This section may be used as a means for veterans of the 6th Airborne Division and attached units to get in touch with their former comrades, or for friends and relatives of these men wishing to hear from anyone who knew them or anything of them, and also by researchers who are seeking assistance. Should you wish to place an advert, contact me at and I'll publish it here asap.




Can you identify any of the people in this photograph?

Believed to be men of the 22nd Independent Parachute Company


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Pte Colin Acton (advert placed 06/01/15)

I am looking for any information about my father's service during WWII. I have his war records, but they are sketchy and hard to read. He was in the 12th Devons and landed in a glider on D-Day, was at the Battle of the Bulge, and probably Operation Varsity. After the war, I see references to him being posted to 2nd Devons, 21 HBN (anyone know what that is?), and Southern Command. He was in Berlin in 1946-47. Please e-mail any information to


Gnr S.C.Adams

1146677 Gunner S.C.Adams, KIA March 24 1945. He was with the 53rd (The Worcestershire Yoemanry) Airlanding Lt. Regt, Royal Artillery. I think he died in a glider whilst on Operation Varsity. David Eales,


Pte George David Adsett (KIA 06/06/44)

I am looking for help in finding anyone who knew my Great Uncle: George David Adsett, 9 Bn (pte 6410372). I know he died on 6/6/1044, aged '21' and was a Batman to Major Allan Parry. He has no registered birth, so I know nothing about his life prior what appears on the archive. I'd love to find someone who knew him, or anyone who can give me any information at all about him. Andrew Greer,


Stanley Aldridge

My uncle would like to find old comrades who he served with during WW2. He first went into the Buffs for six months, and then in Airborne Parachute Regiment, 4th Battalion, 2nd Para Brigade, 6th Airborne Division. Jean Hughes,


Spr Antony Wilfred Alexander (KIA 10/06/44)

249 Airborne Field Coy RE. I am working on a local roll of honour that I am privately publishing to allow all funds to go towards restoring our local war memorial that is in a poor state. One of the men is recorded variously as A. Alexander (RAF) A.W.Alexander, and Anthony W Alexander, I'm 99% certain he is the man mentioned above and that the RAF connection is a 'typo' from a 1980's re-engraving. I'm wondering if there are any references as to how  he may have been killed and what his unit were doing on June 10? I'm also really keen to see if I can find any record of how and when he landed in Normandy as I see other members of his unit arriving on June 6 but he doesn't appear in what I have seen. Of course as well if you know where there are any pictures of his unit or him in person I would be most grateful. Please feel free to have a look at my website, Steve Newman,


Roy Allen (advert placed 21/10/14)

My grandad was Roy Allen from Market Harborough, Leicestershire and was in the 6th Airborne Division. I know he landed at Pegasus bridge on D-Day and he was in Palestine after the war. I have pictures of him with an artillery piece, and was told the days after he landed at Pegasus Bridge spotters were sent out where they found a Hitler Youth division camped down for the night and my grandad shelled them. If there is anyone who knew him or any details about my grandad in the war it would be greatly appreciated. Chris Allen,


George F. Amos

My Dad was was in the 6th Airborne Division and I believe that he was on one of the first gliders that landed at Pegasus Bridge on D Day. I have just visited Normandy for the first and would like to know, if possible, if there is any way of finding out which of the gliders was was on.  My farther's name was George F Amos.  After visiting Normandy, I really wish I had listened more carefully when my Dad talked about D Day. Anne Morgan,


J. W. Anderson

I am Belgian and I live near Ypres. On armistice day 2006 I met 2 airborne veterans in Ypres: Mr. Don Ould (B coy – 12th Batt.) and Mr J. W. Anderson (HQ coy). I am also looking for information about Mr. Anderson. David Notredame,

J. W. Anderson


Cliff Ashton

Looking for anyone who knew Cliff Ashton. Flew from Keevil Airfield near Trowbridge Wilts in 1944 for D day. I think he came from northwest england and was in a mortar unit, possibly in the 5th Parachute Brigade, perhaps 12th Battalion. He was involved in the crossing of the Rhine. He stayed in our house while he was on leave in Hackney London. He wasn't a relative to our family but my father said he was a lovey man. He was married and came from Blackburn. John James,


Frank "Brummie" Aston

My late father  Frank (Brummie) Aston joined in the Royal Warwicks but transferred to 2nd Battn. Oxford & Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, A Coy, 13 Plat.(Sixth Airlanding Brigade). He trained on Salisbury Plain and also at Hardwicke House in Derbyshire. In June 1944 he saw action at Escoville and Breville landing by glider. On 24 March 1945 he took part in "Operation Varsity" - Rhine Crossing, landing at Hammilkeln where he was wounded in the thigh and was treated at a field hospital in Neijmegen. I believe he also went to a "campaign" by sea. He also took part in the march to the Baltic which ended at Wismar when they "met up" with the Russians. Later dad was to serve in Palestine. I understand that dad used to box for the regiment. Dad never talked  about his service except  for telling us when we were children that one day he would take us to the little village in Germany (Hamminkeln) where "Pop" Harding was killed on "the last drop" . Dad wanted to find his grave. Dad always filled up when he talked about "Pop" (Stanley Harding) - apparently he was older and had been through many campaigns doing his para drops and he was shot in the head as the glider landed in Hammelkin. Younger members of the company looked up to him and nick-named him "Pop". Sadly dad never got back to Hamminkeln but on his behalf, in 2003, I traced Pop's grave to Reichwald Cemetery  We placed a wreath on his grave and visited every grave to pay our respects. Dad's tribute on the card said "Always in our thoughts Pop" - L/C Recce P....  , Sgt Sandy Kettle and Frank (Brummie). Dad passed away in 2004 and I was so glad that I found Pop's grave for him. I would be pleased to hear from anyone who served with dad or who has any information on the other people mentioned above. Linda Perkins,


Edwin James Attree

I am looking to hear about any information on my great-uncle Edwin James Attree (probably known as Jim Attree) born 18th May 1923 and from Sussex - died Cambridgeshire 1981 (and there is no known decendant). We know for certain that he was in the Airborne during the War and we believe that he served in the Glider Regiment from early formation - transfering from another airborne unit (but this is uncertain as although, living relatives who were around at the time strongly suggest he was and certainly the annecdotal information we have is consistent with this, we cannot find him on any list of pilot's names). Barry Blackwell,


Harlan Gordon Barker

I am trying to find out any information on my Fathers service in the British Army. His name is Harlan Gordon Barker and he was born in England on the 15/10/1920. All I know is that he was in the 6th Airborne Division. He died in 1985 and up until then refused my requests of discussing his service record. Marcus Barker,


Frank D. Barton (KIA 19/08/44)

I am trying to help my Mum piece together the happenings on the day of the 19th August 1944. My Uncle is Frank D Barton - who was killed that day and buried at Putot En Auge churchyard - I am not sure if anyone can help give us any further information about his unit / him personally but any help would be greatfully recieved. Peter Holt,


Sgt Christopher Cyril "Pete" Barwick (KIA 07/06/44) (advert placed 05/12/22)

On June 7th 1944, 10 soldiers of 6th Airborne, 2nd Ox and Bucks, were killed during the fighting to take control of the village of Escoville (about 4 kms from Pegasus Bridge). Almost 80 years later, the municipality of Escoville would particularly like to honour two of these brave men:- Private William Sydney Wilkins, 2nd Ox and Bucks, Service number 5682457; Sergeant Christopher Cyril (Pete) Barwick, D Company, 2nd Ox and Bucks, Service number 5383457. Sergeant Barwick was part of Ranville and Benouville bridges Coup de main. He left UK a few minutes before 11pm on june 5th aboard HORSA no.4 (Captain Priday unit). The glider was supposed to land close to Benouville bridge, but it unfortunately landed at a wrong place (close to Varaville Bridge). Captain Priday, Sergeant Barwick, and their comrades were finally able to reach the bulk of the Battalion, in Ranville, in the evening of June 6th. It's the day after, on June 7th, that Sergeant Barwick was killed in action in Escoville. We were able to obtain photos available on the Internet, but we would like to have more information about his military career and find testimonies of his actions on June 6th and 7th, 1944. It would also be very important, if possible, to know - as precisely as possible - the circumstances and the exact place of his death. The few testimonies we have now are indeed too imprecise to consider installing a commemorative plaque. Franck Gobert,


David Bateman

My grandad was David Bateman, he was in the 6th Division, Light Infantry. I would like to know if anyone still lives on from his glider, or if there are any archives on him. Jane Bateman,


Pte Albert Batty (advert placed 12/06/17)

My father Albert was in 6th Airborne Royal Engineers around 1944-45. He passed away 26th May 2017 aged 94. I would love to hear from any surving comrades and desparately need a recomendtion as to an army tune to be played at his cremation. Paul Batty,


Lt William Beeston

I am researching former pupils of the King's School Canterbury. We are gathering as much detail as we can on former pupils who died in the two world wars for a website to go on line later this year. William Ralph Humphrey Beeston, 307780, Royal Armoured Corps attached to the Army Air Corps. Died on the 19th of November 1944 aged 21. He was born on the 15th of April 1923 the son of Humpfrey Albert and Audrey Muriel Beeston (nee Swanell) of Temple Ewell in Kent. He was educated at Tormore Preparatory School in Deal and at the King’s School Canterbury from 1936 to 1940 where he was a scholar and a house monitor. He gained his cricket colours in 1939 and 1940, his rugby colours in 1940 and was a Lance Sergeant in the J.C.T. After King’s he had hoped to become an architect but instead took a commission in the Royal Armoured Corps. At the time of his death he was serving as a troop commander in B Squadron (Reconnaissance), part of 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment. He is buried at Shaftsbury Borough Cemetery in Dorset Grave 820 and is commemorated on Dover War Memorial. What I don't know is how he died in England when as far as I know 6th Airborne were out of action after Normandy. Would he have been wounded in June/July and died in November was it an accident or illness? Any additional information, contact John Hamblin,


Philip Bell

My father Philip Bell was a navigator based at the Broadwell RAF Base in No 575 Squadron. He was an Australian seconded to the RAF. He transported 21 men of the 13th Parachute Batallion of the 6th Airborne Division to the Pegasus Bridge area in Dakota KG328. They arrived at 1.03 am on D Day and were dropped from 300-400 feet. Their mission was to secure the bridges over the Orne River and Caen Canal. After the drop my father released paniers containg food, ammunition and supplies plus two folding motor cycles. (Operation Tonga). As part of Operation Mallard the crew took off again that evening towing a fully loaded Horsa glider with reinforcements including anti tank guns to the same area. I would be interested to hear from any relatives of men who were involved in this or similar operations. Although with the RAF my father was an Australian who trained with the Commonwealth training program. Ruth Bell,


BSM Frank Bentley

I have been trying to trace my late father's (Frank Bentley) "exploits" during WWII. I have his service/pay books and full medical records as he was wounded in 1945 and a POW for a short time after the Rhine crossing in 1945 (in gliders). He was in the 6th Airborne 53rd (WY) anti-tank light landing Regiment Royal Artillery and am pretty certain he was in 210 battery for most of the conflict. He finished as B.S.M W/WOII. His records show he was in NWE 9th June 1944 to 2nd September 1944. It would be interesting if I could find out what happened to him or his unit during this period. He returned to NWE on 23rd December 1944 until 25th February 1945 and participated in "Battle of the Bulge". Charlie Bentley,


L/Cpl Donald Beresford

Army number 4802445. I am trying to trace anyone who served with my Grandad who was RMP on 6th Airborne, 5th Para Pro Coy. He was one of the paratroopers that went out on the 5th of June 1944 believed Pegasus Bridge. He remained with 6th Airborne and served in Palestine until 1946, when he de mobbed as a Sgt. Sadly he died in 1961, which was before my time so I would like to communicate with anyone that served with him. Many thanks, Mark Beresford


L/Cpl Ted Biggs

My fathers name was Ted Biggs. He was a lance corporal in D Company the 2nd Battalion Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. He was involved in the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes and crossed the Rhine into Germany in Operation Varsity where he hurt his knee and was invalided out of the army, all this at the age of 21. He died at the age of 80 falling off a ladder. Does anybody remember him?


William Bingham

I am searching for William Bingham who I think served with the Scottish Fusiliers, 2nd Batallion during WW2. It is believed that he went to Normandy for the D-Day landings. He would have been born c1923/24 and lived in Ardrossan, Ayrshire. We are led to believe that he survived the war, so any information on him would be most appreciated. Louise Evans,


Robert John Bird

I would like to hear from anybody who knew my Grandfather Robert John Bird. He served with 53rd Worcestershire Yeomanry (RA) in the 6th Airborne Division. He was in 211 Battery under Major Jim Craigie, as a Forward Observation Assistant. I am particulary interested in hearing about the raids that some members of the division made prior to D-Day. I understand he parachuted into Normandy on the 6th June and fought throughout the whole campaign. He was also present with his Regiment at The Ardennes campaign and also the Rhine Crossing, where he was wounded. On his release from hospital he went with the Division to Palestine, it was during his time in Palestine that he lost his Sgt's stripes, I understand it was over an incident involving alcohol and oranges and I would love to hear more of the story. Sadly my Grandfather died in 2004, just as he was beginning to open up about his experiences during the war.


Pte Edward Blackburn (KIA 07/06/44)

I am looking for details of my uncle, Private Edward Blackburn, 14554052, of the 12th Parachute Battalion, KIA June 7th, 1944, aged 20. I know nothing about him other than the information that is listed on his gravestone, and that he is buried in Ranville Cemetary. Mick Gouldburn,


Ernest Albert Blackwell

I am doing research into my Grandfather's role during World War Two. I know he was in 6th Airborne 9th Battalion and took part in the attack against the Guns at Merville. He is mentioned briefly in the book, The Day the Devils Dropped In, but I would like to know if anyone has anymore information. I know he was a batman, but I'm not sure who he was batman for or which company he was in. If anyone could help with this then I would be very appreciative. Ben Blackwell,


Captain C. L. Bliss

I am trying to find any information regarding my grandfather 253486 Captain CL Bliss who was I believe acting major "A" coy on the 7th July 1944 as part of 12 Para. He was wounded that day and apparently died of his wounds on the 10th July. He was buried at Ranville. I am an ex Military Policeman from the 1980's and having researched my blood family I have discovered he was my grandfather. If any one has any information regarding him I would be really grateful. I believe a small article was written about him by Leonard Mosley the war correspondent regarding a typewriter!!! Tim Olliffe,


Pte Stanley Bolingbroke

My uncle private Stanley Bolingbroke was in the 6th Airborne, 9th Battalion and we believe he was involved in the glider landings and subsequent assault on Merville gun Battery. If there are any of his old comrades still out there who can remember him I would like to hear from you. Paul Bolingbroke,


Henry "Harry" Bonnie

My uncle Harry Bonnie, possibly of the 5th Parachute Brigade or 22nd Independent Parachute Company, died last year and in his belongings were some old photos from his army career. Among them were two photos of men, "Ginger Hardwick" and "Sgt Newton", both taken in Singapore 1945, who he said were among the first 10 men to drop on Normandy. I do not know where to start but think that maybe the families of these men would like the old photos. Kath Lordan,

"Ginger" Hardwick and Sergeant Newton


Pte Gordon "Ginger" Brennan

I am making an enquiry on behalf of Sgt. Rennie Roberts (2nd. SAS –attached to 7th. Battalion) (also dropped at Ranville as a stick Sergeant), he served with 'Ginger' Brennan. I am in regular contact with Rennie and he recalls vividly the events in Palestine following WW2. Rennie is now 85 years old and he wondered if Gordon was still alive. Andrew Cowie,


Dvr Kenneth Brierley (advert placed 11/12/17)

My father, Kenneth Brierley, who fought with the 6th Airborne Division in June 1944, January 1945 and March 1945 - as well as serving in Palestine after the war - sadly passed away on 18/11/17 peacefully in his sleep aged 96. On D-Day he was in the 716th Light Composite Company, whose job was to collect supplies and distribute them throughout the Division, and they were photographed by an army photographer which later appeared in the Daily Herald (see below). The three occupants of the Jeep were soldiers of 716 Company R.A.S.C. 6th Airborne Division: Driver Hiram Clough, L/cpl Joe Wilkenson and 1131395 Driver Kenneth Brierley. The occupants of the trailer were glider pilots. With their mission accomplished they were making their way to a beach-head to find a vessel to return them to England to prepare for their next engagement. The 2nd Lift on D-Day landed after 7pm. Perhaps 20 of the Horsa gliders in that Lift carried three-men RASC teams each with jeep and trailer. Their objective being to collect parachuted supply drops and to create an ammunition and supplies dump. Unlike the Hamilcar glider which would open at the nose to allow the small tank or Bren carrier that it might carry to drive directly out, the Horsa glider had a side exit door. First the trailer and then the jeep had to be man-handled inches at a time to turn 90 degrees to go through the side exit. The task was made more arduous due to the weight of stores and ammunition with which both vehicles were loaded. Eventually when the vehicles were on the ground and ready to move off, the men became aware that an army photographer had chosen Kenneth’s glider and had cine-filmed the unloading procedure. It was believed that all cine-film of the 6th Airborne landing was sent in one of 716 Coy RASC jeeps to the Beach Head for urgent dispatch back to England. On the way the trailer in which the cine-film was stowed was blown up. The driver was unhurt. Such rumours were in abundance. Nevertheless, throughout the years that Kenneth watched D-Day airborne landings on TV it was invariably American airborne troops that were featured. 6th Airborne troops might be shown boarding aircraft before take-off from England, but not once have they been shown travelling inside aircraft or shown on the ground in Normandy on D-Day. Is anyone out there able to confirm that all cine footage of 6th Airborne Division D-Day landing in Normandy is lost? And are there any other memories, photos and stories to add from anyone in the 716th or otherwise who witnessed this? Frances Brierley,

Driver Kenneth Brierley in Palestine Men of the Royal Ulster Rifles leaving LZ-N in a Jeep


L/Cpl James Arthur Bright (advert placed 31/08/17)

I am researching my fathers' history. He is James Arthur Bright Army Number 3385528. I have a copy of his army records, but would like more detail of his deployment at D Day. I know he was paratrooper and from his records he was posted to 6 Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment RAC unit in January 1944, and promoted to Lance Corporal in May 1944. He emplaned on 6/6/44 and disemplaned in NWE 6/6/44. On 30/6/44 he sustained accidental injuries - shot whilst cleaning sten gun, and admitted to 195 Airlanding field ambulance. I would be interested to hear from anybody who knew him, what actual squadron he served in, or any related information. Neil Bright,


Pte Elijah "Tom" Brooker

My late father Elijha (aka Tom) Brooker, 5110129, 2nd Bn Oxf and Bucks LI 6th Airborne Div, was captured on the 24/3/1945 (Operation Varsity ). I know nothing about his time as a POW. I know that he lost a lot pals when some of the gliders where shot down. I have a list of names in a small notebook the Germans gave him. Does anyone know these names or know Tom Brooker? C. Moss (Henley-on-Thames, Oxon), R. W. Gant (Reading, Berks), W. Ireland (Darwen, Lancs), J. Woodward (Handsworth, Warwick), W. Shelsher (Hoddesdon, Herts), A. T. Ashford (Handsworth, Birmingham), T. J. Mutch (Radford, Coventry), S. Fearn (Burton-on-Trent, Staffs), and S. Read (Northmoor, Oxon). Thanks, Kelvin Brooker,


Cpl William John "Bill" Brown

I lost my Father in a car accident when I was a child and have spent the last few years trying to find out about his military service. He was William (Bill) John Brown, and was called up on 1st July 1940 to the 50th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment at Newton Abbott, his Army number was 5628379. He left the Army on 30th August 1946 after being in Palestine, possibly attached to the King's Own Hussars, and at demob was a Sgt in the Catering Corps. I found a document saying he did an Army Catering Corps course at Topsham in 1942. He was however in the 12th Devons and I still have his Pegasus and 'Devon' flashes. As I child I remember my mother telling me that he spent most of the War in the UK and on the Isle of Wight doing some sort of protection duties and then was eventually deployed at D Day. The family said that he went into Normandy by Glider on the night of D Day. Amongst his papers I have some postcards of the port of Honfleur, which is apparently as far as they got before they returned to the UK. Whilst in the Devon's he met up with a local Dawlish man called Cyril Richards (known as 'Cliff' rather than Cyril) who he used to bring back to London on leave and Cyril/Cliff eventually married my Mothers sister. His family said he went into Normandy by boat. If anyone has any information about what my Father (or Uncle) did in the war and especially in Normandy and thereafter I would be eternally grateful. Bill Brown,

"E" Company, 12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment


L/Sgt John Trevor Bullock

I'm on a mission to find out more about L/Sgt Bullock, 9th Battalion. The information I have says that he and his squad were dropped 30 miles off target on D-Day and made it to their RV four days later. I am working on a screenplay about his exploits and would like to find as much as I can about the man, his unit, and the details of their experience. I hope to make it as true and accurate as possible, so if you have any information about the men and/or their story that would be most helpful and appreciated. Willard Bond,


Sgt Harry Burton

Sergeant Burton is keen to hear from fellow veterans of the 1st Royal Ulster Rifles. Contact via

Sergeant Harry Burton


RSM Harold "Jack" Carr

I am seeking any information about WOI RSM Harold known as "Jack" Carr who was with the 6th Airborne Division and stationed at Bulford Camp / Larkhill on Salisbury Plain in 1943/44. Trula Knowles,


William (Willie / Kit) Robert Carson

I would like to make contact with any old comrades of my late father, who served in No. 3 Commando and took part in many campaigns. Willie died in 1994, aged 71. I was only 19 at that time, and had missed out on engaging with him about his wartime experiences. Would therefore be be delighted to hear the memories of any old soldiers who are still alive. Raymond Carson,


L/Cpl Leslie John Charles

My father, from Swansea, was a B2 wireless operator in the Royal Signals and in July 1943 volunteered for the 6th Airlanding Brigade. He was flown into France on D Day and was involved in the taking of Pegasus bridge in June 1944. At the end of June he was wounded and sent home but later returned to take part in the Battle of the Bulge. He ended up in Palestine as when they were en route to the Far East the war ended. His army number was 14331305 and he was a Lance Corporal. His best friend and later my uncle was Edward Boor. I would love to hear from anyone who knew either of them. My father died in 1986 aged just 61 and he rarely spoke of his experiences. Lesley Murphy,


Spr Dennis Chatham

 I  would like to find out anyone who know my father, his name was Dennis Chatham, a sapper in the RE. He sadly is no longer with us, so I would be grateful to talk to anybody who served with him. He went right through to 1945 then on to Palestine until 1946. He was an excellent sports man, I have photos of football matches in Palestine with many troops watching on as he played (See Photo Gallery: General, Palestine). Bryan Chatham,

Dennis Chatham Dennis Chatham in Palestine Dennis Chatham in Palestine


Alan Cheal

My father, Alan Cheal (Blondie) would like to get in touch with any friends he served with in the 6th Airborne Division in Palestine between 1946 and 1948. He was in the 9th Parachute regiment. He is particularly interested in tracing Ginger Johnson (don't know his real first name) who was from Surrey and went to Winchester school. April Quereshi (nee Cheal),


Arthur Clare

I am trying to obtain information about my uncle Arthur Clare who was in one of the gliders at Pegasus Bridge. I have come to a full stop with my research and would be grateful for any information. Valerie Constantine,


Thomas Clare

Thomas (Tommy) Clare was my Great Uncle. He was part of the Coup de Main force on June 6th 1944, in glider No.6. He fought with the likes of Denis Edwards ("The Devil's own Luck") across Normandy & also in Belgium in the Ardennes. Tommy was was killed during Operation Varsity - the Allied crossing of the Rhine. His glider took a direct hit from German anti aircraft fire. All onboard were killed. I have his service records from the Army but they dont tell me a great deal. I have learnt a lot about my Great Uncle, but I guess anyone out there doing family research will understand, once you find out a little info it becomes obsessive & you want to find out everthing. If anybody out there knows anything about Private Thomas Clare from Slough, Berkshire I would be eternally grateful. Tommy served in "B" Company, attached to "D" Company of the 2nd Battalion Ox & Bucks Light Infantry, from 6th Airlanding Brigade of the 6th Airborne Division (the original Coup de Main force under Major John Howard).


Gerald "Nobby" Clarke

My Grandad, Gerald Clarke "Nobby" served in the 6th Airbourne 8th Para. He would like to catch up with a Rex Johnston of Hinkley. Does anyone know his whereabouts? He would also like to find old comrades who he served with during WW2. Kirsty Thompson,


Ernest Coleman

My father Ernest Coleman was in the 6th Airborne and if I remember correctly he landed by glider at a place called Hamminkeln in Germany during WW2 - prior to being in the Airborne he was in the 3rd Battalion Devonshire Regiment. Are there any publications anyone can recommend? Anyone who was at Hemminkeln care to share their memories? John Coleman,


Stanley Cooper

My uncle Private Stanley Cooper was in the Royal Army Medical Corps with the 6th Airborne, 8th Battalion. He was sadly killed on 25th August 1944 and is buried at Ranville cemetry. I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. Linda Robinson, LINDA.ROBINSON4@HOMECALL.CO.UK


Ronald Cox

My late father was Ronald Cox, number 2087909. He was in the 6th Airborne and I have always been told he parachuted in on D Day, was injured on D day + 2 and spent the next few months in hospital in the UK (Salisbury Plain). He was an RMP, and after discharge from hospital, became a despatch rider. He came from Lincoln. There seems to be some confusion with the official records not tallying with what I have always been told, and which my Aunt still insists is correct. If anyone has any information about him I would be very grateful to hear from them. Dad died in 1973, when I was in my teens. He did not talk much about the war, and as a teenager, I didn't ask!! I would love to have further information. Debbie Evans,


Horace George Crawley

My father was  rear gunner and wireless operator. Starting with 295 Squadron A and C flight to 298 Squadron and then to 644 Squadron, his pilot was Squadron Leader Norman. He flew in Stirlings, Halifax and Botha. He was involved in the drops over Arnhem. Is there any other member who served or a relative of someone who served in these squadrons that I can exchange info with, or who knew my father. Christina Bawden,


Sgt Albert James Creed (Slapsy)

I would be interested to hear from anyone who knew my Great Grandad Albert James Creed (Slapsy). He served with the Airborne Divisional Signals. Contact me on Thanks Josh Howes.

Sergeant Albert Creed Sergeant Albert Creed Sergeant Albert Creed


Captain Henry L. Croft

I'm trying to find out more information regarding my Great Uncle Captain Henry L. Croft. He served with the 1st Battalion Royal Ulster Rifles Airborne and died during Operation Varsity in March 1945. I wonder if anyone remembers him? My mother remembers him well, our family think he died in a glider which exploded before landing? Mike,


Robert Crothers

My father Robert Crothers was with 6th Airborne in Palestine. He is from Northern Ireland and wondered if anyone out there remembers him. Jean Crothers,


Sgmn George Henry Croxall (advert placed 15/11/19)

My Grandfather George Henry Croxall 2573999 was a signalman in WW2, he was with the 6th Airborne from August 1943 until June 1945 when he was posted to the 1st Airborne. He was part of the Normandy liberation until he was wounded on the 13th June 1944. My father and I are looking to find anything about him and his part with the 6th Airborne that we can. If anyone has information or suggestions on who to talk to that would be amazing. We are especially keen to know what battalion/brigade he may have been assigned to, his service record only says 6th Airborne. Thankyou. Please email


Leonard Dakin

I am the daughter of the late Leonard Dakin who served in Palestine, I am looking for information about my father and his friends who served with him. He was born in 1931 and was between 17 and 19 as far as I know when he was serving. Mandy Dakin


L/Cpl Sid "Dave" Davies (KIA 07/06/44)

I am looking for relatives of the above, killed on D. Day '44, 6th Airborne Divisional Provost Company. Mr A Purvis,


Cyril Vaughan Davies

My father served in Africa and Italy during the 2nd World War in the 6th Royal Welsh Para Battalion. Unfortunately he is not in the best of health and I would like to see if there are any of his Battalion members out there that remember him. As with most veterans they do not speak of their experiences, however, I do recall my father relating about being on HMS Abdiel which I believe was crossing from North Africa to Italy when it was hit by a mine. There were few survivors as I understand. Anyone with any information should contact me on 07713646437 or Mark Davies.


Sidney Albert Davis

Sidney Albert Davis, 46th Royal Marine Commando, unfortunately I never got chance to talk to my grandfather about what he did in the war so if anyone could get me in touch with anyone who knew him or give me anymore info on what the 46th Royal marine commando's accomplished I would be truly made up. Thanks Steve Tyler,


Lt R.E.V. de Lautour (KIA 20/06/44)

My uncle, Lt. R.E.V. de Lautour commanded one of the first drops by the the 22nd Independent Parachute Company on 5th June into DZ 'V'. I would very much like to know if any the comrades in his 'stick' are still alive; they are Private O'Mahoney, Private Deakin, Private Hardwick, Private Bradley, Corporal Brooker, Private Brown, Private Mikeson, Sergeant Ramage. Andrew de la Tour,


Samuel Ernest Denton

My father was 12th Devons, Samuel Ernest Denton, born Plymouth, Devon. Do you remember him? Tony Denton.


James Alfred Devine

My late grandfather served in the 3rd Parachute Brigade. His name was James Alfred Devine, known as Andy Devine in the Regiment. I would like to get in touch with any of the surviving ex-servicemen who were in the 6th Airborne - namely 3 Para. I would like to know if there are any still alive and if they are going over for the 70th celebrations? Shelley Brady,


Stanley Dines

My father was Stanley Dines. I know he was at Pegasus Bridge and was in a glider, but I know nothing else. Unfortunately, Dad died in March 1969 when I was only 21. I did not ask him any questions and now I wish I had. I visited Pegasus Bridge a few years ago and it had a profound effect on me and I really need to know more. (Mum died in 1977 so I couldn't ask her). Does anyone either remember Dad; or alternatively give me address of any society/group/person who could give me any further information - I particularly would like to know which glider he was in. His number was 7045571. Susan Turner (nee Dines),


Wilf Dolley

6th Airborne Divisional Signals. Wilf Dolley from Warrington landed by Glider at Benouville (later named Pegasus Bridge) in a Horsa Glider. Wilf will be 90 in November '13 (Dad's best mate until his death in 2002), so it would be fantastic to hear from anyone who knew him during his service in WW11. Peter Graham-Johnson,


Cpl Arthur Charles Donovan

I am looking for information about my grandfather who was in the 6th Airborne division signals in the second world war. His name was Arthur Charles Donovan and he was from Wales. I know he was in landed in France on D-day & I think he was a corporal or a Lance corporal. He survived the War but died in an accident when he returned home. My father was only 13 when this happened & we would both be very gratefull if anybody could contact me with information about tracing his steps through the war. Kate Donovan 

Arthur Charles Donovan Arthur Charles Donovan


S/Sgt Bert Doorn

"A" Squadron, Glider Pilot Regiment. I am interested to find out more about S/Sgt Bert Doorn (his real surname was Van Doorn but he changed it during the war in case anyone thought he was German). I know very little unfortunately, except that he was at Narvick and then went to Iceland. According to my mum he was so bored in Iceland he joined the airborne and became a glider pilot. He trained or was stationed at Brooker (?) in Bucks. On the evening of the 6th June, he flew a glider carrying men of the 2nd Oxford & Bucks Light Infantry and a Field Ambulance to Normandy. He was later sent to Arnhem. He returned to Northolt with his mates and got a lift back to Holland from the same pilot. Unfortunately he was killed shortly afterwards by being hit by a bus while riding a motor cycle. I would be very interested to hear from anyone that knew him or anyone that could add more detail to his story. Roger Young,


L/Sgt Reg Dovell (advert placed 11/06/18)

I am the daughter of Reg Dovell from Combe Martin, Devon, who was with the 6th Airborne/12th Devonshire. I am trying to find information regarding his movements on 6/7 June as he would not talk about it. I know he was at Ranville and named his first home this. In 1945, he was at Venlo to do a secret evacuation. At his wedding his best man was W (Bill) Larkham or Larcombe, a Commando. I had never heard this man mentioned and only recently found this detail in a newspaper report. I hope someone can provide some information. Tricia Dovell,


Victor Drewett

I have tried to find out any information about my late uncle who was in the 12th Devons during the war. His name was Victor Drewett.  I have sketchy information about him but would be interested in filling in the gaps and learn about his actual combat history. I know that he was badly wounded in the head possibly during the Rhine Crossing but again I have guestimated this with approx dates. Does anyone have any information about Victor or able to guide me in the right direction for future research. Keith Attfield,


Roy Drury

My father was in the 6th Airborne in Normandy and Palestine, 716th Light Composite Company. My son and myself would like to find out more. Caroline Drury,


James "Jimmy" Durham (advert placed 10/06/19)

I am seeking information on James (Jimmy) Durham, 14416548, 1st Royal Ulster Rifles. Born 1925, Dublin, Ireland. Any help would be very much appreciated. Eugene O'Connor,

James Durham


Edward Ebbs

I am trying to find out details of my Father's war activities with 6th Airborne. Born in Shoreditch, London in 1922. I know he was based in Barry, South Wales for some time (training ?). Unfortunately I do not know what reg he was attached to but have come across RASC cap badge, as well as 6th Airborne arm flashes and pegasus badges. I have also located a certificate of appreciation from the King of Norway for his part in the "freedom" of Norway, but I do not think that is part of the activities of 6th Airborne, but may give a clue to what reg he was in. If anyone has information I would be extremely grateful. Haydn E Ebbs,


Ronald Spaul England

I am researching the history of my father's life with the Para Regt. My father left when I was a child so have little information regarding his life. I have his service papers and they record he was with the 9th Para's on D Day. Does anyone remember him please. Any information would help to build a picture of his life. Mrs Jacqueline Booth,


Pte Sidney A Everitt (advert placed 20/11/18)

I would like to hear from anyone who knew my uncle, Sidney Everitt. Born March 1923 in Bethnal Green, East London. Died March 2011 in Wickford, Essex. Late of the 1st Battalion The Royal Ulster Rifles, attached to the 6th Airborne Division. Service in Europe and Palestine. Sidney was married to Elizabeth Snell in June 1943. Sidney served with my dad, Joseph Smith in the 1st RUR's and they became great friends and comrades. Army photos of Sidney can be seen here next to my dad's name L/Cpl Joseph Smith. If anyone recognises Sidney or knows anyone who may of known him, I can be contacted at : or

Private Sidney Everitt


Eric Ewing

My late father, Eric Ewing  landed with 1 KOSB on Sword Beach at 11am on D-Day. He came ashore at Lion sur Mer at 11am and fought in the battle for Cambes Wood. The Brigade consisted of the Royal Ulster Rifles, I KOSB and the Royal Lincolnshire Regt. I would love to contact any veterans.


Edward Charles Fisher (KIA 12/06/44)

My uncle, service number 14000028, was in 12th Battalion, he was killed on the 12th June 1944 at Breville. I believe he was in the Black Watch prior to the Paras hence the uniform in the attached photograph. I am trying to obtain a picture of him in his para uniform unit or anything to show his sister (my mum) who is 88 and in failing health but always speaks of her brother. Malcolm Ford,

Private Edward Charles Fisher


Sgt John Flaherty

Did anybody know of a sergeant called John Flaherty from Greenock in Scotland who jumped in D-Day and was on the 1st jump to take the Caen and Orne Bridges at 1am on the morning of 6th June 1944. He survived the war but died in 1981 and I was wondering if anybody knew of him during the campaign. He was my grandfather. Barry Flaherty,


S/Sgt James Forlow

My father, Staff Sergeant James Forlow (Army Physical Training Corps) was attached to the 7th Parachute Battalion during WW2. His overseas record says he was in North West Europe from 5/6/44 till 27/6/44. I would like to hear from anyone who knew him or who can give any details of his life at that time. Margaret,

Staff-Sergeant James Forlow at Aldershot in 1944


Pte Wyndham Harry Fowler (KIA 16/06/44) (advert placed 17/04/19)

I am looking for any information on my uncle, 14622549 Wyndham Fowler, or anyone that may have known him. He was in the 12th Devons and was killed on the 16th June 1944, aged 19. Any info would be greatly received. Martin Fowler,


L/Sgt Lionel Ivor Friend

I am trying to trace my father's war history. 2591058 L/Sgt Lionel Ivor Friend, K Section Signals, 5th Parachute Brigade. He died in 1959. He dropped near Ranville early morning of 6th June 1944, and was medically eveacuated on the 8th June. He embarked for France 6th August and disembarked on 7th September. He embarked for Belgium omn 22nd December disembarked Holland 12 Feb 1945. After being selected for OCTU and then became an officer cadet trainer. At some stage he was recommended for MID. I am keen on filling in the gaps in these dates with what did he do, and what happened to him. I have his pay book, his hand written lists of soldiers in his platoons, and some of his medical history. I was 13 when he died and in a way he was a father I never really knew, so finding out his military history will go some way to helping me.


Griffith Walter George

I'm trying to research a member of the 6th Airborne. His name was Griffith Walter George, serial number 3964171, and he served with this division and jumped into Normandy. Is there any way that you could help me identify which unit he was attached to or if he is listed in a register for this division? I know that he survived the war and died a few years back.


Cpl Stanley Gibbons (advert placed 05/12/16)

6017666, "B" Company, 2nd Ox & Bucks Light Infantry. I am keen to make contact with any families of men who served in B Company, or anyone who has any information about my grandfather. Kim Wilde,


James (Jimmy) Gibson

My grandfather was in the 6th Airborne Division. Possibly in the 1st Royal Ulster Rifles. I would be grateful for any information relating to him. Jennifer Gibson,


Rfn William Ernest Gilbert (DoW 26/12/44)

My grandfather was a member of the 1st Royal Ulster Rifles and died on the 26th December 1944, I can only assume he was wounded in Normandy, many months prior to his passing. Does anyone have any further information? Karen Quantick,


Cecil Gill

I am looking for any information on Cecil Gill. I don't know much about his  service history, he didn't talk about it much. All i do know is that he served with the 6th in Palestine. If you have any information, please contact me at


Frederick Glover

I am seeking to make contact with any comrade who served in the 9th Para and was a member of the G.B.Force. It would be of particular interest to hear from anyone who was in the glider piloted by Staff Sergeant Kerr and with the troops under the command of Lt Pond. We were hit by flak over the Merville Battery and crashlanded on the edge of a small orchard beside the rough road used by the Battalion in it's approach march to the objective. Those there will recall that we were immediately involved in a fire fight with enemy troops. I hope this may have stirred a few memories.


Cpl Alexander L. "Harry" Goodsir (advert placed 15/06/16)

My Late Father A.L. (Harry) Goodsir was in Glider No.4 during the Pegasus Bridge landing on the 5th/6th June 1944. I have read many books on this campaign but still do not understand what happened to my father's group after erroneously landing near the Dives River bridge, near Robehomme some 8/10 miles south of the target bridges, and being sent on a scouting expedition by his CO Captain Brian Priday. From documents and literature I know that most of the crew including my fathers's friends, Peter Barwick and Tich Rayner made it back to Pegasus Bridge, records show that my father was captured by the enemy at St Piere sur Dives on the 10th June 44. We also know that he was taken in the first place to XIID Trier POW camp at Chalons Sur Marne for 1 month and then to Stalag 357 at Fallingbostel. Are there any relatives of any of the comrades that were with my father who could perhaps shine any further light on how this group became separated from the main regrouped platoon which made it to Pegasus Bridge. Any help from anyone would be appreciated, Robert Goodsir,


Michael Goulding

Does anybody remember Michael Goulding. He was in C company 6th airborne 9th Battalion, dropped at Merville 1944 D Day June 5.


Norman Graham

My Dads name is Norman Graham. I am looking for anybody that remembers him. He's 84 now and was in the 6th Airborne at D-day. He was in what was later known as the 2nd Airlanding Anti-Tank Regiment, RA.


Sgt John McCulloch Gray

I have been trying to trace my husbands records and medals but unfortunately the MOD can't seem to find my husbands service number or unit. We once had a service book saying that he had been discharged as a Sergeant in 1946 from the pioneer corps with good conduct but that has been lost. I know he served with the 6th Airborne before that and landed somewhere in Normandy but have no further information as he never talked about it. He was born in Glasow on 24th September 1916 and was a steel erector in civillian life. I have a picture I have of him with paratrooper wings and beret and would be grateful if anyone could give me any information on what unit he served with so that I can trace his service number.

Sergeant John McCulloch Gray


Arthur Green

My grandfather was Arthur Green from Tipton in the Midlands. He was chosen and became a Commando and went to the Normandy landings. He died this year (2006) aged 83. After the war he returned to Tipton and became a roofer. I would like to know what Commando team he was in and also what Regiment he may have been in? Staffordshires?


L/Cpl Albert Gregory (advert placed 10/06/19)

I am looking for any details of my father, particularly proof that he was indeed on the third glider on the Coup de Main on June 6th 1944. See the above link for more information. Alan Gregory,


Pte John Albert Gregory

I an trying to find more information regarding my husband Pte John Albert Gregory 14984694 Army Air Corps. He was in the 6th Airborne Division. 5th Brigade, 7th Battalion. He was in HQ company MMG platoon and parachuted on the Rhine Crossing at Haminkeln. He was wounded and as a result we met. (I was a staff nurse At Leicester Royal where he was sent on his return from Germany). Contemporary records state he was wounded on the drop and then admitted to 225 Parachute Field Ambulance Dressing Station that day (24th March 1945). However my late husband always told me he was a POW for a few days and was operated on by a German paratrooper surgeon who probably saved his life! I have often wondered what actually happened as this event decided the rest of my life. My husband passed away 33 years ago. At that time I never thought to ask him about this and in fact we never discussed the war at all. Sybil Gregory,


Frederick (Fred) Griffiths (KIA 12/06/44)

I am looking for anybody who might have known my grandad. Frederick (Fred) Griffiths who was in the Royal Corps of Signals, he was a driver and died on 12th June 1944, stories go that he'd dropped off a Major and took a direct hit from motar bomb. He is buried at Ranville Cemetry and had a wife called Betty and son called Paul, I think also before the war he was a policeman. John Griffiths,


Pte Gordon Griffiths

My grandfather Private Gordon Griffiths fought in the war with the 12th Devonshire Airborne Regiment, D Company, 22 Platoon. He was stationed at Bulford on Salisbury Plain. During the war he went to Normandy on D Day+1 and then moved onto the Battle of the Bulge in Ardennes. After this he went on to Holland before returning to base at Salisbury plain. A while later he went by glider to Germany and crossed the river Rhine to Hamminkeln, Germany where the platoon were captured by germans but later released. My grandfather lost contact with many others in his company after the war ended and I would love to be able to reunite him with people who fought with him. If anyone can help me to do this please email me at


Capt/Rev. John Gwinnett

I am trying to find information about John Gwinnett. I recently came across a quotation of his from his address to young soldier going into battle for the first time. He is quoted as saying; "Fear knocked on the door, Faith opened it, and there was nothing there. "I understand that John Gwinnett died in 1977, but I have been unable to find an obituary. Can you help? Ken Page,


Pte Jack Hammond

My mother's cousin, Private John Arthur (Jack) Hammond, was a member of the 12th (Airborne) Battalion, Devonshire Regiment, and he died in France on 19 August 1944. He is buried in Ranville War Cemetery. The war diary for the unit records that, on 19 August 1944, "...Six ORs were wounded by a mine whilst making a tour of the recently evacuated enemy posns. Two of these ORs died of their wounds." The Roll of Honour lists two soldiers dying on that day, Pte Hammond and Pte Parsons. It is tempting to conclude that Jack Hammond was one of those two soldiers who died as a result of their misadventure but, of course, he may have died of illness or injuries received on an earlier date. Can anyone throw any more light on the event or provide any information about Jack Hammond? Graham Baker,


Leslie Hardy

I'm looking for any info about my dads time with the 6th Airborne Division, 9th Para Battalion, 3rd Brigade. He mentioned being posted in Palastine. Susan Hardy,


Gordon Harmer and Donald Kemp

I served in Palestine initially with the 8th Para and later on transferred to 6th Airborne Div HQ. I  tried a few years ago to contact a Gordon Harmer and Donald Kemp who served with me but to no avail. My name is Alfred Bandle and I reached the mighty level of Private. Alfred Bandle,


Capt George Harris (KIA 08/06/44)

1st Canadian Para Battalion. I'm trying to find information on my great uncle who was the Padre of the above unit. He was born in Birmingham but joined a Canadian unit and was killed after parachuting into Normandy on D Day, possibly at Ouisterham. Jon Hart,


Sgt Gordon Harris (KIA 06/06/44)

My grandfather was killed in WW2. There is much confusion surrounding his death. He was airborne on 6.6.44 RAMC. He has a grave stone in Normandy (delivres de la deliverande) yet he is also registered as a pow in Stalag 12D (Trier). The two records are conflicting. I have spent a lot of time researching this including a few trips to Normandy. Are there any veterans out there who were imprisioned in Stalag 12D? My grandfather was Sgt Gordon Harris 7263936 RAMC attached to 6th airborne- reported missing in action July 1944. Any information would be fantastic. Mark Harris-Powell,


Joseph Hartley

Does anyone have any information about my stepfather, Joseph Hartley who was in the 7th (LI) batallion and was dropped in to Arnhem? He died in 2006 and my mother would be grateful for any stories or information. Ron Dougan,


Bernard Heggs

I'm researching for my father in law's biography which he started to write before his death a few years ago. His name was Bernard Heggs. He was gliderborne with 13 Platoon, "A" Company, 2nd Ox and Bucks on D-Day, under Lt. K. Gunter. I would like to know where he landed on D-Day, and his movements during the six weeks or so before he was wounded by a shell blast in some woods, subsequently being repatriated. Any help would be gratefully received. Mark Edwardes,


Leslie Herbert

I'm looking for information on my granddad, Leslie Herbert aka Ginge, and he severed with the 12th Devonshire Regiment and landed near or next to the Orne bridge in 1944, he would have been aged about 20 to 21. If anybody has information about him please email me, Scott Miller at


L/Cpl Douglas Haig Hewitt

Looking for any information on my grandad who died over Christmas. Douglas Haig Hewitt, L/cpl 12th (Yorkshire) Parachute Battalion from Hull, East Yorks. I know my grandad flew into Cherbourg on Horsa gliders and was around Ranville. I believe he was then with the 21st Independent Pathfinder Squadron at Oosterbeek in Holland were he was wounded. I'm looking for any photos of him or information. He joined Parachute Regiment in 1939 going in from the 10th Battalion Green Howard. Tony Steventon,


Pte Hugh Robert Hewitt (KIA 24/03/45)

I'm searching for any information regarding 5382304 Pte. Hugh Robert Hewitt 2nd Ox & Bucks Light Infantry 6th Airborne Div; K.I.A. 24th March 1945. He is buried in Reichwald Forest Cemetery Germany, we have no information what actions he was involved in, and would appreciate if anyone who might have known him or who could advise us on how to avail ourselves of any records of activities taking place on this date. Noel Irwin,


Cpl James Hewson

My father was James Hewson, 6031538, a corporal in C company, 9th Parachute Battalion who took part on the assault on the Merville Gun Battery on D Day. He was reported as a P.O.W. some days later. Any further information would be greatly appreciated. Brian Hewson,


John Arthur Hibbard (KIA 19/06/44)

Private 534136 Ox and Bucks. Does anyone know any details of John who was killed on 19th June 1944. The details on the CWG site seen to differ from what I was told by my Nan. She seemed to think he was missing presumed dead after being badly wounded and captured by the germans in a counter attack, the last time he was seen alive was wounded in a German field hospital which was subsequently blew up. This is consistent with the recent recovery of documents and his belongings from the Russians, taken from Germany in 1945. Unfortunately my grandfather, Nan and dad are all dead but they I recall them telling me how after the way they spent years driving through europe going to TPI hospitals looking for John. Mark Hibbard,


Pte Victor "Owen" Hickman

I am looking for anyone who remembers Pte Victor Hickman more likely known as Owen Hickman who served in the 6th Airborne during the war. I am his daughter and unfortunately my father passed away 13 years ago and I am trying to pull together details of his war service. Margaret Hewlett nee Hickman,


Sgt Robert Hill

I'm looking for any info about my grandad. He was in the Ox and Bucks. I believe he was a sergeant and I know he flew in gliders 
but this is all I know.

Sergeant Robert Hill


Arthur Owen Hillier

I am researching details of my Uncle who was killed towards the end of WW2 on the 24th March 1945.  He was part of the Devonshire Regiment and details of his grave site are on Dave Hillier,


Pte Leslie Hills

I am seeking information on my fiancee's father now deceased, Mr. Leslie Hills of the 12th Battalion The Devonshire Regiment. Any information would be much appreciated. I am also interested to know if he is perhaps the same man which I have circled in the second picture below. Leigh Kemp,
Private Leslie Hills Private Leslie Hills


Pte Ronald Hird

My father Pte Ronald Hird served with the 12th Devon Regiment (1943-45) attached via the 6th Airborne division to the R.A.M.C. 195th Airlanding field ambulance unit. He enlisted in 1943 and was discharged in 1951. Born Leeds Yorkshire, and passed away aged 75yrs in 1999. I would love to make contact with any one that served with the 195th (r.a.m.c.) and particularly to any person that remembers him or can share 195th photos. Thank you, Keith Hird.


Eddie Holden

I am an ex para WW2 of the Far East. I did my training in England, and was flown to India in B24s, 24 to a plane, bomb bays sealed, jungle training, dropped at Batavia (now Jakarta) then on to Borneo, then on to Sarawak, and then French Indo China, and then back to Singapore, Changi Jail war crimes, then shipped to Palestine, a good round trip, in the S.E.A.C DROPS we were Force 136, then on to 12th Batt Para at Changi, then to Palestine 6th Batt Para, and them home, anyone out there in the paras that was in the area at time would like to hear from them, Eddie Holden,,


Lt Tony Hooper (advert placed 06/09/16)

I am researching the family background of "Lieutenant Charles Anthony Hooper MC", of the 4th Glider, which landed at the 'wrong bridge/place'. I am trying to find any surviving family or relatives of Tony Hooper, before the 75th Anniversary coming up in 2019, as well as any surviving comrades or fellow passengers of the 4th Glider. Alan Hooper,


Wilf Horton

I am a relative of Wilf Horton, who was a paratrooper during WW2. I have very little details about Wilf - no surviving family members seem to know which unit he served in, apart from that he was involved in the latter stages of the war. However, it seems that he was a boxing champion in his regiment. I was wondering if anyone could shed a little light on Wilf's story? R Hancock,


Cyril John Hurd

I'm looking for service records and/or any information on my grandfather Cyril John Hurd (service number 14513612) and about his M.I.D. (when and where he was awarded it and what for), which unit/battalion ect. I understand he was rank of sergeant at the time of his discharge. My mother does not have much information on him just that he served with the 6th Airborne Division from 1943-1947 and took part in operation 'overlord' where he was wounded, then moved to Australia in 1951. When I was a young lad my grandfather would talk to us (his grandkids) about the night before D-Day when he and other men were dropped in by air, he would show us pictures of Merville battery and that he was instructed to take it out plus the machine gun points then move on to at intersection next to a bridge to hold back the enemy (he mentioned the name of the town but can't remember). I have tried looking him up in the London gazette for the M.I.D and other Para sites, have not found him mentioned anywhere, have even looked through hundreds of photos of different units to see if I could see him but with no luck. If you can assist me it would been much appreciated to my self and other family members wanting to know more of his life with the Paras. Matt Macdonald,


Eric Ingram (advert placed 06/01/15)

I am trying to find out any information I can about my Grandad, who was at one stage in the 6th Airborne Division. DOB 09-02-25, service number 14708629. He was originally in the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, 7th Airlanding LAD, attached to the 6th Airborne Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, served and injured in the Ardennes campaign. He is still alive, and would like to know if there are any surviving records, colleagues, etc. He can only remember the name of one other colleague, Jock Pow. Martyn Whitlock,


CQMS John Isaacs (KIA 06/06/44)

My Grandfather was CQMS John Isaacs of C Company, 8 Para during the D-Day landings. Unfortunately he was killed in the vicinity of Herouvillette during the early hours of June 6th, and he is buried in the church yard there to this day. I understand that in the days before D-Day he was based at Tilshead on Sailsbury plane, and he arrived in Normandy by glider shortly after midnight on June 6th. If anyone knows details of where the 8 para gliders were supposed to land, where they actually did land, and what their objectives were after landing, I'd be pleased to hear from them. I'm also interested in the structure and commanding officers of 8 para. Does anyone know the names of the commanders of the individual companies. Malcolm Robb.