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Colditz Castle Colditz Castle Colditz lit up by searchlights at night Prisoners and guards in the yard Wider photograph of the yard

The Kommandantur yard The French mark Bastille Day The departure of the French from Colditz in 1943 Looking over the courtyard towards the Chapel Prisoners being escorted to the park for exercise

The cast of the theatrical production, "Ballet Nonsense" The Dutch Hawaiian guitar band American troops enter Colditz on the 12th April 1945 The Prominente after their release The POW card of J. J. C. Becquet



A plan of Oflag IVC - Colditz



Polish prisoners Part of the Dutch contingent The RAF The Royal Navy The Laufen Six

British prisoners Giles Romilly, nephew of Winston Churchill Captain Michael Alexander of the SBS



A French tunnel Machiel Van den Heuvel re-enacts his foiled escape The Toilet Escapers, in their civilian dress Lieutenant Peter Allen posing in his civilian outfit after the failed Toilet Escape Lieutenant Perodeau standing beside the man he impersonated

Damiaen van Doorninck, a man of high technical ability Lieutenant Boule as a convincing lady Pat Reid shortly after crossing the Swiss border Lieutenant Mike Sinclair "Max" the Dutch dummy