This section of the website is dedicated to the telling of the stories of X Troop. I would like to fill it with as many as possible; first-hand accounts by the persons concerned are preferable, though second-hand accounts are equally welcome. Stories may concern men of the X Troop, the RAF, the Italian forces who opposed them and civilians who lived in or around the area in which they operated.


The stories may be of any length, anything from a description of a single incident to a full account of their entire wartime experience. Background details and photographs of the people concerned are also welcome. Also, if you know of any further details about a person mentioned here, or know any information to be incorrect, please write to and let me know.


Allied Forces


"X" Troop, 11th Special Air Service Battalion


Major Trevor Allan Gordon Pritchard

Captain Gerry Daly

Captain Chrisopher Lea

Flight Lieutenant Ralph Lucky

Lieutenant Tony Deane-Drummond

Lieutenant Geoff Jowett

Lieutenant George Paterson
Sergeant Percy Clements

Lance-Corporal Harry Boulter

Lance-Corporal Harry Pexton

Lance-Corporal Robert Watson

Sapper Alf Parker

Fortunato Picchi (Private Pierre Dupont)