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A Polish attempt to abseil down a 120 foot wall The glider The exit to the British canteen tunnel Airey Neave, dressed as a German guard The Kommandants' Escape Museum

Escape equipment confiscated during searches A wooden rifle carved by prisoners Food, found by the guards, that was hoarded to equip escapers



The German guards, 1941 Stabsfeldwebel Rothenberger Stabsfeldwebel Rothenberger with his sentries Corporal Schadlich, an infamous Ferret Captain Eggers, a most effective security officer

German guards on parade German guards on parade Off-duty guards The guardroom Alfred Heinrich on duty in the guardroom

German guards with the contents of Red Cross parcels Censors checking prisoners letters home Off-duty guards enjoying a drink



Lt Sinclair's forged pass which he used when impersonating Rothenberger Corran Purdon's forged Ausweis

Forged Papers