26/01/24 - Biographies: Lieutenant Hubert Ellis Pearson (Reconnaissance Squadron), Private Leslie Grier (156 Battalion) and Henry Thuijs (civilian) added.


17/12/23 - Biographies: Lance-Corporal Roy Brown (1st Battalion), Corporal Leith Davidson (10th Battalion), Private John Nicholas Bright, Private John Clifford Crowther, Private Edward Davenport, Private William Hume (all 3rd Battalion), Sergeant Anthony Bolland and Private Stephen George Danby (both 11th Battalion) added, Major Tony Hibbert (1st Parachute Brigade HQ), and Sergeant George Kay (Recce Squadron) updated.


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22/11/23 - Biographies: Lieutenant-Colonel Robert Payton-Reid, Sergeant George Barton, Lance-Corporal Sydney Nunn, Private James Mutch (all 7th KOSB) updated. Links: Honour the 11th Parachute Battalion - a private Facebook group for veterans and next-of-kin only of the 11th Parachute Battalion.


07/11/23 - Biographies: Sergeant Leonard Malcolm Overton (Glider Pilot Regiment) added. Links: Theirs is the Glory Oosterbeek-Arnhem 1946 added.


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