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An aerial reconnaissance photograph of Stalag Luft III An aerial photo of the North Compound, showing the positions of the escape tunnels Stalag Luft III A watchtower overlooking Stalag Luft III Prisoners walking around the perimeter in the Exercise Area

A typical barrack hut in use at Stalag Luft III German officers of Stalag Luft III A guard patrols the perimeter fence One of the first groups of US airmen arrive at the camp British prisoners being moved from the East to the North Compound

Roll call Typical living and sleeping conditions Guards talking to some prisoners Scoring, on Sports Day Prisoners crowd at the perimeter fence

Australians on Anzac Day, 25th April 1944



A "Penguin", dispersing tunnel dirt around the compound One of the air pumps used to ventilate the tunnels The air ducts used to ventilate the tunnels Forged documents produced at Stalag Luft III Money and other items hoarded for escape attempts

Wire cutters and a compass hidden inside a book A "Wanted" poster, published in the aftermath of the Great Escape. Walter Morison and Lorne Welch, who tried to escape dressed as guards An American, Major Johnny Dodge, recaptured on one of his many escapes



The stove in Hut 104, beneath which is the entrance to "Harry" The entrance to "Harry" Looking up to the tunnel entrance Looking down the entrance shaft to "Harry" A view along "Harry"

A cart used to carry excavated dirt out of the tunnel Part of the exit ladder from "Harry" Guards standing over the entrance to "Harry" A guard emerges from the exit shaft of "Harry"

Tunnel "Harry"


The ladder leading down into "Tom" A German soldier emerges from "Tom" after the tunnel is discovered Rubberneck after the discovery of "Tom"

Tunnel "Tom"