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National Archives catalogue number WO 171/591.



071930 hrs








Adm / Admin


















































































I Sum


La Gde Fme du Buisson






L of C


































Pz Gren

















R Sigs


































X rds

7th [June] 1930 hrs

Map Reference

10 Kompanie, 858 Grenadier Regiment


52nd Regiment of Foot (2nd Ox and Bucks Light Infantry)


Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment



Assistant Director Medical Services


Armoured Fighting Vehicle

Army Group Royal Artillery



Air Liaison Officer





Assistant Provost Marshal

Adjutant and Quartermaster Branch




Blitz Buggy (Jeep)



Brigade Major


Brigade Ordnance Warrant Officer

Bridge / British




Cameronians / Camouflage





Commanding Officer







Commander Royal Artillery

Commander Royal Army Service Corps

Deputy Assistant Adjutant General

Deputy Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster General

Defence / Defensive

Defensive Fire


Division / Divisional

Divisional Maintenance Area

Delivery Point

Despatch Rider


Enemy Aircraft

Electrical and Mechanical Engineer


Established / Establishment





Forward Observation Bombardment

Forward Observation Officer

Field Security

Field Security Officer


General Staff Officer 1

German Air Force


General Officer Commanding


Grenadier Regiment


Highland Division

Harassing Fire




Include / Including



Information / Informed



Intelligence Officer

Intelligence Summary


La Grande Ferme du Buisson

Landing Craft Tank


Light Machine Gun

Liaison Officer


Line of Communication


Landing Zone

Magnetic / Magazine


Main Dressing Station

Medium / Medical


Machine Gun


Medium Machine Gun




Motor Transport

Officer Commanding


Operation Order

Observation Post

Other Ranks

2nd Oxfordshire & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry

Panzer Grenadier Regiment




Post Office

Petrol, Oil and Lubricants




Prisoners of War


Prisoner of War

Panzer Grenadier


Royal Artillery

Royal Artillery Liaison Officer

Royal Army Service Corps

Roman Catholic



Royal Engineers




Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers





Royal Marines

Royal Signals

Royal Ulster Rifles


Small Arms

Small Arms Ammunition

Stretcher Bearer


Shell Report



Situation Report

Staff Officer

Self-Propelled / Support (is lower case)



Special Service




Support / Supply


Traffic Control / Troop Carrier

Troop Carrying Vehicle









Worcestershire Yeomanry



Month and year: June 1944

Commanding Officer : Brig Hon HKM Kindersley MBE MC


1st June 1944

Place: Down Ampney


Briefing of all ranks began.


6th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


2215 - Bde HQ est 107734.


7th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


0135 - Have received report enemy captured 1 Sub unit of 12 Para and are wearing their uniforms (From 1 RUR).


0231 - DR despatched ["Coy 2 OXF BUCKS" written alongside, assumed connected].


0515 - Situation and Identifications as at 2400 hrs 6 Jun 44.  (From Div and repeated units).


0800 - 2 OXF BUCKS occupied HEROUVILLETTE and trying to push fwd to ESCOVILLE.


1000 - 1 RUR occupied LONGUEVAL.


1005 - 2 OXF BUCKS occupied ESCOVILLE.


1115 - Col RG Parker called at Bde HQ for infm regarding own tps for GOC :- 1 RUR in LONGUEVAL and moving on to ST HONERINE.  2 OXF BUCKS occupy HEROUVILLETTE 0800 hrs and ESCOVILLE 1005 hrs.  Col PARKER reports 1 SS Bde putting in attack NORTHWARDS.


1130 - 2 OXF BUCKS report trouble with AFV in ESCOVILLE.  2 OXF BUCKS in ESCOVILLE on objectives.


1140 - SAA fire heard in Bde area.  Bde HQ "Stand to".


1150 - Div request Sigs to take over control of GROUP.  Passed to SO.


1155 - Amn state from 1 RUR.


1156 - 12 Para Bn report enemy mortar fire registered on 104728.  2IC among wounded.  Marked out map.


1145 - 5 Para Bde report HQ est 1173.


1220 - 5 Para Bde informed of 1 RUR and 2 OXF BUCKS activities.


1250 - Lt Col Anderson reported Bde HQ; gives locations of Div MDS at 105734.  Passed to Units and 3 and 5 Bdes.


1255 - Lt Col Stevens reported this HQ.  Accompanied by BM to Div HQ.


1310 - 6 enemy tks and armd cars reported in wood EAST of TOUFFREVILLE at 1050 hrs.  Enemy armd car reported SOUTH of ESCOVILLE same time.


1325 - Tac R 1100 hrs.  150 MET - Tks 700 FCQ NW.  To 0600 T7446 200 MET NE.  AFVs on rd FALAISE - CAEN.  To a 0630 T9546 WO257 50 MET incl Med Arty moving NORTH.  Fighters report 0650 MET 10 miles long moving NE to ARGENTAN.  Map marked.  IO and BM informed.


1330 - RUR withdrawn from ST HONERINE attacks by tks, trying to reform at old location LONGUEVILLE.


1345 - Col ANDERSON visited Bde HQ.  Shoot in area WEST of ESCOVILLE by Fd Regt.


1410 - 12 Para report 25 pr shelling LEFT fwd tps.


1411 - 6 Tiger tks, 2 SP guns and ONE Coy area LONGUEVILLE.


1425 - RUR report enemy inf infiltrating in woods SOUTH LONGUEVILLE.


1330 - Bde HQ subjected to heavy attack sustaining light casualties.  Capt. JR BROWN, Sjt ANDERSON and Lieut G MILLS wounded and one Sgmn killed.


1555 - OXF BUCKS withdrawing 1 Coy from ESCOVILLE and making a front line with main Bn, including 13 Para Bn.


1825 - RUR have formed up in area LONGUEVAL.  Reported from RUR's one Mk V knocked out, 1 SP gun and two other tks, the enemy were surprised by a 17 pr, the inf following the tks fled.  This was the battle mentioned which took place in the afternoon.


1950 - 439 Coy probably Lt AA Coy field post 259223 part of 642?


2033 - Shelling enemy positions.


2050 - 700 Lorried Inf 192 Pz Gren Regt moving to SANNERVILLE 1368 1210 hrs.  30 Enemy tks moving from TROARN 1767 to SANNERVILLE 1325 hrs.  Sent to units.


2130 - PW states 100 Pz Regt of 21 Pz Div comprises 2 Pz Bns all Mk IV tks and 315 Pz Coys with 75 mm SP guns.  4 PWs from 1255 Pz Div taken area U 1173 071930 hrs.


2135 - Element of 711 Inf Div and 363 Inf Div reported WEST at 0715 hrs possibly RANVILLE Brs.


2145 - 700 Lorried Inf 192 Pz Gren Regt moving to SANNERVILLE 1368 1210 hrs.  30 enemy Tks moving from TROARN 1767 to SANNERVILLE 1325.  Sent to units.


2250 - Heavy shelling from Naval ships on enemy posns.  Local.


2300 - Enemy planes bombing beaches.


2330 - Inter Bde bdys Ring Contour - Corner of Wood 100733 excl Church 111736 Rd Junc 107744, 2 OXF BUCKS under comd 5 Para Bde, 12 Para Bn under comd 6 Airldg Bde.


8th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


2400 7 to 0100 8 - Heavy bombing of beach during night, enemy aircraft coming in singly.  Infm from 4 PW 12 SS Pz Div indicates armd recce unit moved area WEST of CAEN morning 7 Jun 44.


0200 - 2 OXF BUCKS patrol reports enemy in EAST of ESCOVILLE, number not known.  Map marked.


0510 - 1 RUR report enemy tks using exit from wood at 095715 with tk harbour from 095715 to 094713.  Gun posns checked by patrols at 105694.  Enemy withdraws from wood, reopening of barrage.


0805 - Have asked Bns for SITREP Admin.  Expedite.


0812 - Seaborne Party landed.  Awaiting arrival.


0800 - Cas state Admin returns.


1021 - Quiet again.  Air activity giving good air cover.


1045 - Enemy battle group reported area 1070, reported moving towards us.


1114 - Airborne Div Int Summary No 2.  PW from 100 Pz Gren Regt 21 Pz Div states his regt with approx 120 Mk IV. only tk unit in Div.  1000 enemy inf reported digging in at VARAVILLE 1875 at 0945 hrs.  Successful raid reported on the harbour at SANNERVILLE 1368 reported during night.  Details later.


1230 - RALO Med Regt about to engage guns spotted by 52 see summary map 113713 observed by Air OP 76 Fd is being ranged on target enemy approach 102722.


1100 - 12 Para Bn revert under comd 5 Para Bde, move area 113746 Role Div Reserve def area posn NORTH.


1330 - 12 Devon report small battle in most forward posns 1 or 2 enemy with MGs, one enemy killed, fwd FOO killed.


1350 - Bty attacked by light medium bty in area 091709.


1545 - G.O.C. paid a visit and explained sit to Brigadier, both left to visit RUR.


1550 - 857 319 Inf Div put in an attack from the EAST but were withdrawn after having their rear line bombed, this Regt had been fetched from Le Havre.


1725 - 20mm of def pl opened fire on bomb carrying Focke Wulf.  Admin Sitrep sent to Div this morning, also cas and strength state.


1740 - RUR report they are being shelled by our own guns from direction of LZ "W".  French Gendarme has given location of general area of Tk harbour and Gun site.


1800 - One of the Bns were bombed at approx 1700 hrs, damage not beyond unit repair.  Bomb failed to explode.


1925 - Enemy seen entering ESCOVILLE.


2010 - Following units and original STAS located on Div front.  All infm taken from PW.  11 Coy 744 Gren Regt. inf div from DOZULE captured in MERVILLE.  2nd Bn 857 Regt 346 Div and 3 Bn same unit, from LE HAVRE captured area HAUGER - ST COME.  Inf reported advancing NE from area CUVERVILLE are suspected of laying mines in area 112690.  26 half track vehs entering CUVERVILLE from SE.  32 half track vehs, 5 towing guns, and one tk reported in sq 1166 moving NW, towards DEMOUVILLE across country.  Reported move of Pz Gren Regt rd COLLOMBELLS to ST HONORINE moving NORTH also rd between river and rd COLLOMBELLS - ST HONORINE 200 men with tpt.  Attack on ST HONORINE called off.


Sick Reception Centre opens MDS 082359.


2200 - Possibility half scale rations owing to destruction of dump.


2227 - Fmn HQ reported from moderately reliable source to be large ho 135629.  First results of arty OK.


2232 - Last 3 rds on right hand target - wood by river - were short.  Increase range by 400 yds.  RA infm.


2235 - Shoot on village ST HONORINE was good.  Please infm those concerned.  RA infm.


2240 - SA fire in village - apparently at 6 Airldg Bde HQ.


2255 - SHELDRAKE requests infm re last target.


2256 - Shoot good on NORTH end of target.  Suggest further shoots have lift of 600x to SOUTH.  RA infm.


2255 - From 021 RRS please get through 041 for 5 rd gunfire on target.  MOST URGENT.


2305 - Request on rear link for observations on last shoot on M 404.


9th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


0555 - Report from 12 DEVON - MG post 099722.  Enemy met moving uphill on rds ST HONORINE towards orchard on ring contour.


0600 - RA fired on RING CONTOUR.  Awaiting results.


0650 - RA Lt Bty firing 500 yds up on previous targets.


0655 - Four half track vehs on RING CONTOUR.


0825 - ESCOVILLE clear of enemy.  Report by 5 Bde.


0826 - Two vice Mayors reported to RUR saying that civilians had been ordered to evacuate.  Visit by Capt BURTON with infm, 3 x 10.5 cm gun hows in 113689.


0840 - 12 Devon report guns shelling br from approx 103717.  Asked Devons for bearing.  SHELDRAKE reports guns firing from 097715.


0900 - RUR being shelled by own guns.


0904 - Report from Devon that brs are being shelled.


0940 - Bearing of guns from 102728  199.


1000 - Bde Comd returned with news that RUR are putting strong coy into St Honorine as enemy appears to have withdrawn from St Honorine after stonk of last night.


1020 - FOO and FOB putting up HF on CUVERVILLE and surrounding areas.  NOT in COLLOMBELLES.


1025 - 12 Devon scored mortar hits on amn dump (small) smoke and explosions.  Ordered by Bde Maj to go out and search.  RUR patrols found St Honorine occupied at 0900 hrs but at 0430 found it being evacuated.


1010 - RUR occupied ringed contour.


1130 - Extracts from I Sum No.3, 1000 enemy inf moving WEST through VARAVILLE 1875 during the afternoon of 7 Jun identified as 2 & 3 Bn of 857 Gren Regt of 346 Inf Div through the 6 Jun they attacked our posns at Le Mesnil 1372 and St Cowe 1473 suddenly withdrew at 1325 hrs when Varaville was bombed at 2010 hrs and hvy attack was resumed.  The Benoville brs had a direct hit by a dud bomb at 1800 hrs, the enemy is trying to capture this by repeated shelling.  W of CAEN canal 21 Pz Div is being used to hold the high ground N of CAEN and prevent observation of the city.  They have not succeeded in driving a wedge between the two divs advancing S from the beaches although 100 para tps were dropped to delay their junc.


1222 - RUR are entering St Honorine.


1245 - 200 men and 1 gun reported by Frenchman about 1200 hrs ex track at 082732, 20 Germans ambushed rd track junc 079707 by 1 RUR.  6 germans killed, 3 RUR missing.  1 Coy in HEROUVILLETTE being shelled.


1420 - Pl 2 Oxf Bucks reports 1 Pl in edge of ESCOVILLE has contacted 1 pl, 1 armd car which it proposes to destroy with mortar support.


1140 to 1200 - CURVEVRILLE and DEMOUVILLE shelled by navy, elements of 21 Pz Div believed to be in village.


1440 - 2 young girls accused of spreading propaganda were apprehended by 12 Devon, handed over to FSP and are now in jail.


1441 - Armd Recce report mor posn 099724 passed to 12 Devon.


1450 - Prisoner of War captured by 3 Para Bde reports 2 btys 12.2 cm, 1 Russian 1 German at 174747.  Regtl HQ 182757.  Passed to CRA 3 Br Div.  Patrol passed Mor posn (alleged) reports no such posn there.


1502 - Shelling St HONORINE.


1505 - A pl of armd cars attacked our patrol at ESCOVILLE.  Med Regt being brought to bear, fire corrected by inf.  Passed to Div.


1530 - 12 Bn will be withdrawn to its own locn when sit permits.


1600 - Enemy SP guns shelling area 127705.  Enemy moving into ESCOVILLE and CURVEVREVILLE.


1650 - Mor are firing on S edge of LONGUEVAL.


1655 - 12 Devon to send out an offr to take up observation of LONGUEVAL.


1700 - RUR being attacked in LONGUEVAL.  Pz tks being used.


1705 - Enemy aircraft over Bde HQ and our AA opened fire.


1720 - Enemy sniper infiltrating down by side of river.


1820 - 12 Para Bn went to assistance of 1 RUR.  Found RUR could not take ST HONORINE so retired to quarry 114749.


1830 - During sweep for snipers 1 RUR captured PW - 8 Coy 736 Regt, MALMEDY.  Age 19.  Enemy forming up area SW ST HONORINE.  Arty to shell area.


1905 - Shelling hitting enemy hard.


2010 - Enemy shelling very heavily.


2055 - Enemy attacking the village of Le Bas de Ranville.  'A' Coy had slight penetration but eliminated it.  Enemy shelling.  Very heavy attack put it on right of DEVONS.


2100 - 3 SP Guns have penetrated right corner of 1 RUR RV.


2102 - FW 190 flew over HQ.  AA opened fire.


2103 - FW 190 bombed HQ.  Little damage.  One ME 109 shot down by Bde Def Pl.  Two probables.


10th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


0500 - 1 RUR wireless OK.


0530 to 0550 - Intermittent visits from EA.


0615 - British A/c - HALIFAXES with SPITFIRE escort overhead - supplies dropped.


0750 - Enemy at 125737 engaged by own arty.


0735 - Bn attack by enemy reported front 128736.


0700 - DF fire called for.


0856 - Enemy approx 1 pl have reached X rds 121732.  OP in Le Hom Church tower being machine gunned.  Enemy too close for arty fire.


0845 - Med Regt shot, by FOO with 3 Para Bde is engaging two coys of enemy inf 144731.


0937 - All quiet on DEVON sector.


1005 - Enemy gun posn 185754 showing on captured map board.  This may be same btys as pw reported 157476.


1008 - LONGUEVILLE being attacked by 100 inf supported by arty and tks.  The attack is from direction BREVILLE and is being dealt with.


1030 - Enemy flak posn believed immediately SE X rds 088707.  Guns not seen but posn located when firing on aircraft.


1120 - RUR identify enemy as 11 coy 736 Gren Regt using new type of gren.


1100 - Report that SP guns or tks are on LZ W, not confirmed.


1102 - Attack on EAST seems to have failed.  No substantial reports yet.  Little news from 5 & 3 Bns.


1210 - 3 Para report SP guns attacking them.  Ask 12 Para for ATk guns.


1122 - Our SP Gun comd told to be ready for immediate move probably NORTHWARD.


1200 - 12 Bn report engaged on both flanks.  No AFV.  Enemy being well attended to in dead ground.


1245 - No movement WEST of Grid 12.  No enemy tks.


1300 - General picture of LZ N.  Small gps who have been chased about by arty have failed to co-ordinate their attacks.


1335 - Four SP guns seen 136748 at 1145 hrs.


1340 - Enemy attack at 129741 with three tks and inf beaten off.  Elements dispersed.


1345 - (From G1 Div at 1345) SHERMAN tks will be wandering around today's battlefds.  Warn all ranks.


1415 - Visit by LO from Div.  7 Para Bn to assist 13 Para Bn temporarily.  12 DEVON to cover front so exposed until tonight.


1445 - 7 Bn are passing through 13 Bn.  SHERMAN tks in support.


1500 - Infm from Div that 21 Pz Recce unit now in TROARN.


1505 - Enemy trying to filter through NORTH of river and are sustaining heavy cas.


1530 - SOUTH of rd from RANVILLE to BREVILLE enemy laying smoke to get away and may lay mines.


1515 - Infm received that 200 - 300 more enemy arrived at COLOMBELLE, 9th - 10th.  Action through FOO has been taken.


1530 - Stragglers seen going into BREVILLE.


1635 - Mortars in Ring Contour have just had a beating by RA.


1655 - Received from 1 RUR hand grens, 7.92 mm amn, one marked map, CAEN 1/80,000 1 ground sheet.


1712 - Two enemy A Tk guns 133732.


1723 - Our tks ran into ATk screen at BREVILLE.  Two knocked out.


1736 - 12 Para Bn ordered to relieve 4 SS Bde and come under comd 1 Inf Div - 1 SS Bde?


1900 - Report from 1 RUR at COLOMBELLE at 1130 hrs.  Cas enemy, 11 killed ? wounded.  RUR - 2 killed, 1 wounded.  Enemy took a poor view of this and gave civs a pretty rough cross examination but they lied their way out.  Are now scared.  They report there are 200 enemy in Le Bas de COLOMBELLES described as a mixed lot.  At LONGUEVILLE 1500 and 2300 hrs, cas enemy - 4 killed 3 probables.  7 others known to be hit.  RUR - 1 killed, 5 wounded.  Captured one MG 34, 1 MG 42, 5 rifles, 2 MP 40s, 2 Luger pistols.


2040 - 12 DEVON mortaring RING CONTOUR.


2045 - Enemy formed up for likely attack with SP guns at BREVILLE, infm from RA.


2009 - Stonk going on in area BREVILLE where enemy are forming up to attack.


2155 - Own SP guns knocked out 2 Mk IV tks, one 7.5 mm SP gun, one MC comb and one MC.  Cas - 2 tks crews, 12 SS, 3 per tk.  One SP gun crew, 2 inf.  Only 50% area searched accomplished by 5 Para Bde.


2245 - RUR patrolling RING CONTOUR between 2330 and 0430.


Cas - During attack on BREVILLE )- Capt Gilbert, IO, wounded in leg.  2 ORs wounded, 1 missing.


11th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


0145 - MG 20mm? SOUTH of RUR posns.


0345 - Patrol cannot find any new identifications reported by IO 12 DEVON.


0810 - Shelling by enemy own location.  No cas.


0115 to 0215 - Mortar bombing apparently 81mm French on the RUR.


0900 - Identification by contact one Bn 858 Regt, 346 Div.  Pw has given a lot of infm of possible attack today.  Several Tiger tks possibly in support.  Infm from 5 Para Bde.


0901 - Enemy cas report to 2359 hrs - 170 all ranks killed, PWs - 20 offrs 80 ORs.  This does NOT incl return from Coy of 2 OXF BUCKS.  All cas refer to are of 858 Regt.


0905 - Shelled again.  4 shells.


0930 - Shelled by two guns, general direction BREVILLE.  Documents of Obergrifriter EARMENT PASSAT sent to Div.  Contained est of radio sec of 346 Div.


1200 - Air OP has searched area for tk conc.  Report cannot find it.


1201 - Bde FOO killed by shelling this morning.  18 lorries with inf moving along rd towards BENNAVILLE 1575.  Deliberate jamming by enemy very strong.  SE edge of Ring Contour not visible to our forces but the part that they can see shows no sign of enemy Tanks.


1325 - 4 SS Comd are having intermittent shellfire over head.


1407 - 8 Bn knocked out 3 AA LMG by mortar fire 1168.


1408 - 3 SP Guns reported area 125675 firing on mortar OP.  Passed to units.  12 Enemy tracked veh reported moving ESCOUVILLE to SANNERVILLE.


1430 - Air OP reports tks and inf moving up rd from TROUANE to ESCOUVILLE at 1345 hrs.  Passed to all units.


1445 - Our tps report being fired upon by MG from area ESCOUVILLE (from FOO).


1450 - LO from Div states Col PARKER will take over comd whilst Bde Comd makes personnel recce for Div Comd.  857 and 878 Regt of 346 definitely identified on NE front.  Tk activity on SOUTHERN front may be exaggerated as it did not come from our own Air OP.


1510 - Rds CAEN - ST HONORINE - ESCOUVILLE - TROUANE clear of tks but country is wooded and he cannot guarantee that tks are not in the vicinity.


1520 - Dead animals in Unit area will be buried.  Important from hygienic aspect.  Local labour may be hired to assist.  Intercepted PW wounded picked up SALLENELLES AM 11 Jun belonging 2 Coy 1 Bn 744 Inf Regt and states that his coy was the only one despatched to support 857 Regt yesterday.  Remaining 3 coys of one Bn holding Coast Defs at VILLIERS-SUR-MER.


1730 - Statement by Capt HARDY that 200 tks earlier reported are in fact 20 tracked vehs.


1930 - 12 half tracked vehs moving SOUTH from ESCOUVILLE at 1400 hrs.


1600 - 5 Para Bde SHELL-REP - A 1500  B 1510  C 134128  D 133728  B 1 gun FHF.  Sent to Div RA by FOO.


1940 - No.4 SS Bde will take over area occupied by 12 Para Bn.  12 Para Bn on relief will occupy area 118756 and come under comd 6 Airldg Bde.  No.4 Commando reverts comd 1 SS Bde forthwith.  (From 6 Airborne Div, message 0102 of 11 Jun 1940)


2030 - Enemy movement on RING CONTOUR.


2007 - Issued maps for Div use.


2240 - 4 Commando revert to comd of parent fmn.


12th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


0638 - RUR report situation normal.  Nothing to report.


0730 - More tps in BREVILLE.  Rd NE from town cratered 0530.  Map marker.


0700 - 9 Bn heavily shelled.  Report of heavy conc.  Tks in area SOUTH SANNERVILLE 0545.


0755 - Pontoon bridge or barge floating down river towards 12 DEVON locality, nr bridge.  All concerned notified.  (from 1 RUR).  BM dealing with matter.


0640 - 12 DEVON SITREP.  Nothing to report.


0740 - Code words for place names, report lines etc have been compromised and will NOT be used.  All offrs to see.  All units infm by BM.


1045 - Report by Capt HARDY 4 Commando made recce on BREVILLE on night 11/12 16 prisoners captured.  Report village is lightly held but numerous gun posns.  Navy bombarded coast EAST of R ORNE on night 11/12.  GORDONS at TRUFFREVILLE had 7 counter attacks during the same night.  Posns held.  LO from 152 Bde visited HQ.  Was given infm of layout by Capt HARDY.  Expected to move in during day.


1145 - Extracts from Div Int Summary No.6.  A dawn attack by a new Bn proved unsuccessful.  Retaliatory shelling on RANVILLE and posns SOUTH of SALLANELLES 1276.  Few Psw from 858 Gren Regt, one from No.15 AA Coy.  Early patrols produced identification of 2 Coy 744 Inf Regt, a coy sent to sp 857 Gren Regt.


1210 - 2 OXF BUCKS warned by Div NOT to shoot up recce going in to ESCOUVILLE.


1255 - HEROUVILLETTE being shelled by enemy.


1254 - 15 tks in area 109681.  Arty has been making STONK.


1540 - Hy arty fire.  Enemy attack on 3 Bde area.  Enemy attacking from BREVILLE.


1545 - Message from FOO our arty shelling gun and mortar posns in BREVILLE, but FOO cannot see our Bn tps.


1549 - FOO reports that he can see coln of white smoke on bearing of 169.  Estimate ranged 3000x.


1550 - Pontoon br floating down dealt with by RUR at 0820 hrs.


1551 - RUR discover peculiar object - appearance like GERMAN stick gren, marked ACHTUNG FEUERSTRAHL.  Appropriate ACORN asked to investigate it.


1623 - Max arty on village and rd NE of ORCHARD 143747 in addition to target mentioned.  3 Bde may have permission to use 7 Bn.  Proposed to send one coy to 7 Bn.


1645 - HQ SS being heavily shelled.


1648 - Div instruction that all rds be kept clear between 0700 and 2300 hrs today and 0200 - 1200 13 Jun.  Units notified.


1715 - Skylark coming.  Fire being corrected.


1720 - 1 SS Bde still under heavy shelling from NW.  6 Commando state shrapnel identified as own.  Believed fired from naval guns.  Urgent to stop as cas are occurring.


1730 - Can 6 Airldg Bde FOB stop fire by BOW.  Our FOB is doing same.


1745 - HQ 857 Gren Regt identified at VARAVILLE 1875.


1750 - No action by FOB.  Fire alternated.  6 Airldg Bde ordered cessation of fire.  SP gun commenced area firing.


1820 - 3 Coy 346 ATk Bn identified from documents found on 2cm SP gun, AMFREVILLE 1274.


1900 - Enemy attacking from BREVILLE.  Str, 1 Bn supported by SP guns.


2000 - 9 and 11 Coy 744 Gren Regt identified by pay books taken from dead after attack, 11 Jun, area 1273.


2130 - 12 Para Bn with under comd one Coy 12 DEVON contemplating attack on BREVILLE.


2140 - Colns grey smoke, BREVILLE 137741.  Coln smoke and fire at 138739.  Fire broken out 129754.  Visit from Brig of 154 Bde.  Lt KITTOW seriously wounded.  Later died.  Pte REDDALL killed.


2155 - Stonk now going against BREVILLE.


2300 - Sunray hit by shrapnel.  G3 missing - now reported wounded in arm.


13th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


0100 - Succeeded in attack on BREVILLE.


0220 - Reinforcements being rushed to 12 Para Bn by 22 Indep Para Bde.


0400 - Very hy conc arty on ST HONORINE.  7 Fd Regts and one Med Regt.


0432 - Attack on ST HONORINE.  Success reported at 0525.


0724 - Air OP crashed.  099729 at 0630 hrs.  Pilot killed.  Plane burnt out.  Impossible to obtain any identification.


0925 - Ambulance coln halted through shelling at 093725.


0945 - Tiger tks reported in village.  Bde being shelled and mortared.  Enemy counter attacked 5 Cameron at ST HONORINE and were successful.  2 Seaforth held the enemy in front of RING CONTOUR and dug in to NORTH of RING CONTOUR.


1130 - Bde HQ shelled.  3 cas.


1210 - Div Int Summary No.7.  Armour moving up from WEST, conc at BANNEVILLE area 1367.  Identification of 5 Coy, 125 Pz Gren at BANNEVILLE.


1300 - Unit of fwd posn over-run after hy mortar fire but situation is restored.


1647 - PW reports AM 13 Jun.  No new identification in 56 PsW captured 1374 on 12/13 857 and 858 Gren Regt 70% cas.  Operating in scratch battle gps incl stragglers 736 Regt str 1 coy 346 atk bn equipped 7.5 assault guns.  Prisoners rumour reinforcements by SS Pz Div.


1923 - Prisoners taken at ST HONORINE 0971 identified 736 Gren Regt remnants of 6 Coys.  Prisoner 5 Coy 125 PGR captured 139739 Coy left CAEN morning 12 Jun.  Civs state 500 tps with Adolf Hitler arm bands in CAEN 13 Jun.


2045 - RAF ground strafing, area ESCOUVILLE.


2135 - RA report smoke coming from area ST HONORINE.  Endeavouring to obtain more infm.  (Later coming from SW).


2020 - Smoke shells falling 104714 (EAST of ST HONORINE).  Enemy attack?


1930 to 2000 - 4 A tk guns believed to be 50 mm at 155724.  MG fire 153723.  AA LMG 167720.


14th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


0705 - Captured enemy maps recently marked indicate probable Regtl HQ 166752 and 163731.  Map Board.


0715 - Reported two or more 10.5cm guns in posn track junc 085706, 084760, OP 089.  Not confirmed.


1225 - Div notified of new location.


1355 - Bde HQ digging in.  BM wounded in back by shrapnel while on recce.  Wound slight and resumed duty.


1350 - RAF strafing in direction of beaches.


1545 - HQ RUR now at 134744.


1730 - PW (Pole) from RUR gives infm that 800 men of 711 Regt arrived morning 14th outside BREVILLE.


1740 - Pay books and documents recovered from dead Germans brought in from 1 RUR.


2330 - Guard reported verey lights and an aircraft with lights on.


15th June 1944

Place: Bas de Ranville


0010 - PW (Polish) of 4 Coy, 858 Regt held at OXF BUCKS.


0315 - Spasmodic MG fire, direction by sound, NORTH of HQ.


0700 - Report I 148 confirmed.  Guns on rly trucks, crews in underground shelter.


1203 - Aircraft bombing wood 134710.  Reported by FOOs.


1140 - PW sent in by OXF BUCKS taken to Div.


1300 - Aircraft bombing ST HONORINE.


1500 - One PW (wounded) belonging to 12 Coy, 3 Bn, 85 Bde captured by 2 OXF BUCKS.  Now in MDS.  Three snipers killed.


1920 - Battle in OXF BUCKS area - enemy MG nest.


2005 - Smoke shells falling WEST of ST HONORINE.  Reported by FOO.


2125 - Two enemy maps captured 122722, 15 Jun.  First marked at 144777, 157769, 164763, 165754, 167748, 165745, 16745, 165732, 168721, 177701, 175698, 174679  Possibly rd block.  Second rds MEAUX - PONTOISE and MEAUX - NEUILLY to NE of PARIS marked.


2210 - 4 MET.  Little movement 095708.  Gun flash 09457070 engaged.  From FOOs.


1200 - New SUNRAY arrived.


2330 - MG fire heard rear of HQ.


16th June 1944

0130 - Report from Div expecting attack from NORTH, EAST, and SOUTH at 0400 hrs.


0132 - Very hy AA.  Enemy aircraft believed attempting to bomb brs.


0240 - Activity much reduced.


0400 - Stand to of Bde HQ in readiness for expected attack on both fronts.


0430 - Heavy bombing and shelling of whole area begins.


0500 - Small arms fire direction of 153 Inf Bde SOUTH.


0530 - Bombardment of HQ by mortars.


0531 - RUR and OXF BUCKS report inf attack from EAST - NE.


0545 - Reported 3 Para Bde heavily shelled and mortared.


0610 - All quiet on our front.


0610 - Reports indicate attack on ESCOUVILLE sp by tks.  Strength not known.


0620 - Three enemy tks moving NORTH from CUVERVILLE.  Reported 500x NORTH moving and still firing.


0640 - Two tks engaged, then withdrew.


0645 - Mortar bombs falling at entrance to Bde area.


0647 - Reported enemy in ESCOUVILLE.  Intercepted on air.


0650 - HEROUVILLETTE being shelled by enemy.


0655 - 3 Para laying down defensive fire.


0720 - Continued shelling and small arms fire from the direction of ESCOUVILLE - HEROUVILLETTE.


0845 - Eight enemy tks retreating SOUTH 115702.


0900 - Skylark reports one lt tk moving from CUVERVILLE to SANNAVILLE.


0922 - Conference of all SUNRAYS and SEAGULL.


0925 - No further sign of enemy in ESCOUVILLE.


0930 - Mass slaughter of enemy on front of 3 Para Bde, presumably from DF tasks.  Report by Brig, 3 Para Bde.


0940 - Presumed enemy tk moving towards ESCOUVILLE appears to have been stopped.


0950 - Two enemy tks (thought to be Mk IV) moving towards CUVERVILLE firing as they go.


1000 - Enemy leaving ESCOUVILLE.  Estimate 1 Coy being fired upon by Airldg Lt Regt.


1004 - Enemy still leaving ESCOUVILLE seem bewildered by shelling.


1014 - Enemy dead on 3 Para Bde front identified as 1 Coy 858 Gren Regt.


1054 - Two PsW brought in and sent to Div.


1100 - One SP gun destroyed by Arty fire 118728.  RA report.


1126 - No enemy in HEROUVILLETTE and unlikely to be in ESCOUVILLE.


1215 - SP gun reported WEST of RANVILLE.  Not firing at present, but three tks previously destroyed by its fire.


1220 - PW reports attack is being prepared on BREVILLE, 150 aircraft taking part, at 1050 hrs.  This statement to be treated with reserve.  Documents from body in 3 Para area give unit as 1 Coy 858 Gren Regt.  7.5 SP gun on Mk III chassis at 100706 (report by 5 Para Bde).


1221 - Two deserters from 859 Gren Regt.


1250 - PW states attack to be made on BREVILLE supported by 150 aircraft.  All units warned.  RAF air sp asked for between 1400 and 1500 hrs, in area GONNEVILLE - LE BAS DE RANVILLE - PETIVILLE.  Show identification to BRITISH aircraft.  FOB 1 SS Bde laying on all available naval guns to put on same area throughout the day starting as soon as possible.


1315 - 1 PW 21 Pz Arty captured 0900 hrs SE HEROUVILLETTE.  Local inf report no enemy activity at BREVILLE.  SA fire about 40 mins ago.  10 enemy given themselves up.  From FOOs.


1400 - Bde OP seen MP gun on tk unidentified 124733.  Not firing in our direction.  Three derelict tks laying near it.  Map marked.


1410 - Enemy hold CUVERVILLE - ST HONORINE.  Movement of our SP guns Recce units required, also inf of own tks.  From FOOs.


1420 - Two deserters from 1 Pl 7 Coy 857 Regt att to 5 and 6 Coys for an attack this morning.  GONNEVILLE given a DP with a chateau not far from BREVILLE as conc area.  Report from Div that Capt SCOLES was killed this morning.  During the hy shelling.


1455 - New LO arrived - Lt TURNER, 12 DEVON.


1510 - Interception of German FOO.  Fifth salvo OK.  140 more, 40 above 740 over.  Question to VANDALL, can 330 still be fired at?  Answer from VANDALL:- 330 can still be fired at, range 4500 metres, order 15 more same distance 330 more same distance, 4000 metres, 4350 metres 5 more same distance 4375 metres same distance 6 rds 4425 metres, one rd 4475 metres 1 rd.


1645 - Patrol report of apparent conc area on BREVILLE - GONNERVILLE rd about pt 146758 borne out by deserter's statement that GONNERVILLE is debussing pt for enemy unit.  Two and a half coys 857 stated to be employed in last night's attack, described by deserter as feint.  Rfts arrived yesterday and today.  Arty on wheels changed posn every two hrs.


1610 - Sheldrake report enemy pl digging in area 102698.


1604 - On two occasions OPs have reported dense smoke 140708.  From FOOs.


1700 - And again at 140713.


1720 - Identification taken from PW 1430 hrs.  Identification as 9 Coy 856 Regt 346 Div.  HQ Coy is approx BAVENT.


1810 - 5 German parachutists prisoners in Escouville, identification of prisoners reported 7 Pz Gren.  Intercepted.


1917 - Area 137723 being shelled.  FOO's.


1935 - OP at 103705 being shelled.


2010 - 3 Commando permanently est wood 139753.  From 1 SS Bde.


2154 - Unexploded bomb in Devon Area reported to Div RE.  HQ RE reported 2230.


17th June 1944

0310 - Enemy infiltrating in wood 133742 about 40 strong.  Reported by 1 RUR patrol.


0450 - Report from RUR that attack is expected.  SE coy were fired on.


0630 - Report from RUR that Recce Pl went to WOOD and found no enemy.


0758 - Reported to Div, wood clear of enemy.


0817 - 12 DEVON nothing to report from patrols.


1100 - 1 SS Bde report "Night quiet".


1345 - Fairly quiet on NE Sector this morning, but round of gunfire from BREVILLE area now heard.


1445 - Smoke missiles seen bursting in area 136724.


1645 - Smoke shelling stopped.  Have been trying to blind OP.


1815 - Active mortars about to be engaged 164730.  FOO.


1816 - No.1 Sub Unit 195 Para Sqn comes under comd 5 Para Bde forthwith and return to area 5 Para Bde.  Tpt arrangements being made by HQ.


1817 - Recently two lorries were lost while passing through enemy territory.  Two German MCs were able to get 3000 yds into our lines and escape.  All rd exits from our lines must be blocked at some point and guarded.


1812 - Intercepted from RA - AP reports 8 enemy tks at 1168.


2010 - Allied aircraft passed overhead in very great numbers heading SE.


2115 - Mortars firing from 144723.  RA engaged, firing 4 rds from 24 guns.  Mortars moved.  Stick was observed to fall about 100 yds WEST.


2235 - Smoke screen laid between COUVERVILLE and ESCOUVILLE, HEROUVILLETTE, and ground cannot be seen by OP.


2240 - Smoke screen now lifted.


18th June 1944

0125 - 3 Coy 736 Gren Regt identified by documents area BREVILLE 1374.


0330 - Mortar and MG fire.  Later informed it was 2 OXF BUCKS in skirmish with enemy tps.


0400 - Shelling near Bde area.


0615 - Weather dull and cloudy.


0742 - ESCOUVILLE being heavily mortared.  Intercept.


1100 - Location of Bde HQ changed to 133742.  Units, 3 Para, 5 Para, 1 SS Bde  Div notified.


1245 - Mines reported laid down as follows:- FIRST - 967642 - 973740.  SECOND - 906736 - 905734.  THIRD - 932733 - 938728.  FOURTH - 942734.  FIFTH - 091721.  SIXTH - 092793.  SEVENTH - 088719.  Further mines laid by 3 Brit Inf Div, details follow when confirmed.


1320 - Patrol instrs for night 18 - 19 Jun issued to units.


1500 - Enemy mortar posn found by 1 RUR at 136750.  Posn unoccupied.  Mortar collected by 1 RUR.


1620 - COs 1 RUR and 12 DEVON visit this HQ.


1640 - Two or three smoke shells seen.


2145 - Heavy stonk on BAISSON in sp of SS Bde's attack.


2146 - Stirling dropped supply on LZ N.


2355 - Weather fine and warm.  Visibility good.


19th June 1944

0025 - 225 Fd Amb MDS closed at present location and moving 120760.  Remained closed.


0410 - Enemy recce plane circled Bde area for 5 mins.


0500 - Sound of hy mortar and SA fire from NE indicate 4th Commando raid on WOOD 147755.


0930 - 4 loud explosions.  DEVONS blowing mortar pits.


1005 - Report from 77 MDS 12 Pz Div, 125 Pz Regt, 3 Coy Cpl taken PW in WOOD between BREVILLE and AMFREVILLE.


1130 - Shellrep from 1 RUR 0630 - 0633 observed by   137746 Coy area 138746.  Not known whether shells or mortar bombs.  No damage done.  Bearing of flash and sound 115 - 120 mag.  Shelling by the same guns has taken place on previous occasions.  DAA & QMG reports that attack planned for tonight is off.


1145 - Weather - rain, windy, cold.  Visibility poor.


1530 - Identification by contact area SALLANELLES 1 Coy 736 Gren Regt, 3 and 11 Coy 744 Gren Regt, 3 tp, 1 Bty, 1716 Arty Regt.  PW states 2 CZECH 10cm hows intact in casements AMERVILLE bty posn and firing as recently as 16 Jun.  Gren mixture of infantry of above regt and arty of 1 tp 1716 Arty Regt.  In SOUTH 1 Coy 125 Pz Gren identified area 1371 by PW and 3 Coy 125 Pz Gren by documents at 130702.


1300 - RUR fighting patrol cleared wood in order to recover cas.  Results so far unknown.  RUR cas, 2 killed, 6 wounded, 2 missing.


1800 - New CRA, Col Faithful, visited this HQ.


2100 - Med Regt conc begins on wood 147735.  Patrol 2 Oxf Bucks in action same area.


2135 - Mortar bomb fell near Bde HQ.


2210 - Bombs again fall on Bde area.


2240 - Between 2000-2200 hrs fwd tps report noise from NE direction, noise could not be identified but it indicated movement of tpt in strength.


2300 - Rfn Martin received shrapnel wound in shoulder.


2300 - Bas de Breville shelled by Lt Regt.  Series of explosions following shelling may be a burning enemy amn dump.


2330 - RUR report movement of tpt to their NE.


2355 - 2 OXF BUCKS report movement of trucks E of their posn.


2230 - 2 OXF BUCKS report situation normal.  No enemy near their posns.  Cas in raid - Y Maj EDWARDS and 8.  At the same time Bn HQ heavily mortared.  Cas were - X, Lt J. JAMES, Y Capt MASON.


20th June 1944

0322 - Coy OXF BUCKS report that patrol heard arm'd veh in area BARKING DOG at 0230 hrs.  This confirms earlier report at 2230 hrs.


0555 - Report from 5 Para Bde.  Patrols 19th.  3 men seen in fm buildings 147724 1600 hrs.  Enemy heard talking 146719.  Patrol sniped at whilst moving WEST along track from this pt 1700 hrs.  Sound of digging in and motor starting up at WOOD 149122.  3 enemy moving in bushes area fm 146724 1900 hrs.  7 men and 2 dogs moving WEST 1800 hrs from posn and 8 men 1800 hrs from posn 144732.  Tracked veh heard moving towards BAVENT.


0615 - ME 109 brought down by AA fire.  Patrol reports enemy heard digging on NORTH edge of WOOD 147786.


0605 - Now especially digging from SOUTH corner of hedgerow running SOUTH.  Digging also heard area HEDGEROW 147739.  MG and 2 rifles opened fire from NORTH corner of WOOD 148736.  It appears enemy may be digging alternative posns for pl stonked last night.


1230 - 12 DEVON are changing over with 2 OXF BUCKS this afternoon by Coy at a time.


1231 - SHELDRAKE giving a stonk on area 144782.


1254 - Requests for naval sp will in future be kept to a minimum and forwarded before 2000 hrs to avoid alterations Naval dispositions at a late hour for blind shooting.


1330 - OXF BUCKS sent a copy of German propaganda leaflet fired on their RIGHT posns by mortar in a canister containing 70 - 80 leaflets.  Copy sent to Div (Effects of pilotless planes on Sn England).


1331 - Infm that Sjt GOODWIN has been evacuated with poisoned hand.


1510 - RUR forwarded some glass phials found in BREVILLE believed to contain chemical irritant.  Forwarded to Div.


1530 - One tp 2 RM Armd Sp Regt consisting of 6 Centaur tks armed with 95mm guns coming under comd and operating in Bde area.  Infm received from Div and passed to units.


1558 - RA report shelling 140738.


1915 - Occasional shelling by enemy seems to be in direction of OXF BUCKS.


1925 - 1 Corps TPM Q.2 of 19 2345B repeated for action begins "Reported that some units mounting single lamps on wrong sides of vehs.  Vehs using one lamp will carry this lamp on side of veh nearest oncoming traffic when driving on right side of rd."  Sent to Coys.


2000 - Est at new location.


2200 - 5 Para Bde mortaring posn 146734.


21st June 1944

0025 - 12 DEVON now est at new location 136736.


0315 - 3 Para Sqn RE revert Div control 210900B.  591 Para Sqn less one tp in sp 5 Para Bde from 210900B.  One pl 249 Fd Coy available for 6 Airldg Bde if required.


0316 - Enemy shelling area NE of our posn, 1 rd approx 4 - 5 mins.


0800 - 1 RUR patrol reports Night 20 - 21 Jun disclosed no enemy in WOODS 143746 and 147748.


1140 - 1 RUR patrol report Morning 21st disclosed enemy in WOOD 147746 and on rd 147749.  Patrol NOT observed by enemy.


1050 - Enemy reported in area 144735 and 144737 hedge junc.


1225 - 13 Para report enemy post 146724.  Want to engage it.  Ok by Bde Comd.  12 DEVON patrol 0840 - 1050 report enemy posn 145743.  Posn does not seem to be strongly held.  Patrol sniped at from EAST side of WOOD SOUTH of Sq 1474.


1430 - BM went to Div for infm of our forces on beachhead.


1810 - IO sent out to units for maps they will require for a further 3 weeks stay.


1815 - Tk and SP gun report from DEVONs.  1 SP KO 13 Jun.


1816 - Shelrep 1 RUR sound 1410 time 1615 observed 136744, area shelled 136744 by 1 Bty mortar 4 81 mm shells.  Damage, nil.  100 mag by sound.  RA infm.


1910 - Mortar bombs fell SW of Bde area.


2100 - Weather fine, visibility fair.


2250 - Barrage heard from direction DEVONs previously reported as barrage on stream 145736.


2305 - RUR nothing to report.  Met - cool and windy, vis mod.


2400 - RUR situation normal.


22nd June 1944

0030 - Enemy shelling all round Bde HQ area from direction BREVILLE.


0430 - Large fires observed direction of beach.


0620 - 2 OXF BUCKS patrol Night 21 - 22, nothing to report.


0920 - Patrol report received from 5 Para Bde.


1055 - 12 DEVON report enemy setting up LMG at 144735 and are going to mortar it.  12 DEVON report suspected SP gun at 152736 which will be shelled if it starts firing again.


1200 - Maj Gen Gale visited this HQ.


1345 - DEVON mortar shoot carried out 1200 hrs area of trees 144735.  Successful.  Bombs fell on target.


1200 - RUR shelrep timed from 1045 - 1100 map ref of observer 137735.  Area bombed NE and SE.  One mortar, 5 bombs, no damage done, bearing to flash on sound 119 4".


1445 - Following rds closed to all traffic - rd RANVILLE to BREVILLE, AMFREVILLE to RANVILLE, via X rds 123735, rd AMFREVILLE to LE MARIQUET 121732.


1633 - RUR reported 4 mortar bombs fell to SE and SOUTH of their location between 1535 and 1542.  Sound of mor from bearing 123 mag from observer at 137745.


1800 - Bde HQ shelled.


1900 - About 100 med bombers seen going in the direction of CAEN.  Smoke seen in that direction.  About 600 hy bombers heading SOUTH.


2040 - 12 DEVON fired 5 salvoes of 3" mor.


2050 - RUR shelrep indicates that shells falling in their area between 1930 and 1950 hrs came from SP gun moving up and down the rd between 154737 and 146733.


2340 - Line to RUR may be tapped.


2242 - 12 DEVON report tracked vehs in area 143731.


23rd June 1944

0400 - Enemy shelling Bde perimeter.


0500 - Guns reported in area 148736 plotted by sound and flash.  Infm passed to FOOs and Div.


0600 - Enemy have occupied OP in hedgerow junc normally occupied by 12 DEVON.  A shoot put down on guns in area 148736 appeared to be successful but no enemy movement observed.


0640 - 12 DEVON report enemy now retreated from OP reported in para above.


0845 - Shelrep from 1 RUR time from 0815 - 0825 ref of observer 137747.  Area bombed 137739 by 2 8 cm mortars.  12 bombs, damage not known, bearing 98 magnetic.  Estimated time of flight, 12 secs.


1020 - Enemy gun flashes spotted at distance of approx 9 km (area BRUCORT) on following bearings 90 mag 92 mag observed from slit trench exactly on NE corner of WOOD 135748.  Guns three quarters of way up opposite hillside reported by 1 RUR.


1030 - Sitrep received from 6 Para Bde reports shelling of their posn.  Relief of Armd Coy.  Interchange of mortaring throughout day.  Wiring, clearing fds of fire and strengthening of area.  Patrol report from 5 Para Bde.  Infm to map.


1035 - Bde patrol report received.  Infm to map.


1050 - Unexploded shell fell in Bde area.  Infm to Div.


1105 - Lines to Div, DEVONs, RUR reported out of order.


1150 - 12 DEVON report 27 tks moving NW from CUVERVILLE firing on ST HONORINE.  Two arty concs destroyed four of them.  They were then attacked by Spitfires which shot down an attacking ME 109.


1158 - The tks appeared to be withdrawing under further arty conc.


1215 - Lines to Div DEVONS and RUR restored.


1315 - 2 FW 190s over Bde area.  One plane hit.


1325 - Instrs from Div to stop all civilians passing from our lines to the enemy lines unless warned to the contrary.  Patrol report received from 1 SS Bde.  Infm to map.  Copies to Bns.


1415 - FOOs report house on fire at CUVERVILLE.  Believed to be started by cannon firing Typhoons, when attacking tks.


1600 - Pl OXF BUCKS A tk to report to 4 Airldg A Tk where they will come under comd RA.  OXF BUCKS informed.


1615 - 5 Cam holding NORTHERN half of ST HONORINE.  3 Coys of 2 SEAFORTHS moved into posn SOUTH of LE BAS DE RANVILLE.  Enemy counter attack held, 17 tks destroyed.  Further attacks expected.


1645 - Dog fight over Bde HQ, result nil.


1800 - Further leaflet raid has been carried out by the enemy.  Containing similar instrs as in previous raid.


1835 - 12 DEVON report firing on bearing 83 from direction 139741.


1920 - Enemy conc area 165735 reported to FOOs.


2010 - Daily cumulative tk return.  4 KO.  1 SP gun KO. covering OXF BUCKS.  Infm to Div.


2100 - Shelrep from OXF BUCKS 1353 - 1450.  Observed from WOOD nr DEVONS, ESCOUVILLE.  8 guns, No. of shells, 12.  Damage done not known.  Bearing 75, 80, 85, 100, 131 by sound.


2130 - Report from 1 SS 144750 gun firing this unit will be shelled by 1 SS.


2135 - RA report 2 guns in WOOD 148735 are being shelled 2140.


2250 - Smoke bombs reported by RA in area SOUTH ESCOUVILLE and NORTH TOUFFREVILLE.


2315 - Propaganda container fired into BREVILLE sent in by 1 RUR.  Forwarded to Div.


24th June 1944

0305 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0410 - 1 RUR report 3 shells landed in their area, otherwise situation normal.


0615 - 12 DEVON report that fwd tps report sound of movement of number of tracked vehs from SOUTH to NORTH on bearing of 115.  Div informed.


0815 - Bde area machine gunned by ME 109.


1010 - 5 Para Bde Patrol Report.  Infm to map.


1040 - Amber fluid received from RUR.  Forwarded to Div.


1425 - Message received from Div for the GOC.  Passed to 5 Para Bde.


1515 - GOC paid visit to this HQ and stayed to tea.


1745 - Shelrep OXF BUCKS shelling from 1603 to 1603 observed from 133725 area shelled 135724.  1 gun, 3 shells damage nil, bearing 123 mag.  Infm to Div.


1915 - Instrs from Div.  It is reported that the enemy is using captured BRITISH tks in this case SHERMANS have been reported to be in use by the GERMANS in the TILLY - GAUMONT sector.  It appears that the German tks adv covered by the Sherman, which disperses to a flank leaving German tks at close range to our posns.  All ranks should be warned of this practice and all Allied type tks approaching from doubtful direction should be treated with suspicion.


1930 - 12 DEVON subject to shelling.  No cas up to time of this being logged.


1945 - Bde area being shelled.  (a) 1945  (b) 1955  (c) 131728  (d) 131728  (e) 1 gun  (f) 15.5 cm of 5.5 in  (g) 1 cas  (l) 310 repeat 310 (from shell hole).


2155 - Shelrep OXF BUCKS 1940 to 1940 observer 132726 area, 132726 one SP gun, one shell, one cas 43 mag.


2140 - Shelreps from OXF BUCKS from 1935 - 1950 observed from 133726 area.  Bombed 134728, No of guns, 10.4 cm? 4 med mortars, 20 bombs, 5 shells approx, dummy believed NIL, 150 - 155 mag.  Shelrep from OXF BUCKS, time 1601 - 1610, observed 133727 area.  Shelled 134728, one 10.5 cm gun 5 shells, damage nil, bearing 120.


2150 - Activity in area, mor bombs falling near HQ.  Approx distance 500 - 600 yds.  Reason for fighting not known.  Believed to be a patrol clash.


25th June 1944

0010 - Attack on 154 Bde and 5 Para.  Def fire asked for by 154.


0100 - 5 Para report all is well, no penetration.


0245 - Shelrep from OXF BUCKS  Time 2035 - 2050.  Observed 133726 and 133723 area.  Mor and shells, 20.  No damage, bearing 150 - 155.  Second shelrep 2233 - 2235.  Observed from 134726, area shelled 133722.  6 Mors, 6 bombs.  Damage nil.  Observed bearing 133.  Third shelrep.  2242 - 2246.  Observed 134726 and 131724 area.  4 Mors, 12 - 81mm bombs.  No damage.  Observed 133.


0540 - 5 Para report that their right coy was in contact with enemy during the night but at 0540 all was quiet.


0630 - IO of OXF BUCKS came to this HQ to find out what all the noise of tracked vehs meant.  Was informed by BM.


0400 - Hy shelling to WEST of our posns.  Quite a lot of SA fire, tracer being used.


0745 - Shelrep from OXF BUCKS, time 0350 - 0352 observed 134726 area, 133727.  No. of guns 3.  No. of shells 6.  Cas 7.  VARAVELLE area.


0800 - Patrol rep 1 RUR.


0810 - Report from 12 DEVON.


1000 - Sitrep 5 Para Bde and Patrol report.  Intermittent shelling on their front with patrol activity.


1105 - Shelrep 2 OXF BUCKS.  Mortared by "Moaning Minnie"  No cas.  Infm to Div.


1130 - Identification from dead Russian.  5/858 Gren Regt at pt 143725 at 1845 hrs 24th.


1313 - Leaflet found on rd 132743 at 1200 hrs 24 Jun bearing message "SOS Germans send us doctors".  "Thats the cry of 1st American Army near St LO.  Who knows?  Perhaps you may be in the same desperate posn tomorrow."  Infm to Div.


1405 - Message received from Div notifying change of location at 1630 hrs to 120759.


1445 - New location of Div 120759 opened at 1630 hrs.


26th June 1944

0008 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0110 - Further report situation normal from RUR.


0355 - 12 DEVON patrol report unable to obtain identification due to alterness of enemy.


0540 - 1 RUR nothing to report except SA fire on DEVONS front.


0545 - 12 DEVON report SA fire coming from their Right front but all quiet now.


0615 - Message received from Div location of PW cage now 114759.  Message received from Div two NORTHERN Bns across the R ORNE will cease to be used forthwith for reasons of strategical importance.


0720 - Hy barrage started in WEST.  Weather cloudy with occasional showers.


0855 - Brig HILL paid visit and discussed 12 DEVON standing patrol area.


1145 - Report from FOOs 1 SS Bde have snipers out at WOOD 142751.  Various dog fights going on overhead.


1315 - Barrage apparently has died down.


1330 - Shelling nr Bde area.


1400 - 6 barrel mortar shelling RANVILLE area.


1500 - Enemy shelling X rds 140729.


1500 - Conference of SUNRAYS from 1500 to 1635 on Bde policy.


1825 - Enemy shelling around Bde perimeter.


1830 - Brig attending conference at Div HQ.


1930 - Instrs received from Div that no more civilian vehs be requisitioned.  Shelrep 2 OXF BUCKS, time 1830 - 1845.  Observed 134727 area shelled 132723, No of guns one, No. of shells, medium 10.  Damage not known.  Bearing on flash 58 grid.


2005 - Patrol report received from 3 Para.  Remarks entered on map.  0200 - 0230 intermittent shelling around Bde area.


27th June 1944

0800 - Weather fine, visibility fair.


1130 - Requests from 1 SS Bde for Offr who knows area 144748 to go to their HQ.  RUR required to send.


1155 - 5 Para state their offrs and NCOs may visit viewpt described by GOC to their Bde Comd last night.  Brig informed.


1215 - GERMAN coming over on Comd Net.


1330 - "B" Coy RUR completed take over from "A" Coy OXF BUCKS.


1500 - Visit by SUNRAY 1 RUR.


1717 - Dogfight takes place over Bde area.


2100 - Shelrep 2050 -2055.  Observed from Bde HQ.  Area shelled 130726.  2 Guns, 9 Shells.  Damage nil.  256.


2300 - Firing along front 12 DEVON report gun firing in their area.  3 Para report patrol activity.


2400 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


28th June 1944

0045 - Situation normal in Bde area.


0230 - Situation normal.  Flares seen on horizon to SOUTH and SW.  Probably aircraft flares.


0345 - Situation normal.


0430 - Bde HQ personnel stand to.


0415 - Barrage commences in WEST.


0815 - Sitrep sent to Div and all units incl 195 Fd Amb.


0855 - Enemy guns firing 209.  Report from 12 DEVON this is from behind COUVERVILLE.  Infm to plotting centre.


1100 - 1 SS Bde report enemy patrol 39 strong in area LONGUEMARE.  Infm to Bns.


1143 - 2 OXF BUCKS now putting a stonk on area LONGUEMARE.


1144 - Following recces will be carried out today by 4 SS Bde area.  Area held by 4 Commando with view to taking over area 1 SS Bde area BREVILLE with view to taking over BREVILLE from 6 Airldg Bde.


1230 - 1 SS Bde report that they sent out patrol but could not locate 39 strong enemy patrol.  They were mortared by own mortars but suffered no cas.


1235 - IO of OXF BUCKS reports that he informed IO of 1 SS of mortar fire being laid down.


1500 - OPs trg instr No.1 issued to Units.  RC Padre reports that from conversation with a Mother Superior he has found out that the square containing the PO in CAEN has been closed for many weeks and the local population expect that tunnelling has been going on.


1715 - FOO 12 DEVON report approx 30 enemy tks 082649 and is endeavouring to bring down stonk.


1940 - Shelrep 1555 - 1557 observed 135744 area 095716, guns 4, shells 20, damage nil, bearing 225 mag.  Report by OXF BUCKS.


2205 - Report to units of progress of battle on other side of river.


2235 - Report from DEVON of cries for help.  Nothing heard by 9 Para on right.  9 Para stated some of their men were likely to be there.  12 DEVON asked to investigate.


2330 - RUR report all quiet on this front.


29th June 1944

0100 - RUR report situation normal.


0220 - Mortar fire heard from direction 3 Para.


0240 - Shelling at sub unit 1 RUR.


0300 - Barrage started, attack by 1 SS Bde commenced.  DEVON report that cries for help were from a Cpl of 9 Para Bn.  He was brought in and sent to Base having been badly wounded in leg.


0630 - Report from Div G.  During last 24 hrs deep patrol penetrated BURES which was found to be empty.  Two identifications at 142732 at 1330.  2 Coy 858 Gren Regt.  144735  11 Coy 857 Gren Regt.  Later more details given in I Sum.


0920 - CO 2 OXF BUCKS reports SP gun in corner of posn appears to have moved over.  RA claim to have hit it.


1100 - Patrol report from 1 SS Bde.  Everything went according to plan, and although no prisoners were taken, a number of the enemy were killed.


1131 - 3 Para Bde patrols report, no new identifications.


1415 - CO DEVONS visited this HQ.


1420 - Machine gun fire heard from aircraft.  Quite a lot of aircraft combats this morning.


1600 - Brig POETT paid a visit to the Bde.


2003 - PW cage closes present location at 1400 hrs and reopens at same time at 120754.  Passed to units.


2230 - 3 Para Bde report Counter Mortar Offr has become cas.  Lt D NEAVES sent as replacement.


2250 - 3 Para Bde report hy mortar fire on their right flank, and hy machine gun fire fwd of X rds.  Fire presumably brought down because of 8 Para patrol.


2310 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


2335 to 45 - Hostile aircraft flying over Bde area.  Intense AA fire.  Bomb or bombs dropped, locality not known.


30th June 1944

0040 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0110 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0140 - Sig Exchange report line to Div dis.


0204 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0320 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0410 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0510 - 1 RUR report situation normal.  Line to Div normal.


0955 - Patrol report received from 3 Para.



Month and year: July 1944

Commanding Officer : Brig EWC Flavell


1st July 1944

Place: Orchard 131728


0335 - Very hy bombing, apparently by RAF.


0935 - OP reports from OXF BUCKS.


1110 - Bde HQ machine gunned by aircraft.  Our AA opened fire.


1500 - New pass word notified to units.


1530 - New issue of maps to 12 DEVON.


1820 - Visit by:- Lt Gen BROWNING, Maj Gen GALE, Maj Gen DOWN, and Maj Gen CRAWFORD.


1954 - 2 OXF BUCKS report ME 109 dropped light bombs but no cas reported.


2013 - DEVON report enemy patrol immediately to their front, and are preparing to engage it.


2122 - 20 shells fall on area 2 OXF BUCKS.


2nd July 1944

0100 - 1 RUR report sit normal.  Stonk in sup of patrol 12 DEVON in progress.


2012 - BM informs us that on the WEST of the R ORNE our tps have been consolidating.  Plan for change over of Bdes has been cancelled indefinitely.


2045 - RUR will hand over one 6 pr ATk gun to 3 Para Bde and take up posn in B Coy's area from tomorrow morning.  Pl Comds concerned will report to HQ 3 Para Bde at 0840 hrs and will ask for Lt Regt RA.  RUR may relieve bty in their present posn with another Coy at any time they so desire.


2200 - Hy barrage heard seems to be on other side of R ORNE (WEST of us).


2215 - OXF BUCKS report ME 109 seen in difficulties and coming down.  RUR report sit normal.


3rd July 1944

0045 - Shells fell nr Bde area and again a few moments later.


0215 - Preliminary report from 12 DEVON on patrol:- 1 offr and 4 ORs to return still, no details yet available.


1020 - Maj Gen DOWN visited Bde HQ.


1100 - Patrol report from 12 DEVON that no new identifications were obtained last night, although the patrol report they think they inflicted hy cas on the enemy.  12 DEVON cas were 1 offr missing, 1 OR missing.


1450 - Weather cloudy with occasional showers.  Air activity not on such a large scale as of late.


1718 - RAF report 6 enemy aircraft shot down over CAEN area.


1950 - 5 Para Bde will relieve 3 Para Bde on Jul 4 occupying same posns.  3 Para Bde will come into res in area ESCARDE.  1 Coy RUR will then come under comd 5 Para Bde.


0130 - Report from Div concerning two Frenchmen.  If seen to be taken immediately to FSO and Div informed.  Sent to Units.


0118 - BM reports that SP gun fired three shots.  Fell in next fd.


0410 - RUR sit normal.


0500 - RUR sit normal.


0600 - Flying bomb reported by Bde AA Cpl to have flown over area.  Our AA opened fire.  Unconfirmed and unlikely.


0840 - Patrol reports despatched to Div.  Brief account of Patrol Reports night 2/3 Jul 44.  2 OXF BUCKS sent out a patrol of 40 men strong incl 3 offrs.  Object to clear enemy out of wood 147743 and also to try to locate an enemy HQ and destroy same, also get identification.  In itself the patrol gained nothing as the patrol sustained... [Page ends]


1755 - Deserter from 5 Coy 81 GAF Regt of 16 GAF captured by 12 DEVON described in detail pl layout in area immediately SOUTH of ORCHARD 145740.


2100 - Visit to Bde HQ by Lt-Col W SEROCOLD, comd Recce Regt, 51 Highland Div.


2300 - RUR report sit normal.  Message from Div that some BRITISH tks may be seen without white star on side.


4th July 1944

0005 - RUR report sit normal.


0110 - RUR report sit normal.  Four cas in figure 2's area.


0310 - RUR report sit normal.


0628 - Sigs report line to 12 DEVON dis.


0631 - Sigs report line to 12 DEVON now OK.


0825 - Patrol report sent to Div and 3 Para.


0830 - Brief account of patrols:- OXF BUCKS.  C Coy.  Task to find out habits of Standing Patrol at 144744.  Flares were observed sent up from hedge junc 146744-145743 area buildings 146750.  At 0030 hrs by light of enemy flares a sec of enemy estimated 8 to 12 men observed standing in the fd about 40 yds EAST of hedge junc at 144744.  Two guns were observed to be firing at 103 towards 1 SS Bde, 4 mortars firing on 145 observed from 20 yds WEST of hedge junc 144744.  A Coy.  Task to inflict maximum cas on enemy patrols.  Result - No enemy patrols encountered.  DEVON smoke screen very effective.  As smoke was laid SA fire started from posns in diamond shaped wood 143743 and worked NORTHwards.  Two 20mm posns located in wood 147755.  20 mm posn 147749 confirmed.


1030 - Orders issued that relief of 12 DEVON by 1 RUR will incl relief of B Coy 1 RUR now under comd of 5 Para Bde in area LA MESNIL.


1035 - Units asked to send Historic Reports in by 2100 hrs 5 JUL.


1036 - IO returns from Div with infm of units WEST of R ORNE.


1250 - Capt GORDON returned and gave up to date infm of big battle.  Map marked.


1430 - Comds' conference at Bde HQ x  Details to be entered later.


1807 - Enemy aircraft over Bde HQ.


1820 - Enemy aircraft over Bde HQ - 5 ME 109.  None seen to be definitely hit.


1430 - x The following subjects were discussed:- Patrol tactics; Snipers; Physical Fitness; Trg 1 Rfts.


1730 - Orders received from G.2 6 Airborne Div for extension of Bde front to excl rd LE MESNIL/VARAVILLE.  1 Coy RUR to remain under comd 5 Para Bde and relief to be completed by 1200 hrs 5 Jul 44.  Visit to Bde HQ by Brig POETT Comd 5 Para Bde to discuss details of Bde boundary.


1800 - Orders issued to OC 1 RUR to relieve 12 Para Bn in area 142732, 140732, 137728 by 1200 hrs 5 Jul 44 and to leave one coy under comd 5 Para Bde.


2120 - BM of 1 SS Bde visited this HQ and left at 2145 hrs, with ref to propaganda experiment tonight.


2250 - A Corps stonk was laid on Le PRIEUX at 1400 - 2100 - 2300 hrs, approx 100 shells each shoot.  VICTOR target.


5th July 1944

0015 - FOO 5 Para Bde report enemy mor too close for arty fire.  Suggested that mors from 12 DEVON might by used with view of engaging them.  Passed to 5 Para Bde Planning Room.  Reported to 12 DEVON.  12 DEVON have already seen same and were waiting for further details from their OP.


0150 - Line to 5 Para dis.


0300 - Line to 5 Para restored.  Enemy shelling at intervals throughout the night.  One landed on Bde area.  No damage or cas.


0705 - Sitrep from 5 Para Bde up to 2359 hrs 4 Jul.  Relief of 3 Para Bde completed.  Light spasmodic shelling and mortaring.  Three FW 190s flying EAST over area at 1605 hrs.  Enemy sniper operating in area 146724, killed one NCO 12 Para Bn.  'A' Coy 13 Para Bn remains area 116726.


0930 - Patrol seen.


1330 - Move of 1 RUR from Bde res to man posn at NORTH of X rds 140778 completed at 1200 hrs.


1550 - Bde HQ AA opened fire on enemy plane.  No result.


1745 - Amendment on Int Summary No.28.  Units informed.


1746 - From Allied E HQ warning own AA NOT to fire on our own aircraft.  Clipped wing Spitfire Mk V which have been on dawn and dusk patrols have been the type in particular to suffer from our own AA.


1840 - Shelrep from 2 OXF BUCKS forwarded to plotting centre, 5 Para Bde.  2 OXF BUCKS area shelled 1730 - 1805 hrs.  Was observed at pt 136747.  Area shelled 136747, by one gun.


1805 - Col BARLOW and BM left to visit 3 Para Bde and 225 Para Fd Amb.


2000 - Col BARLOW and BM returned to this HQ.


2023 - Shelrep 1940 - 1946 hrs.  Shell fire was observed from 136747.  Area under shelling 136746, by one gun.  Sent to Plotting Centre.


2210 - Three mor bombs fell in area 137728 at 2200 causing one cas to 1 RUR.


2230 - 1 RUR report mor fire in front of their posn at 2220 hrs.  12 DEVON reported that they were firing at this time, and were informed of 1 RUR's report.


2240 - Shelrep from 1 RUR (a) 2221  (c) 131731  (h) 700, one mortar.  Sent to Plotting Centre.


2352 - Orders received from Div for relief of OXF BUCKS by 1 SS Bde on 7 Jul 44.  This entails move of 12 DEVON.


6th July 1944

0035 - Message received from Bde HQ stating that V targets were fired SOUTH of 154 Bde at 2115 and 2145 hrs on 5 Jul.


0030 to 0100 - Shelling of Bde area.  Shelrep rendered.


0115 - Hy mor and SA fire to our SE.


0210 - Enemy aircraft firing cannon dropped what seemed to be AP bombs and possibly a delayed action bomb.


0225 - 3 more shells from same direction land in Bde area.


0250 - Enemy aircraft dived low over Bde HQ area.  Believed to have been strafing.


0838 - Patrol reports 12 DEVON.  A sniper patrol went out at 1405 hrs to observe enemy movement and snipe at possible targets.  Although there were 2 of the enemy seen, owing to the speed of movement and interference of view it was impossible to shoot and patrol returned 1630 hrs.


0845 - Patrol report 2 OXF BUCKS.  A patrol was sent out at 2300 hrs to find out if there still an enemy post at hedge junc 144744 and to destroy it if it were there.  Lt PRESTON took his men within 50 yds of the suspected posn, then himself went forward to within 10 yds where he observed for 30 mins.  Hearing no sound he moved into the post but still encountered no enemy although there were three likely posns from which MMG could fire.  The patrol then returned at 0355 hrs.  An ambush patrol set out at 2330 hrs consisting of one offr, one sjt, 1 cpl and seven men to inflict maximum cas on any enemy seen moving in the area LONGUEMERE X rds 144759 but no enemy were seen and patrol returned at 0320 hrs.  Recce patrol was sent out at 2340 to ascertain if there was an enemy posn at hedgerow junc 145747 but again no enemy were seen or encountered but sound of horse drawn tpt was heard moving in the area NE of DENIS' WOOD, the patrol reported back at 0155 hrs.


0845 - BM left to visit all Bns and 1 SS Bde.


0935 - Sitrep received from 5 Para Bde stating that change over is completed and 13 Para Bn area in area Chat de BENOUVILLE.


0955 - Brig left to visit 1 RUR, 5 Para Bde 12 DEVON and 2 OXF BUCKS.


1025 - BM returns from visiting units and 5 Para Bde.


1100 - BM left to attend Div conference.


1230 - BM returned from Div conference.


1030 - Order issued for relief of 2 OXF BUCKS by 4 Comdo, of 12 DEVON by 2 OXF BUCKS and move to 12 DEVON to res Bn area SW BREVILLE.


1330 - 2 SP shells fall in Bde HQ area.  Cpl killed and two men wounded (RASC) in Bde dump area.  One man (Bde HQ) wounded.


1500 - IO of 12 DEVON visited this HQ.


1845 - VICTORY stonk on area BAVENT 163731.  Units informed.


1902 - Password for tonight may be compromised so have been warned to be cautious when challenging.


2230 - Report from 5 Para Bde.  12 deserters from 642 OST Bn crossed their lines at 2030, a further 8 believed to be attempting to cross.  One deserter states that his Bn is only 200 strong and that only 75 are opposite our posns.  He does not know where remainder of Bn is.


2310 - 1 RUR Sitrep.  Approx 40 mor bombs in area during day.  One jeep and two trailers damaged by mor bombs, two ORs wounded by snipers, four by bombs.  Mortaring continuing at present moment, otherwise situation normal.  Essential bulldozer obtained for digging in tpt.  RUR IO to MDS for skin disease treatment.  Length of stay not known.


2330 - 1 RUR situation normal.


7th July 1944

0120 - 1 RUR situation normal.


0122 - Hy AA heard, also SA fire MG 34 and 42.


0200 - Div instr on importance of security if captured.  Names and addresses of French civilians who assist in evasion will NOT be given.


0530 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0630 - AA fire and machine gunning heard.


0725 - 12 DEVON patrol reports:- tasks, two ambushes.  They failed, no enemy movement being seen.  Task, to observe enemy movement and snipe.  Result:- No sniping, owing to lack of satisfactory target.  No obstacles or booby traps encountered.


0630 - Passwords will no longer be used within Corps area.  Our passwords may be used if necessary (Order from Div).  Change of water pt.


0750 - Patrol report from OXF BUCKS - 'B' Coy sent out a recce patrol at 2330 hrs to ascertain if there are any enemy along NE end of ORCHARD 144743, also to find out if there is an enemy post at the EAST corner of ORCHARD 145743.  They report an enemy post at 144744, MG post at HEDGE JUNC 145747, enemy post strength unknown area triangle of hedgerows 143745.  Two enemy 8.1 cm mors heard firing almost continuously between 0100 hrs and 0200 hrs, one from SE corner of WOOD 147746, the other from centre EAST edge of WOOD 148748, and rifle fire from NW corner of JOHNNIE's ORCHARD at 0115 hrs approx.  Time in, 0300 hrs.  'A' Coy sent out a standing patrol at 2300 hrs to observe enemy movement at LONGUEMARE X rds 144751.  No enemy seen, but sound of tpt moving up and down track on WEST of wood and in VILLAGE 148753.  Time in, 0530 hrs.


1040 - 4 enemy planes flew very low machine gunning Bde area.


1050 - BM returned after visiting units.


1100 - V target area TROARN will be engaged at 1105 hrs 7 Jul.  Too late to infm units.  Password used by 1 SS Bde and 4 SS Bde for 7/8 Jul will be PAPER-DOLL.  Time of change 1200 hrs.  Units informed.


1645 - Propaganda raid postponed 24 hrs.


1700 - AA fire heard.  No result seen.


1804 - Bn changeover as ordered yesterday has been carried out and was completed by 1800 hrs.


1730 - Brig paid a visit to all Bns.


1940 - 12 DEVON now in posn at 132740.


2200 - Heavy bombers seen proceeding in direction CAEN, encountered hy flak, two probably destroyed.


2308 - Loud explosion heard and felt.  Direction not known.  Thought to be enemy bomb.


8th July 1944

0240 - RUR report enemy shelling beginning 0140 and still firing occasional rounds.  Observed from 140731.


0750 - RUR patrol report:- Fighting patrol to obtain a prisoner from GERMAN post 144735 - Result:- owing to bright moonlight it was impossible for patrol to reach enemy post.  Accurate fire caused them to withdraw.


0755 - OXF BUCKS Patrol Report:- D Coy - ambush patrol but did not see enemy.  C Coy standing patrol at X hedges 142738.  MG posns confirmed hedge junc 144736, at SOUTHERN end of gap in hedge 144736 and 30 yds EAST of hedge and 50 yds SOUTH of stream at 145735 and a few yds NORTH of hedgerow and wood junc at 146734.


0945 - Gen Gale visited Bde HQ.


1427 - SITREP sent to all units incl 195 Airldg Fd Amb.


1430 - BM visited RUR.


1900 - Report of battle on Br and Cdn front.  Germans pouring back to CAEN.  Victory stonk put on the rds.  So far adv successful.


2100 - SITREP sent to units on big battle.


2130 - Consequent on attack on CAEN today all Bdes will make max effort mor fire on enemy posns tonight and tomorrow.  Targets to be selected by Bdes ensuring restricted patrol areas are observed.  Bde Comd and BM informed.


2100 - LO from Div arrived with later news of battle.  Little change.  Battle map marked.


2135 - Colns of black smoke seen direction CAEN.  Div report that it is COLOMBELLES and maybe the steel works.


2310 - Sounds of hy arty fire on COLOMBELLES where great smoke colns have been seen since 2130 hrs.  Latest infm from the CAEN sector is that the attack which started this morning has gained all its objectives and is still advancing.  RAF bomb fmns of tps and guns SOUTH of CAEN this evening.


9th July 1944

0135 - Slight enemy activity over our area.


0049 - A propaganda talk was tried out tonight to encourage deserters both Polish and German, and everything went according to plan.


1030 - Four mor bombs fell at end of orchard.


1055 - 3 mor bombs fell at end of orchard.


1130 - LO from Div gave latest infm of battle.  Map marked, units informed.


1230 - SITREP in from 5 Para Bde, nothing to report, Situation unchanged.


1400 - Brig attended conference at Div HQ.  Gen Gale gave a general survey of the situation and gave instrs that 12 DEVON be prepared to move to Le Bas de RANVILLE and 13 Para Bn to Le MARIQUET in the event of 51 Highland Div moving SOUTH.


1900 - Orders ref Frenchmen passing through our lines cancelled.


10th July 1944

1000 - Conference at Bde HQ to discuss raid on two hedge juncs.


1108 - Polish deserter from 9 Coy 858 Regt entered 12 Para Bn lines at 0630 hrs.


1111 - Five enemy planes (ME 109) flew across Bde area.  Polstens opened fire, claim to have brought one down.  Confirmed by 1 RUR one ME 109 crashed.


1330 - Cancelling 2 OXF BUCKS practice fire 1422 due to 5 Para raid which 1 RUR are supporting by a sec raid at 1630 hrs.


1530 - Brig from 154 Inf Bde visited this HQ to discuss move of 12 DEVON.


1500 - BM visited Div HQ.


1630 - Mor bombs and shells, also SA fire heard.  Informed that it is 5 Para attacking.


1840 - 2 OXF BUCKS report situation normal.  One cas.


1841 - During the past 2 hrs shelling and mortaring has occurred amongst our fwd units.  One cas reported.  Our guns replying.


1855 - Shelling and mortaring appears to have subsided.


1942 - 12 DEVON report that during period of shelling a French 8.1 cm mor fell in their area.


1430 - Sitrep 12 DEVON.  Ordered to move to RANVILLE area to occupy def posn as part of firm base for 51 HD during move SOUTHWARDS towards COLOMBELLES.


1630 - Mors 1 RUR co-operate in support in 5 Para Bde raid on houses at 146724.


1700 - Shelling and mortaring Bde area as a result of this raid.  Col BARLOW left this HQ for England.


2255 - 2 OXF BUCKS report shells falling 95.  Plotting Centre informed.


11th July 1944

0030 - Hy barrage ahead seems to be 51 Div.


0215 - Barrage commenced again.


0415 - Hy mortaring over 51 Div lines.


0645 - 2 OXF BUCKS report no change.


0720 - Shelrep OXF BUCKS, time, 0500 - 0501, observed at 138731, fell at RANVILLE 3 x sticks barrel rocket projectors 18 bombs, 138 mag.  Plotting centre informed.


0812 - Patrol report, 1 RUR:- Sent out a recce patrol to ascertain whether there are any enemy posts along this line of hedge from hedge junc 143735(A) to 143734.  There were no sounds of movement along this hedge nor any other indication of enemy posts in the hedge from 'A' to TRIANGLE WOOD.


0814 - 2 OXF BUCKS sent out a recce patrol to pinpoint enemy posns from incl SE corner of DEVON's orchard to incl HEDGE JUNC 145738.  At approx 0415 hrs the sound of stakes being hit by a spade heard in SE corner of DEVON's orchard.  The patrol threw grenades to try to draw enemy fire, but as this drew no fire from the enemy they stood up and fired their Sten guns, to which the enemy re-acted and MG fire was observed from hedge junc 145738 firing due WEST.  Two bursts from an MG about 20 yds NORTH of BUGLE CORNER.


0930 - 2 OXF BUCKS: Nothing to report for last three hours.


0940 - 12 DEVON report that RA in their area ordered stand to 1000.


0945 - Div had no infm regarding above.


1000 - 51 Div are now back in their original posns after their attack on COLOMBELLES last night, owing to strong enemy opposition.


1106 - BM to attend conference on patrols.


1115 - Div LO came with record of CAEN posn.


1145 - G II(I) Div visited Bde HQ.


1210 - 2 OXF BUCKS report situation normal.  6 mor bombs fell in 'A' coy area.  Sitrep to follow.


1345 - Report from Div that own tks are being shot up by our tps because they are fitted with new cupolas.  Units informed.


1500 - Enemy air activity.  AA opened fire.


1510 - Enemy air activity.  AA opened fire.


1520 - 4 Polish deserters 12 Coy 857 Regt crossed into 5 Para Bde lines at 1148 hrs today.  Units informed.  Use of enemy jet propelled aircraft will be reported to Div immediately.  Location of any aircraft brought down will be notified and aircraft guarded pending tech examination.  Units informed.


1521 - 30 yds range closed pending further recce.  Raid by 1 RUR has been cancelled owing to discovery of enemy DF tasks on start lines.  Mor amn now restricted to 20 rds per mor per day until further notice.


1900 - One coy 12 DEVON moving into Bde area tonight.


1700 - Enemy aircraft which flew over Bde area were engaged by 20mm, Vickers MG and captured MG 34.


1158 - Patrol comd reports sound of track vehs in direction of STE HONORINE la CHARDONERETTE.


12th July 1944

0001 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0118 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0310 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0405 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0400 - Shelling of Bde area and behind.


0430 - Fires in direction of 282, 255 Grid.  283 suspected to be an amn dump.


0700 - One ME 109 flew over area and was shot through wing by what appeared to be Bofors fire and crashed on LZ.


0803 - 2 OXF BUCKS report that ME 109 shot down has gnrs on guard over it, map ref of crashed plane, 124734.


0820 - Patrol report from 2 OXF BUCKS:- Task, to see if there is a gap between enemy fwd posns in area BUGLE CORNER.  Cracking of twigs and sound of MG being cocked from posn in hedge about 40x from BUGLE CORNER.  Report sent to Div.


0825 - 1 RUR report:- Task, to report movement of enemy EAST of STICKIES CORNER to TRIANGLE WOOD.  Two suitable snipers' posns have been est.  1000 hrs relief sentries seen leaving TRIANGLE WOOD.  Enemy OP wood 147734.


1140 - RAF Int Offr called to see crashed enemy aircraft.


1220 - GII (I) visited HQ.  Nothing to report.


1315 - Shelling of Bde area (bearing of 183 mag).  One cas - RA.


1403 - Shelling of Bde HQ continued until 1420 hrs.  No cas.


1318 - 2 OXF BUCKS report sit unchanged.


1600 to 1700 - Spasmodic shelling round Bde area.


1440 - Visit by Col BRAY Div G.I. and G.I. 3rd Brit Div.


2130 - Received sitrep from 5 Para Bde which contained reports of shelling in their Bn areas, also one offr and two ORs taken prisoner by the enemy.  8 Para Bn relieved 7 Para Bn 1500 hrs today.


2131 - 2 OXF BUCKS report 2 enemy shot in wood 146742.  1 killed and others probable.


2135 - Sitrep from Div estimate that 346 Div has been reinforced by 1200 men 30% VOLKSDEUTSCH German mostly very young between ages 17-18 yrs.  Est Coy str now approx 80.  Infm obtained from deserters.


2142 - Detailed description of enemy agents believed to have crossed line area between EAST of R ORNE, SAEN and CAEN has been sent to units to warn fwd tps.  Message I 597 dated 122010.


Night 12/13 - There has been nothing to report throughout the night.  Patrol reports.


13th July 1944

0845 - Patrol report from 1 RUR.  Task to report enemy movement EAST of our posn.  OP and snipers report one man walked along hedge EASTWARDS from STICKIES CORNER.  Man walked from MG posn at STICKIES CORNER towards TRIANGLE WOOD.  Man with binoculars in slit trench shot by snipers.  Div sent copy.


0850 - Patrol report from OXF BUCKS.  Task, to find gap in enemy's FDLs near BUGLE CORNER, if possible to get through.  Recce area immediately to the EAST of it.  Result, No enemy seen but enemy movement heard, also tracer and coloured lights seen.


1115 - Int offr from Div called.  Nothing to report.


1215 - 2 OXF BUCKS report complete nebelwerfer in ditch opposite their code sign 6.  Reported to CRE who said RA would deal with it.


1230 - 3 RAF Int offrs visited HQ to see crashed plane.  LO from Div visited HQ.  Nothing to report.


1800 - 6 Airldg Bde propaganda OO No 2 issued.


2015 - Sitrep from 5 Para - enemy quiet throughout the day.


2100 - Congratulations sent to Brig POETT on receiving Silver Star.  Congratulations sent to Maj-Gen RN GALE OBE MC on receiving Legion of Merit.


2215 - OXF & BUCKS report signs of enemy movement, ranging of mortars and improvement of def posns.  They suspect a relief has been carried out.  Reported to Div.


2330 - 1 RUR report sit normal.


14th July 1944

0130 - 1 RUR report sit normal.


0030 - Bde HQ Propaganda Sec contacted 2 OXF BUCKS, C Coy.  Sig Offr and linguist went fwd to right hand fwd pl where eqpt was set up with two loudspeakers in hedge 143737 directed at enemy posn at BUGLE CORNER and STICKIES CORNER.


0045 to 0049 - Broadcast in Polish.  No enemy reaction.


0100 to 0109 - Broadcast in GERMAN.  At 0102 hrs a white flare went up from BUGLE CORNER.  At 0103 hrs rifle fire (3 shots) and 0105 hrs slight MG fire directed at loudspeaker posn.  At 0107 hrs 3 x 5cm mor bursts in area 140737.  Broadcast was very clear and audible and would be so to enemy at whom directed.


0615 - 2 OXF BUCKS report enemy mortar bombs falling in area.  One cas.  Our mortars replying.  Also enemy MG fire and recce patrol.


0815 - Patrol report sent out to Div and units containing propaganda report and result of sniping up to date.  Result:- RUR, 2 Germans.


0915 - 3 deserters are reported to have been received by 5 Para Bde.  This is thought to be due to our propaganda broadcast early this morning.


1028 - 2 OXF BUCKS report that 3 pilotless aircraft passed over their posns bearing 112 between 2330 and 2335 hrs last night.


1445 - Enemy aircraft over Bde HQ.  AA opened fire.


1450 - Traces of wire mine - booby traps sent to units for confirmation.


1905 - Enemy aircraft over Bde area.  AA opened fire.  Weather fine, occasional cloud.


1955 - Sitrep to Div - enemy mortaring spasmodic in area 2 OXF BUCKS.  1 RUR - movement seen in enemy posns slight only.  Enemy aircraft engaged by Bde HQ 20mm and MGs at 1930 hrs.  2 OXF BUCKS MMG harassing shoot from 2300 - 2325 hrs from 119743 on targets in area BUGLE CORNER - SE corner DEVON orchard at a chateau 155742.  Ambush patrol later in area NW of BUGLE CORNER.  To Div, units, 5 Para, 1 SS Bde.


2040 - Sitrep from 5 Para Bde.  Enemy posns believed to be as follows - Sniper at distance of about 50 yds either side of hedge junc 147725.  MG and 5 cm mor in the actual area of the hedge junc.  Apart from odd snipers area quiet.  A contact patrol will be sent out, also they will attempt to get the snipers mentioned above.


2110 - Civilian brs at 099748 and 105745 will be closed from 0600 hrs 15 Jul until further notice.  Traffic will be diverted over army brs immediately SOUTH.


2335 - 4 SS Bde report that they think MMG fire is going into their lines.  2 cas reported.  Duty offr informed OXF BUCKS.


2400 - DEVON report that at beginning of MMG shoot bullets were going over their lines at tree top height.


15th July 1944

0230 - BM rang up 41 Comd to enquire about their cas but at the same time point out that it was impossible for the fire of MMG shoot to have been the cause of the trouble.  After the sit having been explained they agreed.


0715 - 5 enemy aircraft flew over Bde HQ.  AA opened up.  No hits seen.


0730 - Weather dull, low cloud.


0735 - Patrol report from RUR.  No patrols sent out during night.  OP and snipers report - The only success was by Light Regt whose first salvo fell close to the MG post at 146734, time 1500 hrs.  Immediately afterwards a man got out of trench and ran towards the rd.  Second salvo fell just as he was about 5 yds short of gate.  He was not seen again.  5 mins after last salvo another man ran through the gate to the rd.  STICKIES CORNER received a direct hit by a PIAT bomb during 1105 shoot.  Impossible to see if cas were caused.  Activity seen area 146735; smoke indicated cooking.  Enemy did not appear to make use of his ladder today.


0750 - Report from 2 OXF BUCKS - Snipers: A Coy shot two Germans in hedgerow approx 100 yds NORTH of STICKIES CORNER.  Close liaison est with No 3 Comdo Standing Patrol.  One German shot by sniper.


1045 - Maj Gen Gale visited this HQ and stayed until 1145 hrs.


1540 - 1 RUR report that 3 explosions, believed to be demolitions, were seen and heard area 146733 from 0515 to 0545.


1800 - 3 Cols RA visited this HQ (62 ATk Regt RA).


16th July 1944

0105 - 1 RUR sit normal.


0209 - 2 OXF BUCKS Comd Post No.1 report pilotless aircraft flew over their area.  Engine cut out, no explosion.


0210 - 1 RUR sit normal.


0305 - 1 RUR sit normal.


0400 - 1 RUR sit normal.


0430 - Enemy shelling set fire to suspected amn dump approx four fds away.


0830 - 1 RUR patrol report:- Type, Recce.  Sound of enemy movement heard at STICKIES CORNER.  Otherwise nothing to report.  No use of ladder by enemy during day.  Capt BOWMAN reported with our gps to HQ 152 Inf Bde at 135720.  Great activity at Bde HQ today.  Shelters being strengthened.


1430 - IO visited Bns.


1830 - IO from Suffolk Regt visited this HQ.  Shown enemy and own posns.


2145 - 5 Para Bde SITREP.  Last 12 hrs has been quiet except for slight enemy mortaring.  Standing patrols out on right and left flanks to intercept enemy patrols and take prisoners.


2200 - MAPLAY compromised up to and incl 18 Jul.  SLIDEX to be used instead.  Units notified.


2205 - Two more chimneys down, also water tower of Power House at COLOMBELLES.


2210 - Up to the hours of darkness Bde HQ had a quiet day.


0835 - OXF BUCKS Snipers report: Enemy seen crossing gap in hedgerow 145742 on twenty occasions during day.  Were unable to get a shot.  At 1825 hrs and 1940 hrs enemy mor 8.1 cm and SP gun fired from area Triangle Wood.  Snipers fired on one enemy.  Result not known.  Standing Patrol Report: 2045, enemy tpt heard area Triangle Wood.  2230 hrs 5 & 8.1 cm Mor fire fell on A Coy area.  At 0045 pilotless aircraft seen overhead.  0100 trip flares set off on RUR front.  Recce patrol encountered trip wires protecting suspected enemy post at SE corner DEVON orchard.  Enemy flares seen.


1045 - Big movement of tps in this area.


1100 - Weather fine, occasional cloud.


1730 - Mor 12 DEVON placed under comd 152 Inf Bde.


2225 - Congratulations sent to Lt Col BRAY DSO on his recent award of the DSO from all ranks of 6 Airldg Bde.


2316 - Enemy tps firing white recognition sigs as their aircraft pass over their own posns, also green tinted sigs.  Engaged by Bde HQ guns.  Enemy aircraft over Bde HQ engaged by 20mm, MG 34s, Vickers.  Aircraft identified as JU 88.


17th July 1944

0745 - Report from 1 RUR patrol: Task, report enemy movement immediately EAST of posn.  Infm, MG STICKIES CORNER fired two or three bursts towards our locality, otherwise nothing to report.  Snipers report: Very little movement.  No use made of ladder.  New OP been est in house 147734.


0810 - OXF BUCKS Snipers Patrol Report: Sniper shot one German, later Standing Patrol fired one Bren mag and 3 rds rifle fire into cluster of 7 enemy.  Results not known.  Patrols: Periodical movement heard throughout the night, whistling heard coming from hedge junc 143741.  When enemy aircraft passed overhead white and amber lights were put up all along the line of enemy FDLs.  Lt FOX and 1 OR went fwd at 0115 hrs to NE of DEVON wood to find out if there was an enemy posn still there.  Patrol advanced approx 60 yds when tin can was heard to clang about 50 yds NE of them.  Followed by three shots and a flare being fired towards 4 Comdo area.  BM gone to Div conference.


1200 - Fwd sec of 1 RUR throughout the night behind Triangle Wood.  There was sound of horse drawn vehs and a machine that may have been a concrete mixer.


1627 - One of our LIGHTNING aircraft seen to crash NW of our posn.  Pilot seen to bale out and descend to ground safely.  Div notified.


1645 - Enemy aircraft over Bde HQ.  Our 20mm, MG 34 and Vickers opened up.  Reported aircraft dropped AP bombs.  About 9 MEs flying in fmn EAST driven off.


1620 - Typhoons shooting up enemy posns, rd triangle.


1750 - 12 DEVON will come under comd 5 Para.  Will take over posns held by 2 SEAFORTHS.  DEVON warned.


1800 - 12 DEVON come under comd 5 Para with warning order to be prepared to move at about 1100 hrs.  12 Para now in area 12 DEVON under comd of 1 SS Bde.


1815 - Patrols tonight confined to within own boundaries.


1930 - Todays weather fine, bright sunshine.  Visibility bad to 1200 hrs, good from then on.


2030 - 12 Para arrived in DEVON area.


18th July 1944

0540 - Quiet night, nothing to report.


0545 - Barrage started.  From this time onwards masses of planes could be seen.  Hy bombers and med bombers bombing German lines.


0820 - 1 RUR report slight enemy mortaring.


0745 - Sound of 3 Brit Div attack just starting, supported by hy barrage.


0850 - 1 RUR report hy mortaring.  1 cas in their fwd Coy.  1 RUR patrol report night 17/18 - No enemy movement seen or heard.  2 OXF BUCKS patrol report:- No enemy activity except enemy working party of 20 men in area between STICKIES CORNER and BUGLE CORNER.


1005 - RUR give bearing 134 mag from 142734, nebelwerfer firing on COLOMBELLES.


1350 - Nebelwerfer again.


1405 - Nebelwerfer again, bearing 116 grid.


1555 - DEVON no longer on our exchange.  Under comd 5 Para Bde.


1400 - IO visited units.  Latest sitrep of battle:- CAGNY now in our hands, but having trouble with 88 mm firing from EMIEVILLE.  Regt of Guards ordered to rush with max speed to what is believed to be VIMONT 14610.  11 Armd Div believed to be in area 0662, 0862.  No news of 3 Div or Cndns.


1905 - Maj Gen GALE visited this HQ.


2200 - Propaganda OO No. 3 issued to Div, 1 SS Bde, 5 Para Bde, all units.  Broadcast to take place tonight.  For timings see OO No. 3 att.  Later this was cancelled owing to noise.


2250 - Enemy aircraft bombing LZ.  Big fire started, may be amn dump or guns.


19th July 1944

0025 - Jeep taking Capt SEBBA back hit.  Veh dvr cannot be found.


0215 - Sound of bombing in the distance.


0730 - 1 RUR Patrol Report:- Task, to report on enemy movement immediately EAST of posns.  Infm, no movement heard or seen at STICKIES CORNER.  Some sound of enemy movement heard in TRIANGLE WOOD.  Sitrep:- It cannot be definitely stated whether STICKIES CORNER was evacuated or occupied last night but SA and lt mor fire has been coming from this posn this morning.


0750 - Two deserters, one Pole and one German, 10 Coy 858 GR, came into our lines.  They were issued with new stinker eyeshields yesterday.  From 5 Para Bde.  Dvr of jeep returned to this HQ.  Had to leave jeep when enemy planes bombed it.  Jeep set on fire.


0855 - 2 OXF BUCKS Patrol reports:- Very little enemy activity, but small patrols encountered.  Unable to ascertain whether we inflicted any cas.


0920 - 5 Para Bde sitrep:- Enemy quiet during night.  Two deserters 10/858 gave themselves up at 0615 hrs.


0940 - Visit from GOC.


1115 - 5 Para report that they will be firing MMG, mortaring, etc at 1200 hrs.  Units notified.


1345 - Sigs offr reports only comns to Div are wireless sets.


1300 - General URQUHART visited this HQ (Comd 1st Airborne Div).  Brig WALSH and Col WILSON also visited Bde HQ.  Weather today overcast, visibility poor.  Bad flying weather.


1500 - 3 Coy 731 Gren Regt identified TROARN.  731 Gren Regt under comd 711 Div.  Whole Div now committed.  PW states Regt weak.


1405 - Sig offr reports line to Div now in order.


1530 - Enemy aircraft flew over Bde HQ.  AA opened fire.


1845 - Two shells burst in 1 RUR area.  Appeared to come from our Lt Regt.  RALO informed.


20th July 1944

0300 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0505 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0800 - 1 RUR patrol report:- Type, Recce.  Some movement heard in direction TRIANGLE WOOD.  Verey lights seen coming from direction BUGLE CORNER.


0805 - 2 OXF BUCKS Patrol Report:- Sniper had two hits, one a kill, at HEDGE JUNC 145742.  Ambush party had nothing to report, but movement confirms that German posns are still being used.


1130 - BM attended conference at Div HQ.


1610 - Weather broken up.  Hy rain, slight thunderstorm.


1643 - BM left to attend conference at Div.


1830 - Relief of 1 RUR by 12 DEVON.  12 DEVON will take over LEFT fwd Coy 13 Para Bn.  RUR will move to area 132741.


1530 - Enemy aircraft over Bde area.  AA opened fire.  IO declared 3 hits.


2225 - Notification from Div of changeover to take place tomorrow.  12 DEVON come into Bde area and are now under comd this Bde.  1 RUR to relieve 12 Para Bn present area.  12 Devon to start take over 1230 hrs.  Complete by 1430.


21st July 1944

0300 - Fwd sub unit 1 RUR report sound half tracked vehs moving NORTH - SOUTH.  Details only vague.  Div informed.


0830 - Patrol and sniper report from 2 OXF BUCKS:- One enemy sniped 144736.  Probable latest score 13 - 0.  Activity during the night slight.  Enemy fired upon during rain storm.  They appeared in gps of twos and threes, were good targets.  Results not known.  Two hy guns (21 cm) were heard firing at intervals of about 5 mins from area NORTH TROARN.


0835 - Patrol report, 1 RUR:- Type, standing.  No enemy movement on immediate front either heard or seen.  Sound of hy tracked veh some distance ahead of posn.  Believed moving NORTH to SOUTH.  Heard during night.


0930 - 5 Para Bde report DEVON 3 cas, local mortaring.  Enemy still holds posns 147728 and 149726.


1120 - BM attended Div conference.


1125 - IO returned from Div with latest reports of battle.  Map marked up to date.


1155 - Wireless only to DEVON and 1 RUR.


1800 - Propaganda broadcast OO No.4 issued to Div and units.


1805 - 1 RUR now res Bn.  12 DEVON now under our comd.  6 Airborne Div lengthened their front.


22nd July 1944

0500 - Arty shelling enemy posns throughout night.  At times barrage very hy.  Little shelling from enemy.


0830 - Patrol report 2 OXF BUCKS:- No enemy movement.  Quiet night.  Enemy posns NE and SE corner DEVON orchard confirmed still occupied.  Propaganda broadcast heard loud and clear.


1030 - GOC called at Bde HQ.  Brig not available.


1100 - Asked 5 Para Bde to inform GOC (Who was at their HQ) that Brig had returned to this HQ.


1130 - BM at conference Div HQ, after visiting Bns.


1200 - Personnel of Bde HQ drying trenches, and digging new ones.  Weather cloudy, but little rain.


1500 - G II visited this HQ.  No fresh news of battle.


1600 - RE IO called to investigate AP bomb and ATk grenade. (enemy's)  Report from RE that Atk gren was used as booby trap.


1855 - 12 DEVON 'I' Sjt given patrol details, which consisted of 2 patrols, str of each 1 sjt and 1 OR to listen for enemy movement and confirm enemy posns.


2045 - Shelrep sent to Div HQ.


2050 - PW statement at Adv PW Cage.  He stated that when propaganda broadcasts were in progress the Germans withdrew Polish soldiers from the front and gave them duties such as stretcher bearing and other rear line duties and only when fwd tps suffered hy losses did they return to the front line.  He also stated that pls of his coy are thinly strung out around area TROARN.


23rd July 1944

0130 - Enemy aircraft dropping flares.


0205 - Burst of enemy MG fire heard.


0305 - Aircraft overhead.


0500 - 185 phoned to ask what the MG fire on their left was.


0750 - DEVON patrol report:- Tasks - to confirm enemy posns at HEDGE JUNC 146728.  Voices heard at 147728.  No enemy seen or heard, also no enemy located SW corner TRIANGLE WOOD.


0830 - OXF BUCKS Patrol Report:- Sniper saw quite a number of enemy but only managed to shoot at two men, who were hit.  Green verey lights were fired from enemy posns when their own aircraft flew overhead.  SITREP - A quiet night.  Snipers' score now 15 - 0.


1400 - Col of Royal Corps of Signals visited this HQ.


2320 - 1 RUR report sit normal.  12 DEVON report three green verey lights on their C Coy front.


2350 to 0400 - Single enemy aircraft passing overhead intermittently during night.  AA opened fire.


24th July 1944

0105 - 1 RUR report sit normal.


0223 - 1 RUR report sit normal.


0305 - 1 RUR report sit normal.


0415 - 1 RUR report sit normal.


0500 - 1 RUR report sit normal.  Own arty shelling enemy throughout night, and very heavily during early hours of the morning.


0820 - 12 DEVON Patrol Report:- No enemy post at extreme SW edge of TRIANGLE WOOD.  A posn with an MG exists 25x NE of the extreme SW corner pt of TRIANGLE WOOD.  MG firing from 146733.  Snipers' Report:- Possible MG posn located 146734.  Sniped, but no reaction, also sniped at two unarmed enemy.  One seen to drop but kill not confirmed.  Our aircraft dropped leaflets on our fwd tps.  Report from OXF BUCKS Patrols:- Two enemy sniped during day but no hit confirmed.  Enemy getting sniper minded and move very quickly from place to place.  Patrols:- All ambushes unsuccessful.  Nothing to report.  Enemy movement slight.  Sniper score 16 - 0.  Brig went to conference at Div.


1100 - Brig went to conference at Div.


1145 - Enemy aircraft flew over Bde area.  AA opened fire.


1240 - Victory shoot on target just EAST of Le PRIERE.  3 Mortar Btys.


1930 - Four enemy aircraft flew over Bde area.  AA opened fire and forced aircraft to disperse.  No hits observed.


2045 - Enemy mortaring heard.


2330 - Weather today fine, visibility fair, improving later in the day.  12 DEVON report lorry containing eight men of 33 Fd Regt had run onto a mine beyond X rds at 140728.  No serious injury to personnel.  Three minor injuries, treated at MDS.  Immediately after the incident another lorry was stopped just in time, while proceeding in same direction as first lorry.


25th July 1944

0015 - Enemy aircraft over Bde area.


0030 - Large fmns of hy bombers heard overhead.  No AA and planes travelling NORTH - SOUTH so presume they are ours.


0300 - Continuous arty barrage SW of our posn roughly in line COLOMBELLES - STE HONORINE.  According to flashes it appears to be our own guns.


0840 - Report from 2 OXF BUCKS:- Considerable enemy movement.  Snipers' report - 7 hits, 3 possibles.  Score 23 - 0.  Patrols:- Nothing to report.  Large number of aircraft overhead.  Bombs heard dropping EAST, SOUTH and SW of our posn.


0900 - Report from 12 DEVON:- Patrols - Hostile air attack took place while patrol was out.  One stick of bombs fell on enemy approx 1000x NE of TRIANGLE WOOD.  Confirmed enemy post 147727, wired.  Snipers - No targets.  Movement heard.  12/16 enemy seen at corner hedgerow 147738, range 800x 38 mag.


0905 - Pte DONALDSON reported missing from 12 DEVON.  Had in his possession posns of minefd and wiring of his unit.  Later found in hospital suffering from concussion.


0945 - Brig and BM attended Div conference.


1434 - Enemy shelling from SOUTH.  IO took traces and air phs to 153 Bde.


1230 - Brig and BM attended conference at 5 Para Bde and 153 Inf Bde.


1520 - BM visited units and 1 SS Bde.


1000 - Brig, BM and DAA & QMG attended GOC's conference at which orders were issued as follows:- 6 Airborne Div and 1 SS Bde will withdraw into Corps res less 6 Airldg Bde.  4 SS Bde will remain present locations and 6 Airldg Bde will take over area of 1 SS Bde.  153 Inf Bde is taking 5 Para Bde and 6 Airldg Bde area, and 152 Bde 3 Para Bde area.  6 Airldg Bde and 4 SS Bde will come under comd 51 (H) Div.  All reliefs to be complete by 1300 hrs 29 Jul.


2230 - Div LO called with latest infm of battle SE of CAEN.


2300 - VICTOR target fired on L 962.


2315 - VICTOR target fired on L 921.


2330 - VICTOR target fired on L 930.  1 RUR report situation normal.


26th July 1944

0005 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0105 - 1 RUR report situation normal.


0815 - 12 DEVON report:- 12 enemy observed at HEDGE JUNC 145730, building dug-out.  Four were wearing airborne berets.  Range, 200 yds.  Two enemy certainly killed.  Enemy reacted by using grens.  Another kill at same location (Shot by Capt K. THOMAS RA, FOO).  One enemy seen 144731, hit.  No movement seen.


0820 - 2 OXF BUCKS:- Sniper hit 7 men and 3 probable hits.  Standing patrol confirm occupation of normal enemy posts.  Snipers combined score, 35 - 0.


0905 - Sitrep 5 Para Bde:- Enemy movement heard during night.  Sound of iron stakes being driven in.  Enemy aircraft over during night.


0935 - IO and I Cpl paid visit to 1 SS Bde and obtained traces etc of their posns.


1530 - IO from 153 Bde visited this HQ to obtain traces etc of our posns.


1745 - Bombing heard.


1800 - Brig and BM attended conference 153 Bde.


2205 - Arrangements for reliefs and moves in accordance with OO No 2 made.


2225 - All orders for reliefs cancelled.  OO No 2 not issued.


2300 - 1 RUR report sit normal.


27th July 1944

0130 - Hy bombing around Bde HQ and surrounding areas.  Fire towards SOUTH.  Enemy dropped flares.


0155 - HE and AP bombs, the latter apparently being the only ones in Bde HQ area.


0210 - 12 DEVON report everything OK.  1 RUR report sit normal.  Plane seen to crash near LE BAS DE BREVILLE.


0212 - 2 OXF BUCKS report all OK.


0300 - 1 RUR report sit normal.


0830 - Patrol reports:- Enemy increase in movement above normal.  Tps seemed better, ie more uniformly, turned out.  Enemy aircraft dropped a number of AP bombs on 12 DEVON area last night, cas nil.  Two units report hearing plane crash area between LE BAS DE BREVILLE and BENAVILLE.  Two certain hits by snipers, score now 37 - 0.  Some enemy bombs fell on his own tps.


1115 - Brig and BM attended conference at Div.


1150 - 12 DEVON Pioneer Offr reported to this HQ with a British electric time fuse, stating that a 4" dia hole 5'6" deep was found in the fd where the fuse was found.  Reported to HOLDFAST, Div, who is dealing with the matter.  Fuse found area 135728.


1210 - Shelrep from 12 DEVON sent to Plotting Centre and passed to RA.  Approx one shell every 5 mins from bearing 100 mag, area 143734, 144731.


1211 - Brig and BM returned from Div.  No news, as GOC had not returned.


1300 - Div IO visited this HQ.  Gave new line of American front, and took refs for propaganda shelling.


1445 - AQ (Lt Col), 53 Div visited this HQ.


1500 - Lt Col RA visited this HQ.


1530 - Cam expert att Div reported here and was later going to our units to demonstrate.  Units warned.


1700 to 1940 - 'I' Sjt and 'I' Cpl visited Bns and 1 SS Bde, obtained 12 DEVON infm of patrol activity for night 27/28 Jul.  One Sjt and one OR to maintain listening patrol along hedgerow 144732.


2125 - Enemy mor bombs falling behind our unit lines.


2235 - 2 OXF BUCKS report green and yellow flares being sent up over enemy FDLs.


2250 - Hostile aircraft over Bde HQ.  AA Guns opened fire.  Aircraft heard at intervals for remainder of night but no bombing heard, and little AA fire.


28th July 1944

0740 - Report from 12 DEVON patrol:- Task, to prevent any enemy listening patrol moving SOUTH down strip of trees from STICKIES corner.  Result, no enemy used strip of trees.  When flare was fired enemy replied with mortaring and rifle fire.  Snipers' report:- Sniper posn house 143732 engaged by long range gun (SP probable) on three occasions.  Between 1100 and 1300 hrs, about 8 rds each time from approx bearing 100 mag.


0800 - Report from 2 OXF BUCKS - Snipers - Enemy movement limited.  Enemy target not so good.  One hit certain, two probables.  Score now 38 - 0.  Patrol Report:- Noisy enemy patrol heard to move HEDGE JUNC 145738 down to BUGLE CORNER and then NW up the hedgerow to about 143737 at 0520 hrs.  Patrol returned by the same route in equally noisy manner.  It is suspected that this may have been an enemy ruse to draw our fire, or it may possibly have been a jittery patrol who hoped to be captured.  At 1730 hrs mor OP observed number of enemy moving between TRIANGLE WOOD - STICKIES CORNER.  30 bombs were put down on top of them.  A few shouts were heard and when smoke cleared enemy SBs were seen crossing from TRIANGLE WOOD towards the area.  At 2045 hrs enemy mor bombs landed at approx 134734.  Revenge fire was immediately put down by all three mor btys into the BENAVILLE area.


0930 - Brig went to conference.


1630 - BM and 'I' Sjt went to HEROUVILLETTE.


1845 - 'I' Sjt of 12 DEVON and 'I' Sjt of 1 RUR visited this HQ for up to date infm of the battle.  There was nothing to report.


2030 - Visit of IO 146 Bde.


2050 - DEVON report 10 mor bombs in their HQ area.  1 cas.  Revenge applied.


2200 - Warning order 1 RUR change posn with 2 OXF BUCKS on 29th.


2250 - Enemy aircraft attacking Bde HQ vicinity.  Bren and 20mm opened fire.


2251 - White and green verey lights fired from enemy FDLs.  Reported by 2 OXF BUCKS.


2252 - Amber verey lights fired from FDLs.


2254 - Enemy aircraft strafing Bde HQ.


2316 - RUR report situation normal.


29th July 1944

0700 - Except for slight enemy air activity reported earlier, there was nothing to report through the night.


0010 - BM returned from visit to Bns.


0730 - Patrol report.  12 DEVON: Nothing to report except that enemy are definitely more careful.  2 OXF BUCKS confirm this.  Sniper score may not be so large in future as a result of this.


0945 - Visit of Gen BARKER to this HQ.


1130 - BM attended conference at Div.


1501 - Visit of Lt Gen BROWNING.


1345 - 'I' Sjt, 'I' Cpl and 'G' Clerk visited Bns and 1 SS Bde.


1710 - 1 RUR report move complete.


1830 - Mortaring in vicinity of Bde HQ.


1845 - Visit by two Bde Comds of 49 Div to this HQ.  RUR situation normal, one man sniped at STICKIES CORNER, badly wounded.


2150 - DEVONS ask confirmation of report they received regarding bombing to their SE.


2155 - Sitrep from 5 Para - shelling and mortaring rather more than usual especially between 1700 and 1900 hrs.  RUR relieve OXF BUCKS in CHAT ST COME area.


30th July 1944

0005 - RUR sit normal.


0105 - RUR sit normal.


0210 - RUR sit normal.


0240 - Slight mortaring in vicinity of Bde HQ.


0305 - RUR report sit normal.


0500 - RUR report sit normal.


0515 - Enemy aircraft over Bde HQ.


0800 - Patrol reports - The enemy are still not showing themselves and have not been active in the last 24 hrs.  One man was hit yesterday by enemy sniper thus breaking our record.  Nevertheless the score is still high standing at 38 - 1.


0845 - IO 147 Bde called for enemy posns.


1030 - IO went out to recce gaps in hedge suitable for tks to get through.


1420 - 'I' Sjt of DEVONS visited Bde HQ.  No fresh news to report.  Weather fine, visibility good.


1700 - Conference:- Brig, BM, and DAA & QMG to attend Div.


1615 - Lt Col and Maj from Kensington Regt visited this HQ.  Were given enemy posns on our front.


2030 - 'I' Sjt delivered air phs and trace to 146 Bde.


31st July 1944

0005 - Message from Div informing us that LO will call and his news may arouse certain people.


0035 - Div LO called with infm of increase of Div front and moves to take place as soon as possible.


0115 - Conference of BMs of 6 Airldg, 3 Para, 5 Para, 1 SS and 4 SS Bdes.


0110 - RUR report enemy aircraft 79 dropping flares.


0315 - RUR report enemy aircraft circling round sub unit 2 at 20.


0330 - As result of conference following orders issued:- 3 Div and 51 Div are moving WEST of ORNE brs.  6 Airborne Div is extending front to end NORTHERN 69.  On 31 Jul 3 Para Bde relieves 154 Inf Bde.  1 SS less two Cdos relieves 3 Para Bde.  6 Airldg Bde relieves 1 SS Bde less two Cdos.  On 1 Aug two Cdos 1 SS Bde relieve 5 Para Bde.  4 SS Bde relieves two Cdos 1 SS Bde.  5 Para Bde moves to RANVILLE.  2 OXF BUCKS less one coy will relieve 4 Cdo in BREVILLE between 0600 and 0800 hrs 31 Jul.  One coy 2 OXF BUCKS will relieve 6 Comdo in AMFREVILLE between 0800 and 0900 hrs 31 Jul and remain under comd 2 OXF BUCKS.  Coy R gp concerned will RV at 6 Cdo HQ at 129749 at 0600 hrs 31 Jul.  12 DEVON and 1 RUR no change on 31 Jul.


0730 - RUR patrol report - very little movement seen.  One man wearing dark uniform seen (possibly GAF unit) but no action taken.  Snipers were instructed NOT to fire during the day in order to induce the enemy to become less cautious.  A few bombs fell in area during the day.


0725 - DEVON report sit normal.  Nothing to report.  Sunray of 4 SS Bde coming to this HQ at 0830 hrs.  Infm from Div.  BM informed.


0830 - 2 OXF BUCKS report change over completed less 1 coy.  Passed to Div.


1030 - 'I' Sjt collected phs from 146 Bde previously handed over to them.


1230 - 2 OXF BUCKS through on line.  Wireless set closes down.


1500 - Quiet afternoon.  Nothing to report.


1645 - Brig and BM visit Bns.


2100 - CO and Coy Comd 1 BUCKS Bn visited this HQ in conjunction with Coy coming under comd tomorrow morning.