This section may be used as a means for veterans of the 6th Airborne Division and attached units to get in touch with their former comrades, or for friends and relatives of these men wishing to hear from anyone who knew them or anything of them, and also by researchers who are seeking assistance. Should you wish to place an advert, contact me at and I'll publish it here asap.


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Pte Colin Acton (advert placed 07/01/15)

I am looking for any information about my father's service during WWII. I have his war records, but they are sketchy and hard to read. He was in the 12th Devons and landed in a glider on D-Day, was at the Battle of the Bulge, and probably Operation Varsity. After the war, I see references to him being posted to 2nd Devons, 21 HBN (anyone know what that is?), and Southern Command. He was in Berlin in 1946-47. Please e-mail any information to


Gnr S.C.Adams

1146677 Gunner S.C.Adams, KIA March 24 1945. He was with the 53rd (The Worcestershire Yoemanry) Airlanding Lt. Regt, Royal Artillery. I think he died in a glider whilst on Operation Varsity. David Eales,


Herbert Amor (advert placed 01/08/17)

1094740 Herbert G Amor. I am trying to find information on my late grandfather military service. I know he joined the Royal Artillery and joined 53rd Airlanding Light Regiment in November 1940, also a L/Bdr Amor was in Glider 309 C7 for Operation Varsity/Plunder. Steve Amor,


Frank "Brummie" Aston

My late father  Frank (Brummie) Aston joined in the Royal Warwicks but transferred to 2nd Battn. Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, A Coy, 13 Plat.(Sixth Airlanding Brigade). He trained on Salisbury Plain and also at Hardwicke House in Derbyshire. In June 1944 he saw action at Escoville and Breville landing by glider. On 24 March 1945 he took part in "Operation Varsity" - Rhine Crossing, landing at Hammilkeln where he was wounded in the thigh and was treated at a field hospital in Neijmegen. I believe he also went to a "campaign" by sea. He also took part in the march to the Baltic which ended at Wismar when they "met up" with the Russians. Later dad was to serve in Palestine. I understand that dad used to box for the regiment. Dad never talked  about his service except  for telling us when we were children that one day he would take us to the little village in Germany (Hamminkeln) where "Pop" Harding was killed on "the last drop" . Dad wanted to find his grave. Dad always filled up when he talked about "Pop" (Stanley Harding) - apparently he was older and had been through many campaigns doing his para drops and he was shot in the head as the glider landed in Hammelkin. Younger members of the company looked up to him and nick-named him "Pop". Sadly dad never got back to Hamminkeln but on his behalf, in 2003, I traced Pop's grave to Reichwald Cemetery  We placed a wreath on his grave and visited every grave to pay our respects. Dad's tribute on the card said "Always in our thoughts Pop" - L/C Recce P....  , Sgt Sandy Kettle and Frank (Brummie). Dad passed away in 2004 and I was so glad that I found Pop's grave for him. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who served with dad or who has any information on the other people mentioned above. Linda Perkins,


Pte Maurice "Tommy" Atkins

My grandfather served during World War Two with the 12th Battalion Devonshire Regiment and was part of 6th Airlanding Brigade.He flew in the gliders and I know he took part in Operation Varsity as his name appears on the nominal roll. He was a private during this operation but I believe he became a lance corporal at a later date. If anyone recognises him or any of the other two in the photo, I would appreciate any information or stories you might have.Please feel free to contact me at

Private Maurice Atkins


Pte Albert Batty (advert placed 13/06/17)

My father Albert was in 6th Airborne Royal Engineers around 1944-45. He passed away 26th May 2017 aged 94. I would love to hear from any surving comrades and desparately need a recomendtion as to an army tune to be played at his cremation. Paul Batty,


L/Cpl Donald Beresford

Army number 4802445. I am trying to trace anyone who served with my Grandad who was RMP on 6th Airborne, 5th Para Pro Coy. He was one of the paratroopers that went out on the 5th of June 1944 believed Pegasus Bridge. He remained with 6th Airborne and served in Palestine until 1946, when he de mobbed as a Sgt. Sadly he died in 1961, which was before my time so I would like to communicate with anyone that served with him. Many thanks, Mark Beresford


L/Cpl Ted Biggs

My fathers name was Ted Biggs. He was a lance corporal in D Company the 2nd Battalion Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. He was involved in the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes and crossed the Rhine into Germany in Operation Varsity where he hurt his knee and was invalided out of the army, all this at the age of 21. He died at the age of 80 falling off a ladder. Does anybody remember him?


Robert John Bird

I would like to hear from anybody who knew my Grandfather Robert John Bird. He served with 53rd Worcestershire Yeomanry (RA) in the 6th Airborne Division. He was in 211 Battery under Major Jim Craigie, as a Forward Observation Assistant. I am particulary interested in hearing about the raids that some members of the division made prior to D-Day. I understand he parachuted into Normandy on the 6th June and fought throughout the whole campaign. He was also present with his Regiment at The Ardennes campaign and also the Rhine Crossing, where he was wounded. On his release from hospital he went with the Division to Palestine, it was during his time in Palestine that he lost his Sgt's stripes, I understand it was over an incident involving alcohol and oranges and I would love to hear more of the story. Sadly my Grandfather died in 2004, just as he was beginning to open up about his experiences during the war.


Stanley Gordon Bolton (advert placed 21/07/15)

I would like to find anyone who knew my Dad, who died in 2007. He was Stanley Gordon Bolton, a Londoner, enlisted in 11th Battalion, The Royal Fusiliers in May 1942. He trained as a signaller before volunteering for airborne forces in early 1943. He undertook parachute training at RAF Ringway in February 1943. He was posted to The 9th (Essex) Parachute Battalion (9th Para Bn) and undertook a second parachute jump course 121 at Ringway in June 1944. He served as a Headquarter Company signaller in the Ardennes, on the Rhine Crossing and in Palestine. He demobbed in February 1947. Does anyone know any of the paras in the attached photos? Janet Roke,

9th Parachute Battalion Signals Platoon, 9th Parachute Battalion, July 1946


Lt Ronald F Capel

My father in law was a Lieutenant with the Royal Armoured Corps. The picture below shows him with "A" Squadron 6th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment in the Baltic in 1945, sitting in the middle of the front row. We know he then went to Palestine with the Recce and was later part of the 6th PARA HQ and 2nd Parachute Regiment. I would love to hear from anyone who new him, and any circumstances surrounding his photo in Germany. If anyone new him while in Palestine, it would be great to hear from them. Tim Wright,

Men of "A" Squadron, 6th Airborne Reconnaissance Regiment


Spr Dennis Chatham

I  would like to find out anyone who know my father, his name was Dennis Chatham, a sapper in the RE. He sadly is no longer with us, so I would be grateful to talk to anybody who served with him. He went right through to 1945 then on to Palestine until 1946. He was an excellent sports man, I have photos of football matches in Palestine with many troops watching on as he played (See Photo Gallery: General, Palestine). Bryan Chatham,

Dennis Chatham Dennis Chatham in Palestine Dennis Chatham in Palestine


Alan Cheal

My father, Alan Cheal (Blondie) would like to get in touch with any friends he served with in the 6th Airborne Division in Palestine between 1946 and 1948. He was in the 9th Parachute regiment. He is particularly interested in tracing Ginger Johnson (don't know his real first name) who was from Surrey and went to Winchester school. April Quereshi (nee Cheal),


Thomas Clare

Thomas (Tommy) Clare was my Great Uncle. He was part of the Coup de Main force on June 6th 1944, in glider No.6. He fought with the likes of Denis Edwards ("The Devil's own Luck") across Normandy & also in Belgium in the Ardennes. Tommy was was killed during Operation Varsity - the Allied crossing of the Rhine. His glider took a direct hit from German anti aircraft fire. All onboard were killed. I have his service records from the Army but they dont tell me a great deal. I have learnt a lot about my Great Uncle, but I guess anyone out there doing family research will understand, once you find out a little info it becomes obsessive & you want to find out everthing. If anybody out there knows anything about Private Thomas Clare from Slough, Berkshire I would be eternally grateful. Tommy served in "B" Company, attached to "D" Company of the 2nd Battalion Ox & Bucks Light Infantry, from 6th Airlanding Brigade of the 6th Airborne Division (the original Coup de Main force under Major John Howard).


Ernest Coleman

My father Ernest Coleman was in the 6th Airborne and if I remember correctly he landed by glider at a place called Hamminkeln in Germany during WW2 - prior to being in the Airborne he was in the 3rd Battalion Devonshire Regiment. Are there any publications anyone can recommend? Anyone who was at Hemminkeln care to share their memories? John Coleman,


Ronald Arthur Collis

I would be interested to know if anyone remembers my father in law, Ronald Arthur Collis who served in the Ox and Bucks light infantry and wears his para badge with pride. He served in Germany and the Far East. Cliff Powell,


Jack Cope

My uncle Jack Cope served in Germany and the Palestine with 6th Airborne Division, he passed away a few years ago with full British Legion Honours, his grave stone is that of a Paratroopers Bust with pack and weapon paid for by the local community who had the greatest admiration and total respect for him. I would like to hear from anyone who might have known him, he parachuted over Palestine and his parachute failed to open! On the way down he clung onto another parachute and survived, the Para he came down with lived locally to him in Stourbridge, West Midlands. Ray Foley


Captain Henry L. Croft

I'm trying to find out more information regarding my Great Uncle Captain Henry L. Croft. He served with the 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles Airborne and died during Operation Varsity in March 1945. I wonder if anyone remembers him? My mother remembers him well, our family think he died in a glider which exploded before landing? Mike,


Robert Crothers

My father Robert Crothers was with 6th Airborne in Palestine. He is from Northern Ireland and wondered if anyone out there remembers him. Jean Crothers,


Sgmn George Henry Croxall (advert placed 15/11/19)

My Grandfather George Henry Croxall 2573999 was a signalman in WW2, he was with the 6th Airborne from August 1943 until June 1945 when he was posted to the 1st Airborne. He was part of the Normandy liberation until he was wounded on the 13th June 1944. My father and I are looking to find anything about him and his part with the 6th Airborne that we can. If anyone has information or suggestions on who to talk to that would be amazing. We are especially keen to know what battalion/brigade he may have been assigned to, his service record only says 6th Airborne. Thankyou. Please email


James Alfred Devine

My late grandfather served in the 3rd Parachute Brigade. His name was James Alfred Devine, known as Andy Devine in the Regiment. I would like to get in touch with any of the surviving ex- servicemen who were in the 6th Airborne - namely 3 Para. I would like to know if there are any still alive and if they are going over for the 70th celebrations? Shelley Brady,


Victor Drewett

I have tried to find out any information about my late uncle who was in the 12th Devons during the war. His name was Victor Drewett.  I have sketchy information about him but would be interested in filling in the gaps and learn about his actual combat history. I know that he was badly wounded in the head possibly during the Rhine Crossing but again I have guestimated this with approx dates. Does anyone have any information about Victor or able to guide me in the right direction for future research. Keith Attfield,


Pte Sidney A Everitt (advert placed 14/11/18)

I would like to hear from anyone who knew my uncle, Sidney Everitt. Born March 1923 in Bethnal Green, East London. Died March 2011 in Wickford, Essex. Late of the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles, attached to the 6th Airborne Division. Service in Europe and Palestine. Sidney was married to Elizabeth Snell in June 1943. Sidney served with my dad, Joseph Smith in the 1st RUR's and they became great friends and comrades. Army photos of Sidney can be seen here next to my dad's name L/Cpl Joseph Smith. If anyone recognises Sidney or knows anyone who may of known him, I can be contacted at : or

The collection of Lance-Corporal Joseph Smith


Pte John Albert Gregory

I an trying to find more information regarding my husband Pte John Albert Gregory 14984694 Army Air Corps. He was in the 6th Airborne Division. 5th Brigade, 7th Battalion. He was in HQ company MMG platoon and parachuted on the Rhine Crossing at Haminkeln. He was wounded and as a result we met. (I was a staff nurse At Leicester Royal where he was sent on his return from Germany). Contemporary records state he was wounded on the drop and then admitted to 225 Parachute Field Ambulance Dressing Station that day (24th March 1945). However my late husband always told me he was a POW for a few days and was operated on by a German paratrooper surgeon who probably saved his life! I have often wondered what actually happened as this event decided the rest of my life. My husband passed away 33 years ago. At that time I never thought to ask him about this and in fact we never discussed the war at all. Sybil Gregory,


Pte Gordon Griffiths

My grandfather Private Gordon Griffiths fought in the war with the 12th Devonshire Airborne Regiment, D Company, 22 Platoon. He was stationed at Bulford on Salisbury Plain. During the war he went to Normandy on D Day+1 and then moved onto the Battle of the Bulge in Ardennes. After this he went on to Holland before returning to base at Salisbury plain. A while later he went by glider to Germany and crossed the river Rhine to Hamminkeln, Germany where the platoon were captured by germans but later released. My grandfather lost contact with many others in his company after the war ended and I would love to be able to reunite him with people who fought with him. If anyone can help me to do this please email me at


Pte Hugh Robert Hewitt (KIA 24/03/45)

I'm searching for any information regarding 5382304 Pte. Hugh Robert Hewitt 2nd Ox & Bucks Light Infantry 6th Airborne Div; K.I.A. 24th March 1945. He is buried in Reichwald Forest Cemetery Germany, we have no information what actions he was involved in, and would appreciate if anyone who might have known him or who could advise us on how to avail ourselves of any records of activities taking place on this date. Noel Irwin,


Arthur Owen Hillier (KIA 24/03/45)

I am researching details of my Uncle who was killed towards the end of WW2 on the 24th March 1945.  He was part of the Devonshire Regiment and details of his grave site are on Dave Hillier,


Gnr Ivor Eric Hooper MM (advert placed 15/06/20)

My father, Gunner Ivor Eric Hooper (14600489), was awarded the Military Medal following his actions during the crossing of the Rhine in March 1945. Previously he had been involved in the D Day landings and subsequent actions and spent a brief spell in Belgium around the Christmas of 1944. After the Rhine crossing he ended up at Wismar on the Baltic coast. Subsequently he was in Palestine before being demobbed. His service unit was the 53rd (WY) Airlanding Light Regiment Royal Artillery which was part of the Sixth Airborne Division. Any information would be much appreciated, please contact Gordon Hooper,


Cyril John Hurd

I'm looking for service records and/or any information on my grandfather Cyril John Hurd (service number 14513612) and about his M.I.D. (when and where he was awarded it and what for), which unit/battalion ect. I understand he was rank of sergeant at the time of his discharge. My mother does not have much information on him just that he served with the 6th Airborne Division from 1943-1947 and took part in operation 'overlord' where he was wounded, then moved to Australia in 1951. When I was a young lad my grandfather would talk to us (his grandkids) about the night before D-Day when he and other men were dropped in by air, he would show us pictures of Merville battery and that he was instructed to take it out plus the machine gun points then move on to at intersection next to a bridge to hold back the enemy (he mentioned the name of the town but can't remember). I have tried looking him up in the London gazette for the M.I.D and other Para sites, have not found him mentioned anywhere, have even looked through hundreds of photos of different units to see if I could see him but with no luck. If you can assist me it would been much appreciated to my self and other family members wanting to know more of his life with the Paras. Matt Macdonald,


Eric Ingram (advert placed 07/01/15)

I am trying to find out any information I can about my Grandad, who was at one stage in the 6th Airborne Division. DOB 09-02-25, service number 14708629. He was originally in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 7th Airlanding LAD, attached to the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, served and injured in the Ardennes campaign. He is still alive, and would like to know if there are any surviving records, colleagues, etc. He can only remember the name of one other colleague, Jock Pow. Martyn Whitlock,


Gnr Denis Jarratt (advert placed 12/01/16)

I am looking for any information that may be out there regarding 14774546 Gunner Denis Jarratt of the 210th Light Battery RA, 53rd Airlanding Light Regiment. Denis served in France, Germany & Palestine. Sadly, Denis passed away on the 16th December 2015 so any help would be gratefully received by his widow and family. Alan Austin,


L/Bdr Edward Johnson

I am trying to piece together, with not too much success, information about my father who was killed on the 24th March 1945 deployed on 'Operation Varsity'. His service record is both incomplete and sketchy. I know he initially served in the reserved occupation of the police, in his home town of Liverpool before volunteering for the RAF in July 1942. He seemed to have spent a fair amount of time in Canada and America and refers to 'His kite' (a Stearman ?) before for some reason joining the 53rd Worcester Yeomanry (Airlanding division) R.A. via one or two Signals regiments in April of 1943. He remained on home duties until June 1944 where he served in N.W Europe. On this I have no further information except that he was there for eight months. He returned in February 1945 before leaving on Operation Varsity during which he was killed, as I understand, very soon after landing. I was only months old at his death and therefore grew up knowing next to nothing about my father and it is only after visiting his grave in the Reichsveld Cemetary, in company with my mother and daughter, I have tried to find out his history with somewhat frustrating results. If any of this ties in with others I would be very grateful for any information or records.

Lance-Bombardier Edward Johnson


Wilfred Ronald Johnson (advert placed 27/01/15)

My father Wilfred Ronald Johnson, 2582358, served in the 6th Airborne Divisional Signals. He was with 48th (SM) Divisional Signals TA on the 26th April 1939, then 61st Divisional Signals on the 18th August 1939. He joined the 6th Airborne Division in 1943, and served with them in Normandy, the Ardennes and the Rhine Crossing. He was treated for an accidental gunshot wound on the 8th May 1945. After serving in Palestine, he returned to the UK for demobilisation on the 14th May 1946. I would be interested in making contact with anybody who knew or knew of my father. Steve Johnson,


Arthur Jones

My late father-in-law, Arthur Jones of Pwllheli, Wales, landed at Ranville, Normandy as part of the REME detachment of the 6th Airborne Division on D-Day. I am trying to build up a picture of this unit on that day and would be grateful if anyone who served with it could contact me to fill in any missing details. I believe that his unit was part of the REME Divisional Workshops that formed part of the 6th Airlanding Brigade. Arthur, a motor mechanic, set up a workshop in the centre of Ranville. He was later part of the 3rd Parachute Brigade Advanced Workshops on the Rhine Crossing of 1945 and then went to Palestine as part of the 5th Brigade, 6th Airborne Division serving at Sarafand, attached to the 3rd Hussars. Alister Williams,


Cpl Cyril Long

14577639, 224th Parachute Field Ambulance R.A.M.C, attached to 8th Parachute Battalion. My dad's brother Cyril Long was a daredevil. My best friend. I lost contact with him when I was 8. 1939. I recently discovered that he volunteered and became a member of the Parachute Regiment during WW2. I was told that he had died. But recently I discovered that after the war, he married and settled in the village of Lightehorne in Warwickshire. I have found his grave there and feel so sad because I was never able to contact my best friend, Uncle Cyril. Does anyone know anything. Please help. Ian in Wales age 80

Corporal Cyril Long


S/Sgt Douglas Haig McAlister

I'm trying to trace or find any information someone may have about my father, papers/Sqn photos etc. On 13th February 1945 he was transferred to the Army Air Corps and the Glider Pilot Regiment. After selection he was transferred 21 E.F.T.S. and on April 11th 1945 to No 18 E.F.T.S. (Course No A66a). The course lasted until May 2nd 1945. He was then posted onwards to No 3 G.T.S. He joined Course No 66A on May 2nd 1945, finished on May 23rd 1945 and was posted to (1 Wing G.P.R.) L Sqdn, Fairford. The day before he had been awarded the Army Flying Badge. On May 31st 1945 he was posted to D Sqdn and on 20th ? 1945 to C Sqdn. The next records says "SOS on Posting to C Sqdn 2 Wing" he was released on January 28th 1946. Stuart McAlister,

Staff-Sergeant Douglas McAlister


Pte Robert Macgregor (advert placed 25/11/20)

I am looking for any information on Private Robert Macgregor, army no 984408, A Company, 13th Battalion, captured at Bure but escaped. Roy Goodey,


John Vowel Marchant

My grandfather, John Vowel Marchant, was born in Kent 1917, but was brought up in Aberdeen. He joined up in Acton, London and was a sapper in the Royal Engineers. He then completed training and was awarded his wings. In 1942 he was in the 2nd Para Squadron (Kent) and then joined the 3rd Parachute Squadron - 25/5/44 to 24/12/44 - thereafter 6th Airborne Division until discharge 11th October 1945. I don't know whether anyone would know of him at all, but this is all I really know about him. Amy Fry,


Cpl / Sgt William Alfred Marriott

I'm seeking any information on Sergeant 119335 William Alfred MARRIOTT who served with 12th (Yorkshire) Battalion Parachute Regiment during World War Two. He jumped at D-Day and was in the Rhine crossing also he was wounded on the D-Day landing. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. Stephane Clement,


Richard "Dickie" Meadows

My late father-in-law Richard Meadows served with the 1st batalion Royal Ulster Rifles in Normandy in 1944 and was involved in the crossing of the Rhine. In 1947 he joined the parachute regiment (3 para). He was at El Gamil and eventually left the army in 1961. His rank was then Colour Sergeant. My wife and I would love to hear from anybody who knew him and any other information about him. John & Diana Gable,


Arthur Mellows (KIA 24/03/45)

I have found scrap books made by the mother of Arthur (Kim) Mellows of the 3rd Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery under drawers in a beside cabinet. He was killed in action on the 24th March 1945. I would like to return these to the family.


Clifford W. "Mike" Morris

I am the niece of a Para veteran, C W Morris who was always known as 'Mike'. He was 18 years old when with the 6th Airborne, 5th Brigade, 13th Para in 1944.  He took part in the Liberation of Ranville, operations up to Wismar on the Baltic, and then India on his way to Burma. He was in Singapore in 1945 and Malaya in 1946 as well as Palestine after the War. He had a good friend in the battalion, an Irish volunteer called Des 'Paddy' O'Reilly, I'd very much like to contact him or his family and friends. I would also welcome contact from any comrade who knew him. He was also with 1 Division 2 Para before joining the 13th. As an historian, as well as family to a Para Veteran, I am particularly interested in recording the 13th Para's experiences in the Far East, pre and post VJ Day, and would welcome contact with any veteran or anyone with photos, links or information on the 13th Battalion to the time it was disbanded. Lisa de Francis,


Capt Laurence Nicholson (KIA 24/03/45)

186198, 2nd Battalion Ox & Bucks L I, 6th Airborne Div. I'm searching for any information about Capt Nicholson's (a distant relative) war-time activities. He was a Lieutenant in Normandy and was the Battalion's Loading Officer and Weapon Training Officer, injured during in a crash landing on 6th June and evacuated. In September he was made Acting Captain. He is buried in Reichswald Forest Cemetery Germany. Andrew Heywood,


Allan Orpin

Would like to be in contact with any members of my old regiment of which I was a serving member in HQ squadron throughout all of their campagns till eventually we were disbanded in Palestine and taken over by The 3rd Kings Own Hussars. I an now 88years old . Allan G . Orpin,


Ronald Walter Packer (advert placed 02/05/19)

I am trying to do some research into my Great Grandfather Ronald Walter Packer. I don't have a lot of information on him only that he was born around 1924 and served during the Palestine War and only reached the rank of private. If anyone has any information on my great grandfather please email me. Aaron Stone,

Ronald Walter Packer


Cpl Leslie Parker

I'm trying to find the records of a dear friend of mine. He jumped in on D-Day as part of 6th Airborne Division also jumped into Arnhem and stayed in the Division till they disbanded after Palestine. I would love to find more out about his war and where he fought etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kyle Reed,


John "Pat" Patrick

My late father was Para Signals 6th Airborne Division. He was very proud of his unit but spoke little of its exploits and I would love to know details of his unit and its part in WWII. He took part from Normandy onwards, ending up in Norway. Colin Patrick,

John Patrick


Sgt John Pilcher

Looking for information about my late great grandfather. Before his death he said that he served within the 6th Airborne Armoured Recce Regiment, army number 14428875. If anybody had information in regards to where he served and when would be really useful. Nathan Davis,


Cpl Joseph Frederick Pincombe

Joseph enlisted on the 17th December 1942 and after passing his driving test he was posted to 195 Airlanding Field Ambulance RAMC and accepted for airborne duties as an ambulance driver. My Dad was finally discharged on 7th May 1947 and I would love to hear from anyone who would remember him or who has seen/heard his name mentioned. Jill Wilson,

Cpl Joseph Frederick Pincombe Men of the 195th Airlanding Field Ambulance Men of the 195th Airlanding Field Ambulance Men of the 195th Airlanding Field Ambulance


Caleb "Kay" Whitley Philips

My Grandad was in the 6th Airborne. All I know is that he served in Germany and then Palastine. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him or of him with any stories or more general information. Lesley Barker,


Pte Arthur Edward Porter

I am trying to locate someone who have known my father, Arthur Edward Porter 14985220, who served with the 7th Parachute Battalion from 26th February 1945 to 21st August 1946, and then with the 4th Parachute Battalion until 24th January 1947, in Germany, India, Singapore, Batavia and Palestine. Any information welcome. Nigel Porter,

Private Arthur Edward Porter


John Porter

My father, John Porter, was in the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment and saw action from Normandy through to meeting the Russians at Vismar, and then on to peace keeping in Palestine. He was known to his comrades as 'Yorkie'. I have made contact with some of his comrades in the past, but would be very keen to hear from anyone who has memories of him. Nick Porter,


Albert Rand

My father in law Albert Rand served with the 12th Devons in 6th Airlanding Brigade during and after the D-Day landings including Operation Varsity. The family would love to know of Bert's wartime history and would like to hear from anyone who knew him. Bert was a Londoner born and bred but was justifiably proud to wear the Devonshire regiment cap badge. Bob Smith,


Pte Cyril Richards (advert placed 15/02/16)

Private 5617547 Cyril Richards served with the 12th Battalion Devonshire Regiment from 1943 to 1945 but I have no knowledge of which company he was in or if he took part in the Normandy campaign. I would be grateful for any information about him or his service, please contact me at

Private Cyril Richards


L/Cpl Edward Robinson (KIA 24/03/45)

I am currently researching the men on my local war memorials. One of these men, named on the Hailey war memorial, is Lance Corporal Edward Robinson of the 2nd (Airborne) battalion of the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry. He was killed on the 24th March 1945. Does anyone know anything about this man or know anyone who might? Jeff Clements,


John Henry "Jack" Robinson (advert placed 21/11/14)

My grandfather served with the 13th Lancashire Battalion (Luard's Own), also mentions Park Battalion, 6th Airborne Division as a paratrooper. He was severely wounded on 3rd January 1945 (I assume at Bure) but ultimately survived his wounds. He died several years ago, but I am just wondering if any other veterans remember him at all and if they have any information. Gillian Dickenson,


Sgt H. F. Rowe

212th Airlanding Light Battery of the 53rd Air Landing Light Regiment. My father was a W/Sergeant 799770 Rowe H F during the action on 24/03/1945 and was taken prisoner then liberated in May 1945. I have his service record and it is my intention to visit the scene of the action if I can find it and to visit the site of Stalag XIB Fallingbostel. The only information I have is he was with Captain Thomas and it was near LZ P, can you help? Is there any record of events 24/03/1945 Horsa chalk mark 356? Gunners Jeffs & Young were present at the time, are they still with us? I would like any information that exists.


Pte John Rowland

I believe that John Rowland, 142860, served with the 8th (Midlands) Battalion, and also that he joined the army with the R.A.S.C. Can anybody give me information on this lost relative as I've come to a dead end? Jon Kirby,


Marifat Shah

My name is Mr. Shah from Pakistan and son of a Veteran (Mr. Marifat Shah Havldar/Clerck) who participated at the Middle East Front along with a number his British friends from 6th Airborne Division Signals. I do have their letters preserved with me but am searching since long to find anyone or his descendants who are alive. My father Mr. Marifat Shah along with some of his British friends moved to India after ending the WW2 and stayed there with 3rd Squadren, 1st Indian Armed Division, Signals, India Command. I shall be highly grateful and obliged if any contacts of my father's friends could be found as am eager to meet them/their decendents, which would be a great treasure of my life before going to rest. Among them are Sergeant R.E.D. Poulton 2361730 6th Airborne Divisional Signals, Signalman J. Newton, Cpl Edward John Nichols, A.C. Critchley, and Clyde Naylor. Syed Nawazish Ali Shah,

Marifat Shah


L/Cpl Joseph Harold Albert "Smudger / Johnny" Smith (advert placed14/11/18)

Army Number: 3782603. Joseph Smith was my father, and I would like to hear from anyone that either knew him, or knows anyone that may have known him during WW2 or thereafter. My late father Joseph was born on 7th Dec 1922 in Everton, Merseyside. He enlisted in the Army in Liverpool on 25th April 1941 at the age of 18, proudly following the family tradition set by his father Harold Sidney Smith, who was a WW1 veteran. Joseph was first posted to the 70th Battalion The Kings Regiment Liverpool, a young soldiers territorial battalion. He was later transferred to the Lancashire Fusiliers on 7th Jan 1943 for a short period before being transferred again to the 8th Irish Battalion The Kings Regiment Liverpool on 3rd April 1943. On D-Day Joseph landed with the 8th Irish on Juno Beach at "Mike Green" in support of Canadian forces, namely the Royal Winnipeg Rifles. His battalion formed part of the 7th Beach Group. He spent around 6 weeks at Juno Beach before the 8th Irish were disbanded, and he was subsequently transferred on to the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles on 21st July 1944 and joined the 1st RUR's at Le Mesnil, just east of the Pegasus Bridge. Joseph continued his service with the 1st Royal Ulster Rifles in France, Belgium, Holland, and Germany. He took part in Operation Varsity, the allied airborne invasion of Germany, as part of the 6th Airlanding (Glider) Brigade, attached to the 6th Airborne division, landing on the 24th March 1945 by glider at Hamminkeln. At this time Joseph was promoted to the rank on Lance Corporal. After the war Joseph was deployed to Palestine on the 1st Oct 1945 with the 1st RUR's still attached to the 6th Airborne Division and I have a collection of photos of this time which can be seen in the archive photo gallery under Palestine. Joseph was also a member of the 1st RUR's football team. For his service during WW2 Joseph was awarded the 1939-45 Star, France and Germany Star, Defence Medal, and the War Medal 1939-45, and I have claimed these medals from the MOD, and I am proud to display them. During his service with the 1st RUR's Joseph became great friends with his comrade Sidney Everitt. During a period of leave, Sidney took Joseph home with him to the East End of London. Sidney was married to Elizabeth Snell, and during this leave Joseph was introduced to Elizabeth's sister Rebecca (my mum). The rest is history and Joseph and Rebecca became a couple and later married on 26th Nov 1949. Joseph's service in Palestine ended on 5th Sept 1946 and he was subsequently then placed on reserve until 10th Feb 1954, the year I was born. My dad Joseph died on 6th Jan 1963 when I was only 8 years old. I knew nothing about his Army service. I knew he had been in the Army and had seen some photos that my mum Rebecca had, but that's all. I have carried out painstaking research to uncover his story and I am immensely proud of his contribution to the war. Everything I have related here has been a labour of love. Again, I would love to hear from anyone who knew Joseph or knows anyone who may have known him, or recognise anyone in the photos that I have given to the archive. Maybe your father or grandfather were in Palestine or were in the same football team. It's a long shot after so long, but I can be contacted at : or

The collection of Lance-Corporal Joseph Smith


Maurice Heathwood Smith (advert placed 03/02/15)

I am trying to find out more about my father's military service. I do have some paperwork that was released as his service record. He enlisted with the Royal Ulster Rifles on 29 August, 1940, and was posted (as far as I can tell on 21 April 1942) to the 1st Battalion. He clearly lied about his date of birth, 29th March 1922, which is the year before he was actually born. Under a heading relating to countries in which he served during the 'present war' and the approximate length of service, it says only BLA [British Liberation Army] Jul 1944-Sept 1944, Mar 45-May 25, MEF [Middle East Forces] Oct 45 - to date. Family tradition is that he was among the soldiers dropped in Normandy on 6th June 1944, and he served in Palestine after the war. My father died in January 1959. Linda Ballard,


Michael Stevenson

My wife's father served in the Airborne forces during D-day onwards, but we do not know anything of his service and would love to find out. His name was Michael Stevenson DOB 29/01/1924 and Scottish. John Maestri,


Peter Taylor

My neighbour is Peter Taylor who served with Ox and Bucks, 6th Airborne. He was in a landing craft at D-Day and wounded on D plus 6. He went on to serve in the Ardennes and Holland, at Haminkeln and eventually the Far East. I wondered if there was anyone who may have known him? Steve Burston,


C.F.G. Theobald (advert placed 25/03/15)

Army no.1541487. I have parts of my fathers war records but can't match certain dates he served with the 4th Air Landing Anti-Tank Battery. We thought he was at Arnhem, but now believe it was Operation Varsity. He never spoke much about the war but certain times things got mentioned; he was one of the early liberators of Belsen prison camp, advanced into Germany, VE Day, sent back to UK, regrouped then sent to Java via India stayed till end of war, returned home 1946. Any information would be most welcome. Mike Theobald,


Edward William Tucker (advert placed 23/04/20)

I am looking for info on Edward William Tucker. He was in the Ulster Rifles of the 6th Airborne and from Newton. DOB unknown . Born in Belfast. Married to Muriel Turner in Crewe. Had 3 children. Tim Hendriks,

Edward William Tucker


Sgt Phillip Robert Turner (advert placed 21/03/21)

Phillip Robert Turner (A company, 9th Parachute Battalion, 3rd Parachute Brigade of the 6th Airborne Division) recently passed away. I am one of his many grandchildren. Known to many as Bob he joined in 1943 and served right the way through finishing his time as a Sgt commanding a platoon. But I have no detail or information about what he did or old friends whilst he served. Any information would be great! If anyone has anything of interest or remembers or knows someone who remembers Bob please get in contact with me via email,

Sergeant Phillip Robert Turner


Ernest Twell

I am looking for any details regarding my Father who was in the 13th Batt from 1944 to 1947. Seeing action in Ardennes Germany and Far East as well as Palestine. I have a photo with some other names on but cannot trace them. Stuart Twell,


Thomas Wallace (advert placed 23/01/15)

My father, Thomas Wallace, 3606476, was an anti tank gunner in 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles who was posted missing on 2nd April 1945. In David Orr's book "The Rifles Are There" on page 172 there is a reference to Anti tank platoon led by a Can Loan officer Lt L J Robillard being ambushed near a railway station. I've been trying without success to find more detail on which platoon/company my father was in, glider details etc. Unfortunately I haven't been able to find a war diary for 1 RUR for April 45 onward. He also served in Normandy, and was in St Luke's Hospital Bradford after being disembarked and put on the Y list around 31/8/44. If anyone can help, or has access to glider manifests for both Operations Mallard (Normandy) and Varsity, especially relating to 6-pounders, please get in touch. Gordon Wallace,


Sgt Clifford "Cliff" Joseph Weaver

My grandfather was Clifford "Cliff" Joseph Weaver we believe he was a Sergeant serving with the 13th (Lancashire) Parachute Battalion, 6th Airborne Division. Our understanding is he took part in operations in Normandy, Germany, Burma, Singapore (Changi Jail) and Malaya. We would love to hear from anyone who knew him and we would be very appreciative if they had any photos of his company.

Sergeant Clifford Weaver


Sgt Jack Welch (advert placed 22/02/18)

I am trying to find which company my Grandfather served in. I know he was in the 6th Airborne, 7th battalion, name John Earnest David Welch (sergeant - known as Jack) now deceased. Served on D-day at the bridges river Orne. I have acquired his army records, Army number (2658008) and parachute course number 50 - Feb. 1943. On none of the documents does it appear to say which company he was in. Does anyone have further information that may help? Rick Welch,


Sgt James Wilson (advert placed 27/03/15)

7041132 1st Btn RUR. I'm seeking any information on my grandfather James Wilson. I believe he joined the army in 1929 or 1930 and he served until after the 2nd WW. He was wounded before being invalided out of the army after the war. Jim Wilson,


John Clint Wray

My father John Clint Wray joined the Lancashire Fusiliers in 1935 when he was 15, his army number was: 3447545. He served in China from 12.12.1935 until 23.10.38, then in India from 24.10.1938 until 8.4.1943. He then joined the Army Air Corps (The 6th airborne 13th Battalion Parachute Regiment) on 18 August 1943. Do any veterans recognise the name or can fill me in on places he was posted to. I know he was in Normandy (Ranville) dropping on the 6th June, he was also on the Rhine Crossing, he also fought in the Ardennes. If there is anyone who has any information please get in touch with me at: