Private Robert Lisle


National Archives catalogue reference - WO 208/3324/117


Name: 3908793 Pte. Lisle, Robert.

Unit: 1st Battalion, South Wales Borderers, 10th Division.

Captured: El Adem, Libya, 18th June 1942.

Left: Algiers, 22nd October 1944

Arrived: Liverpool, 2nd November 1944.

Date of Birth: 30th April 1914.

Army Service: Since 10th October 1934.

Peacetime Profession: Regular Army.

Private Address: 58 Melvern Lodge, Torrington St., North Finchley, London, N.12.




I was captured by the Germans at EL ADEM, LIBYA on 18 Jun 42.




TARHOUNA                       19 Jun - Jul 42.

TRIPOLI                              Jul - 4 Aug 42.

Campo 66, (CAPUA)           6 Aug - 8 Nov 42.

Campo 53, (MACERATA)   Nov 42 - May 43.

Campo 146 on working detachment at (VILLA BISCOSSI). (Near PAVIA).  May - 11 Sep 43.








On 10 Sep 43 I was in a working camp at VILLA BISCOSSI (ITALY 1:250,000, Sheet 10, J 9024). The Italian Commandant informed us of the Armistice, and arranged for us to hide for 24 hours among some neighbouring farms, while German troops were in the vicinity. On 11 Sep 43 we were set free and sent to farms where we had been working as Ps/W. I was with a party of five, Pte. LOGAN, Green Howards, Pte. DAVIS, Sherwood Foresters, Pte. CHAUNER, Regiment unknown, Pte. JAMES, Cameronians, Gdsmn. ELLIS, Coldstream Guards.


We were given civilian clothes by the farmer, but after a few days he refused to help us any longer. We hid in a barn for another week, but at the end of this time the party was compelled to split up, owing to the difficulty of getting food. Pte. LOGAN remained with me, and we built a hut in some nearby woods. We lived there until 25 Oct, when we were forced by German search parties to move to another wood near PIEVE (Sheet 10, K 0526). Here we met a party of seven P/W, including Gdsmn. KNOWLES, Scots Guards, Pte. FOGGATT, Green Howards, and Ptes. DAVIS and CHAUNER, from my previous party. We managed to get in touch with an Italian organisation for getting P/W into SWITZERLAND. From this point our journey was arranged for us.


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