Rifleman Charles Feeney


Unit : "B" Company, 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles

Service No. : 6984231

Awards : Military Medal


On 7th June 1944 "B" Company of the unit under my command of which Rifleman Feeney is a member, was taking part in an attack on Sainte Honorine. Throughout the early stages of the attack Rifleman Feeney's bearing and coolness were an inspiration to other members of his Platoon. After arriving at a wood on the edge of the objective the Platoon Commander and Rifleman Feeney had moved approximately 30 yards into the wood when they were pinned down by enemy snipers. In order to cover the movement of the Platoon to a flank Rifleman Feeney continually exposed himself without regard for his personal safety in order to throw 77 Grenades where they would be most advantageous. As the Platoon moved to a flank he remained behind in order to assist a wounded man from the area. This he did under heavy enemy mortar fire from the wood and over 400 yards of open country. His coolness and courage were an inspiration to his Platoon throughout the operation.


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