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Sgt Phillip Robert Turner (advert placed 21/03/21)

Phillip Robert Turner (A company, 9th Parachute Battalion, 3rd Parachute Brigade of the 6th Airborne Division) recently passed away. I am one of his many grandchildren. Known to many as Bob he joined in 1943 and served right the way through finishing his time as a Sgt commanding a platoon. But I have no detail or information about what he did or old friends whilst he served. Any information would be great! If anyone has anything of interest or remembers or knows someone who remembers Bob please get in contact with me via email,

Sergeant Phillip Robert Turner


Pte Robert Macgregor (advert placed 25/11/20)

I am looking for any information on Private Robert Macgregor, army no 984408, A Company, 13th Battalion, captured at Bure but escaped. Roy Goodey,


Operation Varsity and Wismar (advert placed 11/07/20)

I am hoping to interview British and Canadian military veterans who participated in Operation Varsity and/or were in Wismar during May 1945 regarding their experiences during the closing days of WW2. I am particularly interested in hearing about conditions in the town of Wismar, encounters with Wismar residents, German military, refugees and the Russian military. This is to inform a story I am writing about my father, whose name was Lt. David Graham. He was a member of the 9th (Essex) Parachute Battalion and served in the Ardennes, Operation Varsity and the advance through Germany to Wismar. I am also seeking authoritative historical sources with detailed knowledge of events in Wismar from the vantage point of the British/Canadian military during May, 1945. Any assistance that you can provide would be sincerely appreciated. Mary Joan Graham,


Gnr Ivor Eric Hooper MM (advert placed 15/06/20)

My father, Gunner Ivor Eric Hooper (14600489), was awarded the Military Medal following his actions during the crossing of the Rhine in March 1945. Previously he had been involved in the D Day landings and subsequent actions and spent a brief spell in Belgium around the Christmas of 1944. After the Rhine crossing he ended up at Wismar on the Baltic coast. Subsequently he was in Palestine before being demobbed. His service unit was the 53rd (WY) Airlanding Light Regiment Royal Artillery which was part of the Sixth Airborne Division. Any information would be much appreciated, please contact Gordon Hooper,


Edward William Tucker (advert placed 23/04/20)

I am looking for info on Edward William Tucker. He was in the Ulster Rifles of the 6th Airborne and from Newton. DOB unknown . Born in Belfast. Married to Muriel Turner in Crewe. Had 3 children. Tim Hendriks,

Edward William Tucker