Sergeant Derrick Roy Newbury


National Archives catalogue reference - WO 208/3320/89


Name: 920791 Sgt. Newbury, Derrick Roy.

Unit: 236 Squadron Coastal Command, R.A.F.

Captured: Lampedusa, 5th June 1942.

Left: Campo 59 (Servigliano), 14th September 1943.

Left: Casablanca, 13th July 1944.

Arrived: St. Mawgan, 14th July 1944.

Date of Birth: 30th March 1920.

R.A.F. Service: Since 8th April 1940.

O.T.U.: No.2 (Catfoss).

Conversion Unit: Nil.

Post in crew: Wireless operator and navigator.

Peacetime Profession: Transformer designer.

Private Address: 39 Woodside Road, Bournemouth.


Other members of the Crew:

Sgt. GOULD (pilot) (Now at NAPLES).


All map references are to ITALY 1:250,000.


1. Capture:


We were ferrying a Beaufighter aircraft from GIBRALTAR to MALTA and were shot down by Flak at LAMPEDUSA on 5 Jun 42. We crash-landed in the sea and were picked up by an Italian Naval vessel and were taken to LAMPEDUSA.


2. Camps in which imprisoned:


TRAPPANI Airport                 21 Jun 42 - 25 Jun 42.

ROME                                     27 Jun 42 - 17 Jul 42.

Campo 59 (SERVIGLIANO)  19 Jul 42 - 14 Sep 43.


3. Attempted Escapes:


I took part in the construction of an unsuccessful tunnel in Campo 59 (SERVIGLIANO) in Feb 43.


4. Left Campo 59 (SERVIGLIANO):


On 14 Sep 43 the M.O. took over the duties of S.B.O. and instructed us to leave the camp. The guards opened fire when we tried to walk out, but an Italian officer gave the order to cease fire and the gates were opened.


I left the camp with C.S.M. HILLS, Buffs Regt., S.S.M. HUNTER, Sgt. LOGIE, R.A.F., Sgt. McPHAIL, R.A.F., Sgt. ASHTON, R.A.F., and Sgt. PANTRY, Surrey Regt. We began walking West, and our route was approximately:- Near PENNA (Sheet 24, X 5385) where we stayed until 21 Oct. We then split up and C.S.M. HILLS, Sgt. PANTRY and I remained together. We began walking West and went to GUALDO (X 4587) where we remained until 24 Jun 44. On this day C.S.M. HILLS and I were joined by Cpl. JOHNSTON, R.A.S.C. and Pte. JONES, Essex Regt. We walked to COMUNAZA (X 5285) then to ASCOLI (Sheet 25, X 6572). We travelled from ASCOLI to CHIETI (Sheet 29, C 1316) by an Italian motor lorry, and there contacted the British Forces on 27 Jun.


We were sent to TORINO DI SANGRO (Sheet 30, C 4504), then to No.3 Transit Camp, No.2 Repatriation Camp, and No.3 R.A.F., B.P.D. in NAPLES. On 9 Jul I was sent by air to CASABLANCA en route for the U.K.



Flight Sergeant Henry Gould


National Archives catalogue reference - WO 208/3320/78


Name: 1181776 F/Sgt. Gould, Henry.

Unit: 236 Squadron attached O.A.D.U., R.A.F.

Captured: 5th June 1942.

Left: Campo 59 (Servigliano), 14th September 1943.

Left: Naples, 14th July 1944.

Arrived: U.K., 16th July 1944.

Date of Birth: 25th June 1922.

R.A.F. Service: Since 18th June 1940.

O.T.U.: No.2 (Catfoss).

Conversion Unit: Nil.

Post in crew: Pilot.

Peacetime Profession: Student.

Private Address: Penwhyn, Sundorne Road, Shrewsbury.


Other members of the Crew:

Sgt. NEWBURY (wireless operator/Observer) (S/P.G.(-) 2038).


Until I left Campo 59 (SERVIGLIANO) on 14 Sep 43 my experiences are identical to those related by my wireless operator Sgt. NEWBURY (S/P.G.(-) 2038).


I did not make any attempted escapes.


I moved to PENNA (ITALY 1:250,000, Sheet 24, X 5385) with the rest of the party, and when they left I remained on till 26 Jun 44, when our troops entered the area.


I then moved back to SERVIGLIANO and made my way via CHIETI to ORTONA by truck and from ORTONA to NAPLES by train. I left NAPLES by air on 14 Jul arriving in the U.K. on 16 Jul.


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