27/01/22 - Biographies: Major William Neill (1st Border), Lieutenant Philip Turner updated, and Lieutenant W. A. Harvie (both 2nd South Staffords) added.


10/01/22 - Biographies: Lieutenant Ben Lockett (1st Anti-Tank Battery) updated.


06/12/21 - Biographies: Lieutenant John McCartney (1st Border) added. Photo Gallery: 1 photo of Major Charles Breese (1st Border) added.


15/09/21 - Biographies: Corporal Charles Hayes (156 Battalion) and Lieutenant Alastair Clarkson (1st Battalion) added.


12/08/21 - Biographies: Lance-Corporal R. Orchard (2nd South Staffords) added.


01/07/21 - Biographies: Trooper Arthur Barlow (Reconaissance Squadron) added.


26/05/21 - Biographies: Major Peter Warr (10th Battalion) updated. Photo Gallery: Lieutenant Russell Jordan Kennedy (23rd Field Company) added.


29/04/21 - Biographies: Sergeant David Hartley (Glider Pilot Regiment) added.


15/03/21 - Biographies: Lieutenant Michael Cambier (156 Battalion) updated and Lieutenant Raymond Bussell (3rd Battalion) added.


03/03/21 - Biographies: Captain Douglas Swinscow (Reconnaissance Squadron), Lieutenant Eric Davies (1st Battalion) and Lieutenant Alan Roberts (1st Border) updated, Captain Clifford Simmons (181 Airlanding Field Ambulance), and W.M.L. Mekkink van den Brink (civilian) added. Photo Gallery: 1 photo of Sergeant Jack Masterson (1st Airlanding Anti-Tank Battery) added.


03/02/21 - Biographies: Staff-Sergeant George Redway (Glider Pilot Regiment) added.


22/01/21 - Biographies: F/O John Douglas Le Bouvier, F/O Reginald Lawton, W/O G. Morris, F/Lt Leslie Nicholson Munro, F/Sgt George Edward Orange, F/Sgt Frederic Ross (all 190 Squadron), F/O George Murray Cairns (196 Squadron), W/O William Alan Rudsdale, Sgt Donald George Gaskin, F/Sgt Frank Henry Humphrey (all 299 Squadron), F/Lt Stanley Woolgrove Bryant (512 Squadron), and F/Sgt William James Murray (620 Squadron) added. Photo Gallery: Private Ken Roberts (Independent Company) added.


19/01/21 - New Website: Operation Colossus.


12/01/21 - Biographies: Sergeant Patrick Joseph Desmond Mahoney (Glider Pilot Regiment), Lieutenant John Clarke (10th Battalion) and Lieutenant Denis Simpson (1st Para Squadron), and Sapper Alan Gauntlett (4th Para Squadron) further updated.