Corporal I. H. C. Rennie


National Archives catalogue reference - WO 208/3307/66


Name: 7603667 Cpl. Rennie, I. H. C.

Unit: 14th Army Field Workshop, R.A.O.C.

Captured: 3rd June 1940.

Escaped: 12th July 1940.

Left: 20th October 1941 (Gibraltar).

Arrived: 26th October 1941 (Greenock).

Army Service: 2 years, 7 months.

Peacetime Profession: Electrician.

Private Address: 33, Hartington Road, Aberdeen.


My unit was overwhelmed at ST. MARTIN, 10 miles from ST. OMER, on 3 Jun, 40, and I was taken prisoner. I was marched to a large camp at HESDIN about 4 June and taken later to CAMBRAI. I escaped on 12 July when about 5 miles from TOURNAI. We were being marched towards BRUSSELS and I broke away with 2 comrades:





We hid in a cornfield. I last saw SHEARN in BRUSSELS on 18 June, 41, and BROOKS at MOLEMBAIX, near TOURNAI, on 6 Dec., 40. We all 3 left BELGIUM on 1 Sept. and reached VALENCIENNES, where we stayed until 8 Nov. Then we returned to MOLEMBAIX. On 18 Dec. a Belgian officer took SHEARN and me to BRUSSELS. BROOKS was too ill to move.


I crossed the Zone Interdite on 22 June, 41, with an unknown Belgian civilian who guided me. I do not remember our route. He took me across the demarcation line on food on 25 June. Again, I cannot say where. SHEARN and others, including Pte. COLVILLE, R., Glasgow Highlanders, were to follow.


I reached PERPIGNAN on 30 June, 41, and MARSEILLES on 1 July. I was arrested in PERPIGNAN and detained, but I managed to persuade the authorities that I was a Belgian. I had been provided with a Belgian identity card. I was taken across the PYRENEES by a guide on 8/9 Aug. in company with 2 French soldiers who are now at GIBRALTAR. Their names are:-





I was arrested in Spain and interned for 6 weeks at MIRANDA. I was released and arrived at GIBRALTAR on 16 Oct.


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