Sergeant Austin Waterworth


National Archives catalogue reference - WO 208/3320/87


Name: 1064097 Sgt. Waterworth, Austin.

Unit: 70 Squadron, M.A.A.F., R.A.F.

Captured: E. of Sollum, 5th September 1942.

Escaped: 15th September 1943.

Left: Naples, 9th July 1944.

Arrived: U.K., 12th July 1944.

Date of Birth: 2nd May 1920.

R.A.F. Service: 15th August 1941.

Post in crew: Wireless operator.

Peacetime Profession: Surveyor.

Private Address: 6 Brierley Road, Grimethorpe, Barnsley, Yorks.


Other members of the Crew:

Sgt. KING (pilot);

Sgt. HARDING (second pilot);

P/O. THOMPSON, R.A.A.F. (navigator);

Sgt. RAWSON (front gunner);

Sgt. GARNER (rear gunner).


1. Capture:


We crash-landed with engine trouble on 25 Aug 42 30 miles East of SOLLUM. We walked due East and were at large for about 10 days. We got some water, but no food, from Arabs. On the tenth day we were picked up by a German patrol.


2. Camps in which imprisoned:


Campo 67 (BARI)              Dec 42 - Apr 43.

Campo 85 (TUTURANO)  Apr 43 - Jul 43.

Campo 53 (MACERATA)  Jul 43 - 15 Sep 43.


3. Attempted Escapes:




4. Escape:


On 15 Sep 43, before the German occupation of the camp, Bdr. IRONMONGER, R.A., and I got through the wire. We walked to APPEZZANA (ITALY 1:250,000, Sheet 24, X 5295), where we stayed till early Nov.


I left IRONMONGER at APPEZZANA and moved to MONTAPPONE (Sheet 25, X 5795). I stayed here with an Italian family all the winter till 24 Jun 44, when our troops reached this sector. I made my first contact with Allied troops at MONTE GIORGIO (X 6294). I had linked up with Cpl. COWLISHAW, Sherwood Foresters, and we made our own way to ASCOLI (B 67) and from there to TERAMO (B 74). Here we found a lorry, which took us to CHIETI (Sheet 29, C 11) where we made contact with a South African Air Unit, which took us to ORTONA. From here we were sent to a small transit camp and thence to NAPLES. I left NAPLES by air on 9 Jul arriving in the U.K. on 12 Jul 44.


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