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National Archives catalogue number WO 171/591.



071930 hrs








Adm / Admin


















































































I Sum


La Gde Fme du Buisson






L of C


































Pz Gren

















R Sigs


































X rds

7th [June] 1930 hrs

Map Reference

10 Kompanie, 858 Grenadier Regiment


52nd Regiment of Foot (2nd Ox and Bucks Light Infantry)


Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment



Assistant Director Medical Services


Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Army Group Royal Artillery



Air Liaison Officer





Assistant Provost Marshal

Adjutant and Quartermaster Branch




Blitz Buggy (Jeep)



Brigade Major


Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer

Bridge / British




Cameronians / Camouflage





Commanding Officer







Commander Royal Artillery

Commander Royal Army Service Corps

Deputy Assistant Adjutant General

Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General

Defence / Defensive

Defensive Fire


Division / Divisional

Divisional Maintenance Area

Delivery Point

Despatch Rider


Enemy Aircraft

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer


Established / Establishment





Forward Observation Bombardment

Forward Observation Officer

Field Security

Field Security Officer


General Staff Officer 1

German Air Force


General Officer Commanding


Grenadier Regiment


Highland Division

Harassing Fire




Include / Including



Information / Informed



Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Summary


La Grande Ferme du Buisson

Landing Craft Tank


Light Machine Gun

Liaison Officer


Line of Communication


Landing Zone

Magnetic / Magazine


Main Dressing Station

Medium / Medical


Machine Gun


Medium Machine Gun




Motor Transport

Officer Commanding


Operation Order

Observation Post

Other Ranks

2nd Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Panzer Grenadier Regiment




Post Office

Petrol, Oil and Lubricants




Prisoners of War


Prisoner of War

Panzer Grenadier


Royal Artillery

Royal Artillery Liaison Officer

Royal Army Service Corps

Roman Catholic



Royal Engineers




Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers





Royal Marines

Royal Signals

Royal Ulster Rifles


Small Arms

Small Arms Ammunition

Stretcher Bearer


Shell Report



Situation Report

Staff Officer

Self-Propelled / Support (is lower case)



Special Service




Support / Supply


Traffic Control / Troop Carrier

Troop Carrying Vehicle









Worcestershire Yeomanry



Month and year: August 1944

Commanding Officer : Brig EWC Flavell DSO MC


1st August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Early morning mist clearing later to fine.  Visibility good after mist cleared.  Wind slight SW.


Patrols during the night had little to report.  An ambush patrol was put out by 12 DEVON in SOUTH end of ORCHARD 145731.  No enemy were seen.  1 RUR snipers added to their score during the day by shooting a careless man 40 yds NORTH of STICKIES CORNER.  Shelling and mortaring was on a small scale during the day with some concentrations bursting in 2 OXF BUCKS area.


1400 - Bde Major held a conference of unit mortar officers to discuss the establishment of a Brigade Counter Mortar organisation.


1815 - Capt RJ GILBERT, DEVONS, Bde IO, rejoined the HQ from UK and took up his duties immediately with a visit to units.


1830 - Maj DJ PENWILL, E YORKS, Bde Major designate, reported for duty.  The day as a whole was quiet and no unusual incidents occurred.  Casualties during the day:- NIL.


2nd August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Fine and visibility good.  Wind SW slight.


A few enemy aircraft were over the Bde area during the night but no bombs were dropped.  During the early hours of the morning the Bde area was shelled by what was presumably an SP gun of unknown calibre.  No reports of casualties or damage were received.  Patrols reported sounds of movement behind enemy FDLs during night and artillery fire was called for by 1 RUR.  This proved effective and sounds of movement ceased.  The day proved to be quiet with little artillery and mortar activity.  More activity than usual was observed in enemy FDLs.  Casualties during the day:- 12 DEVON, 2 ORs wounded.


3rd August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- A fine day with little cloud.  Visibility good.  Wind SW moderate.


Patrols had little to report.  Enemy are still in posn in FDLs but appear to be content to sit and wait.  Our snipers were on the look-out for "kills" but enemy has become more cautious and opportunities for a shoot are few.  Maj DJ PENWILL DSO, E YORKS, assumed duties of Bde Major, vice Major N. CROOKENDEN, CHESHIRE, who is to leave this HQ for 9 Para Bn.  The day was quiet with our artillery ranging on various targets.  A mortar concentration on LEFT flank of 12 DEVON caused 9 casualties, 3 killed, and 6 wounded.  Operation Instruction No.2 (Counter Mortar organisation) issued.  Casualties during day:- 12 DEVON, 3 ORs killed, 6 ORs wounded.


4th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Fine after early mist.  Wind medium NE.  A quiet day.  Increased mortaring of our FDLs and increased activity of our artillery.  2 OXF BUCKS carried out registration for Bde counter mortar organisation.  Standing patrols and snipers confirmed usual enemy positions and activity.  Snipers did not add to bag.  Casualties during day:- Bde HQ, 1 OR wounded; 2 OXF BUCKS, 1 OR wounded.  1 RUR, 1 OR wounded.


5th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Cloudy and dull until late afternoon, then bright and clear.  Wind, medium NE veering to NW.


Normal patrols during night.  Two prisoners taken by 1 RUR, from a small recce patrol which approached our FDLs in the area CHATEAU ST COME.  One wounded prior to capture and later died of wounds before interrogation.  Prisoners belonged to 7 Coy 857 Grenadier Regiment and gave details of enemy positions and routine, which, in the main, confirmed previous information.  Company strength, 80, of two platoons of four sections.  Section strength, 7.


1100 - Brigadier attended talk by GOC in C.  Mortaring and shelling was on a reduced scale and on the whole the day was quiet.  1 RUR registered Bde Counter mortar task.  Casualties during day; 2 OXF BUCKS, 1 OR wounded.


6th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Fine and warm.  Visibility good, wind NW mild.  A fairly quiet day, but with increased shelling and mortaring by the enemy.  Bde Counter Mortar organisation completed registration by 12 DEVON and commenced to function operationally.  Results of first shoots excellent.


2130 - A shoot by four medium guns on WOOD at 147734 took place.  Patrols on normal scale confirm enemy positions already known.  Usual night movement of vehicles heard behind enemy lines.  Lt Col GR STEVENS, Commanding Officer 12 DEVON, left for HQ 21 Army Group.  Command of 12 DEVON assumed by Maj P. GLEADELL.  Casualties during day:- Lt DCL GRANGE (277385) 12 DEVON killed and 1 OR 12 DEVON wounded.


7th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Early morning mist lifted during morning and remainder of day was bright and clear.  Wind slight NW.  Visibility good after mist lifted.


Mortaring and shelling by enemy continued at a fairly high rate during the day and our artillery and counter mortar organisation replied in kind.  Shells containing propaganda leaflets were fired into enemy lines during evening.  Patrolling normal.  The Div Commander visited Bde HQ during the afternoon and conferred with our Commander, and Brigade Major, regarding pursuit of the enemy in the event of his withdrawal to R DIVES.  Instructions were given to Battalion Commanders and Seconds in Command by Bde Commander at a conference held at 2000 hrs.  Casualties during day:- 2 OXF BUCKS, 4 ORs wounded.  1 RUR, 3 ORs wounded.


8th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Bright and sunny, visibility good.  Wind SW, slight.


12 DEVON and 2 OXF BUCKS changed positions during the day and completed moves without major incident.  Enemy artillery and mortars were active during the day, but on slightly smaller scale than on the previous day.  Our guns and mortars replied in kind.  Patrolling was on a normal scale and no unusual incidents occurred.


1600 - Brigadier and Brigade Major attended GOC's Conference at HQ 6 Airborne Div to discuss operations against enemy on our front in the event of their withdrawal.  As a result of this and previous conference Operation Order No.3 was issued at 2015 hrs detailing action to be taken by this Bde.  Operation will be known as "PADDLE".  Casualties during the day were:- 12 DEVON, Lt TUCKER and 1 OR killed, 1 OR wounded, 1 OR missing.  2 OXF BUCKS, 1 OR wounded.  1 RUR, 1 OR wounded.  195 Airldg Fd Amb, 1 OR killed, 2 ORs wounded.


9th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Bright and sunny, visibility good, wind SW mild.


0600 - Bde HQ area was shelled by about 6 enemy guns but no damage or casualties resulted.  Apart from this early shelling the day was quiet with little activity on either side except for a few shells which fell in area at 1700 hrs.  Patrolling continued on normal scales with no unusual occurrences.  Instructions were received during the day that the ROYAL NETHERLANDS GROUP would come under command from 0500 hrs 12 Aug 44.  Drafts from UK joined the Brigade.  Capt LESTER, REME and Lieut GILBERT, R Sigs, together with 10 ORs joined Bde HQ.  Casualties during day:- 2 OXF BUCKS, 5 ORs wounded.  1 RUR, Lt MALCOLM and 1 OR wounded.


10th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Bright early, but becoming cloudy later.  Visibility good.  Wind SW, slight.  Liaison officers of ROYAL NETHERLANDS GROUP visited this HQ and were shown around the Bde area.  Operation Order No.4 was issued detailing relief of 1 RUR by ROYAL NETHERLANDS GROUP.  Relief to take place on 12 Aug 44.  Patrols were again on normal scale with emphasis on confirmation of enemy forward positions.  Positions are known and were confirmed.  The day was very quiet and efforts were made by 1700 hrs by 1 RUR to provoke enemy fire to confirm their continued presence.  Presence of enemy was confirmed in no uncertain manner with shelling, mortaring and small arms fire.  Casualties during the day were:- 12 DEVON, Maj J. ROGERS and 1 OR wounded, 2 OXF BUCKS, 1 OR killed and Lt DE FOX and 1 OR wounded.


11th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Fine and clear.  Visibility good, wind WNW, mild.


Representatives of 1 BELGIAN GROUP visited this HQ and conferred with Brigadier, later being shown our positions.  6 Airldg Bde Group with under command ROYAL NETHERLANDS GROUP and 1 BELGIAN GROUP is to hold the left of the Div sector from the LE MESNIL cross roads to the sea.  Operation order was issued during the afternoon in message form giving instructions for take-over of 5 Para Bde front by 1 BELGIAN GROUP under command of this Bde.  The relief will take place on 13 Aug 44.  The day was fairly quiet with moderate shelling and mortaring.  Patrols were on normal scale.  Casualties during day were:- 12 DEVON, 1 OR wounded.  2 OXF BUCKS, Capt THOMPSON (RA att) wounded, and 5 ORs wounded.  1 att OR killed.  195 Airldg Fd Amb, 1 OR wounded.


12th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Fine, visibility good.  Wind SW to WEST.


Patrols were on normal scale.  Apart from minor clashes with the enemy, had nothing to report.  12 DEVON strengthened and developed their outpost position near LONGUEMARE Crossroads to a Platoon locality.  Units of ROYAL NETHERLANDS GROUP moved into position without incident and had taken over from 1 RUR by 1230 hrs.  1 RUR moved to rest area EAST of COLLEVILLE.  Day was generally quiet with desultory shelling and mortaring, with distinct increase at 1800 hrs.  Mixed sniper post of one RU Rifleman and one NETHERLANDER drew first blood in a confirmed hit on enemy.  Casualties during day:- 12 DEVON, 1 OR wounded.  2 OXF BUCKS, 2 ORs wounded.  195 Airldg Fd Amb 1 OR wounded.  R NETHERLANDS GROUP, Capt H. FAR wounded.


13th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Dull early but becoming fine later with visibility also improving.  Wind SW moderate.  Patrols as normal report enemy patrols on larger scale than before.  No major incidents occurred.  12 DEVON continued to dig and wire their positions in area LONGUEMARE Cross roads, developing a second Platoon locality.  2 OXF BUCKS "bagged" another enemy, bringing score in the Bde "Sniper War" to 43 - 3.  Relief of 5 Para Bde less 12 Para Bn by 1 BELGIAN GROUP carried out during day without incident.  12 Para Bn relieved by 12 DEVON, 12 DEVON having taken over the outpost position of 12 Para Bn near LONGUEMARE FARM, established a company in that area.  Other moves and reliefs in accordance with appx were carried out.  Day fairly quiet with little shelling or mortaring.  Casualties during day:- 12 DEVON, 1 OR wounded.  R NETHERLANDS GROUP, Maj FJ MOLENSAR and 7 ORs wounded, 1 OR killed.


14th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Fine and clear.  Wind moderate WSW.


Patrols on usual scale during night had nothing to report.  Enemy shelling and mortaring again flared up and Bde counter mortar organisation had a busy day.  Fire was reported as effective and on target.  A report (unconfirmed) that Allied aircraft had bombed forward troops on another front was followed by an instruction from Div that recognition signals would be fully used.  This instruction was passed to units.  Enemy aircraft visited us during the late evening and dropped a few bombs on forward areas.  No damage or casualties were reported.  Casualties during day:- 12 DEVON, Lt ED NUTTALL wounded.  R NETHERLANDS GP, 6 ORs wounded.  1 BELGIAN GP Lt J. Nanty, 2/Lt G VANDEVEEN and 4 ORs wounded.


15th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Fine early but rain later and in evening.  Wind WEST moderate.


1 BELGIAN GROUP report an attack by 10 - 15 enemy on LA GDE FME DU BUISSON which was beaten off by Belgian patrol which suffered 2 cas wounded.  Another patrol sent out by 1 BELGIAN GROUP resulted in a series of confused reports which clarified to a statement that half the patrol were captured by the enemy and interrogated, making their escape when an enemy aircraft crashed in the vicinity.  It later transpired, and this appears to be a more probable explanation, that the Belgian patrol got split and half of it wandered into 12 DEVON forward positions.  They were challenged several times and asked who they were and ran in the direction of their own lines when a bomb dropped by enemy aircraft fell near.  Remainder of patrol had nothing of importance to report.


1400 - 'B' Coy 1 BUCKS passed out of command, which necessitated the following reliefs:- 12 DEVON relieved 'B' Coy 1 BUCKS.  One coy ROYAL NETHERLANDS GROUP relieved the RIGHT coy of 12 DEVON holding SOUTH of the BREVILLE cross roads.  One coy 2 OXF BUCKS relieved right hand coy ROYAL NETHERLANDS GROUP in the woods right of CHATEAU ST COME.  Day was fairly quiet though shelling and mortaring continued.  Casualties during day:- R NETHERLANDS GP 1 OR killed, 2 ORs wounded.  1 BELGIAN GP, 1 OR killed, 2/Lt DEBLOCK, Alm KREMER, and 3 ORs wounded.


16th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Cloudy but clearing later.  Wind SW moderate, visibility fair.


During the night disquieting reports were received from R NETHERLANDS GROUP first that their recce unit in reserve behind BREVILLE cross roads had been attacked and over-run, and then that a strong enemy patrol had penetrated into their recce unit's area.  Confused reports came in and small arms fire could be heard.  A platoon of 12 DEVONS and infantry of ROYAL NETHERLANDS GROUP were ordered to investigate.  Nothing was known of any enemy attack by the coy of 12 DEVON and R NETHERLANDS GP holding in front of BREVILLE.  LO was also sent from Bde HQ.  The report of the "over-running" was traced to a dis telephone line immediately following a report of an attack.  The attack degenerated to an enemy recce patrol in a later report.  The whole incident was found to have been due to a violent outbreak of diarrhoea and stomach ache in the unit, assumed to have been through eating too many green cider apples.  A jittery sentry had reported enemy and opened fire, and for two hours the Netherlanders crawled around ditches stalking and firing at each other.  The LO brought back an accurate report after having taken one shell shocked case to the RAP, the man having surrendered to him.  It is most improbable that any Germans ever penetrated through our standing patrols and forward companies to the WEST of BREVILLE that night; no traces of them could be found.  Next afternoon replacements for 75 new battledress trousers were requested in view of possible visit of Prince BERNHARD of the NETHERLANDS.  Patrol activity otherwise was normal and 1 BELGIAN GROUP reported a strong enemy patrol on their front.  This patrol withdrew before contact could be made.  Mortar and artillery activity was on a reduced scale during the day although one fairly heavy concentration landed in 2 OXF BUCKS area.  During the late afternoon and evening instructions were that the enemy was about to withdraw and at 2035 hrs orders were received from Division to prepare to carry out operation "PADDLE".  Bde Commander issued orders to Battalion Commanders and Allied Groups at Bde HQ that strong patrols were to probe enemy positions and report first signs of withdrawal, each unit to be prepared to follow up with a coy immediately.  Casualties during day:- 12 DEVON, 1 OR killed, Maj WF BARROW and 4 ORs wounded, 2 OXF BUCKS 1 OR killed, 5 ORs wounded.  R NETHERLANDS GP, 2 ORs wounded.  1 BELGIAN GP 1 OR killed, Lt SAUVAGE and 12 ORs wounded.


17th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Early mist becoming fine later.  Wind slight, SW.  Visibility good.


0415 - The first indications of the enemy withdrawal on our front came from patrol of 2 OXF BUCKS which reported TRIANGLE WOOD  147735 clear of enemy.  Shortly after, patrols of 12 DEVON reported that the enemy had gone from the area EAST of the LONGUEMARE cross roads.  A general vigorous patrolling forward took place.


0720 - R NETHERLANDS GROUP reported that their patrols had passed through old enemy FDLs.


0732 - 1 BELGIAN GROUP reported three prisoners from 744 Regt, who stated that their main forces had orders to withdraw at 2200 hrs 16 Aug and that rearguards had been left until 0200 hrs 17 Aug.  "PADDLE" was ordered in accordance with the Operation Order already issued.  12 DEVON were to have been relieved by 1 RUR on morning 17 Aug.  They were ordered to proceed with PADDLE and 1 RUR would pass through later.  1 RUR were brought up in transport to the area of the square in LE PLEIN.


0800 - R NETHERLANDS GROUP reported that they had reached bound HAMMER.


0830 - 2 OXF BUCKS reported that they had reached HAMMER and had been fired on by approximately 20 enemy who had then withdrawn.  12 DEVONS pushing on to ELM.  Considerable anti-tank and anti-personnel minefields were encountered, especially by 12 DEVON on the route to the coast, and consequent delay caused.


0927 - 12 DEVON reported that they had met enemy opposition astride the road SW of DESCANNEVILLE at 150763 and were small arms and 50mm mortar fire.  Brigade Major visited them and ordered a troop of BELGIAN armoured cars to support them.  This opposition held up 12 DEVON until a company attack was put in at 1330 hrs.  By that time R NETHERLANDS GP were firmly established on bound HAMMER.  1 BELGIAN GP was trying to push along main road SALLENELLES - FRANCEVILLE PLAGE with armoured cars, but were very much held up by mines and demolitions and fire from MOULIN DU BUISSON.  2 OXF BUCKS reached bound ELM at 1055 hrs and moved LEFT across the opposition holding up 12 DEVON to occupy GONNEVILLE and move a company to DESCANNEVILLE across the enemy's line of retreat.


1330 - Company 12 DEVON attacked enemy 150763.  Attack successful and 9 enemy killed.  12 DEVON were ordered to consolidate present positions; 2 OXF BUCKS to occupy GONNEVILLE and DESCANNEVILLE, 1 RUR to pass through 12 DEVON to CABOURG.  1 BELGIAN GP gave up trying to use armoured cars and continued the advance with infantry at 1420 hrs.  They now made much more rapid progress, their engineers clearing the road behind them, and reported occupation of MOULIN DU BUISSON 1625 hrs.  1650 hrs they reached ELM.


1652 - 1 RUR reported themselves on PEAR.  GREEN route was in a very bad condition largely owing to our own bombing prior to D Day, and progress was very slow indeed until about a mile from where this road meets the coast road.  They pushed on in an endeavour to cut off the enemy opposing the Belgians in FRANCEVILLE PLAGE, but were unsuccessful.  From this point the problem was mainly an engineer's one of dealing with craters and minefields.  Belgian REs opened the coast road from SALLENELLES by 2130 hrs.  To ease congestion on the roads 12 DEVON were ordered at 1823 hrs to withdraw to the area they had left that morning.  1 BELGIAN GP had patrols in FRANCEVILLE PLAGE by 1920 hrs and an additional block was caused by a tank being blown up by a mine.


2030 - One company R NETHERLANDS GP took over local protection of the lock gates at OUISTREHAM.  1 BELGIAN GP and 1 RUR made contact before dark.  Casualties during day were:- 2 OXF BUCKS, 8 ORs injured, 1 RUR, 1 OR killed, Lt CRR BENNETT and 15 ORs injured.  1 BELGIAN GP, 2 ORs injured, R. NETHERLANDS GP, 1 OR injured.


18th August 1944

Place: Nr Le Mesnil


Met:- Fair with good visibility, wind SW moderate.


1 RUR during the night reaches LES PANORAMAS and reported that the whole area was heavily mined and booby trapped and the coast road blown in four places.  Detours were made for vehicles and it was proposed to attack the bridge at first light.  Company of 1 RUR on cross roads 170792 was relieved by a company 2 OXF BUCKS at 0800 hrs.  The above plans were carried out and 1 RUR advanced to a point on the outskirts of CABOURG where a pillbox at 211795 held up the advance.  Mines on either side of a badly cratered road prevented deployment.  This was the position for the remainder of the day and apart from 1 RUR no contact was made with the enemy.  Great difficulty in clearing path round craters and getting transport to 1 RUR.  Flooding prevented more than one battalion frontage.  The Div Commander issued orders that since CABOURG was not the centre of main effort, 1 RUR to maintain pressure but NOT to make any costly attack.  Tac Bde HQ made two moves during the day, the first being to MERVILLE BATTERY position at 0930 hrs, HQ being set up in that position at 1010 hrs.  This proved unsatisfactory owing to communications, and at about 1330 hrs HQ moved to Chateau at 137729, setting up there at 1410 hrs.  Here it was joined by Rear Bde HQ.  Day was generally quiet, but probing by our forward elements continued.  Engineers work pushed on.  Casualties during the day were:- 12 DEVON, 2 ORs killed, 8 ORs wounded.  1 RUR, 2 ORs wounded.  1 BELGIAN GP, 3 ORs killed, 2 ORs wounded.  R NETHERLANDS GP, 1 OR killed, 1 OR wounded.


19th August 1944

Place: Chateau 137729


Met:- Fine with good visibility.  Wind SW strong.


During the early hours 1 RUR pushed recce patrols forward to ascertain strength of enemy defences, around CABOURG.  Patrols found flooding at 199785, with water rising, and were obliged to withdraw.  Again the day was quiet apart from mortaring and shelling on 1 RUR forward positions.  12 DEVON suffered 6 casualties on a minefield NW of BUGLE CORNER in a "conducted tour" of enemy positions.  Clearance was commenced immediately.  At 1930 hrs 2 OXF BUCKS were ordered to send two companies to relieve 3 Commando at VARAVILLE before dusk.  Movement was carried out without incident and detachment HQ was established at 177756.  Casualties during day:- 2 OXF BUCKS, 2 ORs wounded.  1 RUR, 4 ORs wounded.


20th August 1944

Place: Chateau 137729


Met:- Fine early in day but becoming cloudy and wet later.  Wind WEST moderate to strong.


1 RUR patrols made contact with enemy and small arms fire was opened at close range.  Day apart from this was quiet on their front.


1200 - Bde Commander and Bde Major visited HQ 6 Airborne Div and were warned of a possible move of the Bde down to the TROARN area later in the day.


1345 - A warning order to move at short notice was issued to Battalions; 12 DEVON at 30 mins, 2 OXF BUCKS at 2 hrs, and 1 RUR at 4 hrs notice.  1 BELGIAN GP to relieve 1 RUR and to revert to direct command 6 Airborne Div together with R NETHERLANDS GP.


1500 - A conference of Battalion and Allied commanders was held at Bde HQ and orders were issued by Bde Commander.  12 DEVON followed by 2 OXF BUCKS were to move during early evening by TCV to area EAST of TROARN to a concentration area pending further orders from 6 Airborne Div.  Bde HQ and 1 RUR to follow early next morning.  12 DEVON were concentrated in their new area by 1930 hrs, 2 OXF BUCKS by 2200 hrs.  At 2100 hrs Bde Commander and Bde Major were summoned to Div HQ to receive orders.  During the previous night 1 SS Bde had attacked and secured the high ground EAST of BRUCOURT 2274, but had been cut off during the following day by enemy fire from further EAST on the low ground of the R DIVES, which it was necessary to cross to reach them.  The Bde was now ordered to cross this low ground during the night and establish itself EAST of 1 SS Bde on the high ground ROAD JUNCTION 2575 before first light, preparatory to advancing EAST along the axis of the main road, with objective the triangle of roads at 2978.  The Bde Commander decided that only two battalions were available to be passed across during the time, and the Commanding Officers 12 DEVON and 2 OXF BUCKS were brought to Div HQ and given their orders there.  They were to move at 0130 hrs 21 Aug, 12 DEVON leading, followed by 2 OXF BUCKS, and establish themselves on the objective by first light.  Start line and bounds were given for the subsequent advance which was to commence at 1000 hrs with 2 OXF BUCKS on the RIGHT of the road and 12 DEVON on the LEFT.  Orders were concluded and COs left Div HQ at 2400 hrs.  Casualties during the day:- 2 OXF BUCKS, 7 ORs wounded.


21st August 1944

Place: Chateau 137729


Met:- Continuous rain till afternoon, then dull with poor visibility.  Wind WEST moderate.


The night 20/21 Aug was very dark, with pouring rain.  A warning order to move was received at Bde HQ at 0030 hrs, and the Bde Commander and Bde Major returned at 0130 hrs.  The move began at 0230 hrs and the hazards of roads blocked by burnt out GERMAN tanks, and the TROARN bridges, successfully surmounted.  HQ established itself temporarily in the same building as HQ 1 SS Bde at PLAIN GRUCHET 232724 at 0545 hrs, but at 1100 hrs moved to LE MANOIR 217715.  12 DEVON and 2 OXF BUCKS completed the night move without mishap and without encountering any enemy opposition, although several stragglers were taken prisoner.  Main HQ moved to Chateau 258755 at 1930 hrs, Rear HQ and Bde 'B' Echelons coming into the LE MANOIR area.  1 RUR had been completely relieved by 1 BELGIAN GROUP night 20/21 Aug and concentrated in area LE PLEIN by 0200 hrs 21 Aug.  In accordance with previous orders they concentrated EAST of TROARN, area 2171, by 0900 hrs.  At 1800 hrs CO 1 RUR was summoned to Bde HQ and ordered to move his Battalion by march route and concentrate area 2575.  This was completed by 2115 hrs.  During the afternoon the Bde Commander visited 12 DEVON and ordered them after occupation of final objective to push SE and occupy BRANVILLE 4003.  Before dark one coy of 12 DEVON had encountered the enemy on the final objective and had become engaged there.  G II (O) from Div arrived with fresh orders stressing the urgency of capturing BRANVILLE.  Orders to 12 DEVON to push on all night, tired as they were.  A Coy was pushed out in an attacking movement and entered BRANVILLE early next morning.  2 OXF BUCKS halted for night in rear of 12 DEVONS.  Casualties during day:- 12 DEVON, 2 ORs killed, 9 ORs wounded, 2 ORs missing.  2 OXF BUCKS, 2 ORs killed, 5 ORs wounded.  1 RUR, 1 officer killed, 1 officer and 9 ORs wounded.  1 BELGIAN GROUP 12 ORs killed, 2 officers and 3 ORs wounded, 1 OR missing, 6 ORs rejoined.


22nd August 1944

Place: Chateau 258755


Met:- Fine, visibility good, wind WSW moderate.


12 DEVON moved forward, and at 0720 hrs had one company in BRANVILLE and two companies on cross roads.  2 OXF BUCKS passed through 12 DEVON and continued to advance against little opposition.  During the morning the MAQUIS brought in a miscellaneous collection of Allied airmen and Airborne troops, who they had been hiding since they landed.  At 1400 hrs Tac HQ again moved forward and set up at 1500 hrs at LE MANOIR DE GOUAS 420074 near VAUVILLE 4207.  1 RUR passed through 2 OXF BUCKS and after meeting slight opposition reached line of R TOUQUES, entering DEAUVILLE.  HQ established at 446118 at 1620 hrs.  Bridges were blown and an urgent call for bridging equipment, assault rafts, boats etc was sent back.  20 assault boats and two anti-tank gun rafts were all that could be spared from the Div resources for this sector.  The 20 assault boats arrived at 2300 hrs and were delivered to 1 RUR.  The anti-tank gun rafts did not become available from 5 Para Bde until early on 23 Aug.  It now appeared that the enemy was establishing a line on the other side of the river.  Mortaring and shelling forward positions was replied to by our own artillery and mortars.  Any attempt to cross drew intense close range small arms fire.  During the afternoon 2 OXF BUCKS were moved to concentration area TOURGEVILLE 4308 and 12 DEVON to area near LE FAUDIS 4405.  At 2100 hrs 1 BELGIAN GP, who had reached DEAUVILLE by the coast road, were placed under command.  The Brigadier and Brigade Major visited 1 RUR at 2000 hrs and re-iterated orders already given earlier in the day.  1 RUR were to send patrols across the river at darkness and endeavour to establish strong fighting patrols on the other side.  These were to be followed up by the whole Battalion, and 2 OXF BUCKS would be ready to follow up immediately.  A bridgehead was to be obtained before first light.  Guides were provided by the MAQUIS.


2100 - Brigadier went on to HQ 1 BELGIAN GP and ordered them to relieve LEFT hand company 1 RUR in DEAUVILLE.  They were to be ready to continue advance across the R TOUQUES on the axis of the coastal road.  Casualties during the day were:- 2 OXF BUCKS, 8 ORs wounded.  1 RUR, 1 OR killed, 1 officer and 3 ORs wounded.  1 BELGIAN GP, 1 OR wounded, 1 OR missing.


23rd August 1944

Place: Vauville


Met:- Early rain, becoming fine later.  Visibility good.  Wind WEST moderate.


Anti-tank gun rafts were delivered to 1 RUR at approximately 0800 hrs.  During the night 1 RUR made no move at all.  The Battalion began to re-group in the area COUR CARREL AU CERF 4608 during the morning.  The Brigadier visited Commanding Officer 1 RUR, and ordered them to carry out his former orders, while recognising that this might not be possible now until the following night.  RE att 1 RUR prepared a rude footbridge across the river at 468078, under cover of river banks, and a platoon crossed.  It encountered opposition and withdrew.  In view of this, surprise at the crossing place having been forfeited, and engineer equipment not making possible a full scale attack, the Brigadier decided to abandon his plan, and to patrol across the river on a wide front during the night.  Civilian sources reported that main enemy opposition on EAST side of R TOUQUES was by White Russian troops holding coastal sector TROUVILLE - HONFLEUR.  Valuable information on enemy defences was given by the MAQUIS, who requested arms, and had already dealt with collaborators.  Position remained largely static during day.  Shelling and mortaring continued and enemy are obviously in some strength.  Casualties during day were:- 12 DEVON, 7 ORs injured, 1 BELGIAN GP, 2 ORs killed.


24th August 1944

Place: Vauville


Met:- Early rain clearing later in day, but remaining cloudy.  Wind NW moderate.


1 RUR patrols crossed the river during the early hours and made contact with enemy who took little vigorous action.  Civilian sources reported at 0800 hrs, that enemy was pulling out from his position and retreating EAST.  Battalions were ordered to keep in contact with enemy.  2 OXF BUCKS entered TROUVILLE at 0800 hrs, crossing the blown bridge at 466103, and pushed after the enemy.  At 1015 hrs 1 BELGIAN Gp were 1000 yds EAST of river without making contact, crossing by the most NORTHERN bridge.  All 1 RUR crossed the river by the footbridge and assault boats by 1200 hrs, and 12 DEVON followed at once.  All 3 Para Bde crossed by this means during the afternoon.  Prisoners now began to come in and up to 1100 hrs 13 had been taken.  These were a mixed batch of Poles, Russians, and Yugo-Slavs, some being dressed in civilian clothes.


1700 - 12 DEVON, who had been following up, were ordered to pass through 1 RUR.  By 1600 hrs the bridgehead was firmly established.  1 BELGIAN GP had reached CRIQUEBOEUF 5016.  2 OXF BUCKS were on cross roads 488139 near GOBIN.  12 DEVON were concentrating in rear of 2 OXF BUCKS area 4711.  1 RUR were established at ST PHILIBERT 5111.  No bridging materials could be made available on the Bde front, vehicle bridges being constructed at PONT L'EVEQUE further SOUTH.  An improvised raft was constructed by 2 OXF BUCKS at 466103 and some of the transport crossed by this means.  Civilian labour under RE direction partially repaired the bridge at RONCHEVILLE 4906 by 1900 hrs, and some RUR transport crossed here.  Bulk of the Bde transport crossed by the PONT L'EVEQUE bridges approximately at 1900 - 2000 hrs.  At 1700 a skeleton Tac HQ comprising Bde Commander, Bde Major, 1 LO, Chief Clerk, Bde Commander's Rover and Div Rear Link sets and crews, with 3 jeeps, crossed the river by 2 OXF BUCKS ferry and proceeded to a chateau at ST PHILIBERT 516116.  Remainder of Tac HQ followed up via PONT L'EVEQUE and was finally established in new position at 2020 hrs.  At 1600 hrs 12 DEVON were ordered to push on to HONFLEUR by the route ST PHILIBERT cross roads 5111 - EQUEMANVILLE 5415, while the 1 BELGIAN GP was directed via the coast road.  2 OXF BUCKS was directed on cross roads 5613 but in view of reliable reports from the MAQUIS this was postponed until next day.  12 DEVON pushed on a mobile patrol mounted on bicycles and the local fire engine into HONFLEUR by 2030 hrs.  Remainder of the Battalion followed by 2300 hrs, less one company left at EQUEMANVILLE 5415.  Civilian sources reported that enemy were SE of HONFLEUR and were going to defend a line there.  Col RG PARKER rejoined this HQ from hospital.  Casualties during day:- 12 DEVON, 3 ORs killed, 1 Officer and 13 ORs wounded.  2 OXF BUCKS, 9 ORs injured.  1 BELGIAN GP, 1 OR wounded.


25th August 1944

Place: St Philibert 516116


Met:- Fine.  Visibility fair to good.  Wind SW slight.


12 DEVON advanced EAST from HONFLEUR without opposition.  At 0830 hrs 12 DEVON contacted enemy at 617167, and came under mortar and machine gun fire.  1 BELGIAN GP were ordered to replace 12 DEVON in HONFLEUR.  2 OXF BUCKS were ordered to secure cross roads 5613 and continue to secure the river crossing of R LA MORETTE at MALHORTIE 6112.  Considerable opposition was met at this crossing place, the enemy holding up 12 DEVON on same line further NORTH.  A BELGIAN recce car that appeared in the neighbourhood of the bridge was knocked out by a 50 mm anti tank gun.  2 OXF BUCKS fought their way slowly forward during the afternoon and evening and had all their companies on the high ground across the river by nightfall.  1 RUR had been ordered to pass through as soon as the bridgehead was secure and 2 OXF BUCKS had occupied the high ridge EAST of MANNEVILLE LA RAOULT 6212, directed on BERVILLE SUR MER, 6618.  They were not able to do this until approximately 0400 hrs on 26 Aug.  Bde HQ moved to GENNEVILLE 6012 and set up there at 1400 hrs.  Enemy shells fell uncomfortably close during the afternoon but fortunately several appeared to be duds.  Further NORTH during the afternoon one company attack point 85 622166, supported by RA and another company crossed the river at 619149, only to be held up by machine gun fire from point 89 623148.  At 1640 hrs enemy counter attacked twice in rapid succession and latter 12 DEVON withdrew across river.  Company on point 85 withdrew at dusk.  Approximately 70 prisoners during the day.  Div Commander visited Bde HQ 1700 - 1900 hrs.  Casualties during the day:- 2 OXF BUCKS, 1 officer and 1 OR killed, 9 ORs wounded.  1 RUR, 1 OR missing.  1 BELGIAN GP, 1 OR killed, 14 ORs wounded.


26th August 1944

Place: Genneville 6012


Met:- Fine, visibility good.  Wind SW moderate.


Early reports from Battalions confirm prisoners' statements that enemy was withdrawing.  Units were ordered to follow up:- 1 RUR NE to BERVILLE 6618.  1 BELGIAN GP to pass through 12 DEVON to BERVILLE by the coast road.  2 OXF BUCKS to FOULBEC 7015 by direct route from MANNEVILLE LA RAOULT.  1 RUR reached BERVILLE 1030 hrs.  12 DEVON Recce Platoon and 1 BELGIAN GP arrived shortly after.  1 BELGIAN GP was then ordered on to FOULBEC by the coast road, arriving before 2 OXF BUCKS, approximately midday.  Units were then ordered to concentrate as follows:- 2 OXF BUCKS at FOULBEC 7015, 12 DEVON at CONTEVILLE 6816, 1 RUR at LES HOUX 6617, 1 BELGIAN GP at BERVILLE.  Bde HQ moved to Chateau at 658154 and established there at 1545 hrs.  Enemy had blown the bridge at FOULBEC and established himself on the other side of the R RISLE.  Reported at 713183 at 1850 hrs.  Orders received from Division to halt and rest the troops.  Thunderbolts dropped bombs on 1 BELGIAN GP area at 2115 hrs but caused no casualties.  Casualties during the day:- Nil.


27th August 1944

Place: Chateau 658154


Met:- Fine, visibility good, wind moderate.


Little happened during the day and all personnel took a well earned and welcome rest.  Fresh instructions on concentration areas were received from Division and issued to Battalions by LO; Battalions were ordered to move there on 28 Aug.  12 DEVON EAST of R LA MORETTE and WEST of stream reach coast 6418, NORTH of 15 grid line.  1 RUR between 13 and 15 grid line, same EAST and WEST boundaries.  2 OXF BUCKS in FOULBEC and CONTEVILLE.  Bde HQ unchanged at CHATEAU ST PIERRE DUVAL 658154.  1 BELGIAN GP ceased to be under command.  Casualties during day:- Nil.


28th August 1944

Place: Chateau 658154


Met:- Fine, visibility good.  Wind slight SW.


Bde IO crossed R RISLE to investigate civilian report that 100 - 400 enemy were in area 7119-7128.  This proved to be a wild goose chase although the IO derived some satisfaction in liberating a hamlet which had apparently been missed in the rush and thereby being hailed as a "hero".  Units moved to concentration areas.  Resting continued.  Casualties during day:- 2 OXF BUCKS, 2 ORs wounded.


29th August 1944

Place: Chateau 658154


Met:- Dull with rain later.  Wind WEST moderate to strong.


DAA & QMG attended a conference at Div HQ.  A conference of COs, Adjutants and IOs was held at Bde HQ at 1130 hrs to discuss return of Bde to ENGLAND.  1 BELGIAN GP having left BERVILLE, to calm the fears of the populace a section of Defence Platoon was sent to that town to defend it against any night marauding enemy.  Resting continued.  Casualties during day:- Nil.


30th August 1944

Place: Chateau 658154


Met:- Intermittent rain, wind WEST moderate.


Resting continued and all was quiet within Bde.  Casualties during day:- 1 RUR, 1 OR rejoined.  195 Airldg Fd Amb, 1 OR missing.


31st August 1944

Place: Chateau 658154


Met:- Dull.  Wind WEST moderate.


Resting continued.  All quiet.


1145 - Conference to discuss further arrangements of the return.  Casualties during the day:- Nil.


Month and year: September 1944

Commanding Officer : Brig EWC Flavell DSO MC


1st September 1944

Place: St Pierre du Val


Marching party left in transport to rendezvous near PONT L'EVEQUE where they were to meet the rest of the brigade group and att troops - 195 Airldg Fd Amb, REME Fd Workshops and QM parties.  The whole body had arrived by 0930 hours and were awaiting Canadian transport which was to have picked them up at 0945 hours and taken them to REVIERS where L of C transport would be waiting to take them to No 60 Transit Camp near ARROMANCHE.  At approx 1200 hours five trucks appeared and part of Bde HQ set off for Reviers.  The remainder of the Brigade were picked up at approx 1600 hours by 6 Airborne Division RASC transport and the attached personnel were picked up by L of C transport sent back by bde eventually arriving at the Transit Camp at 0100 hours on 2 Sep.  A meal of bully beef, biscuits and warm tea was provided at the Transit Camp.


2nd September 1944

Place: Arromanche


12 DEVON left the Transit Camp at 1100 hours and embarked on HMS Princess Astrid.  At 1300 hours 2 OXF BUCKS embarked on SS Empire Crossbow.  At 1600 hours 1 RUR started to embark but the sea was growing so rough that the transfer from an LCT to the Crossbow was a hazardous process.  At 2000 hours Bde HQ party and attached troops set out in an LCT but were forced to return to the pier as were 200 RURs.  This party returned to the Transit Camp arriving at 2145 hours.  A meal was provided and tents were pitched with difficulty in a strong gale.


3rd September 1944

Place: Arromanche


Reveille at 0530 hours and the party once more moved off at 0830 hours to embark on SS Empire Crossbow.  This was successfully completed and the convoy sailed at 1300 hours.  At 2000 hours it was certain that the ships could not make port so they anchored off the ISLE OF WIGHT.


4th September 1944

Place: Bulford


At 1500 hours the Brigade Commander had disembarked at SOUTHAMPTON and by 1600 hours all troops had disembarked and embussed in TCVs which conveyed them straight to BULFORD.  By 1800 hours the Brigade was 'in barracks'.


5th September 1944

Place: Bulford


The brigade was occupied in unpacking kit and settling in.  Bde Comd proceeded on leave.


6th September 1944

Place: Bulford


Brigade Major and Intelligence Officer visited HQ 6 Airborne Division and all units in the morning.


1300 - Brigadier HDK Money, DSO, CAE visited Bde HQ.


7th September 1944

Place: Bulford


Bulk of Brigade proceeded on leave.


12th September 1944

Place: Bulford


Order received to mobilise Home Scale for service overseas by 0001 hours 30 Sep.  MT to be prepared to proceed as from 23 Sep 44.  Except for certain key personnel the Bde were granted an additional four days leave to expire 20 Sep 44.





6 Airldg Bde OO No.1


Ref maps:- 1/250,000

                  1/50,000 Sheets 7E/5, 7E/6, 7F/1, 7F/2

                  1/25,000 Sheets 40/16



1.  Enemy

        (a) Coast def fmns  The area of CAEN to the coast, in which 6 Airborne Div is operating is held by 716 Inf Div, a lower est div of two regts.  A res bn is in the area LEBISEY 0571 - CAEN, and CAEN is held by 193 Local Def Bn.  Most of this div will have been eliminated before arrival of 6 Airldg Bde.  EAST of FRANCEVILLE PLAGE 1578 is 711 Div, with a res bn at DOZULES 2673.

        (b) Mob fms

                i.  21 Pz Div, with 60% eqpt and 100% personnel, is believed to be in area FLERS T82 - FALAISE U13.  Dets have been reported at BRETTEVILLE 0553.

                ii.  12 SS Pz Div (HITLERJUGEND) at full strength is in area BERNAY 7/Q87 - LAIGLE 7/Q74 - DREUX 7/R33.

                iii.  1 SS Pz Div (ADOLF HITLER) is believed to be in area THOUARS - POITIERS.  Strength unknown.

                iv.  17 SS Pz Div or Pz Gren Div (GÖTZ VON BERLICHINGEN) may be in area RENNES Y05.

                v.  179 Pz Trg Div is in area MANTES 7/R66, and is estimated to be worth 40% of a good div.

        (c) For details of both static and mob fmns, see 6 Airborne Div Int Summary, and ISUM No.5.

2.  Own Tps

        (a) H hr is time of ldg of sea-borne assault.  P hr is Civil Twilight.

        (b) I Corps with under comd 6 Airborne Div is assaulting on the LEFT of SECOND ARMY, with 3 Cdn Div RIGHT and 3 Brit Div LEFT, with objective the line BAYEUX 7879 - CAEN 0368.

        (c) 3 Brit Div with under comd 27 Armd Bde lands on QUEEN sector (0582 - 0980) at H hr with bde tasks, as shown in Trace P.

        (d) C Sqn INNS of COURT Regt.  Certain proportions of this sqn may move into 6 Airborne Div area from SE of CAEN during D or D+1 day.

                Tps to be expected.  Two patrols, each of one DAIMLER scout car and one DAIMLER armd car.

                Probable route.  CAGNY - DEMOUVILLE - LE BAS DE RANVILLE.

                Recognition sigs.  Cars will be flying BLUE pennants from aerials.  If shot at, cars will display YELLOW celanese triangles and fire YELLOW smoke.  6 Airborne Div tps will display yellow triangles in reply, but NOT so as to disclose their posns to the enemy.  After identification cars will be guided to Div HQ direct.

        (e) 6 Airborne Div with under comd 1 SS Bde, lands before H hr and denies to the enemy the use of the area between R ORNE and R DIVES, NORTH of rd TROARN 1667 - SANNERVILLE 1367 - COLOMBELLES 0770, and attacks and delays enemy rfts moving towards CAEN from EAST and SE.

        (f) 3 Para Bde lands at P minus 4 hrs 30 mins with the following tasks:-

                i.  Demolish the brs over R DIVES in and NORTH of TROARN 1668.

                ii.  Capture or neutralize bty at 156775 by H minus 60 mins.

                iii.  Hold the high ground TROARN - X rds 1472.

        (g) 5 Para Bde with under comd D Coy and two pls B Coy 2 OXF BUCKS, lands at P minus 5 hrs with the following tasks:-

                i.  Capture intact if possible the brs at BENOUVILLE 098478 and RANVILLE 104746.

                ii.  Secure the area BENOUVILLE, RANVILLE and LE BAS DE RANVILLE.

                iii.  Capture or neutralize enemy bty at 107765.

                iv.  Recce to COLOMBELLES 0770 - CUVERVILLE 1069 - X rds 123706.

                        On completion of task i D Coy and two pls B Coy 2 OXF BUCKS come into Bde res in area wood 105740.

        (h) 1 SS Bde lands on QUEEN sector at H plus 30 min and moves through BENOUVILLE and RANVILLE to clear the coastal area as shown on Trace P att.

        (j) Armd Recce Gp under comd Col RG PARKER and composed of Armd Recce Regt, 211 Bty 53 (WY) Airldg Lt Regt, one tp 3 Airldg A Tk Bty (by sea), and A Coy 12 DEVON, lands on LZ N and W at 2100 hrs D day.  Conc area is NE of orchard 124732, and task is to form a small firm base outside 6 Airborne Div area, and thence to carry out deep recce to SE.

        (k) Additional tps

                i.  under comd   three secs 195 Airldg Fd Amb

                    under comd for air movement only   Armd Recce Gp, 195 Airldg Fd Amb less three secs, misc adm tpt

                    under comd on arrival of Bde in area of ops   3 Airldg A Tk Bty, 4 Airldg A Tk Bty, a Para Bn of 5 Para Bde

                    in sp   FOO and FOB parties as shown in para 23.

                ii.  12 DEVON and sea-borne elements move by sea under comd 3 Brit and 3 Cdn Divs, reverting to comd on arrival EAST of RANVILLE br.

3.  Ground

        See 6 Airborne Div Int Summary, air ph and models.



4.  To occupy and hold the area LONGUEVAL - STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE - LE BAS DE RANVILLE, in order to:-

        (a) deny to the enemy the SOUTH and EAST approaches to the river and canal crossings at RANVILLE and BENOUVILLE.

        (b) provide a firm base, from which 6 Airborne Div can operate offensively in the area between R ORNE and R DIVES.



5.  Movement from Conc area to Airfd Transit Camps

        See 6 Airborne Div Base Adm Instr No.2 issued on 18 May.

6.  Air Movement

        See Appx A issued on 20 May 44

7.  Build-up by sea

        See Appx B att.

8.  Comd

        If the Bde Comd does NOT reach the area of ops or becomes a casualty, comd of the Bde will be taken over by Lt Col RJH CARSON 1 RUR, until Col RG PARKER has completed his task with the Armd Recce Gp.

9.  Gen Outline

        (a) Phase I   Movement from LZ or beaches to conc areas EAST of the river and canal.

        (b) Phase II   Occupation and development of the posn, with:- 1 RUR in area LONGUEVAL - STE HONORINE, 2 OXF BUCKS in area ESCOVILLE, one para bn 5 Para Bde and later 12 DEVON in area ring contour 103723 - LE BAS DE RANVILLE.


Phase I


10.  1 RUR

        (a) Tps.  under comd one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb.

        (b) LZ "N" at 2100 hrs.

        (c) Bn RV and conc area within rd circuit at 106733.  To be approached via X rds at 111739.  No move from here until orders received from Bde HQ or unit rep on adv party.

11.  2 OXF BUCKS less D Coy and two pls B Coy

        (a) Tps.  under comd one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb.

        (b) LZ "W" at 2100 hrs.

        (c) Bn RV area of oil tks 103761.  No move from here until ordered fwd to brs by TCP at rd junc 097749.

        (d) Bn Conc area, area wood 112746.  No move from here until orders received from Bde HQ or unit rep with adv party.

12.  12 DEVON

        (a) Tps.  under comd one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb.

        (b) Beach Sector QUEEN at H plus 25½.

        (c) Assembly area "HOMER" (0877).  Bn will move to HOMER under comd 3 Br Div.  From HOMER, bn will be called fwd to the brs by 6 Airborne Div, when required.  These orders will be issued by a Div LO and will contain conc area or task for 12 DEVON EAST of the brs.

13.  Mine Clearance

        (a) Rds shown on Trace Q are clear of mines, but all other tracks and rds may be mined by enemy or own tps.  Units will be responsible for mine clearance along their own routes fwd off those rds shown as clear, and in their own DZ, Conc Areas, and localities.

        (b) See para 26.

14.  For RV on ldg of Armd Recce Gp and 195 Airldg Fd Amb, see Appx A.  These units cease to be under comd 6 Airldg Bde on reaching these RV.


Phase II


15.  Phase II will only be carried out, if enemy opposition is slight or non-existent in the STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE area.  Units in conc areas will be prepared for two eventualities:-

        (a) if orders for Phase II are confirmed, to move with maximum speed to their objectives.

        (b) if orders for Phase II are cancelled, to send R gps forthwith to Bde HQ, and to prepare the bn to move in any direction at immediate notice.

16.  1 RUR

        (a) Tps.  under comd one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb.

        (b) Task.  To seize and hold the area LONGUEVAL - STE HONORINE.  Locality will incl:- area X rds 087718, WEST corner of wood 093713, SW corner of wood 094708, orchard 099707.

17.  2 OXF BUCKS

        (a) Tps.  under comd one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb.

        (b) Task.  To seize and hold the area ESCOVILLE.  Locality will incl:- area of church and wood 120712, hedge and rd junc 120716, SOUTH end of wood 125715, X rds 126712.  Two standing patrols of one pl each will be maintained by night to protect A Tk guns, one patrol in area of hedgerows at 115711 and one in area 111714.

18.  Para Bn 5 Para Bde

        (a) Task.  To hold the area orchard 103720 - LE BAS DE RANVILLE, until relief by 12 DEVON.

19.  12 DEVON

        (a) Tps.  under comd one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb.

        (b) Task.  To relieve Para Bn in the area wood 103720 - LE BAS DE RANVILLE.

20.  Patrolling

        (a) Inter-bn patrol bdys will be as shown on Trace Q att.

        (b) Limit of recce patrols will be:- X rds 066683 - MONDEVILLE 073672 - line of rd and rly to Halt 135675 - TOUFFREVILLE 135690 - rd junc 140703.

21.  MMG

        (a) Tasks as shown on Trace R att will be carried out by bns.

        (b) 1 RUR will make full use of MMG with patrols on the SOUTH slopes of the high ground immediately SW of STE HONORINE.

22.  A Tk

        (a) Lay-out of 6 pr A Tk guns will be as shown in Trace R att.

        (b) Bty Comds 3 and 4 Airldg A Tk Btys will report to Bde HQ RV immediately SW of X rds 105734 at 2115 hrs D day.

        (c) One tp 3 A Tk Bty (17 prs) lands at 2100 hrs on LZ N.  One sec will move direct to 1 RUR RV and conc area at 106733, and one sec to 2 OXF BUCKS conc area at wood 112747.  Both secs will move to bn localities under comd respective bns, reverting to comd 3 Airldg A Tk Bty on arrival there.

        (d) If 3 Airldg A Tk Bty reaches area of ops BEFORE 6 Airldg Bde, tps will move to new posns as ordered by Bty Comd.  If 3 Airldg A Tk Bty reaches area of ops AFTER 6 Airldg Bde, one tp will move direct to 2 OXF BUCKS conc area at wood 112747 and one tp to 1 RUR conc area at 106733, both tps coming under comd respective bns for movement.

23.  Arty

        (a) On arrival in area of ops, FOO and FOB will be allotted to bns as necessary.

        (b) Fire sp available to 6 Airborne Div is:-

                53 (WY) Airldg Lt Regt (less 211 Bty) lands D+7.

                3 Brit Inf Div Arty   At call from about H plus 2 hrs.

                4 AGRA   65 Med Regt in direct sp from pm D day.  Additional regts from D plus 2.

                Two cruisers, Two destroyers   In sp 3 and 5 Para Bdes initially.

                Up to four destroyers   In sp 1 SS Bde.

24.  AA

        (a) A/c will NOT be engaged unless they are committing a hostile act or their markings est their enemy identity.

        (b) Fire will NOT be opened at enemy a/c closely pursued by our fighters.

25.  Minefds (Brit)

        (a) Mining of rds.  The following approaches are being blocked from the direction indicated, by RE 6 Airborne Div:-







Approach denied from






                Rds in Bde areas may be temporarily blocked but blocks on routes shown on Trace Q will be arranged so that traffic can easily pass after examination.  The rd HEROUVILLETTE - ESCOVILLE - X rds 123705 - TOUFFREVILLE will be temporarily blocked only, until after passage of Armd Recce Gp.

        (b) AP minefds will be sited in area 099735 and 113749 by RE 6 Airborne Div to block approaches from NORTH and SOUTH.  Lanes through these minefds will be marked.

        (c) Mining of localities.  The areas LONGUEVAL (to river), STE HONORINE, ESCOVILLE will be mined and wired by bns.  No mines will be laid in open country.

26.  Minefds (Enemy)

        (a) Clearance of minefds within Bde areas will be carried out by bns on order from this HQ.

        (b) Location of all minefds found will be reported to this HQ at once.

        (c) Standard red and white gap signs will be used.  Cleared carriage ways of rds will be marked by pairs of gap signs every 200 yds.  Cleared verges will be marked every 400 yds by notice boards, and with the gap signs moved out accordingly.  Verges will be cleared to 10 ft width only, and RIGHT verges cleared in priority to LEFT.

27.  Glider Pilots

        Glider Pilots will revert to Div control as soon as unloading on LZ is complete, and will move to beaches.



28.  Div Dump

        A Div dump will be est on D+1 in WOOD 109730.

29.  Sups

        (a) For first 48 hrs will be two 24 hr packs carried on the men and one emergency ration.

        (b) 14 man Compo packs and unit cookers will be available in Div dump for collection by units evening D+1.  Time of drawing will be notified.

30.  Water

        A limited sup in Jerricans will be available on mornings D+1 and D+2.  Orders re drawing or delivery will be issued in the fd.  A water pt will be opened in Div area on D+1.

31.  Amn, POL and Stores

        Issues will be made from Div dump on demand, unit drawing in own tpt.

32.  Tpt

        Every effort will be made to capture enemy or local civilian tpt in working order.  The capture of any such tpt will be reported to Bde HQ at once.  The following jeeps and trailers will be provided as under:-

        (a) To report SE corner of wood 124731 at 0230 hrs D+1 coming under comd Armd Recce Gp on arrival:-

                2 OXF BUCKS - 10

                1 RUR - 10.

        (b) To report Div Tpt Pk on track along NORTH edge of Div Dump wood by 0600 hrs D+1 - entrance being from WEST, coming under comd CRASC on arrival:-

                Bde HQ - 6

                2 OXF BUCKS - 10

                1 RUR - 10

        Vehs will be complete with all veh eqpt.  Dvrs will bring all unexpired rations.  The vehs will remain under comds shown until released under orders to be issued by Div.

33.  Med

        (a) On ldg MDS element 195 Airldg Fd Amb will come under Div and be controlled by ADMS.

        (b) MDS will be est in area 1073.  Exact location will be notified in the fd.

34.  Repair and Rec

        All crocks and defective eqpt will be centralised at unit rec posts and Bde dets will backload to collecting pts.  Location of collecting pts will be notified in the fd.  Lt AWD will open in Div Maint Area morning D+1.  Damaged eqpt at Bde Collecting Pts beyond capacity of Bde dets will be backloaded as situation permits.  EME will send requests for Rec to CREME.

35.  TC

        Traffic over brs at PONT TOURNANT and BENOUVILLE will be under control of APM.

36.  Pro

        Sec Pro Coy will revert under comd Div on ldg.

        (a) PW

                (i) PW will initially be held at Bde HQ and numbers reported to Div HQ; reception will be undertaken as early as possible.

                (ii) Area between rds 109743 is res for Div cage; time of opening of this cage will be notified in the fd.

        (b) Refugees  A Refugee Transit area will be est in area of the houses about 118754.  All units will ensure that refugees are kept moving until they reach this area.

37.  For further Adm details see 6 Airldg Bde Adm Instr No.1 and Adm Instr No.2 which will follow.

        (a) Postal  A Fd Post Office will be est in DMA as early as practicable giving full postal facilities.  Mail will be collected by units drawing sups, at which time mail for despatch will be handed in.



38.  HQ


Fmn or Unit

6 Airborne Div

3 Para Bde

5 Para Bde

Armd Recce Gp

1 SS Bde

3 Brit Inf Div

8 Inf Bde

185 Inf Bde

101 Beach Sub Area





X rds 123735





Rd junc 072799

Time of opening

P minus 1 hr

P minus 2 hr 30 min

P minus 3 hrs

2130 hrs D day

H plus 5 hrs

H plus 12 hrs

H plus 5 hrs

H plus 7 hrs


        (b) HQ 6 Airldg Bde lands at 2100 hrs D day on LZ N and moves thence to 105734.  On capture of STE HONORINE and ESCOVILLE HQ moves to fm 119721.

39.  Liaison

        (a) The following will fly with Div HQ ldg on LZ N at P minus 2 hrs:-





Adv party for


) Bde HQ


                Separate instrs will be issued to these offrs.  They will meet their units in RVs at about 2100 hrs D day.

        (b) All units ldg on LZ W will send one offr fwd on completion of conc in unit RV, to obtain orders for further moves from TP at 097749.

40.  Sig Security and Comns, Map Ref Codes, Code Names

        See Appx C issued later.

41.  Pass-words

        See Appx D att.

42.  Recognition

        (a) Ground to air.  YELLOW celanese strips (10 triangles sewn together).  Ground strips.  See 6 Airborne Div letter 6AD/144/G of 30 Apr 44 issued to units 1 May 44.

        (b) Ground to Ground.  YELLOW celanese triangles will be displayed when identification is in doubt, or in answer to a similar display.

43.  ACK


[Signed Napier Crookenden]


BM 6 Airldg Bde

Time of Signature 0830B




6 Airldg Bde OO No.1.  Appx B

Build-up by sea


1.  Summary of sea-borne parties

        See Appx to 6 Airldg Bde Adm Instr No 1 and "unit craft allocation sheets" already issued.

2.  Orders and Maps

        (a) Maps made up in det bundles are delivered on board ship to D and D+1 parties.  Maps are delivered in marshalling areas to D+2 day and later parties.

        (b) Each bundle contains orders on action by individuals on ldg.  A summary of these orders follows:

3.  Parties ldg on QUEEN or ROGER beaches

        3 Brit Div will direct them to area 0877 (code-name HOMER) where they will assemble under orders of a senior offr 6 Airborne Div.  Thence they will be called fwd as required by HQ 6 Airborne Div to cross canal and R. ORNE by br or ferry, and given orders for their final destination.

4.  Parties ldg on NAN beach

        3 Cdn Div will direct them to area 9683 (code-name KNEE in sub-area ARCHIE), where they will assemble under orders of an offr 6 Airborne Div.  They will then move under orders 3 Cdn Div through TAILLEVILLE 0082 - LA DELIVERANDE 0281 - HERMANVILLE SUR MER 0679 to area 0877 (HOMER), where they will conc under comd of an offr 6 Airborne Div.  Thence they will be called fwd by HQ 6 Airborne Div to br or ferry.



6 Airldg Bde OO No.1 Appx D



The following pass-words will be adopted and made known to all ranks.  They are laid down by I Corps and precautions will be taken against compromise.  They will NOT be issued below Bn HQ more than 24 hrs ahead.




1200B hrs on

Ending 1200B

hrs on














(D Day
































Appx 'H'

6 Airldg Bde OO No.1 Appx A


20 May 44.

1.  FORM A.

        is att.


        (a) 4 completed forms AB will be sent in to this HQ by 1800 hrs 22 May.  Attention is drawn to the recent amdts to this form.

        (b) Glider Priority Forms will be att to Forms AB, to cover the following possible deficiencies in gliders:-


Bde HQ

Armd Recce Regt






A Coy 12 DEVON

211 Bty RA









No of gliders deficient










3.  Spare Gliders

        The following spare gliders will be loaded with eqpt and stores from 1st rfts to replace any glider going u/s at short notice.

D Day





Down Ampney





Brize Norton



Tarrant Rushton (Hamilcar)











No of Gliders


























BB & 6 pr


BB & trailer MMG

BB, trailer 3" mortar

BB 2 trailers (Amn)

BB & 6 pr (A tk)

BB & trailer (MMG)

Handcart (Empty)

BB & trailer

BB & trailer

BB & 2 trailers

Lt Tk

BB & trailer (3" mortar)

BB & 2 trailers (Amn)

BB & 6 pr

Handcart (empty)

BB & trailer MMG

BB & trailer

BB & trailer (3" mortar)

BB & 6 pr



BB & trailer

BB & 75mm









Bde HQ


AQ Div











53 Lt Regt

No of seats

























Chalk No

























        These glider will be unloaded by 1300 hrs D+1 day, by unit rear parties in transit camps.

4.  Misc Loading Instrs

        (a) All loading disputes - if any - will be referred on RAF airfds to the Sta Tech offr, and on IX TC Comd airfds to Group Glider Loading offr.

        (b) On all airfds, ALO's instrs originate from HQ Airtps, and units will not only comply with them to the best of their ability, but will do all in their power to ensure the smooth working of the airfd arrangements.

        (c) A light trestle will be carried in all veh carrying gliders, so that side-unloading is an available alternative to tail-unloading.

        (d) For tail-unloading vital pts to remember are:-

                (i) L - shaped end of troughs towards nose of glider.

                (ii) Slots in trough tested on trough block, to ensure that they will fit over fixing pts.

                (iii) Tail-Bolts undone from the bottom upwards, the last two simultaneously.

        (e) ALL tail and side unloading eqpt will be carefully tested before the end of the glider-loading period, and checked again before take-off.

        (f) Extra fire extinguishers on a scale of one per glider will be drawn by units at the same time as lashing gear.  Further instrs on the issue of lashing gear follow.

        (g) Two stretchers per glider will be issued to units shortly, and will be carried in each glider.

5.  Discipline

        Attention is drawn to instrs already issued on punctuality on airfds, smoking in a/c, strapping in, completion of forms B, and MT on perimeter tracks.

6.  Additional Personnel

        Seats and space will be allotted in unit gliders to the following personnel.  They will join units in Transit Camps.








Bde HQ

Additional Personnel

8 (Pro Coy)

4 (FS Police)

8 (Pro Coy)


6 (Postal)

G FYFE (Daily Mirror) (From DOWN AMPNEY)

G2 (Air) 6 Airborne Div.

DAAG 6 Airborne Div.

Two batmen.



4 FC.

8 hy MC (if possible,

if not FC) lt MC.

7.  Bde Adv party with Div HQ

        Personnel are allotted to gliders as shown below, and will join Div HQ at HARWELL by 1700 hrs D-1:-







Cpl Cushing

Unit Glider No.

HQ 2

HQ 2

HQ 3

HQ 3

HQ 4

HQ 4

HQ 4

Airfd Chalk No.












8.  Armd Recce Gp and 195 Airldg Fd Amb RV on ldg

        (a) On reaching RV shown below, units of Armd Recce Gp will revert to comd of Col RG PARKER.

Armd Recce Regt

211 Bty 53 (WY) Airldg Lt Regt

A Coy 12 DEVON

area 130738


) triangle of rds 095771

        (b) 195 Airldg Fd Amb, less three secs, will RV immediately NORTH of 2 OXF BUCKS in area 104761, and will cross the brs with 2 OXF BUCKS.




for Maj

BM 6 Airldg Bde

31 May 44



Operation OVERLORD



Date 20 May 44

Headquarters 6 Airldg Bde


LZ N Strip A 111740-117748

LZ N Strip B 114739-118747

LZ N Strip C 117737-121747

LZ N Strip D 118737-122747

LZ W Strip E 098771-107771

LZ W Strip F 096768-106766


Z = time of ldg of first glider

Airborne block



Airborne Unit (incl designation of Serial CO)


No of A/C (Chalk)

Nos of Gliders

Take-off Airfield

DZ or LZ

A/C and Gliders available for loading

Equipment loading completed by

Chutes issued by (BRIT) only

A/C and Gliders ready for emplaning

Emplaning completed

Time of Take Off

Time of Drop or ldg




46 Gp





1000 hrs D-2

Last Light D-2


One hr before take-off

30 mins before take-off

Z minus 2 hrs 23 mins




Adm Tpt











Z minus 2 hrs 23 mins

Z + 06 mins














Z minus 2 hrs 20 mins

Z + 06 mins



Adm Tpt











Z minus 2 hrs 20 mins

Z + 06 mins



Armd Recce Regt

38 Gp










Z minus 2 hrs 10 mins

Z + 12 mins



6 AL Bde HQ











Z minus 2 hrs 10 mins

Z + 12 mins



Adm Tpt











Z minus 2 hrs 10 mins

Z + 12 mins



Armd Recce Regt, one tp 17 prs 3 A Tk Bty


221-250, 281-285









Z minus 2 hrs 15 mins

Z + 20 mins














Z minus 2 hrs 15 mins




195 Fd Amb











Z minus 2 hrs 15 mins















Z minus 1 hr 51 mins

Z + 7 mins



Adm Tpt











Z minus 1 hr 51 mins

Z + 7 mins



A Coy 12 DEVON











Z minus 1 hr 44 mins

Z + 13 mins



211 Bty











Z minus 1 hr 44 mins

Z + 13 mins




Special Instr to Maj M DARRELL-BROWN 2 OXF BUCKS


Ref 6 Airldg Bde OO No.1, para 39(a).


1.  You will join Div HQ at HARWELL Transit Camp on D-1, reporting to G2(Ops) before 1800 hrs.  You will fly in HQ Glider No.2 with a/c chalk number 87.

2.  Your task on ldg will be as follows:-

        (a) To rep me at Div HQ.

        (b) To keep yourself fully informed of the course of the battle, until arrival of 6 Airldg Bde at about 2100 hrs D day.

        (c) To receive and transmit to me as soon as possible any orders from GOC 6 Airborne Div.

        (d) If a change of plan before arrival of 6 Airldg Bde necessitates preliminary recce by me on ldg, you will personnally recce the area of impending ops, and prepare for me a recce plan and choose the best OPs.

3.  You will meet me at 2115 hrs at the Bde HQ RV at 105733, prepared to give me all available infm on enemy, own tps and ground, and to transmit to me any orders from GOC 6 Airborne Div.

4.  Lt J KITTOW, Bde LO, will accompany you as your assistant, reporting to Div HQ with you on D-1.

        If you become a casualty before my arrival, your task will be carried out by Maj J DRUMMOND 1 RUR.  You will maintain touch with him every three hrs throughout D day.


(Sgd) Maj.

for Brig

Comd 6 Airldg BDE




Special Instr to Maj J DRUMMOND 1 RUR


Ref 6 Airldg Bde OO No.1, para 39(a).


1.  You will join Div HQ at HARWELL Transit Camp on D-1, reporting to G2(Ops) by 1800 hrs.  You will fly in Glider HQ 3, with a/c chalk number 88.

2.  Your task on ldg will be as follows:-

        (a) To keep yourself fully informed of the course of the battle, until arrival of 6 Airldg Bde at about 2100 hrs D day.

        (b) To make any preliminary recces which are required by or may help OC 1 RUR to carry out his task, and to choose the best OPs for his personal use.

        (c) If Maj. M DARRELL-BROWN becomes a casualty before arrival of 6 Airldg Bde, to take over his tasks, as shown in att copy of his instrs.  You will make touch with him every 3 hrs throughout D day.

3.  You will meet OC 1 RUR at 2115 hrs D day at the Bn RV and conc area at 106733, and give him all available infm and any special orders you may have for him from Maj DARRELL-BROWN or Div HQ.

4.  Lt RWD CROCKETT 1 RUR will act as your assistant and under-study, and will fly in Div HQ Glider HQ 2, a/c chalk number 87, reporting to Div HQ with you on D-1.


(Sgd) Major

for Brig

Comd 6 Airldg Bde



Appreciation of the Situation


Comd 6 Airldg Bde at BROADMOOR


Ref maps 1/25000 Sheets 40/16.



1.  After ldg at 2100 hrs D day on two LZ at 1174 and 0976 to occupy and hold the area LONGUEVAL 0871 - STE HONORINE 0971 - ESCOVILLE 1271 - LE BAS DE RANVILLE with the object of:-

        (a) denying the SOUTHERN and EASTERN approaches to the crossings of R ORNE and canal at RANVILLE and BENOUVILLE 0974.

        (b) providing a firm base from which 6 Airborne Div can operate offensively in the area between R ORNE and R DIVES.



2.  Relative Strs

        (a) The coast in the area is held by a low category regt with two bns fwd on the beaches and one in res in the area of BIEVILLE 0674 - LEBISEY 0572.  One sqn of obsolescent tks are also believed to be in this area, and a RUSSIAN bn may exist in the area HEAUREGARD 0772.  In CAEN is a Div HQ, a local def bn, a GAF lt bty, a GAF searchlt bty, a GEORGIAN bty and about 250 naval personnel.  These disposns may be changing and should NOT be taken as accurate.

        (b) 3 and 5 Para Bdes drop in the area EAST of RANVILLE at H minus 4 hrs 30 mins, and 3 Br Div assault the beaches at H hr.  The final objective of 3 Br Div is CAEN, which they expect to reach by H plus 12 hrs.  H hr is about 0600B hrs.

Deduction No.1  The Br forces operating in the area will eliminate most of the enemy detailed above by 2100 hrs and my ldgs will be free from interference from them.

        (c) 12 SS Pz Div is located 40-50 miles SE of CAEN and is at full str in men and eqpt.  Assuming it does not start before H hr, it can reach 6 Airborne Div area within the following times:- Recce H plus 4 hrs, Pz Gren Regts H plus 6-7 hrs, Tk Regt H plus 10-11 hrs, Whole div H plus 12 hrs.

        (d) 3 Para Bde's final posns incl:- 1 Cdn Para Bn area LEMESMIL 141728, 8 Para Bn area rd junc 140703, 9 Para Bn HEROUVILLETTE 1272.  5 Para Bde's final posns incl:- 7 and 13 Para Bn RANVILLE 1173, 12 Para Bn area br 105745 - LE BAS DE RANVILLE 1073.  The posns will be occupied by H plus 6 hrs.

Deduction 2  If 12 SS Pz Div moves against 6 Airborne Div, 3 and 5 Para Bdes may be hard pressed by 2100 hrs D day and in contact with the enemy along the SOUTH edge of LE BAS DE RANVILLE - RANVILLE - HEROUVILLETTE.  I must expect my LZ in area 1174 to be under fire, and to have to put in an attack to capture the STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE posn.  If 12 SS Pz Div moves WEST of CAEN or has not yet reached the area of the Br brhead, STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE will be unoccupied and I must move from my LZ to secure it with the maximum possible speed.

        (e) The fighting str of 12 SS Pz Div may be summarised as follows:-

                i.  Tk Regt of two PANTHER bns, one TIGER bn and an Assault Gun posn (22 x 10.5cm SP guns).  TOTAL Tk str. Pz KW IV 25, V 96, VI 20.

                ii.  Two Pz Gren Regts, each of two mot bns and one bn carried in armd half-tracks.  TOTAL Inf str 8100.

                iii.  Arty includes 24 x 10.5cm gun hows.  4 x 10.5cm guns.  18 x 15cm hows.  6 x 15cm rocket projectors.  8 x 88mm AA guns.  30 x 20mm AA guns.  51 x 7.5cm or 5cm A Tk guns.

Deduction 3  If 12 SS Pz Div advances Northwards on the EAST side of the canal and river, the open ground between villages will be dominated by tks, and STE HONORINE LA CHARDONERETTE and ESCOVILLE will be held by at least a Pz Gren bn each.  Any attack on either village must therefore be by at least a Bde, and full arty sp from 3 Br Inf Div and all available cruisers will be essential.

        (f) My own force consists of the following:- 12 DEVON  moving by sea and reverting to comd on arrival in area of ops at about 1400 hrs D+1.  2 OXF BUCKS  D Coy and two pls B Coy revert to comd on ldg of Bde Gp.  1 RUR.  195 Airldg Fd Amb  on ldg of Bde Gp, comes under comd ADMS, less 3 Secs.  12 Para Bn  comes under comd on ldg of Bde Gp and reverts to 5 Para Bde on arrival of 12 DEVON.  Armd Recce Gp  for air movement only.

Deduction 4  Up at about 1400 hrs D+1 I shall have two airldg bns and one para bn in the Bde Gp, and thereafter three airldg bns.  This force is insufficient to form a tight fully co-ordinated Bde def locality in the area given me.  I must therefore site three bn localities, and dominate the areas between them by vigorous offensive patrolling and MMG fire.


3.  Ground

        (a) The STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE posn is bounded as follows:-

                NORTH are the villages RANVILLE, LE BAS DE RANVILLE and MARIQUET, all interspersed with orchards, and 5000 yds NORTH of them the coast.

                EAST.  The BOIS DE BAVENT feature runs parallel to and 4000 yds from the Canal, rising for 3500 yds of its length to 180 ft and gradually sloping down to 50 ft at TROARN in the SOUTH.  It is thickly wooded.

                SOUTH.  Open gently undulating and highly cultivated country, with several small and compact villages on the main re-crossings.  Excellent tk going.

                WEST.  The canal and R ORNE are a good tk obstacle.  Further WEST the ground rises gradually from sea level to a succession of spurs some 2500 yds away, running out from a central plateau about 150 ft high.  Beyond the river and canal there is good tk going.

Deduction 5  The main inf threat is from the EAST or SE, and the tk threat from the SOUTH.  My posn must be based on a A Tk gun and MMG lay-out designed to cover the best tk killing ground.  Except in villages, cover is scarce and I must therefore make full use of them as def localities.

        (b) STE HONORINE is a small village of about 30 houses, 90 ft a.s.l., standing in orchards.  It lies on the NE end of a pear-shaped rise in the ground, 120 ft a.s.l.  This rise gives observation up to 3000-4000 yds over the ground WEST of the canal.  The main rd CAEN - CABOURG runs through it from SW to NE.  ESCOVILLE is a hamlet of about four farms and a chateau, surrounded by orchards.  The ground between the villages is open, devoid of hedges, and forms a broad shallow-re-entrant sloping up to the SOUTH.  500 to 1000 yds SOUTH of the villages is a low ridge running from WEST to EAST, about 90 ft a.s.l.  To the WEST the hamlet of LONGUEVAL and the woods and orchards on the EAST bank of the river provide good cover.

Deduction 6  Both STE HONORINE and ESCOVILLE appear to offer good reverse slope posns, and they provide the only cover in the area.  Both are suitable bn localities, but it will be important to deny the high ground SW of STE HONORINE to the enemy.  The ground between the villages is a good tk killing area, but its width of 2000 yds will make essential the laying of a minefd in the centre so as to deflect enemy tks into the killing area NE of STE HONORINE and NW of ESCOVILLE.  The covered approach from CAEN through LONGUEVAL will need careful watching.


5.  Comns

        CAEN is the centre of rd and rly comns in the area of ops.  Five main rds, all of which cross R DIVES, approach CAEN from the EAST, two approach CAEN from the SOUTH and four from the WEST.

Deduction 7  Adequate first class rds exist for the rapid movement of vehs and tks from the EAST, SE, SOUTH and SW.  Blowing of the R DIVES brs may delay the adv of 12 SS Pz Div from the SE, but in any case the arrival of the div in the CAEN area will not be long delayed.


6.  Time and Space

        My time of ldg is 2100 hrs, about 1¾ hrs before last light.  LZ W is about 5½ miles and LZ N 2¾ miles from STE HONORINE or ESCOVILLE.

Deduction 8  If the enemy are not in possession of my objectives, that part of my force ldg on LZ N will have time to complete a detailed recce of STE HONORINE and of ESCOVILLE in daylight.  F gps will reach either posn about 30 min after last night, but digging of final posns can begin at once.  This force should therefore be given the more vital objective, ie, STE HONORINE.  The force ldg on LZ W will only have time to complete a quick recce of either posn in daylight, if the brs at BENOUVILLE and RANVILLE are intact.  If they are blown this force will not reach its objective until at least 2 hrs after last light.  Some readjustment of their posns may be necessary at first light D+1.  Recce drill must be done quickly and well in both cases.

Deduction 9  To take full advantage of the available 1¾ hrs of daylight, a rep from each unit in the Bde Gp must land with Div HQ at H minus 2 hrs.  These reps will meet COs at Bn RVs with all available infm on the situation, routes fwd and suitable recce OPs.


7.  Air

        The following a/c have been allotted to me for the Bde gp and for Armd Recce Gp which is under my comd for air movement.

2 OXF BUCKS less Br Assault Force


195 Airldg Fd Amb

Bde HQ incl FOOs and LAD

Armd Recce Regt      Horsas


A Coy 12 DEVON

211 Bty 53 (WY) Airldg Lt Regt

Adm tpt











        The nature of the two LZs necessitates the ldg of 142 gliders on LZ N and 108 on LZ W.

Deduction 10  The number of a/c is enough to carry all units at Hard Scale.  The allotment of gliders to LZ will necessitate one bn ldg WEST of the canal and river.  The possibility of the brs being blown and the sup requirement of 6 Airborne Div make necessary the ldg of Armd Recce Regt and the adm tpt EAST of the river.


8.  Action of 3 Para Bde

        Tasks of 3 Para Bde are:-

                (a) Phase I  (i) Capture or neutralize bty at 156775 by H minus 60 mins.  (ii) Demolish brs over R DIVES between all incl TROARN and VARAVILLE by H plus 2 hrs.  (iii) To block rds running EAST and WEST from the rd TROARN - SANNERVILLE 1367 to the coast.

                (b) Phase II  On relief by 1 SS Bde occupy high ground LEMESNIL 140730 - 140700 with dets covering the demolished R DIVES brs and patrols SOUTH as far as EMIEVILLE 1364 - LA RAMEE 1764.

Deduction 11  The high ground on my left flank will be securely held against any inf threat from the EAST or SE.


9.  Action of 5 Para Bde

        Tasks of 5 Para Bde are:-  (i) To seize and hold, if possible intact, the crossings over the R ORNE and the CANAL at BENOUVILLE 098748 and RANVILLE 104746 until relief by 3 Div and if they are blown to est ferries.  (ii) Capture or neutralize the enemy bty at 107765.  (iii) Clear LZ N before H minus 2 hrs 30 mins.  (iv) After relief by 3 Br Div to form a strong br-head EAST of the river crossing incl RANVILLE and BAS DE RANVILLE.

Deduction 12  The crossings over the R ORNE and the canal will be held and the LZ N protected and cleared for my ldg at 2100 hrs.  RANVILLE and BAS DE RANVILLE will be held which will enable unloading and conc after ldg to be carried out without interference.


10.  Action by 1 SS Bde

        Tasks of 1 SS Bde are:-

                (a) to mop up all opposition along the coast between FRANCEVILLE PLAGE and excl CABOURG.

                (b) Hold the area NORTH of the line rd junc 158739 - AMFREVILLE 1274.  9 Cdo and 1 SS Bde HQ will be in area LE PLEIN.

Deduction 13  The area NORTH of LZ N will be clear of enemy and my ldg will be free of interference from the NORTH.


11.  Attack by 3 Br Div

        (a) 8 Inf Bde effect an assault ldg in QUEEN sector 068818 - 093805 at H hr.  Its tasks incl:-  (i) Clear the beach area.  (ii) Secure the high ground in area of ring contour 065772 by H plus 4 hrs.  (iii) Take over the brs at BENOUVILLE and RANVILLE by H plus 5 hrs.  (iv) Clear LZ W for my ldg by 2000 hrs.

Deduction 14  LZ W will be clear of obstacles and enemy by 2100 hrs and passage for my force over the canal and river brs will be free of enemy interference.  Careful TC arrangements will be necessary to ensure no confusion between this movement and that of 3 Br Div.

        (b) 185 Inf Bde lands on QUEEN sector at H plus 4 hrs and moves through 8 Inf Bde to CAEN, reaching BEUVILLE by H plus 6-7 hrs and CAEN by H plus 12 hrs.

        (c) 9 Inf Bde lands QUEEN sector and assembles in sq 0479 by H plus 7 hrs.  Its tasks incl:-  (i) Capture of ANGUERNY 0177, if not already taken.  (ii) Help 185 Inf Bde to capture CAEN or come into res NORTH of CAEN.

Deduction 15  My ldgs on both LZs will be free from arty interference from the high ground NORTH of CAEN and WEST of BEUVILLE.  As the adv of 185 Inf Bde progresses, the right or river flank of the STE HONORINE posn is made more secure, and the importance of denying the high ground SW of STE HONORINE to the enemy increases.



12.  Enemy

        (a) To ignore the airborne ldg EAST of R ORNE and to conc his counter-attack forces against the main seaborne assault WEST of the canal and CAEN.

Deduction 16  My ldg EAST of the river and occupation of the STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE area will be free from enemy interference.  The adv of 3 Br Div may be delayed, and there may be difficulty and delay in the clearance of LZ W and the subsequent ldg of that part of my force.

        (b) To direct his main counter-attack force against the seaborne assault WEST of CAEN, with a strong flank-guard watching the ground EAST of R ORNE.

Deduction 17  My ldg on LZ N remains free from interference, but my occupation of the STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE posn may have to overcome slight resistance from enemy recce elements.

        (c) To carry out an early attack in force on 6 Airborne Div, with a view to seizing the EAST bank of R ORNE, sealing off the Br brhead and harassing the LEFT flank of 1 Corps.

Deduction 18  By 2100 hrs D day 3 and 5 Para Bdes will be closely engaged with the enemy and the capture of STE HONORINE or ESCOVILLE will involve a co-ordinated Bde attack with arty sp from 3 Br Div and available cruisers.  This cannot take place before first light D+1 at the earliest.  If the enemy counter-attack is pressed home, I must expect shelling and mortar fire on my LZ N, and possible interference by small infiltrating parties of enemy inf.

        (d) I consider Course (b) to be the most likely.


13.  Own tps

        My action on ldg will depend entirely on the state of the battle, and I can therefore adopt no fixed course now.  Two alternative courses are open to me, based on infm now available:-

        (a) If the STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE posn is NOT occupied by the enemy in strength greater than OP and recce elements, to move one bn from LZ N to STE HONORINE and one bn from LZ W to ESCOVILLE at maximum speed.


                i. The vital ground near STE HONORINE is seized first, and time should be available for detailed recce of the posn by daylight on D day.  A strong bn locality will therefore be well est by first light D+1.

                ii. ESCOVILLE will also be well est as a bn locality, although some adjustment of posns will be necessary at first light D+1.


                i. By the rapid move of bns direct from LZ to objectives, some degree of control will be lost, and until the posns are secure little action will be possible to deal with any change of situation.

        (b) If STE HONORINE - ESCOVILLE area is held by the enemy, to move to bn conc areas in RANVILLE and LE MARIQUET, with a view to mounting a Bde attack early on D+1 against any required objective.


                Control and comns in the Bde are easy, and rapid movement in any direction will be possible.  Unexpected situations can be dealt with promptly.


                Careful liaison with 5 Para Bde will be essential to avoid confusion in conc areas and along routes.

        (c) I shall make an outline plan for both course (a) and (b).



14.  Gen Outline

        On ldg 1 RUR will move immediately to occupy the area STE HONORINE and 2 OXF BUCKS to occupy the area ESCOVILLE.  12 Para Bn will hold the ring contour 101720, with a Battle patrol in LONGUEVAL.


15.  1 RUR

        (a) Tps   under comd   one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb

        (b) Task   to seize and hold the area STE HONORINE and to deny the high ground immediately SOUTH of it to the enemy.

        (c) LZ   N

        (d) Bn RV Wood 111731

        (e) Time of first ldg.  2100 hrs D day.


16.  2 OXF BUCKS

        (a) Tps   under comd   one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb, D Coy and two pls B Coy revert to comd on the Bn objective.

        (b) Task   To seize and hold a def posn in ESCOVILLE.

        (c) LZ   W

        (d) Bn RV Area oil tks at 105761.  Route fwd BENOUVILLE - RANVILLE - HEROUVILLETTE - ESCOVILLE.  No move from RV until orders received from TCP on WEST end of canal br.

        (e) Time of first ldg.  2100 hrs D day.


17.  12 Para Bn

        Task   To occupy by 2100 hrs the area of ring contour at 101720 and to maintain a battle patrol in LONGUEVAL.  Vigorous offensive patrolling will be carried out in STE HONORINE and on the high ground immediately SW of it, until 1 RUR is set on its objective.


18.  12 DEVON less one coy

        (a) Tps   under comd   one sec 195 Airldg Fd Amb

        (b) Task   To relieve 13 Para Bn in area of ring contour as early as possible on D+1.


19.  Patrolling

        (a) Bn recce pls limit of patrolling will be X rds 071086 - GIBERVILLE 1069 - rd and rly crossing 092670 thence rly to Halt 134674 - TOUFFREVILLE - rd junc 140702.  Contact will be est with:- 8 Para Bn at rd junc 140702.  Inns of Court Regt on rd CAGNY - CUVERVILLE - RANVILLE.


20.  Bde HQ

        (a) Lands on LZ N at 2100 hrs and moves to area of rd triangle 115735.  On bns reporting on objectives moves to buildings at 120720.



21.  As for Plan A up to Bn RV, where Bns will await fresh orders.  R gps will report at once to Bde HQ in area 115735.




Comd 6 Airldg Bde

Time of Signature 1530 hrs.



Appx 'N'


SUBJECT:- Brigade Commander's Final Instruction


1.  To be issued on a scale of one per coy, and to be read out on parade when briefing is complete.


2.  "You are about to take part in the most important operation of war in history.  Our task is the defeat of the German Army and the liberation of Europe from the Nazi yoke of tyranny - a big task, but one which we can tackle with confidence.  The German is still a tough and resolute fighter, and most of the Panzer divisions facing us are made up of the filthiest and most fanatical Nazis - the SS Black Guards.  Their reputation for bestial cruelty is well known, and the more of them we kill, the better.  Our task will therefore demand our utmost courage, determination and skill.  But the cards are stacked in our favour.  We are attacking at a time and place of our choosing.  The people of the country, where we shall fight, and waiting for us with hope and friendliness, and are an ever-growing thorn in the flesh of the enemy.  The enemy has suffered heavy casualties in Russia, North Africa and Italy, and the standard of his troops is slowly declining.  We hold air and sea supremacy, and we are superior to the enemy in the quantity and quality of our tanks, guns, equipment and - most important of all - of our men.  Man for man the British soldier is better than the German, and in the Allied Armies our Brigade is second to none.  We have trained hard on the very type of operation which we have been given to carry out, and we shall have a great opportunity to prove the metal of the Brigade and to add to the long list of Battle Honours of the Devonshire Regiment, the 52nd Light Infantry and the Royal Ulster Rifles.  Keep cool, maintain that offensive eagerness and see to it that the Red Berets of the Air Landing Brigade become a symbol of terror to the Germans and of pride and envy to the Allied Armies.  Good luck to you all.


[Signed HKM Kindersley]


Commander, 6th Air Landing Brigade

28 May 44.



6 Airldg Bde Propaganda OO No.1

Appx A

Text of POLISH and GERMAN addresses



"Men of Poland!  We call upon you to join us in the fight against the NAZI tyranny, which we and our mighty Allies are now destroying.  In Africa and in Italy, Poles have fought and are fighting for Freedom against the filthy Hun, and have shown in battle the qualities of your ancient race.  We know that you are not in the NAZI army as volunteers, and we know the difficulties of escape, but many of your POLISH comrades have come over to our lines in safety.  They have been treated well and separated from the German prisoners.  You will get the same treatment, as soon as you declare yourselves Poles.  Your duty is clear:-

    First: Escape NOW to the BRITISH lines.

    Second: If you cannot do that, let yourself be taken prisoner.

    Third: If all else fails and you cannot get away, shoot high over the heads of British Troops.

Listen for our broadcasts, and if a chance comes to escape from your present bondage, seize it with both hands."



"GERMAN soldiers.  For five years you have fought well in France, in Russia, in Africa and in Italy.  You have conquered most of Europe.  What has it gained you?  Your German cities are hammered from the air by day and by night, your armies are retreating in Italy.  75,000 German casualties was the price you paid in Cherbourg.  40,000 of you are prisoners in Normandy - and in the East it will not be long now before the people of East Prussia and Eastern Germany hear the thunder of the Russian guns - now only 110 miles from the Fatherland.  In the last three weeks we have killed or captured 18 German Generals in Normandy and in Russia, and now your Commander in the West, Von Runstedt, has been sacked!  The outlook for you is a gloomy one.  Our superiority in men and equipment is immense, we are attacking you from four sides - WEST, EAST, SOUTH and from above.  Give it up.  Surrender or escape to our lines now.  You will be treated correctly in strict accordance with the Geneva Convention.  DO NOT WAIT.  COME OVER NOW."



6 Airldg Bde Propaganda OO Order No.2

Appx A

Text of POLISH and GERMAN Addresses



Men of Poland!  Since we last spoke to you more of your countrymen have thrown off the yoke of the Hun and braving the difficulties of escape, have come over to join the Armies of Freedom.  With us they have received good treatment, as will all Poles who join us and declare their nationality.  Pressed against your will into Nazi service, as you are, we know that you have not yet forgotten your nationality, and we also know that you are searching for an opportunity to escape.  Remember your simple duty:-

    First: Escape now to the British lines.

    Second: If you cannot escape, surrender at the first opportunity.

    Third: If forced to fire on British tps, shoot high.

Listen to these broadcasts, and if any chance comes to get away from the Germans, seize it!



German soldiers!  We have told you of Germany's present encirclement and of the mighty armies and air-fleets closing in on the Fatherland from WEST, EAST, SOUTH and from the German sky itself.  That encirclement goes on, only now the ring is slowly tightening.  In the West German prisoners now number 64,000 - 24,000 more than when we last spoke to you.  In the East the Russians are past VILNA and the first German soil is only 90 miles away.  In the SOUTH the armies of Kesselring are putting up a stubborn, but a vain resistance - and the bombs are still going down on German factories, German railways and German industry.  You saw the bombers over German troops in CAEN, and you will see and feel them again and again until this war is ended.  Think it over.  Can you win this war? or is it better to recognise that inevitable, and to yield yourselves to us as prisoners of war.  Listen to the words of Lt Gen BAMMLER, who has surrendered to our Allies at MOGILEV.  He said:-


"German Generals are given impossible tasks, and when the inevitable failure takes place they are made the scapegoat and are either dismissed like Rundstedt or Von Mackenson or, as in the case of Lt Gen Schaefner, are degraded to the rank of Private.  The German general has no independence or judgement left to him.  He blindly carries out the order of the German High Command, whose only purpose is to protract a lost war at the cost of unheard of losses.  I appeal to all generals and other officers of the German Army to surrender before it is too late and the fate of Rundstedt and Schaefner befalls them."


We told you last time that 18 German generals had been killed or captured since the beginning of our invasion.  Here are their names.  Listen carefully.

Col Gen Freidrich DOLLMAN

Gen of Arty Erich MARCKS


Lt Gen Werner RICHTER

Maj Gen Fritz WITT

Maj Gen Wilhelm FALLEY


Lt Gen Wilhelm von SCHLIEHEN


Comd Seventh Army

"         84 Corps

"         OST LEGIONEN

"         716 Inf Div

"         12 SS Pz Div

"         91 Inf Div

"         77 Inf Div

"         CHERBOURG Dist












Text of POLISH and GERMAN Addresses

18 Jul 44



"Men of POLAND.  Today you have seen yet another demonstration of the power of the Allied armies and airfleets.  You saw the bombers go over this morning and some of you may have heard the tanks and guns rolling SOUTHWARDS.  Over 1000 prisoners are now in our cages, and there are more to come.


Heavy fighting may be ahead, but we are ready for it and backed by the knowledge that we are fighting for a free world, we shall know how to use our air land and sea power to crush the Nazi menace.


We repeat your simple duty:-

    1. Escape now if you can and come over to our lines.

    2. Listen to our broadcasts and watch for opportunities to escape.

    3. Shoot high, if you are forced to fire on British soldiers.


Poles, waste no more time.  Join the Allies and watch the destruction of everything ignoble, tyranous and base - everything Nazi.  We have never wavered during the dark days of 1940 - 41 in our determination to win this fight for Liberty and now in the day of our power and might, we are marching forward as determined as ever on the road to final victory.


Come over before it is too late.



We promised you last week another view of our bombers.  Today you have seen them and to-day thousands of your comrades have felt the weight of their bombs.  Over 1000 of them have chosen the wise course and are prisoners in our hands.  They have exchanged the horror of the bomb craters and the constant strain of a battle fought by you in a vain cause, for the peace and quiet of a correctly ordered PW camp.


Like most of you, they know that the war is lost for Germany, and there is a better chance of seeing the wife and kids again via the PW camps of England, than by hanging on in a vain struggle against the invincible armies of the Allied Nations.


Choose for yourselves.  Stay where you are and be blown to pieces by bombs, shells and bullets somewhere between LE BAS DE BREVILLE and the Rhine, or come over now to our line.  If you stay, you can look forward to undiluted hell.  If you come over, you will get correct treatment and the certainty of survival.


Make up your minds.  Come over now.



6 Airldg Bde Propaganda OO Order No.4

Appx A

Text of POLISH and GERMAN Addresses



German soldiers!  Late last night Adolf Hitler broadcast to the GERMAN people announcing an attempt on his life by a clique of German Army officers, and declared that this was part of an attempt to overthrow the present NAZI Government.  He appealed to the German people for loyalty and support against all such revolts.  Field Marshal GOERING and Admiral DOENITZ then addressed the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine respectively, warning them to beware of false or forged orders, and calling on them to remain loyal to their present leaders.  And so at last the first big crack in the German War Machine has appeared!  Last time the end was foreshadowed by the Fleet mutiny at KIEL and the Communist riots in BERLIN.  This time it is the Army, the ancient pride and boast of the German people, that the first sign of strain has appeared.  The officers who have thus tried to show their realisation that the War outlook is hopeless, failed in their attempt to wrest power from the NAZI SS tyranny, and have paid for their failure by being shot by the Gestapo.  The Gestapo chief, Himmler, is now Commander in Chief of the Fatherland in name as well as in fact, as the SS are now the real rulers of Germany.  We look forward to the next step in the break-up of the German fighting forces - civil war between the Army and the Waffen SS.  The crushing superiority in arms, equipment and men of the Allies becomes daily more evident; the number of German bodies strewn about the fields of Normandy grows daily greater; the Russians draw ever closer to the German frontier - and still the bombs rain down on the Ruhr, Hamburg, Munchen, Berlin and many another German city.  Faced in front by the bombs and bullets of the Allies, menaced in rear by the threat of a Russian invasion of Germany, and now uncertain of orders from your own Generals, what hope is there for you?  Now is the time for decision.  Cut short this useless struggle against overwhelming odds, avoid the useless suffering of wounds or death which daily threaten you, and exchange the squalor and danger of your rain-sodden trenches for the safety and warmth of a British PW Camp.  70,000 Germans, now our prisoners, will see Germany again in peace time.  Will you?



Poles!  Germany Army officers have made an unsuccessful attempt to kill Adolf Hitler, and there is much concern amongst the Nazis over the reliability of the German Army High Command.  This first sign of strain in the German War Machine does not mean its immediate collapse, but it does mean that many high ranking officers have realised the folly of fighting any further against the Allies.  The end is now in sight.  Your task must now be to get away from the German Army, before its final defeat, and before you become involved in the horror and shambles inseparable from a defeated Army.  Leave your wet and dangerous trenches, and come over to the dry, warm and well-fed safety of a British PW camp.  We know that you are in the German Army against your will, and we guarantee you good treatment as soon as you surrender to us.  Come in out of the rain now.  Leave the bombs, shells, wounds and death to those who are too stupid to face the facts.