Rifleman John Gilliland


Unit : "C" Company, 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles

Service No. : 3853060

Awards : Military Medal


Rifleman Gilliland is a stretcher bearer attached to a Company of the unit under my command. On 7th June 1944, the Battalion attacked Sainte Honorine and the Platoon with which Rifleman Gilliland was working was held up by heavy machine gun and mortar fire and suffered several casualties. Showing complete disregard for his own personal safety Rifleman Gilliland continued to render first aid to wounded, and to assist in their evacuation although exposed to heavy fire from enemy machine guns and snipers. When the Company in question was forced to withdraw, Rifleman Gilliland continued to show great gallantry in searching for and aiding casualties although still under heavy enemy machine gun fire.


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