Private Edward James Rylands


National Archives catalogue reference - WO 208/3322/109


Name: 1537347 Pte. Rylands, Edward James.

Unit: 8th Battalion, Parachute Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 6th Airborne Division.

Captured: Troarn, 8th June 1944.

Escaped: Beaujon Hospital, 19th August 1944.

Date of Birth: 4th December 1919.

Army Service: 4 years.

Peacetime Profession: Decorator.

Private Address: 395 Arnaud Street, Liverpool, 7.


I left an unknown base on 5 Jun 44 at 2320 hrs and was dropped from C-47 (Douglas), baling out over NORMANDY at 0045 hrs (6 Jun).


I was badly wounded by 13 bullets in TROARN (FRANCE, 1:250,000, Sheet 8, U 16) on night of 8 Jun. I was left in a cemetery by our own troops and was picked up by the Germans. After a day I was transported to a field hospital, where I was treated for 10 days by a British Medical Officer (Major DARLING, R.A.M.C., of the 6th Airborne Div.). On the night of 18 Jun I was transported to BEAUJON German Air Force Hospital in PARIS. I received treatment, including two operations from the Germans. I remained here for two months. On 19 Aug at 1200 hrs I was given a pair of overalls, boots, and a cap by a French civilian hospital worker. I managed to escape by climbing over the hospital walls, and made contact with the Resistance movement (F.F.I.) who happened to be engaging the Germans with small-arms fire. I was given a good home, where I stayed until I reported myself to the H.Q., PARIS on 4 Sep. The lady of the house was a qualified doctor and took care of my wounds, which consisted of M/G fire in the back and left leg.


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