RAF S. and SW of Caen visible from Bn H.Q.


Met: Fine, brilliant sunshine.

Cas: 3 O.R.


8th August 1944

Place: St Come


0600 - A fairly quiet night except for some shelling at about 0330 which continued spasmodically until 0446.  Heavy concentration put down by own guns in reply at about 0500.  Nothing else to add to patrol report attached.  Heavy mist all night.


2100 - Bde O.O. No.3 for advance in the event of withdrawal on Bde front received.


1100 - Draft of 1 offr and 60 men arrived in Bn area (Lt O'HARA-MURRAY).


0915 - News from Bde that a large No of 38 sets have been captured by enemy during the campaign.  These sets are being used for interior comn and to break in on our nets.  Importance of wireless security must be emphasised.


0900 - Enemy shellfire in Bn area at about 0815 caused strong reaction from our own guns and mortars, resulting in loud explosions and a column of smoke rising in Benouville.


2359 - A fairly quiet day with enemy Arty activity in the morning dying down after 1100.


Met: Very fine and warm.  Vis. fair.

Cas: 1 O.R.


9th August 1944

Place: St Come


0145 - C Coy standing patrol report sounds of Horse drawn transport in chateau opposite their position.  This was not engaged by Arty. owing to amn shortage.


0500 - C Coy report a flare going up from STICKIES CORNER at 2320 and 0430.  After second flare a shot passed close to their patrol from STICKIES CORNER area.


0600 - Patrol reports received at Bn H.Q.  Patrol at SW corner of Devon Orchard reports having seen two enemy cross gap at 144741.  A quiet night with very little shellfire.


0635 - All 3 Bn Mortar Pls engaged STOVEPIPE targets S6 + S8 in reply to some enemy shelling from 0600-0610.


0900 - A few shells landed in B and D Coy areas.  D Coy report 1 Offr casualty (Lt MALCOLM) and two O.Rs one of whom, Sgt PEGG, was only slightly hit and will be able to return to duty after treatment at RAP.  Calibre of shells 10.5cm and 15cm.


0940 - All Bde mortars firing Stovepipe now on S2.


2200 - Nothing further to report during the day.  Far less enemy ARTY and Mortar activity.  An 'O' Group conference was held at 1800 hrs today to issue orders for a possible advance should the enemy withdraw over the DIVES bridges.  No operation order issued, but a copy of C.Os verbal order is attached.


2359 - Very little of note during the day.  Practically no enemy shelling and mortars.


Met: SUNSHINE all day.  Hot.

Cas: 1 Offr 271242 Lieut. A.R. Malcolm  2 O.R. wounded.


10th August 1944

Place: St Come


0600 - Coy patrol reports reached Bn H.Q.  Standing Patrol at SW corner of DEVON ORCHARD reports that it was accurately mortared by a 5cm mortar from area BUGLE CORNER at 1845 yesterday.  A quiet night on the whole, apart from one of our own guns which fired one round per minute practically all night.


1400 - No activity of any kind this morning.  BDE think that the enemy may have pulled back owing to the situation on other sectors and desire infmn about this urgently.


1500 - Infmn received that C Coy are to stage a demonstration at 1600 hrs from their standing patrol position.  Demonstration to consist of 2" and 3" mortar smoke, and LMG fire, a combination which invariably stings the average German into activity of some sort.


1610 - Considerable enemy reaction to C Coy party.  Standing patrol position was fired on by 2 LMGs and 2 5cm MORTARS, BDE informed that the enemy had not withdrawn.


2000 - 52nd patrols report S mines at STICKIES CORNER.


2359 - Very quiet day.  Own artillery shelling intermittently.  No enemy mortar or shell-fire except sudden salvo of latter in Bn area.


Met: Very fine weather.

Cas: NIL.


11th August 1944

Place: St Come


0330 - Fighting patrol of 1 officer + 12 O.R. going to standing patrol areas 4 & 5.


0600 - Nothing further to report.


0900 - Officers of Netherlands Group made a recce of the Battalion positions.


1100 - Received 6. A.L.B. O.O. No.4 re relief of Bn by the Royal Netherlands Rgt.


1200 - Read message re Interrogation report of C.S.M. Fritz Nierich.


1700 - C.O.'s conference - instructions re Bn move to rest area.


1830 - 6 A.D. I Summary.


2300 - 14437143 L/C Milne, missing from 7.6.44 (the attack on St Honorine) is reported escaped P.O.W. rejoined the 33rd R.H.O. att 101 R.F.


2359 - Uneventful day.  Some enemy mortaring in & around Bn positions.  Intermittent friendly shell & mortar fire.


Met: Very fine day.  Some thin ground mist.

Cas: NIL.


12th August 1944

Place: St Come


0600 - Some enemy mortaring during the night.  No.4 Post reports visibility 5 yds (mist).


1230 - The Bn completed the move into the rest area, Coleville-sur-Orne, by march route, uneventfully.  Less C.O.'s party, 1 platoon B Coy & 1 platoon C Coy & O.C. or 2i/c of all rifle coys.  This rear party conducted the Netherlands Gp. sub-units to their positions.  This is the first time since D Day that the Bn has been out of enemy mortar range.


Place: Coleville-sur-Orne


2359 - Bn has spent the afternoon & evening digging-in & settling-in.  A very heavy salvo of enemy shells landed in the area of the chateau.  Casualties were suffered, including 1 O.R. of our rear party with Netherlands Gp.


Met: Very fine weather continues.

Cas: 1 O.R.


13th to 14th August 1944

Place: Coleville-sur-Orne


Bn spent time in recreation and rest - swimming on beach at Lion-sur-Mer, cinema, E.N.S.A. shows etc.


Met: Very fine.

Cas: NIL.


15th August 1944

Place: Coleville-sur-Orne


1100 - C.O.'s inspection of Bn.


2359 - Rest & recreation continued.


Met: Hot & sunny.

Cas: NIL.


16th August 1944

Place: Coleville-sur-Orne


1100 - Brigadiers inspection.


1400 - The Div. Comdr. visited the Bn & talked collectively to offrs and N.C.O.'s.  Bn recce parties are out for recce of positions at Breville, Longuemare and Le Plein which are being taken over tomorrow from 12th Devons.


2230 - Bn warning order - ready to move on "Paddle".


Met: Continues excellent.

Cas: NIL.


17th August 1944

Place: Coleville-sur-Orne


0100 - O. Gp. Conference.  New orders for "Paddle" given out.


0600 - Operation "PADDLE" in progress.  9 T.C.V's coming up imm'ly.  Bn to concentrate in Le Plein & await further orders.  C.O. to report to Bde immediately.


0830 - Bn moved off leaving B echelon in COLLEVILLE.  Bn complete in Le Plein at 1030 hrs.


Place: Le Plein


1000 - C.O. returns from Bde with infm that 12 Dev + 2 Oxf & Bucks have followed up enemy withdrawal down Red & Green routes shown on trace, & that Bn will be prepared to advance thro' 12 Devons when they have consolidated on ELM.  In order to hasten Bn advance C Coy group is ordered to LONGUEMARE Cross-roads imm'ly.


1105 - 2 Oxf & Bucks have reached BENEAUVILLE.


1235 - Information received that 2 Oxf & Bucks forward elements have reached 161759.  Very little opposition except for snipers & one or two M.M.G's.  12 Devons report platoon of enemy in wood 153765 and are attacking at 1330.


Place: Longuemare


1420 - 12 Devons reported established on PEAR.  R.U.R. ordered to push through and carry on as ordered to CABOURG.  C Coy group moved on at 1430.


1430 - Remainder of Bn is remaining at LONGUEMARE until PEAR is reached.


1650 - C Coy report that Recce Pl have reached PEAR.  No active opposition but Bn is moving very slowly because of mines and road cratering.  2 Oxf & Bucks report they are in posn 155768.  1/R.U.R. ordered to leave one Coy on RJ 170793 as enemy are believed to have some troops still in Franceville Plage who are being attacked by Royal Belgian Gp. from HAUGER.  Remainder of Bn now moving up.


1700 - Information received that 2 Oxf & Bucks are moving from GONNEVILLE to establish a firm base at DESCANNEVILLE.  Enemy on Bn front probably 9 + 10 Coys 744 Regt.


1730 - C Coy have now reached the coast road on Green route & are held up by crater 30' deep which is difficult to navigate owing to extensive mining of surrounds.


2020 - TROWEL is reached by C Coy.  No oppn but 2 more very large craters have slowed down the advance.


2130 - Recce report road block 211795 manned by M.G.s and riflemen, also some mortaring from further back.


Place: Cabourg


2200 - C.O. decides to halt for night, Bn digging in where it stands.


2359 - O. Gp. - orders for advance - to continue at 0600 in the morning


Cas: 295081 Lt. Bennett C.R.R.  5 O.R's wounded  1 O.R. killed (misadventure)

Met: Very hot.


18th August 1944

Place: Cabourg


0200 - Adjutant returns from visit to Bde with infm that other units of 6 A.L.B. are across Dives in some places & have occupied Troarn.  One coy 2 Oxf & Bucks are relieving B Coy at 171792 at 0800.


0300 - B Coy report 5 cas (Lt Bennett & 4 O.R.) due to booby traps & mines in Coy area.


0600 - Quiet night.  No shelling.  C Coy about to move fwd.


0730 - C Coy report that they are held up at Rd block 211795 & cannot deploy to attack on both sides of road are extensively mined.  Their Coy gp has had some cas. mostly from 50mm mortars.  D Coy are patrolling to find an alternative route for attack.


0900 - C.O. has obtained the aid of 2 tanks & can probably get Assault Section R.E. with flame throwers.


0930 - D Coy patrol back reports no suitable rte.  C.O. leaves for Bde.


1200 - C.O. returns - no attack is to be made on CABOURG as Div. main effort is to be on the Dozulé-Troarn sector.  Bn has to dig in where it stands.


1000 - Sherman coming up to support Bn attack had track blown off by Tellermine on track (round crater) over which all Bn transport passed last night.


2000 - Lt. Crockett reccying for a deeper patrol tonight as far as bridge over Dives, was fired on at 200780 but could not locate the enemy.


2200 - Spasmodic shelling & mortaring of Bn area.  Some exchange of firing between fwd localities.  Enemy Arty fire V. slight considering how Bn position is overlooked by high gr. E of R. DIVES.  Most shelling by distant 150mm.  It appears that the enemy is very short of arty.  Very little change in Div. posn to our right.  Two recce patrols of 1 offr & 1 O.R. trying to reach Bn tonight.  Extensive mine clearing & trap-clearing necessary.


Met: Fine day.

Cas: 1 O.R. killed, 11 O.Rs wounded.


19th August 1944

Place: Cabourg


0200 - Enemy patrol up to R. Pltn of D Coy fired on but suffered no cas.


0600 - Fairly quiet, only slight arty & mortar fire.


1400 - Bn water cart blown up by Tellermine alongside the tank.  R.E.s now clearing this area very thoroughly (it has already been 'cleared' twice).  Mines have remained undetected because of great depth.


2200 - Spasmodic shelling & mortaring all day & a few cas.  2 patrols go out on same recce as last night.  P.W. reports indicate that enemy on our sector is pulling out, but C Coy do not confirm this.


Met: Slight rain early afternoon.

Cas: 3 O.Rs.


20th August 1944

Place: Cabourg


0600 - Patrol report:- Lt P. O'Hara-Murray & 1 O.R. encountered an enemy post at 201784.  Rifle and automatic fire from close range.  I Summary for 7 days indicates enemy holding bridges over R. DIVES determinedly but nothing in between.  It is not the Div. Comdrs. intention to push into Cabourg should enemy withdraw, but to pull out 6 ALB & put them in the South part of the Div front.


1400 - Enemy arty activity - 150mm & S.P. much increased & accurate shooting on D Coy & Bn HQ area.  No cas. yet.  There appears to be only about 6 guns involved but 2 rds/min are landing.  Bn posn would appear to be quite untenable if enemy had arty in strength.


1440 - Bn is at 4 hrs notice to move to LE PLEIN for night, and to TROARN tomorrow.  C.O. & Recce party to Brigade now.


1700 - Belgian Gp taking over by 2200 & Bn concentrates at LE PLEIN.  Belgian recce parties here now.  2 rds/min from 150mm & S.P. all afternoon.  Only 5 cas. so far but some vehicle & ammun. loss (3 B.B.s & 2 trailers from an already inadequate number).  Blankets etc are being ferried away by Coy jeeps now as total Bn transport is 37 jeeps & 3 15 cwts; every move a major tpt op. order is necessary.


2030 - Belgian carrier blown up by Tellermine at same crater as Sherman & water cart; notwithstanding the fact that this track had been swept twice.  It is thought the reason is that the mines were deeply buried by the rubble caused from enemy cratering.


2200 - Belgians have completed relief of Bn.  Some shelling during relief but no cas. caused.


Met: Very hot fine day.  Sultry evening.

Cas: 1 O. Rank wounded.


21st August 1944

Place: Le Plein


0020 - All Bn in LE PLEIN.


0030 - O. Gp. Bn ordered to concentrate just N of LE RICHER N.E. of TROARN & to move by T.C.V. at 0700 hrs.


Place: Troarn


1100 - Bn in position at 205709 after moving up in heavy rain, debussing at TROARN.


1405 - Bde estimates enemy line BRANVILLE to VALSEME, & is defended by M.G.s mortars & A/Tk weapons.


1730 - O. Gp.  Bn will move from present location to area approx 252756.


1810 - Bn H.Q. [moving?]


2130 - All [Coys?... unreadable]


2300 - Warning order to all coys.


Met: Very heavy rain throughout morning, decreasing during afternoon.

Cas: NIL.


22nd August 1944

Place: Lieu St. Laurent


0700 - Bde - prepare to move at 30 mins. notice.


0815 - O. Gp.  Bn objective is spur of hill just E of BLONVILLE-SUR-MER.


1130 - Bn leaves location, proceeding thro' Devons position.


1210 - Bn objective is changed.  Now to push on to DEAUVILLE.  No opposition: leading Coy to push on W. no halting whatsoever.


1800 - Bn in TOURGEVILLE.  Still no opposition.  Warm reception by civilians all along the way.


1818 - O. Gp.  Bn to push on to DEAUVILLE.  Recce & leading Coy to recce rd ahead and the bridge across the R. TOUQUES.  Civilians report all bridges but one blown.  F.F.I. man offers guide to DEAUVILLE - knows mines.  Occasional shells from S.P. gun shelling near road N of TOURGEVILLE.  Recce reports all roads leading S.W. thro' town are covered by M.G. fire from across river.  D Coy - forward Coy halted because of enemy S.P. shelling accurately on road.  O. Gp.  Decided to find an alternative route into DEAUVILLE for transport - B Coy to lead.  Message received that proposed route is mined.  McGann recces route & Bn posn in DEAUVILLE; later also 2 i/c.  Route clear of mines at least on road itself.  Transport proceeds on this route.


1930 - Major Johnson O.C. C Coy reported killed.


1935 - B Coy reporting in with Dutch O.P.  Bn in posn.


2000 - Message from Brigade - we can have assault boats (18) if required - sent for.


2200 - Sigs report jamming of sets.  Some shelling of road area BENERVILLE.


Met: Hot and sunny day throughout.

Cas: 1 offr killed.  1 offr wounded.  66181 Major E.F. Johnston killed.  300335 Lieut P.D. Laird wounded.  9 O. Ranks wounded.


23rd August 1944

Place: Lieu St. Laurent


0600 - Fairly quiet night.  Occasional shelling.  Recce patrol out during night.


0900 - Adj to D Coy.  At first light patrol bridges & ascertain whether it is possible to get infantry without trucks across in any manner whatsoever.


0915 - D Coy have received civilian report that enemy have evacuated area near bridge.


0945 - A Coy patrol crossed river & reached railway thro' orchard approx 480083 & returned.  Recce report bridge 459115 is passable for marching tps only.  Enemy MGs & shells have fired across river.


0955 - O. Gp.


1315 - Bn moves out.


Place: La Poterie


1640 - Bn HQ established 465069.


1300 to 1600 - Crossing recced by O. Gp.  Sappers are preparing footbridge & assault boats.  Orders issued to patrol - to cross sappers bridge at 468078, make for orchard 479081 & thence to area of church at BONNEVILLE-SUR-TOUQUES; if clean, to remain there; if enemy encountered without being observed, to lie low; if attacked by vastly superior forces to get back.  Patrol consists of Lt O'Hara-Murray & 10 Platoon.  General plan - to infiltrate Bn across by platoons.  Transport following & to move to 488138.


1640 - Patrol has crossed river (A Coy patrol).  A Coy (on arrival at new location) reported severe mortaring whilst leaving old posn & resulting in 5 cas.


1700 - Enemy reported in orchard 478082, strength unknown.


1710 - Patrol - enemy seen about 478082 maybe 1 platoon.  Patrol observed.


1730 - Exchange of mortar firing.  Some enemy sniping.


1743 - A Coy patrol all back and report.


1930 - O. Gp.  Bn to move back slightly, out of mortar range.  Task to patrol & find out where enemy posn are for Brigade plan.


2100 - Bn. in new position.  BHQ in 460064.


Met: Very hot during forenoon deteriorating to rain in late evening.

Cas: 288791 Lieut D. McGrath wounded.  1 O.R. killed, 1 O.R. died of wounds.  4 ORs wounded.


24th August 1944

Place: Lieu St. Laurent


0600 - Quiet night.  V heavy rain.  During the night a message had been sent out to all Coys that captured enemy equipment must be returned to Bn HQ.  Brigade estimated that main enemy line of defence was along railway line, & that strength of enemy in Div. area was between 1 & 2 thousand; on our Bn front 4 Coys each containing 200 men; a prisoner of war taken over the river believes his fwd Bn to be in area of Pont L'Evêque.


0900 - The four patrols sent out last night achieved a penetration of approx. 1000 yds.  3 of them met the enemy, 1 man believed drowned.  Maquis report enemy withdrawal.


1000 - The Oxf & Bucks on our left are well across river in strength & have met no opposition.  The Belgians are crossing into TROUVILLE.  The Bn is ordered to cross the river, immediate objectives BONNEVILLE-SUR-TOUQUES, QUARTIER OE FOLLEVILLE, ENGLESQUEVILLE.  Further objective ST PHILIBERT.  Belgians entered TROUVILLE at 0800 hrs.  British Tps are crossing to TROUVILLE by N. Bridge.  Bn Transport is to cross river by S. Bridge, marching tps in area BONNEVILLE.


1230 - Bn marching tps across river.  No opposition.


1400 - Bn at ENGLESQUEVILLE (Patrol declared this clean at 1345).


1430 - Bn at BONNEVILLE.


1500 - Bn leaves BONNEVILLE for ST PHILIBERT.  F.F.I. active.


1615 - Bn in ST PHILIBERT having encountered no opposition.  Bn HQ at 525124.


Met: Forenoon misty.  Continuous rain aft & evening.

Cas: 1 O.R. missing.


25th August 1944

Place: St Philibert


0600 - Quiet night.  Some rain.  Sigs still troubled by interference.


0830 - Ready to move by 1100 hrs (Bde).  Devons reported in Honfleur last night.


1030 - Route given out.  Oxf & Bucks are moving thro us to MANNEVILLE and then proceeding towards E.  Our Bn to follow up Oxf & Bucks.  Commandos area near BEUZEVILLE.


1350 - Bn has halted behind Oxf & Bucks who have encountered opposition, MGs, shellfire, from valley W of MANNEVILLE-LA-RAOULT.  Probably 100 enemy near the bridge which it intact.  1 Coy Oxf & Bucks across.  O. Gp.  Enemy holding MANNEVILLE.  2 Coys Oxf & Bucks over river.  Devons held up at 620166 area.  1/RUR are to go thro' the Oxf & Bucks and come in behind the enemy threatening the Devons.  After winning MANNEVILLE, Oxf & Bucks to send patrols to LES PARQUETS.  Road 618167-666118 is possible enemy defence line.  Route, general direction BERVILLE-SUR-MER, given out.


1600 - Br. message - we are NOT to push on thro' Oxf & Bucks until Oxf & Bucks have cleared MANNEVILLE.


1645 - 3 Coys Oxf & Bucks over now.  1 Coy area 617125.


1745 - 1 Coy Oxf & Bucks saw 1 coy enemy horsedrawn transport disappear.  McGann has recced a route to MANNEVILLE from Br which shortens way by u 2 miles.


1930 - Ox & B still engaging enemy around MANNEVILLE.  Plenty of small arms fire.  Bn has moved about 2 miles further up & is now halted leading coy Rwy bridge.  D Coy moves over river bridge in response to C.O. Oxf & Bucks desire for support in event of counter-attack.


2050 - Infm from German N.C.O. from 630 [Ost or East?] Bn - enemy on our front is 500 strong incl. 120 Germans.  Weapons included 2 50-mm A/Tk guns, 2 20-mm flak guns in ground role, 15 LMGs, 5 MMGs, one 75mm inf. gun sited in N corner of Rd in MANNEVILLE village, and 8 81mm mortars.  He says his Bn is ordered to withdraw tonight - times of withdrawal are never issued until last possible moment - his officers have vanished, not having been seen all day; the troops are too afraid to surrender.  Bn includes HQ + 4 Coys, 30 Germans are recent reinforcements.  Location enemy 1km S. of MANNEVILLE to coast.  Expect to cross Seine tonight.


2200 - O. Gp. - aim of Bn is to push on to Berville sur Mer at all poss. speed.  Devons have 1 pltn across river near coast & are pushing on towards BERVILLE.  Oxf & Bucks after MANNEVILLE to push due E to the Seine.  1/R.U.R. route as before.  Coy localities at Berville given Transport to move under command O.C. A/Tk Coy in morning on instrs from C.O.


Met: Very fine all day.

Cas: NIL.

our advance made against no opposition.


26th August 1944

Place: Manneville


0030 - Bn moves on having been informed MANNEVILLE is cleared by Oxf and Bucks.


0200 - We pass thro' Oxf and Bucks positions.


Place: Berville


0935 - Bn reaches objective BERVILLE-SUR-MER with no further incident.  Road cratered 1½ miles before Berville.


Place: La Judée


1600 - Bn established LA JUDÉE.  Read secret order (1200) - 12 Devons will occupy area CONTEVILLE 6816, 2 Oxf & Bucks will occupy area FOULBEC 7014 & LA FONTAINE 6915.  1/R.U.R. will concentrate at LES HOUX 6617 & LA JUDÉE 6617.  1 Belgian Gp. will remain FOULBEC until relieved by 2 Oxf. & Bucks & then will concentrate in area BERVILLE 6618 less 1 Coy at HONFLEUR.


Met: Fine weather all day.  Nothing to report.

Cas: NIL.


27th August 1944

Place: La Judée


0600 - Quiet night.


1800 - Bde reports that Maquis have taken control of QUILLEBOEUF & that enemy have shown white flag.  Maquis have asked us to stop shelling.


2000 - I.O. investigating whether enemy were observing us from opp. banks of Seine found no such evidence.


2359 - Summary - a quiet sunny day spent in rest & maintenance.

Cas: NIL.


28th August 1944

Place: La Judée


0600 - Clear night.  Nothing to report.


1100 - Bn move to area 6116 arriving 1230 hrs.


2359 - Bn settled in.


Met: Fine.

Cas: NIL.


29th August 1944

Place: La Judée


0900 - Area is considered a rest area.  Permission for walking out is granted.  Bn taking baths - field showers.


1500 - Recd 6 A.D. I Summary No 73.


Met: Fine all day.

Cas: NIL.


30th August 1944

Place: La Judée


1400 - Nothing to report.  Recd 6 A.D. I Summary No 74.


2359 - Fine morning inclining to drizzling rain afternoon & evening.


31st August 1944

Place: La Judée


1245 - O. Gp.  Bn, less transport, to leave this location by T.C.V. tomorrow morning at 0900 hrs, for Transit Camp 856840 where it will stay the night before embarking at ARROMANCHES for Southampton, Bn will arrive at Bulford on the 3rd.  Vehicles leave here on the 2nd.



Month and year: September 1944

Commanding Officer : Lt. Col. R.J.H. Carson


1st September 1944

Place: Arromanches


0900 - Battalion leaves according to instructions and arrives at transit camp, 3 miles from ARROMANCHES beach at approx 20.30 hrs.  Here Bn remains the night.


2359 - Nothing to report


Met: Hot clear day.

Cas: NIL.


2nd September 1944

Place: Arromanches


1315 - Bn marches to beach for embarkation.


1430 - Embarkation delayed because of disembarkation of transport and troops.


1700 - Bn proceeds to landing stage & boards landing craft which takes them to troopship.  Oxf & Bucks aboard.


1830 - 60% of Bn. have embarked but process is discontinued owing to heavy swell.  Remainder return to the transit camp.


Met: Fair morning.  Intermittent rain during afternoon & evening.

Cas: NIL.


3rd September 1944

Place: Aboard


1100 - Remainder of Bn. aboard.


1230 - Ship under way.


2015 - Ship anchors in SOUTHAMPTON waters.


Met: Overcast & windy.

Cas: NIL.


4th September 1944

Place: Southampton


1200 - Ship docks & troops are disembarked by 13.30 hrs.


1340 - Bn has formed up & is embussing.


5th to 6th September 1944

Bn clears up, reorganises.


7th to 24th September 1944

Bn leave period.  10 days + 4 days extension.


24th to 31st September 1944

Organisation of further training, sports, & recreation.


30th September 1944

Orders to complete mobilisation








1 R.U.R. O.O. No.1.

Copy No.20.

24 May 1944.


Ref Maps.  1/100,000, Sheet 7F.

                  1/50,000, Sheets 7E/5, 7E/6, 7F/1, 7F/2.

                  1/25,000, Sheets 40/16.




    (a) Coast def fmns.

    The area of CAEN to the coast, in which 6 Airborne Div is operating is held by 716 Inf Div, a lower est div of two regts.  A res bn is in the area of LEBISEY 0571 - CAEN, and CAEN is held by 193 Local Def Bn.  Most of this div will have been eliminated before arrival of 6 Airlanding Bde.  EAST of FRANCEVILLE PLAGE 1578 is 711 Div, with a res bn at DOZULES 2673.

    (b) Mob fmns.

    i. 21 Pz Div, with 60% eqpt and 100% personnel is believed to be in area FLERS T82 - FALAISE SE U 13.  Dets have been reported at BRETTEVILLE 0553.

    ii. 12 SS Pz Div (HITLERJUGEND) at full strength is in area BERNAY 7/Q87 - BRIGLE 7/Q74 - DREUX 7/R33.

    iii. 1 SS Pz Div (ADOLF HITLER) is believed to be in area THOUARS - POITIERS.  Strength unknown.

    iv. 17 SS Pz Div or Pz Gren Div (GÖTZ VON BERLICHINGEN) may be in area RENNES Y05.

    v. 179 Pz Trg Div is in area MANTES 7/R66, and is estimated to be worth 40% of a good div.


2.  OWN TPS.

    (a) H hr is time of landing of sea-borne assault.  P hr is Civil Twilight.

    (b) 1 Corps with under comd 6 Airborne Div is assaulting on the LEFT of SECOND ARMY, with 3 Cdn Div on RIGHT and 3 Brit Div LEFT, with objective the line BAYEUX 7879 - CAEN 0368.

    (c) 3 Brit Div with under comd 27 Armd Bde lands on QUEEN sector (0582 - 0980) at H hr with [bee?] tasks, as shown in trace P.

    (d) C Sqn INNS of COURT Regt.  Certain portions of this Sqn may move into 6 Airborne Div area from SE of CAEN during D or D+1 day.  Tps to be expected.  Two patrols, each of one DAIMLER scout car and one DAIMLER armd car.  Probable route.  CAGNY - DEMOUVILLE - LE BAS DE RANVILLE.  Recognition sigs.  Cars will be flying BLUE pennants from aerials.  If shot at, cars will display YELLOW celanese triangles and fire yellow smoke.  6 Airborne Div tps will display yellow triangles in reply, but NOT so as to disclose their posns to the enemy.  After identification cars will be guided to Div HQ direct.

    (e) 6 Airborne Div with under comd 1 SS Bde, lands before H hr and denies to the enemy the use of the area between R ORNE and R DIVES NORTH of rd TROARN 1667 - SANNERVILLE 1367 - COLOMBELLES 0770, and attacks and delays enemy rfts moving towards CAEN from EAST and S.E.

    (f) 3 Para Bde lands at P minus 4 hrs 30 mins with the following tasks:-

        i. Demolish the brs over R DIVES in and NORTH of TROARN 1668.

        ii. Capture or neutralize bty at 156775 by H minus 60 mins.

        iii. Hold the high ground TROARN - X rds 1472.

    (g) 5 Para Bde with under comd D Coy and two Pls B Coy 2 OXF BUCKS, lands at P minus 5 hrs with the following tasks:-

        i. Capture intact if possible the brs at BENOUVILLE 098748 and RANVILLE 104746.

        ii. Secure the area BENOUVILLE, RANVILLE, and LE BAS DE RANVILLE.

        iii. Capture or neutralize enemy bty at 107765.

        iv. Recce to COLOMBELLES 0770 - CUVERVILLE 1069 - X rds 123706.

        On completion of task i D Coy and two pls B Coy 2 OXF BUCKS come into Bde res in area wood 105740.

    (h) 1 SS Bde lands on QUEEN sector at H plus 30 min and moves through BENOUVILLE and RANVILLE to clear the coastal area as shown on Trace P att.

    (j) Armd Recce Gp under comd Col RG PARKER and composed of Armd Recce Regt, 211 Bty 53 (WY) Airldg Lt Regt, one tp 3 Airldg A Tk Bty (by sea), and A Coy 12 DEVON, lands on LZ N and W at 2100 hrs D Day.  Conc area is NE of orchard 124732, and task is to form a small firm base outside 6 Airborne Div area, and thence to carry out deep recce to SE.

    (k) Additional Tps.

        i. under comd    three secs 195 Airldg Fd Amb

           under comd for air movement only    Armd Recce Gp, 195 Airldg Fd Amb less three secs, misc adm tpt

           under comd on arrival of Bde in area of ops    3 Airldg A Tk Bty, 4 Airldg A Tk Bty, a Para Bn of 5 Para Bde.

           in Sp    FOO and FOB parties

        ii. 12 DEVON and sea-borne elements move by sea under comd 3 Brit and 3 Cdn Divs, reverting to comd on arrival EAST of RANVILLE.

    (l) 6 Airldg Bde is holding the area LONGUEVAL - STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE - LE BAS DE RANVILLE and is:-

        i. Denying to the enemy the SOUTH and EAST approaches to the river and Canal Crossings at RANVILLE and BENOUVILLE.

        ii. Providing a firm base from which 6 Airborne Div can operate offensively in the area between R ORNE and R DIVES.

    (m) 2 OXF BUCKS is seizing and holding the area ESCOVILLE.

    (n) 12 DEVON is relieving 12 Para Bn in the area Wood 103720 - LE BAS DE RANVILLE.

3. Ground.

    See Air Phs and Models.


    1.R.U.R. with under Comd one sec 195 Fd Amb (Airldg) will seize and hold the area LONGUEVAL - STE HONORINE.


    Movement from Concentration Area to Airfd Transit Camps.

    See 1.R.U.R. Base Admn Instr Nos.1 and 2.


No. of A/C.


1 - 35.


Nos of



Take Off Airfd








Time of

Take Off.

Z-2 hrs 23 min.

Z-2 hrs 20 min.

Time of




        Z.  Time of landing of first Glider.

    Loading.  Gliders will be ready for loading at 1000 hrs D-2.  Loading will be completed by last light D-2.

    Emplaning.  Gliders will be ready for emplaning one hour before take off.  Emplaning completed 30 mins before take off.


    As already issued.


    The op will be carried out in two phases:-

    (a) Phase I.  Movement from LZ to Conc Area.

    (b) Phase II.  Occupation of the posn with:-

        D Coy. in area just SOUTH of LONGUEVAL.

        A Coy. in area SW boundary of STE HONORINE.

        B Coy. in Southern and SE boundary of STE HONORINE.

        C Coy. in area NORTH and NE boundary of STE HONORINE.


Phase I.


9. (a) Tps.  All Coys and under comd one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb.

    (b) LZ "N" at 2100 hrs and 2156 hrs.

    (c) Bn RV and Conc Area WOOD 105733.

    (d) Route to Conc Area 111739 - X Rds 105734.  Check point will be est at X Rds 111739.

    (e) Coy localities in conc area:-

        A Coy SOUTH Corner of WOOD 104731.

        Recce Pl with A Coy.

        B Coy 105733.

        C Coy 106738.

        D Coy X rds 106734.

        A/Tk Coy - Support Coy - Bn.HQ WOOD 106734.

    (f) No move from here until orders received from Bn.HQ.

10. Mine Clearance.

    (a) Rds shown on map "A" with dots are clear of mines, but all other tracks and roads may be mined by enemy or own tps.

    (b) Coys are responsible for mine clearance in other conc areas.

    (c) See para 24 below.


Phase II.


11. Phase II will only be carried out, if enemy opposition is slight or non-existent in the STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE area.  1.R.U.R. must be prepared for two eventualities:-

    (a) If orders for Phase II are confirmed to move with maximum speed to their objectives.

    (b) If orders for Phase II are cancelled, R Gp will move at once to Bde H.Q. remainder of Bn to be prepared to move in any direction at immediate notice.

12. Move from Conc Area to Bn Locality.

    The Bn will move from conc area to Bn locality in the open drill fmn.  Order of March A B C D Coys.

13. Recce pl will report the following bounds clear:-

    (1) Rd and hedge junc. 102724.  Code Word FOX.

    (2) Rd and Wood junc. 098714.  Code Word GLOVES.

    (3) X Rds 097711.  Code Word DANDY.

    (4) SOUTH corner of Wood 094708.  Code Word LIONS.



14. A Coy.

    Tasks (1) To seize and hold the area SW corner of STE HONORINE.  Locality will include:- X rds 093712, Rd and Wood junc 094710, Corner of Wood 095712.

    (2) Prevent enemy penetration into locality from SW and WEST.

    (3) Defence of A/Tk guns in Coy locality.

15. B Coy.

    Tasks (1) To seize and hold the area SOUTH and SE of the STE HONORINE locality.  The locality will include:- Rd and Wood junc 094708, Rd junc 097707, SOUTH and NORTH edges of orchard 098706, NE corner of Wood 096709.

    (2) Prevent enemy penetration into locality from SOUTH and SE.

    (3) Defence of A/Tk. guns in Coy locality.

16. C Coy.

    Tasks (1) To seize and hold the area EAST and NE of the STE HONORINE locality.  The locality will include:- Corner of hedge 099708, Rd Junc 099712, Rd and Wood Junc 098714, EAST corner of Wood 098711.

    (2) Prevent enemy penetration into locality from EAST and NE.

    (3) Defence of A/Tk guns in locality.

17. D Coy.

    Tasks (1) To seize and hold area SOUTH of LONGUEVAL locality will include:- Rd junc 085715, Small Wood 086716, Corner of Wood 087716, X Rds 086718.

    (2) Prevent enemy approaching from SOUTH and using covered approach along river bank.

    (3) Defence of A/Tk. guns in locality.

    (4) Cover minefield.

18. Covering Troops.

    One Pl A Coy will hold area of X rds 098708 facing SW and SOUTH.  This Pl will remain in this locality Day and Night and will form a Standing Patrol.  See para 19(e).


    (a) Inter Bn patrol bdy - road running between junction points 111716 - 105694 - 103676.

    (b) Limit of Recce Patrol will be X rds 066683 - MONDEVILLE 073672 - X rds 103671.

    (c) Further tasks for Recce Pl patrols will be issued later.  Recce Pl will not move out before dawn D+1.

    (d) Coy recce patrol areas as shown on Map "B".

    (e) Standing Patrols. A Coy will detail the following Standing Patrols:-

        (1) One Pl at X rds 089708.  Tasks (a) observation of ground SOUTH of STE HONORINE. (b) harass enemy approaching high ground from SOUTH SE and SW.  This party will not remain until last man last round but will delay enemy as long as possible.  On withdrawal this Pl will make for area 095715.

        (2) One small post with LMG at corner of Wood 095715.  Tasks (a) Defence of A/Tk gun in locality. (b) cover road running from NE into locality. (c) cover NORTH and WEST edges of Wood.



20. M.M.G.

    (a) Tasks as shown on Map "A" and Map "B".

    (b) Areas:- One sec in "C" locality.  One sec on reverse slope of hill with A Coy Standing Patrol at 089708.  One sec SOUTH Corner of Wood 095708.  One sec Orchard 098707.

21. A.Tk.

    Lay out of 6 Pdr A.Tk. Guns as shown on Map "A".

22. 3" Mortars.

    (a) Coy 3" Mortar Dets less D Coy Det will come under Bn. control and will report to the Mortar Officer immediately on arrival in the locality.

    (b) Tasks for night D/D plus 1.  S.O.S.

        i. Area X Rds 086703 - bend in track 090700.

        ii. Line of track 107706 - Rd. Junc 106704.

    (c) DF Tasks  The following are provisional DF Tasks for D plus 1:-

        i. S.O.S. task No.1.

        ii. North of CUVERVILLE 105695.

        iii. WOOD 090697.

        iv. S.O.S. task No.ii.

23. Minefields (Brit).

    (a) Rds in Bde areas may be temporarily blocked but blocks in routes shown will be arranged so that traffic can easily pass after examination.

    (b) A.P. Minefields will be sited in areas 099735 and 113749 by R.E. 6 Airborne Div to block approaches from NORTH and SOUTH.  Lanes through these minefields will be marked.

    (c) The following minefields will be laid by 1.R.U.R.

        (1) From rd junc 085715 due WEST to river.  Pioneer Pl will be responsible for laying and recording this minefield.  Mk.5 mines to be drawn from Div Dump on orders from Bn.H.Q.  300 mines required.  This minefield will be considered as PRIORITY.

        (2) Mk.5 mines will also be laid on the following Rds:-

            (i) Immediately NE of Rd Junc 092708.  A Coy will be responsible for laying and recording this Minefield.

            (ii) Immediately EAST of Rd Junc 092708.  B Coy will be responsible for laying and recording this minefield.

            Mk.5 mines will be drawn from Div Dump on order from Bn. H.Q.  150 Mines for each Block.  Det from R.E. 6 Air Div. may be available for help and advice.  These Minefields will be considered as Priority 2.

        (3) A.P. Mines if available and booby traps will be laid along NORTHERN and WESTERN edge of Wood at 095715.  C Coy will be responsible for NORTHERN edge A Coy WESTERN.

        (4) The following roads will also be blocked by any available means.

            Rd and Wood junc 095715.

            NW - SW and SE approaches to X rds 092713.

            Rd junc 097708.

            Rd and hedge junc 100712.

            Rd and Wood junc 098714 - Necklace of 75 grenades only.  This road to be left open unless directly threatened.

24. Minefields (Enemy).

    (a) Location of all minefields found will be reported to Bn.HQ. immediately.

    (b) Standard red and white gap signs will be used.  Cleared carriage ways of rds will be marked by prs of gap signs every 200 yds.  Cleared verges will be marked every 400 yds by notice boards, and with the gap signs moved out accordingly.  Verges will be cleared to 10 ft width only, and RIGHT verges cleared in PRIORITY to LEFT.

25. Counter Attack.

    C Coy will be prepared to C/A any Coy locality except D Coy.  Code Word for C/A A Coy locality PETER.  Code Word for C/A B Coy locality ROBINSON.  Should C Coy locality become threatened A Coy will be prepared to C/A - Code Word GAMAGES.

26. Priority of Tasks.

    1. Digging weapon pits.

    2. Laying of minefields and erection of road blocks.

    3. Wiring Defensive localities.

    4. Camouflage.

    5. Laying of A.P. Mines and Booby Traps as stated in para 23(c)(3).



27. Div Dump.

    Div Dump will be established on D+1 in Wood 109730.


    (a) Each man will carry the following:-

Emergency ration

24 hr Ration (incl 20 cigs)

Tommy Cocker (Hexamine Type)

Water Sterilizing Outfit.

Packet Chewing Gum

Box of Matches

- 1

- 2

- 1

- 1

- 2 ) To be supplied

- 1 ) by P.R.I.

    Under no circs will the above be broken into until after landing.

    (b) All Airborne personnel will have a fatless meal at Transit Camp before take-off.  Efforts are being made to obtain sweets for the journey.

    (c) Hot Tea will be supplied in Gliders before landing.  (See Base Adm Instr No.2)

    (d) All ranks will be instructed that the Emergency Ration will NOT be opened without the ORDER of an OFFICER.

    (e) 14 Man Compo Packs and cookers will be available Evening D+1.

28. Water.

    (a) Every man will land with his Water Bottle full.

    (b) Water will be provided in gliders to ensure that tps do not use their water bottles during flight.

    (c) No local water will be used until passed by the M.O. as fit and free from chemical poisons.  It will then be sterilized before use.


    (e) Every Jeep will carry 2 gall water cans.

    (f) The Bn 15 cwt water cart will probably be available evening D+1.

    (g) All Ranks must be warned as to the necessity for conservation of water, particularly during the initial stages of the operation.

29. Amn.

    (a) Hard Scale amn will be taken, with amendments already notified.

    (b) Normal supply thereafter.

30. POL.

    (a) Holdings on ldg will be as follows:-

        By Air ALL vehicle and m/c tanks will be full.


    (c) The greatest care must be taken in sealing all petrol tanks before loading Vehicles.

    (d) Thereafter normal supply.

31. Tpt.

    (a) All available local tpt will be requisitioned and pooled under Div arrangements.

    (b) M.T.O. will arrange for 20 Jeeps and single trailers to report to Div Tpt Park on track along NORTH edge of Div Dump Wood entrance being from WEST.

    (c) Vehicles by Air.  Hard scale with the additions already notified.

    (d) Loads and Trailers by Air.  Hard scale.  Under no circs will the laid down loads be exceeded, and Os.C. Coys will ensure that they are correct before loading.

    (e) Tasks.  Os.C. Coys and Pls will ensure that the sixteen maintenance tasks are carried out on all vehicles with 48 hrs of ldg.

32. ORD.

    (a) Ord stores will be limited during the early stages of the op.

    (b) Two Tons DW Bn G.1098 stores will arrive approx D plus 3.

    (c) Blankets.  One blanket per man will be delivered to the Div Maint Area on D + 3.

    (d) Lifebelts.  These will be carried to the conc area and dumped under supervision of O.C. S Coy.

    (e) Laundry.  Until laundries are established or local contracts made, individuals will carry out their own washing.  An initial issue of 2 ozs of soap per 14 days per man will be made for this purpose.

33. Medical.

    (a) R.A.P. will be located in Wood 096712.

    (b) M.D.S. will be est in area 1073.  Exact location will be notified in Field.

    (c) EVERY VEHICLE taking part in the operation will carry two stretchers.

    (d) Sanitation.  ONLY PROPERLY CONSTRUCTED LATRINES WILL BE USED.  These will all be carefully signposted and properly filled in when no longer to be used.

    (e) General.  It is IMPERATIVE that the rules of Hygiene are very carefully complied with from the outset, otherwise casualties heavier than by enemy action will result.  This has been fully demonstrated in every phase of the war, and every Officer and N.C.O. must make it his personal business to see that all offenders are severely dealt with.

34. Repair and Rec.

    All crocks and defective equipment will be centralized at unit rec posts.  Location to be notified by M.T.O.  Bde detachments will backload to collecting points.  Location of collection points will be notified in the Field.

35. Tools.

    Spare picks and shovels will be carried by M.T. Pl and will be issued in Bn Area by C.Q.M.S. "S" Coy.



36. H.Q.

    (a) Bn.H.Q. will be located at Wood 096711.

    (b) HQ 6 A.L. Bde lands at 2100 hrs D Day on LZ N and moves thence to 105736.  On capture of STE HONORINE and ESCOVILLE H.Q. moves to fm 119721.

37. Security.

    (a) No offr or OR will emplane with any documents relating to the op.  All tps will be physically searched by an offr.  Offrs will be searched by other offrs appointed by Transit Camp Security Offrs.

    (b) Map Ref Keys, Code Signs and SLIDEX keys will only be carried by Sig Offr who will issue them when HQ is established.  Cursors will be made out only after ldg.

    (c) On no account will maps be marked showing disposns of own tps or weapons or any suggestion of operational details.

    (d) Offrs will carry A.F.B.-2606A and A.B. 439.  O.Rs. will carry A.B.

    (e) No personal papers or letters may be carried.  Studio portrait phs may be carried if they do not bear the name or address of photographer.

38. Sig Comns, Map Ref Codes, Code Names.

    To be issued later.

39. Passwords.

    Will be notified daily.

40. Recognition.

    (a) Ground to Air.  Yellow celanese strips.  Ground strips.  Yellow smoke when called for by aircraft firing yellow & white verey lights.

    (b) Ground to Ground.  Yellow celanese triangles will be displayed when identification is in doubt or in answer to a similar display.

41. S.O.S. One RED flare.  Coy Comdrs and Pl. Comdrs at 089707 will send up S.O.S.



Time of Sig. 1200.

[Signed Carson] Lt-Col.

Comd. 1.R.U.R.



Appendix 'D'

The Attack on Ste Honorine 7th June 44


On the 7th June 44 A & B Coys were ordered to attack Ste Honorine, crossing the start line at 1140.  With A Coy left - objective + Road 098713, B Coy right.


The attack was preceded by Arty and Mortar concentration which finished at 1140 hrs.  At this time the Coy under cover of a 2" Mortar smoke screen crossed the start line, as the screen lifted the Coy came under heavy Mortar and L.M.G. fire from the orchard and houses, causing casualties.


The Coy continued to advance and crossed the road.  The right Pls entering the orchard through a hole in the wall and again came under heavy LMG and sniper fire grenades were also thrown at them from positions in the orchard, they pushed on toward the objective suffering more casualties as they went, until they came under fire from tanks and S.P. guns.  During this time the left Pls were trying to move round North of the orchard but came under heavy [possibly SA] and sniper fire and were pinned to the ground, the fwd Pl then [?] at hedge row approx 097714.


During this time "B" Coy on the right were also in difficulties and in conjunction with O.C. B Coy [decided?] as [he?] had no means of communication to Bn H.Q. to withdraw to Longueval.



Appendix 'J'


British and Canadian Soldiers!

Do you know what's going on in England?

Since June 15th Germany's new terrific weapons are in action against London and Southern England.  London is in flames for days now.  If you don't believe go on the hills nearby and look for yourselves.  At night you can observe the great fire.  Or ask your people at home.  They can tell you in their letters, that is if your Government will permit them which we doubt.  They have belittled our decisive action but at the same time they have put in force a new and stricter censorship on outgoing letters and reports.

They don't want you to know the truth.



Appendix 'L'

6th/7th Landing and Attack on St HONORINE


The take off from both airfields in England went smoothly and there was no hitch either with tug aircraft or gliders which might have necessitated their substitution by one of the reserve loads held in readiness.


The flight across the channel was uneventful, although at times inclined to be rather bumpy.  The weather was fine and ample evidence was available to reassure all concerned that the RAF fighter cover was very considerable.  By about 2045 hrs the Coast of France could be clearly seen and it was not a long time before the R. ORNE and Canal could be recognised.  On crossing the Coast it was evident that a certain amount of "flak" was being thrown up, but it all appeared to be of the light variety and there were only a few indications that it was inflicting casualties either to tug aircraft or gliders.  At 2100 hrs - six minutes before the appointed time - the first glider touched down.  The majority of landings were comparatively smooth in spite of many wooden poles which were planted all over the LZ but insufficient to interfere in any way with the unloading and concentration of the Battalion.


All glider loads experienced considerable difficulty in removing the tail unit and hence unloading was rather slow.  It did not appear that gliders had been modified in the same manner as those on which instruction was carried out at Netheravon.  However, by using saws axes and other suitable implements, most tails were eventually removed and the Battalion concentrated South of RANVILLE.


At this stage the Bn had sustained only one casualty - considerable less than the actual casualties usually sustained on an exercise.  Certainly a remarkable achievement and a great credit to [the men?] and glider pilots.  The only casualty was caused after landing to mortar fire.


On reaching the concentration area the Commanding Officer (Lieut-Col RJ Carson) went to Bde HQ in order to obtain the latest information.  The original [plan?] envisaged the Battalion 2 i/c (Major J. Drummond) landing with advanced Div HQ on the night of D-1 and being well in picture when the Bn arrived.  This was not to be [as?] the glider made a forced landing at WORTHING at 0300 hrs and the 2 i/c returned to the Bn in time to take part in the rather trivial excitement of taking off for the invasion twice within 24 hrs.


Information received from Bde HQ showed that the Bn's main objective (St HONORINE) was held and that ring Contour 30 to the NORTH of the village was also held.  It was also reported that the enemy were in occupation of LONGUEVAL (D Coy's objective).  The Bn was ordered to remain in the concentration area until further orders were received.  These were received at 2345 hrs when it was decided to seize the area of "hill 30".


C Coy (Major F.R.A. Hynds) was ordered to seize this high ground and by 0200 hrs the objective was reported occupied without having encountered any opposition.  The enemy who had been in this locality had apparently withdrawn to the area of St HONORINE.


At 0200 hrs the Bn received orders to carry out the original intention of seizing and holding St HONORINE and LONGUEVAL.  Placed in support of the Bn was one Fd Bty, one Lt Bty with additional call on the cruiser HMS ARETHUSA for fire support on St HONORINE.


The plan for the capture of LONGUEVAL was briefly as follows - C Coy and one pl MMG to remain on hill 30 as fire Company.  The mortars (less C Coy mortars which were in position on hill 30) to get into position South of RANVILLE and support the attack.  The Bn 2i/c was ordered to co-ordinate the fire support and contact the F.O.Os and F.O.B. on hill 30.  The remainder of the Bn to carry out a right flanking attack on LONGUEVAL with B on the right A left and D support A Coy.  Zero hour for the attack 0900 hrs.


The Bn moved to the FUP without incident.  In the meantime life on hill 30 was full of incident.  C Coy, which had of necessity occupied hastily prepared positions in the dark, was in full view of the enemy from St HONORINE.  The range was about 1200 yards - very suitable for mortars and SP guns which opened up a heavy and relentless fire.  A number of casualties were sustained.  The FOO from the Fd Regt was contacted but was uncertain if he would have completed ranging by Z-15 minutes.  The FOO from the Lt Regt was later contacted some distance away but stated that he could not reach hill 30 owing to the intense fire.  The FOB with a call on HMS ARETHUSA was present on hill 30 but stated that (a) his wireless could not get through to the control ship and (b) that in any event he considered fire support from the Cruiser was most unlikely to be forthcoming as too many calls were already being made from other F.O.Bs.  (A) The Bn mortar Officer forward in observation of hill 30 ranged his mortars and was prepared to fire on time.


Little need be said regarding the actual infantry attack on LONGUEVAL as the locality was not held by the enemy and the Bn walked straight in.


The Bn commander now decided to attack St HONORINE forthwith leaving C Coy on hill 30 and D Coy (Major AJ Dyball) in occupation of LONGUEVAL - the assault to be carried out with A & B Coys (Maj CE Vickery and Major GP Rickcord).  Orders for the attack were received on hill 30 by wireless.  Zero hour was given as 1100 hrs.  The fire plan consisted of mortar concentrations on forward edges of St HONORINE from Z-15 minutes to Z and artillery concentration from 2-3 minutes to Z to Z+2 minutes.


The fire plan was put into effect as ordered but zero hour passed and there was no sign of the infantry advancing towards St HONORINE.  At 1110 hrs information was received at hill 30 that zero hour had been postponed.  This had become unavoidable as, owing to the instructions given by the Brigade Commander that the attack on St HONORINE should be carried out with the least possible delay, an overoptimistic estimate had been given and sub-units had not been allowed sufficient time for preparation and the giving out of orders.  As it was, even with the postponed zero hour to 1215 hrs B Coy went into the attack deficient of one platoon which was unable to reach the FUP in time.  The postponement of zero hour also seriously affected the fire plan, as the mortars and MMGs had expended almost all their ammunition and there was now little time for replenishment.  Determined efforts were, however, made by the mortar Officer and a small supply of ammunition was obtained.  During all this time C Coy was still under continuous fire from FERDINAND (88mm S.P. gun) and mortars and their casualties had not been light.  A short time before zero hour seven enemy 75mm SP guns (thought at that time to be tanks by all concerned) were seen from hill 30 to be moving from the NE towards St HONORINE.  This information was sent by wireless, with all speed, to Bn HQ but, owing to an unfortunate breakdown in communications, never reached the Commanding Officer.


Under cover of smoke A & B Coys advanced from the FUP across open ground towards St HONORINE.  The enemy position was penetrated but heavy MMG and artillery fire from SP guns inflicted considerable casualties and it was obvious that a very gallant attempt by these Coys, supported only by very slender artillery and MMG fire, could not succeed.  A & B Coys were forced to fall back on LONGUEVAL and the Commanding Officer, who had arrived at hill 30, gave instructions for C Coy to withdraw from that position and concentrate with the remainder of the Bn in the defence of LONGUEVAL.


June 7th/14th LONGUEVAL.


Appx 'A'

6 Airldg Bde Propaganda OO Order No.1

Text of POLISH and GERMAN Addresses



"Men of Poland!  We call upon you to join us in the fight against the NAZI tyranny, which we and our mighty Allies are now destroying.  In Africa and in Italy, Poles have fought and are fighting for Freedom against the filthy Hun, and have shown in battle the qualities of your ancient race.  We know that you are not in the NAZI army as volunteers, and we know the difficulties of escape, but many of your POLISH comrades have come over to our lines in safety.  They have been treated well and separated from the German prisoners.  You will get the same treatment, as soon as you declare yourselves Poles.  Your duty is clear:-

    First: Escape NOW to the BRITISH lines.

    Second: If you cannot do that, let yourself be taken prisoner.

    Third: If all else fails and you cannot get away, shoot high over the heads of British Troops.

Listen for our broadcasts, and if a chance comes to escape from your present bondage, seize it with both hands."



"GERMAN soldiers.  For five years you have fought well in France, in Russia, in Africa and in Italy.  You have conquered most of Europe.  What has it gained you?  Your German cities are hammered from the air by day and by night, your armies are retreating in Italy.  75,000 German casualties was the price you paid in Cherbourg.  40,000 of you are prisoners in Normandy - and in the East it will not be long now before the people of East Prussia and Eastern Germany hear the thunder of the Russian guns - now only 110 miles from the Fatherland.  In the last three weeks we have killed or captured 18 German Generals in Normandy and in Russia, and now your Commander in the West, Von Runstedt, has been sacked!  The outlook for you is a gloomy one.  Our superiority in men and equipment is immense, we are attacking you from four sides - WEST, EAST, SOUTH and from above.  Give it up.  Surrender or escape to our lines now.  You will be treated correctly in strict accordance with the Geneva Convention.  DO NOT WAIT.  COME OVER NOW."



Appx 'G'

6 Airldg Bde Propaganda OO Order No.2

Text of POLISH and GERMAN Addresses



Men of Poland!  Since we last spoke to you more of your countrymen have thrown off the yoke of the Hun and braving the difficulties of escape, have come over to join the Armies of Freedom.  With us they have received good treatment, as will all Poles who join us and declare their nationality.  Pressed against your will into Nazi service, as you are, we know that you have not yet forgotten your nationality, and we also know that you are searching for an opportunity to escape.  Remember your simple duty:-

    First: Escape now to the British lines.

    Second: If you cannot escape, surrender at the first opportunity.

    Third: If forced to fire on British tps, shoot high.

Listen to these broadcasts, and if any chance comes to get away from the Germans, seize it!



German soldiers!  We have told you of Germany's present encirclement and of the mighty armies and air-fleets closing in on the Fatherland from WEST, EAST, SOUTH and from the German sky itself.  That encirclement goes on, only now the ring is slowly tightening.  In the West German prisoners now number 64,000 - 24,000 more than when we last spoke to you.  In the East the Russians are past VILNA and the first German soil is only 90 miles away.  In the SOUTH the armies of Kesselring are putting up a stubborn, but a vain resistance - and the bombs are still going down on German factories, German railways and German industry.  You saw the bombers over German troops in CAEN, and you will see and feel them again and again until this war is ended.  Think it over.  Can you win this war? or is it better to recognise that inevitable, and to yield yourselves to us as prisoners of war.  Listen to the words of Lt Gen BAMMLER, who has surrendered to our Allies at MOGILEV.  He said:-


"German Generals are given impossible tasks, and when the inevitable failure takes place they are made the scapegoat and are either dismissed like Rundstedt or Von Mackenson or, as in the case of Lt Gen Schaefner, are degraded to the rank of Private.  The German general has no independence or judgement left to him.  He blindly carries out the order of the German High Command, whose only purpose is to protract a lost war at the cost of unheard of losses.  I appeal to all generals and other officers of the German Army to surrender before it is too late and the fate of Rundstedt and Schaefner befalls them."


We told you last time that 18 German generals had been killed or captured since the beginning of our invasion.  Here are their names.  Listen carefully.

Col Gen Freidrich DOLLMAN

Gen of Arty Erich MARCKS


Lt Gen Werner RICHTER

Maj Gen Fritz WITT

Maj Gen Wilhelm FALLEY


Lt Gen Wilhelm von SCHLIEHEN


Comd Seventh Army

"         84 Corps

"         OST LEGIONEN

"         716 Inf Div

"         12 SS Pz Div

"         91 Inf Div

"         77 Inf Div

"         CHERBOURG Dist












Appx 'K'

6 Airldg Bde Propaganda OO Order No.4

Text of POLISH and GERMAN Addresses



German soldiers!  Late last night Adolf Hitler broadcast to the GERMAN people announcing an attempt on his life by a clique of German Army officers, and declared that this was part of an attempt to overthrow the present NAZI Government.  He appealed to the German people for loyalty and support against all such revolts.  Field Marshal GOERING and Admiral DOENITZ then addressed the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine respectively, warning them to beware of false or forged orders, and calling on them to remain loyal to their present leaders.  And so at last the first big crack in the German War Machine has appeared!  Last time the end was foreshadowed by the Fleet mutiny at KIEL and the Communist riots in BERLIN.  This time it is the Army, the ancient pride and boast of the German people, that the first sign of strain has appeared.  The officers who have thus tried to show their realisation that the War outlook is hopeless, failed in their attempt to wrest power from the NAZI SS tyranny, and have paid for their failure by being shot by the Gestapo.  The Gestapo chief, Himmler, is now Commander in Chief of the Fatherland in name as well as in fact, as the SS are now the real rulers of Germany.  We look forward to the next step in the break-up of the German fighting forces - civil war between the Army and the Waffen SS.  The crushing superiority in arms, equipment and men of the Allies becomes daily more evident; the number of German bodies strewn about the fields of Normandy grows daily greater; the Russians draw ever closer to the German frontier - and still the bombs rain down on the Ruhr, Hamburg, Munchen, Berlin and many another German city.  Faced in front by the bombs and bullets of the Allies, menaced in rear by the threat of a Russian invasion of Germany, and now uncertain of orders from your own Generals, what hope is there for you?  Now is the time for decision.  Cut short this useless struggle against overwhelming odds, avoid the useless suffering of wounds or death which daily threaten you, and exchange the squalor and danger of your rain-sodden trenches for the safety and warmth of a British PW Camp.  70,000 Germans, now our prisoners, will see Germany again in peace time.  Will you?



Poles!  Germany Army officers have made an unsuccessful attempt to kill Adolf Hitler, and there is much concern amongst the Nazis over the reliability of the German Army High Command.  This first sign of strain in the German War Machine does not mean its immediate collapse, but it does mean that many high ranking officers have realised the folly of fighting any further against the Allies.  The end is now in sight.  Your task must now be to get away from the German Army, before its final defeat, and before you become involved in the horror and shambles inseparable from a defeated Army.  Leave your wet and dangerous trenches, and come over to the dry, warm and well-fed safety of a British PW camp.  We know that you are in the German Army against your will, and we guarantee you good treatment as soon as you surrender to us.  Come in out of the rain now.  Leave the bombs, shells, wounds and death to those who are too stupid to face the facts.



Appx 'D'

Report on Shoot on TRIANGLE WOOD with 6 Pdr


Time [?]30 - 1800

No. of rds fired 9.

Range 1100 yds.

Object To investigate the feasibility of engaging targets with 6 pdr HE amn, at long ranges.


Firing was carried out from A Coy area on the South-East side of the Chateau.  One APC BC round was used for ranging on a small red roofed house or barn, part of which was visible in TRIANGLE WOOD.  It is thought that this building may serve as an O.P.


After a range correction on the opening round 8 HE rds were fired, 7 of which were seen to hit the roof with considerable explosions and displacement of tiles and masonry.


After the first round approx eight hostile mortar bombs fell in the field between A coy and C coy standing patrol.  It is not considered that these rounds were connected in any way with the firing of the 6 pr. gun.  No small arms or other fire was directed at the gun during the shoot which owing to a [pinned round?] took some time.  About 1810 approx 6 hostile mortar bombs fell in the area of A coy and the gun position.  This was a general "stonk" going on by both sides at the time and these bombs were probably NOT directed purposely at the 6 pr which must have been invisible to enemy in TRIANGLE WOOD.



Appx 'E'

1.R.U.R. Patrol Report 5/6 Aug 1944


"B" Coy Standing Patrol

Posn. S.W. Corner of DEVON ORCHARD.

Report. No enemy movement was observed during the day.  At 0220 hrs small arms and automatic fire was heard from enemy post at NE Corner of DEVON ORCHARD.  At 0530 hrs enemy fire reported from NW Corner of DEVON ORCHARD directed towards area of 2 OXF BUCKS.


"C" Coy Standing Patrol

Posn. 143738.

Report. Nothing to report during the day.  A few bursts of fire during the night in the direction of BUGLE CORNER.  At 0355 hrs sounds of H.D. Vehicles were heard from direction of TRIANGLE WOOD.


Situation Report

1. Enemy mortaring during the day was on rather an increased scale.


2. As few opportunities have occurred for firing 6 Pdr Guns it was decided to do some firing and investigate the possibilities of engaging targets with HE ammunition at long ranges.  Firing was carried out from the area SE of the Chateau.  The target selected was a red roofed house or barn in TRIANGLE WOOD thought to be used as an enemy OP.  One A.P.C.B.C. round was used for ranging.  After a range correction on the opening round 8 HE rounds were fired, seven of which were seen to hit the roof with considerable explosions and displacement of tiles and masonry.


3. During the night, two GERMAN prisoners were captured.  The circumstances under which they were taken is shown in the following statement by the Pl Comd responsible for their capture.  (Lieut. D. McGrath).


"At about 2355 hrs while visiting my sentries I thought I detected a slight sound from the direction of the wire in front of my Pl posn.  One of the sentries and myself watched the spot very carefully and thought we could make out the dim outline of figures crawling along the wire.  The figures stopped and then disappeared in the mist.  I left the sentry to cover the spot with his bren while I got the remainder of the Pl to "stand to".  As far as I could make out there were only two or three men there, so taking Cpl. Reed and three men I went round the outside of the wire and crept towards the spot where I had last seen the men.  When about 15 yards away I saw the men lying close to the ground.  I got the Section to advance on them and thinking perhaps they intended to surrender I said not to shoot.  One of the men fired at us as we closed with them and my Section returned fire wounding one man in the chest.  The other man rolled over and pretended to be dead but when I lifted his rifle he stood up and put his hands up.  I sent him back to Coy HQ immediately and sent for a stretcher for the wounded man."



Appx 'F'

Interrogation of PW


The following is an extract from Interrogation Report on Cpl [?]HART 7 Coy 857 GR, who was captured at approx 141740 at 0100 hrs 4 Aug 44.


ENEMY DISPOSNS (See att sketch)

PW states that on left of 7 Coy is 11 Coy and on right of them are 6 and 5 Coys 857 GR.  Bdy between 7 and 11 Coy, line of hedge 145736.



(a)                          7 Coy (Lt SCHULZ)



                    ¦                                                    ¦

                  1 PL                                             2 PL (Cpl GABRIEL)



                                                      ¦            ¦            ¦            ¦

                                                   5 Sec    6 Sec    7 Sec    8 Sec

PW i/c 7 Sec


(b) Each sec 7 men.  Coy str approx 80.


(c) Each sec 1 MG 34.  PW states no HMG in Coy area.  He did not know of any mortar posns in his pl locality.



PW states that during the night his sec stood to all the time; during daytime he had one man on LMG and the others rested.  Food which was ample was brought up at varying times, lately at 2100 hrs.  There was no drinking water available locally.  SAA was plentiful.